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Well That Was Unexpected Book 2

by David Spowart

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Chapter 30

Published: 21 Jan 16

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

I looked at him; he doesn't want to speak to his mother, but he has to. He's just found out his mothers dirty little secret, and the fact that he has a sister.

"How do we find her?" I asked.

"Oh, that's the easy part, she's living in dad's apartment" he replied.

"Oh, the property you told Jonas about?" I replied.

"Yeah. I know he only lived thirty minutes away; but sometimes he worked very late, and didn't want to wake us, so he bought a property closer to the office. It's a nice place, small, but nice" he informed me.

"You wanna do it now?" I asked.

"Yeah, call Lucas and tell him we'll be late, and to just wait in the coffee shop near the building" he told me. Masterful Cal.... me likes.

"Okay. Will do" I replied.

Some forty minutes passed. Not a lot was said on the drive over, but we finally arrived on 20th street and pulled up outside a very, very tall building.

"How tall?" I asked.

"94 floors, Kenner helped in the initial phase" he replied.

He walked over to the intercom and pressed his mothers apartment number.

"Hello" I heard her say.

"It's Calumn, we need to talk" Cal replied.

"I think that person you were with yesterday made your position perfectly clear; so please leave before I call the police" she said, with a fair amount of disdain toward yours truly.

"I need to talk to you. I wouldn't be here, otherwise" he added.

"I do not want you in my home; go away" she insisted.

"Okay mom, if you want to do this here, fine" he spat out, and I could see he was getting angry.

"Why all the lies and the secrets, mom" he started.

"Ahhgh, stop calling me mom" she yelled in to the intercom.

"You used to be kind and loving, and all I ever wanted was to be loved by you. But, now I know the truth; you are incapable of that" he said, and I placed my hand on his shoulder, giving him a gentle squeeze.

"What are you talking about?" she insisted.

"Kathleen" he said, and she had no response.

"How could you give your child away? That is all I've thought of all day; how you could give up your own flesh and blood? Then I realized that that was exactly what you did to me; so, you throwing me out was just a minor inconvenience for you" he said, with a steel edge to his voice.

"Just answer me this question and I am gone, gone for good" he said softly, emotions taking over.

"What?" she replied quietly.

"Why, why did you give up your child?" he asked.

"16, I was only 16" she replied, sounding like she was on the verge of tears.

"Calumn?" she said.

"Calumn?" she repeated.

"Yeah" he replied.

"Come up, please" she said. I was shocked at that request.

The door buzzed open and we walked inside. We walked over to a bank of elevators and entered one that said it was for the 51st to 75th floors. He pressed the 63rd floor, and a minute or so later, we were standing outside his mothers apartment.

The door opened and his mother stepped to one side, letting us in.

"You want a drink?" she asked.

"No; just answers, then we will leave" he replied, all love and respect seemingly drained away.

We sat on a large sofa and she sat opposite us. Cal sat forward and I remained passive. This was Cal's moment, he didn't need me; well, not right now, anyway.

"So" he started.

"His name was Rick Lincoln, he was the quarterback; I thought I was in love" she started, and I thought of Lucas and how he's feeling.

"He got me pregnant, and when he found out, well he freaked. He spread it all over school that I was a slut, and anyone could have me. Calumn, I had only ever been with him once. I thought I had to, you know, to keep him as my boyfriend. The status that that gave you in school was immense" she continued.

"Then what happened?" he asked.

"My life went to hell in a hand basket" she started.

"My mother freaked out. Her social standing would take a critical hit, so she wanted it kept secret. I told Rick I had miscarried and he was happy; wanted sex as soon as I told him, but that didn't happen. My mother and father shipped me to my aunt in Louisiana for the term of the pregnancy. I had the baby, and a few weeks later she was adopted by a couple in that town. I was then sent back home. Mother refused to ever discuss the matter, and my father put up a wall between us, seldom speaking to me" she added, showing sadness at the memory.

"I know how that feels" Cal replied, and she had the decency to blush when he said that.

"When did dad find out?" He asked.

"When I started the treatment for cancer" she replied.

"I was on auto pilot filling out the forms. The insurance company wanted every bit of information, and it came out; your father was very supportive. I, however, only heard the word cancer, and I was a mess" she replied.

"I remember" he replied, both now getting emotional.

"Mom, what happened? I mean, for want of a better word, you were, to me, perfect. I know you were not happy when you found out I was gay; but to have dad beat me..." he said, with tears now streaming down his face.

"The two people who I thought, no matter what happened in life, would be there for me; but you cast me out like I was trash" he finally was getting what he needed to say and to the person to whom he needed to say it, he said a bit in the law firm a while back but not nearly enough.

"I was taught that gays are an abomination of God" she replied.

"Mom, you profess to be a Christian. Don't you find it strange that Christians were persecuted throughout history; but now, who is doing the persecuting?" he asked.... good point.

"Unconditional love is the main duty of a parent" he added.

"Mom, do I look like an abomination?" he added.

"A wolf in sheeps clothing perhaps" was her response.

"Your dad tried to get me to go see you, did you know that?" she added.

"No, but I have forgiven him. I can't help it, I still love you both; I lost so much" he replied, and I started to well up. He was heartbroken.

"I lost my son" she replied.

"No mom, you didn't; you just chose not to accept me for who I am" he replied and then stood up.

"Mom, you have already met Josh, but let me introduce him properly; and if this offends you, I'm sorry, but that is your problem, not mine" he said, putting his arm around me.

"Mom, this is Joshua Miller, from Boston; and he is my love, my life, and my future, and we are getting married in a few weeks" he informed her, and the joy on his face and on mine was very evident.

"I know, but I cannot accept it. Sorry Calumn; but a marriage is one man and one woman, despite that look. Wow, that look" she replied looking a little shocked, as though she saw a ghost.

"Look?" Cal asked.

"You look at him like your dad used to look at me; love, pure love" she replied, then got up and stood in front of Cal, a realisation was obvious on her face.

I watched them both, and I couldn't help but hope that some good would come from this. Perhaps her views might never change, but all Cal wants is for his mother to love him.

"You look so much like your father" she said, softly.

"I miss him Mom, I miss you" he replied, and she began to cry. An hour ago, I thought her incapable of any emotion; but

"I still love you, Mom" he said, and waited, hoping for something in return.

She turned and began to walk away in tears I looked at Cal, broken and resigned to the possible truth that the mother he knew was no more.

We began to walk out.

"Calumn, please wait" she said. He turned and she walked with quickly to him and engulfed him in her arms. He slowly wrapped his arms around her and they both began to cry uncontrollably.

"Yes, Calumn, I still love you" she yelled.

"I love you" she repeated and kissed his cheek. I sat down while he held the one person he has wanted to hold for almost seven years.

"I've been blind; how could I have been so stupid. A church that promotes hatred toward anyone, and for me to support it; oh my God, Calumn, I am so sorry. I need to learn more about you, not listen to teachings from a thousand years ago; my God, I think I am having an epiphany. No Calumn, I am not seeing the light...... Just my baby......just my son" she pulled him in tight, and even I began to cry at that point.

After almost an hour, we said our goodbyes and she was nice and polite. The person Cal had described to me, I couldn't believe it, but there she was. Cal had promised to go and see her, and, from what I could see, she seemed genuine. Such a sudden change, the memory of her abandonment of her first child compounding the abandonment of the second.

"I wonder if dad's ex CIA contact could trace Kathleen for me?" Cal asked, as we arrived at the coffee shop to meet with Lucas.

"Ask" was my simple answer.

"3 cups of coffee... I have had 3 cups of coffee... you could have called" Luke scolded us.

"Yeah, sorry bro, but something weird and wonderful just happened" Cal replied.

"We will just grab take out and then go visit our empire" he added.

A few hours later, Lucas had decided that engineering was most definitely not going to be his major in college. He's still in the Nascar, or fighter pilot phase.

"I need to go see my grandparents later, Josh" he said, falling into his favorite sofa chair.

"Yeah I guessed you might; want me to come?" I asked.

"You have Lucas" he replied.

"No problem. We go see the grands, then go see a movie" I replied.

"Yeah, sounds good" he replied, and Lucas walks in, hands full of food. He could give Todd and Mark a run for their money.

He looked at us looking at him. "What? I am a growing teenager" he replied, falling onto the sofa, barely holding his bounty.

"Save some room for pizza, we're going to the flicks tonight" Cal replied and I smiled.

"Oh good, chaperone on a gay date" he smirked.

"You can always stay in" I replied to the ingrate.

"Nah, just kidding" he replied, stuffing a Twinkie into his already full mouth. Thanks Todd.

A little bit later we were pulling into his grandparents driveway. His grandmother, as usual, was standing at the top of the steps, waiting to hug her grandson.

"Hello honey, are you okay?" she asked, and he nodded.

"Gramps, grandma, this is Lucas; he's Josh's brother" Cal introduced him to the two of them..

His grandfather stood and shook Lucas's hand. "Nice to meet you, Lucas. Josh speaks of you often" he responded.

"He lies" Lucas responded.

"So, I take it she spoke to you?" gramps asked.

"Yeah, we sort of had a breakthrough" Cal replied.

"Oh, how?" his grandmother asked.

"I honestly cannot describe it. She told me of her pregnancy and how bad the guy reacted and it was like an epiphany to her. Her parents more or less shunned her during her pregnancy. It was like she realized she was repeating the sins of the past, those of her parents, and herself. I'm not saying we will ever get to where we were; but contact is good for now" he said, without taking a breath.

"Just be careful, child" Gramps replied.

"I will. I have you two to keep me safe" he added.

"Always" Gramps responded.

"I just hope for your sake that her sudden change of heart has nothing to do with the case being built against her for the fraud, and other charges" Grandma added.

"Grandma, you just had to be there. I am not so wet behind the ears to be taken in like that" Cal responded.

"Honey, its just you are a little blind when it comes to your mother" she added, and I know that part is right. I am just hoping she is wrong in this case.

"I have to try" Cal replied.

"Yes, honey, you do, and I hope she has changed" she says and hugs Cal tight. Lucas, only knowing a small part of what has happened today, just sat and watched, occasionally looking over to me.

"Gramps, can Morris do some digging regarding my sister? I mean, I don't want to disrupt her life, as she might not even know she's adopted" he stated.

"Yeah, I will talk to him tomorrow; Do you know the town or city where she was born?" he asked Cal, and he gave all the information his mother had give him.

An hour passed.

"Okay guys, the movie starts in 30 minutes" I say, and we said our good nights and promised to come for Sunday lunch the following day.

"That went better than I thought it would" Cal said as we pulled away.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Your mother has done some unforgivable things where you and your grandparents are concerned" I add.

"That is one relationship that is way beyond repair" he replied with a slight frown.

We shortly pulled into the parking lot opposite the multiple, and made a critical error after we parked.

"Ok Luke, go pick the movie" I said... big mistake.

Ten minutes later we sat in screen 3, waiting for Guardians of the Galaxy to start. I just sat next to Cal and hugged him while we watched the movie. It was okay, not great, but killed a couple of hours.

After we left the multiplex, we had a bit of a joke.

"I bet it still took Vin Diesel months to learn his lines" I mocked.

"I am Groot" yeah, months.

"Yeah, talk about wooden" Luke laughed louder than I thought possible.

"Okay, Pizza" I add, as we headed for Pizza Hut, just around the corner from the theatre.

"No anchovies" Lucas said as we opened the menu.

Ten minutes later Luke's cell rang and he looked like he saw a ghost.

"Luke?" I asked.

"She's calling me. I sent her a text and she's calling me" Cal dug into his pocket and pulled his truck keys out and handed them to Luke.

"Go sit in the truck" Cal said, as Luke answered the phone.

"Hey, wait a second, just going outside so I can hear you" he said as he walked out of the door. I watched as he opened the truck door and climbed in.

"Don't look, look at me, give him some privacy" Cal insisted, and of course,he was right.

Almost half an hour later, most of the Pizza was gone, Luke came in with a small grin on his face.

"Well?" I asked as he handed the keys back to Cal

"We are on probation" he smiled.

"She's giving me a chance; it's all I wanted" he adds.

"So, when are you going home?" I asked.

"Day after tomorrow, if that is okay" he replies.

"Totally. We go back to work on Monday. The domestic flights are early, so we can drop you at O'Hare before we go in; Cal knows the boss" I add.

The next couple of days blurred. Lucas went back to Boston. He called me as soon as he was home. He went straight to his girlfriends house as soon as he kissed our folks. During our Sunday lunch, gramps told us that Morris had some information regarding his sister. He would meet us on Tuesday afternoon.

"What do you think he's found?" I asked, knowing he knew just as much I did.

"She's alive, kids, married.........happy" he replied and I smiled at that. Cal is a great human being.

We walked into Gramps' office and Morris was sitting at the side of his desk.

"Okay guys, take a seat" Morris started.

"Calumn" he started....

"Cal, please; grandpa is Calumn" he replied, and Morris smiled and nodded.

"Okay, Cal, your sister is alive. She is married and has a child named Nathan. He's 3yrs. Old. Her husband is also named Nathan. Her parents, sorry, adopted parents, are divorced. Her father re-married, her mother did not" he stated.

"She still lives in the same town, Carmichael Louisiana" he added.

"Anything else?" Cal asked.

"She is ill" he replied.

"How ill?" Cal asked, and I could see that the history of his mothers cancer might have implications.

"Her kidneys are failing, and don't ask me how I know that" he added.

"Is she dying?" he asked.

"Unless a donor is found, yes" he replied.

"Do you know if she's been told she was adopted?" I asked.

"When her parents divorced, she was apparently told; it's in the divorce transcripts" he added, and I wondered how he had gotten this much very personal information; but, ex CIA, hmmm.

"Did she keep her birth name?" he asked.

"Her parents did not change it, so yes" he replied. He handed Cal an envelope.

"That is some recent photographs of her and her son;and here, that's Nathan's cell number" he concluded, and left the office, his work done.

I watched as Cal looked at those pictures and a tear rolled down his cheek. I wiped it away with my thumb.

"She looks like mom, and he looks like me" he smiled.

"You want to go see her, don't you?" I asked and he nodded.

"I have to see if I can be of any help" he replied.

"Better call this Nathan, then" I replied.

Sometime later, after the call with a shocked and somewhat dubious Nathan, we made plans to head to Louisiana the following day.

Nathan had insisted that they meet first. He did not want his wife upset and distressed, and Cal totally understood; so, ten hours after the call, we were sitting in yet another Starbucks, waiting for Nathan.

A guy entered with another guy and the other guy carrying a small child. Cal recognized the boy immediately.

"Nathan?" Cal asked, and he smiled and shook his hand.

"Calumn" he replied.

"Cal, please" he responded.

"This is my brother, Dillon, and my son, Nathan Jr." he added.

"Hello, little man" Cal said, goo goo eyes popping out.

"Oh, and this my partner, Josh" Cal responded, nonchalantly.

"Nice to meet you, Josh" replied Nathan, and, no sound of concern.

"You been together long?" asked Dillon

"Just over a year" Cal replied.

"My boyfriend and I have been together just over three" he replied and that made me smile. Good, no homophobia for us to face.

"How long have you known about Kath?" Nathan asked.

"Three days. Before that, she was a secret my mother kept" Cal replied.

"And her health?" he asked.

"Ten hours or so ago" he replied.

"Does she know I am here?" Cal asked.

"She does not know you exist; I wanted to be sure first" he replied.

"And now?" I asked, and Cal looked on.

"Depends" he replied.

"On?" Cal asked

"Are you just visiting, or are you here to help?" he asked.

"I will do what ever needs doing, anything" he replied.

"Okay, lets go meet your sister" Nathan responded.

To be continued..........

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