Castle Roland

Changing Connections

by Eric Aune

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Chapter 5

Published: 8 Apr 14

Changing Connections

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Changing Connections LogoThe upward slope of the tunnel had gone for some distance and the gunfire that they had heard earlier had faded behind them as they were no longer under the location where they had heard it. Eve estimated that they had probably gone about a mile, when they came to a vault like door. She opened a panel and there was a keypad there. She used the code that Doctor MacLeod had given her and there was a click and she was able to push the door outward. There was dim light beyond it and she motioned for the others to move through the door. At the door, she paused and looked back down the tunnel. A tear threatened to drop, but she pushed that emotion down and silently said to herself. We will grieve later. She pushed the vault door closed and heard the click of the lock engaging. When she turned around she saw her team or what was left of it looking at her waiting for orders.

She took a breath and looked around. It looked like they were in some kind of cave. The dim light filtering in from the around a corner up ahead was enough to make it bright in here with the low light goggles in their helmets. She reached up and switched it off. The others saw what she did and followed her lead. The polarized lenses of the goggles changed to clear lenses and they looked around. She took her helmet off and scrubbed her hair for a moment. The others followed suit.

She looked at the faces of her team. Ram; medical, 12 years old. Jamil; heavy weapons, 16 years old, Apollo; aircraft, 15 years old. Fiona; demolitions, 12 years old. Aleksandra; special weapons, 13 years old. They were her responsibility now. Da…Doctor MacLeod had entrusted them to her and she would not let him down. With the helmet off, they all could hear gunfire, but it was muffled. She looked towards the dim light.

"Okay, Da…Doctor MacLeod said to go to ground and make our way to another lab as best we can. The best that I can tell from the direction we came from, that the gunfire we heard was probably at the compound. I don't know who or what is shooting or who they are shooting at, but we need to make sure that everything is okay at our home before we head out to another lab. If we take care of the problem, then when the General arrives, he'll see what we can do and we will be promoted to the elite forces."

She looked as they all nodded. Even in the dim light, she could see the trust that they had in her and she could feel it as well. She put her helmet back on.

"Okay let's move out."

She led the way towards the light. The found that this cave took a couple of turns like baffles, before they found themselves at the cave entrance on a slope that faced Big Bear Lake. Below them on both sides of the lake they could see the smoke from fires rising into the sky. They knew that the house was behind them and downhill.

"Jamil, point, Fiona, sweep, Apollo, left flank, Aleks, right flank, Ram you're with me. We're not going to go rushing into this, so we will move quickly but cautiously until we can figure out who's attacking the compound. Hold your fire until I give the order."

They moved out until they could see towards the compound. When it came in sight, they paused to see what was happening. From where they were standing, they could see the tops of the buildings. Dad must have done some building in the compound, because she didn't recognize some of the buildings that they could see. They could see figures moving around, especially since they were wearing bright orange clothes of some kind, but they were too far away for details. She was tempted to remove her helmet and take a look with the mini binoculars that were in the small pouch at her waist, but she decided that they would find out soon enough. They saw two rocket trails hit the top of one of the new buildings and explode, causing a fire to start.

"Let's move out. Those may be friends of ours who are in trouble."

Jamil led the way and the Genesis team headed down the slope and to their home.

Rio led the way around the side of the large steel building. As they got to the front he held his hand and then slipped around the corner. He saw that there was a large door in the middle of the building, keeping an eye out in the direction of the bunkhouse, he peeked inside and saw that it looked like a garage of some kind. There were a couple of trucks and some earth moving equipment. He quickly moved back to the corner and waved the team forward. They crossed the intervening space to a cluster of small buildings that looked to be storage buildings. One of them had collapsed under the weight of a tree that had fallen on it. They could see the back side of the bunkhouse that was about a hundred feet away. The team took cover among the buildings. Rio was about to have them move forward, when they saw movement. The team watched from their hidden location as the group of about fifteen inmates and five soldiers moved along the back of the bunkhouse, planning to outflank MacLeod's security team who were fighting from the cover of the families' vehicles.

The inmates were in the lead and trying to be stealthy and failing badly. Rio almost chuckled as he saw how bad they were. His grandma was better than them. If he had a grandma. He raised his MP5 and waited until they got closer.


The mental command was not a yell. That wasn't his way. Rio preferred to do things quietly. Yelling wasn't his thing. It just caused excess noise and brought the enemy to you. His way was to wait for the enemy to blunder into him and then remove them from existence. The five member team opened fire and the inmates were taken by surprise. Some dropped immediately as they were riddled. The soldiers with them, returned fire and caused the team members to duck down as they slowly retreated. The inmates were obviously a little panicked as they scrambled backward to get out from the exposed position they were in against the back wall of the bunkhouse. Two of them charged forward doing the spray and pray. They were easy targets and flew backwards as several bullets stitched across their chest. A couple of the others went down as they headed back to the far side of the barracks and the trees and rocks at that end of the building. Once they were back under cover, they began to return fire.

Most of the fire by the inmates was off target. Some of them were even just sticking the gun out from behind cover and firing it in three round bursts accomplishing nothing but burning powder. The team began to take potshots at arms and legs that were sticking out of the cover, and being rewarded by screams and yelps of pain. Sometimes the victim would stick a more vital part of their body into view and they quit screaming and yelping at that point. Occasionally one of the team members grunted when they were hit by a bullet, nearly all the time it was from the more accurate fire from the soldiers.

There were several times when a soldier saw that one of his rounds had hit one of the kids and a couple times they even started to get back up to rush the position, but suddenly the one that had been hit, suddenly appeared again, and returned fire. The first time that happened one of the soldiers had gotten partially to his feet and the look of shock on his face as the supposedly wounded target came back into view and fired several rounds into him, putting him down. The other soldiers decided to keep down until they were sure that whoever was shooting at them was down before they moved.

Christina led her team in the other direction heading toward the main building but staying in the trees. They could see what was going on, but she wanted to get to a better position before revealing her team. They heard the volume of fire increase from behind the bunkhouse and knew that Rio and the others had come in contact with the enemy. They were moving slowly but still keeping an eye on what was going on in front of the house. They could see large piles of debris and there were some men with a variety of rifles and handguns firing at the attackers. Near the vehicles she could see the members of the security team fighting. She also saw the two men who seemed to be carrying several rifles and some ammo cans who were taking cover as well. She was tempted to bring her team out there and help them, but she wanted to make her first attack against these unknown attackers a complete surprise and devastating. For that she wanted to be in a better position so she kept her team moving.

Blackburn ordered the Humvees to move out and bring their fire to bear on that small building that was giving them so much trouble. The thing was built strong and they were not having luck in taking it down. Also whoever was in the building opposing them was very good. Suddenly his forces were attacked from a different direction. Gunfire was coming from the house now. He looked and saw that there were some men behind the piled up debris and someone was firing from the upper floor of the house. He got on the radio.

"Send the Humvees in and take out that building. Use one of them for cover from the house and pump some grenades onto the top of the building and get that fucking sniper."

He watched as the Humvees went into action. One of the fifties opened up on the roof top to keep the sniper's head down. The other fifty opened up on the piles of debris. As the grenade launchers gunner aimed it to fire at the roof, the sniper on the roof took him down. The Humvee pulled back. Then someone in the house took out one of the .50 cal gunners. Both Humvees pulled back then.

"Shit! That's it. Cervantes, get some fucking LAAWs out of the truck and take out that sniper."

"Yes, sir."

The Sergeant led some men to the back of the supply truck and jumped inside. They jumped back out a few moments later with LAAW rockets in their hands. They knelt down, aimed and fired. The rockets streaked up to the roof and both hit right where the sniper had been hiding. Blackburn grinned with satisfaction as he saw what looked like a body fly back with the explosion and a fire started on top of the building. Then there was a shot from the house and Sergeant Cervantes flew backwards as he was struck by a bullet.

"Dammit. Now Corporal drive those idiots with you and take that building."

He watched as the fire intensified and it seemed like the fire slackened a little from inside the building and then he saw two men carrying extra rifles and ammo boxes run out of the door of the building. Bullets kicked up dust around them as they dove behind a car nearby.

"Get those two. They're trying to get to the others."

Right about that time, an SUV came down the road behind the buildings and his men fired on it, causing it to swerve and crash into the other cars. The doors and back popped open, and men piled out of it and went for cover. One man fell out of it and lay unmoving after firing a couple of shots. He ordered the men to take a group of the inmates and go around the back of the small building and come in behind those that had just arrived and take them out. He waited to hear the attack from that direction, but was startled when he heard automatic fire erupt and screams from the group behind the building. He received a call on his radio from the leader of those men.

"Sir. We have encountered a group of unknown soldiers. Numbers unknown, firing automatic weapons. They are dressed in some kind of black Kevlar helmet and vest. We have hit some of them, but they don't go down. Request assistance."

Blackburn thought about it for a moment and then got on the radio.

"Take the Humvees around behind the building and take out that force that just fired on us. Screen the Mark 19 with the fifties and then let them have it."

The Humvees made their way around and came up on the group of buildings. The fifties opened up and they saw two of the shooters go down, but get right back up and open fire. One of the gunners was hit and the two Humvees in front moved out of the way just as the Mark 19 opened up. The 40mm grenades flew into the group of buildings. There was explosion after explosion. They could see the black armored figures trying to return fire as explosions hit all around them. The gunner was hit and stopped firing, but they could see black covered bodies lying among the ruins of the buildings and they weren't moving.

"Sir. Whoever they are, they were tough bastards, but they couldn't stand up to 40mm grenades. Target neutralized. Casualties one fifty gunner and the Mark 19 gunner."

"Well done. Get back here so we can get more gunners on those weapons. Okay you're clear behind the building, get around and take the men from the SUV out."

The Humvees made their way back to where the Captain was located. A bullet pinged off the Humvee near him and he ducked. Looking over the hood he realized it was from the 2nd floor of the house. He saw movement low in the window and saw a rifle barrel sticking out.

"Get a LAAW or two into that 2nd floor and take that sniper out."

A couple of the men ran to the truck and jumped in back. Bullets hit near them but nothing hit them. When they came out they were each carrying two LAAWs. They got to cover safely. One of them prepared the rocket ready and then he stepped out and fired. It was running straight for the window when it suddenly went off to the side and exploded harmlessly in the nearby woods. The man stood there staring at it and then he went down from a shot by the sniper in the house.

"What the fuck is going on. Make sure you check that rocket, before you fire. And don't stand there in the open like an idiot."

Blackburn put the radio down and shook his head. This is not how this was supposed to have happened, they had about one hundred men and they couldn't take down some billionaire doctor and his small security force. He should have brought more soldiers and less of the cannon fodder. Or maybe the same amount of cannon fodder and more soldiers. He heard increased fire from the behind the smaller building and smiled. Good that should take care of them and then we can head towards the house.

Gabe and Jim were behind a car when he heard his name.


He turned around and saw Patrick a few cars behind him, near him was George.

"We need those rifles you got. All we got are pistols, except Eric, he's got an MP5."

"MP5? Where in the hell did you guys get an MP5?"

"Don't ask. Long story, but you need to watch out for some people that look like SWAT members all in black, they're the good guys, thank god."

"SWAT is here?"

"No, much better than them, but no time to explain. We need those rifles and ammo."

Gabe nodded and he and Jim made their way back to the other men and began to distribute the rifles. Once everyone was locked and loaded, they started discussing how they were going to get to the house. On the far side of the bunkhouse they heard automatic fire go off.

Gabe looked over at Eric. "Is that our mysterious allies?"

"Yeah, that's probably them."

They could hear the screams of men on the other side. Several of them suddenly cut off. Eric smiled a little, knowing that those wonder kids were kicking some ass. They could hear the gunfire from the other side of the building, so they knew that their flank was covered. Then they heard some more powerful guns firing. They knew what that sound was, M2 .50 caliber machinegun, the Ma Deuce. The sounds continued for a little while and then another slower similar sound could be heard after the fifties quit firing. Immediately they could hear explosions, a lot of them, and fire and smoke rose over the bunkhouse. They knew that sound too, a Mark 19 grenade launcher. Soon afterwards the gunfire slackened off from that side of the bunkhouse.

"Oh shit. I think our flank protection just got taken out. Those poor kids."


"Nothing Gabe."


They all turned toward the yell and saw George firing two pistols at a large group of the prisoners and some soldiers who were coming around the end of the bunkhouse. The security team turned towards them and opened up on them. The front group of them went down and the others retreated back around the corner.

"Okay, spread out. Eric, Doc, Patrick, you hold that side with George. Jim, and I will cover this side."

They moved into position. To hold the main force back, he fired his M203 grenade launcher several times, quickly pulling grenades from the bandolier on his chest, loading them into the launcher and firing, while Jim kept their heads down with accurate fire. The exploding grenades drove the inmates and soldiers back into cover, leaving several bodies behind. He wasn't as fast as the Mark 19, but he could put some grenades down range.

The flanking force came around the corner again firing at the security team. The volume of fire was such that they had to duck down behind the cars. While ducking down, they were surprised when they heard screams of pain and the fire slackened. They looked up and it looked like some of that flanking force had turned their attention to something that was behind them and were firing in that direction. Eric knew that it could only be that some of those kids who must have survived.

"Take them down it's one of the kids. They must have survived the attack on them."

The four men rose up and fired on the attackers. The fire was intense and the flanking force was mowed down. Within a few minutes there were none standing. The security men had let their guns drop but held at the ready as they looked for more targets. For a few moments they saw nothing and then movement caused them to bring their guns to bear once again. As the figure came staggering into view, Eric yelled out.

"Hold your fire."

The black armored figure was staggering as he made his way among the still bodies. His MP5 was in his hand but hanging limp. The figure fell against the corner of the building and paused there for a moment as if catching his breath before pushing off of the building and starting towards the men before falling heavily to the ground and lay unmoving.

Rio and his team kept their fire up, on the enemy trying to sneak around the back of the bunkhouse. They had stopped them and they didn't look like they were too keen to continue to advance, so he was already trying to figure out the best path to take to get around these guys and hit them in the flank when they heard a new sound from their left. Mikey and Thomas turned in that direction and saw Humvees heading toward them. They fired at them trying to take out the gunners as they opened up with the fifty cals. Both boys took glancing shots from the guns, that knocked them down, but the armor held and they got back up and continued to fire. Mikey wounded one of the gunners and after a few more shots the gunners peeled away, but another Humvee with a different slower shooting gun began firing. They recognized it for what it was and their eyes opened wide as several of the 40mm grenades impacted on and around them. The fire from the grenade launcher was too much for the armor and their Genesis enhanced bodies and they both were killed in fiery explosions. The gunner continued to fire and the grenades fell all around the team. The volume was such that the small force could not hold them off. Rio saw Christopher and Natalie go down next. Rio moved so that he could get a good shot at the gunner and fired the whole magazine as more grenades came in. Rio felt himself lifted off the ground and slammed into the wall of a building. The firing stopped and he was able to see through suddenly blurry eyes that the Humvee was driving away and the gunner seemed to be slumped over his gun as it moved out of sight. He smiled and his eyes closed.

There was a little cheer from the men behind the bunkhouse as they saw that there was no more fire coming from the small buildings, which were now burning. They could see a couple of the black clad security team lying on the ground unmoving. The soldiers got the inmates moving around the back of the building, weapons at the ready, as they headed to the next corner and around it. As soon as they got around the corner, they opened fire on the security men by the cars. They saw that their fire was strong enough to cause the security men to take cover and not return fire easily enough to keep them from advancing against them, and it wouldn't take long before they had them.

Rio groaned as he opened his eyes. He shook his head to clear it and he heard the sounds of gunfire nearby. He was trying to figure out what was going on. He looked around and when he saw the unmoving bodies of his friends, and the burning building remains around him, he remembered where he was. He could tell that he was badly hurt, but Christina had said that they had to help, so he pushed himself up and leaned against a nearby fallen tree. He took out the magazine from his MP5 and checked it. It was empty so he dropped it, pulled a fresh one out and inserted it home. He locked and loaded it and pushed himself away from the tree.

He staggered a little, not his usual stealthy way. He moved forward until he could see the group of inmates and soldiers in front of him. With all the gunfire, no one had heard him approach. He knew that the soldiers were the biggest threat. He raised the MP5 and began firing. The surprise attack was complete and most of the soldiers went down in the first volley. The others turned along with a few of the inmates and they returned fire. Rio could feel how badly he was hurt and figured that since he probably wasn't going to survive anyway, he would take these bastards out with him. He did not hide but stood in the open as he shot them down. Their bullets impacted on the armor, but did nothing more than just causing him to pause as he moved forward or jerk back a little with the impact. When the last soldier went down, he continued to advance every shot killed one of the inmates. The inmates began to fall back away from him. He heard some of them call him ‘El Diablo'. It was one of the few times in his life that he raised his voice.


Rio grinned a little as the inmates began to panic and fall back. Maybe a yell can be helpful some of the time. When he emptied a magazine, he ejected it and inserted a new one and continued to fire. His MP5 clicked on an empty chamber and he reached down for another magazine. There were none left, but he also noticed that there was no more fire coming at him. He looked up and saw nothing but bodies before and around him. Beyond the bodies he could see the cars and some of MacLeod's security force with guns ready. He staggered towards them and as he came to the corner of the building, he fell against it and leaned there for a few moments. He thought he heard someone yell to hold their fire. Was that it, was the battle over. He heard a roaring in his ears but behind that he heard more gunfire. He shook his head, no it wasn't done yet. He better get back into the fight. He looked up and the guy that had seemed to be in charge when they met them up the road was standing there. It took him a moment to remember his name. Eric, that was it, his name was Eric. He pushed off from the corner and tried to get to them, but the roaring in his ears got louder and then his vision dimmed and everything went black.

As soon as he saw the kid fall, Eric slung his MP5 and yelled to the others.


They turned their attention in the same direction that Gabe and Jim were firing and added their fire to the others to keep the attacker's heads down. Eric darted forward to the black clad kid and lifted him up onto his shoulders. Bullets kicked up dirt around him and Doc ran out from cover so he could return fire towards the inmates firing at the two figures. The inmates went to ground and Eric was able to carry the kid into cover before laying him down, cradling his head in his lap. Doc dropped down beside him and they looked down, marveling at this kid. His armor was battered and cracked but didn't appear to be badly breached. They could see that the kid was bleeding. Eric fumbled around until he could disconnect the helmet and pull it off. Even though he had seen him before, Doc still gasped a little at the young teen face that was revealed. The boy looked even younger right now. Eric recognized him. It was Rio, one of the scouts. He smoothed the sweat slicked, thick black hair from the boy's forehead. When he did that, Rio opened his blue eyes and stared up at Eric and smiled. His lips and teeth were tinged with red blood and he coughed a little so that more blood trickled out. Eric wiped the blood away with a corner of his shirt. Doc felt for the pulse at his neck, it was slow. He looked at Eric.

"We need to get him to Ian. He probably has some internal bleeding and if we can't get it stopped, he won't make it."

Eric nodded and looked down at the boy, still smoothing his hair back. He could see the pain in the boy's eyes, but he was bearing it. There was a little bit of the frightened boy on his face as well. It reminded him of some of the young men, still nearly boys themselves that he had seen die in war. Eric felt tears slip down his face. The boy reached up and wiped away a tear and smiled again.

"Thank you for being here. I know that soldiers die, but as long as they die for a good cause it's worth it."

Eric reached up and took the boy's hand in his and held it. Rio smiled and then his eyes closed and his head fell to the side. Eric looked at Doc in panic and Doc had his hand at the boy's neck searching for a pulse. He dropped his head and more tears began to fall from Eric's eyes.

"Is he?"

Doc looked up.

"No, but his pulse is weak. We really need to get him to Ian. Moving him may kill him, but not getting him to Ian, will definitely kill him."

Eric nodded and carefully picked the boy up in his arms.


Gabe turned around and saw the black armored boy in Eric's arms. He motioned for the others to join Jim in firing on the attackers and keep them back as he joined Eric and Doc. He looked in surprise at the boy who now had a small trickle of blood running from his mouth. Eric quickly wiped it away.

"Is this one of your friends?"

Eric nodded.

"Yeah, his name is Rio. He single handedly attacked the flanking force from the rear and helped us stop them from getting to us."

"We need to get him to Ian. He's alive but barely. We need to get him to Ian. We can't bring Ian here through the gunfire to us, so we're going to have to bring him to Ian."

Gabe nodded and looked at their disposition before making his decision.

"Okay, Jim and I will go first and get behind the rubble pile, to give you cover. I'll signal you to run when we're set up."

Eric and Doc nodded. Gabe moved over to Jim and tapped him on the shoulder. Jim dropped back as George moved up to take his place. They moved so that they were crouched and ready to run. Gabe jumped up and began to run to the debris piles, Jim was on his heels. As they ran to the barricades, they fired in the direction of the attackers. Gabe dove behind cover but behind him he heard Jim cry out. He looked back over his shoulder and saw Jim fall. Sean's dad, Eric was right there firing an AR-15 to give them cover, but when Jim fell he ran out to help him without hesitation. Gabe had flipped himself around and gave covering fire. His gun clicked on empty and as he reached for another magazine, he heard the meaty slap of several bullets hitting flesh. As he slapped the magazine home and brought his M4 up, he looked up and he saw Eric slowly toppling over, several red splotches showing on his torso as his eyes rolled up into his head as he fell. Jim scrambled behind the barricade. Both of them were shocked when they heard a young voice scream.


The scream attracted the attention of several people as Dale ran from the front door to where Eric had fallen. He nearly made it to Eric, when several bullets hit his small form. Causing his small body to jerk and twist as he fell on top of Eric and did not move. Gabe looked up as he caught movement from the trees nearby and he brought his gun up and ready to fire, when he saw a black armored figure run from the trees with a large pouch at his side, firing toward the attackers as he made for the two figures on the ground. A second behind him another similarly clad figure followed him out, firing as well. The first figure dropped down next to the two bodies and started to roll the young boy off of his dad and onto the ground next to him. Bullets began to hit around him just as the second figure caught up to him and glanced down at him before turning around and holding its hands up. A teenage girl's voice came from the helmeted figure.

"I got you covered Connor. Try to save them."

The attackers concentrated their fire on the standing figure and everyone that could see it, were shocked as the bullets were stopped short of hitting her. Then the sound of vehicle engines was heard and the Humvees came roaring out firing. The .50 cal rounds impacted on whatever she was doing and staggered her a little, then the Mark 19 fired and everyone nearby except for the two figures, dove for cover as the grenades began impacting around the two figures. The Humvee with the Mark 19 peeled off and the fifties opened up again before turning away. When the smoke cleared the two black armored figures lay still and unmoving. One of them was lying on top of Dale, as if trying to protect him from the fire.

Just before the soldier fired, there was a strange, metallic, clinking sound and a chain whipped around the soldier's neck and pulled him backward causing his pistol to fire into the ceiling as he was yanked backward off of his feet. He let go of Damian's hair as he reached for the chain around his neck to try and pull it free. As he hit the floor, a three and half foot tall figure in black helmet and armor, buried a sickle like weapon into the soldier's chest. The voice that they heard had a squeaky quality to it.


The figure started to pull the sickle out of the soldier's chest, when one of the inmates fired several shots at him which knocked him back. Without pausing, the figure reached to his waist and threw two shuriken, taking the man in the neck. The next few moments were unbelievable to see as Brett and the other members of the family watched this small figure reach over his shoulders and draw two wakizashi and began to attack the remaining inmates. They could barely follow his movements as he swept through the room. His swords were a blur as he slashed each of the inmates. All of the family members dropped to the floor. Julia and Brett dove for the shotguns to help. As they brought them up, the small figure came by them and with two quick strikes with the hilts of his swords, their arms went numb and the shotguns dropped back onto the ground. They could only look on with astonishment as the small figure darted here and there. The figure, jumped, flipped, and rolled around the room. Sometimes he bounced off of walls. He looked like those video of the people that did Parkour, only ten times better. Several times they saw him jump in front of some of the family members when the inmate gunfire came too close. The saw several bullets strike the figure, but it didn't seem to faze him at all as he continued his attack. In moments, all of the inmates were down and dead. The figure stood near where Damian was lying on the floor with his hands over his head and crying. The figure looked around and after wiping the blades on the soldier's pants before sheathing them into their sheaths. He then went over to the soldier and unwrapped the chain of his kusarigama from the soldier and removed the sickle end from the soldier's chest. He wiped that blade off on the soldier's uniform, wrapped the chain around his waist and secured the sickle and weighted end into its sheath on his back. He went over to Damian and gently patted the boy on the back.

"It is okay now Shiny Damian. You are safe now. The dull loving bad man can't ever hurt you again."

The boy looked up and saw the small figure next to him. As he slowly got up, the figure reached over and gently wiped the tears from Damian's face, before standing up and looked at Brett. The figure didn't move for a moment as it seemed to be looking at him and maybe into him. Jamie and the others came into the room behind Brett. The figure looked over at them and waved before turning back to Brett.

"Christina said that you are a Shiny Lover. I can see now that she was right. You are not the dull lover that we thought you were. I am glad that I don't have to kill you. I'm sorry your arms hurt, but I couldn't let you use those shotguns. It would have been dangerous for everyone here and I didn't need the help. Well, I have other dull lovers to meet. Bye for now."

The figure turned and in moments was gone from sight. Everyone stood there stunned at what had just happened. The boys had come from the front of the house when the gunfire erupted and they were all standing there when the figure ran off. All they could do was look at each other in amazement.

"Dad. Who was that?"

Brett just shook his head.

"I don't know, but I'm glad he thought I was a…shiny lover instead of a dull lover."

The others nodded as well. Their attention was then drawn to the sound of gunfire from the front of the house, and they all ran that way. As they returned to the front, Jamie saw a rocket heading toward the house and he waved his arm and knocked it away towards the trees. When they all could see out into front yard of the house, they saw Gabe and Jim running toward the barricade from the cars and then Jim was hit and fell. They saw as Eric Peterson ran out to help Jim get behind the barricade. Then they watched in horror as they saw Eric get hit by several bullets. As he fell, Dale pulled away from his mom and ran out the front door.


His mom Claire tried to grab him, but he was too fast. They saw him run across the lawn towards his dad and then they saw his little body get hit several times and he fell on top of Eric and was still. From the woods on the left, two figures that looked to be dressed like the one who had just saved them, came running out of the woods and made their way to Eric and Dale. One of them dropped next to them and carefully rolled Dale off of his dad. The other stood up behind him facing the enemy and held its hands up. The attackers fired at the figure, but the bullets seemed to hit something in front of the figure and drop to the ground. Then the worst thing happened as they heard vehicle engines nearing and the three Humvees roared up firing. They saw the bullets from the .50 cals hitting the whatever it was in front of the figure and staggering the figure, but whatever it was, held up to the fire, until the grenade launcher came into play. Grenades began to hit all around the figures and they disappeared in the smoke and explosions. The grenade launcher peeled back and the machineguns fired again before starting to pull back. When the smoke had cleared, they saw that the two figures were not moving. One of them was lying on top of Dale as if to protect him from the fire. Jamie watched the vehicles and he began to growl as he ran outside and into the open.


He held up his hands and the Humvee with the Mark 19, went flying through the air as if it had just hit a mine and slammed into the command SUV. Blackburn was just about give orders to his entire force to attack and finish this, when he could only look up as the flying Humvee filled his vision just before it slammed into his Humvee, which then rolled over onto him and trapped him underneath it, pinning him in place. Lieutenant Wilson who was standing at the back of the Humvee was hit by the other Humvee and crushed as it landed on top of him. As the two other Humvees turned around to attack, one of them was flipped into the air and landed on its top, crushing the gunner.

That seemed to be the straw that broke the camel's back and the attackers started to run. Two more figures came out of the woods and charged toward the attackers firing as they ran. George and the men with him also stood up and began to fire. Gabe stepped out from behind the barricade and began to pump grenades into the attacker's ranks. Eric ran from out of the cars and headed toward the house. Jamie began to advance as well and several of the attackers felt themselves lifted up and thrown into trees. One of the soldiers fired a LAAW rocket at him and he turned it back onto them, killing several. At that point, there was no cohesion left and the attackers ran.

As the UNIT team and Brett's security team advanced after them. Jamie started to advance as well, but two arms came around his chest and held on.

"Stop Jamie. They're running away. We've stopped them. We're safe."

Jamie struggled for a moment before Josh's words penetrated. He sagged a little, suddenly very tired as the adrenaline began run out of him. Josh turned him around and put his arm around him as the two boys walked back. Behind them the UNIT survivors and the security team continued the advance. Then they saw the attackers suddenly turn around and start back in their direction as they heard more gunfire from the far side of the attackers. They were looking behind them when they ran and then they were hit by the fire from the UNIT and security force. They heard the remaining .50 cal open up and then stop as more automatic fire began. There was an explosion and they saw a plume of smoke and fire rise into the sky. The next thing they saw was the few remaining inmates throw their guns down and drop to their knees with their hands on their heads.

From some woods near the road out of the compound two of the soldiers ducked behind trees and watched their platoon member's fall to six gray armored figures that had appeared out of the woods and advanced on them. First there were several grenades that flew into their midst and exploded, killing nearly all of the remaining soldiers. Then the armored figures advanced, firing all the while. The inmates fell in bunches and their return fire was ineffective. They began to run back the way they came. The two soldiers saw the fifty take one of the gray clad figures down hard, but the others advanced and their accuracy was uncanny as they shot the men down. The two soldiers watched as two of them threw a grenade into a window of the Humvee which exploded in a fireball. As they watched, they saw that all of the platoon members were dead, they were all that was left.

"We need to get the hell out of here. We're all that is left. We need to report back to base and let them know what happened, so we can bring a stronger force next time."

The other nodded and with one last look at what was going on out there before they turned around, only to be brought up short when they saw a short figure in black armor standing in their way. They froze in surprise.

"You dull lovers are not going anywhere."

The soldiers recovered from the shock and brought their rifles up to fire. Before they could pull the trigger, the figure drew his blades and flipped through the air between them, slashing out with the blades. The figure kicked off the tree that they had been hiding behind and landed back in front of them. Both blades had a line of crimson near the edge. The figure, flicked the swords and most of the blood flew off. The two soldiers suddenly felt weak and their rifles dropped to the ground from their nerveless fingers as they fell first to their knees as the figure stepped up and wiped the rest of the blood on his blades, on the shoulders of their uniforms before slipping them back in their sheaths on his back. Their vision began to darken as the figure just stood there and watched the blood flow down the front of their chests from their sliced throats and the light left their eyes and as they fell face down. He looked at them and then moved forward carefully to watch the gray armored ones look around for other targets. One of them slung his weapon and went over to the one who was lying on the ground. While the others kept their guards up, in case there were more enemies nearby.

Chase watched as the one kneeling next to the figure on the ground took his helmet off and placed on the ground next to him. The face that was shown, was tan colored with black hair cut short and was very young, maybe not even a teen yet. He reached down and carefully removed the helmet from the head of the figure on the ground. The person on the ground had short platinum blond hair that was revealed. He could see them talking but was too far away to hear. He didn't know who they were but if they attacked the dull lovers, then they were probably shiny lovers or at least they probably weren't going to be a threat to the shiny young ones.

He saw movement from the direction of the house and saw some of the shiny loving men moving forward with their guns at the ready. The ones in gray armor brought their guns up and everybody froze. Chase could see how tense everybody was and the slightest thing might start them shooting. He only paused a moment before stepping out from the trees with his hand out to his side. He called out to them.

"They are Shiny Lovers the same as you! They were fighting the dull lovers, like you were!"

Everyone looked at the short figure that was carefully walking towards them with his hands out, showing that they were empty. The security men lowered their weapons and the gray clad ones did as well. George looked at them and then over at Chase. He could tell from their size that the rest were either kids as well or small adults, but from what he had seen so far, he was sure that they were kids.

"Who are you guys? Are you part of his group?"

They looked at Chase and Ram shook his head.

"I've never seen anyone like that. Are you from General Folkerstein?"

George shook his head.

"I've never heard of General Folkerstein."

"Are you part of Doctor MacLeod's security force?"

George nodded.

"Yes we work for him."

Ram pointed at Chase.

"What about him?"

George glanced at Chase and nodded.

"He is with us. He's a friend."

The team seemed to relax and their weapons were lowered. Ram looked at George.

"Eve is hurt. She took a round from the .50 cal. She says that she can't feel or move her legs and she's bleeding pretty bad."

"We've got someone who may be able to help. If her spine is injured we should probably be careful how we move her so that we can make sure that she won't be injured further."

George looked around and saw a large part of the hood of the Humvee that had been blown off. He went over to it and began to drag it over next to the teenage girl. Before he got far, two of the others came over and picked it up and carried it over easily. Then the team came over and together they carefully picked Eve up and laid her on the hood. The four members of the Genesis Team picked it up, while Ram picked up his and Eve's helmets and rifles. They looked at George. He nodded and turned around to lead them back to the house. Chase walked along behind them.

When the inmates gave up, Eric and Doc left the safety of the cars. Eric was carrying Rio in his arms and he was heading for the house. Christina had turned back after securing the inmates and saw the black clad burden in his arms. She and Oliver ran over to them and saw that it was Rio. They pulled off their helmets and tucked them under their arm.

"How is he?"

Doc looked at them.

"He's alive, but not by much. We need to get him to Ian. If we get him to Ian, we can probably save him."

"We have something that can help."

She handed her helmet to Oliver and went over to where the bodies of Connor and Jasmine lay. She searched around and finally found Connor's medical bag. It was under him where he lay on top of the body of Dale Peterson. She knelt down and brushed away tears that threatened to fall, gently rolled Connor onto his back and removed the medical bag.

While Christina was searching for the bag, Ian came out of the house and went to Eric's side. When Eric saw him, he laid Rio down and Ian dropped to his side. He started trying to see the boy's injuries and was trying to get the armor off. He looked up at Oliver standing there.

"Can you get this his armor off? I need to find where he's injured. It's in the way and I can't figure out how to take it off."

Oliver put the helmets down and with the assistance of Eric and Ian, they were able to remove his armor. Underneath they saw that he was dressed in military fatigues. On one shoulder was a patch with a red dragon on it. The other shoulder had a skull with gold arrows underneath it and spelled out U.N.I.T. in the background. At the top of the patch was printed ‘MOURN THE LOSS OF CHILDHOOD' in an arch and in the bottom arch, ‘GIVE EM HELL KID'. When they finally got all the armor off of him, they saw that he was bleeding from a few wounds as well. Most of the blood from those wounds have been kept hidden by the armor. Ian jumped right in and placed his hands on Rio's chest and began to send his consciousness into the boy. After a few moments he stopped, unbuttoned Rio's top and placed his hands directly on his skin. Christina joined them and was going to inject him with one of the hyposprays with the pico bots, but Ian opened his eyes and looked at her and shook his head.

"Don't do anything. I've got this."

"But this will work."

Ian just looked at her and turned back to what he was doing. She got a frustrated look on her face and was about to ignore what this upstart squishy was telling her when she felt someone put their hand on her shoulder and in her mind she heard.

{Let him do what he's doing. It will be okay.}

She looked up and saw teenage boy standing there with black hair and blue eyes. For a second, he reminded her of the boy that Ian was working on, Rio. He had the same black hair and blue eyes as this teen had. She looked at the teen and then asked him a question.


Ethan nodded and she turned her attention back to Ian, placing the hypospray back into the tattered medical bag. Once Doc saw that the girl wasn't going to interfere, he moved over to Jim and began to work on his wound. It looked like a through and through in his thigh, but it was near the center and there was quite a bit of blood and he was worried that the artery had been nicked. Ian needed to check him out.

Eric was sitting next to Rio and smoothing his hair back when two arms wrapped around his neck and someone kissed his cheek. He turned and saw the tear filled eyes of his boy, Josh. A few feet away with his back against the barricade was Brett with Jamie lying down with his head in Brett's lap. Jamie's eyes were closed and Brett was stroking his hair. There was a slight smile on Jamie's face. He looked at Josh.

"Hey buddy. You okay?"

Josh nodded but couldn't speak. He let his eyes show what he was feeling as he reached up and patted Josh's arm with his free hand. Eric smiled and turned his attention back to Rio. A few minutes later Ian sat back and let out a breath. He looked at everyone.

"I've stabilized him and healed the worst of the damage. He had some internal crush injuries, probably from the explosives that he was subjected to. All the vital organs look like they're healing well now and I would have gone farther, but I wanted to make sure I didn't wipe myself out for any of the other injuries. I'll come back to him afterward and do some more healing but he's out of danger now."

They heard a groan and then a quiet voice between them.

"Ow, that really fucking hurts."

They looked down just as Rio blinked a couple of times and opened his eyes. He looked around and saw Eric sitting by him. Eric was smiling at him through misty eyes. He was still smoothing Rio's hair back. Rio smiled and lifted his hand up. Eric took it in his hand and held it.


"No, thank you son."

Rio had a bigger grin on his face. Christina with Oliver standing behind her leaned into view.


She leaned down and hugged him. He lifted his free hand and hugged her back. She sat back and Oliver extended his fist and they bumped.

"Let me finish the job."

Christina removed the hypospray from the bag and gave Rio a shot of pico bots.

"That'll take care of the rest of the healing. He'll be good as new soon enough. Why don't you take care of your other patients, Doc."

She looked at Ian with a grateful smile and he gave her an answering smile and got up from where he had been kneeling for the past several minutes. Rio kept his hand in Eric's as he looked at Christina and Oliver before he looked around.

"Where's Connor and Jasmine?"

Christina looked past Eric to where the two bodies lay and shook her head. Tears came to all three of their eyes.

"I don't think Mikey, Christopher, Natalie or Thomas made it either. They opened up on our position with the fifties and the Mark 19. I think it was too much for them. I'm sorry Chris."

He shook his head.

"You have nothing to feel sorry about Rio. They knew it could happen, we all knew that, but we still do what we need to do to save other kids. I know they are looking down at us now with the others from Montana. We've accomplished our task and we saved some kids. Remember what's on the patch. ‘Give Em Hell Kid'."

"She's right, ki….Rio. You did more than any person I've ever known. If it wasn't for you and your friends, we would probably be dead. You saved us, you saved our sons and the other families. You did your job well."

Rio smiled at Eric's praise and he tightened his grip on their joined hands. He looked back at Christina.


She shook her head.

"I don't know, I haven't seen him since he took off."

Rio nodded.

"He's probably okay. He'll show up after he finishes with whatever distracted him."

"Yeah, I'm sure he will."

Ian felt a little stiff since he hadn't moved while he was healing Rio. He looked at Jamie and seeing no visible wounds he turned to look at the others around him. Nearby were the two black armored bodies and next to them, Eric Peterson and his new son Dale. Ian could see that there was nothing that he could do for them. While they were talking with Rio, Ian looked over at Doc who was waving him over. He saw that it was Jim lying next to him with a bloody leg, so he went over there. Doc had already cut Jim's pants leg off and had a bandage around the leg. Ian knelt down and looked at Doc.

"Through and through, but I think the bullet may have nicked the femoral artery."

Ian nodded and put his hands on the leg and closed his eyes. Within a minute, Jim's pain eased and went away. Ian sat back and looked at the two men.

"He should be okay now. It may ache a little but his natural healing will finish the job. There was a nick and he'll be weak from blood loss, but he'll be fine."

Ian looked around and saw that there were no other injured nearby that needed his attention.

The Genesis team saw that the handful of living inmates that apparently had surrendered was now secured with zip ties and under guard by a couple of men that they took to be part of Doctor MacLeod's security team. They made their way past them with their burden and over to a group of people who were standing near the barricades. When they neared them, some of them looked up and then a red haired teenager started walking towards them. As he neared them, they slowed down.

"Is your friend hurt?"

Ram nodded.

"She took a .50 caliber round and says that she can't feel her legs."

"Lay her down and let me take a look at her."


"Because I can help her. Just trust me. Lay her down."

They paused for a moment before Ram nodded to them and they set her down gently and stepped back. Ian knelt down next to her and reached out. Eve grabbed his hands and looked at him with narrowed eyes.

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to try to help you."

She looked at him and scanned him. He seemed to have some sort of mind shield it wasn't strong and she could probably bust through it, but he seemed sincere, so she released his hands. Ian looked down and saw that she had some sort of gray armor, sort of like what the others were wearing. Although theirs looked a little more advanced. He looked at the younger boy who was standing across from him.

"Can we get this armor stuff off? It's in the way."

Ram looked at him and then down at his CO. Eve nodded and Ram helped Eve remove the armor. She couldn't help much with her legs, but they were able to lift her up carefully to take the lower half of the armor off. Ian nodded his thanks and placed his hands on her stomach and closed his eyes. Ram reached out and tried to get into Ian's mind to see what he was doing and was rebuffed.

{Stop, you're interfering.}

Ian opened his eyes and looked at Ram with a frown. He then went back to work. He followed the path of the large bullet and cleared out the impurities. The bullet had gone through her, so he healed both ends closed first and then worked to the middle. When he got to the middle of the wound track, he saw that the bullet had torn out a piece of her spinal cord. Inwardly he groaned. He couldn't heal something that was missing and she was missing a part of her lower spinal cord. It had been ripped out of her body by the passing of the bullet. He finished healing everything else around it, including knitting the vertebrae back together, although there was a piece of that missing as well. He just did the best he could with what he had to work with. He opened his eyes and looked at the younger boy.

"I've done all that I can do, but she's got a spinal injury that I can't fix."

Ram knelt down and looked at the hole in the jumpsuit that she was wearing at the skin underneath. He was surprised to see that the skin was clear with a faint scar to mark where the bullet had hit her. He was sure he'd see the same at the exit wound site as well. Eve grabbed Ian's hand.

"What did you find?"

Ian looked at her for a moment before replying.

"A piece of your lower spinal cord is missing along with part of the vertebra as well. The bullet ripped it out of your body. I've patched all the pieces together that I can, but I can't make a missing piece appear when it's not there."

She looked at the other boy.

"Ram, can I heal that?"

Ram thought for a little while before replying.

"I don't know for sure. Maybe. We can heal from a lot of things. If I could look at Da…Doctor MacLeod's notes, I might get a better idea."

"Okay we'll look later. I've got all his notes."

Ram nodded just as two teens in black armor walked up to them. The girl had long blond hair and the boy had light brown hair. The girl looked at the members of Eve's team and noted the makeup of the armor that they were wearing and something about it tickled in the back of her mind. She was certain that she had seen that design before, but she couldn't place it.


She looked over and saw the small form of Chase running over towards her. He stood beside her. She patted him on the shoulder.

"Hey Chase. I'm real glad to see you."

"Me too! I'm glad to be here to be seen!"

The members of Eve's team were intrigued by this squeaky voiced figure. Ian looked at Christina.

"Do you have any more of those injection things that might help? She's got a spinal injury."

She looked at him and nodded.

"Chase will you go to the medical bag and bring me a hypospray?"


He turned and ran over to the bag that was lying next to Rio. He looked over and paused a minute as he saw the bodies of Conner and Jasmine. Someone had taken their helmets off and they looked like they were sleeping, except their faces were too pale and there was blood soaking into the ground around them. He bowed his head for a moment and then looked at Rio.

"Hi Rio."

Rio smiled and they bumped fists.

"Hey Chase. You're okay."

"Yep, the dull lovers can't touch me, since they don't believe in the Shiny."

He looked through the bag and then pulled the hypospray out and held it up."

"I gotta get this to Chris. There's an injured Shiny Girl that needs it. Bye!"

Chase scampered off to the other group. At the other group he handed it to Christina, she knelt down next to Eve and reached for her.

"What is that?"

Christina looked at the platinum blond teen and showed it to her.

"It's a hypospray. Inside it are pico bots that will help heal you. I don't know how long it will take for fixing a spinal injury, but it should help. It will deaden the pain from the injured spine while they do their work."

Eve looked at her and then tried to probe her to see if she was being truthful. When she did, she ran against a powerful wall and Christina looked angry.

"Who are you? Don't go poking your nose in things that aren't yours and my mind is not yours to poke at."

"Who are we? Who are you? There is something familiar about you, but I don't know you. Da…Doctor MacLeod never told me he had other teams here."


"Yes, Doctor MacLeod. He's the one who made us, trained us and taught us everything we need to know so that we can become one of the elite forces for the Genesis Project."

"You're Genesis?"

Eve nodded. Christina looked around at the armor they were wearing and something clicked.

"Of course, that's where I saw that armor before. That's the Genesis Armor you guys are wearing. I remember the plans for that when that bastard was experimenting on us."

"Who are you calling a bastard?"

"MacLeod. Who else. He must have experimented on you too. He's the one who had a hand in designing that armor."

Eve reached out and grabbed Christina's arm. She was snarling at her.

"Don't….you….ever….call….him…a…bastard. He took care of us and made us who we are."

Christina pulled her arm free and looked down at Eve.

"You're deluded! He was a sick bastard who experimented on kids! We are from the U.N.I.T. One of our missions is to stop everyone one of those sick fucks, who hurt kids. He was one of them and we came here to take him back to our base for U.N.I.T justice."

"Well he's dead! He was crushed in your attack that collapsed our bunker, along with four members of my team. So you can't get your filthy hands on him now. He's safe. If I could get up from here, I'd tear your fucking heart out for doing that to him!"

"Are you stupid along with being deluded? I wish you could get up, so I could tear your spine out and show it to you before….."


That voice got the attention of all of them. The UNIT guys whipped around to see Doctor Brett MacLeod standing there. Next to them stood a dark blond haired 14 year old boy. Christina reached for her gun to bring it up so she could take him into custody and the boy put his hand out and she felt herself fly backwards. Oliver saw Christina fly back and he reached for his gun and found himself lying next to her.

"Don't you dare!"

Jamie had his hand out and was prepared to do more to the two of them if they continued.


Brett took a few deep breaths to calm down a little. He gently grabbed Jamie's shoulder and pulled him back to his side and placed his arm across his shoulders as they both walked closer to the teens. He pointed at the house. "Inside that house are two mothers and one young boy who died because of this incident."

He looked down at Eve. "It was not an attack. It was an earthquake."

He pointed at Christina and Oliver, but kept his focus on Eve.

"They did not attack you! They were helping us! You say, you lost four members of your team. Did you care about them? Were they just your team or were they your family? They lost six and almost seven members of their team, their family. Two of them lay over there next to the bodies of a dear friend of mine and his 8 year old son. An 8 year old who will never grow up, because of those bastards who attacked us. They gave their lives to try to save my friend and his son."

He then pointed in the direction of smoke rising behind the bunkhouse.

"Over there are the rest of their team. Maybe some of them survived or maybe not. We don't know yet, but we will find out and if we can, we will do what we can to help them. I don't know exactly what is going on yet, but so far I'm very scared of it. But being scared doesn't mean you lay down and die. You fight for what is right and you two fighting is not right."

He looked at the UNIT leaders. "I don't know who you think I am, but I am not that person. I have never seen you before and I have never hurt any kid, ever. So you are mistaken."

He looked down at Eve. "As you can see, I'm not dead. So I'm not sure what you are talking about either. Regardless."

He paused as he looked at the two groups.


He looked at the UNIT kids and they both nodded. Then he looked at Eve and she nodded. "Yes Dad."

Brett had started to turn when he heard what she said. "What did you say?"

"Um….Yes, Doctor."

Brett shook his head. "That wasn't it. What did you say?"

She hesitated for a moment before answering. She tried to say it and nothing came out, because she was afraid she would be punished for her presumption. But she was a leader and a leader owned up for her mistakes. "I said, thanks Dad. I'm sorry for my presumption."

The look on Brett's face softened. He looked at Jamie and with Jamie's help he knelt down next to Eve. He reached out and placed his hand on her head.

"Never apologize for giving someone a compliment like that."

She was frozen for a few moments when he touched her so gently, that she didn't know what to do and then everything that had happened, her family members dying and finding Brett and having him die in front of her and now here he was again and he didn't punish her for calling him Dad. It was too much and the 16 year old girl came to the front and she started to cry as she reached for him. He let her pull him down and hug him as he did what he could to comfort her. It was a little uncomfortable, but Brett could feel that she needed this.

He looked over at Christina. "If that injection can help her, then I beg you to use it to help her."

Christina nodded after a second and got up from where Jamie had thrown her. She noted the frown on Jamie's face when she got near to Brett. She leaned down and injected the pico bots into Eve, who was watching her with a wary eye. A few moments later she felt the pain subside as the bots shut down the nerves and she let out an involuntary sigh as they pain that she had been feeling, at least above the waist, went away.

Brett felt someone pat him on the back. Brett looked over his shoulder. Standing next to him was that same short figure that had saved them in the house.

"Chase you should take the helmet off."

He looked at Christina and nodded.

"Oh yeah. Sometimes I forget."

The figure reached up and undid the helmet and took it off.

"Holy Shit!"

Brett fell back on his butt when he saw the furry faced creature in front of him. Chase smiled at him and waved. "Hi Shiny Doctor. I'm Chase Casey."

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