Castle Roland

Changing Connections

by Eric Aune

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Chapter 11

Published: 24 Dec 14

Changing Connections

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Changing Connections LogoThe next morning everyone again took their time getting up, especially the kids. They lingered in the nest a while longer and there was a little tickling and giggling going on. Soon enough there was a knock on the door and from the other side one of the adults told them that breakfast would be in an hour. That got them moving a bit quicker. The UNIT kids started to get dressed in their uniforms instead of the civvies that they had been wearing the day before. When Eve asked Christina about it, she reminded her that the UNIT command team would be arriving that morning. Chris did not miss the look that crossed Eve's face and she knelt down next to her.

"Look, I know what you think of them, but all I ask of you, is that you try to listen to them. You may find that they are not quite who you think they are. Just try."

Eve nodded after a moment and she told her team to get dressed in their uniforms as well. Rio and Eve had no choice but to wear their civvies, but they were not completely happy about it. Rio because he would rather be in uniform when he met his commanding general and Eve because she felt it put her in a subordinate position to Adam, since she wouldn't be in uniform. This did not sit well with her, but there was nothing she could do about it for now. Her uniform was in too bad a shape for her to wear.

Everyone was soon cleaned up and dressed and headed to the dining room. Brett saw the uniforms and called Christina over, after she helped Eve get seated.

"What's with the uniforms?"

"The UNIT command team will be here this morning, remember?"

"Do you know when?"

"No. Logan didn't tell me, he just said it would be this morning."

"Okay, well if you get any notice…."

He tapped his head.

"…Let me know."

She nodded.

"Sure, Grandpa."

He looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Are you going to explain that?"

She shook her head.

"Not right now. Maybe later."

"What about what you and Rio were smirking about yesterday."

"Smirking? I don't remember any smirking, sir."

He could see the mischievous glint in her eye, but knew that he would get nothing more from her, so he waved her to her seat. He noticed that two of the kids, Tim and Sara, made sure that they were sitting with Christina and Oliver as they had yesterday. As everyone else filtered in, they were all startled by an explosion of sound from outside. At the sound Ian's mom, Cheryl entered the dining room from the kitchen.

"What is that?"

Brett looked at her and shook his head.

"I'm not exactly sure Cheryl, but I think we need to postpone breakfast, and I think we should prepare for a few more people. Let the rest of them know. Try to keep what you have finished cooking warm if possible, otherwise we'll just start over again. I think our guests have arrived."

She nodded and went back into the kitchen to let the others know. Everyone was curious to find out what was causing the noise and they got up from the table or changed direction to head outside. What they saw when they got outside, were three helicopters in formation flying in. Brett went over to where Gabe and some of his men were standing and watching the three helicopters. The guards came from where they had been watching and joined the rest of the family. Brett saw two of the helicopters peel off from the middle helicopter and face in opposite directions as they took up station, to protect the twin rotor helicopter.

"I don't believe it. That looks just like an ACH-47 Chinook. They called them 'Guns a Go Go', but the only one left that I have ever heard of, is at a museum in Alabama. They only built four during the Vietnam War and three of them were destroyed over there. I've only read about them, never seen one."

"Why is it called, 'Guns a Go Go'?"

"Because it was a transport helicopter and they added more weaponry to change it into an attack helicopter. It was started as an experiment, and the choppers did pretty well for the short time they were in operation during Vietnam. It was just a few months long. When they were down to the last one, the idea was abandoned and the last one was eventually sent back to the states and now it's at the Redstone Arsenal in Alabama on display, or at least where we came from it was. Obviously that's not the case where these kids are from."

"I don't think I've seen anything like the other two."

"That one to the left is a MI-24 Hind. A Russian attack helicopter, the other I have no idea what it is. I've never seen anything like that, but looking at the body, it looks like it's some kind of stealth helicopter, but I've never seen or heard of anything that looks like that. Since the F117 and the B2, they have been working on getting a stealth helicopter, but there was none operational that I knew of in our world."

"You're right, Colonel. The Chinook is a 'Guns a Go Go'. It's the only operational one in existence. The other is a Hind as you mentioned. The last one is a KA-58 Black Ghost. Very experimental, again the only one in operation anywhere, at least as far as we know."

Brett and Gabe looked over their shoulder to see Christina walking up to them. Sara was at her side.

"I take it you know who this is?"

"Yep, those are UNIT helicopters. They're the friends I told you were coming. See the Unit crest on them."

She pathed to Oliver.

{Ollie, disengage the stealth, so they know where we're at.}


Oliver used his mic to contact Drake and relay the order.

"Drake, disengage the stealth system."

"Understood. Disengaging stealth."

Dragon popped into view as the Chinook began to land. They started walking to where the Chinook would be setting down, about 50 yards away. As it neared its landing zone, it turned until the rear of the helicopter was facing Brett and his people, who were walking down the hill where the house was located, to meet them. They had seen the guns tracking on them as they moved toward the helicopter. A few moments after it landed, the back ramp began to lower, and the first figure they saw was huge. Before the ramp was fully lowered, the figure hopped off and landed gracefully, but everyone saw that as the figure left the helicopter, the helicopter actually raised up a little, like a small car does when a large person gets out of it.

"Sweet mother of god. Wha…who the hell is that?"

There were a couple of giggles from nearby and they looked over to see Rio standing there next to Chris and a few other members of Chris' UNIT team. All of them had grins on their faces.

"Oh, that's Khan. He's the biggest pussycat you'll ever meet. Just never call him a pussy."

They looked at this being called Khan. He had to be over seven feet tall, as he was more than a head taller than anyone else who was there and he was dressed in the black UNIT armor and helmet, making him almost alien looking. They almost expected to hear the armor creak, when he took a breath. He was also heavily armed. They could see the large hilt of a Katana type sword sticking up over his shoulder, but it was bigger than any other such sword that most people had ever seen. In his hands he held an M249 SAW, like it was an M16. He also appeared to have two pistols, each in a shoulder holster on each side and an MP5 slung over his shoulder.

"He is impressive. His nodachi looks like a katana would on anyone else."

They glanced at George, who had joined them.


"His sword is a nodachi or odachi. Some might call it a two handed katana. The blade is about 5' long. It looks like he could wield it one handed as easily as I can wield a katana. He could probably cut a horse in half with that. Probably in one swing."

They turned back to watch the arriving party as Khan stopped and looked around as two more smaller, black armored figures, jumped off the back of the ramp. They moved gracefully almost catlike as they took position behind and to either side of Khan. At the top of the ramp a group of people, two adults and the rest kids of varying ages, in a mixture of military BDUs and civilian clothes. Those in civilian clothes were wearing t-shirts, hoodies, jeans and tennis shoes, typical kid's clothes. Those in the fatigues were dressed like any other soldier; in BDU, cap and combat boots. All of them were armed even those in civilian clothes. Most had a pistol holstered at their side or in a shoulder holster, some carried MP5s as well. Brett watched as after a few moments Khan turned back to the group at the top of the ramp and nodded. Brett looked toward the man who was standing there, but he noticed that the man didn't move, but he caught a movement from one of the kids. He looked in time to see a young teen with long blond hair, nod to Khan in answer.

That nod seemed to send some signal, as the twin rotors began to slow down and the two other helicopters that were on station turned and began to lose altitude as they came in for a landing.

"Doctor MacLeod. What's going on, sir?"

Brett glanced to the side and saw the caretaker, Irvin and his wife Kari standing there looking in awe at what was going on.

"Um, Irvin, right."

"Yes sir, you know that."

"Right, well Irvin, you of course know what is going on with President, well former President Ashwood?"

"Yeah, the bastard is trampling on the Constitution."

"Yes, well, these are some people that are working with the newly elected President, Jack Bryce. They've come to meet with me, because Jack and I are old friends."

Irvin was still staring at Khan.

"That's got to be the biggest and strongest looking soldier I've ever seen."

"I think it would be safe to say that you're right. I've never seen anyone that big. I don't think there are any basketball players that are that big and that's the closest I've seen to anyone that size."

"I think you're right sir. Will your guests be joining us for breakfast?"

"Yes, I'm sure they will."

"Kari and I will go get started on more food. It looks like we've got quite an army to feed here.

"An army is right. Thanks Irvin. I'll get you some help in a few minutes."

He nodded as he and Kari turned away to take care of what they needed to do. After Irvin left, they all waited as the two helicopters that were on guard came in for a landing and their rotors began to wind down. Because of the trees in the area, they were unable to land near to the Chinook. Their landing spots were within 100 yards of the Chinook and each other, so it wasn't too far away to cause any concern. Once they were landed, Brett stepped towards the group at the Chinook. He looked at Christina who gave him a little smile, but said nothing. He stopped himself and looked around.

"Dammit! We forgot Eve."

Brett started to turn away, but Gabe stopped him.

"I'll get her."

Brett nodded and watched as Gabe trotted back into the house, returning a few moments later with Eve in his arms. The first thing that Brett noticed was that Eve's eyes were a little red. He immediately went to her side and reached over to hug her.

"I'm so, so sorry, Eve. I forgot. I guess we all did in all the excitement."

Brett looked around and saw that there were a lot of guilty looks among everyone, including the other Genesis kids. He reached up and placed his hand on the side of her head and caressed her head until his hand was at the back of her head. He leaned forward and hesitating only a moment, he gave her a peck on the cheek.

"I hope that you will forgive me. You are as important as anyone else out here and you were forgotten for a few moments. I'm very sorry and I promise you, you will not be forgotten again. Please say you'll forgive me?"

Eve looked at him for a few moments and only those who were close enough could see her eyes get a little misty, but she pushed that down and nodded her head. Her voice was a little husky when she spoke.

"I…forgive you. I just hate not being able to get around. Everyone ran out when they heard the helicopters and I wasn't even thinking of asking for someone to help me get out here and then suddenly everyone was gone and there was no one left…except me."

Eve's head drooped down. Brett pulled her head close to his and rested his forehead against the side of her head and whispered in her ear. A few moments later she nodded.

"I'll try."

"Good, now let's go meet our friends."

He, Gabe with Eve in his arms, and Christina walked forward. The group at the top of the ramp had watched the little scene with Eve and the teen with long blond hair, looked over to the similarly aged teen with short black hair dressed in fatigues and smiled. With an answering smile the group began to descend the ramp. Brett started walking toward them, but was stopped as he heard a faint growl from the helmeted giant. He stopped and looked way up to the faceless helmet that looked down on him.

"I know Khan, but he's not the same one that we remember. He is just as brilliant, maybe even more so than the one that we knew, but he would never do anything that the other one did. You can trust me on that."

Logan said somewhat sharply. Still though Khan did not move, nor did the low rumbling growl stop. Brett was starting to get a bit nervous when suddenly there was a blur, and then a small Asian boy was standing between himself and the huge figure known as Khan.

The tension in the air was thick, as not a word was spoken between the two beings. Finally though, the huge figure took two steps back, while his hand came off of the sword hilt. The small Asian boy turned and bowed to Brett.

"My apologies Doctor. However, I hope you understand that Khan has had very bad experiences with someone who shares your likeness. However, he will not cause you any more issues. That I assure you."

The boy bowed again, then stepped back, keeping himself between Brett and Khan.

Brett then took a deep breath and walked over to the two teens and looking at the blond haired teen that had nodded to Khan, he held out his hand.

"Adam? I'm Doctor Brett MacLeod…."

He gestured to the others around him including everyone, his family that had come with him, and the Genesis and UNIT kids.

"…and this is my family."

The teen smiled at him.

"Sorry, but I'm not Adam."

Brett stopped and looked over at the man in uniform. The man just looked at him with a lopsided smile. The teen that he had thought was Adam interrupted him before he started to head over to the man.

"I'm Logan... Even though I'm the better looking one, he's actually the one in charge."

Logan nodded towards Adam who just shook his head, smiled and held his hand out to Brett.

"As he said, I'm Adam..."

His smile faded some as he looked Brett in the eyes.

"I hope you do not take offense to Khan..."

"Not at all."

Brett said as he shook his head slowly and glanced over at the being called Khan.

"Christina has explained a little of what my... ummm... other self, has done."

Adam smiled sadly,

"In our minds we know that you are different, but, well, let's just say, our instincts have yet to catch up."

"I understand, I really do, or at least I think I do. Now, can I introduce you to some of my family?"

"Of course!"

Adam said with a grin.

"Although, we wanna wait for the rest of the team to get here, especially my son Tommy. If he's not here, we'll just have to repeat it all again."

That caused Brett to look at him in puzzlement.

"Wait, you have a son? What, you're about the same age as my son. He's fourteen, well almost, and you have a son?"

Adam looked at him and grinned.

"Two actually."

Brett shook his head.

"How…never mind. I won't ask."

"Probably a good idea. We can talk about that later, along with several other things that we should probably discuss.

Brett nodded his agreement and Adam then looked towards the Stealth Helicopter just as two boys were climbing out of it. That's when they all got another shock. A huge black panther bounded out of the back of the Chinook and ran towards the two boys. It was easily five foot tall at the shoulders, and black as night. In a few bounds it reached the two boys and knocked one over, and it began to lick him. Loud giggles could be heard, not only from the knocked down boy, but also from almost everyone there.

"Hey Fluffy! Leave Tommy alone for a moment. There are some new people that we have to say hello to!"

Adam called out. The huge panther, Fluffy, looked over her shoulder, then reached down and gently picked the boy up in her mouth by grabbing the front of his flight suit, carried him over, and dropped him at Adam's feet. Adam meanwhile just shook his head sniggering to himself.

"You are such a show off."

He then turned to Brett and said.

"Well now that Tommy's here, I guess you can begin."

Brett eyed the huge black panther, that was now standing nearby, with some trepidation. The panther was looking at him and they were nearly at eye level. He looked back and forth between 'Fluffy' and Khan. He wondered who or what was under that armor. He looked down at the boy, Tommy, who was smiling up at him from the ground and waiting for him to start.

"Um…yeah. You of course know Christina as I understand it. She's from your group. I have come to rely on her quite a bit. She and her team saved our lives. This is Gabe Patterson, he is a former Green Beret Colonel and my head of security, and in his arms is Eve, the leader of the Genesis Team that somehow arrived here at the same time that the rest of us did. Unfortunately, due to an injury she sustained while fighting to save us, she is unable to walk at this time. Christina assures me that the….What are they called?"

He looked at Christina.

"Pico Bots."

Brett nodded.

"Pico Bots, yes, thank you. The Pico Bots that she was treated with, will help her to heal from her injury within a few months and then she should be as good as new."

He looked around at the others and then back at Adam.

"Maybe this isn't quite the place for all of the introductions. My family has grown a bit from what it was when all this started yesterday morning. I think we number around forty right now in the family."

He reached over and placed a hand on both Christina and Eve's shoulders.

"These two young ladies and their teams have become an integral part of my family. I am continually amazed at what they can do and at the same time, very sorry for the fact that they can do what they do. These three are my, I guess they are what you would call, a command team."

Brett motioned toward the main house.

"Shall we?"

He led the way, Adam and Logan walking along beside him. Khan took up station near the two teens and gestured to the two other armored figures. They moved to the flanks and Brett did a double take. Did he just see what he thought he saw? He shook his head, nah, couldn't be. As they walked up to the main house, Brett told them a little bit about the property. At the front door he led the way inside and into the living room.

"I thought that this would be a more comfortable environment for us to get to know each other, unless the dining room with its table would be more suitable."

He waited for a response and Adam grinned and shook his head.

"I think this will be just fine."

Everyone filed in and made themselves comfortable. The younger boys sat with their parents. Jamie and his brothers paired up with their boyfriends. Gabe and his security team stood against the wall. The rescued kids found places with the other kids, except Tim and Sara who stuck close to Christina and Oliver, who had chosen a spot near Eve. The Genesis kids and the UNIT kids sat together near their team leaders. Rio however, stood near Eric against the wall. Eric smiled at him and placed his arm across his shoulders. Where people sat did not go unnoticed by the UNIT leaders. Brett walked over to where Christina and Eve were sitting and began the introductions. He introduced the boys, and then each of the families, also doing a short explanation of what they had gone through before ending up here. Gabe introduced his men and then Eve introduced her team. Eve did not say much other than introducing her team members by name, she found herself feeling defensive since here in front of her, was the leader of those that she had been told had betrayed the project, and turned against their training. She decided that now was not the time to bring that up. Brett looked around and smiled at them before turning back to Adam.

"Well I guess that's it. Oh wait. Where's…."

Brett was looking around and then Adam felt someone poke him in the back. Adam turned around and saw who was there.

"Hi General Sir. Do you remember me? I am Chase Casey."

"Oh dear God!"

Adam said as his head slammed into his hands. Every UNIT member burst out laughing as Adam moaned, seemingly in pain. He then looked up to the sky, and back down at Chase.

"Are you gonna make me take the pledge again?"

"Nope! You are good. Besides, I already got all the shineys I want!"

Chase said that and then with a quick grin, he moved off, seeming to disappear into the crowd as Adam frantically searched his body. After a moment he unbuttoned his BDU top, reached inside, and breathed out a sigh of relief. He couldn't help but grin at everyone else's giggles as he turned and looked around the room, his grin faded slowly, then he began to speak.

"It is nice to meet all of you..."

His eyes met Eve's and his smile never wavered.

"I think that you and I need to speak soon, commander to commander."

Neither of their eyes wavered from each other's gaze, until finally Eve gave a slight nod, which Adam answered with a nod of his own. To those who did not know Adam, they missed an entire conversation that went on in that short look.

He then moved his eyes across the room seeing all the rescued kids, and those that had saved them. Something he had seen much too often. He sighed, and then spoke.

"To be blunt, I'm not really good at making speeches, or shit like that. But there is one thing I am very good at. Protecting people. None of you have to worry about being in danger ever again. I give you all my personal guarantee that while I and my family are around, you will be safe, and frankly, I think that there are two families here that will do that."

Adam stood there silent for a few moments, before he nodded, then stepped back. The room was silent for several seconds before Logan let out a loud sigh, stepped forward and smiled at everyone.

"Obviously Adam is a brilliant commander, but a terrible diplomat. But that's what he has me for, so..."

He paused as he looked around the room as Adam had done moments before, and took a moment to meet the eyes of nearly everyone, but especially the Genesis Team.

"First off, Eve, we are well aware of what you and your team were trained to think of us. That is something I am sure we will discuss at length. However..."

He then turned to the kids that he knew came here from the other universe.

"You all... you all are special, and I will want to chat with all of you, when we get a moment. I am not sure if this joke will fly in this universe, but..."

When he continued, his voice had changed.

"The force is strong in these ones... hmmmm."

Of course people groaned at his terrible impersonation of Master Yoda.

"But seriously we need to chat."

He then looked out over the rest of the kids.

"Most of you... most of you have been through a hell you never even imagined before this started. We've all been there. We've all done that, and each and every one of us burned that damned t-shirt."

Logan's eyes were intense as he scanned the crowd of kids.

"Yeah we look like kids, just like you do, but those of us in this room have commanded tens of thousands of troops, have dealt with horrors... hell, that I don't want to know about. There is not a single person here who has not been where you all are now. Understand that, and understand that we can help you. If you need someone to talk to, any one of us will be willing to listen, to hold you while you cry, or even to help you vent some frustrations."

Logan turned to Jory and grinned.

"Jory here would be more than happy to take any of you outside and let you blow up a few trees to make you feel better. All you have to do is ask."

Brett held his hand up.

"Um, could we, maybe not…blow things up. There are people around here that might not take kindly to…trees blowing up, or actually anything blowing up to tell the truth."

He did manage to get a few laughs, but the look on the adults faces got even more concerned.

"I know that life is crazy for all of you right now. And I know that no one, not myself, not Brett, not even the President himself, can replace what you have lost. Where we come from, we rescued thousands of children from horrible situations, and it all started because a small group of kids stood up and said 'No more.' No longer would we sit back and wait for adults to come and save us. There are many adults that will care for and love us. But WE need to start it. WE need to stand up, and WE need to fight to make our lives better. Before we leave, each and every one of you will become an honorary member of our family. We call ourselves the U.N.I.T. We were created for one thing, and one thing alone. War. When we were created, we thought that the war was against whatever our commander decided it was, but we learned quickly that the war that we fight, is not against some nameless, faceless enemy, but against something so much worse. Those who would harm a child. Those that would use us for their own personal gain, or for some political game, or even their own sick and twisted pleasure. Wherever those animals rear their heads, we will be there to destroy them. THAT is what we are."

He walked over to Adam and ripped the patch off of his right shoulder. He looked at it then turned and showed it to everyone there.

"Each of you, both child and adult, every one of you who have had to fight, either to rescue someone or to survive what happened to you, will receive one of these. Across the top it reads 'Mourn the Loss of Childhood'. That means that each and every one of you, have done, been forced to, and have survived things that no child should ever have to. But unlike so many others, you have not let it defeat you. You all had the chance to curl up in a ball and simply die. Trust me, I have seen it happen. But each and every one of you was stronger than that. That is where the part that is written across the bottom comes in. 'Give 'em Hell Kid!' Because you will, do that. You have already survived some of the worst that can happen. From this point forward, whether you decide to fight, or you decide to live out the rest of your childhood, which you each deserve, know that you will always be a member of our family."

Logan stepped forward, bent down, and handed it to the closest kid that was sitting on the floor. "Take a look, and pass it around, before we leave, you will each have your own."

The boy nodded as Logan stepped back.

"As you heard, I am Logan Hayes, and Adam is the commander, but there are a lot of us here today. Each and every one of them will help you if you want, just ask."

He then turned to the two adults that were standing near him.

"These two are our parents. They are mother and father to each and every one of us, even those that have other parents. You can never have too many moms and dads. Janet Hayes, and Joe Casey. Mom is in command of all our medical staff, and is somewhat responsible for the creation of all of us. Dad is a former Special Forces commander, and usually commands the base that we stay at."

As he continued when he said someone's name, they raised their hands so people could know who he was talking about.

"Next are my brothers, they were the ones that were created to be the command team. Chang Casey is the second in command of the combat forces, as well as a highly trained doctor, and martial arts expert. Joris Casey, better known as Jory, is a demolitions expert, Will Casey is the commander of the air forces. Finally there is Juan, who is not here. He is our heavy weapons expert, and sniper."

"From there we have the commander of the special forces teams, and the hybrid teams, Amur Khan."

Logan looked over at the huge figure that was still wearing his helmet and sighed.

"Khan, you know as well as I do that there is not a single threat within at least 20 miles of this place. I think you can stand down, take your helmet off, and relax! If you don't, I'll let Runt relax you!"

"Oh hell!"

The deep rumbling voice came from within the helmet, as Khan reached up, and pulled his helmet off. Khan looked over to the two other G Cats and waved for them to remove their helmets.

Sara gave a little squeak of surprise and buried her face in Christina's chest when they saw him. Everyone else was looking at him and the other two with expressions of awe, shock, and some fear. Everyone was looking back and forth between the three G Cats. Khan with his tiger striped fur, Gemini with his yellow fur with small speckled type spots and Pax with his tawny fur.

"Holy shit!"

Eric looked around and only just then realized there were several kids around, and he stammered a bit.

"I, uh mean um…Shoot!"

That seemed to break some of the tension and there was some nervous laughter and in the case of some of the kids, just plain laughter from many of them. Brett held his hands up.

"Now we have all seen Chase. I think Christina or Chase or someone, mentioned that there were others like him that had been experimented on as well and were made into hybrids. Khan, and..."

Logan quickly answered him.

"Gemini is the cheetah and Pax is the cougar."

"Gemini and Pax are obviously hybrids. Khan is…just a very large hybrid. So let's settle down, there are more people, er, family members to meet."

He turned back to Logan and gave him a little bow. Logan smiled and accepted with a quick nod.

"Moving on, we have Daileass, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. They are our command intel team, as well as infiltration. They have some interesting abilities that allow them to do things with computers that few others know are even possible."

Logan noticed that Sean perked up, and couldn't help but grin. He figured he would have to have a 'chat' with Sean soon. He then motioned for two other younger boys to move closer to him.

"These two are Ronnie and Tommy. Adam and I adopted them a while ago. Ronnie is our logistics and supply officer, while Tommy deals with any animals that we happen upon, as well as being the gunner for Runt's new toy."

Logan saw the looks of amazement and sighed.

"Sorry, I forgot. See in our family, age does not make someone a good parent or not. Love does. If someone is mature enough to handle raising a child, they do. It is decided by parent and child, not someone sitting behind a desk that has no clue about what's really going on."

That got some laughs, and Logan pointed to Runt who was now standing next to Khan with his arm wrapped around Khan's waist. He was about to introduce Runt when a low rumbling growl could be heard coming from Fluffy.

"Oh I am sorry, how could I have forgotten. This is Fluffy. She 'owns' Tommy, and she will make sure everyone remembers that."

Again that got a lot of laughs, especially when Tommy wrapped his arms around her, and she started a low rumbling purr.

"Now where was I? Oh yeah... Runt, that's him with his arm wrapped around Khan. And finally, we have Billy who is the second in command of the air forces, and Will's partner, and Veny, a Russian military pilot, that we, um, kinda stole, when we got here."

As the introductions were being made, heads swiveled back and forth, from person to person, just like they were at a tennis match as the ball was hit back and forth across the net. The G Cats were of course the ones who had garnered the most amount of interest of any other member of the UNIT and people kept glancing back at them. For the next hour there was some mingling, but there was still a bit of a distance between the two groups. Adam talked to the members of the Genesis Team. Everything was fairly informal. The G Cats removed their armor because there was really no need to be as intimidating as they could be when seen in their armor. They also set most of their weapons to the side of the room and out of the way. About that time Irvin appeared in the living room to say that breakfast was ready in the dining room.

When they entered the dining room, they saw that there was several steam trays on a table against the wall.

"We thought that this would be the best way to feed all of you easily. Since you have occasionally entertained, you had everything we needed in the cupboards, we just pulled it out and set it up."

Brett walked over to Irvin and clapped him on the shoulder.

"This is perfect Irvin, thank you for doing this."

Irvin started to wave him off and then stopped with his hand in the air and his eyes bugged out a little. Brett looked around to see what he was looking at, although he was pretty sure that he knew what it was. Kari turned around and saw them about that time. Her hand flew to her mouth and she gave a gasp as she dropped the package of plastic cups and paper plates that she had been carrying.

"S…sir? What a…are they?"

Brett put his arm around Irvin and steered him over to where Kari was standing and staring at the G Cats. When Brett neared her, he brought his other arm up and put it on her shoulders as he steered them from the room and into the kitchen. Both of them kept looking over their shoulders as they were guided out of the room. In the kitchen he faced them.

"Now, I have to ask for you to not mention this to anyone."

"Are they aliens?"

Brett smiled and shook his head.

"No, they aren't. In fact they are human or at least part human."

"Part human, so they're from people that have been abducted by aliens?"

Brett was having a little trouble trying not to laugh, but he again shook his head.

"No, they are completely from earth. However, what I am about to tell you, must stay here and not be discussed with anyone, for any reason, unless I say that you can. If you mentioned any of this, it could help Ashwood and hurt President Bryce. Ashwood must not know about any of this. Them or us, understood. I know you have worked for Br, um myself for several years and I have to ask for your solemn word that you will not tell anyone about what you see or may hear that is going on here. Just know that President Bryce trusts them and so do I."

They looked at Brett as he talked. When Ashwood's name was mentioned, Irvin's face changed to a scowl as if he had a bad taste in his mouth. He nodded as Brett finished.

"You can count on us, sir. If it can help stop that idiot who thinks he can do whatever he wants with this country, and stops him from destroying it, and everything it stands for, then we're with you. You have our word."

Irvin glanced at Kari and she met his look and nodded. They turned back to Brett.

"But if they're not aliens and you say they are human or part human. How did they end up looking like big…cats."

"I don't know the specifics and what I am about to tell you is very important for you to keep to yourselves. They were part of an experiment that mixed the genes of humans and big predatory cats to make super soldiers."

"Ashwood was doing that?"

Brett paused as he considered what would be the best way to answer that and thought that a little fiction would be easier to take, than explaining about them coming from another version of earth and all that. He nodded.

"Yes, that is my understanding. We didn't hear about them until recently. He had secret labs where he experimented on kids too, trying to make them into super soldiers and spies, because who would suspect a kid of being a soldier or spy. President Bryce and his Vice President, Mike Reynolds, were able to send some loyal troops, who had not been corrupted or forced to Ashwood's side, to rescue these kids from the laboratories and facilities, where they were being held. So they threw in their lot with the President to try and fight for this country and get rid of Ashwood. Those three that look partly like big cats were part of the experiment. President Bryce knew nothing about them until he raided those facilities, but he welcomed them to his side and in my understanding, he trusts all of them, without reservation."

They were quiet for a few moments as they thought about his explanation. Irvin nodded and they seemed to accept what they had been told.

"I never liked Ashwood. President Bryce did a lot of good when he was President. For the last couple of years Ashwood has been running this country, trying to circumvent laws and bullying people into doing what he wants them to do, no matter what the Constitution says. He's been trying to take people's rights away and we thought it was a cruel thing that he did, when he took all those kids away from their homes, because their parents were gay. From what we've heard they were good parents to those kids and took good care of them and Ashwood tore those children away from folks that loved 'em. So if President Bryce trusts 'em. I trust 'em. Don't you worry sir. Mum's the word. No one'll hear anything from us."

Brett smiled at them.

"Thank you both. You are good and decent folks. If there had been more like you, maybe we wouldn't be in this predicament."

"We're just folks, just like anyone else. Now you should go tend to your guests. Don't worry about us. We'll make sure that you've got everything you need to make them comfortable. Will they be staying for dinner, sir?"

"I don't know, but I'll let you know as soon as I know."

"Excuse me Shiny Doctor, but do you have any napkins in here."

The squeaky voice spoke to them from near their knees. Kari looked down and her eyes went wide.


She jumped back and started to pull away, but Irvin took her hand and held her in place. Brett looked between her and Chase who was standing there with his usual smile on his face. Brett held his arms out and Chase figured out quickly what he wanted. He jumped up into Brett's arms and wrapped his arm around Brett's neck and his legs around his waist as he turned to smile at the two older people.

"Irvin, Kari, I'd like you to meet a new member of my family. This is Chase Casey. He's one of my boys."

Chase smiled at them and held out his hand. Irvin put his hand out and shook the smaller furry hand. Chase turned to Kari and held his hand out. With Irvin's urging she tentatively put out her hand and took Chase's to shake.

"You smell nice, like a grandma who makes cookies and things."

That brought a smile to her face.

"Thank you, I bake things like that when my grandkids visit."

"Sweet. All of us love cookies."

"Well maybe I can see what we have to make some cookies for all of you."

"Awesomeness. I will tell the others."

Before Brett could say anything. Chase jumped from him to her and put his arms around her neck and hugged her. She was a little stiff at first, but Chase was using his empathic abilities to send her feelings of thanks and gratitude. Within moments she was returning his hug and there were even tears in her eyes when he leaned back to look her in the eyes.

"Yes, you are a Shiny Grandma, I can tell, because you give Grandma Hugs. Thanks Grandma. I will tell the others."

Chase let go and dropped to the ground to hurry off to tell the others the good news. She looked after him and then looked at Brett and Irvin.

"He's just like Davey. Well I better get to work on those cookies. I wouldn't want the grandkids to be disappointed."

She started bustling about the kitchen.

"C'mon Irvin, you can help me with the cookies."

Irvin gave Brett a smile and turned to help.

"Yes dear."

Brett had a big smile on his face as he left them to their work. As he came back into the dining room, he almost fell when something landed lightly on his back, which still caused him to stumble a little bit. He felt the two small furry arms encircle his neck and he felt a furry face come over his right shoulder. He glanced to the side and saw Chase's smiling face.

"Did I do good, Shiny Doctor?"

Brett smiled and nodded.

"Yes Chase. You did good."


Brett felt a quick kiss on his cheek and then the weight left his back and he watched as Chase went over to the table to make his plate. Brett joined him and got a plate for himself. He was standing and watching everyone when Adam, Logan, Janet and Joe came over to him.

"Thanks for this Doctor."

"You should probably just call me Brett, since we're family."

"Of course Brett. I want to hear what you think about us splitting up into groups to talk and get to know each other better and to see what we can do to help your family."

"That sounds like an excellent plan."

Once breakfast was finished, Adam, Logan and Brett, began to direct the people into the various groups that would be meeting together. There would be some of the UNIT people that would have to take part in different discussions so they would have to schedule the gatherings to take that into consideration.

Adam had spent a lot of time thinking about how to handle this situation, ever since Logan told him about Eve and her team. Still though he wasn't really sure what was going to happen, but one thing was certain, by the time he finished talking with her, this would be settled one way or another.

He walked over to where Eve was sitting.

"Eve do you mind if I carry you some place where we can talk undisturbed."

She looked at him and then compressed her lips into a thin line as she gave him a curt nod. He leaned down and easily picked her up, even though he was a little younger than she was. He pathed to Logan his intentions.

{I'm going to go talk to Eve in the study.}

{Try to be gentle, lover.}

{As long as she is, I will be.}

Logan sent a mental hug which made Adam smile as he carried her into Brett's study. He set her down on a couch that was in there and went back to the door to close and lock it. He took a moment to steady his nerves, and took a deep breath, before he looked down at her from where he was standing. He saw her sitting on the couch looking up at him with a mixture of anger, hatred, fear and even respect. The last one told Adam more about her than anything else. It took a certain degree of honor, and intelligence, to respect someone that was considered an enemy.

He walked over and sat down in a chair across from her. For several long moments, they both searched the other's eyes. It was then that Adam realized something. As far as she was concerned, she was operating from a position of weakness. Normally that would be fine with Adam, but not in this case. This was not his enemy, at least not yet and hopefully not ever. He started to shake his head.

"No... This simply will not do."

He closed his eyes, and concentrated. Before Eve could even ask what he meant, she felt herself being pulled, her mind anyways, but she felt that she was being pulled into some place that she had no control over. She tried to fight it, but she had no idea what she was fighting or how to fight whatever it was. She blinked, and then noticed they were not in the study anymore. What's more she was standing, on her own two feet, with no pain. Also she was in her armor, with her helmet tucked under her left arm, all her weapons hanging where they should be.

"What... what's going on?"

She looked around and saw a blasted out battlefield, tanks, broken and burning, littering the field around her. In the distance she could see bodies lying on the ground. Further away she could hear gunfire, artillery fire, and even jets and helicopters. She thought she saw a Red Fokker Triplane and a Sopwith Camel chasing each other around in the air. When she looked to her right, she was even more shocked. In the distance there were two armies, filled with dark ages warriors crashing together, with swords, axes, and other handheld weapons. Mounted warriors were charging into the flanks of the two armies.

"Welcome to my mind."

Adam said with half a grin.

"How... how is this possible?"

Adam walked over toward her, and then kept on walking past her. Instinctively she found herself falling in next to him. After a few steps he began to speak.

"There are many things that our creators did not know, or understand about the powers that they gave to us. In so many ways we are greater than what they ever dreamed of, except for one thing. To make us as we are, they had to leave free will intact. When they mixed us with large predator DNA, they thought that they could overcome the animal instincts. They didn't think that the instincts would be so great, but they were wrong. Your... father... he must have realized that. Instead of trying to beat you into submission, like so many of the others tried to do, he must have tried something different. He must have realized that above everything else, we are human, and we are children. We are not men and women who have long life experiences behind them, that can be shaped and molded through intensive training, but as children we need love and guidance. Doctor MacLeod must have realized that while working with your group."

She started to protest, but Adam was quick to turn, meet her eyes and speak softly.

"I am not saying that he deceived you, or anything along those lines, just that he realized that in order to succeed, he would have to treat you like the sons and daughters that you were to him."

She nodded after a moment, and Adam began to walk again, and she turned to join him. They were both silent for a few moments before she decided to speak.

"You know. There is a large part of me that cannot see you as anything other than a traitor. As someone who took the gift that you were given and threw it back in the faces of those that made you."

She saw Adam tense, but then relax. She wasn't prepared for the laugh that he responded with. But the laugh lacked any sense of humor.

"I wasn't made from the ground up. I was born normal. They orchestrated a scheme to get my mother hooked on drugs, and convinced her to drop me off on the streets when I was 4, leaving me completely alone. That was their first test for me. Two years later, they decided I passed, and came to get me. They killed the homeless man that had taken me in. The man that had protected me, and made sure I had food. I was unconscious for months while they resequenced my DNA. Once the resequencing was done, they started to really test me. Part of the testing was seeing just how much damage they could inflict on me."

He stopped and turned, his eyes boring deep into hers.

"You ever get tied to a table, only to have someone put a gun to your chest, and pull the trigger. All to see if you could survive and heal from it?"

Eve said nothing, just returned his gaze.

"How about an eight year old boy having his testicles removed, and not in a nice way either, just to see if they would grow back? I know you have had some experience with the collars. Those are fun aren't they? How about having a knife drawn across your skin, parting it, just so they can watch it close up? Yes, they may have given us a 'gift', but frankly, the torture that went along with it was anything but nice."

His eyes burned with hatred at the memories, and she found herself backing off.

"Father... Doctor MacLeod would never have allowed that to happen!"

She protested weakly.

"Perhaps not, at least not to those extremes, but frankly, the shit that happened to most of us who were in the program, is not even something I would wish on the worst child abuser out there."

Adam broke the eye contact, sighed and took a few steps before he stopped and looked at her.

"But to put it bluntly, all of that is in the past and is a moot point right now. We aren't there anymore. We're here, and the people that created us, they ain't here either. There is nothing for us to direct our anger, or our loyalty too. At least nothing from our old lives."

Adam began to walk again. Eve again walked at his side, neither saying a thing for a few minutes as they watched the battles going on around them.

"The way I see it, we have three choices ahead of us. First, you can join me and my family. I don't mean you come with me and go where I and my team go, but join with this part of my family here. With this Doctor MacLeod and his family. However, that would require you to blend into our chain of command. Second, you can go out and make your own way in the world, or thirdly, we can fight. Right here and right now."

He stopped one more time and met her eyes.

"I don't want to fight, but frankly, I will if needed. From the way things are shaping up, it looks like you and some of my people will be working closely together. They are my family, and I will do everything I can to protect my family. That includes taking out anything I see as a threat."

Their eyes met for a long moment before he said anything.

"Are you a threat?"

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