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Changing Connections

by Eric Aune

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Chapter 12

Published: 1 Jan 15

Changing Connections

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Changing Connections LogoJanet spotted Brett from where she was talking with Joe, and couldn't help but snicker. She patted him on the shoulder, and then walked over to Brett.

"Hey Brett. Forgive me for poking my nose in, but... well I think perhaps you and the other adults should sit down with Joe and I, because well... no offense, but you have got no bloody clue what you've gotten yourself into with these kids."

Even though she was serious, she couldn't keep the grin off her face. Brett looked at the two of them and then at the other adults of his group and nodded.

"That might be best. I think there are some questions that need to be answered."

Gabe nodded as he moved closer to them from where he was standing nearby.

"Like, why there is a kid in charge of what looks like a military unit? Now, I have seen these kids in action, and they can be impressive, but they haven't gotten a chance to grow up yet. I heard what Logan said, but it just seems like we should be keeping them from harm's way, not letting them run straight into it."

Joe looked at Gabe and he could see the looks of the other adults in the group, who seemed to be thinking the same thing.

"Is there somewhere more private that we can go to talk about this? In the middle of the dining room, might not be the best place for this talk."

Brett nodded and led the way to his library. Outside Joe paused for a moment, and then motioned for all of the adults to go with them into Brett's library. Brett nodded, and the group made their way into the room. Once everyone, except Joe, had settled in, he began to speak.

"What you all are thinking is the same thing that we thought when we first met these kids. However, we learned early on to try and change them would be impossible, the best we can do is guide them."

He noticed one of the ladies getting ready to protest, but he held up his hand.

"Let me explain please."

He started to pace, and after a few moments he began to speak.

"There is not a single child out there that had, or remembers, a 'normal childhood'. If they were not born the way they are, the process of changing them destroyed all of their memories from before. This is what they know, this is what they are. To the depths of their souls, they are warriors. To try and force them into being kids playing with toys, or going to school and playing sports or anything else like that, would break their spirits. And I will tell each and every one of you right now, you will not break them. Not a chance."

Stephanie held her hand up like she was in school. Although it might seem childish to do it, to her it seemed like the right thing to do in this instance. Joe stopped his pacing and turned his attention to her.

"I've had to work with a lot of children, some of whom have gone through some pretty horrible things. Has anyone tried to get them to….I guess lay down their arms and try to be kids? I know that sometimes no matter what we do, we can't help some kids unfortunately, but if you never tried, how do you know it won't work?"

Janet burst out laughing, so hard that she doubled over. Joe had a grin on his face, but was able to control himself. Stephanie's surprised look turned to one of anger, and Joe spoke quickly.

"She's not laughing at you, but about someone who thought the same way."

"I'll.... I'll get it."

Janet said through her laughter as she quickly left the room, only to return a moment later with her day bag. While she pulled out a laptop Joe kept talking.

"Where we came from, there was a highly respected Child Psychologist that came to our base, thinking he could, perhaps, help the kids to do just as you suggested, lay down their arms and just be kids. He did, but not in the way he first thought."

By now Janet had the laptop set up and was pulling up a file.

"This is Adam's second youngest brother, Juan. He's the sniper, and heavy weapons expert."

Joe was going to keep going, but Janet turned the laptop around, while pressing play.

"By the way, the doctor's name is Phil."

Everyone got a bit closer so they could see what was on the screen. What they saw was a young man setting up what looked like an office. Suddenly they all started to hear a young boy singing at the top of his lungs.

"OH Lord, it's hard to be humble.... when I'm perfect in everywayyyyyyy."

They saw the man's jaw drop as a young Hispanic boy, maybe nine or ten years old, came skipping into the room singing at the top of his lungs. Juan took one look at the Doctor, then looked around the room and skipped over to the couch where he plopped down, swinging his feet up and crossing them at the ankle.

"Hiya, Doc. How's it goin'? Is this where you want me?"

Juan asked, trying hard not to laugh at the look on the man's face. To the man's credit though, he recovered quickly.

"Uhmm... sure... if that's where you want to be."

Phil picked up his notebook and then moved around to sit in the chair across from this strange boy.

"Before you start, Doc, I don't think it would be a good idea to ask me about my mother... you see, I was 'made' in a test tube, and then implanted into the womb of some homeless woman the government kidnapped off the street. I hear she had an 'accident' shortly after I was born."

Inwardly he laughed at the look on the guy's face and decided to go for broke.

"I got a new mom now and she's great... even though she doesn't let me kill anyone... well... unless they try to hurt the family... then she's okay with it."

Phil sat back for a second, then started to take some notes... trying to buy himself some time to get his brain working. Thankfully Juan gave him the time he needed.

"So, is that why Doctor Hayes sent you to see me, to try and work out your... anger management problems?"

Juan almost fell off the couch laughing so hard. When he finally could talk again, he looked up at the confused doctor and almost lost it again.

"Doc... I moved past 'anger management problems' before I was out of diapers."

Phil's jaw hit the floor, but he recovered real quick and leaned forward.

"Okay, then why do you think Doctor Hayes sent you to me?"

Juan sat up and leaned in closer to the doctor with a very serious look on his face.

"Well, according to the books I've read, I think I qualify as being Psychotic, Sociopathic, Psychopathic, Multiple Personality Disorder, Schizophrenic, and Obsessive Compulsive, but that's only when it comes to weapons."

It took Phil a few moments to get himself together. Everyone was surprised at the fact that he was able to recover.

"Ummm... okay... why don't we start with that last one? You say you're obsessed with weapons. What do you mean?"

Juan sighed and then stood up.

"Well, it would be better if I just showed you."

He then reached behind his back and pulled out a huge hand cannon of a pistol, locked back the slide to drop a bullet in his hand and ejected the magazine. He then put it on the table and did the same thing for the next three guns he retrieved from their hiding places. Dr. Phil's eyes got wider as he pulled out each gun. Then came the six knives, the expandable tactical baton, the brass knuckles, and then he took off his boots and showed the doctor the hidden blades in his boots that extend when he turns his foot just so. The man was trying to come up with something to say, but thankfully he was rescued by a voice from off camera.

"Excuse me, Doctor Jensen, but there is an urgent incoming phone call for Juan. I'm sorry to break this up, but... Juan, I think you need to take this, it's from Secret Service Agent Jenkins."

A boy's voice came over the speakers, and the video ended.

After the video ended they all sat there looking at it for a moment, before Janet spoke.

"Before any of you think that that was a setup, I can assure you that it was not. Nor was Juan saying anything at all that is not true."

Most of the adults were shocked by what they had just heard and seen. It was inconceivable to them that a small child could be like that. Stephanie was the most shocked of all of them. Gabe and his men we're frankly impressed with the number of weapons that this little kid had on him. They couldn't figure out how his small body could hide that many weapons. He didn't seem to be weighed down by the weapons and it had not seemed apparent that he was this heavily armed when he walked into that room to meet with the doctor. They could also see that he was very familiar with the weapons and how to handle them properly and safely. The ladies were the ones who were the most resistant to the thought that a child could be so inured to violence and the use of weapons, even with the evidence that was presented to them. Brett had talked to Christina more than any of the others, and from what little she had said he had no doubt that the video and the attitude of the boy was genuine. Besides Gabe and his men, Wyatt and his wife seemed to be the most accepting. Brett stood up to address his friends.

"I know to some of you, probably most of you, this is shocking and frankly it is to me too. The boy in the video is Juan, who is, as I have been told, a part of Adam's command team and although I don't know why he's not here with the others, I almost wish he was so that he could speak directly to you, just to convince you that he is for real, but in my mind, I accept it unconditionally."

"But we've already lost people. I lost a son and my husband to this sort of thing and I don't want to lose my other son."

A couple of the other ladies were nodding and Brett thought he needed to say something more.

"I've been talking with Christina quite a bit since she and her team joined us and I've learned a little about what they went through to become how they are. I know that you are scared for our boys and I am too, but I don't think it will stop until Ashwood is out of power. We know that I am on a hit list of his, so he will keep coming after me and anyone who is with me. Now I can't stop you from deciding that you can't take part in this and want to take your boys and leave, but one thing I know, is that our boys love each other, as brothers and boyfriends. I think that the worst thing that we could do would be to split them up. Deep down you know this, even if you don't want to acknowledge it. Think about that, they need each other and we need to support them in that."

Some of them had been about to say something, until Brett started talking. Now they sat back and pondered everything he had said. Gabe looked around at the adults for a moment before speaking up.

"Now, I know that none of these kids are mine. But over the last several months that I have spent with your boys, training them and having fun with them. I have grown close to them. I never had time for a family, because of my army career, but since I met and have worked with your boys, I've found them to be outstanding young men. They don't give up and they always have each other's back, no matter what. In fact, together they seem to be even stronger than when they are apart. I think it should be their choice. Throughout the ages going back thousands of years, there have always been boys and young men who answered the call to arms, sometimes even lying about their true age so that they could join and take part in the conflict. A lot of them have died because of it. But they went in there anyway, knowing it was a possibility. Yesterday made it even more evident to our boys that it could easily happen to them. I say our boys because I have grown to care of them deeply, just as if they were the sons that I never had. However, they did not shirk from standing up and saying as Logan said it earlier, 'No More'. The only thing that I think that we can do is support them, and do what we can to help them. If this U.N.I.T. can help them to be as safe as they can be, then I think we need to work with them. I just had to say that."

Gabe stepped back and Brett nodded to him gratefully. Looking at the others, Brett saw that there seemed to be a change in the expressions on the adults' faces. Instead of being closed down to the thought of what was ahead, they seemed to be more receptive. Brett looked at Joe and Janet.

"I guess that sort of says it." Janet nodded.

"Trust me."

Janet's smile that she had earlier was now gone.

"Every time I hear them go out on a mission I am scared. Deep down I know that they may not come home. It's happened. We lost over sixty in one shot. Right now the reason Juan is not here, when he normally would be, is because he's recovering from a serious gunshot wound he received while saving two busloads of children from some of Ashwood's federal agents who were hellbent on killing them. The entire time that Chang and I worked on him, I worried that he would not make it. But the one thing that keeps me going, makes me realize that, no matter what happens, it will be worth it, is this. To each and every one of them, they grew up mostly without the love of a parent. Without the knowledge that someone loved them no matter what. Juan's biggest fear is that I would turn away from him, when I found out what he was like. It's the same fear I am sure each of your kids went through when they had to tell you that, not only are they gay, but they have powers that you could not even begin to understand. Each and every one of you has accepted that your boys are gay. For that, I thank you. But know this. It is no different from when I had to accept that my boys are warriors. For those that are not military, you may not understand the difference between a soldier and a warrior, but I can tell by Gabe's nodding that he does."

All eyes shifted to Gabe who was still nodding.

"A soldier is doing a job, a warrior is doing what they were made to do. It really is that simple."

Janet nodded as the others turned their attention back to her.

"Now, the one thing each and every one of you must learn, and learn quickly is this. These kids will do what they think is needed to protect their family. That includes every one of you right now. That includes willingly sacrificing their lives if necessary."

Janet's eyes got hard as she looked around the room. She had perfected Adam's stare, the one that can make people back down just with a look, she was using it now.

"Don't you '''DARE''' dishonor them, don't you '''DARE''' disgrace them, but above all else do not belittle them, by trying to make them into something they are not. They will fight, you cannot stop that. But what you need to do, as their parents and adults that care for them, is teach them, guide them, but do not get in their way. It's hard, trust me, it's the hardest thing I have ever done, but it is also the thing that has brought me the greatest joy in my life. These kids will do '''ANYTHING''' for you. That is a huge responsibility. Don't piss it away."

They were all shocked, but Joe knew he needed to step in and say his piece before he lost the adults. He turned and looked at Brett.

"You, out of everyone here, have the hardest job. Both Christina and Eve see you as their father now. Not just a father figure, but as their father. Eve, because of her apparent close connection with the version of you from the world that we came from and Christina, because of how you have acted and your jumping in front of her and taking a bullet for her. That puts you in charge of some of the most dangerous children on the planet. This you already know, and it is not the part that should scare you. The one that should scare you is Chase."

"But he's so small and fun loving."

One of the ladies said that, to which Joe nodded.

"Yes, yes he is. He also has absolutely no problem with killing... anyone. He is what I call a true innocent. By that I mean, he doesn't know right from wrong, other than what he sees in those around him. He will emulate everything you do Brett. If you say the wrong thing around him, the next thing you know, the person that you are upset with will find themselves in a very bad way. Back home, a few of those like him found out about some people who were not really abusing children, but were more interested in making money than they were in protecting the children. They woke up one morning with everything valuable missing from their lives. That included the gold fillings in their teeth. Over the next week, they then lost their minds. The ferrets are a force of nature, and one that needs to be tightly guided, but not controlled. You would never be able to contain Chase, or any of them. But you can guide them."

The room was silent when Joe finished and there were looks exchanged between couples and some of the others were looking off into space, as they thought about what had just been related to them. Joe and Janet said nothing, not wanting to interrupt any of their thoughts.

Logan and Daileass walked into the bedroom where the eight boys were waiting for them. Logan flashed them a smile as the conversations that they were having stopped, and they all looked at him expectantly.

"Hey guys." He said, as they walked over to a clear spot on the floor and sat down.

"I am sure you all have a bunch of questions, and frankly I will give you all as much time as needed, however, the world doesn't like it when we take all the time we want."

Jamie nodded. "But we've got time. There's nothing else we need to do right now, but I'm not sure we know which questions to ask."

There were nods from the other boys. Ethan had an idea and he thought he would try it out. He reached out with his mind to see if he could get a clue as to what kind of questions Logan had in mind.

Logan smiled at him when he hit a wall stronger than anything else that he had ever felt before. In his mind he heard Logan speak to him.


Knowing what he meant, as he'd had to push against George's walls several times. He started to push, to try and break through the wall. Then something surprising happened. By itself the wall started to weave around his push, it actually tried to draw him in, and for a moment Ethan panicked not knowing what was going on, but then Logan pulled it back.

{You need to work on your mental walls, and how to work against other telepaths. Now for what questions I was looking for, let me explain to everyone at once.}

Looking at Jamie, Logan smiled, but nodded his head.

"What I have in mind for all of you, could take weeks or months. We don't have that kind of time normally... but... I am also going to teach all of you a trick. For now I think Ethan will be the only one that can do it, now, but soon enough you should all be able to. It's called creating a Mental Scape. What that is, is the ability of drawing people into your own mind. A place where things happen at the speed of thought. Where conversations that would take hours, are done in seconds, mental training, which would otherwise take years, can be done in hours."

Logan then looked right at Ethan.

"So Ethan, this is your choice now. You have the strength to do this, and I can walk you through how to set it up, but you have to be confident in your own abilities. I will reinforce it, and make sure nothing goes wrong, only stepping in if needed. But you will be the one doing the work. That is if you want."

Ethan sat there and thought for several moments. What Logan was talking about was so much more than he thought a telepath could do, but thinking about it, it made sense. They had all been talking about getting stronger, and learning what their abilities could do. Here was a chance to learn something new. Finally he looked at Logan and nodded, which caused Logan to grin.

"Great. Now what we are going to do is this. I am going to do a mental dump into your mind. It's actually a lot like loading a file onto a computer. What you will have to do is think about what I am dumping in, in this case mental scapes, and you will suddenly realize you know about it. Then I want you to think about all that goes into it. I will be watching and when you are ready I want you to first pull Daileass in. Once you have Daileass in there, then go ahead and bring the rest of us in. Leave me for last, that way I can help if anything happens when you bring in the others."

He saw a bit of nervousness and just smiled at everyone.

"Don't worry guys, I have done this a whole lot, and the only thing that happens if he doesn't do it right, is you simply don't join him in the mental scape. There are no problems, like being lost halfway in between, or anything like that."

That made them sigh in relief, and then Logan looked back at Ethan. When Ethan nodded, Logan reached out with his mind, and gently dropped the information into Ethan's head.

Ethan sat there thinking about mental scapes, when suddenly it was there, and it was huge! Everything that he could do, how to do it, how to set up his mental scape and everything else was right there in his mind, all he had to do was use it. He also felt Logan and Daileass were right there with him, he got confused as to how he knew that, until he heard Logan speak in his mind.

{One thing you have not learned yet, is that for a telepath it's just like breathing, your powers are there, you just need to learn how to use them. Most are instinctual, the rest will become such. It's much like a baby learning to walk. It's hard at first, but then, well it's not something we ever even think about after that. Now reach out, feel Daileass' mind, and pull him in.}

Ethan did so, and suddenly he found himself and the younger blond boy standing there in his bedroom back at home. As he turned around to look at the room, everything was there, just how he remembered it. The bed was made, but not how his mom would prefer it. The covers were just sort of tossed over the pillow at the head of the bed and the covers weren't smoothed out. His computer was on the desk and the window behind it, looking out into his backyard at home. The controllers for his Playstation 3 were sitting on the foot of the bed, just as if he had been playing it and had to leave for a moment. This is where he and Dylan had spent a lot of time together. It was his room as he remembered it. To him it seemed as if he could walk out the door and he would expect to see his parents, or maybe Dylan coming down the hall to his bedroom.

Daileass looked at Ethan's confused expression and laughed.

"The first time you make one of these, your mind automatically makes it the place you are most comfortable with. After a bit of practice, you will be able to make it look like anything you want."

"That makes sense." Ethan said as he looked around again.

"Okay, let's bring everyone else in." Daileass said, as he moved over to the other side of the room, and leaned against the wall.

"It's actually easier to do them all at once, just think of your friends, reach out and feel their minds, and then bring them in here."

Ethan sat down at the foot of the bed and closed his eyes as he thought about his friends and moments later, the seven boys appeared in the room. They didn't appear in one group, or in one location, but they were scattered around the room. They were paired up as couples. Dylan appeared on the bed sitting next to Ethan. Sean was over at the desk chair with Dakota sitting on the desk next to him. Jamie and Josh were sitting with their backs against the headboard. Ian and Logan were standing by the door. Ethan opened his eyes and looked around the room to make sure that everyone was there. The boys were looking around the room with surprise on their faces.

"How did you do that, bro? It's like we're back home in your bedroom."

Ethan smiled as he received the praise from his closest friends.

"Well the computer doesn't work, but other than that, it's pretty cool. Maybe I can fix it."

Sean put on a fake frown as he looked at Ethan, but there was a twinkle in his eyes as he said it. That caused the boys to laugh. Leave it to Sean to try to get on the computer.

A moment later the other Logan appeared, only to everyone's shock, he was not dressed in the normal jeans and t-shirt that he had been wearing a moment ago, but was dressed in what looked like full body armor, complete with a rifle in his hands. As the boys stared at him, he just grinned.

"Guys, we're in Ethan's mind, we can appear however we wish."

He then shifted, and was back in his jeans and T-shirt. There were several exchanged looks from the other guys and for a few moments they looked like they were concentrating on something and then they relaxed.

"It didn't work."

Logan grinned. "Well until you get more practice, only Ethan can change what you look like in his mental scape."

Ethan's eyebrows rose up and a sly look came over his

face as he slowly turned to look at his boyfriend sitting next to him. Dylan caught that look and started shaking his head and held his index finger up.

"No. Not even. Don't you dare."

Ethan looked at him and wiggled his eyebrows and then started laughing, which spread to the others, except Dylan who just looked at Ethan and shook his head in warning.

"Just remember buddy of mine, payback is a bitch. Don't forget what I can do. You wouldn't want to have some…let's say, embarrassing reaction in front of other people, would you?"

Dylan gave him a sweet smile and Ethan just leaned over and kissed him. A truce was agreed upon by the two boys with that action. Logan watched their interaction before continuing with the lesson.

"Something else to keep in mind, the normal rules of the universe don't really apply here. For instance. It usually takes a good long time to learn how to use mental abilities, here, everything we learn, we remember. Now we can go and do all sorts of physical training, but frankly, it won't do any good. I mean if we were to teach you martial arts, you may become a black belt here, but your body will not be used to the motions, so you would have to learn it all over again, out there."

"You're talking about muscle memory."

Logan nodded to Dakota.

"Exactly. Now, I should warn you."

Logan had a mischievous grin on his face.

"If you guys come here to have some 'special time', it is very real. So real, that your body will react. And if you go far enough, let's just say, when you go back to your bodies, you could find that you made a mess in your pants."

He couldn't help but laugh at the blushing faces that stared back at him.

"But, before I get into helping you guys learn the finer details of what you can do, I can see between you guys a sort of link, a bond if you will. It is strongest between couples of course, but still there. Is that intentional?"

Logan looked at them and Ethan nodded.

"Sort of. I mean we tried to see how far apart we could be and talk to each other, and things like that, but, well it's limited. It was easier when I was part of the link, but other than me being able to talk to everyone, the others can't easily talk to anyone else other than their boyfriends, unless they are close or even holding hands or something, without my being linked to them."

Logan was nodding, he then turned to look at Daileass. After a moment, Daileass nodded with a small smile. Logan turned back and looked directly at Ethan while he spoke.

"Even though you are untrained, you are a very powerful telepath. Powerful enough that I can teach you how to do something, but it's something that everyone here will have to agree on."

"Okay, I'm intrigued, but what is it?" Ethan said nervously.

"We call it 'The Link', or 'The Bond'. See when we first started coming together, one of the issues that most of the kids had, since they were rescued from bad situations, is the fact that they felt alone. They didn't know if the people around them were being truthful, or if they were just going to be hurt again. The answer to that was 'The Link'. Basically, it is a mental link between everyone in the UNIT. The ability to talk to anyone that is also in the link, being able to feel them in the back of your mind, KNOWING that they are there, and that they care. Those in the link cannot lie to each other, just like here, a deception would be known immediately."

"What do you mean?"

Logan looked over at Daileass and asked.

"Daileass, how old are you."

Daileass thought for a brief moment before answering him.

"I'm twelve."

There was silence in the room, but each of the kids got a strange look on their face until finally Jamie spoke up.

"He's... he's lying. I don't know how I know it, but I know he's lying."

"Exactly. When you are speaking to someone, mind to mind, like we are here, it is next to impossible to lie. It's the same thing in the bond. However, just like you knew Daileass was lying, you don't know the truth, because he didn't say, but you knew he was lying."

Logan started to pace as he spoke, as if he was a professor in front of a class, than a kid.

"That's the first potential downfall. Another one is this. If anyone in the bond dies, you all feel it. Not how they died, but the fact that the bond broke. There's only two ways to break the bond once you are in it. The first is for the one who holds the bond to break it, or to break one person off of it. The second is if one of the people in the bond were to die."

All the kids were nodding, and Logan gave them a moment to digest that before he moved on.

"Now, this is the last, and potentially the biggest downfall of the Bond. To explain it I need to explain more of how the bond works. I am the one that holds the bond for the UNIT. In our home universe, there were over ten thousand people in 'The Link'. If, say Daileass wanted to talk to Alvin, he would look into that place that has the link in his mind, pick out Alvin, and start talking to him. In order for him to do that, I have to know what he's trying to do, who he's trying to contact, and then facilitate it. Basically all the communications go through my mind. Now I don't listen in, but I could."

"You mean you act as the server?" Sean asked, which made Logan nod quickly.

"Exactly. The request from Daileass to talk to Alvin comes in, and I reroute what Daileass is saying to Alvin. Now for me, and for you as well Ethan, you would not really know you are doing it, unless you decide to. But what that means to the rest of you is this. Ethan will ALWAYS be in your mind. He will be able to hear every conversation you have through the link, and you would not know it. In the case of the UNIT, this is not explained to them, because most of them need it to survive, yet do not know how to trust someone enough to say yes. It's not one of the things I am proud of, but it was then, and still is needed."

He paused, and then spoke again, this time meeting the eyes of each of the eight boys.

"What you all need to decide is simply this. Are you comfortable with Ethan being able to overhear your every conversation with each other?"

The boys looked at each other. It was Jamie that was the one to speak up.

"But he has to try to listen. You said that he has to want to listen in, right?"

Logan nodded.

"Then if he doesn't listen in, he doesn't hear what we're saying."

Logan nodded again.

Jamie looked at Ethan for a few moments.

"I trust him with my life. He's like a brother to me. So I'm in."

There was very little hesitation with the others, before they too agreed.

"Okay." Logan said as he smiled to them all.

"Now, finally, Ethan, are you willing to do this. From someone who has held a link, there is sometimes great temptation to listen in. I mean it's not like it will take any effort once you set it up, only if you want to listen in. I have always said that a Telepath, while not the flashiest of the mental powers, is the one that comes with the most responsibilities. Are you up to that?"

Ethan sat there staring off into space for a few moments as he considered his responsibilities, if he decided to go ahead with building, and supporting, this link. What he did not realize was that if he had immediately said yes, without any consideration, Logan would have refused to teach him anything. The fact that he had to think about it told Logan more than most people could have known. Finally Ethan looked at his friends, then to Logan, and nodded.

"In a lot of books that I've read, where they talk about having telepathic powers, they always say that only the bad guys would use their powers against their friends or allies or anyone, to gain an advantage. I love these guys. They are my brothers, so yeah... yeah I am sure."

"Great, then here is what I need you to do..."

Over the next several hours, at least several hours to them, Logan not only taught Ethan how to create 'The Link', but he also taught all of them how to use their powers. It's not that they didn't know how to use them before, but Logan knew a lot of tricks that would allow them to do things they hadn't thought of before. Of course it was a learning lesson for Logan as well, since, where he came from; all mental abilities fell into a few groupings. Where these kids were from, they didn't. It was something that Logan would have to spend a lot of time thinking over.

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