Castle Roland

Changing Connections

by Eric Aune

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Chapter 21

Published: 5 May 16

Changing Connections

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Changing Connections LogoWhile Brett was talking with the construction company, Chris went into the cockpit to check with Oliver and Dakota. "Hi guys. How's things?" Oliver looked over his shoulder. "We're fine." She noticed that he did not have his hands on the controls, it was all in Dakota's hands. "I'm going to let him take us in, but I'll do the landing. Later on when we have a chance, we can do some takeoff and landing practice. He's doing well." She nodded, gave him a quick kiss and returned to the command center. Brett was still talking to the construction company, so she took a seat to wait until he was done.

Once Brett was finished, she had Sean call the base. "Sean, report what happened and tell them that we have a prisoner from some group calling themselves the Army of God." Sean nodded and contacted the base to talk to Donnie. Christina could hear him talk to Donnie for a short time and then she heard him exclaim, "Logan? Is that you? You sound different? Oh, sorry. Chris wanted me to report what we found at Brett's house in Coeur d'Alene. Yes sir." Christina tapped him on the shoulder. "Put it on speaker." Sean nodded and made a quick gesture with his hand and nodded to her.

"Logan, this is Christina. We had a little trouble when we got to Brett's property."

"Go on Chris."

"Sean's right, you do sound different, but it is good to hear your voice. Is everyone with you?"

"Yes, we're fine. Please go on."

"Sorry, it's just we were worried about all of you when the link went down. Anyway, sorry sir. We went to one of the properties that Brett's double in this version of Earth owned to check it out, because his information told him that there was a research lab of some kind on the property. When we arrived we saw that there were some armed men removing boxes and crates of stuff. We fast roped into an open area nearby and moved in. We tried to get them to surrender, but instead they opened fire on us. There was a firefight. During the fight, they tried to get a military cargo truck full of the items they were stealing away from the property, but we stopped them. All but one of the men were killed and the survivor tried to take a poison capsule, but Jamie stopped him from succeeding. Ethan tried to get more information from him, but he seemed to have a way to block him out. Ethan was able to get some information, the main piece of info was that they were part of a group called the Army of God. Brett's double had apparently been doing some sort of research at the lab on the property and these people had been sent there to remove anything they could find and take it to their base for evaluation. The man seemed to be able to block any further inquiry, so we're bringing him back with us. Ethan says that he needs to talk with you about what else he can do to get around the man's ability to block him. We had to meet with the local police because of the gunfire, but the VP helped us out and everything was smoothed over with local authorities."

"Were any of your people hurt?"

"No sir. Surprise was on our side and they were all squishys. Well trained squishys, but squishys none the less."

"Good. What is your ETA?"

Chris looked at Sean. He had anticipated the question and he had asked Drake to display the answer on the main monitor. He pointed the time displayed and Chris nodded her thanks. "Fifteen minutes sir."

"Very well. We'll see you when you get here."

"Roger, Dragon out."

"At least we know that they are okay." Sean nodded his agreement.

Fifteen minutes later Oliver called Chris to let her know they were coming in for a landing. They all felt Dragon slow down and descend.

As soon as they touched down, everybody was up and ready to go. Gabe and Eric took charge of the prisoner. Once the ramp was down, they marched him off Dragon. Gabe stopped for a moment and looked at the team. "While we are getting the prisoner secured, the rest of you know what needs to be done." He looked around and saw several members of the team nod their heads. "I'll help get it going, Gabe." Gabe looked at George and nodded. George said to the team. "Let's go take care of the weapons and make sure they're clean. Then we can go in." He was surprised and gratified that there were no complaints. They just turned around and headed to the armory. Moments later everyone was soon sitting in the main cabin disassembling the guns that had been used in the fight and cleaning and inspecting the parts.

As Gabe and Eric escorted the prisoner between them, he was looking all around at the other helicopters and the men, women and a large number of kids working around and inside the building. That was the thing that surprised him the most, the kids outnumbered the adults.

With some of what he had seen, he wondered how many more of these kids were like the ones who had captured him. He also wondered if these people had been successful with adults as they obviously had been successful with the kids, or at least a few of the kids anyway. The thing that he knew his superiors would really want to know about were those animal things. How did Bryce manage to accomplish that without the Army knowing about it? It had to be this Doctor MacLeod that had something to do with it. Hopefully some of what they had been able to send to the lab would answer that question. Maybe they should have been trying to take Doctor MacLeod, not his equipment, or maybe his equipment and him.

"Not going to happen dickhead. You have no chance of that." Zechariah looked over his shoulder and saw the teen, who he thought might be telepathic or something like that, looking at him with a scowl. He hadn't realized that the kid had followed along behind them. He also felt some pressure in his head and he realized he had slipped a little and the kid was trying to use whatever it was that he had, to get something from him. He scowled back at the kid. "You got no chance kid, so give it up." Ethan scowled at him a moment more before changing to a slight smile. "We'll see….dick. We'll see." Zechariah saw that the smile did not in any way reach the kid's eyes and the look almost made him shudder.

"What is this?" The two men escorting Zechariah stopped and he turned back to the front to see who the deep voice belonged to and found himself looking at a very large chest. He looked up and jerked back. The two men holding him were the only things keeping him on his feet. "Sweet Jesus!" His mouth dropped open as he looked up into the face of a….tiger. The…tiger bared its fangs and he heard a deep rumbling growl coming from the chest of this massive beast.

Gabe looked at Khan. "A prisoner, Khan." The huge tiger thing nodded. "Logan said you were bringing a prisoner in." The tiger looked to the side and gestured. "Caesar and Spartacus will take charge of the prisoner for you, Colonel." Gabe nodded. Zechariah blanched again and pulled back as he saw two more huge tiger creatures walking up to him. When the two creatures grabbed him, it was like being held in iron manacles. They then hauled him away.

Gabe, Eric and Ethan headed back to Dragon to help with the after mission chores. As they neared it, they saw Tim and Sara walking up the ramp. They had come down as soon as they heard Dragon had returned so they could see that their parents were okay.

When the three of them climbed back in, they saw everyone toiling away and talking with each other as they worked. Gabe and Eric took over storing each weapons in the rack once it was cleaned. An hour later they were done and now it was time to get cleaned up.

As they made their way through the building, they saw that there were a lot of men in BDU pants, t-shirts and hardhats working with many of the UNIT members. They saw that on their hardhats was a circular symbol. It had a ring of blue with a totem pole running through the center of it and the numbers 1 and 8 on either side of it. As they passed them, several of the men looked up and gave them a wave and a smile.

As they headed to where the elevators were, they saw Eve and Apollo waiting for one to come down. "Eve, Apollo!" Both of them turned around and saw the Red Dragons walking toward them. Eve noticed that they had worked up a sweat. "So how was the trip?"

"Busy. It wasn't what we expected. Some people, from a group calling themselves Army of God, were trying to haul off some of Brett's possessions. We told them to stop and freeze. They made the wrong decision. We were able to take one of them prisoner. Some of Khan's guys are securing him."

"I'm sorry we missed it. Another reason I hate being in this damn chair. But Adam told me that there might be something that can be done to get me up and around sooner."

"Adam's here?" Eve nodded. "Yes, we just talked to him a little while ago. He's around here somewhere." Christina looked around to see if she could spot him, but he was nowhere in sight at the moment. "I guess I'll meet up with him later. Well at least he's alright. Anyway, we need to get upstairs so we can clean up. After that, get something to eat and you can tell us what you did while we were gone and we'll tell you about the firefight."

When they got upstairs they saw that a large part of the barracks area appeared much more finished than it had when they had left that morning. More of the men that they had seen downstairs were working up here as well. They saw one man in fatigues and wearing a hardhat. He was standing to one side looking at some blueprints on a table and writing some notes on a pad of paper next to the blueprints. He looked up from the blueprints a few moments later and saw the group standing there looking around.

He straightened up and walked over to them. When they looked at the man their eyes opened wide in surprise and recognition. Their demeanor caused the man to hesitate for a moment. "Hello, can I help you?" Chris looked closely at the man and shook herself a moment later. "Are you folks lost? Or have you come up to help?" Chris shook herself. "Um, no, sorry." She noticed his rank insignia and the US Navy patch on his uniform. "No Commander. We have our quarters up here and wanted to clean up a bit before dinner." The man looked around the area. "Wait here for a moment," as he walked off.

After he left, the people at the front, Christina, Oliver, Gabe and Brett, exchanged looks. "Should we tell him?" Gabe considered it and shook his head with a slight smile. "No, I wonder how long these people will be here, maybe by the time Jim and Patrick get here with the truck, we can sort of let them run into each other and see what happens." Christina chuckled. "You're mean Gabe."

Moments later the man rejoined them. When he got closer, Christina looked at his uniform jacket and nodded to herself as she verified what she had been thinking. The man stopped and smiled at them. "I think we can make this happen. Most of the rooms are done, but they may have a bit of a paint smell in some of them. We're running fans to dry the paint faster and remove the smell. There are a couple of the smaller showers that are available for use, you'll have to take turns. The larger shower rooms should be done by this evening, but you should probably wait until tomorrow to use them, all the tile and grout should be dry and set by then."

"Sounds good Commander. I'm Colonel Patterson and you are?"

"Sorry Colonel, Commander Jamison, Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Eighteen." Gabe nodded and shook hands. "Seabees, huh. Great to have you guys. When did you get here?"

"Well, the Reservists were activated when everything went down so we had most of our people on base. We received a call real early this morning at our Headquarters at Fort Lewis from General Adams. He said that he was an advisor to Vice President Reynolds by order of President Bryce. We were told to call in the detachments for the battalion and bring them here to Kettle Falls. So we contacted the detachments at Spokane, Everett, Tacoma and of course, Fort Lewis. They had C-130s ready to bring us and our equipment here. The Spokane detachment drove here. The heavier equipment is on its way here from our bases. We packed up our easy to move tools and got here midmorning. When we got here, a young man from your unit showed us what was needed and we've been busy working on the place since then. So far we've only have cots in the rooms, but I was told that they will see about getting some lockers for your gear and some actual beds too."

Gabe looked around and nodded. "I'm glad the Seabees were able to help Commander. It looks good." The commander looked around. "Yes sir. Can Do. It didn't take too much work, most of the hard part was done. We just needed to do all the finish work." The commander led them through the hallways. On either side they saw finished rooms where before there had only been framed out rooms. "Well here we are. There are some smaller showers just down this hall and the rooms around here are finished as you can see, except for the drying paint. We were told to move the gear into the common room, so you should be able to find your bags in there."

"Thank you Commander, we'll take it from here."

"Yes, Colonel. If there are any problems, let me or one of my men know and we'll take care of it. Our orders are for us to stay here and take care of several needed building jobs in the area." Gabe nodded and shook hands with him. Commander Jamison turned around and left. Gabe turned to Christina. "I hope you don't mind that I took the lead with the commander?" Chris shook her head. "Not at all, sometimes it saves explanations. Well let's get our gear and get cleaned up."

They went into the common room and everyone worked together to get the gear sorted. Once they had their gear, they went looking for rooms to claim. The rooms were built as standard barracks room, four people to a room. At the moment there were, as the Commander had said, just cots in the rooms and nothing else, but the rooms looked better than they had when it was just open framing that had been there when they left that morning. It took some time, but everyone was finally able to get cleaned up. They didn't know what to do with their dirty clothes, but Chris said that she would find out what could be done about that later.

When they left that morning the temporary mess hall was an open area in the upper floor. They had to ask around and they were directed to where a kitchen and mess hall had been set up and there was plenty of food. While they ate, they told Eve and Apollo about the firefight and Eve told them about what they had done while they were gone and about what Adam had told her about the possibility of getting out of the chair sooner rather than later. Everyone was happy to hear about that.

While they were eating they saw a group of older teens come in. Most of them had glanced up before going back to what they were talking about. Christina was the first to stop and slowly look up. It was the hair that gave it away. The problem was that the guy with it was about her age or a little older. She looked at the others in the group and her eyes widened as she realized who she was looking at. "Adam?" The others in the group heard her. "What about Adam?"

Christina just pointed at the group in line to get food. When they saw who she was pointing at they all stopped and stared as they recognized them. It was the UNIT command team but they were all older. Adam and Logan looked like they were seventeen or eighteen, the Chipmunks and Daileass were young teens as was Juan, and it went on from there to Will, Jory and Chang. All of them looked like they were a few years older than they had been when they last saw them.

"Wow! So that's why Logan had a deeper voice on the radio. They are all older. So I guess that is what happened when they went to the base of the Skirerians." Chris stood up and went over to the group. "Adam?" He smiled at her. "Yep, that's me. I know we didn't quite know how it would work out but to bring us into phase with this dimension, it was necessary to age us. So here we are. Besides now maybe the regular military will be a little less leery about a bunch of kids in combat." She looked them up and down and nodded. "Wow. Yeah, no one told us, so we were just a bit surprised when we saw you. As for the regular military, I doubt this will change some of their mind's much, but what can we do?" Adam put a hand on her arm. "Not much. You know what the real bitch is? None of us are used to our bigger bodies. I feel like I'm tripping over my own feet when I walk."

"And everyone's okay?" He nodded. "Yeah, pretty much. I heard about the feedback loop you all felt yesterday and that the link is gone now, but we're okay." He looked at his group and that was when she saw Logan on crutches. "Well mostly." He noticed her look of surprise and shook his head. "Don't worry about Logan. He'll get better. The mental feedback hit him harder than anyone else. It was bad for a little bit, but the Scireians have superb medical skills and they were able to bring him through. They say he'll be okay soon enough. Anyway as soon as we get used to our new bodies, we'll all be fine. We'll explain more later, but right now, it's time to eat." Logan turned around at that moment and saw Christina. "Hi Chris, I heard about your prisoner." Christina nodded and looked at Logan. "Yeah, Ethan was having a problem with getting much from him. He said it was like the guy was blocked somehow and wanted to talk to you when you get a chance so that you can work with him on getting inside the guy's head." Logan nodded. "I'll make time to get with him sometime in the next couple of days. I'd like to see what we can find out from this guy too."

"Well, I'll let you guys eat, sorry for interrupting you." Adam gave her a dismissive wave. "No problem. I'm sure we'll get a chance to talk later." She smiled and went back to her team.

"Adam says they're all okay, the aging was part of the treatment to help them."

"What about Logan, we saw the crutches." She glanced over at the command team. "Adam said that the mental feedback hit him really hard, but he'll be okay soon." There were some relieved looks on their faces as they went back to their meals.

After eating, they had free time and relaxed for the rest of the day. Early in the evening, Jim and Patrick pulled in with their load from Brett's house. Gabe greeted them and told them they would unload everything in the morning.

Gabe was smiling as he told them he would bring them upstairs. He explained that there had been a lot of construction going on and he didn't want them to get lost when they looked for their new quarters.

When they got upstairs. Gabe looked around and saw the commander. He had his two guys follow him as he walked up to the commander. "Good evening Commander. How's the work going?"

The commander turned around with a smile and froze. "What the hell?" Patrick had been looking around at all the work that was being done. When he heard a familiar voice his eyes popped open as he saw the person who had just spoken. He looked at the man's uniform jacket and then at the man's face. The commander was also staring at Patrick.

"Excuse me but have we met? I'm Commander Jamison of NMCB Eighteen." Patrick was still in shock, but he held out his hand. "Um, Lieutenant Jamison of NMCB Five, well I was with Five, when I was still in the Navy." The two men shook hands slowly as they studied each other. "It looks like we might be related somehow since we look alike." Patrick was nodding. "Yeah I…I guess that's possible." Gabe was trying not to laugh at the look of the two men, who were still shaking hands as they stared at each other.

"Excuse me gentlemen, but we need to show you where your rooms are." Patrick looked at Gabe, "Huh?" He looked down and let go of the commander's hand. "Oh yeah." He looked at his twin. "I guess I'll talk to you later." The commander nodded. Gabe leaned in close. "Commander, I'm assuming that since you guys are here, you've been told that anything you see is Top Secret, right."

Commander Jamison looked at Gabe and nodded. "Yes sir." Gabe clapped him on the back. "Good. That's where I'd file this, under Top Secret." Commander Jamison met Gabe's eyes and nodded a moment later to signify that he understood. Gabe turned to escort the two men to where their gear was located.

As they walked away, Patrick shook his head. "Well if that wasn't the freakiest thing." Jim punched him in the shoulder. "Well Lieutenant. See what would've happened if you would have stayed in, you'd be a Commander now." Patrick flipped him off as they reached the common room so they could get their stuff.

That evening, Ian and Jamie were told to meet Doctor Hayes in one of the conference rooms at the base. They had to ask around a bit before they found the right one and poked their heads in the room and saw Doctor Hayes, so they knew they were in the right place. In the room, besides Doctor Hayes, they saw three men and three women that they didn't know. They looked like they were doctors or something like that. Ian and Jamie smiled when they saw that Chang was there too. Janet smiled at the two boys as they entered the room and asked them to sit down. They went over to sit next to Chang.

Janet started the meeting and she asked an older man whose name was Doctor Murten to introduce the people he had with him. The four people he introduced were nurses. So they deduced this was some medical thing. Ian figured out why he was there because of his healing ability, but Jamie was confused as to why he was there. Once Doctor Murten introduced them Janet took over.

She started by telling them that everything about this was to be considered a secret. Ian knew that had to be because of what he would be doing to help. Jamie still had no idea what his part would be in this. Jamie picked up on her next words. "I'm sure you are interested in the makeup of the team, especially the children here. Please trust me when I say that everyone has a part, and that they are more than able to perform the tasks that I am about to lay out." That got Jamie's attention. Now he will be able to find out why he was there.

She lowered the light pulled down a screen. Then she showed some x-rays on the screen. They showed some legs that looked pretty beat up. She mentioned the name Carson and Jamie remembered Carson was the name of the guy that was supposed to be running everything for the refugees. He was a kid like them. Then she showed a slide of two legs, just the legs, and explained that they were cloned legs made with Carson's DNA. There was some disbelief from most of the adults that they could do that, but Janet pointed out that they had the technology and knowledge to do it.

Then she started explaining who would be doing what for the operation. She explained that Jamie and Chang would be helping on each leg doing Micro-Kinesis. Chang or Doctor Casey as she called him, would be helping her, and Jamie would be helping Doctor Ziegler, the other lady doctor in the room. Jamie's eyes bugged out a little. In his mind he was thinking, "I'm going to be doing, what?" There seemed to be a high level of disbelief among the team, which he shared. Jamie started to say something when he felt someone touch his arm and he looked to his side and saw it was Chang.

< Mom told me that she has learned that you have excellent precise control over your TK. I'm guessing you haven't done any Micro-Kinesis, by your reaction. She thinks you can do it and if you will allow it, I can give you a mind dump about the process. The mind dump should help you understand what you will need to do. >

< Yeah, that would be good. When she said that I would be helping with the surgery, I was kinda freaking. >

< Do not worry Jamie. I am sure we will be able to assist them with little trouble. I have a suggestion. Show them what you can do. >

< What? >

< I think that it will help them understand better if you show them what you can do. >

Jamie became aware of the room again and he tried to figure out what Chang meant. Then he saw the water glasses sitting in front of the four nurses. He made them rise into the air. "Yes it is possible." He held them there a few moments before lowering them back to the table. That got their attention. Doctor Hayes continued with the discussion and answered their questions before concluding the meeting.

After everyone had left, Chang held Jamie and Ian back. "Jamie if it is okay with you, I can do the mind dump now. It will not take long. Ian can tell you that it is not anything to be concerned about since he has gone through this before." Jamie looked at Ian who nodded. "Yeah Bro, it was kinda weird that I suddenly had all that knowledge about medicine and stuff like that in my head. It was cool though because I understood all of it. It made complete sense to me."

Jamie looked at Chang and nodded. Chang reached out and placed his hands on Jamie's head, placing his fingers in particular points on his head and face. He closed his eyes and a moment later Jamie followed suit. They were still for a short time and then Chang opened his eyes and took his hand away from Jamie's face. Jamie opened his eyes and he looked at Ian. "I get what you mean. I suddenly have all this knowledge and know how to apply it. Thanks Chang."

Chang bowed his head slightly. "I will see you later." Chang left the room. Ian looked at Jamie. "So pretty cool huh." Jamie nodded. "Yeah it is." They left to join the others.

When the two of them joined the others, they learned that their families would be flying in the next day. That way they could all be together for Thanksgiving.

After dinner, Rio was sitting in the room he shared with Chase and Vanya. Luckily there was no paint smell. Chase was lounging on his bed with his PADD out. "Hey Chase, have you seen Vanya?" Chase looked up and shook his head. "I have not seen him since dinner." Rio frowned. "I wonder where he is? I mean I'm tired and he's not a G kid, so he should be wiped." Chase sat up. "Yes you are correct. Should we go and look for him?" Rio nodded. "You don't have to go. I'll look around." Chase put the PADD down. "No, he is our roommate and part of our family now. Of course I will join you in the search." Rio agreed. "You're right. Let's go." The two of them grabbed their jackets as it would be cold outside.

Instead of taking the elevator, they used the stairs and stopped at each floor where they were putting the finishing touches on the offices, conference rooms, a kitchen with mess hall and the UNIT command center. They waved to Jamie and Ian who were just leaving one of the conference rooms. They asked if they had seen Vanya. Jamie asked if there was something wrong. Rio told them that they were just looking for him.

They didn't find him on any of the floors and headed to the hangar. Some of the aircraft maintenance people were working in there, but no one else. Vanya wasn't there, so they headed outside. They found that they were right, it was cold outside. They started searching around the building. When the Brown's built this facility, they had landscaped the area so that it resembled a college campus and there were some places where benches and tables had been placed so that employees could relax outside if they wanted to. They went to the nearest one and Rio pointed to a figure sitting on one of the benches.

They walked over there and as they neared it, they recognized the back of Vanya's head. They split up and each came around the bench and sat on either side of him. He glanced at the two for a moment and then went back to looking at some trees that were nearby. He didn't say anything and neither did they. They just sat with him.

"What are you guys doing out here?" He didn't look at them. "We were wondering where our roomie was. Didn't know where you were, so we thought we'd go looking." Silence greeted Rio for a minute or so. "Have you ever killed anyone? I mean I guess you have since you're part of this group. I guess I mean, have you killed a lot of people?"

"Yeah, I've killed some, probably quite a bit if I think about it, but it's not like I keep score." Vanya nodded. "I think, no I guess I know, I killed someone today. I didn't think about it, I just did it. It just feels funny. When you started shooting, I did too, and those soldiers went down. I've never done that before. I know when I met you guys at Camp David, I went there intending to shoot Ashwood for what he did to my dads, but I didn't think about how it would feel to shoot someone. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel. I know that they were bad guys and would have shot us, but….I don't know. Does it bother you?" Vanya looked at Rio.

"Vanya, you need to remember, me and most of the others who are G kids, we were genetically made and trained to fight, to be soldiers. I don't really think about it. It's what I do. Does that mean I'm a homicidal psychopath or sociopath? I don't think so. Those types of people are seriously messed up in the head. Yeah, some of us can be a bit extreme. Take Juan for instance. He has no trouble taking down the enemy and I don't either and he likes the adrenaline rush when he is in a fight, but does that mean he would have a problem with killing anyone?" Rio shook his head. "No, none of us are like that. We fight to protect those who can't. We have no problem taking down anyone who is evil. People like the ones who made us into what we are, those people are the evil ones and so back in our world we hunted them down without mercy. Once they did what they had done to us, they no longer deserved any mercy. We did what we could to exterminate them like the vermin they were."

Rio was quiet again. "They made us into what we are and the way they did it would make medieval torture seem tame. So those types of people do not deserve mercy and it does not bother me about it. Those soldiers we fought today are similar to the evil bastards from our universe that made us G kids. After what we found at Disney World, I'm certain that they are not deserving of my mercy. If they shoot at me, I will shoot back and I will win, because they are the kind of people who make any world a living hell and that is what the UNIT fights against. We will do everything in our power to stop people like that from succeeding." Rio took a deep breath to calm down.

"In our world, we had a group a little something like the Army of God, called the FCC. They were a bunch of religious scum bags who thought that if you didn't believe as they did, then you did not deserve to live. These Army of God assholes sound like the same type with a different name. I think that is part of the reason we decided to stay here when we were offered a chance to go back home. That and we have new brothers and sisters in our family now. Earlier you said I was part of this group. But Vanya, so are you. You are part of this group now. You are our brother and I would fight for you. I can't tell you how you're supposed to feel. I don't think about it, because those that I have fought against were trying to kill me and they were on the side that wants to control everybody and how they think and feel. The UNIT fights so that others don't have to fight and so they can live a life where they can choose what they like, and who they like. No one like Ashwood or these Army of God people should be able to control everyone to be just like them, think like them and follow them blindly. That is not what this country is about. It's the same in the US of our world, it's about freedom to live the way you want to as long as it doesn't hurt someone else. The US is about freedom to live a happy life and if I can do something to help that along, I will do what I need to do to bring that about and so will anyone in the UNIT."

"Someday we may be able to just relax and take it easy. But for now this is what we do, and who we are. For some of us, I think it might be tough to stop fighting. I think when it's time, I will be able to stop. As long as I have my family, I'm happy. If it is bothering you about killing anyone, that's good. I know I couldn't just indiscriminately kill like a psychopath would, so I think I'm fine, even though I have killed quite a few of those who stand against us."

He placed his arm across Vanya's shoulder. "If you think that you can't do this, then don't. That doesn't mean you aren't our brother anymore. You are and will always be a member of the UNIT and the Red Dragons, whether you go on missions with us or not. You are one of us."

Vanya had listened to everything Rio had said. "I know. Thank you for being here. It's just not how I thought it would feel to shoot someone. I was worried that something was wrong with me because I don't feel bad about having to shoot those soldiers. I mean, I wish things had worked out that I would never have to do that and me and my dads were still together with the life we had. I think what I'm really feeling is that I miss my dads and my best friend. I haven't even thought about Brian for days, but while I was sitting here, I thought about him again and wondered if he were worried about me. He doesn't know what happened. As far as he knows, I could be dead."

Chase squirmed into Vanya's lap. "What Rio said is all true. You are my brother and I am your brother. We will always be brothers. I know you are shiny and will always be shiny. If I see that you are not so shiny, I will help you be shiny again." Vanya looked at Chase's toothy smile and nodded, sniffing a little as he was again reminded of his dads. They would have probably told him something that meant the same thing as what Chase had just said. It told him that they were his family now. Chase hugged him. "Come on, you non furry guys might be feeling a little cold out here. We can talk some more when we get to our room." Chase hopped off Vanya's lap and grabbed his hand to pull him up. Vanya smiled and let him do that. He turned to hug Rio, Chase joined the hug as well. "Thanks." Rio nodded and Vanya allowed Chase to grab his hand and pull him in the direction of the base. Rio put an arm across his shoulders as they walked back.

Some of them were up early the next morning and they saw, Adam and the others from the command team leaving the base in armor of some kind. It looked kind of like the UNIT armor, but it was bulkier. Some of them asked Christina about it and she explained that it was armor that was built by Ryan Brown, based on the UNIT armor. Adam and Logan had realized that they needed a replacement for their armor that came with them from their universe. If it worked out, this could be used to replace any of their armor that had been too damaged or was unsalvageable, and this is what Ryan came up with. It didn't have all the capabilities of the original, but it was the best that they could do with the technology that they had access to. They thought it might be possible to continue improving it as they went along. She told them that Adam and the command team were going to test it out down in Spokane. Also it would give the team some more practice in getting used to their new larger bodies.

After breakfast since they had nothing pressing to do while they waited for their families to arrive from Bermuda, Gabe decided it was a good idea for them to work on the martial arts that they had been learning before they ended up in this universe. It had been a few weeks since the last time that they had been able to work out and Gabe wanted to make sure they didn't get rusty. Once they started, others from the Red Dragons and a few more joined in. Some helped with the training while others took part to add to their own knowledge.

Late in the morning they saw the Command Team returning from their training. Ethan saw Logan on his crutches walking beside Adam. They paused a moment at the elevators so Ethan walked over to them. "Um, Logan? Can I talk to you about something?" Logan exchanged glances with Adam who nodded. "I'll see you upstairs." Logan led the way to a nearby empty office. Inside he sat on the desk and looked at Ethan.

"You know we caught that guy robbing Brett's place." Logan nodded. "Well for some reason he is able to block me from getting anything. I've been able to pick up some things when he lets his guard down, but when he wants to keep me out, he can, and I don't know how to get around his wall that he seems to put up." Logan thought about it for a moment and grimaced. "Well before all of this." He gestured at his body. "I would probably be able to get around his 'wall', but now, not so much. In fact, you're probably the most powerful telepath we have right now. I don't know if I'll be as powerful as I used to be, but maybe I will be in time. I don't know if I will recover enough to be as powerful as you are, I just don't know. Where is he now?"

"I'm not sure. Khan had Caesar and Spartacus take him under guard. I don't know where they took him." Logan stood up and motioned with his head. "Let's go find out." Logan went to the communications center. Sarah was on duty. "Hey Sarah. Could you call Khan for me?" She nodded.

"Khan, this is Sarah in comms, do you read me?" She waited and a moment later heard Khan's voice answering her. "This is Khan." She looked at Logan and nodded. He held his hand out for her headset and put it on. "Khan, this is Logan. Where have you stashed the prisoner?"

"He's in an office on the second floor. The G Cats are watching him."

"Okay thanks." He handed the headset back. "Thanks Sarah. Let's go Ethan, he's on the second floor." They went to the elevators and a minute later were upstairs. Logan looked around and spotted Spartacus standing outside a door. They walked over there and Spartacus came to attention. Logan smiled and waved for him to relax. "Hey Spartacus. We're going to talk to the prisoner." Spartacus nodded and turned to the door. "Wait a moment." Logan looked at Ethan. "When we go in there, I want you to start probing him while I talk to him. While you're doing that, I want you to connect with me, so that I can get an idea what you are getting from him." Ethan nodded that he understood.

Logan looked at Spartacus and nodded. Spartacus smiled and for those that hadn't been around the G Cats, that smile would probably make a person tremble a little. He led the way into the room, Ethan was behind him and Logan came last. Spartacus shut the door behind them and stood at the door.

Zechariah was sitting handcuffed in the chair. They only uncuffed him when he needed the bathroom or to eat and someone was always right there watching him. Other than that, they kept him handcuffed. He hadn't slept much since he had been in there, because they hadn't even allowed him to lay down to sleep. He had tried to get out of the cuffs, but there was just no way. Every time the door opened he would look up. Right now he was nearly dozing when the door opened.

When he looked up, he saw one of the tiger creatures enter the room, behind him came the teen that he knew had been trying to get into his head. He tightened his hold on his thoughts, ready for another attempt to get information out of him, but he was sure he could hold out against the kid, even as tired as he was. He had been well trained to withstand questioning. Although the kid used a different method, he was still trying to question him. His eyes followed the kid as he entered the room. Then he noticed another person enter the room and he looked at an older teen on crutches who looked at him.

"Who is this kid, reinforcements?" The young man didn't say anything right away. He just leaned on his crutches and looked at Zechariah. The young man looked over at the kid and then sat down in a nearby chair and laid his crutches on the ground next to him.

"Hello Zechariah. My name's Logan. I've been meaning to come and have a talk with you. I understand that you are part of a group called the Army of God. I was intrigued with the name of your group and wanted to talk to you about it."

"I don't know what you're talking about. Never heard of it."

Logan chuckled. "Of course. We can come back to that. How about telling us why you were stealing property from Doctor MacLeod's house?"

Zechariah could feel that familiar pressure and he glanced over at the other kid. "Forget it kid." Ethan just stared at him. When Zechariah turned his attention back to Logan, the teen seemed to be looking off into space for a moment and then his eyes focused again. Logan looked at Ethan and nodded. Logan turned back to Zechariah and reached down for his crutches. "Excuse us for a moment, we'll be right back so we can continue this stimulating conversation."

He got up and Ethan followed him out the door. Spartacus stayed inside the room when Logan leaned in and whispered for him stay there while they talked.

Outside Logan turned to look at Ethan. "Okay, I saw what you were talking about. I would guess he has had extensive training in enduring questioning, probably including withstanding torture. From what little we know about them, operatives like him, are probably very extensively trained to withstand a lot. But…we need to get what he knows." Logan looked at Ethan for a moment. "The thing is, what you will have to do to get it, is going to be hard. If I could do it, I would, but like I said, right now, you're the strongest telepath we have and only someone with your strength will be able to extract the information from him. Especially as unwilling as he is to give up his secrets."

Ethan nodded. "I know. That's why I wanted to talk to you about it. I figured you'd know what to do, so that we can get the information. Since you can't do it, I'll do what I need to do to get it."

"Okay. What you're going to have to do is narrow your focus like a drill and put your mental strength behind it and push through his walls. What you have to prepare yourself for is that….you're going to hurt him when you do it. It is going to hurt him a lot and I can pretty much guarantee he is going to start screaming from the pain he's going to be feeling as he tries to fight you. But once you start, you can't stop. You have to keep pushing, no matter what. What you will be doing is ripping the information from his mind. The trauma of your mental assault may lead to his death. It will probably be too much for his mind to handle. The least that you're going to do to him is destroy his mind. If he survives he will probably be a vegetable. If I was at the level of ability that I used to have, it's possible that he might survive with at least some viable brain function, especially if it was what everyone calls, 'Big Logan' doing it. But there is no more 'Big Logan' and you are our best chance to get the information we need about the Army of God and what they intend to do with what they took from Brett's lab. I know this may be hard for you, but it is essential that we have the information that he holds in his head. It's possible we might be able to wear him down, but it will take a very long time to do that, and I don't think we have the time right now. We just don't have the time to be nice with him. The thing is….the choice is yours. I can't make you do something that you're uncomfortable doing. It's up to you."

Ethan looked down. He knew that he had killed people in the battles they had been through over the last few weeks. This was different than shooting at the enemy. It sounded like it was likely that what he was going to do, would kill this man. It was a means to an end. The question for him was, does the end justify the means. Logan said that it was up to him and he knew that the information was very important.

Ethan paced as he thought about it. Logan merely leaned on his crutches and watched him. He knew it wasn't an easy decision. They needed the information but it wasn't worth destroying any one of his brothers to get it.

It seemed like a long time, but was probably just a few minutes until Ethan stopped his pacing. With a determined look on his face, he faced Logan. "I understand what I have to do. I can do it." Logan hobbled over to him and hugged him. "If you're ready, let's get it over with." Ethan nodded and they went back inside the room. Logan sat in the chair he had been sitting in before and gestured for Ethan to sit down in one of the other chairs.

"Hello again Zechariah. Let's start again. I'm going to give you one last chance to answer my questions willingly. If you don't agree, we'll have to resort to harsher measures."

Zechariah sneered at the two teenagers. "There is nothing you can do that will make me give you anything. I don't know anything anyway, so it will be a complete waste of your time, boy. I'd die first." Logan looked at the man, his mouth set in a grim line. "I know, but I had to give you one final chance." He looked at the man for a few moments. "I'm sorry we couldn't come to an amicable agreement. Ethan?" The man looked at the other kid. The younger teen named Ethan had a look of determination on his face as he stared at Zechariah.

Zechariah turned his attention back to Logan, waiting for him to start asking him questions or he supposed resorting to the harsher methods he had mentioned. He was a little surprised when he noticed that Logan merely sat back in his chair and looked at him. The tiger creature had not moved from his position at the door either. Zechariah was sure that the harsher measures would have included that abomination torturing him in some way. He was determined to resist to the last. If it was his fate to die for his faith, he was prepared to do so.

Moments later he felt that pressure in his head and he glanced at Ethan with a sneer. "Like I said kid, forget it. You don't have a chan…." Zechariah stopped speaking as the pressure started to increase. He could feel a headache start, pinpointed in the middle of his forehead. He gritted his teeth together and focused on Ethan now, ignoring the other two. The pressure increased and began to spread from the pinpoint location and he heard someone moan. It took him a moment to realize that the moan came from him.

The pressure continued to increase and spread. For the first time in a long time, he began to feel fear. His head began to pound and if his hands would have been free he would have been clutching his head, perhaps even pulling his hair out as he tried to resist the relentless pressure coming to bear on his brain. He slowly brought his head up to stare at the young teen. He could feel the sweat pouring off his head and face. It was hard to focus his eyes, but he was able to and he could see there were a few beads of sweat that had formed on Ethan's face. Not like his though. Zechariah could feel the sweat dripping off his face as he tried to resist. He felt a slight lessening of the pressure and he started to smile, but his resistance seemed to signal something to the boy and Zechariah felt the pressure increase exponentially and he began to jerk in the chair as the muscles in his head and neck became rigid. The pain suddenly became all-encompassing and he jerked back as his body started seizing.

They saw Zechariah start shaking and it caused the chair to fall over. Logan looked at Spartacus. "Get him back upright and hold the chair down." Spartacus hurried over and easily got the chair upright and held Zechariah and the chair in place as Ethan continued to push his way into the man's mind. Zechariah began to scream.

He and Zechariah began to relive the man's life in random order. Mentally, Ethan searched for anything having to do with the Army of God and got a treasure trove of information. He ignored most of Zechariah's personal life unless it was impacted by the Army of God.

If it had been anyone other than one of the Tiger G Cats holding him in place, they would have already lost their grip on the man. As Ethan continued his assault, tears began running down his face, but they were not tears of pain or sadness, they were tears of anger and even a bit of rage as he waded through the man's life in regards to everything he had done as part of the Army of God. Ethan was no longer sorry for what he was doing. When he had first thought about what Logan said about possibly killing this man, it had bothered him and deep inside of him, it did still bother him and he hoped that he never had to do anything like this again. Rationally he knew that it may be necessary at some time in the future, at least until Logan regained his own telepathic ability. Ethan vowed to himself that he would not leave Logan as the only one that would have to do this and would be there to help him whenever he needed to do anything like this.

Ethan was nauseated by a lot of the things he saw in the man's mind and had to swallow the bile down. This man was evil and it seems that his attitude was the norm in the Army of God. They did not care what they did or who they hurt to achieve their aim of total domination of the world and making it into their image of how everyone should act and think. They easily used and discarded anyone that was no longer useful to them no matter who they were. Age or gender meant nothing to them. If they were of no further use, they were discarded, which pretty much always meant that they would kill them.

As Ethan continued his assault, Zechariah was no longer conscious of what was happening to him. Subconsciously he was reliving the parts of his life that Ethan was examining. Some of those parts were not pleasant to him and it hurt him to relive them. Things such as what had been done to him when he first became part of the Army of God when he was a boy, to indoctrinate him into the organization.

Zechariah lost control of his bladder and bowels and the smell began to fill the room. Spartacus was the most affected since his sense of smell was stronger than Logan or Ethan's. There was blood dripping from his mouth because he had bitten his tongue and lips several times during the interrogation. His body was now completely stiff as all the muscles in his body were locked up and he had pushed himself up from the chair as far as the restraints would allow. His mouth was wide open in a silent scream and his eyes were wide open and staring at the ceiling. His wrists and ankles were bleeding from the restraints that were cutting into them as he pulled and struggled against them.

The end came suddenly. Spartacus saw Zechariah's eyes roll back into his head and his muscles went slack as his body collapsed into the chair. Spartacus then felt the man's neck and shook his head when he looked at Logan. Logan nodded and looked over at Ethan who was sitting in his chair leaning forward looking at the ground. Logan reached over and placed a hand on Ethan's arm. Ethan looked up and Logan saw the tears on his cheeks and became concerned. Ethan gave him a tired smile and shook his head.

"I'm okay." He looked at the body of the former member of the Army of God and wrinkled his nose in distaste. "He was an evil man. He was taught to be evil when he was young. He is the byproduct that proves the truth of what Hitler said. 'He alone who owns the youth, gains the future'. They start to train them as early as they can, so that they can all be obedient little soldiers for their cause. But they have to be receptive to the training. So they only want those who are receptive to their teaching to become part of the organization. Those that aren't, are discarded."

Logan looked at him with sympathy. "Logan. I admit that I was reluctant to do this, but once I got past his defenses and saw what he had been doing, I had no problem continuing it. They need to be stopped or it will be hell on earth for anyone who doesn't agree with them." Logan could see that Ethan looked a little weary.

"How do you feel?" Ethan shrugged. "A little tired and hungry, but okay." Logan grabbed his crutches. "Let's go see what we can scrounge up and then you can tell me what you learned." Both of the boys stood up and Logan looked at Spartacus. "Can you see to the disposal of the body? Let Khan know." Spartacus nodded. Logan led the way out of the room, closing the door behind them as they headed to the elevators.

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