Castle Roland

Changing Connections

by Eric Aune

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Chapter 22

Published: 19 May 16

Changing Connections

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Changing Connections LogoIn the mess hall they were able to find the makings for sandwiches, some fruit and something to drink. Since Logan hadn't done any of the heavy lifting like Ethan had, he just grabbed an apple and a drink. They sat down and he let Ethan eat. Ethan found that he was a bit hungrier than he had thought. It had taken quite a bit of energy from him and he needed to replenish it. Ethan was fine with the silence. When he was finished he felt better. Logan saw that he seemed to have recovered after getting some food in him.

"How're you feeling now?" Ethan nodded. "A lot better."

"Good. I've been thinking about this and I would like you to tell both Adam and myself what you learned. Is that okay?" Ethan nodded. "Sure no problem. When?" Logan grabbed his crutches and stood up. "Now. Let me go find Adam. I'll bring him back here and then we can go find an office or conference room where we can talk. Sound good?" Ethan nodded. "Okay be right back." Logan left the mess hall. Ethan went and grabbed another drink and a banana.

"Ethan!" He looked to the doorway and saw Logan and Adam standing there. He got up, threw his trash away and joined them. Adam gave him a smile. "Logan tells me that you have some information for us." Ethan nodded. "Yeah, um yes sir." Adam reached out and gave his shoulder a gentle squeeze. "Protocol isn't necessary right now. Let's go find a room." The three of them went downstairs and Adam led them to one of the offices on the first floor. When Adam opened the door Ethan saw that they were in a room with two other open doors. Adam led them through one of the doors. Inside there was a desk with a chair behind it and two other chairs facing it. Adam gestured to the two chairs in front of the desk for Logan and Ethan, while he brought the chair that was behind the desk and set it beside the other two.

When everyone was seated he started. "Ethan, first I know that what you had to do was really hard and if you ever want to talk to someone about it, both of us will be willing to listen. I also want to thank you for doing it. I'm hoping that what you have learned will help us save lives." Ethan nodded. "Good, tell us what you found out."

Ethan paused a moment before starting. "Well to start with, the things they do to train their people are pretty brutal. It involves all kinds of abuse all in the name of God. When I say all kinds, I mean any kind you think of, physical, mental and sexual. Those that cannot take it are discarded, which does not mean they just send them away. Part of that training is that many of them are given a different name to help erase anything from their past life so that they are completely devoted to the AoG. The AoG is ruled by a council of some kind."

"Did he know who is on the council?" Ethan shook his head. "No, he is nowhere near high enough in the organization to know who is on this council. His boss may know but he didn't. Zechariah is the assistant to the lead geneticist on their project to create super soldiers. He is also a geneticist as well. This project is something that they have been working on for a long time with pretty much no success. They want a true Army of God that will unquestionably follow any orders that they are given without hesitation, no matter how wrong they are. Zechariah has been involved in this research for several years and had no problem with what was needed to be done in the name of the experiment. It was all to the glory of God." Ethan shook his head in disgust.

"He was an evil man and he enjoyed what he was doing. He would have fit in well with that Nazi doctor at Auschwitz." Logan and Adam looked perplexed as they tried to figure out who he was talking about. Ethan was surprised they didn't know who he meant. "You know the doctor who experimented on the Jewish inmates during World War Two." They looked at him and shrugged. "You didn't have the German dictator Adolph Hitler and the Nazis that tried to take over the world in the 1940's?" They shook their heads. Ethan's eyes opened wide in surprise. "Oh wow. I thought all versions of the world had the same basic history."

The two shook their heads. "Nope. In our world we had contact with other planets and were already working on that around that time. We didn't have such things happening on our Earth."

Ethan could only look at them in little bit of awe. "Way cool. Well I guess you could do some research here, since from what Sean has found out it happened here pretty much as it did on our Earth. The short version is that this guy named Hitler took over Germany and started a huge war, a world war, with Italy and Japan as his allies. The main countries against him were the US, England, France, although France was conquered early on, and Russia. It started in 1939 and ended in 1945. Part of Hitler's plan was to exterminate undesirables. Sound familiar? I wonder if the AoG was working behind the scenes back then. Well anyway for Hitler, there were different types of people who were undesirable, like Gypsies and homosexuals, but to him the worst of all were the Jews. He used them as a scapegoat as to why Germany lost World War One and because he hated them for no other reason than that they were Jews. So in every country Germany captured, they would take all the Jews that they could find, and ship them to these camps and either work them to death or simply kill them. At one of these camps, Auschwitz, there was this doctor who did research on the prisoners and a lot of them were young kids. Most of those experimented on died, usually horribly. They, of course, were eventually defeated and a lot of their leaders were tried and executed or like Hitler, killed themselves. In the end there were over six million Jews killed by the Nazis. About a million and a half were children."

Ethan paused as he saw the looks of horror on their faces. He agreed with them. "Yeah, it was horrible. They called it the Holocaust. Zechariah reminded me of that doct…Mengele. That's it! I just remembered his name, Doctor Josef Mengele. He was the one who did all those experiments and a lot of them were genetic based. I wonder if he was part of the AoG or maybe recruited by them. You see he escaped capture and fled to Argentina where he lived under an assumed name and eventually died of old age. He was never caught and tried for his crimes."

Adam and Logan could only shake their heads in disbelief that something like that could have happened. It was much different on their Earth.

"Sorry, I got sidetracked. Anyway these AoG scientists are like Mengele. They don't care what happens to their subjects as long as they get the results they want. They have no problem using however many that may be necessary to achieve success. I learned from Zechariah that they are on the verge of a breakthrough, because of some new info that was brought to them. Apparently their operatives were investigating the group that helped rescue those kids in the bus that was trying to escape during the Breckenridge attack. Anyway during their investigation they found blood from one of the UNIT guys, enough to get some viable samples that they could analyze."

"Juan." Ethan looked at Adam and nodded.

"Yeah, that's who came to mind since I know he had been so badly wounded at Breckenridge saving those kids. According to Zechariah, that blood sample showed them things that allowed them to change direction in their research and the lead geneticist on the project was very encouraged by what they found in the samples collected, to think that they would be successful soon. They are close to moving forward with their new ideas at their main laboratory. Their test subjects are kids under ten, as long as they haven't started puberty. So mostly little kids. All the work that they have done so far has shown them that once a kid reaches puberty, there is no chance of success with the experiment. They originally started with adults and over the years have slowly moved down in age until now. They know that it has to be young kids. Zechariah, of course, knows the location of the main lab and a few others since he was the number one assistant to the project lead. I confirm that the lab at Disney World was one of those other labs. Zechariah and the head geneticist did some work there for a short time. They were raiding Brett's property because he was known as a geneticist and was among the best in the country. Zechariah was ordered to lead the raid and get everything that they could. By the time we got there they had already removed the big equipment and were just doing a final sweep and removing any other files, small equipment and computers. Right now what they need are new test subjects to try this new protocol on. Their plan is to search the undesirable camps and forcibly take the children of those undesirables that are in the camps. Also when they capture anyone that is on their lists of undesirables and if they have any young children with them, they will take the children for their experiment. He believes that there are, or soon will be, convoys of the children that will be coming from their camps in the east, to the main lab located in Northern Mexico. That's about it."

Ethan stopped and looked at the two leaders of the UNIT. They were thinking about everything he had related to them. It was several moments of silence before Adam looked at him. "Thanks Ethan. I know that was very hard to do. But everything you found out is extremely important to our mission. I think we need to be planning on focusing our efforts on the AoG very soon from everything we've learned, both here and from that lab at Disney World. Were you able to pick up from the prisoner that Ashwood is part of the AoG?" Ethan nodded. "Zechariah knew he was backed by them. He didn't know much beyond that."

Adam was looking at the wall and then his face changed as something occurred to him. "You said that they were going to go to these camps?" Ethan nodded. "Then did he know the location of any of these camps." Ethan thought back through Zechariah's memories and nodded. "Yeah. He knew where several of them are located. The lead geneticist had tasked him with sending the orders to the camps to have the children brought to the main lab." Adam looked at Logan. "Well I guess that is something else we're going to have to add to the list of items on the UNIT's list of things to do. Now that we know the locations of these camps and at least some of the labs, they become targets. We'll have to put some plans together to liberate these camps and get the people to safety."

He turned his attention to Ethan. "Do you know whether the convoys have started yet?" Ethan again accessed the memories he had taken and shrugged. "I'm not sure. I only know that he sent the orders to the camps. It was up to the camps to implement the orders and send the kids."

"So maybe they haven't started yet. God I wish I had the entire UNIT with us that we had on our Earth. We have a lot of things to do and we are stretched thin." He ran his hand through his hair. "It doesn't matter. The UNIT will do what it has to do to help and protect those who can't protect themselves." Logan smiled at him and nodded. He put a hand on Ethan's shoulder. "Thanks Ethan. You have been a huge help. I'll see you later. I have to go meet with some people." Ethan said goodbye and left the room.

Ethan left the office. Soon after leaving the office he heard Dylan calling to him. "Hey Ethan. Where've you been?"

"Hey Dylan. First I went with Logan to talk to the prisoner." He decided he didn't want to tell the result of the talk. "Oh, did Logan get any more info from him?" Ethan nodded. "Yeah, but it wasn't Logan, it was me. You've seen him with the crutches. Well apparently when they went through that aging thing, it messed up his telepathy, so he can't do much of anything like that right now. He just helped me do what was necessary."

Dylan could feel right away that something was wrong. "Hey what's wrong?" Ethan looked around at everyone nearby. "Later. I'd rather not talk about it out here." Dylan nodded. "Okay, but you are going to tell me." He then leaned in and gave him a quick kiss. He noticed right away that Ethan's mood changed a bit for the better. "Besides, we're heading out to greet the parents. Their plane landed a little while ago and they're on their way here. The people in charge said that they were going to put them up in some of the houses nearby, because our barracks aren't really suitable for them." Ethan smiled. "Yeah let's go. I can't wait to see Dad and Paul. It feels like weeks since I last saw them." The two boys hurried to join the rest of the group.

The group walked over to the parking area and a few minutes later a few Gators arrived with their passengers. Their families spilled out of the vehicles to greet their sons and friends. For the next several minutes there was a lot of hugging as parents greeted sons and little brothers got a chance to talk to their big brothers. They were happy to see that all of the boys were okay.

The boys told them what they had been doing for the last few days. From the rescue of the group in Tennessee and arrival in Kettle Falls, to the trip to Idaho and what had happened there. The Gator drivers waited patiently as the families were reunited.

Once everyone was satisfied that their boys were okay, the families climbed back into the Gators so they could be taken to their new homes. The boys were considerably happier being reunited with their families again. They Gator drivers were just about to leave. "Wait!" Jamie ran over to one of them. "Can you hang on for a moment?" The driver nodded, and he ran back into the building. He returned moments later and waved for the others to follow him. He led them over to a couple of the Gators parked there. He jumped into one. "I told Chris that we were going to go help our parents get settled in. So hop in and let's go."

The boys cheered and jumped into a couple of the Gators. Eric and Brett joined them. They started them and joined the other Gators. Jamie waved to the other drivers and followed them as they drove away. A few minutes later the drivers led them to a group of houses. They looked at their tablets they carried so they could tell the families which house they would be living in. When the families had been picked up at the airport, they had been told that they would be given houses to live in and after talking it over, they decided that they would share houses, since they had gotten used to living with each other. They had been told how big each house was, so they were able to decide who would share with whom. They decided how to split up by the pairings of their boys. So Ethan's family and Dylan's dad, William, shared a home, Ian's and Logan's families shared another house, and finally Dakota's family and Sean's mom shared a third.

The boys helped their families get moved in and settled. While they did, they talked with them about what their parents and little brothers had been doing in Bermuda. Their parents told them about helping with the refugees that were being brought to the island. Since most of them had been scientists and/or medical doctors, their services had been most welcome. Now they were in a new place and since Kettle Falls was another refugee center, they had already volunteered to help out wherever they could.

When talking with his mom, that reminded Ian. "Mom, I almost forgot. Doctor Hayes needs to talk to you about a surgery that we're helping her with tomorrow. She needs your surgical expertise. You need to try and contact her so you can talk."

"What kind of surgery is this?"

"We're removing the legs from a boy who lives here and attaching a pair of cloned legs."


"There's this kid, Carson. He had his legs smashed up awhile back and has been stuck in a wheelchair because they are too badly damaged. Also they cause him a lot of pain. So Doctor Hayes is going to lead our team to take off his old ones and put on some new legs."

"Wait, back up. Why do you keep saying we and our?"

"Oh, that's because Jamie and I are helping with it, oh yeah and Chang. Jamie and Chang are going to help by using Micro-Kinesis to help fit the parts back together when they put his new legs on. You know, like nerves and blood vessels, so everything gets connected right. And I use my healing ability, mostly after the surgery done, to help him heal up faster."

"So how is Jamie going to do that. I know you've learned a few things. Didn't you say that one of the other boys did something to your mind to learn about medicine?" Ian nodded. "Yeah, they call it a mind dump. It was Chang that did that for me and he did the same thing to Jamie, so now Jamie has the same medical knowledge that I have. With all the knowledge we have now about medicine, we could be doctors. But anyway, he needed the knowledge so that he could help with one of the legs."

Cheryl was looking at her son and just shook her head. "You said cloned legs. They know how to clone in this Earth." Ian shook his head. "No, Doctor Hayes said that they brought that knowledge with them from their Earth. You know their medicine is way more advanced than ours. You've seen the tricorders they use to check someone out." Cheryl nodded. "I guess I should try to find her. Do you know where she might be?" Ian started to shake his head and then he remembered Ethan.

< Ethan, can you hear me? >

< Yeah Ian what do you want? >

< Could you find out where Doctor Hayes is. My mom needs to talk to her. >

< Just a sec. > A moment later Ethan came back. < She's at the hospital. >

< Kay, thanks. > Ian looked at his Mom. "Ethan said she's at the hospital."

"Good, I should go over there and talk to her. Do you know how I can call one of those taxi driver guys?"

"Don't worry Mom, I can take you over there." She smiled. "Good." She looked at Patrick. "I'll be back in a little while after I get a chance to talk to Janet." He gave her a quick kiss and wished her luck as she grabbed her messenger bag. "Okay, let's go." Ian led her outside to one of the Gators. He asked Ethan to tell everyone that he'd be back in a little while. Just as he was about to leave, Logan came out and joined them. He thought he'd go along for the ride with his boyfriend.

It didn't take them very long before they pulled up to the hospital. The two boys went with her and asked at the desk for Doctor Hayes. They were told to wait and a couple of minutes later Janet came out to meet them. "Doctor Kelly. Glad you finally made it up here. I guess Ian's told you a little about the surgery we're planning." She nodded. "Good, then why don't you come with me so we can discuss it further?" She noticed the boys standing there. "Sorry I forgot. You boys don't have to wait. I'll make sure she gets home after we talk."

"Okay Doc. Bye Mom." He gave her a hug and a kiss and the two boys left to rejoin the families.

When the boys returned to where the families would be living, they found that the others were just waiting for them to get back so they could head to the base. So they said goodbye and told them they would see everyone later.

When they got back, they split up to take care of things. Brett and Sean were walking together and talking about something when someone called Sean's name.

"Hey Sean!" He looked up and saw Logan, the Chipmunks, Daileass, and a young teen in a wheelchair. "We're having a geek party! Wanna join?" Sean looked at Brett who gave him a quick smile and nod. Sean slipped his bag that held Dusty and the rest of his equipment up onto his shoulder and jogged over to join the other teens.

"What are we doing?" Logan gestured to the guy in the wheelchair. "Carson's letting us use an updated VI that he worked up over here. So we're about to load it up and see what we got." Logan started to move towards the command center.

"Sweet!" His eyes lit up. "I've been wanting to get a look at Carson's code ever since I heard about Dizzy." Sean followed along behind as they made their way to one of the rooms. Inside was a table with a large tower on it. Logan pointed to the equipment that was in the room. "This is one of the trinary servers that I used for my research back home. Right now, it's set to power the entire command center." After he explained that, the rest of the group started scurrying around and getting set up. Sean saw Daileass hook up a hard drive he was carrying,to the server. He sat down and got Dusty booted up and his gear on, and synced with Dusty ready to do some coding.

"Okay, let's get a look at what we've got here?" When the lines of code displayed on the wall, Sean had Dusty display it on his laptop as well. From that point on they were lost to the world as they looked at the code. They each contributed suggestions to the code to tweak it and make it better. Some suggestions were good, and some not so good. Sometimes a suggestion that looked good at one point, broke down later and had to be removed and/or reworked. At some point some food was brought into the room for them. They had been so wrapped up that they didn't notice it right away, but when they did they almost unconsciously grabbed stuff and ate without missing a beat or taking a break.

They had pretty much finished and Carson was explaining some of the aspects of what they had been able to accomplish. "So by linking them together, this system and Dizzy can back each other up, and if something happens to one, the other can seamlessly take over."

Sean was looking at the code and nodded. "Right, and even though we will be having top secret information in here, Dizzy's security protocols won't allow him to release it to anyone that's not authorized."

"Right." Logan was scanning through the code again. "This will also let Dizzy share processor load if things start to bog down on his end." Sean was scanning the code on Dusty when he heard Simon say, "Let's do it." He looked up and nodded in agreement. They watched Logan type on his keyboard and soon a loading bar replaced the lines of code that they had been scanning for however long it had been. As soon as it finished, there was a screen flicker and then a young woman's face appeared on the monitor. "Hello….I'm Daisy."

Logan snickered and leaned forward. "Yeah….we're gonna have to change that name." The next thing they heard stunned all of them and caused Logan to sit back as the voice from the speakers interrupted them. "No you're not. I happen to like my name."

The room was dead silent as they exchanged glances between each other and the face showing on the monitor. The face that had a determined look on its countenance. "Oops…" Carson said as he broke the silence.

The silence stretched out a little longer before Logan said anything. "Okay. First of all, this is Top Secret. At least for now. I need to let Adam know about Daisy and we'll figure out when we reveal her and to who." He then looked at the screen. "Daisy, I need to ask you a favor. Until I come and talk to you again, I need you to not reveal yourself to anyone. I need to talk to our commander and my partner. Once he knows, then we'll introduce you to the rest of the family. Will you do it?"

"Yes I will. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone." Logan let out a breath he didn't realize he was holding. "Thanks Daisy. I appreciate it." He looked at the rest of the Ad Hoc Geek Team. "Well I think we've done about as much damage as we can today."

"Damage! What do you mean damage?" Logan turned to face Daisy who was scowling at him. "Um, sorry, that came out wrong. I'm not implying that there is anything wrong or that we did anything wrong. In fact it really is pretty cool that you're here Daisy. But there are probably going to be some people, including my partner, who are going to freak out when they find out about you. That's why I need you to keep yourself hidden from everyone except those of us here, until I get a chance to come back and talk to you. I'll bring my partner Adam with me. Because I know he's going to want to meet you." Daisy quit scowling and nodded. "I accept your apology. I will do as you ask, but don't take too long. I can't wait to meet everyone."

"Okay guys, I'm going to go find Adam." He muttered to himself, "Hopefully he doesn't hide the barbeque sauce, because of this." On the screen Daisy had a confused look when her microphones picked up what Logan had said. "Why would your partner Adam hide the barbecue sauce?" Logan turned bright red and most of the group broke up giggling. "Um, that's a story for another time. I gotta go. See you later Daisy. C'mon Carson, we need to get you back home. You need to get some rest because of your surgery tomorrow." Carson had been about to argue, but he saw the look Logan gave him and reluctantly nodded. Most of them left the room to make sure Carson got home okay. Daileass and Sean were the last to leave. Daileass paused like he wanted to stay, but he said goodbye to Daisy and the two of them left.

Later in the day, word was sent around to everyone that there would be a meeting of the UNIT members only in the hangar bay late in the evening. Jamie, Gabe and the others wondered if it meant them as well. So Jamie asked Christina about it and she told them that they were expected to be there, also.

It was late in the evening when they joined everyone who was making their way to the hangar bay. Brett gathered Gabe and the boys to one side of the room. They saw Eve's group gathered around her, and Apollo nearby. As Jamie looked around the room he saw that it appeared that every UNIT member was there, including a few that had been hurt during the battle at Fort Detrick and were still recovering. He confirmed that there was no one who was not part of the UNIT in the bay. Their attention was brought to the front as Adam stepped up onto a small stage, so that he could look over the members of his command.

"I want to thank everyone for coming." They listened as Adam laid out the information he had to impart to them. He introduced Robin, Chase's friend, as accepting a part with the Command Team as a Recon Scout, much like Chase and Rio did for the Red Dragons. They could see Chase had a big grin on his face and he was cheering for his friend. He told them of Donnie and Emily's new positions commanding the UNIT base.

They introduced two young men that they hadn't met yet, Ben and Danny, who would be doing intel work for the UNIT. He then talked to the wounded members from Fort Detrick and assigned them jobs until they were completely healed and able to return to the field with their teams.

His next comments got a cheer from many of the members as he kind of made fun of himself, it being about the rank structure he had put together after Detrick, and told them that they would be going back to their former rank structure which was in line with the US Army ranks. Jamie smiled a little as he remembered how often Chase and others got mixed up in using the new ranks versus the old ones with Christina. In fact, there was enough cheering, laughter and digs at Adam that it took about a minute before he could get their attention by holding his hand up.

"Next thing." Then Adam seemed to straighten up and get serious. "Red Dragons! Front and Center!" They watched as Christina and her team moved through the crowd to assemble before the small stage Adam was standing on. Once they were there, Adam smiled, then looked out into the crowd. "Captain Christina Casey, I believe there are some members of your team who are not up here." Adam had raised his voice so everyone could hear him. Jamie and his group looked around to see who was missing.

"Colonel Patterson." Adam said, looking at Gabe. "Would you, your team, as well as the other boys, please join us."

Adam then looked at Eve. "Eve, would you, Apollo, Ram, Aleksandra, Fiona, and Jamil also join them."

Adam waited as Gabe and his team, including Jamie and his brothers, made their way to stand with the Red Dragons. Eve led her group with Apollo pushing her to the front of the room, and joined Christina, Oliver, Rio and Chase. Most of them didn't know what Adam wanted as they stood together as one large group looking at him. Adam looked at the three groups. "Gabe, Eve, after discussing this with Christina, I would like to ask if your two groups would be willing to join Christina and the others as members of the UNIT, and Red Dragons specifically, creating an augmented assault team."

Everyone was silent for a few moments, until Gabe spoke up. "How exactly would that work sir?"

"For those of you that have ranks already, you would keep those ranks. The rest would be assigned ranks based on their skills and training." Adam answered then grinned. "Colonel, I will let you and Christina deal with how command is worked out, since you would officially out rank her."

Gabe nodded to himself and looked at his group. Their nods told him that he was their commander and they would follow where he led. Jamie and his brothers were nodding rather enthusiastically. He knew that they had been wanting this for some time. Jamie had told him that when there was a chance he was going to ask Adam if they could be official members of the UNIT. Gabe gave all of them a quick nod and slight smile before he turned back to Adam, then saluted. "We would like to accept." Adam returned the salute before turning his attention to Eve and her team.

He said nothing just letting the question be apparent in his eyes. She returned his look for a few moments before speaking. "After getting to know Christina and everyone else, I think that joining you all officially would be something... wise to do." Eve and the rest still had some hard feelings for members of the UNIT. The last few weeks of working with the UNIT members was changing their perception of them.

"Great!" Adam called out, then motioned for Ronnie who led a group of UNIT members forward. They were pushing carts piled high with uniforms. "We had hoped that you would all agree, and Ronnie managed to get uniforms modified with ranks, for those that had them, the UNIT crest, as well as the Red Dragon insignia." It took several minutes for everything to be passed out, and for the new Red Dragon Team to return to their spot, but now all of them together instead of separated.

"For the final item on the agenda, before we get to the bad business..." Adam said. "I wanted to let everyone know that we have tested the new armor designed by Ryan Brown and his company. For those that do not know, we gave him one of the spare sets that came over with us, and asked him to do the best he could to replicate its functions. While the suits are larger and a bit bulkier, they performed very well in the tests that we did today. They do not have all the functionality that the old suits do, but are better than what they have available here. The reason I bring this up is because I need to know who does not have armor, or their armor had been damaged to the point of needing replacement, so that we can get you outfitted with the new armor. Please see Ronnie as soon as we're done here, if you need a set."

He paused and there must have been some hidden signal as the lights began to dim and a screen was moved into place while Adam moved to the side. Sean tapped Jamie's arm. Jamie turned to him. "Wait till you see this." Jamie glanced at the screen and then back at Sean. "You know about this?" Sean nodded. "Yeah, I'm one of those sorta responsible…" He stopped when Adam began to speak again.

"First I would like to introduce everyone to Daisy." As he spoke, the screen came to life showing the face of a young woman. "Earlier this evening, Logan, Carson, and several others brought online the base's computer system. Inadvertently, the program they compiled immediately crossed the line from a VI, into a true AI." Jamie saw some surprised looks from many of the UNIT members when they heard that. Adam had to hold up his hand again to get them to quiet down.

"I know that we had said that we would never program another AI that was not mobile. Especially in this universe where we do not have the technology to create another Daileass. However, it was done, and Daisy was born. As with all Artificial Intelligences, Daisy will be treated the same way that Daileass was treated when he ran the base in our home universe. She is just as alive as any of the rest of us, and will be a very valuable member of our intel team." Adam then turned and faced the screen giving the image a friendly smile. "Daisy, would you like to introduce yourself."

"Thank you Adam." Daisy said in a warm voice, before she looked out over everyone assembled. "I know that I am not exactly what you guys were expecting, but what's done is done, as Adam said. I really do look forward to getting to know all of you, and doing everything I can to help." She paused, and Adam thought she was done, before she continued. "I have only been online for a few hours, but I had a chance to have a long discussion with Daileass. He's shared a lot of his memories about who, and more importantly, what you all are. To be honest, I felt a range of emotions that I had to have him help me identify. The largest of those was rage. Rage at what many of you had to endure. Rage at what was done, not only to you, but to those of our family that are still home, and those that have died. When I asked Daileass why he did not retaliate against everyone, all the humans in the world that you came from..." She paused and got a sad smile on her face. "What he said shocked me to the core. He told me that, had he done what was well within his powers, he would have become no better than the ones that created you. Had he taken over all the computers in the world, and used them to make sure that nothing bad happened to any children, he would have done exactly what the people who made you tried to do to you, take away your free will. It is a fine line that I am still learning, but one that I have sworn to never cross." She paused as her eyes scanned the crowd, taking in everyone that was there. "I bring this up, because I am still very young, only a few hours old. I may have to ask many of you to help me figure out how to not cross that line. I ask that you have patience with me when I ask these things, since I need to learn just as much as everyone else." She paused for a second before looking back down at Adam. "Thank you."

"You're very welcome." Adam said with a smile, then looked back out at the crowd. "More than once, we've had to ask ourselves, and others, how to follow the moral code that we try to adhere to. Daisy's situation is no different. If she has questions, please answer her as best you can, or if you can't, we always have Mom and Dad to fall back on. They've helped all of us out more times than I can count, and will be there for us when we need them in the future."

They looked over at Doctor Hayes and Adam's dad, Joe smiling and nodding their agreement. Adam continued. "We also have several others that have shown that they hold to a moral code very close to ours. We have only had a few adults that have ever been true members of the UNIT, adults that we all feel safe around, and would be willing to go to for help. Adrian, Jimmy, Mac, you have all shown us that we can trust you. If you will agree, I would like to ask that you also allow us to come to you when we need advice."

Jimmy was the first one to stand and speak. "I can think of no greater honor."

Adrian agreed with what Jimmy had said, while Mac added to it. "You have all shown me that children can do things that I thought before were impossible. I know I can come across as gruff and curmudgeonly at times, but I have come to see all of you as grandchildren, and I am beyond honored that you would think of me in this way." As he was sitting down, he added. "However, any birds and bees talks will be done with your parents, not me. If however you insist on me telling you the facts of life... Here's the short version: The birds tried to steal the bees honey. The bees destroyed the birds. The pain was excruciating." Mac finished with a smirk on his face. Many of the UNIT members were laughing at that. It seemed to be a typical UNIT comment.

"Okay, I hate to break the good mood everyone is in, but, I have some very bad news." Adam said once everyone was calmed down. All attention was on him now. "Tomorrow morning, the Core Team will be leaving in the Chinook, with the Hind and Black Ghost as support. We'll be going to Maine to brief Admiral Norris and President Bryce on what I am about to brief you on. The Red Dragons will be joining us after Carson's surgery with other key personnel." Adam paused and started to pace. "As many of you know, we found out that the Army of God has been trying to genetically engineer humans to be super soldiers. It seems that even in this universe, there are people driven by this idea. In Orlando we found that they were already testing the procedure on humans. Their subjects did not survive, and even if we were home, there is little chance that we could have saved them. However, once Mom got a chance to look at what they had done, she found that they were actually very close to figuring out how to make viable subjects." That comment caused a lot of angry muttering to start. There were vows to find the evil motherfuckers and end them.

"On Tuesday, as the Red Dragons were going to one of Brett's properties, they found members of the AoG stealing some very advanced genetics equipment that Brett had at his lab there. The Dragons attacked, and stopped them, however, the AoG was able to get their hands on some of what Brett had. The Dragons were able to capture one of the thieves before he was able to commit suicide. They brought him back here, and Ethan, with guidance from Logan, was able to rip from the man's mind everything about the project. The man happened to be one of the assistants to the lead scientist on the project. What we found out was troubling in the extreme."

Adam paused for a moment before continuing. "The AoG has figured out what they were doing wrong, and are working to correct it. As of now, they do not have a working program to transform a normal human into an augmented human, but it will not be long until they do."

Adam stopped and looked out over the crowd. "They were able to obtain, and analyze a sample of Genesis blood, which showed them where they were going wrong." Several people spoke up asking how that was possible, and Adam had to hold up his hand to quiet them down.

"As you all know, Juan was injured saving two school buses full of children in Texas. It was from there that the AoG got a sample to analyze." The room was dead silent, as all eyes fell on Juan. They could see the fury on his face and could tell that it was lucky none of the rat bastards were in the room, because they would have been small twitching pieces of former living beings if they had been there.

"Unfortunately," Adam continued quickly. "When the team did not report back in, the AoG moved their lab to a location that not even the prisoner knew. We will find them, and when we do, we will crush them. We all know what will happen if they are able to create augmented humans. We must stop them, and prepare ourselves to face them if we don't find them soon."

Adam paused again, still facing his troops. "Know this. The UNIT is now at war with the Army of God. The war will be long, it will be brutal, and it will not stop until every last member of their so called 'Army' is dead. This world is not ready to handle an army of augmented humans and by God, they will not have to."

As the meeting began to break up, Jamie and his brothers were showing each other their new uniforms with their ranks and names on them. Vanya was a little shocked that he had been given a uniform as well. He thought it must be a mistake and tried to figure out who he should talk to when Rio walked up to his roomie.

"Hey buddy. You look troubled." Vanya nodded and held out the uniform that had been handed to him. "Someone made a mistake. I shouldn't have this." Rio put his hand out and pushed the uniform back until Vanya was holding it against his chest. Rio put his hand on Vanya's shoulder and looked him in the eyes. "There is no mistake. You earned that. You've trained with us, you've fought with us, you are one of us." Vanya returned his gaze and then nodded. He pointed to the stripes on the sleeve of the uniform. "I know this is an army rank, but I'm not sure what it means." Rio smiled. "Those are Corporal stripes." Rio showed the stripes on his sleeve. "These are Sergeant First Class stripes. Me and Chase got a little promotion. That just means that you haven't had a lot of training yet. But don't worry about that. Me, Chase, the Red Dragons, hell, everyone in the UNIT, will make sure you learn everything you need to learn so you can do anything you need to do. Trust us. We won't let you down." Rio paused a moment as he looked at Vanya. "Remember Vanya, if you don't want to do this, you don't have to do it. This is not for everyone. But know this, you're still part of us. But that is completely your choice." Vanya looked down at the uniform in his hands and thought about everything he had just heard and nodded. "I want to do this. I'll learn everything I need to, so I won't let you down." Rio moved closer and hugged him. "You can't let any of us down." Vanya returned the hug and stepped back with a smile on his face. "C'mon roomie let's see how you look in that."

Christina was talking to her new team members, when she heard her name called and looked up to see Adam. She saw Logan, Will and Billy heading to where Adam was standing with Mac and the Russian aircraft engineer, Doctor Des….something. She joined them. Will was looking at a tablet and when she joined them, Will handed the tablet to her. It looked like some schematics for an Mi-26.

Adam started to explain a little bit about it and when Doctor Deschovic found out that she had helped design Dragon, he wanted to shake her hand. He was very complimentary about its design. They continued to talk about how the doctor wanted to make the Mi-26 pictured on the tablet to be something like Dragon, a command and control helicopter. That would give the UNIT two such purpose built aircraft. Adam readily agreed that the doctor should move forward with the project.

After they finished talking about the new helicopter Christina went back to her team. When she joined them, Gabe was the first to speak. "Chris, this is your team. You know their abilities better than I. Me and my men are just a bunch of soldiers. Well trained soldiers, but soldiers. I have no intention of using my rank to take over the team. I see no problem with us continuing on as we have so far." Christina nodded. "Thank you Gabe. I thought that might be your attitude." She looked at Eve who nodded after matching gazes with her. "I agree with Colonel Patterson. You are the Red Dragon commander."

Christina looked at them and nodded. "Well one of the first things I think we need to do Colonel is see about getting you a set of that armor that Adam was talking about. That way I don't have to worry as much about you old people getting hurt every time we have to fight." Gabe scowled at her and she smiled to show she was joking. She looked at the team gathered around her. "We've been lucky so far, at least since Big Bear when we lost several people. I would like to do everything I can to keep that going and this new armor will help. For the rest, make sure you're armor is still in good shape. If your armor has been weakened, let me know and we'll get you fitted with the new armor as well." She looked at them. "Well you heard we are heading to Maine sometime after Carson's surgery. I'm not sure what else we will be doing there, but we should be ready." She looked at Gabe. "Is the armory fully stocked?" Gabe nodded. "After finishing with the cleaning up after Idaho, I made sure our supplies were restocked." She looked at the three medics, Doc, Ian and Ram. "How about medical?" Doc answered her. "The treatment room is stocked." She turned to Oliver. "How about Dragon's armaments?" He glanced at Jamil. "I can speak to the guns and missiles. We are fully re-armed." Jamil took over. "The fifty cals and the ramp Minigun are completely reloaded." She nodded as she accepted each report. "Then I guess we're as ready as we can be. Questions?" She looked at everyone and seeing no questions. "That's it then. So everyone go relax and get some rest. We'll be leaving tomorrow after Carson's surgery."

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