Castle Roland

Devon's Choice

by Eric Aune


Chapter 3

Published: 8 Apr 14

Devon's Choice

Copyright © 2007, 2014 by Eric Aune
All Rights Reserved

In the morning, Randy slowly wakes up and then looks around in a daze. He appears to be looking for something, but it is nowhere to be found. He gets up and gets ready for school. Devon sits on the bed watching him and smiling. He almost feels like a little brother watching his big brother. Every so often Randy looks around as if searching for something, but shrugs when he can't find whatever he was looking for. Devon giggles. Randy does not hear him of course. Devon follows Randy out to the kitchen. He sees Andrew and his wife dressed for the day, Mary is dressed in scrubs like a doctor, Devon sees that her nametag says Mary Shepherd, RN. Randy sits down with a bowl of cereal. Andrew is drinking some coffee and looking at the paper. Mary goes back to the bedroom with a cup in her hand to finish getting ready.

"Thanks for taking me along yesterday, Dad."

Andrew looks up and puts the paper down.

"I'm glad you came along. I just wish we could have had better luck."

"Me too. I hope you can find him."

"Yeah me too, maybe something will come up or someone will remember seeing something. I think I'm going to have the uniforms canvass the neighborhood from the school to the home and see what they come up with. It will probably take a few days, but maybe someone saw him or something."

Randy finishes his bowl and rinses it out, before putting it in the dishwasher. He grabs his backpack and heads out the door.

"Bye Dad."

"See you tonight Son."

Devon follows Randy outside, but stops as Randy gets on his bike and rides off. He starts to go inside, when Andrew comes out with his laptop and briefcase. Mary gives Andrew a kiss goodbye; Devon follows Andrew to the car and jumps in as he starts it up. Andrew waves to Mary as he backs out and leaves. Devon sits in the passenger seat as Andrew drives to work. Andrew pulls into the station and goes to his department. Devon follows him and watches him work. He makes a copy of a page from his map book. He then sits down with the copy and using a marker traces a line on the map. His boss comes in a little while later.

"Morning Andy. You have that report for me?"

"Got it right here Lieutenant."

Bill walks over and takes the offered paper. He looks it over and shakes his head.

"Nothing to go on, poor kid.'

"I know. I thought maybe we could have some uniforms do a canvass of the route from the school to the home. Maybe someone saw something unusual. I don't know what else to do."

"Sounds like a good idea. Do you know the route?"

"Yeah the boy's friend Kyle and I traced it on this map. It should give them a place to look."

"Okay. Fax that map to them and I'll have the Valencia station send someone out today and see what they find out."

The Lieutenant leaves with the report in his hand. Andrew faxes the map to the Valencia Station. He works through the day with no word from the Valencia station. Devon follows Andrew around watching his efforts, frustrated that he can't help more. At the end of the day they go home, no closer to an answer. When they get home, Randy looks up as his Dad enters the house.

"Hi Dad. Any luck today?"

"Nope, nothing. Maybe the uniforms will have something. They are going to canvass the route from school to the home, but other than that, nothing new."

"I hope they find something."

Devon sits on the couch next to Randy watching TV. Gus comes over to where Devon is sitting and stands in front of him. He looks at Devon, then turns around and sits in front of him. Randy looks over and is puzzled by Gus' actions. He looks at Gus, then at the spot on the couch that Gus is sitting and frowns. He shakes his head and goes back to watching TV. The fur on Gus's head flattens down a little as Devon leans forward and pets him.

That night Devon waits out in back with Gus again until everything is dark, then he goes into Randy's room. Randy is asleep on his back his left arm outstretched. Devon crawls into bed with Randy and carefully lays his head on Randy's chest with one arm around Randy, he gives him a gentle hug. Randy moves his arm and hugs Devon to him. Again Devon gets that sensation of feeling and not feeling that brings a smile to his face. He looks up to Randy's face and sees a small smile on his face. He smiles in return and settles in to rest with Randy.

This continues for the next few days. Devon laying with Randy at night, and going into work with Andrew. Devon tries various ways to get Andrew's attention, with no more luck. Every night with Randy though he gets that weird feeling of being held, that he likes. He grows to love the nights with Randy.

Thursday morning Randy gets up and again gets a strange feeling, looking around the room as he gets ready. Devon watches with amusement. Devon gets up while Randy gets ready for school. He goes outside to visit with Gus for a little while. He goes back in when he sees Randy. He decides to go with Randy to school instead of with Andrew. When Randy leaves the house, Devon follows him and just as Randy gets on his bike and starts to leave, as Randy is getting his backpack settled on his back, Devon gets on the handlebars. Randy suddenly feels a little unbalanced at the front of the bike. He quickly adapts, gets his balance and pushes off heading for school. Devon can almost feel the wind in his hair as he rides to school with Randy. He smiles the whole way there laughing from time to time with the sensation of riding on the handlebars. Randy feels the need to work a little more to keep balanced, but he again adapts and unconsciously balances the bike. They get to the school and Devon jumps off. Randy again has to regain the balance again has he loses the slight weight of Devon. He looks around curiously, and then shrugs. Devon waits as he locks up his bike, and then follows him to his locker and then to his first class. Walking through the halls at Randy's side he sees that the school seems to be a pretty nice school. The first class of the day is a computer class. Watching Randy at his schoolwork he sees that he quickly gets his work done and then helps other students with theirs. They come to him if they need help and without hesitation Randy helps them. He seems to be well liked, which makes Devon smile as he watches him. Devon follows him around to his classes. While they are in the computer lab, Devon tries something on the computer. He tries to press the D key on the computer that Randy is working at while he is gone helping someone else. He pushes hard on the key for about a minute and seems to have to work hard to make it happen. Finally he sees a "d" appear in the program that Randy is working on. He does it again and a "c" appears next to the "d" in the program. Randy soon comes back and saves the program onto his jump drive. He takes it out and gathers everything up. Devon follows him the rest of the day to each of his classes.

At the end of the school day. Devon waits until Randy has his bike unlocked, then he gets on the handlebars again. Randy again feels the balance off and adjusts for it. He leans forward and looks down at his tire and front forks. As he leans forward, he feels a little chill. It goes away as he leans back. He leans forward again and feels the chill again. He doesn't see anything wrong so he shrugs and gets going for home. Just as he slows down turning into his driveway, Devon jumps off. The sudden change in weight and balance throws Randy off and he falls scraping his knee.

"Oww Damnit! Shit that hurts!"

He looks at the torn jeans. He can see a little blood through the rip. Devon runs over with a stricken look.

[I'm sorry, Randy. I didn't mean it.]

There are tears on Devon's cheeks. He puts his hands on Randy's knee. Randy feels a coolness that seems to ease the pain a bit. He puts his hand there and can't feel anything, but his knee feels a little better. He gets up and picks his bike up, checks to see if it is damaged then he limps over to the garage and takes a remote out of his backpack and opens the garage. He puts the bike away, closes the door and goes inside the house through the connecting door. He limps to his room and puts his backpack down. Devon has followed him looking sorry. Randy takes his jeans off to look at the scrape. It doesn't look too bad. He goes into the bathroom and gets a band aid and some antiseptic. He goes back into his room and cleans the wound, then bandages it. While he does that Devon gets behind him and hugs him.

[I'm sorry Randy. I didn't realize that would happen.]

Randy stops and looks behind him with a startled look. He looks around the room. He still feels it, the feeling of something going around his waist, but the feeling is fading. He stands up and gets another pair of jeans and puts them on. He limps out of the room grabbing his backpack on the way. He goes to the dining room table and gets his books out. He gets a drink and some chips out of the kitchen and gets to work on his homework. Devon sits at the kitchen bar and watches Randy work. After a couple of hours his mom comes home. Randy looks up as she comes in.

"Hi Mom."

"Hi honey. How was school."

"Same as always, fine."

She comes up behind him and gives him a quick kiss on the top of his head and she goes off to change into something more comfortable. His dad gets home a little while later. That evening after dinner Randy puts his jump drive into the computer and opens his program. He runs it and it seems to be working but suddenly stops and errors out.

"Damn. Why doesn't it work?"

He opens the program and starts to go through the code. He checks it for about an hour and finds the "dc" that Devon had put in. He gets a puzzled look on his face, and then deletes it.

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