Castle Roland

Devon's Choice

by Eric Aune



Published: 8 Apr 14

Devon's Choice

Copyright © 2007, 2014 by Eric Aune
All Rights Reserved

"Dad, can you take the day off today?"

"Maybe. Why Devon?"

"What about Randy and Kyle?"

"I don't know. Why don't you call them?"

Andrew watches his 12 year old son pick up the phone and dial a number.

"Hi big bro. Can you get the day off or at least the morning off today? Yeah it's kind of important. Thanks, even if it's only for a little bit. Yeah I'm going to ask Kyle next. Okay call me back. Bye."

"Ask me next about what?"

Devon drops the phone as he is picked up from behind and swung around causing him to giggle. When he is put back down, he turns around and looks at his brother Kyle. Kyle is dressed for work in his Sheriff's uniform. Devon hugs him.

"What did you want to ask me, Dev?"

"Can you get the day off today?"

"I don't know. I'm supposed to be in court today before going on duty."

"Can you check?"

Devon gives him his puppy dog look. Kyle smiles and ruffles his hair.

"Sure, for you anything."

Kyle picks up the dropped handset and calls the courthouse, he talks for a few minutes, hangs up and calls another number. When he is finished he hangs up and turns to Devon with smile.

"Well bro, we're on. I called the court and the case has been continued until tomorrow. The duty sergeant at the station said that I can come in a little later since they weren't expecting me in until later anyway, once I told him that it was a family thing. So wh…"

Kyle is interrupted by the phone ringing. Since Kyle is standing right next to it he picks it up and listens, then hangs up.

"Randy's on his way."

"Okay son, what's this all about? Should we call your mother too."

"No, this is just between us. Wait until Randy gets here, and I'll tell you."

Kyle sits down and gets some coffee and toast, Devon and Andrew finish their breakfast. Their mom has already left for work. A few minutes later Randy lets himself in. Devon gets up and runs to his big brother and hugs him, his arms brushing against the gun and detective shield on Randy's belt.

"Hey little bro, what's up.

"Hey it's the FBI."

"Hey Deputy Dawg how's it goin"

"Going great. It's good to see you."

"Hi Dad."


They all hug.

"So Devon. What is this all about?"

"I want to go to the graveyard today and I need all of you with me."

"Okay, whenever you're ready."

"Can we go now, then you guys can go to work and you won't get in trouble."

Andrew nods and they all go outside. Andrew and Devon get into Andrew's car, Kyle and Randy drive their own. It is almost like a funeral procession with Andrew leading. They drive into Forest Lawn Cemetery and make their way to the area where all the boys that Clifford Handy had killed were buried together. There is a large angel statue on a pedestal with the names of all the boys inscribed on it. Devon leads them over to it and bows his head. Andrew and his brother come up behind him and put their hands on his back and shoulders, giving him support, they all bow their heads. After a few minutes a slight glow comes from the statue, it is not noticeable right away because of the bright sunshine around them. As they become aware of it, they all raise their heads and step back. Before them they see a young man in his twenties standing there in front of him is a boy of about twelve. They young man has his arms around the boy. When Andrew sees the boy, he gasps.

"I know that face. It's been twelve years, but I know that face. You're Justin, Justin Early, aren't you?"

"Yes Andrew, I am. Michael and I are here to help some people express their feelings to Devon. They were just waiting for the right time. That time is now."

He waves his hand and several boys begin to fade into view around Andrew and his sons. When there are about 30 boys. Justin turns back to them.

"Andrew, Randy, Kyle, and of course Devon. Twelve years ago I was sent to help someone on his journey. But he made a different choice. He wanted to help others and with a lot of hard work, frustration and tears, he persevered and accomplished the downfall of a very evil man. Because of his choice, many more were saved and he was given another choice. You know what choice that was."

"I always suspected something was different about Devon. As he grew older, I could see more and more of the other Devon in him."

"Dad, Kyle and I always knew. From the day I held him in the delivery room. I knew it was Devon and that he was our Devon come back to us."

"Yes Randy, he did make that choice and his family approved of it. They await you all someday where you will all be together as one family, but not for a while yet. Now the boys you see here are all the lost boys. The victims of that vile being. They wanted to thank Devon and wish him luck."

Each of the boys come forward and hug Devon, then move and hug each of the men, before moving back near Michael. When they are finished, Michael steps forward.

"All of you are blessed to have each other. Treasure that always and when we meet again, there will be great joy among us. Besides we can get some killer ball games going with all these guys. (Everyone smiles). You will not see us again until it is your time, but we will be watching and wishing for the best for all of you. Goodbye Devon. You've made some good choices, keep it up."

Michael steps back and his wings appear behind him spread wide. Justin and the boys slowly fade in the increased glow from Michael, until everyone is gone. The Shephards turn to each other and hold each other tight. Tears are falling on all of their faces, mingling together as a family. They step back and smile to each other and as one they look up at the angel statue, and then with their arms around each other, they walk back to the cars, get in and leave the cemetery.

Good things come from good choices.

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