Castle Roland

Jake and Trevor

by Eric Aune


Chapter 8

Published: 8 Apr 14

Monday night, Roger Smith's Mustang pulled up in front of Trevor's house. Denise and Jeremy got out, followed by Roger. Jeremy carried a duffel bag, with a backpack hanging off his shoulder. Trevor met them at the door.

"Hi Jeremy, Mrs. Davis, Mr. Smith. Please come in."

They greeted him and followed him into the living room. Sandy was coming from the kitchen.

"Hi, Denise, Roger. It's nice to see you again."

"Hi, Sandy. Thanks again for letting Jeremy spend the night. You sure it's no trouble?"

"We thought it would be easier, since the plan is to get an early start. So don't worry about it. It makes it easier on us. We're going to leave pretty early in the morning. Can I get you some coffee or something?"

"No, we're going to go see a movie, so we're going to have to get going."

"Okay, we'll see you on Sunday."

"Yes, and thanks again for taking Jeremy with you."

"Jake figured that since Roger was kind enough to take Trevor to the game, this is our way to show our thanks by taking Jeremy with us. Thanks again for that, Roger"

"No problem, Sandy. We had a nice time. Besides, Denise and I are going to take a little trip ourselves."


"Roger and I are going to Vegas for a few days. He has some tickets to a couple of shows."

"That's great; I hope you have a great time."

"Thanks, I'm sure we will. Were staying at Paris Las Vegas, and Jeremy has the number in case of emergencies."

"All right. Nice to see you again. Have a nice time, see you when we get back."


Denise gave Jeremy a hug and a kiss goodbye. Roger waved as they left. No one noticed the slight frown on Jeremy's face as they left. He quickly covered it up before anyone else noticed.

"Hey, Jer. Let's take your stuff over to Jake's so he can get it packed. Just leave what you need tonight and tomorrow in my room."


Jeremy started rummaging through his duffel bag, transferring some clothes into the backpack. When he was done, he followed Trevor out the door and across the street. They went to the door and Trevor knocked before he opened it.

"Hi, Jake. Jeremy's here with his stuff."

"Hi, guys. Follow me."

Jake led the boys back outside to the garage, where he loaded Jeremy's bag in the back of the Suburban. They went back to the front of the house.

"All right guys. See you early in the morning. Tom and his family will be here about 6:30. Let your mom know, Trevor, about the time."

"Sure, Jake, see you in the morning."

That night the boys quickly stripped down to their usual sleeping attire, briefs and t-shirt, and got into Trevor's bed. They rolled onto their sides and faced each other.

"I'm glad you could go with us, Jeremy."

"Yeah, me too. We get to spend a few days up in the mountains in the snow and everything."

"Besides, Zach and Jared will be there as well."

"Yeah, that will really be cool."

"Jeremy, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, anything, we're best buds."

"Uh, okay. You know that Zach and I are... uh, you know, close."

"Yeah, so?"

"What about you and Jared?"

"We... we're close too."

"Really, that's great. I wanted to ask you because I wanted to make sure that you won't be mad if you see us kiss, you know, like at night or anything."

"I probably won't even see you."

"What do you mean you won't even see us?"

"Well I plan on be busy doing the same thing with my boyfriend."

"You're boyfriend? You mean Jared asked you to be his boyfriend?"

"Yep, right about the time that Zach asked you."

"You knew that we're boyfriends?"


"How come you didn't tell me?"

"You didn't think I was going to let you have all the fun, did you? That night we were here and we all played around. I saw when you kissed Zach and he kissed you back. I kind of knew then that you two were probably going to get together. Zach told Jared about you guys that night after he accidentally called you his boyfriend at school and you accepted. Jared said that Zach told him to grab me as soon as he could before someone else did. So the next day Jared asked me and I said yes."

"That is so cool. Now this is really going to be some fun days."

"I agree. Trev, could I... kiss you goodnight. I know you have a boyfriend and I don't want you to be mad at me for asking, but you and I never have kissed and I'd like to know how it feels with you."

"Okay, I guess."

The boys scooted closer and put their arms around each other's back. In the dim light they looked at each other and slowly moved their faces closer. Instinctively they turned their heads to the side and closed their eyes as their lips gently touched for a few seconds and pulled back and then moved forward again. They slightly opened their mouths as they came together. Their arms tightened a little more as they deepened the kiss. They moved their bodies until they were touching down the entire length of their bodies. Each of them felt the other's hardness start to grow and they ground their hips gently against each other and a slight moan escaped from Jeremy's mouth. They both suddenly stopped and pulled back a few inches to look at each other. Even in the dim light they could see their flushed faces. Trevor let go of Jeremy and moved back a little.

"I think we should stop, Jer."

"Uh, yeah, that was, wow, cool. Zach is lucky, you kiss good."

"Jared's just as lucky, Jer. You kiss good too. Which is why I don't think we should continue with this. It would feel like I was cheating on Zach if we did anything more, and I won't do that."

"Yeah, me neither, but now that a part of me has woken up, do you mind if I take care of it."

"No way, I was going to ask if you didn't mind if I took care of my little problem."

"Your room, your choice"


The boys pushed the covers down and pushed their briefs down. Trevor took his shirt off and Jeremy quickly followed suit. They smiled at each other and took matters into their own hand. Soon the room was filled with the slight moans of the two boys as they took care of their problems. When they finished, they looked over at each other and smiled. Jeremy put his hand out and Trevor took it as they lay there getting their breath back. Once they were breathing normally, they pulled up their briefs, pulled the blanket back up and curled up, facing each other again.

"Thanks for letting me kiss you, Trev. I've wanted to know for a while now what it would be like."

"I liked it too. Good night, bud."

The boys reached across the short space between them and bumped fists, before they closed their eyes and went to sleep.

Tuesday morning the boys were awakened by a knock at the door.

"Time to get up boys. It's 5:30."

"Okay, okay, we're getting up."

"Hurry up and get cleaned up. I'll have breakfast ready."

"Okay, mom."

Trevor leaned over and shook Jeremy. Jeremy yawned and slowly rolled over rubbing his eyes. He looked up at Trevor and smiled.

"Morning, Trev."

"My mom says we have to get up and get ready. She'll have breakfast ready for us."

"'Kay. I need to pee."

"Yeah, me too. Let's go."

They both got up and headed to the bathroom in just their briefs. They both went to the bathroom to pee. When they were done, they washed their faces and hands and brushed their teeth. They hurried back to the bedroom and got dressed. When they were ready, they grabbed their backpacks and headed to the kitchen, dropping their packs off at the front door. Sandy had bacon and eggs all ready for them. They sat down and quickly ate as only hungry boys could. Once breakfast was done and everything was cleaned, they left, grabbing their backpacks as they left the house. Sandy carried a small bag as well. They went across the street just as Jake was opening the garage. He smiled and waved as they crossed the street. When they got to Jake's, he gave Sandy a kiss as he took her bag from her. The boys grinned and handed him their bags when he held his hand out for them. Just as he closed the back gate, a horn honked, and they all turned around and saw Tom's family pull up in front. Tom, Zach, and Jared got out; Terry waved from the passenger seat.

"Morning, everyone. Everybody ready to go?"

"Morning, Tom, hi, Terry."

"Jake, Zach wants to know if he can ride up with you guys, and Jeremy, Jared wants to know if you want to ride up with us."

"Sure, Tom, Zach's welcome to ride with us. What do you say, Jeremy?"

"I'd like to ride with Jared, sir."

"Okay, boys, get in the cars and let's get going. The slopes are a-waiting."

Everyone got into the cars and they headed out. Zach and Trevor smiled at each other as they left. Zach looked toward the front seat before he shyly reached out and took Trevor's hand, squeezing it. Trevor smiled and squeezed back. They let go and Zach started talking about the last trip they took up to the mountains. There wasn't much traffic and it took them about two and a half hours to get up to Big Bear. It was a nice day with just a few clouds in the sky. As they neared the turn off to Snow Summit, Jake handed a paper to Sandy. She looked at it and then gave him directions. Pretty soon as they neared the resort area, he pulled up in front of a large two-story house. An older woman was sitting on the porch in the sunshine, drinking from a mug. When she saw them get out of the Suburbans, she put the mug down and stood up. She walked over to them to greet them.

"Mr. MacLaren?"

"Yes, ma'am. That would be me."

"I'm Helen Chantry. We talked on the phone."

They shook hands.

"Yes, ma'am. Did you have to wait long?"

"No, not at all. I just got here a little while ago and thought I'd sit on the porch and drink my coffee, read the paper and enjoy the morning sun until you got here. Isn't it a beautiful morning?"

"Yes, ma'am, it is."

"Well, let's get our business concluded, so you all can go hit the slopes."

Jake followed her into the house. The others got the trucks unloaded and started to bring their luggage and other equipment inside, putting it in the living room. Jake had just finished signing some papers and Helen handed him the keys.

"Okay, as you know, Jake, there are four good-sized bedrooms upstairs. There's wood cut out back for the fireplace. The kitchen has everything you need to cook with. The dining room is through there. We have the big screen TV in the living room. There are several DVD's you can watch. There's also a rental place nearby if you want to rent some. We also have a Playstation that the boys can use. Each of the rooms has a smaller TV. There is one bathroom down here and two upstairs. There's a Safeway nearby for groceries, and just a short walk away is Snow Summit. I think you're all set for the next few days. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call."

"Thanks Helen. It's a beautiful home."

"Bye now, enjoy your vacation."

She left, closing the door behind her.

"Okay, guys, let's get your stuff upstairs while Tom and I get the skis and snowboards off the trucks. You boys are in the room at the top of the stairs. Tom and Terry, you guys have the big room at the end. Sandy, you are across from them, and I'll be across from the boys"

There was a flurry of activity as everyone got their bags and gear and headed upstairs. Tom and Jake went outside and soon had all the skis and snowboards off the trucks and stacked in the mudroom just inside the front door. The boys got up to the room with the two double beds and closed the door behind them. Zach and Trevor claimed one and Jared and Jeremy claimed the other. They dropped their bags down near their beds, and then they put their arms around their partner and held each other in a long hug. When they pulled back, they looked first at their partner, then at each other and giggled.

"This is going to be great. I can't wait to get out on the slopes tomorrow."

"Tomorrow? Why tomorrow?"

"This is the way we always do it, Trevor. When we get here, we don't go out on the slopes right away, unless it's only a weekend trip. But with this much time, we like to let everyone get used to the altitude, since we are at around 7000 feet now. So we'll take it easy, probably go over to the tubing area and into the village. Probably get gear rented for you guys and your Mom. So today will just be a relax and take it easy kind of day. But tomorrow, we're going to go do some boarding."

"I can't wait."

"So have you guys decided what you're going to do, ski or board?"

"Duh, board of course."

"Well, Jake is going to sign you guys up for lessons and you'll probably spend most of the first day with lessons. Jared and I will stop by and check on how you're doing, but we'll be over in the freestyle park most of the day. The day after that, we'll all go there and then the fun really starts."

"We have to take lessons? I want to be with you guys, not with a teacher."

"Hey bud, you will be, but the lessons'll make it better for you. You'll actually know what you're doing, instead of floundering along and getting frustrated. Trust me, this way is better."

"Okay, it'll still suck not being with you guys."

"Like I said, don't sweat it."


The boys left the room and went out to the balcony that overlooked the living room. They saw the adults downstairs.

"Good, there you are. C'mon down, we have to go get your gear rented for the week and then we're going to go have some fun in the snow. Get your ski clothes and bring them with you. It'll help keep you from getting too cold when we get to the tubing place."

"Okay, Uncle Jake. Be right down."

The boys went back into their room and got their snow jackets and pants from their bags. They hurried back down. Everyone went out and got in the trucks. He ushered Trevor and Jeremy into his car.

"Jake, we'll go get the lift tickets and the lessons taken care of. What kind and how many?"

Jake looked at Sandy, Trevor and Jeremy with a raised eyebrow?

"We want to snowboard, Jake."

"You sure, Trev? It can be hard."

"Yeah, Jeremy and I are sure. We already talked about it."

"Okay, and you, Sandy?"

"I don't need lessons. This is not the first time that I've skied."

"Oh, good then. Tom, I guess its two one-day snowboard lessons."

"Got it. We'll meet you at the tubing."

"'Kay, see ya there."

They drove off to the rental place. It didn't take long to get Trevor and Jeremy outfitted with boots and boards. They loaded the boards in the top rack and the boots in the back, and then made their way to the tubing area, near Big Bear Village. They happened to pull in right behind the others and parked. Everyone got out and made their way to the ticket booth. They got their armbands and headed over to grab some tubes. There were quite a few people here already. There were a few tubing runs, and the boys hurried to the top of the longest run. In a short time, they had gotten together with some other boys that were there and started having races down the slope. At the end of one of the races, Trevor and one of the other boys collided, sending Trevor flying off, and he landed face first into a snow bank. As he backed himself out of the bank, he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around and looked into the smiling, friendly face of a slightly older boy, with soft brown eyes and brown hair.

"Dude, you flew far. You all right?"

Trevor spit some dirty snow out of his mouth, and wiped it off his face before answering the grinning boy.

"Yeah, fine. Yuck, next time, I'll close my mouth. That stuff is nasty. Yech."

"Good idea. You sure you're all right, you flew right over the top of me when we hit. You gotta hold onto the tube, or you and it will be parted."

"Thanks, I'll remember it. What's your name?"

"Kyle Robertson. What's yours?"

"Trevor Garrity."

Zach came running up to them.

"Trev, you okay? Man, you flew. Nothing broken, I hope. It would really suck if you got hurt right at the beginning of our stay."

"Nah, Zach, I'm fine."

Kyle helped Zach brush the snow off of Trevor with a little bit of concern on his face.

"Zach, this is Kyle Robertson, the truck that hit me. Kyle, this is my b... best friend Zach Browning."

"Nice to meet you, Zach. So you guys visiting, huh?"

"Yeah, our families rented a house near Snow Summit for the next few days. We plan on doing a lot of boarding."

"Cool, maybe I'll see you there. I live up here and usually ride the slopes every chance I get. I'll keep an eye out for you guys. Maybe we can ride the slopes together."

"That'd be cool. We'll keep an eye out for you."

Kyle smiled at Trevor and waved as he took off to join his friends. The families stayed for another hour before heading off to walk through the Village, to look at the decorations and the shops. The boys played at the arcade for a while, while the adults went to the shops. Later they met back up and went for some pizza before heading back to the house. When they got there, the ladies decided to go do some grocery shopping, while the guys stayed behind, got a fire started and watched a DVD. By the time that the ladies returned, the four boys were barely awake. They put the groceries away and came back into the living room.

"Okay, it looks like bedtime. You boys need to get a good night's rest before tomorrow to save your energy."

"'Kay, Mom."

"Get upstairs and brush your teeth, then get to bed."

"Sure, Mom."

"Yes, Ma'am."

The boys gave their parents a hug and kiss goodnight. Trevor, of course did not miss out on giving Jake a hug as well. Jeremy hugged Mrs. Garrity. The droopy-eyed boys made their way upstairs, and grabbed their toothbrushes and took turns brushing their teeth and peeing. They got back to their rooms and stripped to their briefs and t-shirts and got into bed with their favorite bed partner. The boys moved close together and cuddled up. Trevor looked at Zach and Zach leaned forward and gave Trevor a gentle kiss. Trevor smiled and kissed him back. He gave Zach a hug, then turned around and formed his back to Zach's front. Zach put his arm around Trevor and Trevor pulled the arm tight around him. They both smiled contentedly as they closed their eyes. The same scenario played out on the other bed with Jared and Jeremy.

The next morning, Trevor still mostly asleep, brushed at his ear and tried to snuggle down into the blankets more. Behind him, Zach was lightly running a finger from the top to the bottom of Trevor's ear and grinned each time Trevor brushed at it. On the third time, Trevor moved quickly and grabbed Zach's hand. He quickly pulled and used his body to pull Zach over the top of him and then switched positions and straddled Zach. Zach smiled up at Trevor. Trevor shifted forward a bit to trap Zach's arms with his knees. Then with an evil smile he started lightly running his fingers on the outside of Zach's ears. Pretty soon Zach started squirming and giggling as the light touch tickled him. He tried to buck Trevor off, but couldn't find a good purchase since his arms were trapped. Jared and Jeremy were awakened by the noise

"Okay! Okay!" (Giggle) "Trev, stop," (giggle) "please, I'm gonna pee!" (Giggle), "stop!"

Trevor smiled and leaned down to give Zach a quick kiss before he let him up. They both went to the bathroom and shared the toilet, before brushing their teeth. When they came out, Jared and Jeremy took their place. The boys got dressed and went downstairs for some breakfast. Sandy and Terry were up and had just finished making a breakfast of pancakes. Tom and Jake were sitting at the table drinking some coffee. They all looked up at the boys as they came into the room.

"Morning, boys, did you sleep well?"

They looked at each other and smiled.

"Yeah, we slept great. I can't wait to get out there."

"Well, now you just need a good breakfast to get some more energy, if possible, into you, and we are on our way."

The boys dug in and quickly reduced the food platters to scraps. They took their plates and glasses, rinsed them out and put them in the sink. The boys went upstairs and got their ski clothes on. By the time they were back downstairs, everyone was ready to go. The boys sat on the porch and put their snowboard boots on. They grabbed their boards while the adults grabbed their gear, and they walked the short distance to the slopes. Tom handed out the lift tickets to everyone, and then gave Jeremy and Trevor their lesson tickets. They got some lockers to put their extra stuff in.

"Okay, guys. Come with me and Sandy, I'll show you where to meet up with your classes. You guys going to wait for us?"

"No way, Jake. We'll meet up down here for lunch?"

"Sounds like a plan. See ya on the slopes."

"Hey, Trev. Have fun with the lessons. Tomorrow, you'll be hangin' with us. It'll be great."

"Bye, guys, see you at lunch."

Zach and Jared took off. The adults got their ski boots on and Jake and Sandy escorted Trevor and Jeremy off to their lessons. Once they dropped the boys off with the instructor, they took off to the slopes as well, waving to the boys. Trevor and Jeremy were in a class of about ten kids mostly around their age. The instructor was a young guy about 6' tall and 180 pounds, with brown hair and eyes. He was carrying a helmet in his hands.

"Okay, guys, my name is Mark Robertson. I'm going to be working with you guys today, and I promise by the end of the day, you will be able to go from the top of the mountain, down Summit Run to the bottom. First thing, let's make sure everyone's boards are ready to use."

He had each person step into the bindings while he checked them. He nodded when he was done.

"Good, it looks like we're ready to get to work. Okay, pick up your boards, and let's go over to the far side over there."

They followed him over to the side of the beginner slope. He motioned for them to sit down.

"All right, guys, we're going have some fun today. Like I said, everyone will be coming down the slope by the end of the day, probably earlier. Okay, watch me."

He strapped one of his boots into the board and went up the slope a little ways dragging the board. He turned around and faced them.

"I'm going to show you how easy it is to get going. You just lean forward a little and you will start sliding down the slope."

He leaned forward, put his unstrapped foot on the back of the board and the board slipped down. He leaned back a little and board stopped.

"All right, get one boot strapped in and follow me."

The class got strapped in and followed Mark. There were some falls as they got used to dragging the board behind them. They walked just a few feet up the slope until Mark stopped them.

"Okay, everybody take a seat. Now, one at a time, I'm going to have you strap in, stand up, then start skidding down the slope. Keep your board perpendicular to the slope and just lean forward a little; this will let the board skid down the slope slowly. You first"

He pointed to one boy, who stood up and tried to get the board to slip a little; he finally managed it. When Trevor's turn came, he leaned a little bit too far forward and the downhill edge caught in the snow throwing him forward onto his face. He got up blushing.

"Don't worry about that. You're just the first to fall; you will not be the last. Everyone here is going to be falling today. So just take your time."

Trevor got up and tried again and this time managed to skid down the slope slowly. Jeremy was up next and he leaned forward and started to go a little fast, so he leaned back quickly and fell on his butt, causing the others to laugh.

"Laugh now, but most of you are going to be on your butt or your face most of the morning, until you get your balance right."

They did some more work on skidding down the hill, until everyone was doing okay with it.

"Okay, next step is turning. The easiest way to say it, is that the direction you look, is the direction you're going to go. If you turn to look in a direction, the board follows you. Like this."

Mark went up the slope a little ways, then started down. He looked in one direction and the board went that way, then he looked in the other direction and the board turned that direction. He had them climb up the slope and had them try what he had just shown them, one at a time. There were falls and laughs, but pretty soon they all understood it, and after several tries they were all slowly going down the slope. He brought them over near the chair lift for the beginner slope and gathered them around him.

"All right, you guys are doing great. Now for the next step. You think you guys are ready for the chair lift?"

The students looked at each other and smiled, nodding.

"Okay, I'll give you a demonstration on how you get on and off. You will get on in pairs, so pair up."

There was some shuffling around until everyone was paired up, Trevor and Jeremy of course quickly buddied up. Mark looked around and nodded approvingly.

"All right. You are only going to have one boot strapped in. When we get in line, stay near your buddy, and when you are motioned forward by the operator, move forward quickly until you get to the line, then turn your head to the outside, look over your outside shoulder, reach behind you and be ready to grab the pole and sit down as the chair nears you; let it come to you. The chair will help you, so let it. Okay, watch how the other people do it for a few moments."

The group watched as some other snowboarders moved up to the line, set themselves in position, and gracefully sat down as the chair moved up behind them.

"Got it?"

He was greeted by a group of nodding heads.

"The next step is getting off at the top. While you ride on the lift, your board will hang off the one foot, angled kind of perpendicular to your body. When you get near, turn the board so it is facing straight ahead and lift the tip. Try to let the chair help you, as you near the top of the ramp, then stand up and put your back foot on the back of the board and ride it down and away from in front of the lift, so that others can get off the chair without running into you. Everyone clear? Don't worry if you fall, it happens to a lot of people. Just do your best and be safe. All ready to go?"

More nods and "Yeahs" came from the group.

"Cool. Let's go, I'll go first and wait for you at the top, you guys follow behind me."

Mark led the group through the ski school entrance to the lift. They were quickly ushered forward. Group by group, they moved forward and got on the lift as it took them up the slope. At the top, each pair made it off the lift with no problems. Some of them were a little wobbly, but they all made it without falling. Mark was at the bottom of the ramp, watching each pair get off, and gave them each a thumbs up as they successfully negotiated the ramp down. As they neared him, he pointed to an area off to the side and they all gathered there. When everyone was gathered, he quickly glided over to them.

"Great job, guys! You guys did perfect. Before long you'll be ready for the top."

His remarks were greeted with a lot of happy grins at the praise.

"Okay, now we're going to put together everything we've learned so far. I'm going to go down the slope a little ways and I want you to watch me. When I get there, I will turn and watch you as you come down one at a time. Okay, watch me and wait for my signal."

Mark quickly strapped his back foot onto the board and started down the slope, doing a couple of slow, gentle turns, and skidded to a stop. He looked up the slope and pointed to them. One by one they started down the slope. A few fell, but most of them made it down, a little shaky sometimes, but all in all pretty well. Trevor and Jeremy made it down pretty smoothly. Mark gave a little instruction to those who had a little trouble, then again he went down the slope and stopped. They followed again. This repeated over and over until they made it to the bottom. Mark gave more praise and brought them back to the lift. They rode up and the lessons were repeated; this time Mark went a little farther down the slope before he motioned for them to follow him. This pattern repeated itself until Mark led them to the top and rode all the way to the bottom, with them following him. For the rest of the morning's lesson, he led his group up and down the slope, giving advice when needed. By the end of the morning all of them were coming down the slope fairly well. He gathered them at the end of the morning.

"You guys are great. You're ready to go to the top now. We're done with the morning lesson, so we will meet here after lunch for those taking the all day lesson, and we'll start helping you get ready to do Summit Run. See you guys later."

The class broke up. Trevor and Jeremy headed to where they were supposed to meet everyone. Jake and Sandy were standing there, laughing about something. Jake had his arm around Sandy and was looking up the slope. Trevor and Jeremy looked where they are looking and saw Zach and Jared get up from the ground, and then making their way to the others. They smiled when they saw Trevor and Jeremy.

"Hey, how were the lessons?"

"Great. We're going to the top of the mountain after lunch. What happened to you two?"

"Good, maybe we'll follow along with you. Numb nuts here crossed in front of me too close and we kind of ran into each other."

"Hey, you shouldn't have sped up when you saw Trevor and Jeremy, it spoiled my timing."

"Uncle Jake, where are we going to eat?"

"As soon... "

He was interrupted as Terry walked up from the lodge at that moment.

"Okay, hurry up, Tom has a couple of tables saved and we need to hurry so we can claim them."

They followed her to where Tom had a couple of tables that he was guarding.

"Good, you're here. I was going to have to fight off others to keep these tables. You guys put your stuff, gloves and things on the tables. Boys, you go get your food and we'll wait here. When you get back we'll go."

"Okay, Dad."

The boys unzipped their jackets and took off their gloves before they headed inside to grab some food. When they got what they wanted, the adults went and got theirs. Everyone talked about their morning while they ate. Trevor and Jeremy told about the lessons. Jake, Sandy, Tom and Terry had been out running some of the black diamond runs. The twins told about their time in the freestyle park. They talked about this one kid who was really good. They heard from other people that he lived here and came practically every day.

"Wait'll you see him. Tomorrow we'll take you guys over there just in case he's there; you can see how good he is. He doesn't look too much older than us, maybe only a couple of years."

"Cool. I can't wait."

They relaxed on the deck watching people on the slopes for the rest of the lunch time as they finished their food. Soon enough it was time to go back to the class for Trevor and Jeremy, so they threw their trash away and made their way back to the ski school. They headed over to Mark when they saw him. He greeted everyone and asked them to follow him. He led them over to a different chair lift than the one that they had been using. This one led high up the mountain. They got into the ski school line and soon the class was quickly moving up the mountain going higher and higher. Below them they watched the skiers and snowboarders come down the runs. Their excitement and nervousness built as they climbed higher. Finally they made it to the top. Mark again had gotten in front, and directed them over to the side as they came off the lift. He gathered them around.

"All right guys. You did great this morning, so now we're going to work on getting your technique down. We'll do this a couple of times together, going down Summit Run, and then I'll just shadow you guys and help those that need extra help. Sound good?"

He was greeted by nods all around.

"While we're here I might as well point out a couple of things. Down this direction on the left leads to the Family Park. In that area are some beginning and low intermediate runs as well as some easy freestyle terrain. Some of you might want to check it out later to hone your skills. It is served by Chair nine, so you can just stay there riding in that area. The next area here is the Freestyle Park. This is a little more advanced area, with a lot of freestyle terrain. That is where you will see a lot of the good boarders. Now going down the hill here is the beginning of Summit Run it runs down here and turns just below Chair one over there. On the other side of Chair one is where the Black Diamond runs and higher Intermediate runs are, so if you take Chair one, be sure you turn this way, not the other way. Everyone ready to go?

He was once again answered by several heads nodding.

Like it did before on the lower slope, I'm going to go ahead and you guys follow me."

The class strapped their boots into their boards. Once everybody was strapped in, Mark took off, and they followed him. Each person let the one in front get going before taking off down the slope. They formed a line of boarders, slowly going down the slope. Mark slowed down and looked up from time to time. He observed them come down and saw nothing at fault with what they were doing, he continued down farther. Eventually they reached the bottom. He congratulated all of them, and led them up to the top again. For the next two hours, they went up to the top and then back down. There were some falls, but overall everyone did fine. At the end Mark gathered them together.

"All right, guys, you did great. You're ready to head off on your own. Have fun."

They waved goodbye and everyone scattered. Trevor led Jeremy to the lift again, and they went back up the mountain to continue their fun. They got off and started to strap in, when a snowball hit Trevor on the back. He turned around, and a grin came to his face as he saw Zach moving towards him, followed by Jared.

"Hey, Trev. You guys done with the lessons?"

"Yeah we were just going to do one more run to the bottom. We're kind of tired, but we wanted to take another run down."

"Sounds good to me. We we're just going to head down and find you guys, when I saw you get off the lift. Whenever you're ready, let's go."

They finished strapping their boots in and signaled to Zach. He started off with Trevor following him. Jared and Jeremy followed behind them. Zach got his speed up a bit. Not too fast, but faster than either Trevor or Jeremy had done so far. They weren't able to keep up with the twins as they rode down the mountain. At the bottom Zach did a quick hockey stop and Trevor tried to stop that way as well, but the board slipped out from underneath him and he landed on his butt. Zach started laughing. Trevor smiled and gave him the finger. Zach, who had taken his boots out of the bindings, came over and put a hand out for Trevor. Trevor reached up and allowed Zach to help him up. Zach pulled him up hard and Trevor fell forward into Zach's arms; their faces were real close to each other. They grinned, blushed and separated. Trevor unstrapped his boots. They picked up their boards and watched as the other two came in a little slower. They waited for them and everyone walked back to where they were to meet the adults. The adults were sitting on the deck and waved to the boys as they got near.

"Hey guys, you ready to go?"

"Yeah, we're getting hungry."

"Not a surprise with you guys. Okay, get your boards and let's walk back to the cabin."

They started back. Jake walked next to Trevor.

"So how was it?"

"Cool. I can't wait to get out there tomorrow."

"Good, I'm glad you liked it. Tell me about it."

Trevor and Jeremy told Jake about their day as they walked back to the cabin. Once there they took off their boots and jackets in the mud room and went inside. Everyone got cleaned up and the dinner preparations were underway. Soon they sat down to a spaghetti dinner. The talk was about how everyone's day went. Jake praised Sandy for her skiing skills, as she and Jake had gone down several of the black diamond runs together. The twins recounted their time in the freestyle park and talked about some of the boarders that were there, especially one of them that everyone called Ky. They were very impressed with him.

After dinner, they put in a movie, but soon the boys were nodding off. The adults got them up and told them to take a shower and get to bed. The boys showered quickly and dressed in briefs and t-shirts, got in bed. The boys sleepily gave their partners a kiss and then cuddled up and went to sleep.

When they arrived at the slopes the next day, the twins dragged Trevor and Jeremy off to Chair Two. They got on the lift and rode it to the top. They all headed over to the Family Park and for the next couple of hours they rode around the freestyle terrain in the Family Park. They took a few falls here and there but the two new boarders were getting the hang of it. The twins showed off a bit, taking on some of the more daring terrain features. Trevor and Jeremy took it easy as they got used to snowboarding. Soon they were both getting some air on some of the more gentle mogul type jumps. At lunch they met with the adults again on the deck of the lodge at the bottom of the slopes. They related their morning activities. That afternoon they headed back up to the top.

"Hey, guys."

"What, Zach?"

"Let's go to the Freestyle Park this time. We might see that kid Ky, doing some tricks."

"Okay, sounds good."

They headed down into the Freestyle Park, and Zach led them to the half pipe on the run named Zyzzxz. As they neared it, the saw a small group of boarders standing nearby and suddenly a boarder came flying out of the half pipe, doing a 560 before dropping back out of sight.


"Yeah, Trev, pretty cool, isn't it?"

"Yeah. Is that that Ky kid?"

"I don't know. It might be."

They watched as the boarder continued down the half pipe alternately appearing out of it on each side and dropping back in, occasionally doing a trick before dropping back in. The group of boarders nearby started dropping into the half pipe, one at a time. Some of them were pretty good, but none of them rode like the first kid. When the group was all gone, Zach looked at the others.

"You guys want to try it?"

"I don't know. It looks kind of deep there."

"You guys can start there at the end; it's a little shallower and you don't have to try to go to the top, just ride partway up the slope and then back across to the end. See how it's shallower there too. We'll wait for you down at the end."

Trevor and Jeremy looked at each other. They shrugged with a 'might as well' look on their faces.

"Trev, you guys can do it. We've been watching you this morning. You ride pretty smooth. You don't fall much either. So I think you can do it. Besides it's fun and if you do fall, then we'll have some funnier falling stories to tell everyone, ha, ha. See ya at the bottom."

"Okay fine, asswipe. See you at the bottom. C'mon, Jeremy, let's show these guys."

Zach, and then Jared, moved toward the lip, and then dropped down. The other two came in the shallower end and started making their way down. Pretty soon they were carving turns higher up the sides of the pipe and back down. They made their way down to the bottom where Zach and Jared were waiting. When they joined them, the twins cheered them.

"See, no problem. You guys were getting pretty high up on the walls. Let's go back up and do it some more."

"Yeah, that was cool."

They headed over to Chair 3 and got back to the top. They made their way down to the half pipe again. This time, they all decided drop in from the lip one at a time. Jeremy caught an edge and tumbled.

"Jer, you okay?"

"Yeah, Jared, I'm fine, just caught the edge of my board at the bottom. I'll see ya at the bottom."

Jeremy got up and started back down the pipe. Jeremy followed next. Then Trevor, followed by Zach. Trevor got braver towards the bottom and started taking it to the top and getting a slight amount of air before he dropped back in. At the bottom he came out of the pipe and got some air as he flew out and landed. He stopped and looked back as Zach finished up his run. Zach neared him with a grin on his face. He grabbed Trevor in a quick hug and then backed away.

"That looked cool, Trev. You're a natural. You looked good going down there."

"Yeah, Trevor, you looked like you've been boarding for a while."

"It was cool. I got a little nervous when I was doing the jumping, but it was real cool. Let's do it again."


They headed to the lift and went up again. For the next couple of hours, they saw the good rider and his friends go down the pipes doing some tricks, and then they followed. Trevor and Jeremy were getting better with each ride, so that both of them were starting to grab some air out of the lip. Never anything fancy, just up and turn and drop back down. Zach and Jared were able to pull off a 360 occasionally, but not much more than that, they showed the two years of snowboarding experience that they had under their belts. Trevor was the last one down the pipe this time, and he got a little more daring and went a bit faster down the pipe. His friends were out of the end and stood waiting for him. He decided to go to the opposite side and then back and out to meet with his friends. As he started up the opposite side, his board caught an edge, which put him off balance and sent him straight up the wall and out of the pipe to fly through the air. He looked to where he would land and he saw the kid who was doing all the tricks ahead of him.

"Oh sh... "

The kid turned around at the sound and saw Trevor fly towards him. He put his hands out like he was asking for a hug and Trevor landed in his arms. Trevor put his arms around the kid as well. The boy let out an 'Oof' as Trevor hit him and knocked him down. The rolled a bit and the boy ended up on top of Trevor. Their faces were close to each other. Trevor looked up into some slightly familiar soft brown eyes that were twinkling at him with mirth.

"Next time, just ask for a hug. You don't have to jump me."

He saw the boy was grinning and Trevor started to giggle. The boy joined him and soon they were both laughing. The boy rolled off and unstrapped his board. He helped Trevor get loose as Zach, Jared and Jeremy came running up, having already gotten their boards unstrapped.

"Trev, you okay?"

Zach ran up to Trevor and dropped in the snow next to him. Trevor and the boy were still laughing. Zach got a look of relief when saw that Trevor was unhurt. The boy looked down and offered Trevor his hand. Trevor grabbed it and stood up. Trevor reached down for Zach and helped him up.

"Thanks for breaking my fall."

"Glad to have been there. I think."

Trevor put out his hand.

"Trevor Garrity."

"Oh, we've met. Kyle Robertson."

"Oh, yeah, at the tubing place. We've gotta stop meeting like this. Maybe we should stay away from each other; we crash every time we meet."

"Yeah, that could be considered assault with a deadly weapon... you!"

"Well, at least everyone's all right."

"You're the one doing all those tricks."

"Yeah, that's me. I've been snowboarding for about five years now. I live nearby and come up here all the time whenever Summit is open. I'm hoping to get good enough to compete someday, maybe the Olympics in a few years. So I practice a lot."

"That's cool. Are you going to be here tomorrow?"


"Good, we'll look for you. Zach, I think we need to get going, it's getting late."

"Yeah, we'll go get our boards."

They went to where they left their boards. Kyle came up next to Trevor.

"Like I said, next time just ask."

Trevor looked around with a shocked look. Kyle quickly got strapped onto his board and he looked at Trevor with a mischievous smile. Kyle waved and took off down the trail. Trevor got his boots strapped onto his board as Zach and the others get there, Trevor led them over to the lift. They took it up to the top and rode down Summit Run one more time before they met the adults and headed back to the cabin.

The next day, the boys headed to Chair 2 to take it to the top and spend some more time in the Freestyle Park. A couple of hours later, as they neared the half pipe they saw Kyle doing tricks. They met up with him and a couple of his friends, and the group stayed together for the rest of the morning. Several times during the morning, Kyle looked at Trevor and gave him that smile. The group had a great time and headed over to the lodge together. Kyle's friends left for home to take care of some chores.

"Hey Kyle, why don't you come have lunch with us and our families?"

"Well... uh... I don't eat lunch here very much. It gets kind of expensive, if I ate here everyday, so I usually just get a drink sometimes and just eat when I get home."

"Nah, c'mon, Kyle. It's my treat."

"I couldn't do that."

"Call it thanks for breaking my fall, yesterday."

"Oh... okay. I'll go along."

"Cool. C'mon, they've probably got a couple of tables on the deck already."

Trevor without thinking grabbed Kyle's hand and pulled him after him. After a few steps he dropped it like a hot coal and turned bright red. He turned back to Kyle, who was smiling at him. They didn't see a slight frown appear on Zach's face, as he turned and walked away.

"Uh, sorry. I didn't mean to grab your hand. I hope you're not mad. I do that with Zach a lot. He's by b... best friend."

"No, I don't mind. Uh... let's get going. If you're going to pay me back, then we better get moving. Your parents might be having to fight off other people if we don't get there."

Trevor grabbed Kyle's hand and again and led the way, following the others. They reached the deck and quickly spotted the adults. They heaved a sigh of relief when the boys got there.

"About time. We thought we were going to be attacked for these tables. Okay, set your stuff down and we'll take half the group to get food. Who's this?"

"Hi Mom. This is Kyle Robertson, he's the guy we were telling you about that does all the tricks on the snowboard. Kyle, this is my Mom, Sandy Garrity. That's Jake MacLaren, and those are Zach and Jared's parents, Tom and Terry Browning."

"It's nice to meet you, Kyle. Are you joining us for lunch?"

"If you don't mind, ma'am. It's nice to meet you all as well."

"Do yo... "

"Hey, little brother!"

Everyone turned around and saw one of the instructors walking up. Kyle smiled at him.

"Hi, Mike."

"Who is... oh I remember you two, you were in my class a couple of days ago weren't you?"

"Yeah, Mike. So Kyle is your brother?"

"Yep, sorry to say, but he ain't bad for a thirteen year old. I don't find him too terribly annoying most days."

"Thanks a lot, bro."

"Don't mention it. You having lunch here today?"

"Trevor said he owes me since he used me for a landing pad yesterday, when he got a little unexpected air, so I accepted."

"Okay. Remember, we need to leave at three today."

"Yeah, okay, I remember. See you then."

"Okay, Ky. See ya."

Mike left and the group took turns getting their food. They sat back down and Kyle sat next to Trevor. They asked Kyle about himself and his plans to compete someday. Zach was sitting on the other side of Trevor and glumly chewed his pizza, not saying much. His brother noticed and looked at him pointedly.

Zach what's up? Nuthin', don't worry about it. Get outta my head, bro, I don't want to talk.

Jared looked over and saw Kyle talking to Trevor and he started to understand. They finished at about one pm, and everyone broke up and headed off to hit the slopes once more. On the first ride up, Trevor and Kyle were riding the chair together. Zach, Jared and Jeremy were in the one behind. Jared leaned close to Zach.

"Hey bro, what's wrong."


"Yeah, and I like girls. Talk to me."

"It's just that since we met Kyle, he always seems to be hanging around Trevor and Trevor just goes along with him. Right before lunch, Trevor grabbed his hand like he does with me sometimes."

They both looked up to the chair ahead where Kyle and Trevor were laughing about something like two old friends. Zach frowned at the sight and looked back at Jared.

"See." "See what? They're just laughing about something. What are you worried about? You think Trevor likes him better than you? You're nuts, he just met him."

"Am I? I've been watching him. He's been flirting with Trevor since we met up with him."

"So, Trevor loves you, doesn't he? Just trust him. If Kyle says or does anything he doesn't like, he'll stop him. Just have fun. This has been great so far."

"I hope you're right. Okay, let's have some fun."

"Yeah, let's do it."

They got off the lift and by the time they had their boots in the bindings, Trevor and Kyle were long gone. Zach looked around but didn't see them. They started down into the Freestyle Park. As they rode, Zach looked around for them but didn't see them. Jared noticed Zach's actions and went up to him when they stopped near the half pipe.

"Bro, what's wrong?"

"They aren't here."


"Trevor and that Kyle guy."

"So, Kyle is probably just showing him some tricks maybe helping him to get better."

"Why would he ride off with that guy; he barely knows him?"

"Hey, Kyle's all right. Besides you know what I said. Trust Trevor."

"I'd trust him a lot more if he wasn't missing in action with a cute guy like Kyle."

"Be cool and it'll be cool. We'll probably see them soon. So just chill. Let's do some riding."

"'Kay, bro."

They dropped into the pipe and started down, getting some air as they did. Meanwhile, Trevor and Kyle were riding through the freestyle park, Kyle was leading him over some real small jumps to get him used to jumping. Trevor followed along a bit more carefully, not sure enough of himself to get too high. He followed Kyle as he headed to a narrow trail.

"Hey, where are we going?"

"Just taking a short cut to Chair 9."

"Why are we going over there?"

"I wanted to show you something."

Trevor shrugged and followed him onto the trail. There was no one else there. Partway through, Kyle seemed to slip and fall. Trevor stopped and quickly got his boots freed, and hurried over to him.

"Hey, Kyle, are you all right?"

He leaned down and suddenly Kyle's arms shot up and pulled Trevor on top of him. Trevor was shocked for a moment and then he was rendered speechless, when he felt Kyle's lips on his in a kiss. He pulled back and looked down on Kyle. Kyle was smiling up at him.

"What are you doing?"

The smile faded and Kyle got a worried look.

"I... uh... thought you would like that. When you grabbed my hand at lunch, anyway, sorry."

Trevor got loose and walked back over to his board, to pick it up. He walked over to Kyle and looked down on him.

"What made you think I wanted you to do that?"

"Well, I thought you were interested. Maybe I was wrong. I'll just get going, sorry."

Kyle pushed himself up and started to leave.

"Kyle... Ky, wait."

Kyle stopped and looked back. Trevor picked up his board and trotted after him.

"C'mon, let's sit for minute."

Kyle got his boots out of the bindings and they went off to the side of the trail and sat down.

"Kyle. Don't get me wrong. You're cute, you're talented and I'm guessing gay, and I like you."


"But I'm not available." "You're not available. What do you mean? You have a girlfriend?"


"No girlfrie... you have a boyfriend?'

"Uh... yeah."

"It's Zach, isn't it?"


"How long?"

"A few months."

"You're lucky. Do your parents know?"

"My mom knows and so does Jake."

"Is Jake you're step dad or something?"

"No... well... not exactly, at least not yet. Hopefully soon he will be."

"So they're cool with it."

"Yeah, real cool."

"What about Zach's parents?"

"He hasn't said anything to them as far as I know, but as much as I know of them, I don't think they will mind, at least they better not."

"My family knows as well and they're okay with it."

"How long have you known?"

"About a year or so. You?"

"A few months. I'm guessing you don't have a boyfriend."

"No. Haven't found one yet. It's not exactly something you ask another boy."

"Well good luck. I know that I got lucky with Zach."

"Yeah, you did; he's pretty cute too. Anyway we should probably get going. I gotta get back a little early today."


They stood up and got their boots strapped back onto the board.

"Uh, Trevor. I'm real sorry about that."

"S'okay. Don't worry about it."

"I just couldn't help myself. You're really cute."

"Thanks, you are too. But sorry to say, you're not Zach."

"Yeah, he's lucky. Anyway, sorry."

"No prob. Let's go."

They followed the trail to the chair lift, got on the chair and rode it to the top, and then headed back down to the Zyzzyx half pipe. When they got there, Trevor saw Zach with his back to them, waiting for Jared and Jeremy to go so he could go, no one else was nearby. Trevor stopped and took his boots out of the bindings and hurried behind Zach. He threw his arms around him and hugged him, pulling him down into the snow. Zach was startled and fell easily, with Trevor under him.

"Trevor, what are you doing!? Someone will see us."

"Too late."

Zach looked over and saw Kyle standing there with a big grin. When Zach turned back to Trevor, who had gotten out from under him, Trevor had leaned down and kissed him. Again, Zach's mouth dropped open in surprise, he looked sideways at Kyle and his eyes widened and then he hugged Trevor and returned the kiss.

"Uh... guys... you might want to stop... like now! There are some people coming this way."

Trevor got up, and put his hand out for Zach. Zach grinned and took it. They brushed the snow off each other and Trevor retrieved his board. They all carried their boards to the side of the run and sat down. Zach blushed a bit.

"So... uh... Trevor told you?"

"Yep. I tried to get him into the woods and have my way with him, because I thought he liked me... uh... like that, but he stopped me and we talked for a bit."

"Good, because if he didn't, I would, and you wouldn't like it if I did."

"Sorry Zach. I didn't know until he told me. So are we good?"

"Yeah, we're good."

"Anyway, I better get going. I've gotta meet my brother soon. We have some chores to do this afternoon."

"Okay. We'll come with you. I'm getting tired and thirsty."

The three boys got their boots strapped in and headed over to the half pipe. As they rode down, Kyle did a few tricks and Zach just got some air. Trevor took his time, as he went from one side to the other. They got to the bottom and parted with Kyle bumping fists.

"See ya tomorrow, Kyle"

"Sorry I won't be here. I have some stuff to do, but hey, why don't we go to a movie tomorrow night, you and the other guys. That is, if your parents don't mind.'

"That sounds fun. We'll tell the others. I'm sure it will be okay. Can we have your number so we can call you?"


They got to the locker counter and borrowed a pen and some scrap paper. He wrote it down and gave it to Trevor. He saw his brother, so he waved and hurried over to him. They watched as he waved to them as he and his brother drove away. Trevor and Zach headed back up to the deck to get a drink and sat down next to each other, watching the slopes.

"So he wanted to have his way with you, huh?"

"Well, he surprised me and he did kiss me. It shocked me."

"He did? Well he better not try again. As your Mom said to Jake, Those belong to me."

"Yeah, likewise."

"I was getting kind of pissed at lunch. You were sitting next to him and he was talking about himself and flirting with you. Then when we went up on the chair lift, you were sitting with him, not me and laughing like you were old friends. I kind of got jealous, sorry. But Jared talked to me and said to trust you. I guess he was right."

"Yeah, he was. I wouldn't do anything to hurt you. You know that, right?"

"Yeah, I guess I just forgot for a little there."

Trevor put his arm across Zach's shoulders and gave it a quick squeeze. They continued to look out over the slopes. Pretty soon they saw Jake and Sandy come skiing up and stop, take their skis off and put them in the rack along with their poles. Jake put his arm around Sandy and she wrapped her arm around his waist. Zach looked at Trevor who was grinning.

"So far, so good, huh."

"Yeah, maybe they'll tell us someday soon about getting married. Then Jake will really be my dad. That would be so cool."

"Yeah, it would. You know I've been thinking about Lucas and those assholes at school. I think we ought to ask my Dad and your hopefully soon to be Dad to teach us self defense. Those guys are bigger than us, and it would be good to know a few things. Maybe they'll teach Lucas as well if we ask."

"You know, that might be a good idea. I'm sure they would. That would help us protect ourselves. Let's wait until we get back. Here they come. Let's ask about going to the movies tomorrow night."

"Yeah, good idea, both of them."

Jake and Sandy came up on the deck and Trevor waved to them. They saw him and made their way over to him.

"Hey, Trevor, Zach."

"Hi Jake, Hi Mom."

"Hi, honey. What are you guys doing up here, I thought you'd be out on the slopes."

"Well we got a little tired and thirsty, so we decided to get something to drink and then we've just been sitting here talking and watching the people on the slopes. We came back with Kyle."

"Oh, where is he?"

"He had to leave to do some chores with his brother. He asked us to go to the movies with him tomorrow night. Is it okay if we go?"

"Sure. I don't see why not. We'll check with Tom and Terry, but I don't think that will be a problem."

"Yay, cool."

"Are you guys done for the day?"

"Yeah, we just were sitting here for a bit waiting for everyone else."

"I think that's a great idea. Sandy, do you want something to drink?"

"Thanks Jake. I'd like a Pepsi."

"I'll be right back."

He leaned down to kiss her and heard a "woooo" from the two boys. He growled at them and walked away, Sandy smiled at them. The three of them talked about their day on the slopes. When Jake returned, he sat next to Sandy and they talked. Soon the rest of the gang showed up. Jake told them about the movie plans for the next evening. Tom and Terry gave the go ahead. When everyone was ready, they gathered their gear and headed back to the cabin.

That night in bed Zach and Trevor were cuddled up face to face with their arms around each other, talking quietly.

"Zach, I'm sorry I made you jealous."

"S'alright. I shoulda known better. I'm glad Jared said something to me. I wasn't a real happy camper for a while there. Then when you two disappeared, I was starting to get pissed, but Jared knew I was getting mad and he calmed me down, so we just rode around for a bit, but I did keep looking around for you two."

"Kyle took me on a narrow trail that leads from the freestyle park over to the family park. There was no one on it, so I guess he figured we would have some privacy there."

"Well at least now he knows to keep his paws to himself."

"Yeah, but there is one thing."


"He kisses nice."

"What? Better than me?"

"I don't know, the jury is still out on that." (giggle)

"Okay, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, I offer the following as evidence."

Zach pulled Trevor close and gently kissed him on the lips, then he pulled back and kissed a little harder. Trevor responded to the kiss, and they both opened their mouths a little. Their tongues reached out and gently touched. Soon they opened their mouths more and their tongues were in a full blown wrestling match. The pressed their bodies against each other front to front. Moans were quietly coming from their throats. Their legs were entwined as they tried to pull each other as close as possible. Soon they were grinding their briefs clad hips against each other and felt something else get excited. They pushed against each other and only the fact that they had their mouths covered kept them from making too much noise, at least outside the room. Zach rolled Trevor to his back, he got on top of him and started to push his hips against him, Trevor responded by pushing back. They found a rhythm that worked and continued it, all the time keeping their mouths locked. Suddenly they both stiffened for a few seconds, and then relaxed. They stopped kissing and Zach lay on top of Trevor, his head lying on Trevor's right shoulder, both of them took in big breaths as they came off the high. Trevor felt Zach's breath against the side of his neck. Zach lifted his head up and looked at Trevor, he kissed him lightly and rolled off him and lay on his back. When they both calmed down more, they turned to look at each other.

"Wow... that was... awesome."

"Yeah, me too. We have got to do that more often."

"As often as you'd like, lover boy."

"Finally, now we can get some sleep."

Zach and Trevor both looked over at Jared and Jeremy who were grinning at them. Jared was leaning over Jeremy with his arm around him, using his other arm to prop his head so he could look over Jeremy's head. He looked down to Jeremy.

"Jer, are you sleepy."

"Well... maybe not yet."

"Good, because I have something to talk to you about."

Trevor and Zach smiled at them as they watched what was happening in the other bed. Jared rolled Jeremy onto his back and got on top of him before he gave him a kiss. They started copying what Zach and Trevor had just finished. Trevor rolled back and was facing Zach. They put their arms around each other as the boys in the other started moaning into each other's mouth. Trevor smiled at Zach and put his arms around him.

"Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, what is your verdict?"

"Wow. That was wow. No comparison. You are just the boy for me. We've really got to do that more often."

"Anytime you want."

"Thanks, Zach. I love you."

"Love ya too."

They kissed good night and Trevor turned around so that Zach could spoon up against him. He took Zach's arm and pulled it around in front of him. They lie there watching as the other couple finished and cuddled up. Both groups looked at each other and smiled.

"Night, bros."

"Good night."

They fell asleep pretty quickly after that.

The next morning, they headed to the slopes and had another great day all day. They rode all over the Freestyle Park. Trevor and Jeremy were doing better and Trevor had started doing 180's in the half pipe. When they got back to the condo that afternoon, they got some spending money and everyone headed into the village. They spied Kyle waiting for them near the arcade and the boys piled out. The adults waved and the boys headed to a nearby pizza place for dinner. After they finished, they walked over to the movie theatre and looked at what movies are on. They picked Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones. The boys had a great time and enjoyed the movie. They walked back over toward the arcade. They saw Jake just pulling in. Kyle's brother was also there. He waved to them. They turned to Kyle.

"Hey, Kyle, thanks for asking us to go to the movies. It was fun."

"I had a great time too, Trevor. Sorry again about yesterday."

"No worries, are you going to be on the slopes tomorrow?"

"Yeah I'll be there; you guys still going to be here?"

"Yeah, we leave Sunday."

"Cool, I'll see you guys tomorrow. Well, gotta jet."

"Yeah, see ya."

The boys bumped fists and Kyle walked over to his brother's truck and got in. He waved one more time as they drove off. The boys made their way over to Jake's truck, and got in.

"Hey, guys, how was the movie?"

"Awesome. We saw Star Wars II."

"Good. So, one more day and then it's time to get home, back to our humdrum lives? You guys ready to go home yet?"

"Sorta. The snowboarding has been great. I can't wait to do it again."

"Well, we'll see if we can arrange a weekend trip in a few weeks."

"Yay, thanks, Dad."

"You're welcome, Son."

"Uh, D... Jake, could I ask you something?"

"Sure, anything."

"We've been talking and we wanted to know if you and Uncle Tom could teach us self defense?"

"Why, are you worried about those guys from school?"

"A little, but you never know, it would be good to know, just in case. We would like to learn and maybe you could teach Luke also."

"I don't see why we can't do that. I'll talk to Tom and see what he says."

"Thanks a lot."

They drove back to the cabin. The boys got to bed without a repeat of the night before, but they did cuddle up and kiss for a little bit before they went to sleep.

The next day the boys got out to the Freestyle Park as soon as they could and started making runs down the half pipe. When Kyle got out there, he started showing them some tricks, including riding on some of the rails and a couple of flips off some of the jumps. Zach and Jared tried doing the rails a little bit, but Trevor and Jeremy opted out, they were afraid that their skills were not good enough to try something like that. They continued to work on doing some small jumps, and by the end of the day Trevor was able to attempt a few 360's in the half pipe; he didn't always land them, but he did try them. They finished the day with Kyle at the bottom of the slope.

"Hey, guys, that was cool."

"Yeah, too bad we leave tomorrow, but it was fun. Thanks for the help, Kyle. I learned a lot."

"You're pretty good, Trevor, for a beginner. I hope I see you guys up here again sometime."

"We'll probably be back up here. That's what Jake told us after the movie the other night."

"Cool, well then, I guess that's goodbye for now."

"Kyle, why don't you give us your email address, and next time we're coming up we can let you know."

"Great, c'mon."

They walked over to the rental place and got a piece of paper. Kyle wrote his email down and they bumped fists. Kyle walked over to where the lessons were, while the boys went in search of their parents. They found them up on the deck. Jake and Sandy were sitting next to each other; his arm was around her and she was leaning against him as they watched the slopes. Tom and Terry were just coming out from the lodge with some coffee. Trevor stopped for a moment and looked at his Mom and Jake. They looked very happy, which made him real happy. Zach saw the smile on his boyfriend's face.

"Pretty cool huh?"

"Yeah, pretty cool."

They made their way over to the deck and joined the family.

"Hey guys! So you done for the day?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"Fine, why don't you go get something to drink and join us here for a little while, then we will get all the gear together and get going."


The boys went and got some hot chocolate and came back to the tables. Zach sat next to Trevor. They kind of leaned against each other as they relaxed. Zach leaned close to Trevor and whispered.

"Trev, I want to try something different tonight before we go to sleep."

"Okay, like what?"

"I want to do what we did the other night only naked. Is that okay?"

"Yeah, I think I'd like that."

The boys grinned and blushed. Soon enough everyone was done drinking and they grabbed all the gear. Once they got back to the house, Jake, Zach and Trevor took all the rental gear and turned it in at the rental place. That night, they went out to a steak place for dinner. After dinner they got almost everything packed up and ready to go home, and watched some TV for a while before they went to bed. In the bedroom, Zach and Trevor looked at each other and grinned. They stripped down to just their briefs and got into bed. They turned to face each other and whispered.

"You still want to, Tigger?"


Both of the boys squirmed around under the covers as they slipped their briefs off and dropped them on the floor. They moved close together again. Just the thought of being completely naked with another boy had both of them hard. They moved closer until their groins were touching. They started to kiss and as they did, Trevor slowly moved on top of Zach. The boys in the other bed were copying their actions, although they had not taken off their underwear. Trevor and Zach started slowly moving against each other, and built up to a steady rhythm. Pretty soon they stifled each other's moans by kissing. As their movement increased, Trevor pulled away from Zach's mouth and looked down at him.

"Zach, something feels different."

"Yeah, but don't stop."

"I feel slippery."

"Yeah, me too"

Zach pulled Trevor back down and kissed him some more, their movements became frantic until they both stiffened up and squealed into each other's mouth. They lay like that for a few moments until Trevor pushed up a little and looked down. He put his hand down between them and it came back sticky.

"Zach, look."

"Mmmm. Look at what?"


He put his hand in front of Zach's face and both of them could see the watery sperm on Trevor's hand. They both grinned.

"We made sperms!"

"Wow, that was incredible. This is definitely the way to do this."


Trevor carefully rolled off Zach and they pushed the covers down a bit looking at the evidence of their first wet orgasm. It was clear and watery.. They looked at each other and smiled.


"We got to clean up a little."

Trevor grabbed a t shirt and cleaned himself off. He handed it to Zach, who took care of his mess and then threw it on the floor. They cuddled up again. They looked over where Jared was lying on top of Jeremy as they caught their breath. Jared rolled off, pulled the covers down and looked down. He put his hand inside his underwear, and looked over at Jared who had done the same thing. They smiled at each other.

"Jeremy, did you... "

"Yeah, I'm sticky too. We gotta get changed."

"Yeah. I can't sleep with sticky underwear."

Jared carefully got up, when he looked over at the other bed he saw Zach and Trevor watching him and he smiled.

"Guys, Jeremy and I just shot sperm out."

"Yeah, we did too, but we planned for it better."


"We took our underwear off first."

"So you guys are naked?"

Zach moved the covers away, showing Jared that they didn't have anything on. Zach was lying partially on top of Trevor. Jared was smiling.

"Jeremy, come over here."

"Wait, I gotta clean up."

"It can wait."


Jeremy carefully scooted over the bed so that he was behind Jared and put his arm around him and his chin on his shoulder. He saw Trevor and Zach and his eyes went wider.

"We made sperm too. There is a t-shirt on the ground; you guys can use that to clean up if you want."

The two boys looked down and Jared stood up and slowly peeled his underwear off. He picked up the t shirt and wiped himself off. Jeremy followed suit. Jared looked at him when he finished.

"Jer, you want to sleep the rest of the night together naked?"

"Yeah, that'll be cool."

The two boys climbed back into bed as Zach let the covers drop.

"Night, bros, see ya in the morning."

"Night, Trevor, Zach."

Zach looked at Trevor and kissed him once more before rolling off of him.

"That was awesome. I like feeling your skin next to mine."

"Yeah, that made it better."

"This has been a great trip."

"Good night, Zach, I really love you."

"I love you too, Tigger."

Zach turned around and Trevor moved up behind him, putting his arm around him. Zach could feel the skin to skin contact between them as they relaxed and went to sleep.

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