Castle Roland

Who Is He

by Eric Aune


Chapter 12

Published: 8 Apr 14

Next week during their game, while warming up, Chris noticed someone standing in the shadows of the bleachers watching them warm up. The person looked familiar, but he couldn't be sure, since the person was wearing a ball cap and the hood of his sweatshirt up, sunglasses, and stood to the side of the locker room in the shadow of the building. Since there was still about fifteen minutes before the game started Chris held his hand up to the others in the infield to stop them from throwing the ball to him.

"Hey guys, I'm going to go get a drink of water before we start, be right back," he called out.

His teammates nodded in acknowledgment and went back to warming up, while Chris trotted off of the field. He made his way over to a nearby drinking fountain. He glanced at the person who was standing in the shadows as he walked by him and smiled. While he drank, he felt a presence move close to him. He looked to the side and saw the feet and legs of someone standing nearby and leaning against the wall. He finished and looked up at the person and saw that it was Jack.

"Hey, Jack," he smiled.

"Hi Chris," he said as he glanced at the field. "You guys look good out there. It's been awhile since I've played, but I really loved playing," he continued.

"Yeah, me too. I love baseball. Why don't you play for your school?" Chris agreed.

"Well I'm not in school. I'm out of school, have been for a couple a years," Jack admitted.

"Oh, I thought…" Chris started to say.

Jack interrupted him, "Yeah I know, I look about sixteen or seventeen, but I'm older."

"So you're in the area visiting friends again, I remember you said you don't live around here," Chris said.

"No, I came here to watch you guys play. I enjoyed it the last few times I was here, so I thought I'd come and cheer you guys on," Jack said.

"Cool! Isn't there a team near where you live to watch?" Chris asked.

"Sure, but I don't know anyone there, here I do, well I know you at least," Jack admitted.

"Oh…that's cool I guess. Well, I, uh gotta get back to warming up, the game starts soon," Chris said.

Chris turned to go back to the field but was stopped by Jack's hand on his bicep. He turned around and looked at the hand on his arm. Jack dropped his hand, "Sorry. I just want to talk to you for a moment, okay."

Chris looked at him, seeing his face reflected in Jack's sunglasses. He couldn't see anything behind the glasses, but he didn't feel threatened, so he stopped. He felt kind of nervous as he looked at the good looking, older teenager standing before him. He bit his bottom lip, "What about?" he asked nervously.

Jack took off his sunglasses and winced a bit from the brightness of the sun, "I wanted to wish you and Travis good luck," he said.

"For wha…" Chris started to say as he tried to puzzle out what Jack meant, and then he blushed as he realized what Jack was talking about. Chris immediately looked around wildly making sure no one is nearby.

"Wha….how did you… it obvious…I mean, what are you talking about?" he asked as he was looking around as he tried to calm down.

Jack started chuckling as he put his sunglasses back on. Chris frowned as he felt he was being laughed at. He started to turn, but stopped when Jack held up his hand. "Chris, wait. I'm not really laughing at you, but the look on your face when I said that, I couldn't help it," Jack said.

"Glad to be able to amuse you. Now if you don't mind, I gotta go," he said icily.

Jack immediately felt bad, "Wait Chris, wait. C'mon man, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to laugh at you or make you mad. I'm a friend, you can trust me. I swear," he pleaded.

Chris started to calm down, and when Jack noticed that he smiled and continued, "I just wanted you to know, that I wish you guys luck."

Chris still had a nervous look, "Are we that obvious?" he asked.

Jack shook his head, "No, not really. I'm just real observant. I can see how you guys feel about each other. I don't think anyone else does though, so you're safe. I would warn you to keep yourselves aware of how you act around each other. I know you guys know how a lot of people feel about gays," he said.

Chris nodded, "Yeah, we're trying. A friend of ours told us the same thing. It's hard though, when I see another couple, well, boy and girl couple walking around holding hands, I so want to do that with Travis, well we both do. I know because we've talked about it, but we know what would probably happen. So we save it for when we are home, where no one can see us," he sighed.

"Well, I hope if people do find out, at least before your ready to tell anyone, everything will be okay," Jack said.

"Thanks for that," Chris said.

Chris looked at Jack before continuing, "The friend who knows about us, he's gay too, but he's out, so…uh…is that why you…uh, could tell?" Chris asked.

"What, are you asking if I'm gay?" Jack chuckled.

"Well, yeah, I guess," Chris admitted.

"No, I'm most definitely not gay. I like the ladies," Jack said.

"Oh, okay, but you don't mind that we're gay?" Chris asked.

"No, I have had some gay friends and I still don't understand why people hate them for that, but they do…" Jack started to say.

"ELKINS!" The two of them turned toward the yell and saw the coach waving for Chris to get back on the field.

Chris turned back, "Hey Jack, sorry, I gotta go. Thanks for, well, for being a friend," Chris said.

"No probs, go out there and kick ass," Jack said.

They bumped fists and Chris ran back to the field. He put his glove on as he ran out to shortstop. Since it was a home game, they were in the field first. He glanced over toward Jack and raised his glove, Jack nodded and smiled back. Travis walked over to him and looked in that direction as well.

"Who's that bro?" Travis asked.

"Jack, that guy I told you about. He's a friend," Chris replied.

"Cool, I'd like to meet him," Travis replied.

"Sure, maybe after the game," Chris said.

They bumped gloves and Travis went back to 2nd base, and they warmed up for a couple of more minutes before the game started. They played well and whenever Chris looked toward Jack, he could see him smile and nod toward him. For some reason it made him feel good and he returned each smile, sometimes with a wave as well.

Travis started to notice this and was puzzled. He felt a little slighted, it was almost like Chris and this Jack guy were flirting. It was a little irritating to him, but he tried not to let it bother him as they game went on. Travis kept glancing at the exchanges between the two of them. He tried to see what Jack looked like, but with the hat and the hood pulled low and the glasses on it was hard. He looked like he was a teenager, just a few years older than he and Chris, but other than that nothing else.

Jack just watched from the shadows of a nearby building, clapping and cheering when their team made a good play or someone got a good hit just like everyone else that was there.

They were able to hold the opposing team off in the top of the last inning so it was not necessary for them to bat and they won the game. They shook hands with the other team and went back to the dugout to gather their gear up.

Travis noticed that Jack was still standing there, like he was waiting. Travis thought that he was waiting for Chris and he frowned.

"I don't think so. I'm going to stop this now." He muttered as he frowned at Jack.

Travis dropped his gear bag and left the dugout. He walked toward Jack, who stood there calmly in the face of Travis' frown and determined stride. Jack smiled, crossed his arms and leaned against the building in the shadows as Travis stopped in front of him.

"You're Jack right?" Travis challenged him.

"Right in one," Jack smiled.

"Chris told me you were his friend?" Travis continued.

"Yeah I'd like to think I am." Jack admitted.

"Well so am I, his best friend," Travis said.

"That's good. Everyone needs a best friend," Jack stated.

"Yeah, I am, so I was just wondering, since you don't live around here, why you're here watching us play?" Travis demanded.

"Like I told Chris, I love baseball. I played in high school like you guys," Jack said.

"What, you don't play now?" Travis asked.

"I'm not in school. I finished a few years ago," he admitted.

"So you just come around here to watch us play, even though you don't live around here, that's kinda unusual," Travis said.

"I come here because Chris is a friend and I like baseball. So when I'm around, I stop by and watch the games," Jacks said.

"Well okay, but I still think…" Travis started.

"Hey guys." They turned around as Chris caught up to them. "Hey, lover, you left your bag behind," Chris said as he drew near.

"Chris! What are you doing?" Travis asked in a panicked voice.

Travis looked around to see if anyone else heard what Chris said. Chris looked around as well before he leaned close and gave Travis a quick kiss on the cheek. Travis went bright red. Chris whispered in his ear, "Chill lover, he knows."

Travis was startled, "What! He kno...did you tell him?" he asked.

"No, he told me," Chris said as he nodded his head toward Jack.

"Oh, so he's…" Travis started.

"No, he's not, but he has no problem with it," Chris shook his head.

"Oh, uh cool. I thought, forget it," Travis said.

Jack was watching the two of them. "Hey you guys should break this up, you're kinda standing a bit too close, if you want to keep your secret," Jack said.

"Oh, uh yeah," they said.

They backed away from each other. "You guys are cute together," Jack said.

They both started blushing which caused Jack to laugh. "Let me make it official, Travis this is Jack, Jack this is Travis, my bo…well you know," Chris said.

Jack took off his sunglasses as he held out his hand. "Yeah, it's nice to meet you Travis," Jack said.

"Yeah, same here," Travis replied. Travis looked at Jack and got a puzzled look on his face.

"You look kinda familiar," Travis said.

"I don't know how, we've never met, maybe you've just seen me around," Jack said.

"Yeah, I guess that's it," Travis admitted.

"Chris, Travis, let's get going! Where's Bryce?" The three of them turned and saw Chris' parents walking up.

"Well, I'll see you guys. Laters!" Jack quickly put his sunglasses back on, pulled up the hood of his sweatshirt, turned and walked quickly away as Michael and Heather reached them.

"Who was that?" Heather asked.

"Oh, just a friend. He sometimes comes by to watch us play," Chris explained.

"That's nice. Well let's get going, where…" she started to ask.

"Hey Mrs. Hale," Bryce and Cheryl joined them.

Heather turned around, "Hi Bryce. Nice to see you Cheryl. Let's get going guys," she said.

"Hi Mrs. Hale. See you later, Bryce, bye guys," Cheryl said.

Cheryl gave Bryce a quick kiss before she left. The three boys followed the others to the car.

"Who was that guy you were talking to? I've seen him around a few times, but I don't recognize him from school," Michael asked them.

"He's a friend, I met him at the arcade, his name's Jack. He's a wicked DDR player. He sometimes comes to watch us play, when he's around," Chris said.

They piled into the car and left. Hidden on the roof of a nearby building, Leo watched them leave. Once they had left the parking lot, he looked in the other direction and watched 'Jack'.

"Well, well. That's an interesting development. So I was right about the pretty boy. He and the blond are boyfriends. This could be even more fun." He said to himself

He waited until the coast was clear before jumping down off the roof. He got on his motorcycle in the parking lot, quickly left the school and headed home. Once at the estate, he made his way to the study and knocked on the opened door. Zebulon was sitting at his desk, Randy was sitting in a chair nearby. Zebulon looked up motioning for Leo to come in.

"Good afternoon Leo, what can I do for you," Zebulon asked.

"I found out something today about that kid, sir," Leo replied.

"Something interesting, I trust," Zebulon said.

"Yeah, uh yes sir. The kid's gay and he has a boyfriend," Leo said with a sneer.

"Boyfriend. Yes, I think that counts as interesting…and perhaps useful," Zebulon mused. "What do you know about the boyfriend?" he asked.

"He's the kid's next door neighbor. I think they've been friends for a long time," Leo continued.

"We may be able to exploit that to get what we want," Zebulon mused.

"That Furginson guy was there talking to both of them," Leo said.

"That is expected, I suppose. Still it is useful information. Thank you Leo. Keep up the good work," Zebulon said dismissively.

"Yes, sir," Leo said.

Leo recognized the dismissal and left the study to return to his room for a few hours rest before he went out to party tonight. Seeing that pretty boy again, made him hungry for his kind of fun. He chuckled to himself as he thought of the fun he was going to have tonight.

The rest of the week was a normal school week. Chris didn't see Jack at their other game that week, probably because it was an away game against the opposing school, for some reason he missed him being there.

At the GSA meeting, they talked about sponsoring a spring dance, since the winter one had gone over well. They discussed this idea for the entire meeting and it met with approval from everyone. They decided that at the next meeting they would form committee's and get to work on it. Dave and Loren told them that they will start looking for a place to hold the dance and report on their progress at the next meeting. As the three friends were walking out of the school, they talked about the dance.

"Well who do you think you guys are going to take to the dance?" Cheryl asked.

"I'm not sure, there's that Mary Jacobs, she mi…ouch!" Bryce winced, and put his hand up to his right nipple and rubbed it while scowling at Cheryl.

"Hey, no fair, them are sensitive, you know I was kidding," he complained.

"Serves you right. I meant the other two," she said.

"Oh, I don't know, probably we'll just go, you know to help. Unless you have someone in mind, Chris," Travis said.

Travis' face was turned away from Cheryl as he looked at Chris for his answer and he gave a little smirk. Chris almost giggled, but grinned instead. Trying to control his giggles Chris continued, "No, can't think of anyone to go with. Oh wait, I know."

Chris did not miss the disappointed look that crossed Travis' face which caused Chris to smile as he leaned forward a little to look over at Cheryl.

"Hey Cheryl, since Bryce is going with Mary Jacobs, you want to go with me?" he asked with a smile.

Cheryl started laughing.

"Hey, buddy, get your own girlfriend, she knows I was just kidding," Bryce protested.

"I don't know. Chris is cute. Maybe it's time to get some variety in life. You know, change you in for a newer model," She said.

"No way. C'mon Chris, tell her you're just kidding," Bryce continued to protest.

"Hang on. I think Chris and I look good together, don't you guys?" Cheryl said.

"No, I think you look better with me, especially after I rearrange Chris' face," Bryce threatened as he started smacking a fist into his palm.

"Well, I guess we don't want that, so…okay, I'll go with you, but you're on probation for the Mary Jacobs crack," Cheryl said.

"How do I get off probation?" he asked.

"I'll think o…umph," she was interrupted by Bryce kissing her. Travis and Chris laughed and then Bryce let her go.

"Oookaaay, let's just say it will be a short probation," Cheryl said when she came up for air.

"I can work with that. So, what about you guys?" Bryce asked.

"I think Travis' idea will work. We'll go and help. We can dance with Jackie and Liz, like at the Christmas Dance," Chris said.

Travis smiled at Chris, the earlier disappointed look gone from his face, "Yeah that sounds like a plan."

The two of them dropped their gaze to hide the slight redness to their faces. Cheryl's eyebrows raised a little as she noticed this, but she quickly schooled her features. They made their way to the buses for the ride home.

For the next couple of weeks, the team continued to do okay. They won more than they lost, and they were not the top team in the league, but they did well enough to be in the running. Chris noticed that whenever there was a home game, Jack was there to watch the game; most of the time. He usually stood in the shadows of the nearby building. Most of the time he wore the hood of his sweatshirt up, covering the hat he wore and shading his face. He also had is sunglasses on, but at some point during the game, he would lower his hood and take his sunglasses off when he waved to Chris. Once he got Chris' attention he would replace the sunglasses and the hood.

The plans for the dance went ahead as well. Chris and Travis had volunteered to come in early and help set up for the dance. The club chose the Friday before Spring Break for the dance. The theme was Hawaiian Luau. The idea was for it to be pretty casual; everyone was encouraged to come in matching Hawaiian shirts and dresses.

Chris and Travis thought about wearing the same pattern shirt for about thirty seconds, before discarding that idea, because they figured it would scream 'couple' to everyone, so they opted instead to find the loudest and brightest shirts that they could find. So they were wearing similar type shirts, very loud, just not the same pattern. Chris found a bright yellow shirt, while Travis' was an almost electric green.

A few days before the event, they were talked into helping Jackie, Liz and a couple of other people put together piles of plastic leis that would be given to everyone who came to the dance. As the dance drew nearer, posters were put up all around the school. Chris and Travis helped with that as did several of the other members of the club. Occasionally, as they placed the posters, they heard behind them somewhere nearby, snide 'faggot' comments as they hung the posters. Some of the posters were defaced, by persons unknown, with writing across them in big letters; such as 'Fag dance', 'Homo Hoedown' and other similar phrases. The club members who found the defaced posters would calmly take them down and they would be replaced later that day.

On the day of the dance, Chris and Travis went home, ate a sandwich and quickly got ready so that they could head back to help get the school assembly hall ready for the dance. Chris' dad had volunteered to be a chaperone so he gave Chris and Travis a ride back to the school. Bryce would arrive later with Cheryl. They would have been there early to help as well, but Cheryl had a dentist appointment that afternoon, so they decided to go together later. As soon as the two boys arrived, they were put to work helping unload decorations from the back of Dave's truck. They had things like blow up plastic palm trees and tikis, along with several other Hawaiian themed decorations.

The DJ set up his equipment to one side of the stage. He had to be to the side because part of the entertainment for the beginning of the dance was a Hawaiian performance group, some of which were students at the school who would be doing some performing to open the dance. They were setting up their instruments and other equipment as well.

A photographer was set up to one side to take pictures of the couples. He had a background screen set up that showed a sandy beach with the blue sea behind it, and the word Aloha was printed across the top in big letters. Tables were set up at one end of the room, away from the stage area, while the rest of the room was left open near the stage for dancing. Once everything was set up, the DJ put a Hawaiian music mix in his player to set the mood.

Travis, Chris, Jackie and Liz were stationed at the front door along with the GSA advisor, Mrs. Lyons, to take and sell tickets and hand out leis. Travis and Liz waited just beyond the ticket table with a large basket of leis and they would place them over the heads of everyone that came in, Travis gave them to the girls and Liz gave them to the guys; after they had shown or purchased their tickets. Bryce and Cheryl were one of the first couples in, and after they got their leis, and their pictures taken, they came back over to the table to help. Once the line of arriving people had slowed down to a trickle, Mrs. Lyons dismissed them to enjoy the dance.

As they made their way toward the stage, the drums of the Hawaiian group started up and the performers started dancing. They performed several different traditional dances that everyone seemed to really like. Some of the dances were female only, some were male only and some were a mixture of both, depending on the type of dance. People in the crowd cheered louder when one of their friends, who were part of the group, performed. They even had a fire dancer come out and dance, which really got everyone wound up. The last had various members of the group performing in different types of dance clothing. The performance lasted about twenty minutes and the cheering was loud for them.

Finally Dave Basem came up and shook hands with the dancers and the DJ handed him a microphone. He smiled out at the crowd.

"Aloooooohaaaaa!" He yelled.

He was answered by a roar from the crowd as they yelled it back at him and cheered.

"Hey everyone, welcome to our Spring Dance. Let's get a round of applause for the Kahakalau Ohana."

The crowd again cheered and clapped for the performers.

"Awesome. Well everyone it's time to get this dance wound up. Thanks once again for coming to the dance. Now let's have a great time and have fun. Aloooooohaaaaa!"

He gave the DJ the mike again and the DJ started it up with some good dance music. Jackie and Liz dragged Chris and Travis out to the floor with them to dance. Jackie paired with Chris and Liz paired with Travis. They stayed out there for the first few numbers. They stayed together as a group of four, as the four danced, they separated out so that Chris and Travis were dancing next to each other across from the girls. When the girls would turn toward each other for a few moves, Chris and Travis without thinking did the same with each other. As they danced they couldn't help grinning at each other. After a while, what they were doing did not go unnoticed by Jackie and Liz. Pretty soon, the girls contrived to turn toward each other and dance more often than they did at the beginning of the set of dances. They nodded to each other, finally the tempo of the dancing slowed down and the two boys kind of looked at each awkwardly for a moment before Jackie saved the day and put her arm around Chris' shoulder.

"Hey guys, let's take a break. That was fun," she said. "Uh, yeah, me too. I need a drink of water or something. It's getting hot," Chris replied.

They saw Bryce and Cheryl sitting at a table and went to join them. "Thanks guys, we'll talk to you later," Jackie said as they dropped the two boys off at the table. "Okay sure, see you Jackie," Chris answered.

Chris and Travis sat down and grinned at each other. Chris looked up and saw Jackie and Liz look back at them and smile. He wondered what that was about and mentally shrugged it off. The four friends talked about the Hawaiian dancers and the apparent success of the dance. Cheryl and Bryce went back out to dance. Travis and Chris stayed behind, even though they really wanted to get out there and dance together but they were not ready to do that yet. It was okay with Jackie and Liz because it looked like they were dancing with them, not each other. So they sat back, listened to the music and watched the other dancers. They saw the other gay couples out on the dance floor. The next time Cheryl and Bryce came back, she took each of them out to dance with her for a couple of dances. Jackie and Liz came back and paired up with them again for a couple of dances. While they were watching the dancing Chris started to notice something. He looked around a bit before he turned to Travis.

"Hey Trav, take a good look out there and tell me what you see," he asked.

Travis looked for a bit before he turned back to Chris and shrugged, "People having a good time and dancing?" he offered.

"No, really look, study them for a few moments, look deep I guess," Chris tried to explain without giving away what he meant.

Travis turned back and started looking all around the room, trying to see what Chris had seen. He turned back and shrugged, "That's what I see, a lot of people just hanging out and having a good time," he said.

"Okay, look over there at that table," he said as he gestured toward another table.

Travis looked at the table where Chris pointed. Sitting there he saw Alex and Vincent sitting next to each other holding hands and talking to some other couples who were seated nearby. They couldn't hear what was being said but they seemed to be laughing and joking like old friends. A few moments later, as he was about to turn back to Chris, he got it; the others they were talking with were straight couples, not gay couples. He started looking around the room and he saw the same scene repeated several places, gay and straight couples were sitting or even dancing together and no one was being treated differently. They were all just a bunch of kids having a great time together. When his eyes got back to where Alex and Vincent were sitting, he saw Alex lean over and give Vincent a quick kiss to the smiles, muted catcalls and claps from a couple of the guys who were sitting near them with their dates. The room had an air of acceptance. No one was being an ass toward any of the gay couples. There seemed to be a live and let live attitude. He smiled when he turned back to Chris.

"Pretty cool huh?" Chris said happily.

"Yeah Chris, it is. No one is causing any problems or saying anything derogatory. Everyone is getting along," Travis replied.

"Maybe there's hope yet. Although I noticed there are some people who are not here, like Jerry and some of his friends," Chris said.

"Suits me just fine. Just a couple more months and we won't have to deal with that bigoted asshole for a few months," Travis said.

"Yeah. I'll be back in few, gotta go to the bathroom," Chris told him.

"Kay," Travis replied absently as he turned to look back at the room.

Chris got up and made his way out of the room. He stood outside for a moment until he realized that the closest ones were located just outside the gym. He walked quickly to the restroom, anxious to get back to Travis. He finished his business and washed up. He pushed through the door and turned toward the hall to return to the dance. There was sudden movement in the dark when a sudden pain in his stomach doubled him over causing him to fall to the ground.


He grabbed his stomach as his breath left him. He gasped as he tried to get some air. Before he could do anything a cloth bag was thrown over his head and he felt several hands grab his arms and pull him up. He remained bent over with his hands over his stomach as he coughed trying to catch his breath. Without the hands to hold him up he would have still been on the ground. He heard a muffled voice.

"C'mon, let's go," the voice said.

The hands pulled him along. He was dragged stumbling to wherever they planned to take him. He was turned around and didn't know where they were taking him. He was finally able to catch his breath. He could hear others around him besides the two holding him and the one who spoke. They stopped, he heard some muted words and then he heard the clinking of a chain as it was pulled through a fence and dropped to the ground. He was pulled along once again. There was a strange sound to the area that they had entered, a little bit of an echo. There was also a sharp smell in the air that took him a few moments to identify. The hood over his head blocked some of the smell, but he soon knew what it was combined with a kind of humid feeling in the area. He knew that they had taken him to the pool area behind the gym. He finally had recovered enough and suddenly stamped down on the foot of the person on his right and tried to pull away.

"Fuck! You cocksucker!" the voice yelped in pain.

A fist struck him in the jaw, and another to the stomach doubled him over gasping for air once again. The hood made it hard for him to catch his breath. He dimly heard a door creak a little as it was opened.

"Bring him inside," the first voice said.

He was dragged along once again. He could hear machinery of some kind in the room that they entered. He heard the door being closed and there was a brightness that could be dimly seen through the hood. The hands that held him dropped him to the ground. He put his hands out and stayed there on his hands and knees. The bag was jerked off his head and he took some deep breaths before he looked up. He squinted in the fluorescent light that lit the room after the blackness of the bag that had been covering his head. It was warm in the room. There was machinery on one side of the room. At the other side were a desk and a couple of cabinets. He could smell the sharp smell of chlorine in the room. He could see a stack of crates holding the chlorine bottles. There were a few folding chairs leaning against one wall as well as an old rolling chair facing the desk. There were four other guys in the room. All of them had ski masks on their heads, keeping their identities hidden and their voices muffled. There were two standing on either side of him. One of the guys was leaning against the desk with another standing in front of Chris a few feet away. He turned around and grabbed the rolling chair from in front of the desk, moved it in front of Chris and sat down.

"Well, well, well. What have we here? A little faggot all alone with none of his other queer friends to help him," the boy said.

"What do you want from me? I've done nothing to you," Chris gasped out.

The boy chuckled, "No, not yet, but you will soon. You see, someone like you is good for one thing. My girlfriend won't give me a blow job and since you're a fag, you'll probably be happy to do that for me. All you fags like doing that, so we have four guys here who need your…services," the boy said. The others in the room laughed along with the leader.

Chris got a panicked look on his face, "I've never done anything like that. Just let me go and no one will get in trouble," Chris cried.

"Oh, no one will be in trouble. You don't know who we are, so you can't tell anyone who we are. You can look at this as…on the job training, yeah, on the job training. When we're finished, you'll be well trained. I'm sure your boyfriend will be real happy with your training tonight. You take care of us and…we won't beat the shit out of you. It's as simple as that, you give us what we want and you don't end up in a hospital," the boy threatened him with an amused, almost friendly tone.

Chris dropped his head as the tears started to well up. He was scared and didn't know what he was going to do. He knew he didn't want to do anything like this, especially for these guys.

"What's the matter, are you going to cry? Look guys, the little pussy is going to cry. Don't cry little bitch, we'll be gentle. I'm sure you'll enjoy it," the boy said.

The guys in the room started laughing and jeering him. The tears fell but now anger started to build and he could feel his face getting hot. When he looked up, they were still laughing at him. He gritted his teeth in a snarl and suddenly launched himself at the guy in front of him. His momentum knocked the guy and the chair backwards and over. Chris ended up on top of him and punched him once in the side of the head. He was then pulled roughly off the guy before he could hit him again. He started kicking and struggling to get free. The leader got up and untangled himself from the chair. He rubbed his jaw as he stood up and chuckled a little.

"Not bad, bitch," he said, a little admiration in his voice.

"Fuck you. Tell your asshole buddies to let me loose and then it'll just be you and me," Chris yelled at the boy.

"Tempting, really tempting, but…"

He stopped talking as he stepped forward and kicked Chris between the legs. Chris' knees went weak and he screamed as he sagged in the grip of his tormentors. The leader came up and followed the kick with another to his stomach and Chris started retching. Luckily nothing really came up except some spit and some blood from his cut mouth, which landed on the leader's shoes. He jumped back and the two guys holding Chris dropped him. He went right to the ground and his freed hands immediately went to his injured groin. He was crying in pain, when another kick hit him in the back, causing him to yelp.

"You fucker, you spit all over my shoes. I'm going to tear you a new asshole, bitch. Pick the little shit up," he ordered angrily.

The two guys picked Chris up again, trying to stay out of the puke on the floor. The leader stepped forward and hit him on the right side of his face followed by a blow to the left side of his face. Blood dripped from his cut lip and his nose. Chris could only moan as the guy hit him in the stomach again. He sagged in the arms. He remembered seeing the cartoons that showed stars floating around someone's head when they were hit and found that it was kinda true, you saw stars when you've been hit like that. He slowly shook his head, trying to clear it and deny what was happening to him. Things started to grow dark and he knew he was passing out from the abuse. That last thing he heard was the leader talking.

"Bring the little bitch over to the table and bend him over. Take the bitch's pants down. I'm gonna show him how to take it like the fag he is."

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