Castle Roland

The Odd One Out

by Gary Conder


Chapter 11

Published: 30 May 16

The Odd One Out

Copyright © 2015
by Gary Conder
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The weekly shopping was always a chore for Colt and now shopping for two made him realise it was about time he purchased some mode of transport instead of having to walk his lot home. Charlie had offered his utility but as the Bacon Factory was the other side of town among the gibber fields, Charlie would need to be driven to and from work.

On the occasion, when his shopping was heavy, Colt returned home by taxi but all three local drivers found the short distance not worth their while, often becoming quite rude, or pretended not to have noticed him when he hailed them down. One of the drivers, although he knew the direction, punched the farm address into his Navigation System in a show of protest.

Before Charlie came to stay Colt did the shopping on Saturday but changed to Friday, a time when his friend was at work, as Charlie insisted he help and the two together was wagging some tongues, with Eric declaring they were becoming like an old married couple.

Outside Turner's supermarket Colt once again chanced upon Maddy, who in her usual brash way called from some distance before he had time to duck out of sight into the supermarket. Her swish of hips and short skirt drew attention and wolf whistles from a group of council workers close by. Loving the attention, she gave the men a wave before catching up with Colt.

"Morning Maddy, why aren't you at work?" He begrudgingly greeted.

"Shopping for the boss," Maddy answered in her sing-song voice.

"Do you want to go for coffee?" She asked.

"I'd love to but I'm in somewhat of a hurry, I have to do the shopping and I have a horse that needs my attention." Colt lied. Again thank goodness for the sick horse excuse.

"Pity, you haven't given me that invite out to your place for drinkies you promised."

"Be honest Maddy it isn't a drink you're after and as I said if you want to screw Charlie, you arrange it with him. He's big and ugly enough to make his own arrangements without my help."

Colt made gesture towards the supermarket door but Maddy blocked his way.

"I still think we should go for that drink," If nothing Maddy was persistent and thick skinned.

"Sure I'll be at the Cricket Club tomorrow night, may see you there but it is members only night."

"That's alright I am a member, my father is on the committee."

If it were a game of chess Maddy's most determined queen had just cornered Colt's frustrated king and it was checkmate.

"Sure then I will see you tomorrow night." Colt agreed.

"Will Charlie be there?" She asked.

"I suppose so, he usually turns up." Colt entered into the store while watching Maddy as she progressed along the street, all hips and arse. "I could really get to dislike that girl." He released within a long and slow breath.

"Good morning Russell." Alf Turner greeted from his position stacking tinned soup one on top of the other, to create a most precarious pyramid.

"Good morning Mr. Turner, the local kids will have a field day with that stack. I can see them all over the shop before the day is out." Colt answered.

"Do you think so?" Turner asked standing back from his stack of cans. He agreed and commenced to place them back in boxes.

"I saw you talking to Maddy Ferguson." Turner observed as his small stack fell apart and cans commenced to roll towards the doorway. Colt helped collect the renegade cans. "You know at one time there young Russell, we thought you and Maddy would make a go of it."

"Did you think so?" Colt answered as the last of the spilt cans was collected.

"Even Les thought so. He said you would make a perfect son-in-law." Turner added.

"I suppose sometimes life doesn't run to the plan of parents." Colt concluded, bid the shopkeeper good morning and gathered his groceries.

Home that night Colt related his meeting with Maddy to Charlie, who was adamant he didn't want anything to do with her.

"Maybe you should give her one for good luck." Colt suggested without conviction.

"I don't think so; she is much too pushy, besides she would be riding me."

"Tomorrow's Saturday are you going home for the weekend?" Colt asked once the humour and dismantling of Maddy's character was done with.

"No why do you ask?"

"I'd like to borrow your ute for a couple of hours, I have a relation of sorts who lives out near the Bacon Factory and I need to talk with her."

"Sure, do you want me to come with you?"

"Na it's only family stuff, I don't think it will take long, besides she's getting on and may stress with too many visitors."

"The tank's almost empty; I'll fill it in the morning."

"No it's alright I can do it on the way." Colt suggested.

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