Castle Roland

Falls On Deaf Ears Book 1

by Hammy


Chapter 4

Published: 8 Apr 14

"Hey Jar head!" Eric called to Jason, who was standing across the fence. Jar head was a nickname he had used for Jason since their field trip to the marine base. Jar was Jason's initials. Jason didn't respond to his call. "Earth to Jason!" Eric had to talk louder than the first attempt. "JASON!" Eric screamed.

Jason was looking off into the distance, as if he wasn't on the planet or aware of his surroundings. When he heard Eric yell at him, he shook his head and adjusted his eyes to focus on Eric looking at him from the edge of the in-ground pool. Using sign-language, Jason began moving his hands slow, "Oh, hi Eric, I wasn't paying attention. SORRY!"

"That's fine really." Eric shouted back. "Wanna swim?"

"Sure! Lemme go change!"

Jason was about to leave when he heard Eric call for him. "Wait..." Eric appeared slightly red as he began to ask shyly, "why not swim naked? You can change out here. I don't think our parents would mind." {I need to use that line someday grin - T.W.}(You mean you haven't tried already? :-D)

"Umm, well..." Jason started, but was also starting to show signs of reddening across his face, "ok, I guess."

Jason climbed over the fence with ease. He knew it would have been easier to use the side gate, but the gate was on the other side of the Shannon's property. The Shannons and Rosses each had 1 acre of land behind their houses. Eric's parents had a nice 30ft by 15ft crescent heated pool installed shortly after their house was built. There were a few palm trees at the entrance to the pool. To the right was a large round picnic table and a wet bar on the opposite side. Several white lounge chairs were placed diagonally in pairs on one side while the other had regular lawn chairs accompanying a small round table with a large umbrella in the center of it. Outside of the pool entrance was a 20' fountain. Layers of red rock decorated its mountainous form, allowing a small stream to flow in multiple directions as it made its way down from the top. The fountain basin contained a number of goldfish in various sizes. The sight of the fountain was breathtaking during day, but at night, no words could describe how it looked. The Shannons also did a number of upgrades to the house, making many neighbors jealous. Hell, they loved the pool scene the best. Jason's parents were the only exception. They thought it was so cool what Eric's parents had done to their house, it even inspired them to do a few upgrades to their home. Even though, they didn't have a pool, just a large open yard, there was a 40' by 40' garden near the edge of their property. Jason loved gardening with his parents and always helped out when he could. The only real upgrades they actually did were to remodel their kitchen and add a few extra rooms to their house. They took their time doing it, and the current project was not complete.

Once Jason took a moment to stand in awe and admire the fountain's beauty, he proceeded to enter the pool area by opening and closing a gate. Once the gate was closed, Jason stripped his clothes in a hurry hoping no one would see him. Luckily, no one could.

Jason nearly jumped out of his skin after hearing a high pitch voice squeal and some giggles. "Hi there! Don't be shy, hop right in! It's not like there is much to see!" Eric shamelessly informed Jason, using sign-language, after watching him for several moments.

"Why you...!" Jason was trying to sound hurt, but fell to giggles after Eric made a funny face at him.

"Com'on babe! The water is nice!"

Jason didn't need any more encouragement, he darted towards the deep end and jumped, attempting a cannonball dive into the pool. splash! Water splashed everywhere, but Eric didn't mind. In fact, he was holding up 10 fingers, indicating a job well done to Jason.

Once Jason surfaced, he swam to Eric, poked him in the side. It led to him tickling his boyfriend. "Stop, hehehehe, stop, I'm gunna pee!"

Jason stopped the tickle torture for a moment, watching Eric. He threw his arms around Eric, closed his eyes, and began to kiss him. Eric decided two could play at that game and kissed Jason back. The two lovebirds were kissing passionately for a few minutes before gasping for breath.

"Wow!" Eric was breathing hard as he tried to say more. "That was awesome!"

"You think so?" Jason was also breathing hard and signing at the same time. "That was fun, but what if we get caught?"

"No worries"

"You sure?"

Eric moved in to plant another deep kiss on Jason's lips to answer his question. "Better?"

"Yea, much!"

"Wanna play a game or relax some?" Eric was hoping to relax after a long week in school and wanted to save the fun for later.

"I like the idea of relaxing, but how..." Jason began signing, but Eric turning around, and heading for the pool storage shed interrupted him. Jason saw Eric pulling out a chair.

Jason couldn't help but grin as he saw Eric drag the massive chair and throw it into the pool. It was a wide pool chair designed for one person, but was more than enough room for two small boys.

Once Eric hopped back in the pool and climbed into the chair, Jason swam over and climbed on.

After spending a few moments staring at the sky in each other's arms, they fell asleep in the mid-afternoon sun.

Jerry wanted to check on his son to see what he was up to and walked outside to find a Kodak moment. He hurried back in to search for Trish and found her in the foyer throwing a load of clothes in the washer. "Hey Hon, grab the camera! You gotta see this! Oh! And call Jason's parents too! Tell them to bring their camera as well!"

"Wha..." Trish was about to start to say something, but Jerry left in a hurry to make sure the boys were still sleeping.

**Huh. Okay! ** She thought to herself as she picked up the phone and began dialing the Ross residence.

After a few rings, Joyce answered. "Hello."

"Hi, Joyce, it's Trish, Jerry wanted me to call you to tell ya to get your camera and come right over! Something about the boys and a Kodak moment."

Joyce giggled, "Okay, be right over! Bye!" She hung up without waiting for an answer.

Trish shook her head and giggled as she went in search of the camera. A few moments later, she found it on the dining room table. She walked outside in time to see Joyce and Jack enter the side gate.

Once the trio spotted Jerry standing at the gate to the pool area, they headed over to join him. Jerry looked behind him as he heard their approach and with an evil grin and a finger on his lips he whispered, "SShhh! Quietly and quickly, let's take a few pictures, then scare them afterwards!"

All the adults were in awe at the sight of 2 naked boys wrapped in each other's arms, sleeping like angels. They finally managed to take a few pictures, after they remembered they were holding the cameras.

"Honey." Trish started, "How do you plan on waking them up?"

Jerry, grinning evilly, said nothing but took off his shirt and slowly entered the pool. He looked back to see both women shaking their heads in disbelief while Jack mouthed words of encouragement.

This should be a moment to remember! Jerry thought as he began to slowly duck underwater to make his way to the floating pool chair.

Once Jerry carefully positioned himself under the chair, in an instant, he lifted it up, let out a loud roar, and threw it in the deep end. Two very scared boys were wide eyed and holding each other as they peed in the pool. The ladies barely managed to hold the cameras still as they were laughing so hard, but they did get a few good shots.

"Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Eric whined.

"Mr. Shannon! How dare you!" Jason exclaimed.

All Jerry could do was laugh more.

Eric growled inwardly, as he and Jason exchanged looks. Without a word, they both dove back into the pool and swam towards Jerry. Jerry was still laughing as the two boys tackled him. From that point on, it was just pandemonium. A good ole fashioned water wrestling match ensued.

Once the fun settled down, Trish was tapping her foot giving the guys 'the look'. "Ok, gentlemen, playtimes over! Since Jack and Joyce are here, why don't we have a cookout?" Trish turned her attention to Jack and Joyce, "That is if you don't mind."

"We don't mind, in fact, we had nothing planned this evening." Jack spoke for the both of them.

"Then it's settled." Jerry added as he was exiting the pool.

"Okay, the two naked boys in the pool had better get dressed, or they'll burn their favorite toys!" Trish said with a small grin.

"MOOOOOOOOM!" An extremely red faced Eric shouted as he was getting out. Jason couldn't say anything since he was 10 shades of red. Jerry and Jack were both given 'the look', by Trish and Joyce, as they walked past chuckling and ignoring the women. When the women turned their attention to their boys, both boys were sunburned from head to toe.

"Oh my god!" Trish and Joyce exclaimed in unison.

"Just how long were you two out here?" Joyce asked Jason.

"An hour or two, maybe?" Jason said with a shrug.

"Don't give me that, young man." Gasped Joyce. "You're going to need lots and lots of lotion, both of ya! But let's get you in some loose clothes first and out of sight too!"

The boys groaned at the mention of clothes and getting out of sight. They were enjoying their summer together. They had a few plans set for the next three months before school started and wanted to make the best of it. Unknown to them, their parents had a few surprises, which they thought everyone would enjoy.

As Trish was looking for lotion to rub on their sunburns, Joyce was in Trish's bedroom helping the boys into some loose shorts so they wouldn't hurt themselves.

Once Trish found the lotion, she walked towards her bedroom to find both boys, red as lobsters in a pair of loose shorts with Joyce just shaking her head.

"I hope you two learned something today." Joyce said. "The tan you two will have afterwards will look good, but right now, you need lotion to help with the burns."

Trish couldn't help but smile. She then walked over to Joyce and handed her the bottle of lotion. Once Joyce was done squeezing a large amount of lotion on her hands, she started gently rubbing it on Jason. Trish was doing the same to Eric. Both mothers had noted the sudden tent in the boy's shorts and let a giggle escape. Both boys were a darker shade of red once they realized the rising problem.

"Okay, you're all set; now, don't be embarrassed, it happens to all boys." Trish said.

Both blushing boys were burning a darker shade of crimson, but nodded.

"Go downstairs and relax, and try not to move around too much." Joyce added.

"Okay, mom." Jason replied.

"Okay, Joyce." Eric added then began to walk out of his parents' bedroom towards the stairs. Jason followed Eric like a lost puppy.

Trish and Joyce shared a light chuckle. "I guess its time to start dinner." Trish said with enthusiasm.

"That reminds me, what's for dinner? Is there anything I can do to help? I can run home and make something if you need me to?" Joyce asked, sounding helpful.

"Oh, don't be silly, you can make it here. You know that."

"Yeah, I guess I did. I was going to make macaroni salad to go with whatever you planned to make."

"Sounds good! Jerry and I were going to make twice-baked potatoes, corn on the cob and BBQ chicken on the grill. I think macaroni salad will go nicely with that."

"How about apple pie for dessert? I was going to make that today, actually, I had all the ingredients prepared and was about to start before you called and told us to come over right away. I'm glad we did!" Joyce was giggling at the recent memory of the boys in the pool.

"Oh! I'm sorry; I didn't know you were baking apple pie." Trish said apologetically.

"No worries, it's all good." {Hip hop Australian? - T.W.} (Hah??)

"Why don't you run to your house and bring everything here. No sense in going back over there and cooking alone. I don't mind, we have plenty of room in the kitchen."

Both women were getting ready to leave Trish and Jerry's bedroom, but not before Joyce stopped at the door. "Sounds like fun!"

Sometime after dinner, everyone retired to the Shannon's living room for some relaxation. The boys hung out with the adults for a short time before heading outside for a walk. Once Jason was almost out of hearing range, he heard something that got his attention. "Trish? Was there something bothering you..." Joyce's voice trailed off as Eric was pulling Jason away for a walk.

Jason was hoping to hear more of the adult's gossip, but Eric had other plans. "Aw man, EC!" Signed Jason, "Why did you have to pull me away when things were getting good in the living room?"

Eric gave Jason a confused look and replied in sign-language, "What ya mean?"

"I mean, my mom was asking your mom if something was bothering her."

Eric was feeling unsure how to respond to his boyfriend's question. "Ohhhhhh...wellllllll...ummmmm, I know mom told me not to say anything about this since there are a few people out there who would look at mom like she must be on drugs or something."

Jason tilted his head and stared at his boyfriend for a few seconds. "umm...huh?"

"I mean, I had a twin brother." Jason looked at Eric as if he had grown a third eye. "Don't look at me like that! I never met him! Mom says he was kidnapped from the maternity ward. I would have told you, but I never thought about it. The hospital staff tried to find out what happened, but there were never any leads, he just vanished. That's why mom is so overprotective of me." Eric was rolling his eyes after he said the last sentence.

Jason gave Eric a hug for a moment then broke it off and looked at him in the eyes. "Oh, wow, I never knew. I'm sorry you never got to know or even meet your brother."

"Its ok, really, I have you now, don't I?"

"Yea, you do and I am never letting go of that!"

Eric giggled then Jason started giggling.

Both boys spent an hour walking in their peaceful neighborhood before heading home. Eric somehow had a feeling his mom was getting worried as he could sense some vibes coming from her.

Just as Eric and Jason arrived at Eric's house, the pair stole a hug from each other and a quick kiss before entering. Jason's ears perked up as Trish finished her last statement. "...and that's why we have been very protective of Eric."

All the adults shifted their attention to the boys as they entered the living room.

Trish sighed, "Hi guys, glad to see you're back in one piece!"

"Mooooooooooooooooom!" Eric whined.

"Well, hey, it's my job to worry about you. That is something that will never change."

"Yeah, moooom, I knowww." Eric sighed as he finished the sentence.

Joyce chimed in to break the tense moment. "Anyone up for some pie and ice cream?"

Both boys and their fathers raised their hands. "ME!"

Trish and Joyce shot 'the look' at their husbands then had a good laugh about it since they couldn't hold the increased giggling. The looks on their husband's faces were priceless.

After having a delicious apple pie topped with vanilla pecan ice cream, Joyce and Jack announced their departure. {The white zone is for the loading and unloading of passengers only - T.W.}

"Mom!" Jason began with a hint of excitement in his voice, "Can Eric sleep over?" Jason got on his knees and clapped his hands together as if he was saying a prayer. "Pleaaaassssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee." Jason added the puppy dog in for extra measure.

"Why are you asking me? You should be asking Trish and Jack. You know Eric can come and stay over any time."

"Oh." Jason turned his head and proceeded to ask Trish and Jerry the same question, but, they were all thumbs up.

"Yippeee!" Jason nearly shouted loud enough to make glass break.

"Pipe it down a bit will ya? That was loud enough to wake the dead!" Jack boomed, but couldn't maintain the serious expression due to the shocked look on Jason's face and caved in to laughter.

Trish and Jerry were enjoying the banter between those two. When the laughter died, Trish turned to face Eric. "Honey, grab what you want to take, but the same house rules apply, and please listen to Joyce and Jack."

"Yes mother." Eric said dryly.

Trish placed a finger on his nose, rubbed it a little, and then gave it a kiss. "Now be a good boy. And no funny sounds overnight, ok?"

Jason, who was already red from the sun, turned a much more darker shade of red. Eric tilted his head and blushed. "Mooooom!" He whined.

"Okay, off you go! Gimme a hug first!"

Eric gave his mother a hug then darted up the steps.

A couple of minutes later, Eric came running down the stairs with a small bag of clothes and the necessary bathroom supplies.

Once Eric hugged his mom and dad, goodbye, he and Jason headed out the door followed by Joyce and Jack.

It was 8:00pm when the boys left Eric's house for Jason's. Once arriving at Jason's house, which was only a short walk away, Eric turned to Jason and smiled, "I'll drop my things off in your room, wait here!" Eric didn't wait for a reply as he darted towards Jason's bedroom as a confused Jason watched his boyfriend run up the steps. Jason was about to follow him, but he heard Eric's rapid feet pound the floor on his way back and decided to wait. Once Eric had arrived in the living room, the boys went downstairs to play a few games. The Basement was divided into two rooms; one part of the basement had several fitness machines, everything from treadmills to weight benches. The machines sat along the back wall near the entry way. Further down from the machines was a nice 35" television with stereo hookup and surround sound. A playstation and X-box were stored in the glass cabinet of the entertainment center. The opposite side featured a full sized pool table in the center of the room. There was a dartboard hanging from the wall that faced the long side of the pool table, but was not in its way. A mini version of a wet bar was on the opposite side of the dartboard. The fine oak cabinets played house to the wine glasses, shot glasses, beer jugs, and several other items.

Once the boys entered, light filled the room as Jason flicked on the switch. Eric had noted the plastic covering the pool table. He was told it was for protection to keep the table clean and free from dust.

Jason turned around to face Eric. "Wanna play a game of pool? Or do you want to do something else?"

"Umm..." Eric couldn't decide as he stole glances between the pool table and the television. " you wanna watch a movie?" Eric sounded unsure, he knew Jason loved his video games, and sometimes it seemed all he wanted to do was play them, but it was hard to cuddle while playing video games.

"Sure! Whatcha have in mind?" The excitement in Jason's voice told Eric he was longing for a movie.

"Ohhhh...ummmm...what do you have?"

Jason walked over to a cabinet to the left of the entertainment center. Every time he opened it, Eric stared in awe at the large collection of movies. The Rosses had all kinds of movies, from children's' movies to, family, action, adventure, drama, and horror. Below the large collection was a stained glass door that hid the contents behind it, but Jason was not aware what was in there since it had a lock on the door. "Which is latest?" Eric asked.

Jason thought for a few moments scratching his head. "Oh, umm...well...I don't think we have the latest yet, but what did you really wanna watch?"

"How about... this one?" Eric asked as he was pointing to Peter Pan.

Jason pulled the movie out of its resting spot. "Cool." He walked over to the entertainment center, opened the glass door, which housed the DVD player, and set it up so the duo could watch the movie.

Jason then stood up to walk over to the brown leather couch after closing the glass panel. Eric followed Jason to the couch and watched him find a comfortable spot. Once Jason was comfortable, he stared at Eric as if he was waiting for him to join him. He patted the spot in front of him. Eric took it as his cue to lie in front of Jason while his back spooned his boyfriend.

Once both boys were comfortable, Jason found the remote on the end table and pressed play.

Both boys managed to barely stay awake during the entire movie as they were falling asleep. It was a hard thing to do with all the body contact and action they had earlier.

Once the movie was done, both boys were fast asleep.

A short time after they fell asleep, Jack came down to check on them and found them sleeping with the movie menu on screen, indicating the film had ended. He shook his head and walked back upstairs. Moments later, he walked back down with camera in hand and wife in tow.

"Hey, look at that." Jack chuckled quietly.

"Ain't that sweet?" Joyce answered in question.

"No doubt about it. Lemme take a picture! This'll be one for the books!" Jack proceeded to take a picture from the entryway. Once he captured the scene, he walked over to the entertainment center and took another from that angle.

Jack walked back to where his wife was standing and gave her a kiss. "I almost feel bad waking them up for bed."

"I think we can leave them here tonight, just this one time." Joyce said with a giggle.

"Yeah, you're right. Let's turn on the lamp over by the bar so there is at least some light. Can you shut off the TV please?" Jack asked his wife politely.

"Sure." Joyce said after stealing a kiss from her husband.

Once they were ready to head back up the steps, Jack turned off the lights and let the boys sleep.

Sometime overnight, Jason woke up to a dimly lit room with a warm body next to him. Jason was warm, but Eric was not. In fact, Eric's shivering was what woke Jason from his sleep.

Jason carefully wedged his way out of the couch trying his best not to wake Eric, but he was unsuccessful. Eric rubbed his eyes as he slowly woke up. Jason said in sign-language, "I'll be right back, unless you need to use the bathroom, we can go together."

At the mention of bathroom, Eric slowly sat up on the couch and stretched. His body shivered to the sensations of the cool air. As he stood, he held onto the beam behind the couch to keep from falling back. Eric stretched his arm out indicating he wanted Jason to hold him as they walked upstairs towards the bathroom. The bathroom was just to the left at the top of the stairs.

Once their bathroom duties were done, they walked back down to the game room. Eric walked over to the couch and Jason went to grab a blanket from the closet next to the treadmill. After finding the blanket he wanted, Jason walked over to the couch, climbed behind Eric, and spread the covers. Once Eric's shivering was down to a minimum, he rolled over and looked at Jason's face. Eric stared at his boyfriend for what seemed to be an eternity and finally moved in to kiss him. At first, the kiss was light and passionate, then it became hot and wild with intense emotion and moaning. Both boys were grinding their hips into each other as the kissing intensified.

Both boys had to stop and breathe for a few moments before continuing where they left off. Jason was about to close his eyes and move in for more kissing when he suddenly heard giggling.

At first Jason was confused. He asked himself why would Eric be giggling at a time like this, then finally realized he was having a good dream, and it was a good one by the obvious tent he was pitching.

Jason awoke from his erotic sleep to a dull white void and some more giggling. "Hey! Not funny!" He shouted. He reached for the back of his head and felt a bump there from where he hit the floor.

"Sorry, couldn't resist! The tent you just pitched told me you were dreaming of Eric, am I correct?" A voice came from behind him.

Jason didn't bother turning around since he was a deep shade of crimson. He did manage to ask, "How did you know I was dreaming of Eric?" the voice sounded familiar, but Jason couldn't remember whom it belonged to. He couldn't even remember why he was here, or how he had gotten here.

The figure dressed in white started walking around to face Jason up front. "Again, the obvious tent, of course, and the fact that I've been keeping tabs on you and Eric for quite some time. You really miss him, don't you? I know if he was my boyfriend, I would miss him a lot."

When a red-faced Jason looked up to say something, he stared at the white figure in shock.

"Eric? Is that you?"

.....To be Continued.......

Author's Notes:

Here is chapter 4! I fear I may need to find a shelter of some sort considering I didn't resolve the cliff hanger in the last chapter. Hehehehe. I hope you enjoyed reading a part of Jason's flashback. Not much really happens, just good memories =) Anyway...till next time! Hammy runs fast out the door towards a shelter before anyone can capture him.


Editor Numero Uno's Notos

Well hopefully that acme-tracking device will let the mob keep up with you. Bad, hammy, bad cliff hangers are not toys! They are things to be resolved. That's all, I'm done, hehehe your turn Dibs.

Editor Grande's Notos

Yeah, Ditto on what Tarron said. Here I was all excited thinking that I would finally get some answers, and instead, you only offer more questions. Cool dream though. This one time (no not at band camp) I had this really cool dream, just like the one above, while my roommate and some of his friends were sitting in the room. Anyway, to cut a long story short, they knew exactly why I needed to change my shorts. Blind as hell I tell you. Oh, wait, this is not about me, but Hammy. Well done Hammy, great chapter, but really, please hurry up. This could constitute cruel and bloody unusual torture. Till next we enter your dreams - Some weird Editor Guy (The better looking of the two editors, I am told)

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