Castle Roland

Falls On Deaf Ears Book 1

by Hammy


Chapter 10

Published: 8 Apr 14

**From the end of Chapter 9 – **

As Sid charged an explosion from outside rocked the ship. It was Wedge in his shuttle firing upon Sid's shuttle! Matt noticed this and tapped into his direct link, letting Wedge know not to fire any more. He let him know everything was under control and his help wasn't needed, but knowing Wedge, he would be too stubborn to not back off. Matt then fixed his attention on Sid, who was beginning to transform. The ship started gaining speed as they neared the planet. Eric and Matt exchanged looks and nodded then grinned in unison, "Time ta die!"

Ch10 –

Planet Phrost was rapidly becoming bigger and bigger as Sid's ship sped towards it with its great gravitational pull. Eric had rendered the shuttle useless with a simple thought. Matt was wondering what his brother was up to. He felt he should have known, as he and his brother were connected. Matt closed his eyes briefly and re-opened them with a wicked grin after looking deeper into Eric's mind. 'Jeez Eric, you are hoping to crash the shuttle with Sid in it, hoping to weaken him? I'm not sure how that'll work...' Matt thought to himself as Eric interrupted him with a simple thought, Don't worry, bro.

Matt's eyes nearly bugged out as he shot a glance at Eric, Worry?! I'm more worried how we'll survive the crash!

Eric grinned, shrugged his shoulders, and refocused his attention on Sid. Trust me, bro.

Matt grumbled something unintelligible and turned to focus his attention on Sid.

Sid watched the two boys and decided to not transform and allow the events to play themselves out. 'Little do they know, they don't stand a chance in hell against me!' Sid thought to himself as he furrowed his eyebrows and tried to scan Eric and Matt's mind. 'Damnit, can't read their minds. Not that it matters, anyway! If he was here, maybe... just maybe...he might be able to, but I don't need help! I'll just continue to watch the little shits!'

After a few moments of searching his own thoughts, Eric felt a familiar tingle from within him, telling him to let go of the hate he had for Sid. At first Eric wasn't sure what was happening, but it suddenly dawned upon him the locket was somehow 'communicating' with him. He was finally able to tap into the secrets of the locket, and sent a telepathic message to Matt, Bro, ya gotta let go your hate. The lockets were designed specifically to respond to love. Something tells me that Sid has done the impossible. I know he has been hiding things from me over the years, but there was this one time he slipped a single thought and I was able to read that thought. He had plans to clone me and I can't shake this feelin' that he did. That is all I know, but lets not worry about that now.

How did you...? Matt's thoughts trailed off as he suddenly realized Eric had somewhat figured things out, but not all. He decided to continue and explain some of it, that is true. Sid did clone you. Not only that, he cloned himself and merged your DNA with his, making his DNA the dominant gene over yours. I didn't like the weird feelings I was sensing from the sleeping clones. Lets not worry about that now and focus on him. Matt finished his thought with a nod in Sid's direction.

Eric forced a small chuckle and replied back to Matt, Remember, to love, bro.

But how? I don't know how to love! All I know is hate! Spike never taught me love! Matt thought with feelings of hopelessness as he struggled to remember how to 'love'.

Eric closed his eyes and pulled several images out of his head for both boys to see in their minds. Sid could not tell what they were doing, but he assumed they were communicating with their thoughts. He tried to read their minds, but was unsuccessful. He should have expected that from the boys.

Sid chuckled, "Do you realize your mistake in bringing me here? Eric, you of all people should know the elements in this system and on these planets cause my strength to increase tenfold!" He said as he closed his eyes to begin planning his next move after they crashed.

Eric opened one eye then closed it as if his words didn't mean anything to him. He barely understood Sid, but he somehow felt what Sid's true intentions were. Eric continued to share several images of his life, but it didn't help Matt. Matt still didn't understand the concept of love, till Eric found a recent memory of him meeting their mom.

Before Eric was able to send a thought to Matt, Matt spoke out, realizing just what Sid had said as words began to sink in. "You mean to tell me the planet magically grants you extra strength?" Matt mockingly replied to Sid causing Sid to burst out laughing.

"No you fool! I was born in this system and my body adapts to the atmosphere. Not only does my strength increases, but my senses as well. A human wouldn't survive here, not long anyway!" Sid replied with a sinister chuckle.

Eric just glared at Sid, while Matt balled his fists. Eric elbowed Matt, in an attempt to calm him somewhat.

Anyway, before we were so rudely interrupted, you recently met mom?! Eric thought to Matt with surprise. Eric was about to ask how it was possible, but he concentrated more on the memory and finally found what he was looking for. You see, mom didn't kill our youn... ** Eric's thoughts trailed off as he was hit by another surprise. It took him a while for it to register he had younger twin brothers. "...err bro. Sorry, it caught me by surprise. I know you would have given the chance, but I doubt could if I knew him well enough.

Matt shook his head, I still don't understand... His thoughts were broken by a new sensation he never felt before. Eric had finally found the memory he wanted. It was a moment when their mom and Matt shared a hug, a hug unlike none other. It was filled with love and joy, only a mother could give. Matt's heart swelled with love and he finally opened his misty eyes and looked at Eric. He embraced him in a hug, Thanks bro. Matt thought to Eric and was about to continue, but something was happening, something good.

Matt broke the hug before anything else could happen. His locket started glowing, then Eric's.

Sid's eyes shot open as he felt a surge of energy building up within his shuttle. 'What are those two shits doing now?' He thought to himself as he watched the events unfold.

Eric gasped as he watched Matt's locket break in half. Matt looked down in amazement then looked at Eric's locket to find it had done the same. Suddenly, the broken halves that were floating instantly switched places and attached themselves to the lockets Eric and Matt were wearing. Once the light faded, the lockets both looked half gold and half silver.

Matt was the first to break the silence, "Whoa! How did..." He was interrupted by a violent jolt of the ship as gravity finally pulled harder and the ship sped towards the planet faster. Sid wasn't sure what he was seeing, but he was grinning like a fool. He sensed a change in the boys, but he was starting to feel his own surge of energy rising. 'Sure those brats have an idea what this planet does for me, but to what degree. Sure, my power increases 10 fold on any planet within this system, but little do they know, I can move much faster than they're normally used to seeing.' Sid thought to himself as he started to test his newfound power. 'HAH! I might not even have to lift a muscle when dealin' with those two!' Sid then braced himself for impact and noticed Eric and Matt doing the same.

****Moments later*****

The shuttle finally crashed with a loud boom as it made a crater in the surface of a frozen desert. Wind was blowing hard as the surface temperatures dropped below –21F. Sure, it was cold, but to Sid, it was heaven.

Sid was the first to emerge from his shuttle. He looked back and chuckled. "All too easy!" he said as he raised his arm and pointed a finger at the shuttle. A beam of bright red energy shot from the tip of his finger and hit the shuttle. The shuttle blew up the second the laser hit, but Sid didn't stop there. He continued till he was satisfied. He stopped to take a moment and look at the burning wreckage, "Too bad, I was half expectin' a challenge."

Sid turned to walk away towards what was left of the crashed and burning Vulture, but immediately stopped in his tracks when he heard a faint noise coming from behind him. "Going somewhere?" Matt spoke loud enough for Sid to hear as he and Eric walked directly from the wreckage, with no marks on them.

When Sid turned around, he was shocked. His eyes went wide with surprise, as he carefully scanned the boys, "Just how the hell did you survive that?! Both of you are no where near me in terms of power! You..." Sid began as Eric interrupted him, "I wouldn't be so sure." Eric said as he and Matt formed an identical offensive assault stance. The boys were getting ready to attack Sid.

Sid looked down and chuckled, then quickly looked up and growled as he took off towards the boys at a new speed. In Sid's transformed state, he was very fast, so fast it was almost hard to see his movements. But Sid wasn't transformed yet and yet he was already at his maximum, thanks to the planet giving him a power boost.

Sid blinked his eyes the instant he arrived at the spot the boys were standing. They disappeared from his sights and Sid growled as he looked around. He failed though, to notice the boys were standing directly behind him!

Eric and Matt tapped his shoulders at the same time and Sid immediately twisted around, extending his razor claws from his forearms as if to slice them in half, but he was only cutting air. Growling again, he repeated the same move thinking they might be behind him again, but there was nothing. As he became more frustrated, he immediately transformed into the vile black creature that he was and sniffed the boys out. Once he found them, he darted to their location at a higher speed and still found nothing.

Eric and Matt decided it was time to stop playing around and get serious. They knew they still had the advantage, but Sid was nearly their equal. Little did the boys know what their true potential was. There was a secret technique that only identical twins could perform, that is if they had the proper training to handle it. Eric had been aware of some sort of secret. He thought back when Matt placed the gold locket around his neck.

As the locket was finally in its place, Eric having little knowledge of the locket, had gained centuries of knowledge and secrets which had gathered within the locket. There was one hidden secret, but it was reserved for extreme measures as the user could suddenly become unstable if untrained. Matt had many of the same thoughts flash through his mind, but as he was not in need of any of it at the time, he shrugged them off..

Eric had found the technique he needed most at that time, which was the power of healing. He was badly injured and his body was about to give up, but thankfully, Matt had found him in the nick of time.

Eric shrugged off the memory and concentrated on the battle with Sid. Both, he and Matt were thinking of needing weapons, but there were none. Eric finally had an idea and got creative. Matt looked at his brother to see what he was up to. Suddenly, two long curved swords appeared from nowhere as Eric thought of the specific weapon he wanted to use. He was sure Matt would want it also, so he thought of two weapons.

Matt was awe struck, but shook it off and thought up a weapon of choice for himself. It was a shorter sword than Eric's, but it was curved to fit behind his forearm and two of those weapons appeared out of thin air. The boys grasped their weapons and looked at each other and grinned, "Wanna trade one?" Both boys said in unison.

Giggling to each other, they traded one weapon and each boy was fitted with one long sword and one short. Just as they were checking their 'toys' out, Sid appeared from behind and swung his razor sharp talon like claws at the boys and narrowly missed them both as they ducked and took a swing at Sid, slicing his gut open. Sid bellowed as the pain of being sliced open was intensified, as the boys spun around and stabbed him in the back. As they left their long swords embedded in Sid's back, they raised their right and left arms and formed a huge blue ball of energy. It grew larger and started to envelop Sid. Sid began to roar out as he tried to push the ball of energy away from himself, but he couldn't. Suddenly, Eric and Matt crouched and shot back several hundred feet and watched the energy ball consume Sid. A huge explosion took place afterwards as the boys watched Sid being blown to bits. When the dust settled, both boys sighed with relief and looked at each other.

"Whew." Eric said as he wiped his forehead.

"Yea, that was close. I didn't think I could do that and so fast too!" Matt replied as he sheathed his swords on his right side.

"Better let Unca Wedge know we need pickup." Eric said with a grin on his face.

Matt nodded, Uncle Wedge! We need a ride back to the ship! Matt thought to Wedge's direct link.

On my way, I'll be there shortly. I thought you could use the ripple and get here faster?! What gives?

Matt had to let out a giggle, Sorry, we kinda used up a lot of power when fighting Sid.

Are you alright?

Yep, everything is good... Matt was about to send something else, but a black ripple interrupted him as it formed in the location Sid was blown up.

A tall man wearing sunglasses and a black trench coat exited the ripple. He took one look at the burning sight and looked at the boys. He removed his sunglasses and grinned. "I'mm baccck!"

Eric and Matt looked at each other then back to the tall man, "How the hell did you survive?! You are supposed to be dead, Sid!" Eric and Matt said at the same time.

Sid chuckled, "I am from the future, simple as that. After you thought you destroyed me, I managed to crawl underground while your ball of energy shattered my tail. I no longer have a tail, but thanks to you two, once it was removed, I managed to kill Eric! I now control your locket!" Sid said as he dug into his shirt and pulled out a gold locket.

Eric was about to make a move when Future Sid appeared from behind and grabbed a hold of the boy, totally catching him by surprise. Matt tried to attack future Sid, but he read his attack and dodged it with ease. The next move future Sid made threw Matt off in the distance. Present Sid finally emerged appearing pissed at the fact that his future self was there helping him and Sid detested having help.

"Oh calm down will you? I'm only here to make sure things go the way they should! After all, I designed the ripple technology, directly from this locket and Eric's blood, then transported it to the past. Things worked out quite nicely wouldn't you say?" Future Sid said as he tightened his grip on the struggling Eric.

Wedge's Shuttle, Same moment as he opened fire on Sid's escaping shuttle –

As Wedge expertly piloted his shuttle away from the Summoner, he darted towards the Vulture to find the shuttle bay doors wide open and a ship emerging from it. It was Sid's personal shuttle and Wedge grinned to himself. He opened fire upon it, with hopes to keep Sid from escaping, but he heard a thought in his direct link.

No, Wedge! Everything is under control! We can take it from here!

Wedge wanted to say something, but he heard his direct link click off and growled to himself. He decided to follow the shuttle should it suddenly change course. Wedge wasn't a very patient man and was also stubborn when things didn't go his way in a fight. He wanted to finish Sid once and for all, but his nephews were aboard that shuttle. All he could do was watch.

Moments later, he watched in horror as the ship crashed and no escape pods were ejected. He began to fear for their safety and tried several times to contact Matt through his direct link, but no response.

'Ugh, Matt must have blocked me or he's dead. I must not think of the latter, but pray he survives that!' Wedge thought to himself as he began scanning the surface for survivors. At first he growled when only one showed up, but relaxed some when he saw three survivors moments later. He began to wonder how things were till he noticed there were only two survivors left.

Wedge let out a happy shout as he finally heard Matt sending him a thought through his direct link. Uncle Wedge! We need a ride back to the ship!

Wedge wondered why they couldn't simply use the ripple and bring themselves here, but he figured they might want him there. That wasn't Wedge's true intention after hearing they were fine. He wanted to see if Sid was really dead.

On my way, I'll be there shortly. I thought you could use the ripple and get here faster?! What gives?

Wedge heard some giggling in the direct link as Matt responded,Sorry, we kinda used up a lot of power when fighting Sid.

Are you all right? Wedge sent through his direct link sounding a bit concerned.

Yep, everything is good... Wedge heard as Matt was immediately cut off. Warning alarms went off from the inside of his shuttle signaling a powerful ripple had formed and another life form appeared on his sensors. He quickly scanned who it was and to his amazement, it was Sid. He throttled the speed on the shuttle to maximum and hurriedly made his way to help Eric and Matt in any way he could.

"You!" Sid snarled as he shook off the dusty ice. "I never wanted nor asked for your help!"

"Ah, shut it!" Future Sid barked back. "Things have changed and I needed to intervene before all was lost!"

"Fine then! Hold the brat tight so I can finish him!" Sid said as he began walking towards the bound Eric.

Matt struggled to shake the pain as he sensed another person was among them. He wondered who it was as he felt it couldn't have been Sid as it was someone with more power than Sid or Eric. It didn't take long for him to stand up. Once he felt he was good, he took off towards the location his brother was at. Within seconds, he arrived to the battlefield but didn't like what he saw. 'TWO SIDS!' He thought to himself with surprise.

Future Sid looked over his shoulder and stared at Matt. He knew he was there but ignored him, as he returned his attention to present Sid. Sid picked up the pace as he watched Eric struggle in Future Sid's arms more and more, hoping to break free. Future Sid wasn't going to move a muscle; he tightened his grip on the boy causing Eric to wince in pain. Matt wasn't sure who to go after first, he decided to attack Future Sid and took off for him. Future Sid saw this and he took one look at Matt and smiled wickedly, "Ya think ya have the balls to go against me all alone?!" He said as he closed his eyes then opened them. Matt was frozen in mid air, inches from future Sid as his arm was extended to future Sid's face. Matt looked around him with his eyes saucered in surprise, and then focused his attention on future Sid. Future Sid simply smiled more and widened his eyes. Matt was instantly thrown towards the sky, on a direct impact with Wedge's shuttle!

Wedge was wondering what was happening as he was getting very erratic energy readings from the site Eric, Matt, and Sid were. He couldn't make out who the fourth person was, but his computer's analysis suggested it was Sid, from the future.

Wedge growled to himself and took his eyes off the view screen to gather weapons. A few seconds later the alarms sounded and he immediately turned to look at the view screen. Matt was headed straight for him! Wedge hesitated, but only for a second. He immediately punched in a few buttons on the console and threw the shuttle in rapid reverse, hoping to lessen the blow as Matt neared the front of his shuttle. Matt hit the shuttle with a thump and Wedge cringed as he heard a small crack afterwards. Wedge immediately hit the teleporter button and Matt disappeared from the front of the ship to the med bay of the shuttle. Wedge hurried to the med bay to find Matt in a mess. Wedge's medical experience was limited, but he had learned enough over the years. It also didn't hurt having Chase as his best friend. He tended to the obvious wounds, but Matt was still listed in critical condition. Wedge groaned as he hit several buttons on the med bed so it could stabilize him. Wedge quickly returned to the captain's seat and piloted the shuttle to the surface. Once he landed, he surveyed what was going on out there on the battlefield. He didn't like what he saw.

"What the fuck?! Two Sids?! If they both stay any longer, the universe will begin to collapse! Knowing Sid, he wants to kill Eric and that means the future must have changed, but the future Sid must have known beforehand and tried taking care of things before they happened!" Wedge spoke out loud to himself as he gathered his weapons while keeping his attention on the two Sids.

Future Sid noticed Wedge's shuttle and turned his attention to Sid, "Hurry it up! I haven't got all day ya know! The longer we stay this close, the more chances this universe will tear itself apart!"

Sid growled and picked up the pace. He lunged his right arm forward towards Eric. Eric took one look at Sid and his only thought was of Jason. He closed his eyes, feeling helpless and powerless and unable to do anything to get out of the current situation he was in. In an instant, a ripple formed directly in front of Eric and Jason was thrown at him. Future Sid's eyes went wide as he was shouting at Sid to abort his attack.

Eric had planned to form his barrier at the last second in hopes to lessen the deathblow to him, but Jason was in the way. Eric frantically tried to send Jason a message for him to move out of the way, but the message was never received due to Jason being too confused from forcefully being thrown into the ripple. Eric now had to try and prevent Jason's demise at all costs, even if it meant using up his life-force.

Sid continued to charge, hoping to 'kill two birds with one stone', or so he thought. Eric opened his eyes immediately as he felt a familiar presence in front of him. His eyes nearly popped out of his head as he was looking into Jason's face. It didn't take long for Jason to realize what was happening and mouthed an 'I love you' to Eric as the two shared their final moments. Jason knew it would happen as he had many visions of that dreadful day and there was no avoiding it.

It felt as if time was beginning to slow down and everything happened in slow motion. As Sid made his approach, he extended his talons and at the last second, pierced the back of Jason. Jason let out a gasp as he felt the razor sharp claws gutting their way through his insides. Eric tried putting his life force into extending his barrier, but he was too late. He had been distracted by the sudden appearance of Jason and Jason mouthing 'I'm sorry', which stopped him from forming a barrier in time to protect them both.

"I... I... I'm sorry!" Eric stuttered as he watched Jason shed his final tears. Eric's barrier was nowhere near strong enough to protect himself from Sid's full force and it pierced him deep in the gut. As Sid swiftly pulled out, Jason fell to the ground, limp. Future Sid then let go of Eric. Eric fell to his knees and landed right next to Jason with tears streaming down his face.

Wedge was shouting at the top of his lungs as several more ripples began to form in the surrounding area, but none of them were close enough to become a threat. He tried rushing to Eric's aid even though he knew he would pay with his life. There were two Sid's after all standing next to the fallen Eric and Jason.

Future Sid started to chuckle then ended up in full laughter. Sid joined him in his laughter, but was completely unaware of what was happening to Eric. Sid extended his arm and shot a ray at Wedge, which struck him in the chest. Wedge immediately fell to the ground feeling paralyzed with a burning hole in his chest.

Future Sid began to raise his arm and form a talon to finish off Eric. Present Sid chuckled as he watched Eric writhe in pain, both emotionally and physically.

Wedge's shuttle, med bay –

Matt was beginning to stir as he felt a piercing pain in his gut. He had grown to like his brother in the very short time he knew him, but it felt like he knew him since they were born. Matt struggled to sit up, but failed to do so. He simply lay there motionless, while shedding a few tears. The link between the twins was strong and there was something that felt so wrong. Matt feared for his brother's life as he continued to struggle to get out of the med bed.

Summoner, main bridge –

Sandy had been wondering what was happening on the planet's surface as one of the crewmembers stated that multiple ripples were beginning to form all across space.

Sandy was about to ask what was happening as he was immediately struck with a sharp pain in his chest. It felt hot and it hurt. He gasped and Chase noticed it. He wasted no time and moved to Sandy to check him out. He couldn't find any marks, but it was evident the boy was in pain.

As Sandy gasped again, tears began to well up. "Noooooooooo! Daaaaaaaaaaaaaddddyyyyyyy!!" He screamed as chase tried to restrain him.

Moments before Eric began to drift into unconsciousness from the loss of blood, his locket began to glow. Future Sid had to stop his downward thrust, just inches from Eric's head. Present Sid wasn't sure what was happening and they both noticed this, as it hadn't happened before. The locket continued to glow brighter and brighter, till there was a mix of colors.

Future Sid was about to deal the deathblow when he noticed the shuttle giving off the same bright light. He retracted his talon as he began fearing the worst as Eric and Matt were unlocking the sacred secret of the locket; merging into one being. Present Sid was clueless as he wondered what the bright light meant.

"Quick, kill Eric now! I'll destroy the shuttle! We'll have to do this together or we will lose everything!" Future Sid shouted as he raised his arm and transformed it into a red and black claw shaped spear. Sid did the same but his was only black in color.

As they thrust their claws at Eric, it hit with such force, it sounded like an explosion. As the dust settled moments later, both Sid's eyes nearly fell out of their head as they saw a shiny clear barrier protecting Eric and Jason. Future Sid growled, "Shit!" He said as he took a few steps back. He tried to form a ripple but it was too late. Something was blocking his ability to create one and future Sid howled, "Damn you Ericccccccc!!!!!!!!!!"

Suddenly, Eric vanished and re-appeared several feet away from where the Sids were standing. They gasped and took a step back. Matt suddenly appeared right next to Eric and their wounds began to heal. A bright light began to form and enveloped the boys. It was so bright; neither Sid could stand to watch. Wedge, who had been on the ground for quite some time, noticed the brightness of the light and slowly opened his eyes. His wound began to heal and he wondered what was happening. As he was wondering that, two voices could be heard over his direct link, Don't worry, you are being healed, Unca Wedge. Please move to a safe place after the wound closes.

Wedge could hardly believe what he was hearing. He shook his head again and slowly stood up. He pressed a button on his arm pad and was instantly teleported into his shuttle.

Future Sid and Sid looked at each other and nodded. They leaped at speed into the cold air while immediately transforming and darting towards the light. They only lasted a second as they were both immediately hurled back and bounced on the ground several hundred feet from their launch point. They transformed back to their normal selves when they came to a screeching stop. As they started to slowly stand up, the light was finally fading and one boy appeared to be standing. He immediately looked like Eric and Matt, same features and all. When he opened his eyes, they were a mix of blue and green. The locket was of the same shape, but it had a yin / yang style to its appearance in gold and silver. The boy looked at his surroundings and finally remembered what was happening. He completely ignored both Sids and checked out his new body by flexing his muscles and testing how fast he could throw a punch.

Future Sid was becoming disgusted with what he had just witnessed and took off at full speed towards the boy. In a matter of seconds, his fist connected with the back of the boy's head and nothing happened. He tried various styles of kicks and power to the boy's body and he didn't even flinch. Future Sid then began forming weapons of his choice and striking the boy with all he had and still nothing.

The boy turned his head and smiled, "Please continue, that felt good. Try a little lower on my back, I have a knot there." He then turned his head away in the opposite direction. "On the other hand, you're ugly."

In several swift moves, he darted through future Sid, causing a huge gaping hole in his body to appear. He then dodged several attempts of future Sid's swings and kicks at him, but managed to remove an arm and leg before finally attempting to chop his head off but failed as future Sid ducked and returned to where present Sid was standing.

Future Sid had to chuckle as he began to transform into the creature again. The result of the transformation had caused him to re-grow his missing limbs and completely heal his body. In addition to that, future Sid reached out and touched present Sid and the two were enveloped into a black sphere.

The boy watched with a somewhat shocked expression on his face as the ground began to rumble from the intensity of the sphere.

Moments later, the sphere began to fade; a new vile beast had emerged. The resulting transformation had fused the 2 Sids together, forming a beast with 2 heads, 4 arms, one tail, and 4 legs. The Sids chuckled and didn't waste any time as the newly fused beast took off at an incredibly fast speed towards the boy, but the boy didn't flinch a muscle.

As the beast got closer, the boy took off towards the air. The beast wasn't sure where he went as both heads were frantically looking for him before finally looking up. "Ah, so you can fly." Both heads of the beast said in unison as it thrust its arms forward, ejecting saw like discs towards the boy floating in the air motionless.

The boy's eyes went wide and he sped thru the air as the 4 discs chased him. He had decided to give the beast a show and immediately turned around to face the discs. He suddenly stopped and let the discs slam into the clear barrier, still rotating as if it were cutting through it, but they were unsuccessful. Suddenly, the boy strengthened the barrier and the rotating discs came to an abrupt stop.

To the beast's surprise, the boy immediately disappeared and re-appeared on the ground, directly in front of the beast, but at a short distance. The beast growled then yelled as it pushed its power through the roof. The boy was still standing there watching the beast. He was holding all 4 discs, 2 in each hand.

Once the beast's power stopped climbing, it took off towards the boy at top speed; the boy immediately threw all discs at the beast at twice the speed the beast ran. The beast immediately formed its own barrier, but it wasn't enough. The 4 spinning discs pierced the barrier, ripping off all 4 arms of the beast, causing it to howl in pain. The boy then summoned 2 long samurai style katanas and darted towards the beast. It took less than a second and the boy was only a blur on the field as he appeared from one spot to another, while the beast's heads fell to the ground, followed by the body with a loud thud. Suddenly the beast de-fused and returned it to its normal state, separating the two Sids.

The boy watched for a few moments and lifted his left arm. He shot a white ripple like energy ball at him, which shattered his body into a million pieces. The show lasted for a few minutes and when it was finally over, the pieces dissolved into thin air.

Sid, who had been watching with surprise, fell to his knees. He was about to call for reinforcements, but his attempt failed as the boy quickly beheaded him then vaporized his body in the same manner as he did to future Sid.

The boy sighed and looked at Jason's lifeless body. He approached him and picked him up. Of all the power he held, he could do almost everything he ever dreamed of but one thing. He could not bring the dead back to life, even if he wanted to. He had the ability to heal, but being the judge of who dies and who lives was reserved for someone 'higher up'. Although, he did sentence both Sids to death, not because he wanted to, but because he had to save the universe from destroying itself.. He sighed again and teleported himself into Wedge's shuttle. Wedge gasped as he turned around to see what had appeared in there.

Getting nervous, Wedge started to speak, but the boy beat him to it, "I'm sorry if I scared you, Unca Wedge. I didn't mean to, but my time is limited. I was hoping to use this form to fix the past, but I don't think it's needed." The boy said as he placed the lifeless form of Jason on the med bed. He pulled the covers over him and walked back towards Wedge.

"I uhh..." Wedge was speechless. He was about to say something when the ship shook. The boy looked around and noticed several ripples forming out of nowhere.

"I'd better fix that." The boy said as he closed his eyes and raised his arms. It took several minutes to repair the universe as the ripples slowly began to shrink and returned the universe to 'normal'.

"Wow." Wedge said as he looked around in amazement. "I guess the legends were true after all. They say when twins are near death, the power of the locket unleashes their true form and they merge into one. Every relative of my sisters and mine were twins. It was so their power was split up. The lockets were only the key to unlocking that source. Once it's first attempted, it can be done with ease later on after training on how to hold that form. All of this was theoretical as there was no documented proof of this happening. I could be wrong, but I have forgotten most of the history of our family. I only wish I could change the past, but it's what made me who I am now. There is, however one wish I would love to make; I'd like to be able to walk into that hospital and apologize to my sister. Anyway, enough of that, do you have a name?"

The boy just stared at Wedge for a few moments and nodded. "Mom always wanted to call me Brandon. It was her favorite name if she had one child, but instead, gave birth to twins. She never really spoke of it, but dad always talked about it when a part of me was younger." Brandon sighed as he closed his eyes some. "Sandy is worried about you. Let's get this shuttle back where it belongs."

Wedge was about to turn around and power up the engines, but he instantly found himself looking at the Summoner's shuttle bay. "How did you...?"

"Teleportation. It is only possible in this form. I thought it would be worth a try. plus it is faster and easier. I'd still have to time travel through a ripple, but to transport myself to anywhere I want, the ripple isn't needed."

Wedge was about to say 'uh huh' when he and Brandon found themselves standing on the bridge in the blink of an eye.

Future Matt was no longer there as he had expected someone would be coming and left before that someone could arrive. Sandy was sitting in the Captain's chair in tears with his eyes closed. Chase was busy consoling him till he turned around. He then looked back at Sandy and his eyes went wide. He immediately looked back and stared at Brandon, then Wedge. He was about to say something when Wedge put a finger over his mouth mentioning a "shhhhh". Wedge moved towards Chase's spot as Chase got up and moved away. Wedge took over and knelt down in front of his weeping son. He placed one hand on his leg and Sandy looked up. His tears finally stopped flowing and a huge smile broke across his tear-streaked face. He was so happy to see his dad was alive and well. He had thought he was dead based on the pain he felt. Wedge braced himself as Sandy launched himself at his dad in a tight hug.

"I thought I lost you!" Sandy said between sobs.

"I know, I thought I was a goner, too. Brandon here, saved me. He is the result of Eric and Matt's merging into one.

Brandon looked around silently as everyone stared at him before he looked at Sandy and smiled. Sandy returned the smile then looked at the lifeless body Brandon was holding. He immediately knew it was Jason and lost his smile.

"You can't bring him back to life?" Sandy said as tears began to well up.

"I'm sorry. He was probably pulled into a ripple as another Sid appeared in the same place. His power simply added to the universe's collapse, and so he appeared directly in front of Eric. In a way, he saved Eric. I know Eric is in pain right now, but I've gotta go. I'll be right back." Brandon said as he suddenly disappeared.

Chambers of the Council of Light –

There was commotion among the people and council members as Brandon suddenly appeared in the middle of the room holding Jason's body. The room fell silent as Ryan stood from his seat and rushed to the floor and looked over Jason. He immediately knew what was happening as Brandon shared a few images from his mind to Ryan's. Ryan was shocked, but understood the events and the merging of Eric and Matt.

"Members of the council, my work is finished in this time frame. I have one more stop to make and its back to the past. My time is limited and this form appears to have lasted a little longer than I thought it would. There is a chance I might be able to stop the kidnapper and return the timeline to normal." Brandon said as he looked at every council member before finally setting his eyes on Ryan. "Bro, please take care and I guess we'll be seeing each other someday. We won't let your brother fall to the dark side as he did. I know mom destroyed all serums given to her and things should go on their natural course, with a lot of changes as Matt will be there this time."

Ryan was about to say something but Brandon quickly gave him a hug after placing Jason into Ryan's arms. After the hug was broken, he suddenly disappeared, leaving Jason in Ryan's arms. Ryan looked towards the council with sad eyes, "Let's give Jason a proper burial. He deserves it. I just know the place." A ripple formed right after Ryan finished his last word and he disappeared into the ripple. It closed as several other ripples formed for all the council members and disappeared leaving the chambers empty.

The Summoner, main bridge –

Brandon suddenly re-appeared and Wedge immediately stood, grabbing the boy in a tight hug. "Thanks."

"Welcome" Brandon said as he felt his cheeks slowly reddening. "Kinda long for a hug, Unca Wedge?"

"Sorry" Wedge said as he broke the hug. I guess I'm keeping you from heading back. Ya better go. I know you already know, but please keep an open mind when dealing with Trish. She can be pretty stubborn at times. It can take a while to convince her to wake up and take some action. I wish I could tell her I was sorry, but I can't."

"No worries. She'll get the message."

Sandy stood and hugged Brandon. "Thank you!"

"I uhh, no problem." Brandon said as he smiled. "Before I go, I need to evaporate that planet. I'm sorry, but I cannot simply leave any surviving clones of Eric or Sid alive on that planet as they could cause more trouble than it is worth. I also don't want a repeat of what happened at the time of Eric and Matt's births."

Wedge was speechless for a few moments as he tried to piece a few things together. "That son of a bitch finally did it!"

Sandy looked at his dad with a questioning look, "Did what, dad?"

"Sid cloned not only himself, but Eric as well."

Sandy's face fell as his expression changed. "Oh."

Wedge shook his head and turned to look at Sinclair, "Sinclair, raise the shields and instruct the fleet to do the same."

"Aye sir!" Moments later the shields were raised, "Shields up. The fleet is reporting full shield strength."

Wedge turned his attention to Brandon, "Proceed when ready."

Brandon nodded and looked at the view screen. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the planet. First he caused multiple eruptions. That resulted in lava covering the entire surface of the planet. The next second Brandon opened his eyes and the planet exploded in a fiery flash. Bits and pieces of the remains of the planet hit the fleet, but there was little to no damage against the shields. Satisfied his work was done, Brandon turned to Wedge, "I guess this is farewell. I know I should have been around sooner, but I can only hold this form for so long. It uses a lot of power and also takes a lot to hold it longer. I could end up puting a lot of strain on Eric and Matt." Brandon shook Wedge's hand and then hugged him.

Wedge smiled, "It was a pleasure meeting you."

"You too. Bye Sandy." Brandon said as he waved goodbye to sandy.

Sandy waved, "Good bye! Hope to see you around soon!"

"Maybe we will, Maybe we will."

Brandon took a few steps back then formed a white swirling ripple. Everyone on the bridge gasped as they stared in awe at the new ripple they had never seen before. Brandon stepped into it, stopped and turned around then grinned at everyone. He let his right hand wave and finally disappeared behind the ripple. It closed and everyone on the ship had a lot of questions to ask of Wedge. Wedge held them off by raising his hand. Everyone fell silent as they silently had their own little memorial of Jason. Wedge somehow knew where Brandon was off to and silently wished him 'good luck'.

To be Continued????????

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