Castle Roland

Falls On Deaf Ears Book 2

by Hammy

On Hold

Chapter 2

Published: 8 Apr 14

Chapter Two – Whiteness

In the infinite whiteness, a lone figure lay on the white ground. He lay motionless with the occasional jerk as if he was having a nightmare. Faint whispers and moans escaped the boy's lips as his body shuddered. After a few moments, small beads of sweat started to form on his forehead as he rolled from his left side to the right. Slowly, his body ceased the spasms as more sweat began to form.

Elsewhere in the Time Void, Rand was heading towards what he thought was someone in the distance, but it turned out to be his own imagination. 'Ick, I really hate being in this dull place.'

Rand stopped and closed his eyes for a moment to concentrate but found it difficult. He then sat on the white ground, Indian style and concentrated with his eyes closed. He spent quite a while in this motionless form before he finally found what he was looking for. For a moment, he wasn't sure if it was a friend or foe, but he had to find out who he sensed.

As Rand slowly stood, a wave of despair hit him like a feather. He had been expecting to really feel it as he did in the past, but this one was odd, given the boys' abilities. 'Hmmm, another human? That's impossible! I counted seven of us, there's no way...' Rand cut his train of thought as he looked back at the battle. 'Ah, yes, I remember now. Oops! I'd better hurry and see what the problem is.' Rand increased his pace to a slow jog while being careful not to miss any tiny speck of a dot as he did so.

Eric stood in shock as he watched Bel attempt to try and heal his younger brother. He wasn't used to seeing his family covered in bruises and motionless. He wasn't sure if he should cry or become enraged, but he knew either of those emotions wouldn't help the current situation. A stray tear began to roll down his cheek without him realizing it. He didn't even notice the rise and fall of Adam's chest as he let a small sob escape his lips. This didn't go unnoticed by Bel.

"Is he...?"

"Alive? Yes. Just barely." Bel answered for Eric, causing obvious relief across the teen's face.

"Anything I can do to help?"

Bel simply shook his head slowly as the warm glow began to fade. "In here, middle beings cannot use their powers as it will do more harm than good and since it is your first time here, it will be worse."

"What? How? You look like it's easy for you?" Eric wondered what he was missing.

"Ah, Rand and I have been here more times than you have so we are used to this place and vice versa. You on the other hand, are restricted to telepathy and sensing others, nothing more. This is pretty much how it is for everyone's first time in here, but you are much different, so I'm not sure how or if you are able to sense others. Telepathy is already working so..."

Eric shrugged as he watched Bel looking at Andy. A smile slowly crept to his face as Andy began to slowly open his eyes. Eric moved and knelt next to Bel as Bel was about to move away, but Eric grabbed his arm and silently shook his head no. He wanted Bel to sit with him then turned his attention to Andy.

Andy's eyes fluttered open as he was seeing a blurry image of two persons. He blinked a few times before the images began to clear up. He was looking at one stranger and a familiar face as a smile of recognition crept across his face.

"Eric!" Andy tried to sit up to give him a hug, but Bel calmly placed his hand on his chest.

"Hey, take it easy little one. Give your body some time to adjust."

Andy simply nodded and slowly sat up, stretching his sore body before enveloping Eric in a bear-like hug. No words were exchanged between the brothers as they sat in an embrace for what seemed like a few minutes before Bel announced it was time to move on.

"Guys, we need to get moving. I'm getting a small feeling of being watched from that last teleportation I just did. I think the next time we do this it will attract attention, but I think Rand is safe to do a few more."

Eric looked up at Bel "Okay. Com'on Andy, we gotta look for everyone."

Andy simply nodded then stood up wobbly, but with Eric and Bel's help, he was able to hold his own. "What is this place and who are you?"

Bel was about to say something but a slight movement caught his eye and he jerked his head just in time to see a slow moving figure off in the distance. He began to move in that direction while Eric and Andy slowly fell behind, but managed to catch up to Bel.

"This is Bel, Andy. He and his Boyfriend saved us from that bad man. We are in a white void, but it is called the Time Void."

"Ohhhhh!" Was all Andy could say as he turned his attention to Bel. The first thing he noticed was his hair. Then he looked around himself, taking in the infinite whiteness and squinting his eyes some as it was really bright. Eric thought he was about to start playing twenty questions about Bel and the void they were in, but none were forthcoming.

After a while, Andy finally had the nerve to start his series of twenty questions, causing Eric to groan inwardly and Bel to giggle.

"Who is Bel?"

"A friend who saved us." Bel giggled at Eric's short answer, causing him to shoot a dirty look at Bel.

"How come we never seen him before?"

"I don't know, maybe because he just got here."

"Why is his hair Blue and white? I wish I had hair like that!"

Eric groaned as Bel's giggles started to increase, but managed to speak between giggles, "I was born with white hair. The blue streaks come as we mature."

"Ohhhhhhh! Does that mean you are born old?"

"Andy!" Eric half scolded, half giggled at his brother's question. This caused Bel to flush red and giggle some, but he responded for Eric.

"In terms of human years, I am considered 'old', but according to my race, I am what you consider me to be a teenager." Bel slowed so the duo could catch up to him as he was a few paces ahead. "Look, can you hold off on any questions till we are all together? That way I don't have to repeat the same things more than twice." Bel looked over his shoulder and smiled as he got nods in response.

No one had been paying attention to where they were walking towards, except for Bel, but he became momentarily distracted from Andy's questioning. Bel didn't realize how much closer the dot had become, it resembled a person, but he wasn't sure what to make of it from this distance. Sure, his eyesight was extremely good, but the Time Void really limited a lot of things, so the only thing Bel could do was begin to walk faster. He knew he was getting a bad feeling from the dot ahead of him so he started to change his pace to a jog. Eric and Andy were slightly puzzled, but they too started to jog after Bel.

As soon as Eric saw something faint in the distance, he called after Bel, "What's up?"

Bel continued on but turned to look sideways, "There's something or someone off in the distance, but I'm getting a bad feeling about it."

Eric started slowing down as he, too, was sensing something very familiar. Suddenly pain shot in his stomach as he doubled over and grabbed his midsection with his arms, causing Bel to stop. "Eric, are you okay?!"

"Damn! It hurts!" Bel quickly made his way back towards Eric and was about to place his hand on his stomach, but Eric shook his head no.

"Not that kinda pain, but the kinda pain I feel when my twin is hurt!"

"Say what?!" Bel exclaimed, as he couldn't believe what he was hearing.

Andy approached hearing what was happening and filled Bel in for Eric. "Us twins can feel each other when we are close. It's happened to me before, but it isn't fun."

Bel's attention shot up immediately and he disappeared on the spot, leaving a stunned Andy and Eric alone, only to see another dot appear off in the distance.

Rand approached the sweating boy with caution as he thought it might have been a trap, but when he saw the boy wasn't faking it, he quickly knelt down and placed his left hand over the boy's forehead.

'Wow, he's having some nasty nightmare. He doesn't look like one of the twins, I guess we saved a stray.' With a sigh, Rand concentrated as a red glow began under his hand, quickly enveloping the boy. It lasted no more than a few seconds and once it was done, the beads of sweat stopped and the boy began to calm down. Rand waited for a while before deciding the boy wouldn't wake up after a while. He then quickly scanned his body with his mind for any injuries, but was surprised he found none.

'Hmmm, wait a minute, that's not possible! Could he be...?' Rand was astonished at his discovery before him and wanted to tell Bel.

'Bel?' Rand transmitted to his soul mate, but had to wait for his response after a few minutes.

'I'm kinda busy here, Rand.'

'What could you possibly be busy with? I've found something surprising.'

'I'm sure you did.' Bel's tone had some annoyance to it and Rand was wondering why.

'What's wrong Bel?'

Silence followed and Rand was becoming worried.


'Rand, I'm okay! One of the twins is badly beaten. He appears to be hanging on within an inch of his life and I'm trying my best to hold on to him before his brothers get here!'

'Okay... wait, you teleported again?'

'I had to!'

'Bloody wonderful! We surely have attracted attention now!'

Bel mentally sent a picture of him rolling his eyes, 'I couldn't wait any longer! I'm sorry! I...'

'Bel it's okay. I found an extra, but the other twin is very close and I think someone else is with him too. I think I miscalculated somewhere on where everyone was thrown.'

Bel groaned inwardly and made sure Rand got the picture, 'Okay, I could really use some help here before those two get here. I'm sorry Rand, we'll have to attract attention!'

After a few moments of thinking, Rand had an idea. 'Maybe not. Let me send my clone to you to help, it might work better. Don't worry, he's close and will be there before the two brothers arrive.'

'Okay, thanks Rand. About that surprise discovery...?'

'It can wait. Chat later!'

Bel grumbled, causing Rand to laugh as he knelt down to pick the sleeping boy up and gently placed him on his shoulder to carry. Rand then took off walking in the direction where two more people were.

Rand continued monitoring the Brown haired boy as he continued to mutter softly in his sleep. He was obviously having a nightmare and Rand didn't dare take a peek at what it was; only he assumed it was that of the vile monster that they had faced before he rescued them.

Rand decided to sit and meditate so he could concentrate elsewhere. When he felt his clone had reached Bel, he let out a gasp as he surveyed the boy's wounds.

Matt's dusty blond hair was a mess. He had huge scrapes and gashes across his chest, arms, and legs. His face was scarred beyond recognition and to Rand's surprise, he was still breathing, but barely. Rand concentrated deeper to channel his power into the clone to help Bel with the healing.

Bel looked over his shoulder and saw the two boys off in the distance getting closer. It was a matter of time before they arrived and they were in a hurry. Bel was grateful Rand was able to send his clone to help out, but he wasn't sure if the clone would be able to do anything.

"Having doubts?"

Bel shot Rand's clone a hard look. "Now's not the time. I'm willing to try."

Rand's clone smiled then held out his left hand for Bel to grasp. Bel didn't hesitate and once he grabbed Rand's offered hand, he suddenly felt a surge in power as he immediately began to concentrate his efforts towards healing the severely injured teen.

Several long moments have passed as Bel watched quite a number of wounds healing, leaving little scars; he continued to concentrate, even though he noticed Rand's strength was weakening.

'Just a little more please, Rand. I know we've been at this for a while, but can you hold on a little longer?'

A faint 'no' was heard in response in Bel's thoughts as Rand slipped his hand out of Bels'. His clone collapsed in exhaustion as he was breathing raggedly hard. Bel winced as his own life force began to be channeled into the healing until two hands touched his shoulder, causing him to glance towards Eric.

"No, Eric! You shouldn't! You mustn't!"

"I want to help and I can tell he is feeling better. Let us, please. To hell with the risks, my brothers' life is important."

"You..." Bel sighed. "okay."

Bel felt some relief as he resumed his healing then felt an incredible rush in energy flow into him from both boys. Rand looked on and wanted to protest, but thought Bel was going to stop them when he, too, felt the energy flowing from both boys and was thoroughly surprised.

'There may be hope for humanity after all.' Rand thought randomly and Bel caught the thought as Rand was broadcasting loudly, causing him to blush some.

Eric looked up and grinned at Rand then winced somewhat as the final bits of energy flowed to a stop. Bel no longer needed any more as Matt was completely healed, but resting silently. As Eric glanced over at Andy, he didn't appear to be all that drained out. Bel noted the confusion on Eric's face after he felt a question forming within Eric's head.

"To answer your question, I drew more energy from you than Andy simply because he is young and I don't want to have... well... like it or not, you have more energy anyways." Bel reasoned before he made the boys feel bad and himself much worse.

"Oh, okay." Andy slowly removed his hand from Bel's left shoulder as he felt he was useless.

"Cheer up Andy, at least you don't feel like you are too tired to stand."

Andy nodded as Bel turned his attention to Rand and made sure he was feeling okay. Rand said he was and Bel then asked something that Rand was bothering him about earlier.

"You wanted my help on something, Rand?"

Rand had been staring off into the whiteness as Bel's question jolted him back to the here and now. "Huh? Oh, I found another and the rest. He appears to be having a nightmare and you know how I am when it comes to entering someone's dreams."

Bel rapidly shook his head trying to clear the cobwebs as if he didn't hear Rand correctly. "Say what? Another? Another what?"

"Exactly what I said."

"Wait, you mentioned there were seven of us, had another drifted in with us?"

"If you put it that way, I guess so."

Bel groaned, "I don't have the energy to do any more healing."

Eric had been listening to their conversations and became increasingly aware of who he thought they were talking about. Before Bel or Rand could say anything further, Eric quickly jumped into the conversation, "What did he look like?"

"Oh, he didn't look like he was your twin, either of you."

Eric had a sudden energy increase as he became more alert. "Did he happen to have brown hair, down to about his shoulders?"

Rand nodded and Eric continued, "It's Jason, I think. He was the only one near us when we..."

Rand immediately stood up, "He seems to be trapped in a nightmare. This place can do that to you if you are knocked unconscious by an explosion and considering he is simply a normal human that is very dangerous to a place like here."

Anger flared across Eric's face and it didn't go unnoticed by Bel.

"Careful, Rand. You don't want to insult those whom you rescue."

Before Rand could say anything, Eric piped up, "First off, Jason is my boyfriend and I don't care if he doesn't have any powers or not! I love him for who he is and that's that!" He reached up unconsciously to his locket, but found it wasn't there. He suddenly became aware of what he had said and that of his missing locket. Ignoring the first fear completely, he looked towards Andy and noticed the locket wasn't visible either. Suddenly, he became very nervous and Bel and Rand noted it very clearly.

"What's wrong?"

"I, we lost our lockets. They supposedly contain the rest of our powers. I don't know, I don't feel any different here."

Rand grinned as he realized what Eric was talking about. "My apologies, this place has it's own restrictions. Don't worry, they will re-appear once we arrive back on Earth. This place has advantageous and disadvantageous at the same time. I'll explain later, but for now, everything is restricted and then some. I'm pretty sure you can use a limited amount of powers, but again, this place is also watched for excessive use of abilities and you haven't used anything other than telepathy yet, so you're safe for the time being.

"So then, if we use a specific teleportation that is well known to us, will it go unnoticed?" Came the groggy voice, startling everyone.

Eric and Andy spoke at the same time, "Matt!"

Bel and Rand glanced down to notice a pair of blue eyes staring back at them, alternating between the two. "It depends if it leaves a trace of your activity or not."

"I agree, I think I know what you want to try." Bel simply stated as Andy scooted in and helped Matt sit up then embrace him in a bear hug. Eric soon joined their reunion, causing Matt to suffocate from the lack of air as the hugs got intense.

"Need... air... must... breathe!" Matt gasped as Andy and Eric broke their embrace.

"Bro, you need to be more careful."

"I know. I never saw that coming. Not from that thing."

"Didn't you even sense its power buildup? I did, even for a fraction of a second and I knew you were in danger."

"Is that why you froze? You should know that hesitating will get you nowhere."

Eric looked at his feet and spoke silently but everyone heard him, "yeah. I thought it was pointless to resist. I thought if we didn't show any resistance, he wouldn't kill us, but he still tried to anyway."

"Tried to?!" Rand rolled his eyes, "more like vaporized. That last attack was strong enough to completely wipe out a large city."

Bel wanted to protest, but he knew Rand was right. Eric and Matt shot a look at Rand, but they too, realized he was right.

After letting the older boys talk for a while, Andy decided it was his turn, "What about my brother and our dad?"

Rand grinned, "Found them. All we have to do is meet where I am with Jason."

A resonating 'huh' was echoed across the whiteness as three boys spoke at the same time, causing Bel and Rand to giggle.

"I've cloned myself to make searching easier. I nearly lost them if I hadn't removed my hand from Bel's any... well, lets not think about that. I can clone myself, but it's limiting here and draining at the same time. But first, let's see this teleportation of yours."

"Cool!" Eric exclaimed as he quickly turned black and white then the two colors split and re-appeared in the next second directly behind Rand, causing him to jump as he felt a small wave of air hit him from behind.

"Wow." Bel stared at Eric as Rand's eyes widened.

"Can you do this with others with you?"

"Haven't tried yet." Eric immediately grabbed Rand's clone and repeated the same move, taking Rand's clone with him effortlessly and without a trace.

Bel's eyes went very wide as he could feel the excitement and nervousness from Rand at the same time.

"Wow." Was all Rand could come up with. "Bel?"

Bel turned and looked behind with a smile while Andy helped Matt up on his feet. "I sense no trace. Very nice." Bel then turned his attention to Andy, "Can you do it?"

Andy shook his head with a frown, but Matt rescued him. "I think I'm able to. No worries, little bro, I'll help ya out."

Andy's frown quickly turned into a grin as he shouted 'cool'.

"You can read my mind, so can you think of the place of where I actually am?"

Eric looked at Rand with a puzzled look then realized Bel must have told Rand or Rand figured it out on his own. Eric then concentrated on the images in Rand's mind before nodding with a grin on his face. He then sent the image to Matt's mind and he was also grinning.

"Let me recall my clones then we'll move on." Bel stated as he closed his eyes in concentration.

In a few moments, all his clones appeared directly in front of him then quickly merged with Bel's original body. Once that was done, he grinned, "I'm ready."

"What about Rand? Doesn't he do the same as you?" Matt asked as he was curious about the two new boys.

"No, we are different species." Rand stated, blankly.

Bel rolled his eyes, "Translation: he's lazy."

Rand grinned slightly, "Why, thank you! If I could save some energy by doing so, where's the harm?"

Bel groaned and rolled his eyes, causing everyone else to laugh.

"Oh, all right, let's go." Rand grumbled as Eric gripped his arm and Bel's while Matt did the same with Andy's, then they disappeared in a black-white split almost instantaneously.

The group of boys finally arrived to find Rand on one knee with a sweaty brown haired boy. Once Rand's clone arrived, it quickly disappeared, causing Rand to open his eyes and stare at Eric. 'Wow. That kid doesn't realize what hidden power he has. Neither of them do. Bel, do you agree?'

'I know. We'll deal with it later.'

'And soon, I hope.'

Rand sighed as he watched Eric rush to Jason's side then close his eyes. After a moment, Eric's eyes immediately shot open in fear as he looked towards Matt. It seemed Matt had understood what was happening and knew how to fix it as he moved to Eric's left side and placed his left hand across Jason's forehead then closed his eyes while Eric looked on.

Andy had no idea what was happening as Bel broke the silence, "What's going on?"

Andy turned his head to look at Bel then shrugged his shoulders, "Don't know."

"I think I do, Eric, are you needed or will Matt be a while?" Rand asked wanting to know so he could pull himself together.

Eric was hesitant to respond as he was alternating glances between Jason, Matt and Rand. He finally uttered a 'no' after several attempts and some reassuring from Matt.

"One last request, if you don't mind." Rand tried to be as sincere and gentle in his question as possible, causing Bel to shoot him a stare.

"Okay. I'll be a moment." He quickly teleported out then returned as promised with the rest of Rand's clones, Ryan and their dad.

Ryan was in tears cradling Jerry's head, thinking his dad was dead, but was breathing shallowly. Rand had tried to reassure the boy that his dad was alive, but to no avail. All it took was for Eric to tell his brother that dad was fine, just sleeping and strangely enough, he was unharmed, except for the minor scrape across the right side of his forehead.

As soon as Ryan gently placed Jerry's head on the white ground, he jumped into Matt's arms then Andy joined them in the embrace. Matt was still in the same spot as was Bel. The rest of Rand's clones had 'pulled themselves together' and he was more than ready to leave the time void. As soon as he had that thought, Matt's eyes opened with a small smile.

"It seems Jason was trapped in a nightmare where that beast kills us every time, in many different ways, never ending. It's like a nightmare without Freddy, but it destroys your soul. Rand, I'm glad you talked us into teleporting. If we would have waited any longer, he would be lost and his body would simply have become a living shell." Matt exchanged a soulful look with Eric before continuing, "Bro, be careful when he awakes. I don't know what will happen, but I can tell you that he will be somewhat okay. No promises."

Eric slowly nodded, not trusting his voice as some tears fell down his cheeks.

Bel closed his eyes and sighed. 'I don't suppose you have a reason for their powers being active here more so than ours?

Rand mentally shrugged, 'No clue. But one thing's for certain, I want OUT of here and soon. Someone is watching us. I can feel their eyes scanning for activity, but they haven't found us yet.'

'I agree, I feel it too. We'll deal with the watcher later, but I'll ask one of the boys if Jason can be moved.' As Bel opened his eyes; he saw Matt staring blankly at him and Bel tried hard not to smile. "Can he be moved?"

Matt felt he was caught and quickly shook off the odd feeling. It wasn't a bad feeling, but it wasn't good either. It was just a weird feeling that he couldn't shake. "Huh? Oh, yeah he can be moved. What's the hurry?"

Bel was about to open his mouth when Rand already started, "I just want to get us out of here as soon as possible. The longer we stay in here, the harder it is to find the exit. I already found it the moment we entered here, but it's moved and starting to become hard to track. I was going to ask for another teleportation from you, but too late now. I keep thinking one last one won't hurt, but I could be wrong. I'll take us all to the exit. Be warned, you might not like what you see as we will exit to the exact same location as we entered from."

Getting a nod from everyone except Bel, Eric walked towards Matt and knelt to his opposite then slid his hands and arms under Jason and carefully picked him up. Eric was expecting a bit of weight, but he seemed light and gently smiled at Matt.

The younger twins seeing this decided to do the same for their dad, but instead of doing what Eric did, they each took an arm and lifted him up to a standing position, except Jerry was slouched down with his head hanging forward.

Rand let out a small grin and looked towards Bel as Bel walked towards Rand and nodded. Bel returned the nod and not a moment later, Rand snapped his right fingers and everyone disappeared in a red flash and reappeared at the exit. Rand didn't wait any longer as he began walking towards it followed by the rest of the boys and then Bel.

In the middle of what was a barren wasteland with a huge crater in the center of what used to be a park, a bright red-white flash of light engulfed the area then just as rapidly, it closed revealing eight figures in its place. They began looking around and several gasps could be heard from them. One was dressed in white clothes and had white hair with blue highlights. He began to levitate off the ground to look ahead and around. He gasped as he took in his surroundings as the brown haired boy joined right next to him. Rand looked at Bel with a faraway look on his face. He wasn't sure if he would like hanging around the Earthlings and their troubles, but he had just made new friends.

"Rand, you okay?"

"No." there was a long pause before he finally continued, "But looking at this gives me the creeps."

"I know. I'm just glad we found everyone before too long."

Two older boys appeared behind them, also levitating. Both boys were identical twins with blond hair; one had blue eyes and the other, green. The boy with green eyes had a limp body in his arms and he appeared to be about the same age as the twins. The boy in his arms was unconscious, presumably sleeping, but he had wounds on his body that suggested he'd been in a battle. The twins gasped as they looked around themselves.

"Matt... this was...our home."

Matt had a cold chill run down his spine as he took in the sights. "I know. I wish there was something we could have done."

Bel turned his head sideways with a sad expression. "There was nothing either of you could have done to save this."

Eric shot his brother a quick glance, looked down at a sleeping brown haired boy before looking at Bel, "For the longest time, I always thought we could have done something. I kept replaying this scene over and over in my head, thinking there was something we could have done if things were different. I just wish we were able to go back in..."

Rand quickly spun around, causing Matt to jump a little. "You must not! You cannot ever think about going back in time to fix things. That is not the answer!"

"Then what is?!" Eric growled, slightly trembling.

"It all comes from you and you all alone." Another set of twins, slightly younger, had just joined the group holding up a man in between their arms. The man appeared to be their father, only he was slightly awake, but had no powers like the rest and the unconscious boy in Eric's arms.

"Look, I have the ability to sense time, among other things associated with it. I can sense this area has had a huge time shear, I'm guessing as old as you two are. Any further time disruptions will result in a universal apocalypse! It would take my entire race to prevent one from happening, but that won't happen with me being here with Bel at my side! I simply out right refuse to go to them for help for anything and I certainly cannot go to Bel's race for help either! This isn't the time or place for such discussions but another day will have to do."

Eric and Matt were taken aback while Bel just looked at Rand with a glare. The younger set of twins just stared openly at Rand while their father stirred somewhat. He had heard everything Rand said, but he was still too weak to form words.

Andy and Ryan felt their father shift in their arms then both looked to him. They both nodded as if some unspoken words were exchanged and they drifted a few healing energies into their father to help him recover slightly quicker, but not to over do it.

Before Rand could continue, his eyes widened in shock as he understood what the younger twins were doing. He wanted to protest, but it was too late. The boys had just finished with the healing and their father began to slowly recover. When he looked up at all the faces staring back at him, his gaze turned towards the empty land that was once considered their home with a gasp.

As far as the eye could tell, everything had been laid to waste. Smoke and a foul stench filled the air, decayed bodies littered the streets, houses were burning, and vehicles were overturned or bare or melted. There looked like a volcano erupting in the distance. An earthquake began, causing the volcano to erupt violently, darkening the sky slightly. It was about noon when Bel felt a familiar presence approaching.

Bel looked off into the distance, squinting his eyes. Rand had his sights still on the twins, his mind distracted, but focused for anything bad to happen. He knew how dangerous it was to use healing powers after immediately exiting the Time Void, but on a normal human? He knew the results could be very dangerous, but so far nothing bad had happened. Bel's gentle nudging began to annoy him as he hadn't noticed it before, but it gradually grew from gentle to urgent.

Rand never looked away as he spoke feeling slightly annoyed. "What Bel?"

Bel rolled his eyes but kept his sights on something off in the distance. "Something's coming."

"Yeah, I know, I'm looking at it."

Bel turned to look at what Rand was looking at then followed his line of sight. He let out a loud sigh then elbowed Rand in the ribs slightly harder.

"Not that!" Bel spoke through gritted teeth. "The father is fine! It's something off in the distance that I'm worried about!"

Rand turned towards Bel and smirked, "You don't hafta be such a grouch you know!" He then turned to look off in the same direction Bel had been. His eyes slowly widened as he realized what was coming.

"Shit! Guys! We gotta go! We've been discovered!"

Eric and Matt began showing signs of panic and spoke in unison, "Where can we go? If he found us this easily, then no where is safe!"

Bel smiled and looked at Rand then nodded. "There is but one place that'll shield all of us."

Jerry finally spoke, "I'm not going back to that white expanse, or whatever it is you call it."

Rand smiled, "No, it's here on Earth. A very closely guarded secret I might add. The one called Simon showed me where to go if we ever made it back here."

Jerry smiled till Matt spoke up. "Why can't we just stay and fight? There's more of us now than whatever is coming."

Rand craned his neck then rolled his eyes, "For first timers coming out of the Time Void, you must first get used to whatever new powers you may or may not have. Unknown powers can be very dangerous to both, the user and anything in the area. It takes about a week for someone to get a proper control of their abilities. Now... oh forget it, I'll explain later..."

Jerry raised an eyebrow wondering how anyone could stand the kid, but he shrugged it off as he noticed the changing expression across Rand's face change from annoyance to concern.

Eric began to visibly tremble. He had felt this sensation before and it was the very same sensation as he felt before the park was nothing but a huge one-mile wide crater. This didn't go unnoticed by Rand.

Rand growled, "it's already starting and too soon! If these guys have more power than either of us, there's a chance they'll get it all in half a week or less, but it'll be... brutal." he finished with a smirk.

Bel's urgency elevated, "Rand, it's now or never!"

Rand's smirk changed into a wide grin, "Time to go for a ride!"

To be continued....

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