Castle Roland

Falls On Deaf Ears Book 2

by Hammy

On Hold

Chapter 3

Published: 8 Apr 14

Rand quickly brought up both hands mid way then immediately snapped his fingers in rapid succession ten times and they all disappeared in a flash of bright blue-red light. Eric and Matt were about to say something but it was too late as the flash enveloped them. Seconds later, a tall man with dark eyes and silver hair approached the area with abrupt caution, feverishly looking around but not finding anything.

He looked up into the darkening sky for a moment as he mentally opened a communications link to their command base. 'Command, are you sure you sensed something here? I am seeing nothing and you know how Sid gets when he receives nothing!'

'Affirmative. We are picking up a very faint teleportation trail. It will take some time to track it, but I am sending the trackers.'

'Fine. Send some of Sid's newest creations and maybe a dragon too.'

'WHAT?! You can't mean his personal favorite!'

The man grinned evilly as he began to formulate a plan. 'The one and only. He won't mind. The dragon was created for this purpose and what better time to use it? Besides, Sid has been bitching about the rest of the guardians of Earth not being found and he wants it done yesterday!'

'Fine, if Sid comes looking for him…'

'I will handle Sid, you take care of what you do best.' He didn't wait for a reply as he mentally closed the communications link then scanned the area once more.

'I could not have sensed more of those puny Earthlings, but they will not remain hidden for long!' He growled then disappeared leaving the area in a cloud of dust as several tumbleweeds blew through the area.

Somewhere, deep inside the Earth, in a cave so vast, it looked like an enclosed football field, except the rows of seats resembled rows of small huts or tent like dwellings. Landscaping was scarce. There was no direct sunlight entering the cave, but there was magic at work that somehow allowed nature to flourish. There were many unpaved roads or veins of them, extending from all over the place. The entire place was lit with the flicker of gas lamps as if it were actually dark outside. There were gas lamps all over the place; on the walls, inside the small tent like homes, and the 'street lights' seemed to have them as well. In the center appeared to be a huge gathering. Everyone had felt the effects of the invasion and did what they could to survive. It wasn't paradise or hell but it was better than being a slave of Sid.

Tapping the microphone to check for feedback as he looked over what was left of Earth's last defense, he sighed waiting for the crowd to fall silent. He ran his hands through his grey hair as he pondered how to address the crowd. Whatever was left of humanity was sitting right in front of him, some one hundred thousand or so odd humans and guardians combined the last of their kind. The Earth's military fell within seconds of Sid's forces and the man still watched the war from the horrors of his memories. He had wished they were only dreams, but it wasn't so. He then looked up to see the crowd staring back at him in silence as he began to finally speak.

"Thank you for coming. I wish I had better news for all of you, but I don't. There is no easy way to say this so I'll just say it. Our forces detected a massive ship on its way here. I can't say if it's a good or bad thing, but someone monitoring the communication between the enemy and the ship have discovered their allies are coming to their aid." He paused as he watched the expressions of everyone in the audience then continued with his grim news, "I have one solution, other than an all out battle."

"You can't seriously mean a nuclear missile launch against the ship! The blast will most certainly destroy us if they are close!" One man stood, obviously not liking what he was hearing.

"Sir, relax please, yes that is what I fully intend to do, but they are well out of range and the missiles can reach them. In doing so exposes us to them."

A weak sounding feminine voice spoke from behind where the speaker was standing. She approached with weary eyes and hair that had seen better days. "How do you expect us to fight? How do you even guarantee that the missile will hit its target? How do you…" She stopped and shook her head. "We have nothing worth fighting for anymore…" She trailed off thinking of her family as she began to silently weep with tears streaking down her face. "You know better than anyone that a nuke would hardly faze them!" She paused then continued, "Suicide is not an option either."

The speaker turned around and slowly approached the weeping lady and hugged her. "I'm sorry Trish, I wish there was something we could do but we simply cannot go back into the past to change anything. I would if I could, but it is not within my power to do so, only the Founder can, but I doubt it. Furthermore, there is no other choice!"

"She's quite right you know and there is always a choice. You just chose the wrong choice."

This caused everyone to gasp as they quickly rose to their feet at the unexpected appearance of three newcomers on the stage. The speaker broke his embrace with Trish and quickly turned around and gasped as well. He then dipped his head towards the ground and fell to one knee as if to pay the person proper respect.

"I'll have none of that, Max. I know it's proper, but now isn't the time for formality. Now, please stand as my time is running short."

Max immediately stood and looked at an old face he hardly knew. Time appeared to have treated him well, but his age slowly started showing once he arrived to the cave. He was held by a man and woman and they both felt weak, but were barely holding the old man along with their own bodies.

"William, you do know very well that returning to this cave will be your very last and you have little time to do a transfer to anyone of your choice, but why now? You could have been out there fighting the enemy for all I know and yet you decide to come back here even after Barb and Ben found you…"

William nodded his head sharply to stop Max from saying anything more. "Do you seriously expect me to simply just waltz into Sid's lair and say 'Hi, please kindly get the fuck off our planet, or die'."

"Well, not that but…"

"But what?! I am nowhere near as strong as Sid right now. Even if it was centuries ago, I would have still perished in that fight and it would be a lost cause. No, you need someone who is already at my level to be able to handle the powers and knowledge of the Founder to go against this abomination and his army!"

Max was about to speak when a weak voice spoke from behind William. "Surely, one of us is quite suitable for a power transfer…"

"No one in this room is able to handle it. It must be twins and only firstborn twins! Taking everything at once will quickly eat you alive. First it drives you insane then in your insanity, you kill yourself because … well… this is all I will say."

Trish started to openly weep at the mention of firstborn twins. She had lost her entire family to Sid and she had tried countless times to take her anger out on the enemy, but it wasn't good enough, even without the locket restricting her, which of course, was no longer an issue. She still fell short of her goal and was badly beaten to the point where Sid decided to let her live so she could come back to 'entertain him' as he put it. She shook her head as she tried hopelessly to forget that incident.

"My babies are gone! They died in that attack in the park and all that's left is a crater." She screamed at the top of her lungs and wept till the tears were dried out. Max tried to console her.

William smiled towards the man hunched over in his walker, but he looked to be young. He was hurting from the previous battle and was forced into his current state for the rest of his life. "I see Simon hasn't told you what really happened now did he?"

Trish and Max looked up at William incredulously. Max scowled at Simon then turned his attention back to William with a questioning look as if to say 'how'.

William rolled his eyes then looked at Barb then Ben and nodded to each as they released him so he could stand on his own.

"I've foreseen this day and didn't tell a soul about it; otherwise, the right and wrong choices wouldn't have been made. I'm sorry everyone had to suffer for it, especially you Trish, but sometimes it is necessary to create hope." He paused and scratched his arm then turned to Max. "I am correct when I do say this universe cannot handle any more time disruptions. I've seen what happened in that hospital where Trish gave birth to Eric and Matt. I've also seen the alternate of what actually was supposed to happen and while this might not be the better choice, it probably is. Look, all I can say right now is her family is alive and well. I know this because I have foreseen them being here during the transfer. Time is of the essence and they will arrive any moment. But first, we must prepare for the transfer. I'm afraid I really don't have much time in me. If I exit this cave, I will not survive even if you hope to delay the inevitable."

Simon winced as he slowly turned to look at Max. He had been in constant pain and he knew only the Founder could heal him, but that wasn't an option so he'd have to tough it out and wait. He slowly nodded to Max as if to agree with William's plan. William slowly saw this and moved towards him. Once William was within an arm's reach from Simon, he quickly placed his hand on his forehead and a warm glow enveloped his body, causing him to fall to the ground and spasm, as he was being hyper healed. Once it was done in quick succession, Simon began to slowly stand without the walker and stretch his aching muscles.

"You shouldn't have done that."

William smiled, "A simple thank you would suffice."

Max nodded in understanding and looked at Trish then back to Simon as he watched William heal Simon. Trish was in an obvious state of shock and didn't say anything. Her expression was blank, no one could get a read on her as Max tried to get her to say something and she wouldn't budge.

At first, Trish couldn't understand the reason for the explanation of why they hadn't told her sooner to save her the trouble of grieving for nothing.

It was then, Max realized that he saw brief flashes of anger starting to form across her features and braced Trish tightly to restrain her.

"If you do this now, Trish, you'll regret it. Killing Simon or William is treason among us and you will surely be killed for it." Max warned as he studied Trish for any change of emotion. "They have their reasons and I finally figured it out. You had a part to play in making things believable for Sid. Sid knew you were the twins' mother by your obvious rage. Otherwise he would have suspected he failed and surely this planet wouldn't exist after much searching on his part."

Trish directed her gaze to Max, "If you think for one second that you know me as well as you say, you got another thing coming." She shifted her gaze to Simon, as she wasn't listening to Max, "If you were any other man, I'd have tortured you for the duration of their absence then added to it!" This caused Simon to slowly gulp as Trish continued, "Don't expect me to like you any further after all of this is done." She turn turned to William, "And you, how can you expect me to even agree to sending my family, my children after this enemy who so nearly killed them in the first place?!" William's throat moved up and down as Trish continued, "Why does it have to be my kids?! There's no way in hell they are anywhere strong enough to take Sid on, let alone be able to defend themselves against myself in a training scenario! Would you care to even explain how they could get stronger in such little time to where ever they have gone?!" Getting no response from either Max, Simon, or William caused Trish to continue further, "Surely one of you must know of something! I…"

A flash of bright reddish white light filled the room as eight figures appeared out of nowhere. Everyone gasped in shock as the Blue-white haired boy stepped forward with a smile on his face. "I think we can answer that question, ma'am."

Trish grew even angrier till Matt stepped in front of Bel. Her expression changed from anger to shock. As she stuttered some words that no one could hear, she fainted into Max's arms.

"That went well, don't ya think, Bel?"

Bel rolled his eyes, "Shut up, Rand."

Simon smiled, "I thank you two for your help. It means a lot."

"I'm sure you'll owe us a favor or two…"

Bel quickly elbowed Rand to shut him up from continuing, causing everyone to have a good chuckle.

"No, really. He is correct. I wasn't sure if you were going to help, but as payment when this is all over, you have our complete help should you ever need it."

Rand smiled, 'That put Bel in his place! Haaaa!' "Oh I look forward to it."

Bel scowled and shot Rand an angry glare for his manners, "Zip it Rand"

Rand was about to speak, but no sound was coming out. He tried sending Bel a message but he was being ignored, causing Rand to cross his arms across his chest and look away from Bel.

William was beside himself. He wasn't sure what to make of their timing, but he knew very sure they were slightly early. "Just out of curiosity, where have you been after all this time?"

Bel smirked slightly, "The Time Void."

"You can't mean that!" Williams' eyes went wide with shock. "Do you have any idea how dangerous it was to take them there?!"

"Oh, and now you are concerned?" Rand snapped sarcastically before Bel could even respond. "I suppose I could send them right back at the snap of a finger if you are this displeased!"

Bel turned his attention back to Rand, "How did you…?" He quickly shook his head causing his hair to flop some, "never mind. I thought I told you to mind your manners?"

"Humans are incredibly dense sometimes, you know?"

"No, Rand. I don't. Now, please be nice for a change!"

"But…" Rand started but Max was brave enough to stop them.

"Enough!" Max yelled before things could get out of hand. "We'll talk later. Chaaaaaad!"

Chad appeared out of nowhere and when his eyes laid upon the sheer amount of newcomers, it had quite an effect on him as he fell into a shock-like trance.

Max rolled his eyes, "Chad, snap out of it! Go get your friends, their parents are back."

"Uhh…okay!" he disappeared then re-appeared with four boys no older than twelve. They were also shocked as Chad continued to stare at the newcomers.

Simon slowly approached Max, "It'll wear off." He visibly winced in some pain and William noticed.

"It seems your still in pain, Simon, but my power is quickly draining. I only did what I could. The more we delay, the harder the transfer becomes."

"What transfer?" Rand half demanded, half asked as Bel moved forward towards Simon.

"Why, a transfer of my powers and knowledge of course." William paused for the effect. "To Eric and Matt."

"Not possible. Even you should know about the Time Void and what it does."

"That I do. It can't be helped. It must be done or all is lost!"

Rand rolled his eyes, "Why are you humans so full of hopelessness?" This caused Bel to turn his head sharply at Rand as he began to heal Simon, much to his protests. His face flashed anger at Rand's attitude, but Rand ignored him. "You do realize these two boys, no, these four boys behind me are rapidly gaining new and unknown powers every minute and could possibly surpass this Sid you claim to be all high and mighty?! I serious…" His mouth was clamped shut with a hand when Bel approached him with a knowing grin across his face.

"I told you to shut up, Rand." Bel was thoroughly annoyed with Rand as he put a mental gag on his mouth once again, only stronger. This caused Rand to sharply look towards Bel.

'Bel?! What the hell?!' Rand tried again to at least get Bel to talk to him.

Bel ignored Rand's complaining thoughts as he sensed William knew something about the matters at hand.

Will chuckled, "No, it's okay, really." He looked down and spoke as he slowly lifted his head, "Sid had help and lots of it. He is no longer a human and he is now part of the mystical beasts of the universe that all living beings fear. I don't know about you, but the look on your face tells me you know what I am talking about."

Bel gasped in surprise, "You can't mean a tri-metamorph. Their race is up there with those of the Q continuum and Rand here is just a descendant of them. But if a Human of your caliber were to merge with one of them, then surely you'd have someone strong enough to take on anyone." Bel dipped his head slowly, feeling a sense of loss. "There's no way we can be of any help! The only ones that are capable of helping are the Q and they need a reason…"

"Is the extinction of the human race a good enough reason for you?" Max spoke up as everyone gasped.

Bel was about to respond when a thought entered his mind. 'Bel, can you please remove the gag, I'll be good, I promise.'

Bel glared at Rand and for the first time since arriving he finally shared a thought. 'I see you have some of the Q like qualities of the most arrogant ones, but can you please be good?'

'Fine, I will. There is something I really need to tell them that you don't have the answer to.'

Bel did so as Rand spoke up, "He is right. I don't see how a merger would be possible to bring them to his level. It would only serve to cause this woman more suffering."

William frowned, "I guess you'll have to see for yourselves." He brought his hands together and chanted in a language foreign to everyone. Once it was done, his hands extended outwards towards Eric and Matt, causing them to glow blue. At the same time, Jason disappeared from Eric's arms then re-appeared in front of Max. Max barely had time to react when the floating body began to fall to the floor. William then collapsed to his knees, causing Barb and Ben to quickly catch him from falling, but they couldn't as he became invisible and disappeared as did Eric and Matt.

At this moment, Trish began to slowly wake up just in time to see her two oldest sons disappear. Jerry had been slowly waking up and watching the events unfold before his eyes. He looked side to side to see his youngest boys smiling at him as they helped him slowly stand up. Once he regained his balance, the trio walked towards Trish as they noticed her starting to wake up.

As Jerry knelt down to pull Trish towards him, she began sobbing uncontrollably, hoping what she witnessed wasn't real. Jerry continued to console her the best he could.

"Honey, it's probably for the best. I know you just saw them as did I, but I think I understand their purpose in all this." Jerry spoke softly into his wife's ear, only to get more sobs and tears as a response with a tight hug from his wife. The younger twins then joined their parents in the embrace as they all shared a moment.

Bel wanted to offer words of wisdom, but found none. He looked towards Rand and noted the shocked expression across his face.


When Bel received no response, he tried again, a bit more forcefully. 'RAND?!'

Rand, completely oblivious to Bel's nagging thoughts, fell to his knees as witnessing the recent events had triggered a certain memory.

Rand woke up with a start in a blue-white room that looked like a medical facility but he found himself restrained to the bed so he couldn't move. As he struggled to try and free himself, a slowly approaching form caught his attention out of the corner of his eye, causing him to stop and slowly look towards whatever it was.

Bel wasn't allowed to enter the room for his protection, supposedly at his fathers' request. He had protested many times, but they all fell on deaf ears as he watched hopelessly. He tried to assure everyone that Rand is who he said he is, but they assured him they had to be sure. After the rescue, they just couldn't be too careful and risk getting the wrong person and have a surprise attack occur right in the middle of their medical facility.

Bel and his father looked on as Rand struggled in his bed and hoped to break free. It was futile as their medical room had a special power to it where it makes anyone entering the room powerless.

"I am sorry son, this is for his own protection."

"Why father?! You've met him before! Is this really necessary?!"

"It is only a precaution! You should know that they could create a surprise trap for us, but I would be surprised if they were not expecting us to rescue him, nor dare attempt one."

Bel wanted to say something as the medical doctor inside the other room tapped on the window in attempt to get their attention.

Bel's father looked up at the doctor on the other side of the window and nodded in response to something he wrote on a piece of paper that looked closely to a PADD but only more sophisticated.

"Well son, you can go in and see him. But I expect him to be…" Bel was already out the door as his father was talking when he looked down and had a small chuckle. This rescue was far from his worries as he needed to get the troops ready for an assault on Rand's race. He expected them to come after them any moment and he didn't want to get caught with his pants down. He looked back up at the window and watched Bel interact with Rand.

'How did they get so lucky? It's like there was no hate between them when they first met.' He smiled and shook his head then sighed. 'this war is starting to take a toll on us. Sooner or later, one of us will be thoroughly wiped out of existence. I just hope these two will find a way to be safe if or when that happens.'

Inside the room, Bel was embraced in a tight hug with a very confused Rand. The hug lasted for what seemed like an eternity, but was only several minutes before Bel broke the embrace and looked into Rand's brown eyes.

"What happened?"

"Isn't it obvious, Rand?"

"That's not what I meant."

"I know." Bel sighed, "a bunch of us, including my father, stopped time, only for a few seconds and removed you from the executioner's death table and brought you here."

"Why? I'm not worth it…"

Bel gasped and slapped Rand from continuing, "Say that again and you'll be spending the rest of your life in here!" Bel then shook his head, "I'm sorry, but Rand…"

Rand looked at Bel with a hurt expression as some tears escaped from his eyes.

"Look, you need to stop feeling that way!" Bel slowly reached up and wiped a stray tear from Rand, "I'm sorry… I hate it when you beat yourself up like this. I love you to the point where I wanna spend the rest of eternity with you."

Rand felt surprised and wasn't sure how to respond. The two boys continued to stare at one another, ignoring anything that happened around them. Rand broke the silence as he reached up to touch Bel's hand as it was still on Rand's cheek.

"You really mean that?"

Bel smiled and nodded his head, causing his white-blue hair to flop some, "I always have."

Rand's small smile appeared across his face, as he no longer felt unwanted. "What about your father? Is he okay with us?"

Bel shrugged, "You met him before! How could you forget that?"

"Ohhhhh yeah, sorry Bel. I guess I did forget." Rand looked around the room and sighed. "You know they're going to come after us."

Bel broke eye contact and looked towards the floor mumbling something, but Rand heard him. "I know."

Just as Bel was about to say something more, the door slid open and Bel's father rushed in breathing heavily.

"Boys, it is time."

"Time for what?" Bel spoke as he spun around meeting his father's gaze.

"They are attacking! You two need to get out!"

Rand struggled to speak, but his strength seemed drained for some reason. "I can help…"

Bel spun around looking at Rand straight in the eye, "Not if I have anything to say about it. You are in no shape or form to fight! As far as I know, your powers have been…"

"…Not stripped from him, Bel." Bel's father finished. "He would not feel weak like this if his powers were non-existent. Somehow, they returned to him."

"Seriously father, they just do not show up for any reason! There has to be a reason…"

Rand had been listening to the two and silently muttered something to himself causing Bel and his father to stop talking then stare at Rand.

Rand jumped a little at the stares, "what? I'm right here ya know!"

Bel rolled his eyes as did his father.

Rand giggled for the first time since the two boys met on the barren planet, "Someone or something gave them right back without anyone knowing it, probably at the last second hoping I would escape. I don't know who, but it might be someone on the same level as the Judge."

"Then that can mean a war will start from within your people, Rand. It might not be much right now, but someone will eventually figure things out." There was a rumbling that caused the trio to lose their balance as the lights flickered. "Bel, I am sorry but you need to take Rand and go. I do not want you to worry about me."

"But father!" Bel began to protest as he regained his balance.

"Go! Now! Before it is too late!" Bel's father was having none of his protests and was extremely concerned for his safety as well as Rand's, oddly enough.

"Father, please! I do not want to lose you like we did with mother."

"You will not. They think you are here. Bel you must not let Rand use any of his powers till either of you are out of this dimension."

"Father I…"

The rumbling grew more intense as the window of opportunity was shrinking with each passing moment. Just then another version of Bel's father appeared at the entrance just as the room lost its power causing everyone to look around.

"Sir! We have a breach and you are needed at command."

Without looking to see who it was he stared at his son and Rand for a moment, "Bel, I trust you know what to do. I must go."

Bel nodded his head and embraced him in a tight hug causing the man to return the same. As his father broke the hug and smiled proudly at his son, Bel returned the smile in some understanding then watched his father turn to leave. Once they were gone, tears began to start till Rand lightly elbowed Bel. Bel looked towards Rand and cracked a small smile as he quickly shifted into his energy form. Rand understood what he needed to do as he allowed Bel to envelop him with his white mass of energy. To Rand, it was an exhilarating rush, as if he was enveloped in pure electricity. He loved that feeling and missed it as he knew Bel wouldn't hurt him. Rand was taught that if an energy being were to ever envelop him, he would surely die, but this wasn't the case. It actually made him feel much more alive.

Once Rand was fully enveloped, the white mass of energy disappeared from the room, leaving no trace of anyone ever being there. Five minutes later, a squadron of Ouranian soldiers appeared at the entrance of the room, scanning briefly then taking off towards the next.

Rand shook his head as he came into focus. At first, he wasn't sure what to make of his surroundings till he felt a constant nudging towards his right that was becoming annoying.

Rand turned his head sharply to Bel, "What?!"

'Ouch, that stung!' Bel thought first then spoke, "you were drifting…"

"Sorry, the events struck a certain memory of mine."

"Okay… shall we go? I am starting to get the feeling we are not welcome here."

Simon quickly walked forward towards Rand and Bel before they could go. He was very thankful towards Bel for healing him. He overheard their conversation and wanted to reassure the newcomers to the best of his ability.

"I couldn't help but overhear, forgive me for intruding, but you two are involved in this as much as anyone else is."

Bel looked at Simon with a very puzzled and confused expression as did Rand, but it was Rand who responded for the two of them.

"I don't think so. This Sid or whoever he is, doesn't even know us. I really don't think he has the means to track us if any."

Simon wanted to speak, but he took too long as a voice came from their right, causing everyone to look over.

"How blind you are." An old woman appeared to wade through the gathering of people during their arrival. "You showing up the first time might not have, but a second time surely will. With each passing second, Sid grows stronger as does his resources. They have all the necessary means of tracking beings like the two of you. Now that he knows you are here, your lives are in danger everywhere else you dare go."

Before Rand or Bel could speak, Simon was thoroughly surprised, "You! Why have you come here Oracle?"

"To help with evacuations, of course! What else do you think I would be doing? Do you think I would sit around with my crystal ball and watch things play out as it were? I may be old, but I am not helpless!"

Simon cringed as several onlookers started to snicker as the kids began to laugh.

"Dude, you got your head handed to ya!"

"You know dad, for all the times you put us in our place, you've been had, big time!"

"Actually Alex, the PC term is 'owned'"

Alex couldn't speak after Julian 'taught' him the correct word; he was laughing too hard, causing Simon to scowl. Bel couldn't help but giggle at the boys' antics.

Simon then turned to the Oracle, "So you saw this place being demolished." He said it more as a statement than a question.

The Oracle simply nodded, "As I said, Sid has the means to track beings like you. You should know by now that our means of teleportation is quite effective."

"We figured that out, but where we showed up at couldn't be helped. Something was coming and we needed Rand's quick teleportation to get us out of there, but not before taking us to ten random places across the universe. It should give us some time." Bel explained as the Oracle nodded then turned her attention to Simon, as did Bel.

Simon was about to speak but he felt a power like he never had flowing through him. He wasn't sure what to make of it, but he felt like he could take on an army.

"Why Bel?"

Bel grinned somewhat, "You'll find new abilities and you are much stronger now than you once were. It was the least I could do for you. We are healers and when someone is in pain, we heal them. Simple as that. Oh and of course, since you are a guardian of the Earth, you also receive new abilities with our healing. It's the way it's always been."

Simon simply nodded in awe as Rand crossed his arms across his chest.

"Are you sure the guardians of Earth aren't capable of healing their own kind?"

Bel rolled his eyes as Simon spoke up, "You are correct to be concerned. No. No one but the Founder can heal the damage done to me. Anyone stronger than us requires the Founder to heal, otherwise we heal slowly over many years. Since the lockets have been unlocked, I haven't fully tapped into those abilities, but I think Bel unlocked them for me. Once unlocked, we heal faster and better. I'm grateful to Bel for doing such a thing as William is busy at the moment and Max is just about my equal. I am capable of self-healing but it seems Sid managed to inflict more pain than I could hope to deal with. Bel, I thank you for helping me out once again. We are indebted to you."

Bel blushed slightly and nodded as Rand was trying to look into his eyes. "Rand, I am okay. It wasn't as draining as I really thought it would be." Bel turned to Simon, "You will also discover you have our ability to heal anything and anyone. Be warned that it can be draining at times."

Simon nodded his thanks, causing Bel to smile.

Rand nodded after Bel was done addressing Simon, "Just making sure, love."

Simon stood then craned his head to his left to look at the Oracle. "Evacuation. Very well. Where to?"

"Humph! You would know that answer."

Simon rolled his eyes, "Damn woman, no I don't! I never even expected to do any of this and I expected to be dead!"

"Humph! You very well should have been! But, be grateful fate was kind to you."


"Look Simon," Max started as he walked towards him, "When William is done with the boys, only they can pick a safe place or dimension for all of us. It has always been that way. The moment the power transfer is done, Sid will know and he will come here."

"Why here? They aren't here!"

"Humph! Damn boy! They are here! Only on a different plane, but here nonetheless."

"Great! Why here?! There are too many innocents to worry about!"


"Not now Jules. Oracle, then what do you propose? Can't they simply use this place as the 'new' safe location?"

"Once it is done, it cannot be undone."

Simon groaned as he heard 'dad' again adding to the annoyed feeling he was getting from the Oracle.

"Not now, Alex."

"You should listen to them."

Simon rolled his eyes, "I'm sure they have something wise to say."

"DAD!" Came the dual response from both boys.

"What?!" Simon snapped feeling very irritated.

Both boys cringed, but Julian spoke first. "Rand has a suggestion."

"We advise you to honor it. His suggestion will work." Alex finished.

Rand turned his attention in puzzlement towards the boys, "I do?"

Simon shifted his attention from his boys to Rand, "…and it is…?"

Alex piped up, "You were thinking it a short time ago. I know it's rude to spy on someone's thoughts but yours was quite loud!"

Bel giggled then turned to Rand as if to ask him if he was sure. Rand simply nodded and appeared directly in front of Simon in a flash, "I was offering to teleport everyone to safety, unless you of course want to wait it out. In order to do so, I must bring him here to help me safely teleport everyone to a new location."

Simon wanted to snap, but he spent a few moments to think it over and weigh his options. When he came to a decision, he quickly agreed, then sent everyone about their tasks to get ready. Before he could do anything further, he asked his boys to walk towards him.

"Boys look, I'm sorry, but sometimes the stress gets to me with this invasion and all. I really never expected to be doing all of this."

"It's ok dad…" Julian started.

"...We still love ya." Alex finished.

Simon smiled then embraced them in a hug as Chad quickly approached the guys with startling news as the Oracle's eyes went white with a premonition.

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