Castle Roland


by Hammy

On Hold

Chapter 1

Published: 8 Apr 14


"Heya, bro! Ya ready?" Justin's voice was well heard on ventrilo as he communicated with his brother on the other end while playing a game of Battlefield2.

"Sure! After you!" Jimmy responded with eagerness from across the room as their backs were against each other. They had arranged it the way it was just in case if they decided to play against one another. Only this time, they were working as a team.

After several hours of game play, they decided to call it a rest and watch T.V.

"Man, bro, it seems like BF2 is getting too easy for us." Justin started to say while shutting down his computer.

"Ha! It feels like I can predict their movements before they even make a move! It's unreal!"

"That's impossible, Jimmy." Justin had just turned the T.V. on to the news channel, as it was the last station watched before it was turned off the night before.

Before Jimmy could respond, the news grabbed the boy's attention. "A special report on the incoming blizzard in Montana up next on Channel 11 News. Meanwhile, Defender 31…"

Justin had just changed the channel as he was bored and wanting to watch whatever was on Disney channel. He kept flipping through stations coming across several weather reports that continued around the clock, as several stations were monitoring the storm. Jimmy just sighed at his brother's lack of courtesy for others, but it was common between the two.

"Dude, could ya keep it on the news for a bit longer? Ya never know if it's gunna come here, shutting schools down and stuff." The younger sibling pleaded as his hopes were increasing at the sight of the storm on T.V.

Justin rolled his eyes, "Don't get your hopes up. You can watch it on the Internet! Don't be such a baby!"

Tears began to well up as Jimmy started losing control of his emotions. He was always the sensitive sibling of the two, while Justin was emotionally tougher, but did not openly show his emotions.

Suddenly the T.V. switched stations back to the Channel 11 news, as if it had a mind of its own. At first Justin was confused, but Jimmy wasn't watching, so he shrugged his shoulders and switched stations. Justin wasn't very interested in the news, but Jimmy always was. Jimmy was very curious about Augments and he loved hearing about them in the news, good or bad. It was the bad reports that made him cringe and Justin easily felt the change.

The flipping of stations kept going on non-stop, till the remote's battery was worn out and Jimmy was starting to lose his cool. Suddenly, right before his anger burst, the TV sparked, causing Justin to jump out of his seat and take a few steps back. The T.V. finally caught on fire, causing Jimmy to divert his attention to it, then stared at his brother.

As the flames began to grow, Jimmy started to panic, till he saw Justin slowly walking towards the fire. The T.V. sparked a few more times causing Justin to stop dead in his tracks. 'Did my little bro just gain a new power?' Justin thought as he slowly made his way to the burning fire. Once he came as close as he dared, he placed his hand into the fire and felt a tingling sensation, not a burning one. He inwardly grinned and concentrated on the fire till he was sure he had absorbed all of it, then clenched his fist as if to hold it inside. The whole process was causing him to sweat, as it felt like the room temperature had risen in the room by a few degrees. He looked over at his brother and nodded, indicating he was ready.

Jimmy simply stared at the T.V. and cocked his head to the left as the T.V. suddenly started to magically repair itself.

Once it was fixed, Jimmy opened the window, letting the cold air gush in. "Hurry up, it's cold!"

Justin smirked as he made his way to the window. Once he stuck his hand outside, he held it out in the open, towards the sky and opened his fist, causing a huge ball of fire to launch into the air, then disappear after several hundred feet.

As Justin backed in and Jimmy closed the window, they turned around to face themselves and exchange a smile. Before they could continue, a voice startled them, causing them to jump and turn at it.


"Oh, hi, dad!" Both boys chorused.

"Don't 'hi' me. Wanna explain what's happening in here, or do I have to guess?"

Both boys looked to their toes wearing guilty expressions across their faces.

"Well…we kinda…" Justin began, but Jimmy beat him to it.

"We were arguing and I lost control. I'm sorry."

Both boys were still looking down when they felt a hand lift their chins up.

"It's ok, boys. Accidents happen and you're still learning, discovering your augments."

"You don't hate us?" Justin shyly asked.

"No! Don't ever think that way. Your mom and I will always love you for who you are and that won't change. We know our parents don't accept it, but you are still the same boys they knew and loved, just extra special." John said with a grin on his face, letting the boys know he wasn't all too mad at them, only a little concerned.

"Do we hafta report this to our squadron leader?" Jimmy finally asked the question he always dreaded asking.

John nodded his head, "Always. At least they don't have to pay for minor damages since you can fix them easily."

Jimmy giggled and Justin rolled his eyes.

John simply shook his head when another voice sounded from downstairs.

"Honey, is everything ok up there?"

"Yes dear! Can you contact the boys' squadron leader? It's just a heads-up issue, that's all. I'll be down in a minute!" John yelled towards the door, hoping his wife would hear it. When she did, he turned his attention back to his sons.

"Whatever happens, we're in this together, and as hard as it could be, sometimes you'll be on your own, without us around. I know there isn't much we can do, but we can try. When your mother and I decided to have kids, we decided to be open to the possibility that our children could become augments and get them the proper help they might need, not the other way around."

Both boys visibly relaxed. They had heard this story a lot, yet they still felt fear towards their parents, not because of their love, but fear for their safety from others who are not as accepting.

John stood and looked at the T.V. Any evidence of fire has been completely gone and disappeared. He let out a sigh, then looked down at his boys. "Ok, guys, dinner is in a few minutes. Go wash up then come on down. We're having boiled worms and dirt balls." It was John's way of lightening the mood as he watched his boys' expressions change from disgusting looks to smiling faces as they took off to the bathroom. In other words, it was code for spaghetti and meatballs. John had hoped to meet their squadron leader, as he never seemed to have the time to do so since he was busy with other tasks. Surely, this time he wouldn't have anything to do to keep him busy, other than helping his wife with the dishes. He let out a small sigh, then left the boys' bedroom to go downstairs and help set the table.

Dinner went smoothly up till the doorbell rang. John stood to answer it as the boys helped their mom with the dishes. Once he reached the door and opened it, he was somewhat taken aback by the sight before him. He had never seen the boys' commander before or even the XO. This was nothing compared to seeing them in action on T.V. or in the news. He also was slightly shocked at the person's appearance standing at the entrance. What he had expected was a huge understatement.

The person standing at the door wore an orange and black camouflage vest with white pants and a white shirt beneath the vest. The white TIGERS lettering stood proudly over his right chest and his name, FireBird on the other side. His hair was dyed red and spiked to the point where they looked like real flames. Besides his grey eyes, his face looked real young to be a squadron leader. His smile was contagious as John felt himself heating up for staring at his guest for a bit longer than he would have liked.

"Ah, I'm sorry; where are my manners? Please come in, my name is John, and I'm Jimmy and Justin's dad." John finally introduced himself as he invited his guest in and held out his hand.

FireBird returned the gesture with a handshake, "My name is FireBird, I am the XO in the boys' squadron. It's nice to finally meet you, John." After the handshake, FireBird stepped in the house and looked around, till he spotted the boys slowly walking towards him as if they had done something wrong.

FireBird crouched to their level some as they approached. He held his arms out for a hug, but the boys were reluctant to attempt one. After several more moments of trying to get a read on their leader, they finally gave in and hugged him with tears down their cheeks. Justin was the first to break the silence as their mom walked into the living room to see what was going on.

"We didn't mean to! It just got out of control some! We're sorry!"

FireBird sighed, "Please stop crying; no one is mad or upset about anything. You did the right thing, Justin. Instead of reacting , you acted like you were supposed to. Now, now, boys, why are you even upset about this anyway? You should be happy that you actually accomplished something!"

Both boys broke the hug and exchanged puzzled looks with each other. When they looked back at FireBird, Justin, who was standing to the left of FireBird and Jimmy to the right, cocked their heads in opposite directions, then at the same time said, "Huh?"

This stunned FireBird somewhat, causing both parents to break out laughing. The whole situation was cute and funny at the same time. FireBird had to step back some till he saw how the twins looked at him and started laughing.

"Okay, okay, boys!" FireBird started to say, trying to will himself to stop laughing, "while this is slightly amusing, you have developed some new augments during the past few hours. There is a camp with your squadron tomorrow morning if you want to go. I was planning on stopping by for a surprise visit, but your mother called and had reported a small accident, but no one was hurt and nothing was really damaged, so I guess we saved the government a little money, eh?"

The boys giggled and their parents smiled. FireBird had received the response he wanted and continued, "With your parents' permission, and of course they said yes, it's your call if you want to come or not. They know where to drop you off, but I can't tell you where we're going. It's a surprise."

The boys exchanged looks, then to their parents, then to FireBird, then back to each other, and finally FireBird. They were at a loss for words and they furiously nodded their heads with huge grins across them.

"Great! Now all you need is your TIGERS gear and you're all set. We'll see you there tomorrow morning at 7am."

The boys' smiles quickly turned into moans at the sound of how early they had to be there. FireBird giggled some and shook his head. "You know, just for that, I could make it 6 am for moaning about the time. But I'm not as strict as Stealth is."

The look on the boys' faces was priceless. They nearly had cost them an hour less of sleep at their own moaning about the time, but were let off easy. They sighed once they saw FireBird smiling again. He was a bit easygoing with the squadron kids, but unlike Stealth, he believed the kids would learn better with a friendly attitude than like one that of a drill sergeant.

FireBird felt it was time for him to leave, so he exchanged pleasantries with the parents. "It's best if I start heading out. I have to make my rounds then prepare for tomorrow. I'll see you tomorrow, boys! It was nice meeting you, Mr. and Mrs. Sunline."

"Don't worry about it and please call us Susan and John. Calling us by what you said makes John and I want to look for our parents." Susan spoke with a warm smile. John lightly chuckled and the boys giggled.

FireBird shook his head, "Okay, Susan, John, It was nice to meet yah. Boys, be ready tomorrow and get plenty of rest!"

Both boys chorused, "We will!"

Just before FireBird was almost out of hearing range, the boys spoke loudly enough for him to hear, "Don't worry about addressing mom and dad by their first names; they really are old!"

With that, they took off running while hearing their names being called out and the door slamming with their parents playfully chasing them.

FireBird laughed to himself while shaking his head, "Jeez, those two…"

He felt the need to look at their augments and pulled out a piece of paper from inside his vest as he began walking in no particular direction. He looked it over till he came across the 12-year-old twins, as they were the only twins in their squadron of 14.

'Hmm…' _He scratched his head with his right arm as his train of thought continued, _'This lists them as class twos. It seems there's more to them than what meets the eye. All this says is they both have improved telepathy, but Jimmy has improved Molecular Manipulation while Justin has improved Fire absorption / release. Someone must be hiding something… hmmm.'

He paused for a moment and looked towards the sky. "Huh. I think Professor would want to meet these two." Firebird muttered to himself, then disappeared from the spot he was standing.

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