Castle Roland

Rock and a Hard Place

by Hans Schreiber


Chapter 10

Published: 8 Apr 14

Jokes and Jiggles

I actually woke up on Tuesday morning before the green eyed monster on my night stand could scream at me. I slapped the top of its head to keep it silent and slipped out of bed. I was anxious to get the wrestle off over with and claim my new spot at 130. I pulled on my sweats and running shoes and stretched out my muscles. I pulled on a beanie and headed out the door. It felt good to run. My mind wandered free while I strode rhythmically over the familiar path up the street and onto the dirt road. This morning, I thought mostly about wrestling up until turning onto the single path. Once I turned onto the single track path toward my special spot, I picked up the pace. I was anxious for the middle J part of my morning ritual.

I suspected Adam would be my challenger for Dig's old spot and he was tall for that weight class. I'd have to be careful of his longer reach. I ran through different takedowns I could use against him in my mind. Before I knew it, I had covered the distance to my jiggle spot. I walked in circles while my heart rate slowed a bit, then I shucked my sweat pants and boxers down to my ankles. In anticipation of the morning ritual, Little Rock had boned up already while I was walking in circles. I loved being exposed out in nature. It was exciting in a unique way to me. I pulled off my sweatshirt and laid it over the log and pulled my butt up onto it. I grabbed a handful of dick and began coaxing out my excess seed.

"Hmm," I thought, "what should I fantasize about today?" I remembered the awesome jackoff session in the shower and wished I had a way to stimulate myself up inside, but I didn't want to use my finger out there in the woods where I couldn't wash up. I thought again about Dig's dick and tried to imagine it boned. I was becoming a bit obsessed with the idea of seeing his boner for whatever reason and it troubled me sort of. I slipped the middle finger of my free hand into my mouth and sucked on it. Slowly, I slipped it in and slid it back out with my eyes closed. I swirled my tongue over it similar to the way Scotty had done to mine. I slipped into Fantasyland and my finger magically transformed itself into Dig's dick. I increased the intensity and speed of my sucking along with the stroking of Little Rock.

Quickly, the urge to spill cum welled up within me and I heard Dig's tenor voice in my head say, "Rock, you better pull off, I'm gonna shoot." I sucked deeper and held it at the back of my throat as I blew my wad over the ground in front of me. I experienced four good shivers and expulsions of cum before I relaxed and regained my breath. I slipped the substitute dick from my mouth and swirled my saliva around the roof of my mouth imagining it was Dig's cum. I squeezed the last of my own cum from my drooping dick and licked my hand clean. Again, I imagined it was Dig's and wondered if his would taste any different from my own.

Mission accomplished, I pushed off the log, pulled up my pants and put my sweatshirt back on. I was chilled from sweating in the cool morning air and was anxious to get back to my jogging towards home. I spent the entire run home reliving my fantasy with Dig. "I really am obsessed," I thought. I realized that I only had a couple weeks left of my triple J before it grew too cold for it. I'd miss my morning ritual when that happened. It gave me one more reason to look forward to spring and summer. I especially liked doing it in the summer, when I would actually sit naked in the small creek sometimes.

I showered and drank a protein shake. Dad was there to take me to school and asked if I could walk home. He had called Mrs. Michaels to let her know about my mom leaving and that he would have to drop out of the carpool. I had no problem with that, since I needed to go by William's anyway for his homework. I told dad about the day's wrestle off and he committed to come to my meet on Thursday if I earned the spot. "Promise?" I asked as I got out of the car.

"Promise," dad agreed.

"Then I'll win the spot for sure. Love you, dad."

"Love you too. Good luck today."

School went by smoothly. I lost myself in my daydreams in the boring classes and took notes in the engaging ones. English had gotten really interesting as we studied the ancient Greek literature and society. I was completely intrigued by the idea of the young men competing nude in their Olympic sports. Mr. Cramer even had a book with illustrations in it of young Greek boys competing in sports. The one group of pictures showing two strong, young men wrestling gave me an instant boner, even though no dick or balls were shown. I thought it would be amazing to actually wrestle naked and wished I could figure out a way to try it with someone.

During lunch, I made my rounds to all of William's teachers swapping his completed homework with the fresh assignments to deliver to him. Each one asked about him and wished him well. For obvious reasons, William was one of the teachers' favorite students.

After school, I decided to check on Dig before heading to wresting practice. I didn't want him to be late and mess up the wrestle off. I headed around the back of the school and walked up to the corner of the A/C enclosure. I peeked around the corner and through the bushes and sure enough there they were, snogging. Dig had his hand up Rochelle's blouse and was rubbing her tits. His other hand groped her shapely ass. I watched in awe as she slid both hands up Dig's back and clawed at his firm, muscular back. I could tell he was getting lost in the moment and would probably be late again. I adjusted the boner in my pants and picked up a small rock. I tossed it into the A/C enclosure and it plinked off some aluminum. Rochelle just about jumped out of her skin as she jerked away. I stifled a laugh as she tucked herself back in and Dig gave her one last smooch. Then, he turned toward me. I sprinted off to the gym and beat him to the lockers. When he arrived, I was naked and pulling on my singlet. He entered breathlessly and stripped in like two seconds like usual.

"Wow, you're actually on time today. You must not have gone off snogging with Rochelle," I said, baiting him.

Stuff it, you perv. I saw you running away after spying on us. I know it was you that tossed the rock." Dig tried to act mad, but I knew he was really proud of me seeing him get some action with a hot chick like Rochelle.

"Hey, I was just looking out for you, so you wouldn't be late for practice again. Screw Crew has to have each other's backs."

"Sure; more likely you didn't want Coach to cancel wrestle off's. So, you ready for Adam?"

"I think so. I'm thinking of going low and letting him take me down then throwing a quick reversal."

"Good strategy, but angle left when you go down, he's weaker on that side," Dig suggested. "Don't underestimate him. He's stronger than he looks and he's pretty quick. Plus, he wrestles dirty. He could beat you if you're not careful."

"Okay, thanks."

We all worked on some reversal moves and toward the end of practice, everyone surrounded the mats to watch Dig wrestle Mitch Embler. Mitch looked miserable going up against Dig. Everyone knew he had no shot at winning. It was kind of unfair what I'd done to Mitch, but truthfully, I never should have been down at the lower weight. Mitch was a weak link at 136. It turned out that Kirk was able to keep his spot that I vacated for him because no one decided to challenge for it. Kirk was thrilled. He'd shown more confidence every day since that last meet and I made a lot of effort to show him little things to help him improve. Coach had noticed and complimented me for doing it. I found out Kirk was running in the mornings like I do and that was exciting. I suggested we meet up where the dirt road starts in the foothills and he could join me at my special spot for a morning jiggle. He thought that was a great idea, and we planned it for the following morning.

Dig took Mitch down with ease and pinned him within a minute and a half. Next up were Adam and I. Mitch glared at me angrily as he ripped off his headgear. I just looked away; I needed to keep focused on Adam.

Coach waved us to start and Scotty manned the stopwatch. We circled around the center of the mat twice and made several false shots at each other. He was so tall and had such a long reach, but he didn't use it to his full advantage. I followed my strategy when he reached in at me with his right hand and I dove low, driving the crown of my head into his nuts. I wrapped my left hand around his upper right thigh and tucked my right arm into my chest as he spread both his long legs out wide and I lost my grip on his thigh. He collapsed his weight onto my back and we dropped forcefully to the mat. He alertly slipped his left hand over my butt and up into my crotch, grabbing a handful of balls. That managed to piss me off big time and I exploded with a burst of adrenaline. I swung my left leg outward and cocked my knee. With my right arm under me, I shoved hard at the same time I pushed with my left leg, lifting me and him off the mat from left to right.

Once I got a crack opened up, I slid my left foot upward more and gained significant leverage. I grunted and pushed hard with my knee and tossed Adam off me and onto his back. I followed him over and my back was now lying on top of his front. He kept hold of my nuts and actually squeezed really hard. I guess that was his strategy to intimidate me, but I wasn't going to let it happen. I was shocked that Coach ignored it. Maybe he thought I deserved it or just wanted to see how I would react. Instead of demoralizing me, it fired me up. I squeezed my legs together trapping his wrist between my thighs and twisted, jerking his wrist in the process. He winced and released his grip. I rolled over and while I did, he slipped out from under me, and since I never got him under my control, I didn't get points for a takedown or a reversal.

We ended up in the neutral position again circling and looking for an opening. We each attempted a few more takedowns but they all failed. Finally, the first, two minute round expired on us and Scotty yelled "Stop."

I had to take the bottom defensive position to start the second period. Adam knelt beside me and wrapped his long arm around my waist placing his palm over my naval, and he put his left hand just above my elbow. On Coach's signal, Adam dropped his right knee in between my legs and pulled my left arm underneath me. He shoved his long, right leg underneath my right leg and then sat down on my left leg. He swung his right leg forward, up and over my back. He used his leverage to roll me onto my back and our crotches were pressed into each other. His left leg pulled up along the edge of my back and I was helpless to prevent him flipping me over it. He ended up scissored into my crotch, with me on my back. He wrapped up my legs in his arms and spun around, sitting up and pulling my legs up with him.

I raised myself up and threw my right arm over his shoulder and my left arm under his left arm and grabbed my right wrist. I used his momentum to twist him sideways and wind up on top. I pulled my left leg under me and pushed and he was on his back with me on top and I let go with my left arm and reached down and wrapped my left arm under his left leg by the knee and quickly grabbed my right arm again that was behind Adam's neck and locked my grip. I leaned back, putting Adam on his back and I drove my knee hard into his ribs, forcing him onto the top of his back and ensuring a pin of his shoulders to the mat. Coach slapped the mat and it was over.

We stood and I held out my hand. He reluctantly shook it. Now, both he and Mitch were glaring at me. I didn't really care about Adam's feelings after he tried to play dirty by grabbing my jewels. That was cheap. I told Dig about it and he wasn't surprised. He said Adam had tried all kinds of dirty tricks against him before. We showered quickly and Scotty popped a boner in the showers for everyone to see again. Pretty much everyone ignored it since it happened so often. I asked Scotty about his upcoming weekend and he avoided my questions. I caught on after a minute and realized he didn't want me to say something stupid that might tip people off about him going on a nudist outing. I let it drop and started talking to Kirk about this Saturday. Half the team was in the showers at this point.

Dig started to swell up as we began talking about him getting laid at the bonfire. I was both nervous and excited looking at his expanding dick, hopeful that he would bone all the way. To my dismay, he only swelled a bit and then gained control and relaxed back down. Still, it was an inkling of what could happen when he boned all the way. That amazingly large dickhead had started to swell up like a giant mushroom.

"I can't believe how lucky you are to be getting some pussy already. You're for sure doing it at the bonfire?" I asked.

"It's a lock! I gave Rochelle a promise ring and told her I loved her and I wanted to marry her after high school and she totally bought it. That sealed the deal. Bodie's setting us up in one of his vacant ranch hand cabins. I can't hardly fucking wait."

"You're a stud, dude," Goob said, giving him a high five. Goob exited the showers and quickly wrapped his towel around his waist. Without drying off, he left wet footprints to his corner locker where he dried off facing the wall.

One by one, the team left and dressed, slightly engorged from the conversation. Dig and I chatted about Thursday's wrestling meet while we dressed and that helped me stay in control of Little Rock. Dig met his mom in the parking lot, and I headed for William's house to deliver his homework. I found William in good spirits, dressed and working on his computer. His old man continued to ignore me and I simply let myself in without knocking. William and I chatted about school. I told him about my wrestling meet and he pretended to be interested. I found out he had a doctor's appointment on Thursday morning. His mom arranged for a couple hours off to take him. I reminded him to ask if he could go with to Bodie's ranch on Saturday for the bonfire and he promised he would ask. He still seemed reluctant, and I had to renew my vows to hang close by him at all times.

I walked home and found an empty house. I sent my dad a text and he sent one back telling me to fix my own dinner. He would be late with a patient in critical condition. I let him know it was okay, but be sure to remember about Thursday since I won my wrestle off. He sent back a short "congrats" and added "I will be there." Since I was home alone for sure, I went upstairs, stripped naked and walked leisurely downstairs. It was sort of like being at Scotty's, only lonelier. I got in the freezer and pulled out a Weight Watcher's frozen dinner. I sat in front of the TV and ate it while I watched Nacho Libre for the fifth or sixth time. I still laughed my head off at it. When the two hairy dwarves jumped into the ring, I almost lost control of my bladder, I laughed so hard.

I guess I fell asleep on the couch, because when I woke up there the next morning, I was covered with a blanket, and I was still completely naked. I wondered what dad thought when he found me like that. I felt a momentary rush of panic as I remembered I'd promised to meet up with Kirk at the dirt road this morning. I rushed to the kitchen and the digital letters flashed 6:25. My internal alarm clock had awakened me in time. I trotted upstairs, pulled on my sweat pants, a t-shirt, and my sweatshirt. I laced up my running shoes and bounded downstairs, out the door and jogged off on the first leg of my triple J. This would be a first time ever, shared jiggle, and I was excited for it. I was looking forward to sharing the experience with my new friend, Kirk. I started working on ideas to try and talk him into jiggling each other's without sounding gay.

As I approached the end of the paved road, I was disappointed. No Kirk to be seen. I slowed my pace and then walked in circles while I waited. I waited what I thought to be about fifteen minutes and decided he wasn't coming. "Damn," I muttered as I pushed off into a fast paced jog. If I was going to have any time for a jiggle, I'd have to run faster than normal to make up the lost time. It'd also have to be a really quick "Wham, Bam, Thank You Hand!" I thought. No time for foreplay or afterglow today.

I'd gone about forty yards when I heard my name being called. I looked back and to my pleasant surprise, it was Kirk. I stopped and waited for him to catch me and breathless, he said, "Dude, uh-uh-uh, I'm sorry, uh-uh-uh. It's, uh-uh, farther than I, uh-uh, thought."

"I'm glad to see you, dude. I waited as long as I thought I could and finally gave up. I figured you slept in."

"I just gotta leave … whew … earlier to get here on time. So lead the way."

"Cool." I took off and I had to back off my pace some for Kirk, who was really winded. He wasn't in as good of condition as I was. I knew if we kept this up, though, he'd improve. I was willing to be a little late today if I needed to be, now that he was with me. I turned onto the single path and Little Rock started swelling up in anticipation of what might be coming. He couldn't bone up all the way because of the physical exertion preventing full commitment of my blood supply to his needs.

When I finally stopped at the log by the stream, Kirk was sucking in noisy lungs full of air. I pulled my sweatshirt and t-shirt off and the brisk morning air chilled my upper body and made my nipples stand out. I hopped up on the t-shirt and patted the sweatshirt indicating that was his spot. He sucked in a couple more gasping breaths and climbed up next to me. I pulled down my sweat pants, letting them drop clear to my ankles and said, "Here comes the favorite part of my workout, one handed pushups."

"Cool," Kirk said staring at Little Rock, which protruded out from my body like a dead branch on the fallen log we were sitting on. I grabbed a fistful of dick and started the wrist exercises. Kirk lifted his hips and pulled off his orange, team sweat bottoms and his boxers in one motion, and his dick grew quickly to full erection. He has a nice six inch branch jutting out from his trunk, and it's reasonably thick too. He's cut like I am and I watched, enthralled, as he pulled the skin up over his rock hard dickhead then peeled it back down. He has a small thicket of black, curly hair at the base of his branch. My mind raced ahead of me and I imagined lying on my stomach over the log as Kirk stuffed his nice, big twig up into my quivering knot hole. The mental image took me over the brink of control and I gulped in a final breath and held it as I exploded with a powerful orgasm.

"Oh mama!" I exclaimed when I found my voice. "That rocked."

"Dude, uh-uh, that was cool to watch," Kirk said between gasps of air.

"You close? We need to kind of hurry up or we'll be late for school."

"Sort of. Umm, it would go faster if you finished it for me," Kirk said a bit sheepish and looking cautiously at me. My giant, red oak had just about fallen over, succumbing like a tree to a windstorm when he suggested that I finish him off. It immediately sprang back up to its full majestic height.

"If you need me to, I will," I said trying not to sound too eager. I totally kicked myself for chickening out on asking to do each other's after he made the first move for it. I figured he for sure would have done mine for me if I had asked up front. I reached over and he moved his hand away and placed it, palm down, on the log. He watched, wide eyed, as I gripped his firm piece of wood and pulled on it. It was thick and hot and soft and firm. I pulled his thin bark up over the knot on the end of his branch and back down again. I encountered a renewed surge of sexual adrenaline and my dick throbbed as hard as it had done just before I shot my load earlier. True to his word, Kirk quickly reached orgasm. He stiffened his limbs and threw his head back, eyes closed and mouth gaping open. His wooden dick swelled and hardened.

"Ohhh fuuuuck," he gasped as a glob of thick white boy sap bubbled out of his slit, coating my hand and lubing the knob of his branch. After the initial oozing, an eruption of his life giving sap followed, splattering over his team sweatshirt. A second and third blast followed, forming sticky, wet lines of cum across the jaguar emblem on his chest. I thought he was done when another round of three squirts splashed onto his sweatshirt. I was highly impressed. After the final squirt, he weakened instantly and nearly fell off the log. He reached over and pulled my hand free of his tender twig and milked the last ooze out of it on his own. He flipped the remnants from his fingers onto the log and wiped his fingers on his already stained sweatshirt. "Whew," was all he could say.

I slyly slipped my hand to my mouth and lapped up a glob of his thick sap. I swilled it over my tongue and evaluated its flavor. It was a little different from mine and I couldn't quite place it. Somehow it made me think of the venison jerky I tasted at my Uncle's house one time. Since he was already a mess, I wiped the rest of his juices off onto his sweatshirt like he had done.

"Nice, dude. That was absolutely amazing how much cum you shot." My mighty oak had finally started to lie back down between my two rocks and I was suddenly chilly. I jumped off the log, pulled on my t-shirt, and tugged my sweats back up. I rubbed my arms and started to dance around a bit to get some blood flowing to the rest of my body.

"I'm a mess. I can't go home like this," he said looking at the soggy sweatshirt.

"Come to my house. You can shower there and I'll lend you some clothes. We're pretty close in size. It should warm up enough for shorts later today and I can get them back from you later on. Besides, it'll be faster."

"Great. Thanks."

We took off running and I felt a strange elation. I seemed to float home. Before I even knew it, I was walking up my sidewalk and warming down. I kind of lost track of how wiped out Kirk was. He was heaving for air when he finally caught up and made his way up to my door. I apologized for pushing him too hard and he waved it off. "I need to uh-uh, get, uh-uh in better, uh-uh shape."

He caught his breath at last and called his mom on his cell phone. He explained our plan and she agreed to drop his backpack off at the school office for him on her way to work. We went in and hurried upstairs. I started the shower for him and he jumped in while I found clothes for him. I got him clean boxers, some Active shorts and a t-shirt. He said he would wear his running shoes, but I got him some clean ankle socks. I set them on the counter of the bathroom and pulled off my clothes. "Dude, I'm coming in, is that okay?"

"Yeah, sure. Not like you haven't seen it already."

"I know. This is so cool being able to do this together," I said as I stepped into the shower enclosure. He moved aside and I stepped into the spray. Our bodies bumped and rubbed as we soaped up and rinsed off. He got out and I finished shampooing my hair. I shut off the water and was amazed all the bodily contact hadn't boned me up again. I was just feeling comfortable and natural about being naked around him. Likewise, he exhibited a similar comfortable air around me as we dried off. Neither of us bothered putting anything on as we rubbed pit wax under our arms. I noticed he had a lot more pit hair than I did. He had a thicker bush over his dick as well and even some dark hairs growing on his loose hanging balls and sprouting on the stem of his dick.

"Dude, look at your abs. No wonder people call you Rock. How the hell did you develop that?" he asked bouncing his fist off my abs.

"You're a pretty good specimen yourself. The ladies got no chance against us." I said smiling and flexing. We each made a couple of body builder poses in the mirror and then I gave him a little shove. "Get dressed you freaking nudist. Unless you're going to school like that."

"Wouldn't it be cool if we could? How awesome would it be if there was a NO-dress code? Clothing would be against the rules, except for teachers over thirty and the principal, of course. Oh my God, they would definitely be required to wear clothes. Can you imagine Mrs. Matthews naked?" He laughed and pulled on my Joe Boxers I loaned him. I trotted off to my room laughing with him, slightly nauseous at the thought of Principal Matthews naked, and got myself dressed. My dad was surprised when we both came rushing down the stairs.

"Who are you and where did you come from?" my dad asked shooting Kirk a quizzical look.

"My name's Kirk. Scotty beamed me down from the Enterprise this morning. Hope you don't mind my invasion."

I shook my head as Kirk chuckled at his joke. "Actually, Rock, … er, I mean Kyle let me come here and get dressed after we went jogging together this morning. I got my sweats all dirty and I didn't have time to jog all the way to my house and be on time for school. We need to plan a little better next time."

"Aha, I see. Well welcome to our planet. I hope you find it to your liking." Dad grabbed a second banana and yogurt and tossed them to Kirk as we headed out the door for our gravity bound transport to school.

"Damn, it's nice having more friends," I thought as we chatted about wrestling and Saturday's dance along the way. Dad smiled at me with an odd grin occasionally. I was thankful he never brought up about finding me naked on the couch the night before. I'm not really sure what was going through his head over that and figured I was better off that way. We decided not to run the next morning since it would be a meet and we wanted to preserve our energy. We agreed to do it again on Friday though, and pretty much every day after that. I reminded dad about the next day's meet and he said he had already cleared his schedule.

I smiled, content, as I walked through the wrought iron gate, past the security guard, and into the quad area. I watched the hordes of my peers scurrying about trying to beat the bell and I wondered how many of them had risked a tardy by pleasuring themselves a little too long as Kirk and I had done. The thought amused me. I slipped into my desk just as the annoying horn in the hall signaled the start of another school day.

After an auspicious start, the rest of the day was moderately dull. Even practice was dull, but in the showers, Goob pulled a hilarious stunt. Practically the whole team was in the showers ahead of Dig and I. When we walked in, we could tell something was up. There were knowing smirks all around. Goob walked up with his hands behind his back and cleared his throat. "Ahem, in honor of our mighty captain, who is about to lead us once again as the first one on the team to lose his virginity, we all took up a collection and want to present you with a little something to remember this umm, memorable occasion with."

Snickers erupted through the crowd as he brought from behind his back a used red condom filled with cum and tied off. It had been signed by ten or twelve guys. I wondered if all the signers had added to the collection. Dig took it from Goob, dangling it between his thumb and finger and examined it. "Goob, you are one sick, twisted son-of-a-bitch, you know that?"

"Thanks, Dig. That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said about me."

We all erupted in laughter and a couple guys took some pics of Dig holding the condom, from the waist up only, of course. It was seriously against the rules for any cell phones to be out in the locker or shower areas and especially to take any pictures, but this was one worth the risk.

Dig laid the trophy on the privacy wall between the showers and the toweling off area and we took a quick shower. Dig was clearly pleased with the attention and kept breaking into a grin. I had to admit that was pretty funny. I thought Goob would probably end up being a successful comedian and making more money than any of us college bound guys someday.

After another enjoyable visit with William, I walked home and found the place empty and lonely again. The visit with William had been mostly enjoyable. When I tried to tell him about Dig's award, he kept trying to place some significance to it. Like the sperm filled condom had to have some deep, underlying, philosophical meaning. When I finally told a bit bluntly that there wasn't any damn meaning, and that it was just a joke, his expression darkened and he dismissed it as crass, juvenile, jock-like behavior. Other than that, it went well. He showed me his privates again and I could see continued improvement. I was pretty hopeful he would be able to go on Saturday. I was determined to help him overcome his aversion to jocks.

I had a turkey Weight Watchers dinner and some carrot juice my dad had purchased. I thought that was a nice gesture on his part. I stripped naked again and ate in front of the TV nude. I cleaned up and went to my room and did my homework at my desk naked and then slipped naked between my cool sheets for a good night's rest. I wanted to be sure and win my meet the next day since it was my first time in the new weight class and my dad would be there to see it.

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