Castle Roland

Rock and a Hard Place

by Hans Schreiber


Chapter 11

Published: 8 Apr 14

Broken Promises

The bedside monster was calling to me and the monster between my legs wanted to be drained, so I slipped from my warm bed and walked naked to the bathroom, sporting wood. I sat on the throne and leaned all the way over, putting my chest between my knees to make it as easy as possible to piss through my morning boner. Morning wood is so inconvenient.

Since I wasn't doing the triple J this morning, I washed and trotted back to bed and lay there slowly stroking myself. I had a good hour before I needed to get up and shower. I played out several fantasies with all my favorite characters while I edged myself toward orgasm. My final fantasy was of a foursome in the vacant, ranch hand's cabin with myself, Gina, Dig and Rochelle. When I finally ended my forty minute Pursuit of Happyness, I was imagining sucking on Dig's dick while he fingered Rochelle and Gina gave me an amazing blow job. The weirdest part was that William was there too, rabidly fucking Brenda on the floor like a dog in heat. She had her long legs wrapped around his skinny waist crying out in orgasmic pleasure, and William was singing "I'm gonna Rock, Rock, Rock Around the Clock" while we were all doing it. It was really weird, but my sex driven daydreams are sometimes.

As William belted out the final imaginary chorus, I hit a personal crescendo and cummed hard. I released my fleshy baton and dropped my hand to my side, panting and relishing the buzz. I was spent and reluctant to leave my warm nest and go shower. Begrudgingly, I wiped up the dripping slime with a handful of tissues and walked naked to the shower to rinse off the drying cum from my stomach and pubes. "Damn," I thought, "I shot clear up to my neck." I am so glad to be a guy - I love the little toy between my legs and all the pleasure it produces.

My dad reaffirmed his intentions to attend my meet that afternoon during our drive to school. He apologized for leaving me alone again the night before, but I honestly told him I didn't mind and I understood. He explained about a young mother with some kind of lymphatic cancer his team was trying to save. I'd never considered that he worked with a team before. It struck me that he probably got the same satisfaction from his team winning just the way I got satisfaction when my teams won. I had a little epiphany that life is full of opposition and competitive struggles against opponents of all kinds, seen and unseen. Good versus evil, right versus wrong, health versus illness, kindness versus cruelty, love versus hate is always out there. It's up to us to pick the right team and do our best to win, but even if we lose, we need to find satisfaction in the struggle. In my dad's case, the stakes of losing the game are a lot larger - a matter of life and death for real. An almost electrical surge coursed through me and I shuddered as some unseen force confirmed the truth I had just come to understand.

"See you later," I said as I climbed out of the car. Before closing the door, I added, "I'm proud of you, Dad. You do important work and make a difference in people's lives." He smiled appreciatively at me and was quite speechless. I smiled kindly back and closed the door.

Classes seemed unbearably long as I anticipated the wrestling meet. I was able to skip my last period to go weigh in. I made weight easily and pulled on my bright orange team singlet with the black jaguar on the chest. I reached in and arranged my dick into the crease formed between my leg and abs. I pulled my warm-ups on over the singlet and talked nervously with Dig about strategy until it was time to go out to the mats. We didn't get a big crowd for wrestling - mostly parents, some horny girls and a few gay guys - at least I assumed they were since they didn't have friends on the team and why else would they be there? There were a few teachers that liked the sport and supported us for home games. Bodie came once in a while and he happened to be there today. I was surprised because I thought he would be too busy on the ranch right now. Especially with him taking time off for the dance and having the bonfire at his place on Saturday, I thought he would have to be working right after school.

The lack of many spectators made it easy to see that my father was not in the crowd yet. I didn't worry because he knew the lighter weight classes would go first. I saw Dig's father in his usual spot reading a wrestling magazine while he waited. Bodie was sitting with his brother and his brother's friends. They weren't there because they were gay; they had buddies on the varsity squad. They were mocking the cheerleaders with made up cheers of their own. They only send three cheerleaders to the wrestling meets and I think they draw straws to see who has to come. Their hearts are never really into it. They live for the glory of the football and basketball sidelines where they can perform their fancy moves and shake their tiny asses for the masses. The Screw Crew made up a couple of special cheers just for wrestling and submitted them to the head cheerleader but they never got used. One of them was, "Go! Fight! Win! Kick his ass and get the pin!" My personal favorite was, "Grab 'em on the right knee, grab 'em on the left knee, grab 'em on the weee-neeeeed a pin!"

I couldn't help but notice the short, blonde cheerleader was way hot. She had a nice rack and thin waist giving way to a perfect ass forming an hourglass figure. What really got me, though, was her smile. It was perfect and her eyes twinkled whenever she smiled. It seems like anything breathing gets me horny these days, male or female. Fortunately, so far, not animals though.

To my surprise, Gina walked in and sat next to Rochelle and a couple of her friends. I didn't even realize they knew each other. MaryAnne, Goob's date for Ladies Choice, was sitting with them also. They were all chattering away and ignoring the first matches as girls tend to do.

We won three of the four matches prior to mine including a very nice decision on points by Kirk. He handled himself well and came through with a brilliant takedown at the end of the third period for the win. Then, I was up. I took one last look into the stands as I received the instructions from the referee. Dad wasn't there. He hadn't come after all. I was on my back before I even heard the referee start the match. My coach was yelling at me to focus. I heard him, but nothing was registering. I instinctively struggled to keep both shoulders from touching simultaneously, to avoid the pin.

In a moment of frustration, my opponent shifted to add more body weight on top of me and I took the brief window of opportunity to escape. The rest of the first period was spent with us making and missing takedown attempts. My coach called me over to the edge between periods and grabbed me by my headgear. "What's wrong with you?" he demanded.

"Sorry, coach, I'm just having a hard time staying in it right now." I saw Coach Tyler peeking over at me from the Varsity mat and scowling. That affected me and I knew I had to pull it together. As I turned to go take my place in the defensive position, Dig gave me the WTF look and tossed his hands up. I desperately searched the bleachers as I knelt down and was grasped by my opponent. "Fuck it," I muttered so low no one, not even the kid from Canyon High with his large dick pressed into my left butt cheek, could hear.

On the signal, I sprang into action. The complete change in my aggressiveness and agile speed shocked my opponent. I exploded upward into my opponent getting back pressure against his chest. I got my foot under me and stood up driving back into him and backing him toward the edge of the mat. Then I grabbed his hand, pulled it free from my midsection and spun away free for the escape. We were in the neutral position again now and I wasted no time. I dropped low and lunged forward pushing off with my left foot and stepping in with my right. I placed my head to his right side and grabbed him behind both knees. I pushed now with my right leg and stepped in behind his foot with my left foot and tripped him, taking him down for two important points. I heard the crowd cheer me on. Gina was screaming like an idiot. I'm pretty sure she had no idea about wrestling and was just cheering because it appeared I was doing something good and everyone else was cheering for me. Either that, or she got a good look at the bulge in my crotch.

I listened for my dad's voice and that moment of hesitation gave my opponent a chance to maneuver to the side. "Oh no, you don't," I thought. I scrambled in the same direction he was retreating to and straddled him. He arched his back, which was a big mistake, and I got both arms moved up to his midsection and drove my shoulders hard into his collar bone, pushing with my feet against the mat and pressing my face hard against the side of his face. I saw the referee next to me prone on the mat and checking for the pin. The slap of the referee's hand was a welcome sound. I released the nameless, well hung opponent and stood up. The referee took our hands and raised mine for the win as the crowd cheered for me. I pulled off the green colored, Velcro strip from my ankle and dropped it to the mat. I looked down at the mat, ignoring the cheering crowd as I walked off and quickly retreated to the sidelines. I found a chair and pulled off my headgear, ignoring the congratulatory pats on the back from my teammates. I did it for Dig, and I did it for Coach. Fuck my old man and his empty promises.

Dig pinned his opponent, as expected, and in the end, our team dominated Canyon High. We shared the showers with their team and I was able to see the large sausage that I was feeling through my opponent's singlet. It was easily seven inches when limp and really thick. I couldn't even imagine how huge it might be boned. He caught me looking at it and smiled knowingly as if used to getting stares. "Good job out there," he complimented.

"Thanks. You had me worried that first period."

"If you don't mind me asking, what got into you in the second period? You were completely different. It sort of stunned me."

"Just something my coach said," I lied.

"Well whatever it was, it sure made a difference." He shut off his shower and left to dry off in his team's locker area.

"What did get into you?" Dig asked. "You were a slug in the first period, and then you exploded in the second."

"Your look."


"The what the fuck look you gave me. It motivated me. I realized by pouting about my dad not showing up, I was really letting you and the whole team down. I did it for you as my friend, and I did it for Coach since he gave me this second chance."

"Wow. No shit. But your dad never comes, so what's the big deal about him not being here today?"

"He promised he'd come today."

"Oh. Well, I'm sure something important came up," Dig said awkwardly.

"Yeah. No doubt. It always does." We finished drying off and dressing in silence. Dig's father gave us a ride home and was all encouraging about how I took over in the second period. He kept going on and on about how I found my zone. When I wasn't giving any return feedback, he finally shut up.

"Thanks for the ride, Mr. Michaels," I said as I got out. "See ya, Dig."

"See ya." The mood was somber and very awkward.

I found my key and let myself in. It was dark and a bit spooky. I tossed my gear bag by the washer and went into the kitchen. I scooped a large blob of low-fat cottage cheese into a bowl, poured carrot juice over it and sliced a banana on top - a wrestler's banana split. Normally, I used orange juice but I had come to crave carrot juice lately. I stripped naked and took my clothes in by the washer. I pulled out my wrestling gear and sorted it. I started a load of wash and then plopped down in front of the TV. I turned on WWE and watched the steroid laden clowns make fools of themselves entertaining the great unwashed mob of humanity. I wallowed happily in my self pity. I pulled out my phone and reread the text message for the umpteenth time. "got stuck in emergency case. good luck. tell me about it 2nite." I hadn't replied. The saddest part was the time stamp. It was sent while I was in the showers, well after the meet was over. I held my finger over the message then pressed delete.

"Fuck it!" I screamed. "I don't need you to come. I don't need anybody. Fuck you all!"

My phone vibrated and I wiped my eyes so I could read it. "Good news!" it read. "Doctor said recuperation is exemplary. I have full permission to attend the social function on Saturday. I prayed for your success this afternoon. I greatly regret I could not attend your athletic event. Did you prevail? I'm confident you must have. Your friend, William." I laughed and cried at the same time. "He even texts in nerd speak." I thought.

"Ya. I won. Thanks. Glad u r doing better and can go on Sat. hugz Kyle." I sent back.

I wiped my eyes, shut off the TV and went upstairs to do my homework. Around nine, my father came home and found me in the middle of prepping for Friday's debate meet. I'd called Brenda and we agreed on a slightly different approach for the affirmative argument, and I was organizing some notes for my opening argument.

"Hey son, how'd it go today? You didn't text me back."

I pushed back and spun around in my desk chair exposing my naked body to him and said, "Hi."

He stared at me puzzled and asked. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Why are you sitting around naked and why have you been getting naked every night since your mother left?" He asked. It seemed like a fair and reasonable question.

"Because I like being naked and since no one's ever home to care, I just do it." The arrow hit the mark judging from his reaction.

"I see. Are you really mad at me? If it helps, we saved the life of a young mother this afternoon."

I spun back around and picked up my notes. "No, it doesn't really help." I said, "That just adds to my guilt for being upset about you not showing up. But it doesn't change that I'm pissed about it."

"Son, I know I said I would be there, but in my profession, you can't always control when things come up that you just can't walk out on."

"Yeah. I get it. If you walked out on your patient it would be just like mom walking out on me and you. I just …" I got emotional and couldn't finish.

"Just what, Kyle?"

"Nothing. Never mind. I get it. I do. You can't help that your job sucks, and I just have to deal with not having any parents around. It's just the hand we're dealt. I'm gonna get some sleep now; I have a debate meet tomorrow." I got up and walked past him, down the hall and locked the bathroom door. I heard him sigh loudly and slam his hand against the wall before dropping down the stairs into the kitchen. He'd looked tired and haggard. I really had no idea what he was going through. I knew I should probably cut him some slack. He couldn't let his team or patients down any more than I could let my teammates down. But I didn't want to be the bigger person tonight. I wanted to wallow in my pity a while longer.

Friday morning came early and I rushed to get out the door and go running. It helped to clear my head and think clearly about things. I worked over my debate presentation and hoped I could remember a couple of the good ideas I'd come up with by the time I got back home to write them down. This time, Kirk was waiting for me. I smiled and waved as I rounded the corner and saw him. We jogged evenly up the dirt road to the single path. He led out on the path and I followed on his heels. He seemed more excited for the morning jiggle than I did.

We reached the spot and pulled off our sweatshirts to sit on. He took off his t-shirt and I was surprised to see him wearing a second shirt. "Why have you got a second shirt on?"

"This one's my cum rag," he said smiling and holding up the faded shirt in his hand. I chuckled.

"You need one for the gallons you shoot. Wanna do each other's?"

"Heck ya." We pushed our sweat pants and boxers all the way off and turned facing each other and he lifted his leg over me and straddled my legs. He reached in and grabbed my woody and started pulling on it. I reached in with my hand and returned the favor. It was hot watching us jack each other's dick like that. I liked the feeling of his bare legs brushing against mine. With my free hand, I lightly stroked his inner thigh and he copied my actions on my thigh.

"You did great in yesterday's meet. Nice finish," I complimented.

"Yeah, well you were amazing to start the second period. You like exploded."

"Thanks. But speaking of exploding, I'm about to already," I said.

"Yeah, well speaking of a nice finish, I'm ready for one of those too."

"Let 'er rip." He got a serious look on his face and tucked his ankles into my bare sides and squeezed me tightly. He oozed a small puddle onto the log and then began his barrage of cumshots. Blast after blast splattered onto my chest, belly and dick, and of course, on our hands. That triggered the same reaction in me and I jettisoned three, thick blasts of hot, white sperm onto his lower torso. We both relaxed and slowed our jerking motions to a lazy pace as we caught our collective breaths. I reluctantly released his shrinking dick and tasted our sperm casserole.

"Mmmm. Delish."

"You eat it?" he asked surprised.

"Nah, I just like to taste it. It's full of protein and I have to make weight, so I just sample it." He shook his head.

Kirk lifted his cum covered hand to his nose and sniffed suspiciously. Then he stuck his tongue out and licked a bit off his knuckles. He slid it around with his tongue, shrugged and licked a sizable glob off the back of his hand. "Interesting," he said with a smile.

"Hey, Kirk? Can I ask something personal?"


"Do you know yet what you are?"

"Uhhh, like what do you mean?"

"You know, like if you're gay or straight, or bi, since you've done it with both dicks and chicks. Do you know for sure how you'll end up for good?"

Kirk smiled and studied me for a minute before he said, "I'm gayraight."

"Yeah, you are great, but seriously, what do you think you are sexually?"

"No. I mean I'm gayraight. Sex with guys is great, sex with girls is great, sex with my hand is great. If it's sex, it's great. So I'm gayraight. I hope I stay gayraight forever, but if some hot chick sweeps me off my feet and tricks me into marriage, so be it. If some hot stud makes me crazy in love and he's all I wanna be with, so be it. As long as it's gayraight! But I'm in no rush for all that exclusivity crap."

I laughed in muted amusement at his cleverness.

"What about you?" Kirk asked.

"I don't know. I mean I worry about it kind of. I do know that if I have to live with a woman like my mother, I'd rather just cut it off. But then I see Scotty's parents and how in love they are and think that would be cool to have. I think I could be either. I think about guys a lot, though, so maybe I'm gay. Do you think about guys?"

"Like when I jack off you mean?"

"Yeah, or just like in the lockers or if you see a good looking guy somewhere."

"Well, sometimes, I guess." That wasn't really too helpful, but Kirk had jumped off the log and was wiping up the cum with his extra t-shirt, so I was forced to give up the conversation. I really wanted to get inside the heads of other guys - regular guys like Kirk. It's just not an easy conversation to have though, without risking the wrong idea being taken. I viewed Kirk as a rare opportunity to explore this with. I wanted to know what other guys, like Dig and Bodie thought about all the time. How they knew what they were and wanted to be.

He finished wiping up and I borrowed the cum shirt to clean myself up with. He folded the cum-rag t-shirt into thirds and then rolled it up tightly for the jog home. When we reached the pavement, we split ways, waved and headed to our respective homes.

The ride to school with my father was a continuation of the uncomfortable silence from the night before. Neither of us spoke all the way to school. We both needed to apologize, but neither of us was willing to do so. I got out and paused just a minute before closing the door and shuffling through the gate. The melancholy mood persisted most of the day.

In the debate meet, my opening remarks were strong and Brenda complimented me when I sat down. I had remembered the two strong arguments that had come to me during the morning run and Brenda made note of both of them. I thanked her and we took notes on the opponent's rebuttal. After their presentation, Brenda did a cross examination and cut their arguments to shreds. I was very impressed. In the end, they got to question me and I got very testy, to the point of arrogance, in my responses. Brenda chastised me, as did the judge. In spite of my arrogance in the end, we won the debate easily and our school team won overall as well.

"You did great today," I told Brenda. "And you look really nice too. Something's different about you."

"My aunt is a beauty shop owner, and she did my hair and nails in celebration of getting contact lenses to replace my glasses." She smiled shyly. "I didn't think anyone would really notice."

"Are you kidding? You look really nice. You're very pretty." She looked away completely unsure of how to accept a compliment on her looks. I doubt she has ever had many if any at all. She posed while I took her picture to show William. I told her of his improving condition and she asked if she could go with me to visit him after school. I explained that wouldn't be a good idea and blamed it vaguely on his father.

When I arrived at William's trailer that afternoon, he was outside walking around in the sunshine. He waved and trotted over to me in his awkward gait when I rounded the corner. He stopped a couple feet in front of me, smiling wide and gave me a goofy wave. "I am most elated for your visitation."

"Good to see you too. How's it hanging."

"My genitals are healing superbly, if that was the intent of your inquiry. Would you like to view them?"

I looked around embarrassed and was relieved no one seemed to be in earshot. "Maybe later, dude. I got something way cool to show you." I pulled up the glamour shot I took of Brenda and showed him. He studied it for a bit without a reaction.

"She's missing her corrective lenses."

"Yeah, she got contacts and look at her new hairstyle. Pretty hot, huh?"

"I thought the blue frames of her corrective lenses complimented her facial structure."

"Dude, are you serious? She got like a major makeover and all you can talk about is her glasses. She's wearing makeup, for hel … heaven's sake. Doesn't that get you hot for her?"

"I found no fault in her former appearance. I did not base my interest in her solely thereon. I am, as you say, hot for her brilliant mind, superior wit, and exceptional generosity."

"Okay then. Well, she still has those, just in better packaging, so it's all good, I guess. Just a hint; on the date, compliment her beauty instead of her personality. Trust me on that one."

"I do trust you, Kyle. I trust you very much."

We walked back to his trailer and I was pleasantly surprised to find out his old man wasn't home. "Where's your father?"

"I am unaware of his whereabouts. He did not disclose his destination when he departed."

"Well it's nicer when he's not hanging around. So let's see how you're healing up."

William brightened and quickly pulled up his sweater while he unbuckled his belt, flipped his top button, and unzipped. He pushed his beige pants to the floor and hooked his thumbs in the sides of his briefs and slid them to the floor like a little boy getting ready to go potty. The discoloration, though still visible, was greatly improved and was more yellow than purple. It highlighted the stitches from the incision on his groin where they removed his nut. The stitches encircling his dick shaft were also more obvious against the lighter discoloration of the skin. Looking closely, tiny bits of pubic stubble were popping out here and there above his dick growing back from being shaved barren. It really was quite an odd site to see.

"When do you get the stitches out?"

"The physician projects removal on Monday. Provided my mother can be excused to transport me. I shall be most thankful to resume school attendance on Tuesday."

"That's great. Before I forget, here's your homework."

"Thank you. I am most appreciative to receive it. It provides a welcomed escape from the tedious drudgery of each day." He shuffled over to his desk and gave me yesterday's work all neatly organized and clipped by subject and sorted into the order of his school schedule. I stuffed it into my pack and smirked.

"You planning on staying half naked like that with your pants down all day?"

"No. But I have remained exposed in order to exhibit an additional feat of great wonder."

"What's that?" William took his small penis in his fingers and began stimulating the tip of it. He was careful not to rub over the stitches. It grew steadily upward until it was fully erect. William released it once it was erect, and put his hands on his hips and smiled wide.

"I can achieve an erection absent any discomfort whatsoever!" he stated proudly. "Look." William gently pinched up and down the shaft of his erection. "No pain, just pleasurable sensations. You try." He pulled his hand away and thrust his hips toward me.

"Uhhh, this is kind of weird." He wrinkled his brow at me in confusion at my comment. I reached out and pressed his dick between my thumb and forefinger starting at the base near his remaining nut and pubic stubble then moved slowly upward along his small shaft. I was very gentle and skipped over the stitches.

"Yup, feels like any normal dick." I agreed.

"Yes! I am most thrilled at the lack of curvature. When the physician inspected my erection, he somewhat immodestly praised his skillful work. I am eternally grateful for your father's assistance in referring me to such a skilled professional. Your father is a wonderful man. You are most fortunate. I have regained my confidence and hope for a normal sexual experience in life."

I couldn't help but think normal was a stretch for any part of William's life, but a straight dick was certainly a big step in the right direction. "Was it embarrassing to get an erection in front of the physician?"

William looked away and said, "I was not embarrassed for the physician to see or touch me there, but I was very disturbed at my mother's presence. She insisted on being present throughout the exam and in questioning the physician in great detail. It is not proper for a woman and a mother in particular to see one's penis at my age, especially in an erectile state."

"Unless she's your girlfriend or wife," I clarified.

"Well, a wife most certainly, but not a girlfriend. That would be highly improper. You are the only person aside from the physicians, and now my mother, to view my genitalia since reaching puberty. Only you, your father and the physician have touched it. People I trust."

"I'm honored. Have you had any wet dreams lately?"

"I have not had a release of semen since the operation. The physician was most surprised by this. He is desirous that I manually stimulate myself after the stitches are removed to verify my capacity to produce semen has not diminished."

"I can't imagine going that long. Do your … I mean, does your remaining ball ache?"

"There is merely a slight tenderness lingering." He rolled his remaining ball in its sac.

"Dude, I'm happy for you. I hope you can start cumming again soon without any problem. You'll probably become a total jack off addict once you can do it without any pain. Heaven knows you've got some catching up to do."

He stared at me somewhat amused. I think that's what his expression was. It's hard to tell sometimes with him exactly what's going on behind his face. Maybe he was confused and trying to figure out what the hell I was talking about. I know my language is sometimes as foreign to him as his is to me.

William pulled up his pants and we chatted about the debate meet. I had to give a complete detail by detail report of exactly what was argued and how it was refuted. I shared my two new arguments with him and he praised them mightily. He jumped on the internet and found three pieces of supporting evidence for each of my two new arguments. I praised him as well. He hadn't had dinner and his mom was working overtime so we walked together to McDonalds. The kid on the bike stared at us as we walked by.

Walking back home, I asked him a question, "How come you thought I was gay when you wanted me to teach you how to jack off before your operation?"

He got sullen, which I hadn't intended and looking down he said, "I apologized for my errant supposition already." I guess he thought I was still mad about it.

"I'm not mad; I'm just trying to figure out what it was about me that gave you that impression."

He looked at me and finally said, "The choice of pornographic viewing material displayed on your computer monitor was my primary clue. Also, certain things you said about your male friends confused me."

"Like what sort of things?" That comment intrigued me.

"I do not recollect specific comments. It was a general impression from our conversations. I also attributed your obsession with self stimulation and willingness to be naked in front of me as well as your persistent encouragement for me to expose myself to you as indicators."

I chuckled, "Man, if self stimulation made you gay, the human race never would have gotten past the caveman stage."

"Why have you asked me this question?" William inquired. I was uncomfortable telling him the truth about my internal struggle with the issue for some reason, so I lied. I wasn't sure how he would react to it with his religious bent.

"No reason, I was just curious if there was like one thing that made you think it."

He excused himself to urinate, and I took the opportunity to do something I had been planning. I checked the labels on several of his shirts and pants and then went through his shoes until I found a pair with the size still visible on the side. He startled me when he walked back into his room and I quickly dropped the shoe.

"Kyle, tell me about the bonfire party tomorrow. I continue to feel high anxiety over attending. What are the planned activities?"

"I doubt Bodie has anything actually planned. There will be a big bonfire. There will for sure be some great munchies. People will hang out and talk and maybe dance a bit more. He'll have music going. He mentioned once about showing a movie outside, on the side of the barn. Besides that, I'm not sure. We kind of make our own fun. We might play tag or hide and seek or something. If we do play some games, don't be a party pooper. Join in and play along."

"And you remember your covenant to accompany me at all times?"

"I remember. Don't worry, it'll all be fun. You'll get used to being comfortable in a social situation with my crowd before we double up for Fall Formal." William smiled wide. He liked the thought of that.

When I got home, my father was there to my surprise. I was actually disappointed in a way since that meant I couldn't get naked. I had actually gotten a bit horned up by handling Williams repaired dick and had considered having another little fantasy on the couch. Dad was cooking dinner and he was pretty funny about it. He had downloaded menus off the internet for light, low calorie cooking. He grilled a small bit of salmon and had veggies tossed in an oil and vinegar dressing and steamed. I had to admit it was all pretty good.

The conversation was strained at first and I could tell he meant the meal to be a launching point for discussion. I decided to deliver an olive branch and help him out saying, "Dad, I know you wanted to be at my meet yesterday. I know you didn't choose to have to be at work. You did the right thing to stay and save a life. I'm sorry for making you feel guilty about that."

He started to say something but couldn't. Instead he just got all choked up. He got up and pulled his apron off reaching out to hug me. I stood up and we embraced. Little tears dripped onto the side of his neck as we held each other.

Once he gained some of his composure he spoke into my ear, "Kyle, I'm sorry. I promised you and I broke that promise. I told you it didn't matter if I saved the whole world if I lost my son in the process and then on the very first test, I failed. I planned on leaving. I told my colleagues I had to leave. They were shocked that I would even consider it. I left the room and in the hallway, an image of her husband and two young boys filled my head. One of them was just younger than you and another one looked to be about twelve. The boy your age looked me in the eye, silently pleading for me to save his mother. I couldn't walk past him. My feet wouldn't let me."

"You did the right thing, Dad. I'm sorry I put you in that position. More tears trickled down my flushed cheeks. I'm really sorry."

We held each other for a long time. Finally, we separated and I said, "Dad, I don't want you to ever have to choose between saving a life and coming to my activities. If you can make it, great. If not, I promise not to be mad or upset. It's okay. Really. I mean it."

"Thank you, son. I promise I won't abuse that privilege. Unless it's really necessary, I will be there for you. I will."

"So what would you like to do after washing the dishes?"

"I actually hadn't expected you to be home. To be honest, I thought about laying around naked and watching TV." I laughed at the look on his face. "I might be one of those closet nudists."

"I think you may be, indeed. But if that's what you want to do, I'll join you."

"Dad, I was just kidding. Geez. I'm not sure I'm up to seeing you in the buff. That's sort of a scary thought."

"Hey. I'm not that out of shape. I still got a two pack left from my six. I never did look as good as you, but I wasn't bad in my prime. I take a little pride in passing on some of my handsome, good looks to you."

"You're whacked. How about if we go to the mall for a bit? I want to buy some clothes for the bonfire tomorrow."

"You need special clothes for a bonfire? I thought you'd just go direct from the dance."

"I will. They're not actually for me to wear. I want to get something for William. He's agreed to go with to the bonfire and the doctor said he's healed enough to go. By the way he said to tell you thanks for all your help. You can't believe how thrilled he is about having a straightened out penis."

"That's wonderful. I was worried he'd be depressed over the loss of his testicle. I've seen that more than a few times with testicular cancer patients after they lose one or both."

"Nah, he really seems fine with that. He counts it a blessing from God to have one that works and a chance for a normal sex life. But anyway, can we go? I checked out his sizes on his shirts and pants in his room while he was in taking a piss. I don't want him to show up wearing slacks and a blazer, or God only knows what else."

Dad laughed at the image of William standing around a bonfire in a group of teenagers all dressed up. "I think that's a very thoughtful gesture. Help me clean up the table and we'll head out."

The mall was actually really fun with dad. He was making an effort to reach out to me. We joked around and he talked me into riding a little pony ride that he put a couple quarters in. I guess I used to beg to ride them every time I walked by one. I didn't finish the ride though; I humored him for a minute or two but then bailed off before someone I knew saw me. Then he pulled me into Victoria's Secret, to my discomfort and confusion and his amusement. I mean, mom was gone and I hoped he wasn't already dating. When the clerk asked him if he needed anything, he said, "Yes, I need one of those well designed things I've seen in your catalogue that model your lingerie. All the ones in here are plastic. Do you keep the live ones in the back? I'll take two; one for me and a little shorter one for my son."

"Dad, I can't believe you said that in there. Are you like 13 again? Oh my God, are you planning on going home and making prank telephone calls, too?" I was shaking my head, but busting up inside as I dragged him away down the mall concourse. He obviously loved making me squirm while entertaining me at the same time.

I found a simple, brown t-shirt and some not too tight jeans in the Active store that I didn't think would be too hard to convince William to wear. I picked out a pair of purple Nikes, but my dad wisely suggested I reconsider and buy some simple, black Vans and tossed in some ankle socks to go with them. My dad pulled out his credit card at the counter, but I refused. "I want it to really be from me. I'll pay," I insisted. He asked to let him buy a hoody for William since it would probably get cold out on the ranch.

Back at home, we did some needed housework together and then dad got on his computer, and I watched some TV. About nine o'clock he shocked me again by walking into the TV room stark naked. He handed me a frozen yogurt snack and a glass of cold ice water. He sat on the couch and took a spoonful of yogurt and asked, "What are we watching?"

"Why are you naked?"

He smiled at me and said. "Well, I like being naked and since it's just me and one other nudist in the house, I figured why not?" He was twisting my own words on me from when he asked me that same question in my room the night before.

"Are you okay? You've been acting really weird tonight. You might be taking the whole apology thing a little far here."

"I'm fine. I just decided it's been way too long since I relaxed and cut loose a little bit and had some genuine fun with my boy. I used to be a lot of fun in my day. The whole reserved and respectable physician persona and especially your mother's obsession with our image put a real damper on my wild side."

I shook my head and ate my yogurt. For an old guy, I had to admit he didn't look half bad naked. It gave me hope for when I got to be that old. I thought about Scotty's household and I wondered if it had ever been weird for him to see his dad naked. I supposed not since he grew up with it that way. After a while, I pulled my shirt off, stood up and peeled my pants and boxers down and stepped out of them. I left my socks on so my feet would stay warm. My dad and I grinned at each other and I settled back into the couch and finished my yogurt.

When the show ended, we both agreed it was time for some sleep. He picked up my yogurt dish and water glass and then offered a hand to pull me up. "Thank you Kyle. I was worried I had ruined our relationship forever by not keeping my promise yesterday."

"Nah, I was just wallowing in my pity. I really do understand. It's nice to know you really cared enough to do the special dinner. And, the whole getting naked thing, it's weird, but it really made a statement that you're willing to support whatever I choose to do. Thanks." We smiled and wanted to hug, but the being naked thing was awkward.

"Well, maybe not everything you might choose to do, but certainly anything that isn't harmful, illegal or dangerous." We stood there moving our arms in slow motion and leaning in and then back out again for a minute until dad said, "Oh to hell with it. Come here." He set the dishes on the TV tray and pulled me into his warm body. His chest hairs tickled my chest. We wrapped our hands around each other's backs and enjoyed the bonding moment. It wasn't sexual in any form. It was a special bond of love between a father and a son. Though our loins touched, they did not stir. I will never forget the powerful bonding experience of that brief but meaningful hug. The surge of peaceful emotion that ran through my body was quite possibly more memorable than any orgasm I had ever felt. Well, except maybe my very first one. I mean, no one ever forgets that.

Saturday, I rushed over to William's house. I wondered what his reaction would be to the new clothes. I wrapped them to make it seem like a get well gift so he wouldn't think it was charity. Mrs. Thames let me in with a smile. William was on his computer, as usual. "Hello, Kyle. I did not expect your visitation this early?"

"Just wanted to come see you and bring you a little get well gift." He smiled and got fidgety.

"What is it?" He asked with childlike excitement.

"Open them and see." I was nervous in case he wouldn't like them. I held my breath as he carefully peeled the tape free of the wrapping paper. My impatience mounted as he unwrapped the package. He was dissecting it more carefully than I had wrapped it. What's the fun in that? I'm a ripper-opener and I wanted desperately to jump in and start tearing the paper like a five year old at a friend's birthday party.

Finally, he pulled the t-shirt from the paper and held it up. I was relieved when he let a grin spread over his lips. "It's one of those play shirts like you wear. Thanks."

I smiled and said, "You're welcome."

He was equally happy about the jeans, but he was ecstatic about the shoes. It made me feel so good to see how excited he was for the new clothes. He immediately stood, pulled off his clothes, and put on the new stuff. He pulled the jeans up high on his hips and said, "I must apply a belt to secure my trousers."

"No, dude. They're supposed to sag like that. They sit on your hips and show off the waistband of your boxers." He let them settle back down and wrinkled his lips looking at the elastic band of his white briefs, "I consider this current fad ridiculous and crude."

"Just try it for tonight at the bonfire, Okay? Only, do you have anything besides white briefs you can wear?"

"I will appease you this one night and engage in the fad. But, I do not own anything but white briefs. The doctor instructed me and my mother that I should wear only these for the period of my recovery for support to my remaining testicle as well."

"Well, I got these boxer briefs and they're cool and still support you. Here, wear these and I'll wear a pair of your briefs home and we can trade back later." I pulled off my pants and my Tommy Hilfigers and put on a pair of his tighty-whities. They felt odd on me and catapulted me back to when I was like eight years old and wore them every day. They bunched up my balls into my groin. He reluctantly accepted my underwear and said he would wash them before putting them on.

We played a game of chess and his mom made us a bowl of soup for lunch. I headed home to get some chores done around the house, which I did in the nude since dad wasn't home. I might have done them nude even if he was home since he didn't seem to care if I was naked. I showered and pulled on my favorite, blue No Fear t-shirt and jeans. I splashed on some cologne and watched some baseball until my ride came. I jumped in Bodie's mom's Suburban and she took us to pick up Dig and afterwards we picked up our girlfriends.

When I picked up Gina, I was impressed with how nice she looked. She had a nice, blue, tight-fitting top on with sparkly lettering across her accented boobs. The neckline showed just enough cleavage to get me excited. It was perfectly cut, low enough to appeal to her date, but high enough to appease her dad. I was laughing when Rochelle and Dig got in the van wearing matching, teal t-shirts. "Nice shirts," I chided as Dig climbed in the van. He turned and reached a hand to help Rochelle in and put his other hand behind his back and flipped me off. We all crowded in the back so no one had to sit alone in the front passenger seat. Gina was squished up against my left side and Dig pressed into my right. I was conflicted by Gina's awesome boobs on the left and Dig's amazing dick, which was already bulging in his tight jeans, on my right. It was oddly stimulating to be pressed against their flesh and my own dick started uncomfortably pressing against my fly.

The dance was pretty well attended. It had a rainbow theme and there was a giant rainbow plastered against the back wall of the gym using colored plastic. Multi-colored balloons drifted in the air, kept floating at different heights by weights on the ends of colored ribbon. Some were clear up to the ceiling and a couple drifted down to where Goob could reach them. He caught hold of a couple and between songs, he popped them. He was very pleased with the shrieks of the girls standing around him when he did it. "Shooter! Get down!" someone yelled after Goob's second balloon cannon went off. The chaperones weren't amused and warned him if he did it again he was gone. Some nerds and a few freshmen actually had hit the ground in a panic.

We all hung together during the dance and chatted while we listened to the music. Goob and Kirk joined in with us with their dates and we were having a great time. Once in a while, we would bust a move out and occasionally we would pair off and dance a whole dance together as boy girl. Mostly, though, we stood in our little circle of friends and chatted. When the first slow dance played, Dig grabbed Rochelle and wrapped himself around her. They swayed and groped and groped and swayed. Every now and then, they skipped the swaying and just did the groping. Twice, a chaperoning teacher separated them when the hands started going up underneath the shirts. I imagined all Dig could think about was getting laid. He had obvious wood in his pants for anyone to see that was paying any attention to it at all.

I saw Brenda there with Curtis. They did not make a good pair. She was so much taller than him that on the slow dances, his head was exactly tit high. When he would make an attempt to lean into them, she would guide him backwards with her forearms draped over his shoulders. It was almost comical. I'd had that experience back in 7th and 8th grade dances, but thankfully I had grown some and Gina was just barely taller than me. Brenda was stunning with a wholesome and simple beauty emanating from her presence.

Gina turned out to be a pretty good date. She looked pretty hot. Even though her social status was sort of B list, she looked hotter tonight than most A listers. She even put a little glitter in her hair or something, because it kind of sparkled in the colored spotlights. The DJ mixed in some oldies stuff. When he played a swing beat, big band song, I grabbed Gina and asked if she could swing. One thing my mother did for me was teach me to dance. After I refused to go to the fruity dance class she wanted me to attend in place of wrestling, she made me at least learn some basic dance steps from her. I could swing, waltz and two step. I showed Gina the basic left, right, step-step of the swing and she picked it right up. Then I mixed in a twirl under my arm. I taught her a couple more basic moves and pretty soon we had a crowd circling us as we were kicking it. A few other couples tried copying us. Later, a couple girls requested some more big band so they could try it again and Gina and I were like teaching a whole group how to do it. It was crazy fun.

On the slow dances, I enjoyed pressing against her soft body and my cheek lay in the base of her neck. I could glance downward at the tantalizing crevice of her cleavage and I imagined slipping my tongue between those bulging globes of flesh. It gave me a full on boner and I wondered if she could feel it pressed against her leg. She smelled really nice and I rubbed my hand up and down her back a little. She sort of melted into me when I did that. On about the third or fourth slow song, we only parted slightly, just enough to look into each other's faces and she closed her eyes. I tenuously moved upward and pressed our lips together. She kissed back and I thought my dick might bust right through my jeans. As we separated, she opened her eyes and smiled beautifully. I smiled back and we walked hand in hand over to get some punch. As we passed Goob, he puckered out his lips and made kissy sounds. Without even looking over at him, I swung the back of my hand hard and fast into his crotch, smacking his balls. He let out a laughing groan and doubled over. But what Gina and I did on our last slow dance really got me fired up.

Dig kept bugging Bodie to call his mom and have her come get us for the bonfire. He was so randy, I thought he might cream his pants right there on the dance floor. I swear he was growing horns, he wanted it so bad. The two of them were hanging all over each other. It was kind of disgusting. All the guys in our circle were making little innuendo jokes about them all night. "When Rochelle dropped her napkin by the refreshment table," I told Kirk, "I hurried and picked it up for her. I was afraid if she bent over, Dig might just whip it out and start humping her right there." Kirk laughed out loud over that one. The girls wanted to know what was so funny, but we waved it off.

Finally, Bodie relented and about 20 minutes before the dance was scheduled to end, our group piled into his mom's Suburban and headed home. We all smelled of a mixture of dried sweat and excess cologne. Dig was fidgeting. I smiled at it. Gina was holding my hand and we had definitely broken the ice of the first date jitters after what happened on the dance floor. I liked holding her petite hand in my large one. I liked that she liked being with me. I felt a little ashamed of thinking about her as a B list date. I was as happy to be with her as I would have been with any cheerleader or prom queen. It also helped when Bodie mentioned in the bathroom how hot she looked and wondered how he'd never really noticed her around before. He teased me about having some of her glittery stuff from the lettering across her tits rubbed off on the shoulders of my shirt. I told him about my urge to stick my tongue between her breasts on a slow dance. He dared me to do it. It was so trippy talking about something like that while standing next to my long time buddy and holding our dicks in our hands at the urinal. As we washed up, he dared me again in his usual "throw caution to the wind" attitude.

On the very next slow dance before we left, I got the courage to tell her what Bodie had dared me to do. I played it off like it was Bodie being his crazy, "out there" self and kind of chuckled nervously about it. She gave a nervous laugh and then ventured into dangerous territory and coyly asked, "would you really want to do that?"

"Well, kind of, sure. I mean, you're really pretty and you really do have a hot pair of breasts, and I am a guy after all."

She looked around and said, "Go ahead if you want, no chaperones are nearby."

"Really?" I asked, incredulous at the opportunity.

"Just do it kind of quick so we don't get caught."

I gulped, wondering what I had gotten myself into. Suddenly, I felt like my mouth was full of cotton and worried my tongue would be so dry it would get stuck in there. I got this horrible image flashing through my brain of me having to grab both breasts in my hands and pry my tongue back out from between her breasts while everyone around us pointed and laughed. I forced myself back to reality, and I glanced around, nervously catching Bodie's eye. It was if we mentally communicated and he grinned at me and gave me an urging nod and flicked his tongue out at me. I turned my head in straight and tilted my chin downward. As if in slow motion, my tongue travelled between my teeth, spread my lips and pressed into her divide. I injected it as far as was possible, savored the erotic naughtiness of it and quickly extracted it. Gina shuddered and pressed her groin into my erection. I looked up at her and grinned like a little boy who'd just stolen his first kiss. I laid my head against her neck and saw Bodie grinning from ear to ear. He turned his date's back to me and gave me two thumbs up with his hands that were sliding up and down her backside.

I gave Bodie's mom directions to the trailer park and William was waiting anxiously out front by the curb. I'd sent him a text when we were almost there as he had asked me to do. He looked almost normal in the Active clothes I'd bought for him. Later, at the bonfire, he confided in me that he had worn them all day. He showed everyone in the Suburban his shoes. That totally pleased me. He sat in the front seat and kept turning around and smiling at me. Bodie's mom made small talk with him and she struggled not to grin and smirk at his nerdy, verbose responses. It was turning out to be a great night. I even contemplated a little making out at the bonfire since I thought Gina might be okay with it after the tongue incident. I was hopeful things would keep going as well as they had been and this would be a night to remember.

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