Castle Roland

In The Pool

by Jack Scribe, of Honored Memory


Chapter 7

Published: 8 Apr 14

After the meeting with Dave and taking time to downshift my libido back to first gear, the rest of the morning progressed fairly normally. The Admiral's chief steward, a distinguished older man with short, snow-white hair, had indeed called about the ten cases of Far Niente Chardonnay from California. I had arranged for the club officer at the North Island Naval Air Station in San Diego/Coronado to buy the wine directly from the winery. The plan had been that the Admiral's wine would find its way into the cargo hold on a scheduled Naval Air Reserve flight between the two bases. Once in Memphis, NAS Ops would transport the wine to the club storeroom. Seemed like a long way to go around the horn in order to save $500.00 though. 'What was I, a commissioned bootlegger?' I chuckled about the petty larceny. 'Is this how Leona Helmsley started out?'

I checked with Jimmy, the storeroom clerk. The wine had come in yesterday on a Reserve training flight. With that knowledge, I asked Marge to relay the information to Chief Williams at the Admiral's quarters immediately. As it turned out, she told me that there was a message from Mrs. Clifton, the admiral's wife - to call her about some upcoming social event with which she was involved. Since she wore the Admiral's two-stars unofficially, I promptly called the residence. 'Running through the weekend sales and payroll reports will have to wait,' I decided.

Chief Williams answered the phone. "Admiral Clifton's residence, Williams speaking," he said in a soft distinguished voice that projected quiet authority.

"Good morning, Chief, this is Ensign Cole. I'm returning Mrs. Clifton's call. Is she available?"

"Yes, Sir. I'll connect you immediately. By the way, thanks for the speedy delivery of the California cargo," he said in a conspiratorial tone. We both knew better than to plain-speak our involvement in the alcohol contraband. "I'll send Juan up with a truck tomorrow." Juan was one of three house Stewards assigned to the residence.

"My pleasure, Chief." Waiting for Mrs. Clifton, I thought about the various levels of political manipulation that were involved in handling this job. From the Admiral and his staff, his wife, the base C.O., the key department heads and their dependents, right down to the uniformed junior staff. This was a pretty heady experience for a guy only one year out of college.

I also daydreamed about the new lifeguard. 'What a triple prime grade A-plus man! Dave was really...'

"Mike, thanks for calling me back so soon," Mrs. Clifton said as she picked up the phone, "I was just about ready to head to Memphis for lunch with Mrs. Crumpt at the Crescent Club." The Crumpts were one of the leading Memphis social families.

She continued, "Louise Crumpt is chairman of the Carnival Memphis next month and has a teeny problem that I think you can help solve."

"Mrs. Clifton, just let me know how I can help," I replied, knowing that this was going to be big on my favor 'payback' list down the road.

"Louise doesn't have enough single gentlemen to escort the Carnival Memphis Princess's Court to all the festivities at the end of the month. She needs five additional young men to fill this role. Do you think you could help her?"

"Including myself, if I'm not too presumptuous, I can find four others. What exactly will the duties be?" I asked, knowing full well that this would be three days of alcohol-marinated debauchery with the cream of young Memphis society.

"The parties start at a breakfast Friday morning and run though Sunday noon. You will be on the lead parade float Saturday morning as well, so I'll make sure that Joe gets you and the other officers released from any work details," she said in her admiral's wife assurance. Joe being her husband, the Admiral. "On the parade float and at the parties, you're requested to be in your dress whites. A little PR for the Navy," she chuckled.

"I know just the men who will do an excellent job representing the Navy and entertaining the princesses." 'Hot looking guys, Ma'am,' I thought with a smile, 'for sure.'

"Mike, thank you so much. Will I see you at the wives tea on Wednesday?" she asked.

"Yes, Mrs. Clifton, and by that time, I'll give you the names of the officers who will be available for the Carnival Memphis. See you Wednesday, if not before."

"I knew I could count on you," she said, and the line went dead.

A 'mission' needed to be accomplished and this required teamwork to make it happen. I immediately called Doug DiMarco and asked him if he could meet me at the 'O' club for lunch, my treat. He said that since the price was right, he would meet me around 1300...the tone of his voice sounded very curious.

"What's up?" Doug asked.

"No biggie...just a little R and R, on the clock. I'll tell you when you get here. Should be fun."

We hung up after the routine 'byes'.

At lunchtime, the usual crowd was gathered on the patio. It was always difficult scheduling the service staff due to weather "snafus". Although most of the patio was covered with a low-slung awning, sometimes the wind played tricks on the dining 'al fresco' experience. The weather in Memphis could change on a dime. However, today was postcard perfect.

As I was going through the patio, speaking with the various officers and their wives while lunching, Doug arrived just before the appointed hour. I waved and gestured for him to take a seat at a vacant table. After making the rounds in the dining area and going back to the kitchen to make sure the hot and cold stations were in sync with the orders, I returned to the patio and joined Doug, who was drinking an iced tea.

"Hey, Mike," he said as I joined him. A server immediately came over to our table.

"Julie, I'll have an iced tea and a club sandwich on whole wheat. Doug, are you ready to order?"

Doug replied, "How about that chopped salad with blue cheese dressing mixed together?"

Julie repeated the order and left to place it with the kitchen.

"So, what's up, Mister Man of Mystery?" Doug asked with a raised eyebrow. He was one of those guys who could raise his eyebrows, one at a time.

"I've been assigned a mission from the 'queen bee'...and she will not be disappointed," I replied with a knowing grin. "You are invited to join a very select group to a weekend of drinking and partying at the end of the month." We both knew who the 'queen bee' was.

Doug slowly broke out in a big grin. "Are you telling me what I think you're telling me? That you're getting a crew together to be part of 'The Court' for Carnival Memphis? "

"The very same," I retorted.

"I've been in Memphis for over two years and still haven't been invited to 'The Court'. And an Ensign, who is still wet behind the ears, gets this accomplished after being on board for only two months? Mrs. 'C' must really like you. I can only imagine what you had to do." He smiled, rolled his eyes and took a sip of his iced tea.

"Ewww, in your dreams." I decided not to take the joke further and kid about being in the sack with the Admiral's wife. "I figure that besides you and me, we can twist the arms of three other guys to be part of this group."

We reviewed available bachelor officers who might be up to the challenge of a weekend-long party fest with some of the finest Southern beauties around. Traditionally, 25 private clubs would be honoring the princess and her court. The 'royal' group would call on all of the top private clubs in Memphis.

Who could fill the bill and bring honor to the Navy was the key to the choice of invitees. We dismissed a few pilot types, who never said 'no' to a free drink, which could create problems. This was a very tradition-bound city, whose city fathers were big Navy supporters. The Memphis Navy League threw the largest party of the year, taking over the entire Club in the fall. We couldn't afford a screw up from over indulgence of cocktails, or from someone succumbing to ladies who offered their favors.

We decided to ask three other NAS junior officers who lived in the BOQ. "The Admiral will make sure that we get off for this extended weekend," I summed up. The lunch arrived and we wolfed it down, while sharing the latest base gossip. I signed the tab and dropped a cash tip.

Doug asked about the new lifeguard who had been assigned to the pool. "I've only spoken with him once, but I have a feeling that he'll be a good addition to my staff and make you and I both look good," he said as we left the patio table and walked over to the pool.

"I get that feeling, too," I replied with a casual smile. 'The only difference,' I thought as we got closer, 'was that my feeling started down below my waist.' "Dave's is going to be good, ah, for the club."

The lifeguard was helping two young girls improve their swimming strokes as we approached. "Hi, Dave," Doug called out from the perimeter of the pool. Dave Swenson looked up and grinned as he saw Doug and me. After making sure the girls were following his swimming instructions, he walked over to us.

"Hello, Mr. DiMarco...Mr. Cole," Dave said with a big Cheshire cat grin. "Thanks for the job. I think I'm really going to enjoy this until my permanent orders come through."

Doug didn't read any inference, but I picked up on unspoken vibes as he looked at me with an enthusiastic questioning expression. "Mr. DiMarco and I just wanted to make sure that everything was going well on your first day, Dave," I replied. "It looks like you've got everything under control."

"Yes, indeed, Sir. This is going to be a great summer."

Standing slightly behind Doug, I smiled and quickly winked at the lifeguard. "I'm sure it will." I hoped I wasn't being too brazen, never having done anything like this before. "Have a good afternoon." I thought better to not include that I looked forward to returning later in the day.

Doug and I nodded and left the pool area. We returned to the club lobby and said our 'goodbyes'.

The rest of the afternoon was routine. Once Doug and I confirmed our final decision on the other three escort officers who would be part of the court, he would contact them. The rest of the afternoon, I saw three liquor salesmen, the paper supplies representative and the entertainment agent who booked the music for our club. And with Marge taking notes, we reviewed the function sheets that detailed all the party plans for each event for next week, and determined what staff would be scheduled.

As it approached 1700, I looked out at the pool. Dave was straightening up the furniture and putting down the umbrellas. 'Ready to rumble,' I thought, remembering that line from George Lucas' American Graffiti. I told Marge, "good night," and proceeded out to the pool. A tingling feeling of excitement shot through my body - I felt like a teenager before my first date. Without even admitting it to myself, I knew what I wanted to do, and how this could come down. At the same time, a lifetime habit of hiding my feelings couldn't be overcome so easily.

I waved at Dave before entering the locker room. Locker #21 was mine. Twirling the combination, I thought about this young man out in the pool area. I quickly changed into a dark 'racing green' Speedo, grabbed my goggles and earplugs, and secured the locker. The late afternoon sun was very bright as I stepped under the outside shower and did a brief rinse; aware that the moistened acrylic swimsuit material would accent my package. I slowly walked to the edge of the pool and paused. Looking at Dave, who was watching me intently, I dove in, making a splash in the pool.

Surfacing, I immediately set out to swim 25 laps using a flip turn at the end of each length. When I paused after 10 laps, I looked up to see Dave by the edge. "You've got good form, Mr. Cole," he said. "If you don't mind a suggestion, I would ask you to follow-through with your arm stroke better. You'll notice a world of difference."

I rinsed out my goggles and smiled with a 'thumbs up'. Pushing off, I set out to complete my goal of 25 laps. 'Dave was right,' I thought. 'Modifying my stroke arc did give me more speed.' Once finished, I exited the empty pool and entered the locker room. I noticed that it was minutes shy of 1730 by the clock on the wall. I went to my locker, stripped off my wet Speedo and started to walk to the shower with a towel in hand. At that point, Dave entered the locker room. I stopped and said, "Thanks for the stroke suggestion. It really worked." I was well aware that I was standing before him butt-naked. 'Hope he's getting my signals and feels the same way,' I thought.

"Glad to have helped," Dave shot back. "You're a good swimmer. Did you swim in school?"

Dave was taking a visual inventory of me - but not quite as discretely as a straight man might. He was stretching the limits of the time-honored, but unspoken, tradition of comparing the size of another male when given the chance. I brought my eyes down to his crotch area and back to his eyes as I replied, "Nah, I only swim for exercise. I was never fast enough to make the team." 'Uh oh, I thought, 'I'd better get into the showers before my dick comes to a salute,' "I'll be just a minute in the shower, then you can lock up," I said as I immediately walked away.

"Don't worry about the time. I've got things to do in here," Dave replied in an upbeat manner.

After taking a quick shower, I dried myself off and returned to the locker room. This time, I wrapped the damp towel around my waist. As I turned the corner, there was Dave stripped down to his jock strap. He was sitting on a bench in front of his locker, filling out his daily report form. I came up to my locker ten feet away. Seeing this beauty caused me to quietly gasp.

He slowly looked up at me - very slowly - and smiled, staring intently. He then turned back to his report. I noticed his crotch expanding in his jock pouch. Hell, I was getting hard beneath the towel just seeing his manhood grow. 'Showtime,' I mused, no longer thinking of the 'big step' I would be taking. As I removed the towel to release my raging hard-on, I said in a quiet, lustful voice, "If I'm misreading this situation, Dave, let me know and I'll back down right now."


I slowly looked up at his cock, moistened by a tiny flow of pre-cum, and replied, "No, Sir, you're reading this spot-on." Placing down my clipboard, I stood up and lowered my jock and kicked it aside. I saw that the excitement of his body was matching mine. I was larger by an inch or so. Ensign Cole's cock curved slightly while mine pointed straight up. "I already went ahead and locked the doors, Sir."

"Good thinking."

Without wasting a moment, I knelt in front of Mike and tongued the officer's dickhead while cupping a hand around his heavy balls. I used my other hand to jerk myself. I slowly moved my lips around Mr. Cole's hard missile and brought my nose into the trimmed pubic area as I engulfed his entire throbbing dick in my mouth. I inhaled deeply and was proud that I hadn't gagged.

As I moved my moist mouth back and forth slowly, the tall officer let out a low growl. He brought his large hands to my head and lightly caressed my closely cropped hair, temples and cheeks. Holding my head more firmly, Ensign Cole started moving his hips back and forth, fucking my mouth, in a gentle tempo. After speeding up and slamming his dick into me, Mike's heavy balls started to tighten. He took his hands, placed them under my perspiring armpits, and released his swollen cock from my mouth, lifting me up in his arms. Gently, our lips met. He snaked his probing tongue past my lips and rotated his tongue around the inside of my mouth. I welcomed the invasion.

He pulled out of my mouth and offered firm, passionate kisses that I returned aggressively. "I don't want this to end so quickly," he said after easing up. "Have any regrets, Dave?" The 'officer and gentleman' earnestly asked while he looked into my eyes.

"No, Sir. Neither does Davey," I said looking down at my dick.

He smiled and replied, "I've been thinking about this ever since we first met."

"Me, too." I brought my face down to his pecs and started playfully nibbling on his firm nipples.


"I think we've gone a little too far for military formality," I said while I stroked the back and shoulders of my randy young partner - this hot man from the enlisted ranks. "I think that you should call me Mike when we are alone together, if that's okay."

"It's more than okay...Mike," he whispered.

I gently pushed Dave down to the bolted bench, had him straddle the bench and lie down on his back, and placed a folded towel for his head to rest on. I sat in front of this beautiful sailor's body and slowly brought my mouth down to Dave's lightly hair-dusted balls and started sucking them one at a time. I leaned lower, pulled Dave's legs up to my shoulders and trailed my tongue from the now wet scrotum down to Dave's wrinkly rosebud. Dave held on to the bench for balance as I probed his orifice with my pointed tongue and started darting in and around his sphincter muscle. Slowly, groaning in the process, he relaxed and allowed me to enter. It was an invitation I couldn't resist.

While I was tongue-fucking his hot hole, I brought my hand up to Dave's rock hard, pre-cum slicked cock and started a jacking motion that was in sync with the movements of my mouth. I sped up the motion and was sure, from the noise, that I was bringing Dave to a climax. He groaned and panted. Yelped and snorted. Growled and hissed. I sensed my beautiful conquest was about to cum, so I brought my head from his butt and replaced my stroking hand with my mouth.

Moments later, Dave's body tensed and he uttered desperately, "Oh shit, I'm...I'm...going to..." He put his hand behind my head and fucked my mouth as he shot his fresh load.

"Ummm," was all that I could utter as I tasted and swallowed the six spasmodic eruptions. I slowly removed my mouth and sat up. I pulled him up and placed my moistened lips on his. He eagerly accepted my saliva and his spunk. I lubricated my still-hard cock with a combination of spittle and jizz, and slowly started jacking as I looked into Dave's eyes.

Dave started to reach for my jerked dick, but I gently nudged him back down. "I just want to jack off and cover your gorgeous body with mine," I said as I stood up and straddled the bench. I was determined to make this a glorious moment as I slowly sped up the motions. Pre-cum streamed out and I mixed that with the other natural lubricants - spit and sweat.


As the jacking motions increased in speed, I looked with wonder at this tall, gorgeous, young officer sharing with me the most intimate of moments. By the intense facial expressions, I knew that Mike was coming close to an orgasm. This vision before me was one of the most erotic moments of my life. It rivaled some of the best sessions I had experienced with Russ. It was different, however, because I felt we were connecting...way beyond simply two healthy guys getting off. It was much more for both of us...I knew it and I was sure he knew it.

"Ahhh, Uggh...oh Christ....fu..." He was staring at me in a dream-like trance with a determined, loving smile.

Just then, a 'blast off' occurred as Mike shot a strong stream of white, milky semen that landed on my face, nose and lips. Several less dramatic shots flew out and sprayed my abdomen. I took my tongue, cleaned my lips and tasted the sweet, slightly salty flavor of Mike; it was very similar to my own, that I had tasted in the privacy of my room.

Mike sat down on the bench and pulled me up to his eye-level. He leaned in and licked my face before passionately kissing me. "Dave, I want to explore my feelings for you...if you want to?" Mike stated quietly after he pulled away. "No officer and enlisted man business, just two guys who..."

"I haven't felt this way for anyone in a long time," I replied, "and I know that this is definitely against regulations." I stared intently into the young officer's eyes. "But, I know what I feel." 'Feel? Shit, I haven't felt this way since Russ,' I thought, 'and at 6'3", this guy is hardly the Russ type.' I didn't know what more to say. This was a great fucking moment and I knew that this was the start of something special. "Mike, just don't lead me on. I feel that I've just met someone very important in my life, so if this is just another conquest - another notch on your gun - please tell me now."

"The only conquest I've had is in my hand," he replied, earnestly, "and I wouldn't risk my officer's commission just for getting my rocks off. I haven't felt this way before...with anyone." He leaned down and lightly kissed me. "Excuse the expression, but that's 'no shit.' You definitely ring my chimes, big time."

"Ummm," was all I could utter. I knew I wanted him in me...soon.

As if reading my mind, he said, "Next time we're going to do this right. I'm going to have some protection and lube and we're going to find a firm bed, off base."

"Aye, aye, Sir." I leaned in for one more kiss. Mike put his hand behind my head and playfully darted his tongue around my mouth. We both had shit-eating grins when we separated.

"Come on, guy, we both need showers," Mike said in an upbeat manner as he grabbed my hand, raising me. Walking to the showers, hand-in-hand, he said, "And we need to talk." He gently kissed me under the showerhead.


"I want to know all about this man I've fallen for. You go to your barracks and change into some dressy civvies. I'll meet you at the bus stop by the main entrance with my car and we can go to Memphis for a bit to eat. How does seven-thirty sound?" he said not bothering with military time.

"Sounds great," I replied as he turned on the shower. 'Dave, pinch yourself.'

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