Castle Roland

In The Pool

by Jack Scribe, of Honored Memory


Chapter 13

Published: 8 Apr 14

I drove my Acura sport coupe - it had been my father's guilt payment - up the hill into officer country. 'Damn,' I recalled, 'when I needed him 10 years ago, he almost disappeared after he divorced mom.' Instead of a father I could count on, a great car appeared when I graduated from college. 'At least with no car payments I only have to worry about gas and changing oil,' I thought as I eased the car into a space close to the BOQ side door.

The full summer moon was like a giant spotlight on a theater set. Looking across the parking lot, I stared at the darkened clubhouse and pool area, illuminated only by the blue silver light bathing it from the sky. Playing back the day brought a smile to my slightly weary face as I walked into the building.

What had occurred today was absolutely amazing. So fast. This morning I was doing my weekly reports and tonight I was hopelessly in love...with a sailor. 'Dear Ann Landers, get out your reading glasses. Dave, what have you brought into my life?' I wondered.

The chance encounter with a stranger and the physical euphoria of a sexual connection heralded a special bond. 'That's just for openers,' I thought with a smile, 'because this man has my heart, also.'

'Quiet,' I thought as I entered my room. There were usually muffled sounds coming from the TV or stereo next door. 'Doug must be on a date tonight?' I concluded. Quickly removing my clothes, I went into the head and mechanically went through the evening routine while thinking of Dave. Looking in the mirror, I noticed a satisfied expression mixed with a goofy grin.

I turned off the lights, eased into bed, and considered this incredible man who had entered my life only 13 hours ago. 'Am I crazy?' I mulled over, 'No way. I'm experiencing the thundering rush of being in love...for my first time.' The beginning of a friendship and trust that can only grow and deepen. A smile returned as I drifted away.

"Your father has left our family, Rick," mom wistfully replied as a tear formed. "He's found someone else he loves and has decided our marriage is over."

We sat in shock. "He's not coming back?" questioned Liz. The expression in her eyes indicated she was absorbing the situation with a quick feminine understanding.

"He's moved out and I'll be filing for divorce. I'm sure he'll want to talk with you after we figure out a few things." She looked down at the table and said, "I know he loves you in his own way and we'll figure out a way so you'll be able to spend time together. But it's over between your father and me."

I piped up in a cracking mid-pubescent voice, "Does this mean that we're going to have to move?" We all stared intently at mom.

"No, we're staying here,' mom stated vehemently. "This house has been in my family for generations. This is our home and, except for trimming the expenses a bit, I think we'll do just fine. My real estate commissions will take care of the bills...and then some."

With that said, we hugged her and left for school. But my family was never quite the same after that morning.

I later discovered that since mom handled all the family bills, all of the bank accounts were in her name. And, fortunately, the house was also in mom's name because she had inherited it from her parents. So there was no mortgage. And with foresight, the folks had already set up a college fund for each of us.

"Morning," she said in an upbeat manner. "Yes, they're all here. The large 32" TV is really bulky and we had to store it in the small conference room."

"Okay. I'll make sure that it's brought out for display in the lobby today. What a great prize." I went into my office and turned on the lights. Looking out the window, I fantasized about the reunion that would soon occur.

"Mr. Cole," Marge hastily announced as she hurriedly entered the office, "Mrs. Clifton is in the lobby and wants to speak with you." The 'Mister' was a buzzword signal that the two of us had established for when someone of rank was within hearing.

'Oh, Christ, what does the Admiral's wife want this early?' I wondered, as I smartly left my office and walked into the lobby area. "Mrs. Clifton, what a pleasant surprise. What can I do for you?"

"Mike, save the charm for the younger girls." She extended her hand and I gripped it lightly with both of mine. "I was driving by, and I wanted to know if you had contacted the single men we need for the Carnival Court?"

"All done. In addition to LTJG DiMarco, whom you know, and myself, I've rounded up a great group. Dr. Kriendler from the Dental Clinic, Lt. Bronson at Air Ops, and Ensign Spelling from Public Relations have confirmed. I was going to send a note to your quarters, this morning, with their full names and ranks."

"Excellent. I'll tell Louise of your progress when we lunch today in the city. I really appreciate your help." This time, she took my one hand into her two, before she left the Club.

'Whew. A couple more brownie points,' I thought, returning to my office.

The next hour was routine: checking invoices, payroll, and reservations. I was bemused that I needed to book the entertainment for New Year's Eve in June, but I had to lock up a good group. I winced at the premium price we had to pay - almost three times the normal fee - as I signed the musician's union contract and placed it in the out basket. At some point, I'd have to work with the chef to plan a special menu and analyze costs. Marge had already warned me that the higher-ranking officers always bitched about prices.

Around 0930, I noticed Dave arrive. What a sight...even in his dungarees. However, I was somewhat concerned about being seen with him too often at the club now that our new relationship was being established. Marge was very perceptive and would pick up on any extra interest I paid to the lifeguard.

Conveniently, at the same time, the gardeners and their supervisor were working on the grounds. Grabbing my cup of coffee, I walked out of the office. "Marge, I'll be out in the patio area. I see the head of the gardeners and there are a few things we need to discuss."

I walked outside and greeted the gardener team. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Dave grinning at me. I slightly turned, put up one finger and winked before walking over to the supervisor.

"Good morning, Mr. Cole. Everything looking alright?"

"Morning." We shook hands and discussed the general planting schedule. I finished the general conversation, and said, "I hope you'll make sure the guys don't over-water."

"Don't worry, Sir. With my boss over here for lunch almost every day, I make sure everything looks ship shape." We shook hands again and the supervisor returned to his men.

I moved over to my main target.

"Dave, I've thought of nothing else but you." I made sure that I was out of earshot.

Beaming in an open, loving manner, he said, "Mike, do you have any idea what effect you have on me?" As we got closer, he extended his hand. We both experienced a surge of energy while greeting each other with the traditional male grip and shake.

"I want to take you home right now."

"In your dreams, Sir." A mega-wattage smile appeared. "I don't think the chief at the BOQ would approve."

"Nor would the Navy. Short of my attacking you on the pool deck, have you got any ideas?"

"Yes, Sir. I do need some help. The filter system seems to be acting up," he said with a raised eyebrow and a grin.

"Let's go to the pump room and figure things out." With that we casually strolled to the small building behind the pool complex. To the unknowing eye, it was simply the club manager checking something with one of his staff.

Entering the locked room and turning on the lights, he turned to me and whispered, "Do you think you can fix it?"

"With you around, I can fix anything." I closed the door and considered the situation 'Can't let my dick and emotions lead me astray,' I decided.

I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him face to face. "I've wanted to touch you ever since we said good-bye." I moved him closer and flicked kisses over his face before moving in to tongue-rape his ear.

Leaning back, he asked, "Mike, this is for real?"

"I've never experienced anything like this. Yeah, Babe, this is the real thing for me. How about you?"

"It's incredible. I've never felt this much love. Never."

'Oh, fuck,' I thought with a jolt, 'he said it - the 'L' word. Well, when in doubt, go for broke.' I looked closely into his blue eyes and said, "Dave, I gotta admit that I've never been able to say this before. It's only been one day, but I am ready to stand on the highest mountains and yell, 'I love you'."

In a low whisper, he replied, "I love you too. Very much."

At that point, we embraced each other tightly. Our lips lightly touched as we feathered our tongues at each other. I felt his hard cock pressing against mine. We simultaneously put our heads together and locked lips as my tongue aggressively entered to duel with his. Both hard cocks were fighting to be released.

"Unless you want to do it right now on the pump room deck, we'd better cool it," Dave breathlessly suggested. "I think I may already have some embarrassing stains on my pants."

We separated and I asked, "We're going to get together this weekend?"

"God, yes. And hunt for an apartment Friday, aren't we?"

"Yes, of course. I started looking in the paper today. Furnished studios."

"After we go hunting for a place Friday morning, you can drop me off downtown when you have to go back to the base. By the time you come back, I'll have figured out where we can meet for the night."

"You'll be okay while I return to the club? I won't be able to get back to Memphis until around 8 p.m."

"Sure. I'll bring my dop kit and a few changes of clothes in my gym bag. By then, I'll have a place for us to stay."

"Sounds like a plan. By the way, have I told you how much I love you, Dave?" I pulled him closely to me.

"Not in the last couple of minutes." We embraced and ended with a tender final kiss.

I noticed tears streaming down his face. Licking his cheeks, I asked, "Is anything wrong?"

"Wrong? No, everything is perfect. These are tears of happiness. But, Mike, let's get out of here. I'm about to cream in my pants, and I've only just started the work day."

"I get the picture." We straightened up, allowed the tenting in our crotches to deflate, and returned to the real world.

I knew we were going to be together 'off and on', Friday and Saturday. "Adventure?" I asked, bringing my arms around him.

"Yeah, just you and me." Dave squeezed a little tighter.

"Where are we going?"

"Tomorrow afternoon, you're going to get a call from Mr. Davidson. If you're not in, the message will be to return Mr. Davidson's call at a specific phone number." He started grinding his crotch into mine.

"Bastard," I smiled. "You're not going to tell me where we're going, are you?"

"Just play the game. You'll be rewarded."

'What a mischievous, shit-eating grin,' I thought. "I look forward to the reward." The 'reward' was standing hard, under his pants, angling off to starboard.

We quickly kissed and disengaged. Making sure that we were not being watched, I left the locker room first. I was on an emotional high that only clandestine lovers can feel.

Early Friday morning, I picked up Dave at the bus stop and we drove into Memphis. In the car I had the marked real estate classified section to the Commercial Appeal. I had made five appointments with various rental agents, all between 0900 and 1100. Stop number three was the winner. It was two blocks from The University of Memphis and provided an ideal location to blend in with the students.

Dave and I walked up to the second floor and inspected the small, clean efficiency apartment - #202. 'Not that big,' I considered, 'but it won't be much more than a convenient rendezvous for us.' A secret palace for two guys in love.

It was furnished in student Ikea modern, with the queen bed dominating the 600 square feet. In addition to a desk and chair, there was a couch and a small dinette set. With a small kitchenette, and bathroom with shower, it was all that we needed. We went with the agent to see the landlady, filled out an application and paid a deposit plus one month's rent. We could occupy it starting tomorrow. I told the landlady that I was the restaurant manager in Millington and gave her my direct office telephone number for an emergency contact. She didn't ask any questions, and I didn't mention that I was an officer. Since we were renting in the summer, I assumed that she was probably happy to have extra revenue.

After dropping Dave downtown, I returned to the base. Lunch, while a non-event, was very busy. Around 1400, I returned to the office. Of the five messages, one read, "Mr. Davidson called. Please return his call at 529-4000, extension 1429."

I dialed the number. It was answered, "Good afternoon, the Peabody Hotel. How may I direct your call?"

"Room 1429, please."

Before the second ring, the phone was answered by a voice I easily recognized. "Hi, Babe," I replied.

"You know I'm going to fuck you silly in six hours," came this sultry, husky statement through my handset. "Meet me at our hotel suite."

"I'm ready." The line went dead and I hung up. 'Getting fucked?' I thought, 'is an adventure that should prove interesting.' I daydreamed for a few moments as I imagined what was going to happen this evening. Dave and I hadn't really discussed top and bottom roles and I had the feeling that this weekend would expose me to some new experiences. 'I hope Dave knows how to handle that big cock of his,' I concluded, 'because I'll need all the help I can get to take it.'

And he mentioned a suite? Dave was a man of more substance than I had first realized. Beneath the handsome, boy-next-door, 'aw, shucks' appearance was a man sophisticated beyond his almost 21 years. After the phone call, I was ready for happy hour to get underway at the club, and more...that The Peabody.

The opening bartender arrived and I reviewed his extra provisions for the evening. We always broke out additional glassware, beer pitchers, dice, and dice cups. I also had an arrangement for the Navy Exchange to send over a couple of hundred pounds of ice to get the late afternoon going every Friday.

At 1630 the kitchen staff set out the weekly freeola buffet of chicken wings, nachos, spicy meatballs, platters of cheeses, crudits, and salsa with tortilla chips for dipping. By 1730 the bar was crowded with around 100 officers of all ranks almost inhaling the free food and sucking up the drinks. At 50 cents for a draft and $1.00 for 'well' mixed drinks, this was a very popular hangout on Fridays.

Several senior officers used this time as a weekly after-work wind down for their junior staff, and I was constantly roving throughout the large bar and lounge greeting the men and making sure service was flowing. By the end of happy hour at 1900, the food had been replaced three times. I budgeted $500 per week for food and made sure that we never ran out of provisions for this crowd.

Seeing all was well, I split to the BOQ and changed into civvies. I had pre-packed my stuff for a fast getaway, and by 1915, I was on the road for my 'adventure' with gorgeous, bright, charming and sexy Dave. I was definitely falling head over heels for him. This was not going to be simply a lustful encounter - I was meeting my lover.

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