Castle Roland

In The Pool

by Jack Scribe, of Honored Memory


Chapter 14

Published: 8 Apr 14

Mike had dropped me off at AutoZone Park at 3rd and Union, thinking that I wanted to take a tour of this ballpark - home to the Memphis Redbirds. "I love baseball," I told him. "I want to check out this place, since I have some time to spare." Once he sped off to the north, I briskly walked over two blocks to the historic Peabody Hotel. This was where I was planning to stage our encounter and adventure tonight.

While walking through the stately lobby with the gigantic fountain in the center, I absorbed a timeless piece of old Southern history. The high, gold gilt ceilings with crystal chandeliers hanging in somber fashion and the massive marble columns offered an elegant accent without being 'prissy'. The columns set off the walnut-paneled walls and over-sized oil paintings.

I casually strolled up to the front desk and was immediately greeted with reserved formality by a meticulously groomed African American man dressed in a black suit. "Good Morning, Sir. Are you checking in?" He gave me a brief visual scan...all over.

"Actually, I'm inquiring about the availability of a room for tonight and the rates, Brandon," I replied, picking up his name from the brass nametag. I smiled at him with a give-me-some-slack look. I also started getting some good vibes on my gaydar.

A slight smile emerged as he said, "Well, Sir, we have different rates depending on the location and size of the room. By the way, your name is?"

"It's David Swenson. But Brandon, I wish you'd call me Dave." I wanted to establish a level playing field.

"Well, Dave. What did you have in mind for a room?"

"I'm not going to beat around the bush. I want to plan a very special night for my...ah boyfriend and me." I looked for a reaction. The only reaction I got was a bigger smile. "We're kinda new together and I wanna do something nice for him."

"Dave, this is your lucky day. Cupid has appointed me to help you." He reached across the counter and took my hand and firmly squeezed it. Releasing my hand, he continued, "The hotel business is one of peaks and valleys - the convention crowd checks in on Sunday and leaves on Thursday. I've got a lot of rooms that just sit empty on most weekends. Tonight is no exception."

"Could you cut me a good rate? I don't have a lot of money." 'A little white lie is acceptable in negotiations,' I thought, 'but I shouldn't mention anything about being in the Navy. That might open the door to a possible problem for Mike.'

"Alright, gimme the real skinny. Is this a one-time fling or is it for real? I gotta tell you, I'm going out on a limb for you. The last thing I need is for the manager to haul me into his office and read me the riot act because I rented a room to some guys who trashed the place." Brandon looked at me sternly.

"Oh, this is for real. I understand your concern. You don't know me. This is to be a very special night for someone I love very much," I replied with wide pleading eyes. 'No reason to add that the only thing trashed would be our bottoms.'

"Don't let me down. I will give you the weekend single room special of $89.00. And, because I understand your situation, you'll be upgraded to a junior suite. With a king bed and separate parlor." He gave me a small wink.

"How about garage parking fees."


"That's fantastic. I'll take it. And Brandon, don't worry. If you want to run a credit check on me, you'll find that I'm good for it." I gave him my VISA card and proceeded to fill out the registration card. I used the lake cabin address in Brainard rather than reveal my location at the base.

"A credit check won't be necessary. I trust you." He gave me two card keys to the room in a small card folder when he returned my VISA. He pointed to the room number and said, "This is where you will be staying."

"Thanks," I acknowledged, as I put the cards and folder in my pocket. "I need some help, Brandon. Where can I get flowers, a greeting card and some candles?"

"This guy must be really special?"

"Yeah, very." He gave me directions to a nearby Hallmark store and suggested I use the florist that was in the hotel.

"Do I get to meet this friend of yours?"

"Are you working tomorrow morning?"

He nodded 'yes' and replied, "Weekends are part of my schedule."

"Then, I'll introduce you to Mike then."

"Good luck."

I went up to the suite. 'Wow,' I thought as I walked around for a casual inspection, 'I don't know what they consider senior, but my junior suite is just right.' What they call a "parlor" in hotel speak was a very comfortable living room with a fireplace, couch, coffee table, large TV, CD/FM player, original art, and an executive writing desk with two chairs. The bedroom was more typical 'hotel' with the armoire hiding the TV and the mini-bar. After unpacking my dop kit in the head, I took out the spare khaki pants from my gym bag and hung them in the closet.

For the next hour I made a mad dash to accomplish my errands. At the Hallmark store I bought a hopelessly mushy card expressing my feelings and found the rest of the items on my list. The hotel florist shop had exactly the right final touch.

I got back around 1530. First, I placed a call to Mike from Mr. Davidson. Then, I called Merrill Lynch in Minneapolis and requested that they transfer $8,000.00 to my personal checking account so I could buy a car in the morning. I also contacted an insurance agent, recommended by Merrill Lynch, who would insure my auto once I purchased it. The agent would meet me tomorrow at the Ford dealership at 1100. Lastly, I contacted Room Service and arranged for tonight's delivery...mission accomplished.

The stage was set for our big adventure. Who said love wasn't sappy?


I didn't encounter much traffic coming into Memphis. The commuters were already home and it was too early for the weekend pass guys. After I pulled into the hotel entrance, the valet asked if I was a guest. I gambled and replied, "Yes. Swenson. Suite 1429."

Looking over his list, he confirmed the name. "Yes, Sir. Welcome to the Peabody."

"You can put it in a space for the night. I won't be going out 'til tomorrow." I left the keys in the ignition, got out of the car and politely nodded as I made my way to the lobby with the valet ticket in hand.

I found the elevator bank, got in an empty elevator pushed '14' and was quietly whisked up to the floor. I found 1429 at the end of the hall and knocked on the door. It was 1955 - 7:55 p.m.

The door slowly opened and I was suddenly looking at my new love in the flesh. "Hi, Mr. Davidson," I said, as I entered the darkened room, lighted only by votive candles...everywhere. He closed the door, and immediately attacked me with kisses. It was obvious the logical destination of his affection was secondary. His moist lips 'attacked' my eyes, ears, neck, forehead and nose. And his kisses were returned in like fashion. Pulling back, I saw that he was wearing only a white, terrycloth robe with the Peabody ducks logo on the breast pocket.

"Hi Mike. I've been waiting for you." With that, he took my bag from my hand, sat it on the floor and led me to the couch. I heard some light classical music in the background.

I looked around and briefly studied the flickering votive candles that had been placed around the room; they set an incredibly intimate atmosphere. On the coffee table was an iced wine bucket with a half-bottle of champagne, accompanied by two slender flute glasses. I also noticed an envelope addressed to me.

"First, babe, I think you should get comfortable before we sit down." He unbuttoned my short sleeve aloha shirt, removed it and laid it aside. Next, he unbuckled my belt and zipped down the fly of my Dockers. After untying and removing my shoes and socks, he slid down my pants and boxers. I stepped out of the puddled clothes and stood in all my naked, semi-hard glory. This was Dave's evening and I happily waited for him to move to the next level of the adventure.

He gave me another Peabody terrycloth robe. I put it on, and we sat down on the couch. "This is a symbol of equality," he whispered. I almost started tearing as I thought about the planning behind this. 'God, what an incredible man I've met and fallen in love with.'

"Can I offer you a glass of champagne?"

"Of course, Love." 'Gads, this sounds like a gay version of a Jane Austen scene,' I mused, 'but, soooo appropriate.'

He opened the bottle, without too much difficulty, and poured a small amount of champagne - Mumm's Cordon Rouge - into the two glasses. He poured in more champagne after the initial bubbly fizz had settled and handed me a glass.

"To us," he said with a smile, "and wherever this adventure takes us." We clinked the glasses in the traditional toast and sipped as we looked into each other's eyes.

"Dave, believe me, I'm ready to begin this adventure." I sat down the glass and lifted the envelope. Opening it, I drew out a card with a drawing of a single rose on the ivory-colored cover. Inside, squinting to light the card with the candles, I skipped over the printed Hallmark message and read his personal note:

"To the most important man in my life. Even though we just met, you are my friend, lover and inspiration always." It was signed "Your Mate, D."

"Thanks, Baby." I quietly sat down the card gave him a loving kiss, reserved for this very special person, which he tenderly returned.

Staring at each other intently, we raised our glasses for a silent toast and both drank the contents of the glasses. After returning the empty glasses to the coffee table, he pulled me up and led me to the bedroom, hand in hand.

Additional votive candles accented the bedroom. I noticed that there was a path of rose petals leading to the bed that had been turned down for the evening. On the pillow was one long-stemmed red rose. As we separated hands, Dave let his robe work loose and open. Slowly, he removed the robe and left it on the floor.

'Jesus, what a hot male beauty,' I thought as my eyes examined the body standing before me. He then untied my robe and gently removed it. My unrestrained cock immediately sprung to attention.

"Mike," he said in a low whisper, "I don't know what 'forever' means completely. But that's how long I want you to be in my life."

He moved towards me and embraced me tightly. My body received his warmness and our erections pressed against each other. "I love you," I whispered in his ear.

"Not as much as I love you."

Being smothered with kisses upon my arrival was just a hint of his capabilities. Dave started kissing me - from my mouth, to my chin, to my eyes, to my ear and to my throat. Every area became a special erogenous zone and this time, he didn't stop with my head. He continued down my body, stopping off at my nipples - he gently sucked each one to a wet hardness. He teased my light brown chest hair with his lips and teeth. Moving further, he slowly bent down and kissed the tip of my raging, leaking hard-on.

"Oh, man," was all I could mutter. My brain short-circuited.

He returned to a standing position, leaned in and kissed me with inflamed passion.

After returning his kiss, I whispered, "Let the games begin."

He gently guided me onto the bed. After we were both positioned on our sides, looking at each other, he offered me the rose...offered him my body.


I think I really got it right. Mike was really digging the entire atmosphere I had provided. When we got to the bedroom, I had to have him now. Mark him as my own. I was ready for lovemaking that I hoped would set a pattern for a long time to come. And it was going to be two guys together - making love - expressing our deepest feelings for each other.

Positioned on the bed, we looked into each other's eyes. Mike had placed the rose on the side table. Rotating his body so that he was now on his back, I raised myself and moved his legs further apart with my knees and brought his arms to rest above his body. I brought my face down to his crotch and slowly moved my head hair around his ball sack and region below.

He quietly moaned.

On my last pass-by, I brought my face back to his crotch and started sucking on his balls while teasing his scrotum with my teeth.

"Oh, Dave," he breathlessly replied. "Jeez..."

I then brought my tongue from his balls down, past the perineum and to the home of his precious target. While lapping up his musky, male flavors, I slowly moved my tongue in and out of his pucker. With each invasion, I probed further.

"Fuuuuuuuck!" Slowly, he grabbed his knees and raised them so I could have greater access to my destination.

Once I had stimulated him with my tongue, it was time to move to the next level. I grabbed a bottle of Wet from the side table and opened it. After applying generous amounts of lube to my hand and fingers, I started massaging his hole with one finger. He momentarily tightened his ass muscle. I slowly felt it relax after a bit.

"Babe, no one has ever been there," Mike said somewhat anxiously.

"I'll stop right now if you want. You okay with this?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. It's just my first time, so take your time. You're a pretty big guy down there." He smiled with a touch of concern.

"We've got all night and I promise I'll do it right." I had been successful in preparing Russ's virgin ass several years ago and I was determined to do the same for my lover. The term, 'size matters', took on a new meaning on this night.

"I trust you," he replied, as he glanced down at my crotch. "Whew," was all he added.

"If you feel like you can't take it, tell me and I'll stop immediately. This is all about mutually finding the act of love fulfilling." I leaned down and kissed him while I resumed my digital exploration. I added more lube to my second finger and rotated the two fingers around to stretch his very tight opening. Occasionally, I touched his prostate.

He squirmed and gasped with delight. "Fulfilling...and filling," Mike said with a small chuckle. "Fuck me slowly at first, Dave."

"Let me finish up the preliminaries, first." I added a third finger and felt him loosening up enough for me to take his virgin ass. I knew I'd still have to be careful. 'Even three fingers didn't approximate my girth,' I considered as the three fingers were inside to the second knuckle.

When I reached for a condom, Mike stopped me by taking the sealed package away from me. "What's wrong," I asked puzzled.

"Babe, I haven't had any sex for quite a while and I'm 100% negative. How about you?"

"Me, too. I've just been set free from a very long dry spell." 'Nothing I had done recently could be considered unsafe,' I reasoned.

"I want to feel only you inside me." With that, he tossed the package aside.

I lubed my rock hard erection and slowly entered his rectum at a snail's pace. I stopped when I saw his expression wince with pain. "Push a little for me, like you're taking a dump." After a while his face returned to its normal beauty and I felt his sphincter relax as I slowly entered him. I was just inside.

"I'm ready, Hon." He opened his eyes wider in anticipation and sheepishly grinned.

I slowly sunk into his fuck hole, using back and forth motions. Looking into his eyes, I saw no regrets. Expressions of anxiety were replaced by a wonder and contentment. The snail-like advancement of my dick finally brought me to the finish line - my pubes against his buns. I held still in his soft, hot interior and leaned up to kiss him. That rocking action pushed me a little deeper. After he returned the kiss, I passionately got to work with precision piston fashion.

"Uhh, urr, ah," he emitted. "Ohhh." These unintelligible sounds would repeat themselves many times in the future. I would come to know these special utterances as a nonsensical verbal seal of approval.

As I sped up my fucking, I reached up with my free lubricated hand and started jacking his neglected, hard, big veined dick.

Simultaneously, I felt his asshole door tighten, and saw his balls ascend into his body. "Uhh, uhhh, ohhh," he shouted as jism erupted from his enflamed cock, shooting everywhere on his body. This drove me over the edge.

"I'm cummmming!" I filled his cavity with a reservoir of semen I didn't know existed. After shooting the last of my load, I stopped any movement and leaned into Mike. I licked his face and chest as we both breathed heavily. I had definitely marked him mine. Reaching under a pillow, I retrieved a towel. I gently raised myself and brought the towel under Mike's butt as I pulled out.

"Buddy, I want you to force your bowels to open. All that stuff I shot into you needs to be expelled. No need to sleep on cum-stained sheets tonight." Still not saying anything, he complied. After that was accomplished, I wiped his body off and left the bed. "I'll be right back."

"I'm not going anywhere," he said quietly.

These were his first words since our fucking had begun in earnest.

I tossed the towel in a corner in the candle-lit bathroom and turned on water in the Jacuzzi-powered bathtub with gold fixtures. After regulating the temperature and arranging the other "props", I let the tub fill and returned to the bedroom.

"I can't imagine a more perfect first time for me." His face was glowing with contentment. "Thank you, Dave. I know I'll be tender tomorrow, but it was worth it."

"You're going to get a chance to repay me tomorrow night in our apartment," I said, getting on the bed with my knees. I leaned forward for a long, rewarding kiss.

"Wow, if there was ever any question about my love for you, you erased it tonight. That was...awesome, dude."

"The adventure continues. Follow me." I got up and pulled him off the bed. He smiled when we entered the bathroom. In addition to the candles, I had earlier placed more rose petals in the tub, along with a peach-scented bubble bath. On the ledge was another half-bottle of champagne that I had just opened and two more glasses. Turning off the water, I got into the tub and offered him my hands for support as he did the same.

"This is quite an ending." Mike said, as he sunk into the large tub, sitting cross-legged.

"Mike, this is the beginning to the best part of my young life so far." I slowly moved down into the water, facing him, sitting with my legs straddling his body. I reached over and poured the sparkling wine into the glasses. Offering him his glass, I lightly clinked our two glasses and said, "To us, Lover."

"To us."


As we toasted, my emotions started taking hold. 'This man is the real deal,' I thought, as a few tears of joy appeared. Not wanting him to see me cry and wanting to be closer, I slightly raised and turned so that I could sit with my back leaning into him. I rested the back of my head on his smooth chest and sat forward enough so that I wouldn't squash 'Davey'. 'Yeah,' I recalled with a chuckle, 'that's what he had called that beautiful penis that was resting between his legs.'

"What's funny?" He kissed the top of my head.

"I just remembered your nickname for your dick."

"Oh yeah 'Davey'. Didn't you give yours a name?" he asked while massaging my shoulders.

"Well, one of my friends starting calling it 'Oscar' when we were in gym class.


"As in Oscar Meyer," I replied. "I kinda had a big weenie in junior high."

"I hear you." Dave snickered and pinched my tits.

He must have turned on the Jacuzzi, because I felt pulsating jets of water erupt around me. It was a soothing sensation...especially around my bunghole. 'I'm sure that'll be a little sore in the morning,' as I felt his hands thoroughly work my body.

"Jeez, this feels terrific. Champagne, sex and a massage," I said as I closed my eyes. Suddenly his hands found their way to my crotch and I jumped a little.

"Stay still," he growled in a low commanding voice, embellished by love. He started stroking my once-again hard organ with one hand and squeezed my balls with the other. As he sped up the jacking, under water no less, I started getting tense.

"Many more strokes and you're going to pollute the waters with my cum."

"That's the idea. This is a night of pleasure. Our adventure."

And so I went with the flow. And flow it did. I shot another load underwater as the jacking and squeezing climaxed me. As the tension left me, I leaned back into my partner.

"Ready to get out of the tub?" Dave asked.

"No. But I'm ready to get you off." I raised myself and turned to Dave as I positioned myself on my knees. "Stand up," I lovingly ordered. As he stood up, I looked at the half-hard cock that had been up my chute earlier. Wiping away the soapsuds from his crotch with a cloth, I started licking his balls and now-stiffening dick. The mushroom head that had been a challenge entering me earlier was a delight in my mouth. Once in, I gave it a physical tongue-lashing.

"Turnabout fair play, big boy?" he said. I looked up to see him grinning in a dreamy fashion.

Winking, I set out to receive his entire, impressive erection. Relaxing my throat, I slowly took 'Davey' to its base - until my nose was tickled by his blond pubes. Getting use to this sensation, I started movement of my head. Simultaneously, Dave started to subtly fuck my face. He grabbed my shoulders and we moved in unison.

"Oh fuck Mike, I'm..." He never finished his comment. Hot torrents of his semen shot into my mouth. I withdrew a little, swallowed as fast as he came and savored his cum's flavor. I was obviously no connoisseur, but there was a sweetness, with just a touch of saltiness that I found intoxicating. With part of his softening cock still in my mouth I thought with amusement, 'What is this, a gay sexual version of a wine tasting?'

He withdrew and I stood up. We embraced and kissed as I shared a blend of my saliva and his cum.

"Thank you for everything, Mike." He looked in my eyes intently.

"Babe, you devised this adventure. I was just a very willing participant." I kissed him again.

We got out of the tub, opened the drain and took turns drying each other. We extinguished the candles and returned to the living room - butt naked. I poured two half-filled glasses of champagne for us and we toasted words were needed. After blowing out the candles, we retreated to the bedroom and repeated the fire prevention action. Except for a dim light at the window and distant noise of street traffic, it was dark and quiet. I took the palm of my hand and softly moved it from Dave's shoulders to the small of his back.

Without saying a word, we both got into bed. After pulling up the covers, we naturally snuggled in a spoon position with his chest to my back and 'Davey' in my ass crack. We drifted off to a satisfied sleep.

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