Castle Roland

On The Screen

by Jack Scribe, of Honored Memory


Chapter 26

Published: 8 Apr 14

Summer Roommates

by Jack Scribe


The week at Gull Lake was sheer heaven. Russ and Trev, the Chicago guys, were super to talk with because they treated us as one of the guys. One afternoon, Justin spent time with Russ and sought out advice concerning plans for a medical career and the educational goals to be successful - he left the meeting stoked about the possibility of two of us attending UCLA.

Between skiing, swimming and hiking - hiking to our favorite spot - we were tired campers by the time each evening arrived. On Wednesday we had separate, one-on-one father and son talks. Doug pulled me aside; Dave did the same thing with Justin. Since my cuz had given me an abbreviated rundown of his conversation with Dave in the car when they had driven up to the cabin, I wasn't at all surprised at the topic.

"Brent and I sense that there's something beyond friendship developing between Justin and you," Doug said. He had asked me to join him on the bench at the end of the dock.

"Um, yeah, Dad. I think he's pretty special - and he really rocks me, if you know what I mean?" I answered, with a small grin as I looked down at the planks of the dock.

"Yes, I understand the concept." Doug slowly brought his arm up and rested it on my shoulder. I shivered briefly and rested my head on his strong, safe chest. "I guess you've checked out his kissing techniques?"

"After Jus and I officially came out, we checked out each other's," I said with a nervous snicker. I was proud to share this with an adult I trusted.

"Checked out each other's...kisses?" Doug asked.

"That, and, err, you know, ah..."

"Yeah, I me."

I snuggled in closer and looked out at the quiet, dark lake. After a few silent moments, I told Doug the rest of the details of our first, intimate meeting in the forest. I admitted that we had not gone beyond masturbation and touching each other.

"Sounds pretty romantic," he said, after digesting what I described. "Both Brent and I think that you couldn't find a better special friend than Justin. I'm not going to rag on you about being 15 and too young. You guys will both be 16 in August and have bodies - plus all that implies - that function like an adult's system. I won't go into the unfairness of just is."

"Yeah, we got that one figured out," I said. I tried hard not to snicker, but wasn't successful - the cover-up only made matters worse.

After a pause, Doug squeezed my shoulder again and joined in my laugher. Like Dave had done with Justin, my dads had been very frank in discussions concerning sex between two consenting males. Brent had earlier mused about the double standards between guys and gals. He said, hypothetically, that if I were a young woman, they would be concerned about my chastity and virginity until the right husband came into the picture. One promise I had made shortly after I moved into our home was not to be promiscuous with anyone older than me until I was 18.

"Okay, serious time. First, Dave, Brent and I have agreed upon sleeping arrangements for the rest of the vacation. Dave's going to sleep in the living room so Justin and you can share the bedroom."

I was almost breathless with excitement. Doug pulled away and gently took my head in his hand and we turned so that our eyes were in contact.

"What you guys do behind the privacy of the door is between you two. Are you ready to emotionally explore further steps?" Doug asked.

"Yes, Sir," I answered sincerely. "Justin and I have talked about that."

"Two things. Your dads would prefer that if and when you want to go beyond oral, we have a family conference. And I emphasize if because of the rather traumatic experience you had last winter. You know, many gay men have great relationships without having anal sex. Have you told Justin about the circumstances of how we all met?"

"Not yet. This is something that I need to tell him."

"Bry, I recommend you take the time this week. Brent and I love you very much and want you to have a great experience loving another man as it is meant to be."

I felt happy tears trickling down my cheek as he tenderly kissed me as a caring father. A mentor. A guardian.

"But only if you want to. As I said, many gay partners have a loving relationship without making love anally."

"I'd like to put what happened to me aside and figure out how to make love that way," I said in a tentative manner.

"If and when that happens, you've got Brent and me to give you the various techniques on how to make it a mind-blowing moment. Also a rundown about the stuff you'll need...lube and condoms...and safety issues. Dave and Mike will do the same for Justin. It's a giant step and we only want the best for you guys." Doug leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

"I love you, Dad. Thanks for caring."

"Caring is just part of the equation, Son. We love you and want you to experience life to it's fullest...safely." Doug pulled me into his arms and we hugged until all the emotion of the conversation found a comfortable home in my mind.

That night Justin and I agreed to take the next step. In the privacy of the bedroom, we began orally satisfying each other after touching, stroking, nibbling and licking everywhere. I jokingly reminded him to watch the teeth and more seriously suggested that he only take as much of me as he could comfortably handle. He confidently took a third of my hard cock and, while fondling my balls, brought me to new heights of an orgasm.

When it was my turn to pleasure Justin, I tried some of the deep-throating techniques that I had read about and discussed with Doug. It worked, and my Justin was anxious to learn. I was a good teacher. By the time we moved around into a comfortable 69 position, Justin successfully engulfed my entire dick and only gagged once. His second try was a success when he nudged his nose into my pubes.

The adults said nothing the next morning. But the shit-eating grins and glowing blush on our faces were a dead giveaway that our friendship had reached a new plateau. Russ and Trev were out in the boat when Uncle Dave suggested we have a short family meeting. 'Oh, oh,' I thought. 'Justin and I did something wrong.'

We were both very relieved when Brent told me that, if I was agreeable, he and Doug would like me to consider spending the summer with the San Diego guys and accept a part-time job at Mike's new restaurant. Dave said that we could room together and he could take us to work. At night, we would return with Uncle Mike.

My dads were concerned that the new film they were working on together was going to eat into any hours we might have together as a family. Because of Brent's schedule restraints, it had been agreed contractually that the film production would be on a six-day-a-week schedule to complete his scenes by the end of August so he could focus on the new school year. Brent called it a win-win situation - they would be able to concentrate on work and I'd be able to concentrate on Justin...but not exactly in those words.

To say that Justin and I were excited about the possibility of being together was an understatement. We both got up and exchanged hugs with Dave, Doug and Brent. Together, we yelled, "Yes" and high-five'd everyone.

The evening before we left Gull Lake, I sat on the bed that we used cross-legged and asked Justin to join me for a conversation. I was wearing a tee and sweatpants and Justin got the message that talking, indeed, was the primary mission. He scrambled onto the bed and mirrored my position. As we held hands I nervously told him the way that Doug and Brent had come into my life and spared no details about the ugly ordeal with my real dad.

Justin scooted closer and leaned in to embrace me tightly as his lips found mine. After a warm series of tender kisses, he told me that he would respect whatever I wanted to do when we made love...down the road. At that point, any deep-seated guilt that was buried rushed forward as I started sobbing uncontrollably in Justin's arms. Moments later, I dried up, wiped my tear-moistened face and smiled at my pillar of strength.

"Better?" Justin asked.

"More than better," I replied, moving around so that my emotionally cleansed body could lie next to his. That night Justin and I experienced what Dave had described when two people slowly touch and hold each other. Before drifting off, we decided that, upon turning 16 in August, we would definitely be ready for the next defining step in our physical relationship.

"I need two coffees and one cappuccino on table 12, pronto," one of the servers yelled to me as I was balancing an armful of dirty plates and silver on the way back to the kitchen.

"Behind you," someone said as I rounded a corner and walked through the service station on my way to the dishwashing area. I recognized the voice to be Justin and smiled as I allowed him to pass with a tray of hot food.

"Behind you is what I have in mind, later," I quietly growled as he passed.

"In your dreams, bad boy," Justin barked back with a big smile.

I was thrilled at the series of events that landed me in San Diego for the summer, rooming with Justin and working at El Padre, Uncle Mike's new restaurant on this warm July evening.

Tuesday through Saturday, Dave dropped us off at the restaurant. He was taking summer school courses only in the morning and used the afternoon for study, errands and chauffeuring. He was intent on having enough credits to officially be a member of the junior class at UCSD in the fall.

I racked the dirty glasses, tossed the silverware in a soaking tub, and stacked the scraped plates. The reality of having to hustle in this busy, new restaurant was accented by another server calling for a busboy to clear the table. At El Padre, the servers were equally divided between men and women and the mostly college students were a very handsome group. Although the corporate office would deny it, you had to be pretty hot looking to work in a Connor restaurant.

Before dinner, along with the service staff, Justin and I would polish all the clean silver, glassware and china of streaks and spots left by the dishwashing machine. During the staff meal, Mike or one of the other managers would hold a pre-dinner briefing with a few service training pointers, review the evening specials and discuss any large or VIP parties that needed attention. We were then ready for another busy evening after a final inspection of the dining room by the duty manager.

Justin and I made several friends with the staff and enjoyed the routine. 'Heck,' I reasoned, 'we're eager, friendly young guys who work hard and have managed to fit in with the crew'. It was neat to have acquired several surrogate big brothers and sisters.

Away from the restaurant, we were at the beach, playing some pick-up basketball in the park, swimming in the Balboa Park pool, hanging at the mall or doing house chores. Justin and I were also studying the state drivers license manual. The final goal of the summer was to get a driver's learning permit so that Dave or Mike could let us practice driving on less-traveled roads when we turned 16. It was understood that we would be taking driver's education at our schools in the fall.


"Okay, guys. Get some rest," I said yawning, as we entered the house around midnight. It had been a very busy Friday night.

"Good night, Unc," Bryan replied, before he kissed me on the cheek.

"Night, Dad."

Justin's over six-foot height fit very nicely for a departing hug. 'Growing like a weed took on personal meaning,' I thought. They were both filling out and now bordered on young hunk status.

As they bounded effortlessly up the stairs, I smiled at the thought of the pitter-patter of little feet and the original meaning to young parents. In our case, the 'little feet' were size 10 shoes with Bryan and a larger 11 with Justin. Dave and I were double lucky with these fine young men. Aside from a few teen upsets, our son and our nephew were loving, intelligent, upbeat guys who fit into our unusual family circle. They could also be forgetful, a little messy in their room and occasionally would ignore conventional table manners.

Summer 1998 was crazy with opening and managing a popular new restaurant while sharing the parental responsibilities with Dave. Other than a telephone call nightly to Bryan and an occasional Sunday visit, Brent and Doug relied on us to look after their young charge while their professional lives were pressed to the fullest until the end of August. Dave and I loved it.

Mom was more than pleased and laughed at the irony when I had informed her in May that she was now officially a grandmother - she had written off that possibility with both Rick and myself. Sis was delighted with the news and confidentially told me that bringing Justin into the family had taken pressure off her to produce our next generation. Mom would be visiting for the holidays; she accepted our Christmas invitation - Dave's Uncle Trey and Aunt Betty had, also.

After checking the mail while enjoying a glass of chilled chardonnay, I quietly went upstairs. I ignored the rustling of bed noises and low, punctuated voices coming from the guys' room and went into our master bedroom. There, with an open textbook lying on his chest, was a sleeping, brief-clad Dave. Quietly I removed all my clothing, shoes and socks before hitting the head for brushing and a pee.

Dave looked so peaceful and hot when I returned to our bed. At 24, my man still kept in shape and had not lost his body tone. He worked out at the gym in Hillcrest and swam at the UCSD pool almost daily. On the other hand, my lack of activity and all the food and wine sampling had started to show expanding results a little around my midsection. We agreed to accelerate the construction of a pool so that I could return to my routine. As soon as the cottage construction was completed in late August, work would begin on a 50' one-lane lap pool and Jacuzzi.

I gently removed his book, marked the page and set it aside before joining him in bed. I couldn't resist lightly touching his cotton-covered, resting dick that looked delicious in its dormant state, naturally stretching over his groin. His penis started awakening as I moved my hand back and forth, and Dave started rotating his hips to facilitate a more aggressive approach. His eyes were still closed but I noticed a wet spot on the cotton material that covered the tip of his now very hard cock.

"Ahhh, my prince" Dave uttered as his grinding on my hand became more pronounced. I leaned over and started nibbling on his pecs and nips. He smiled as he opened one eye.

"Hey, I couldn't resist," I mumbled. I moved up to his face and kissed his eyes.

"Just don't turn me into a princess," he replied with a chuckle. "I was hoping you'd wake me up. Neither of us have to get up early and Justin can take care of everything for Bryan."

"In more ways than one," I said. We both laughed before seeking each other's lips. Smash mouth, kissy face, lip lock: whatever slang you used, it was all very relevant to our actions. Tonight I was the aggressor and Dave willingly took my advances as our tongues dueled. I was aware, in the heat of our initial kissing, that Dave was pulling down his briefs. I left his mouth for a moment and grabbed the elastic of his CK's. He lifted his butt and I rapidly made history of his pecker-tracked underwear. We would find the briefs somewhere on the carpet tomorrow morning.

"I come home, completely beat after a busy night - but after spending a few moments with you, my body and mind come to life," I whispered in his ear while I slowly started humping his leg.

"I suppose that it has nothing to do with being a horny 26 year old stud who's in love with this guy from Minnesota?" Dave asked. He brought his free hand around and caressed my buns. His fingers lingered at my chute and started slow, rotating motions.

"Guilty as charged. I love you so much," I said as I rolled over on my back. Without missing a beat, Dave moved over so that he was now staring down into my wide eyes. His fingers never left their position as he planted his knees between my legs.

"Let me show you how much I love you." After a hungry peck on my lips, Dave's mouth assaulted every part of my body as he moved south. When he placed his musky, moist, massage finger next to my mouth, I eagerly took it and wetted it more. Dave brought it back to its original location. I squirmed a little in anticipation of the saliva-prepped finger finding entry in my back did.

"Oh, fuck...ah...I'm ready," I moaned. He expertly took my cock in his mouth while his finger boldly slipped beyond my anus's muscle ring. He knew exactly where to find my hard nut and subtly massaged it. As I shuddered at contact, he took his mouth off my dripping cock and moved down to the perineum and beyond. "Yeah...urghh...shit, babe." He replaced his finger with his hard, dart-formed tongue. I raised my legs and stabilized them as he dipped in further.

"Hmmm," was a sound that he reverberated as his tongue played with my senses. The vibration, along with the expert rimming, brought me to new heights.

"Ah...get lubed, Dave. I want you in me," I yelled as I twitched my asshole. Without missing a beat, he found the lube and generously coated each of our cocks.

"We're both ready." He positioned his slick, hard cock at my hole and slowly pushed in. He stopped a couple of times so I could adjust. However, after three glorious years we were both used to the sensation of a friendly, caring cock up our ass.

When he bottomed out, I felt his trimmed pubes brushing against my bottom. I eased my legs down to his shoulders as Dave started a calculated pumping action. Knowing my energy was on emergency battery, I started jacking to keep pace with my hot, horny partner. He knew that this love fest needed to be short. We both pounded away for several minutes.

"Kee-rist, umm...shit...I'm cumming," I barked out as Dave was slamming home.

"Me too, champ." As if being conducted in the concluding score of a symphony, I started shooting when I felt his warm cum shooting into me. It was a powerful crescendo.


The waning days of summer brought together several loose ends concerning the lives in our rainbow household.

Through the help of Tom Connor and his dad, both alumni of The Bishop School, Justin's application for admittance was speedily accepted. It obviously didn't hurt that his grade point average from Shattuck-St. Mary's was hovering just under a 3.8. As a bonus, Mr. Connor identified a small scholarship from the Salk Institute in La Jolla that was available to scholarly students who expressed an interest in medicine.

With school for Justin beginning on Wednesday, September 2, and Bryan's school starting classes in L.A. the Tuesday after the holiday, it was decided that the guys would finish their restaurant jobs the weekend before Labor Day. Brent's film shooting schedule had been completed, and he would be coming down with Doug for the long weekend. After a few days of rest and a combined belated birthday party for our sons, the L.A. contingent would return home Labor Day morning.

Another first - it was planned that Brent and Doug would be the first guests in the new cottage. Plenty of lead-time had allowed the interior designer to order materials, equipment and furnishings and installation was scheduled for the last week of August. 'I'll believe that when I see it,' I thought as I remembered some of our friends fretting about contractors missing completion dates. However, I was the ever-present optimist - it would happen...on time.

The week before had been our promised advanced dad talk to the guys about taking the next step - details, techniques and safety. True to their word, Bryan, whose birthday was on the 22nd, was waiting for Justin's birthday three days later before they explored the last frontier - at least in their minds. When we told the guys that we were going to have a family meeting after breakfast, everyone knew what the topic was.

The boys cleared away the dishes and wiped down the kitchen table before Mike produced a paper sack and a couple of bananas.

"Hey, Dad," Justin said with a laugh, "I thought we'd finished breakfast."

"Listen to the comedian," Mike joked. "It was either going to be a cucumber or a banana. I settled on demonstrating this morning's lecture with a simulated, hard, yellow penis." Everyone joined in the levity of the moment.

"Professor Mike is very well acquainted with a cucumber," I added with a chortle, "but the banana will do just fine." This broke up the group again. Mike smiled at my knowing grin.

"Seriously, guys. Today, Dave and I are going to discuss anal sex between men so that you'll understand this approach to express love. Love is the operative word."

"With the banana?" Bryan asked slyly. This brought snickers from Justin. "Okay, Uncle Mike, I'm sorry." Bryan smiled and batted his large puppy-dog eyes.

"You two are a committed couple, right?" I asked.

The two younger guys nodded.

"And neither of you have had sex with someone else?"

"Daaaad," Justin whined.

"We know," I replied. "Mike's point is that as long as that is the case, using condoms is not necessary. However, we wanted you guys to know how to use them just in case. In this AIDS-dominated society, safety is a must."

"In fact, if and when you try anal sex, we'd both recommend that you experience it first with protection," Mike added. The guys became silent, knowing that this was truly a serious moment. "Remember our safe sex discussion?"

The guys nodded again.

"There can absolutely be no compromise if either of you wander. You're both going to have temptations this fall while you're away from each other. You are both very handsome, young guys that many others are going to find appealing."

"We've talked about this, Uncle Mike. Both of us have promised not to even think about doing it with someone else."

Justin silently agreed with his cousin.

Without further comment, Mike pulled out Trojan condoms and a bottle of Wet from the sack. For the next ten minutes, we demonstrated the easiest ways to open a condom package and how to best put on protection. Each young man practiced with the bananas until they were satisfied with the results.

Next, I discussed the anatomy of the male and, specifically, the prostate. After running through the size and location, Mike described the way the prostate worked with the testicles, mixing sperm with the fluids to produce semen.

"The joy of being pleasured by your partner through the anal region depends on his understanding the function and location of the prostate, guys. Stimulating the prostate, either with the partner's fingers or hard penis, can create a terrific orgasm without the other partner touching his penis," Mike said in a clinical manner.

"Wow," Bryan remarked. "I read about that but didn't really understand how it worked."

Both he and Justin were fascinated.

"Maybe you two can re-read the book that Bryan has, afterwards," I suggested. Mike and I knew that Bryan had brought his "Joy of Gay Sex" with him.

"I think there are several parts I want to check out again," Justin said, as a matter of fact.

"Let's discuss the way to get yourself and your partner ready for a pleasurable experience," Mike, suggested. "We strongly suggest anal stretching exercises, solo or together that can be performed to make that area more pliable."

"That area is very pliable but it takes time and patience," I added. For the next ten minutes Mike and I very frankly ran through the one-two-three finger anal massage techniques. I noticed Bryan grimace when I recommended that it was realistic to get comfortable with a three-finger insertion. Mike briefly mentioned rimming but suggested that we save that for another discussion.

"Guys, don't rush into anything you aren't comfortable with," Mike concluded. "I'll be quite candid and tell you guys that I really wasn't into being the bottom guy until Dave showed me how marvelous it can be." He grabbed my hand, smiled and winked.

"I guess I don't have to add that what we've discussed is confidential, for-your-ears-only stuff?" I added.

"No problem about that," Justin said in a solemn tone. "Thanks for giving us the scoop - Bryan and I are very fortunate to have adults who will take the time to teach us."

Justin and Bryan stood up and walked around to our side of the table. Mike and I stood and received their hugs and love.

"You two are the best," Bryan said, as his eyes started moistening, "along with my dads, of course."

"You've got four of us in your corner, kiddo." I replied. "Gay or straight, we all agreed that it is important that everyone your age have the proper information. As young, gay men, it's vital that you are aware of your choices."

"Because this is something that won't be discussed in your school's sex ed class," Mike added. "I'm sure you guys are aware that we've had several long conversations with Brent and Doug. They gave us official permission, Bryan, to include you in these discussions."

"I'll thank them when they come down next weekend," Bryan replied earnestly.

"I know they'll appreciate that." Mike kissed the young man on the cheek.

"Well, guys," I said, looking deadpan at the table, "anyone want some banana pudding for lunch?"

"Ewww," came a chorus of all the guys, before a gale of laughter.

'Yeah,' I thought, 'Mike and I got it right.'

Brent and Doug had arrived for the Labor Day weekend Friday evening.

"Banana pudding?" Brent asked, with a laugh.

The Fab Four were sitting around the patio table on this quiet Saturday afternoon - our sons were at the park for a pick-up basketball game.

"It seemed to be the right way to end, and lighten up, the meeting," I replied.

"Thanks for including Bryan in these session," Doug said. "We both know that, at their age, Jus and Bry will probably grow out of this special relationship. Who knows? But, with your help, they have a good foundation for whatever lies ahead."

"These guys have been coming to us when they have questions," Mike added. "They know...except for what we do in private...that no subject is off limits. It's pretty cool that they're not embarrassed to talk over things that puzzle them."

"The same openness applies in L.A.," Doug replied.

"Man, if I could have had that relationship at that point in my life..." Brent said as he let the comment drift for a moment. "Hey, changing subjects, Doug and I are really impressed with the cottage you built. Very comfy." Brent turned on his smile and took a sip of his beer.

"Almost like a cottage at the Bel-Air," added Doug.

"Now that our best friends are a movie star and a film director, we needed to upgrade," I said with a grin.

"Fuck that star crap," Brent replied, in a light-hearted manner. "The acting is just paying the bills until I get out of law school. Then maybe you and I can chase ambulances together?"

"Not unless you relocate to San Diego or Mike gets a job in La La Land that's so fantastic he'd be crazy not to move," Dave replied. "But consider this your private escape home whenever ya want. By Thanksgiving we'll have the lap pool finished." Mike and I were pleased that the cottage, along with the stucco wall that the previous owners had constructed, now gave us complete privacy from the street and neighbors.

"I'm taking reservations now," I added. "Mike's gotta work at the restaurant for Thanksgiving and I know that Justin would love the company. I'm just going to be a restaurant widow with no place to go." I put on a mock expression of sadness before turning on a grin.

Brent looked at Doug for a moment before they nodded.

"Guys, you got a deal," Brent said. "Who'd of thought, even a year ago, that we'd be sitting here making plans with our teenage sons?"

"And watching them take the final steps into manhood," Doug added. "Guys, thanks for helping us with Bryan this summer. We can tell that he got some pretty terrific parenting from his uncles."

"Both of our boys have grown in height and maturity," I replied.


Bry and I spent the Labor Day weekend together, sharing our last moments for a while. Since the family meeting we earnestly moved to the final frontier as Mike referred to it. For the next week we curiously probed, massaged and stretched each other's hole in the evenings with spit and lube. Bryan resisted anything more than one finger, while I was able to take his three to the second knuckle by the end of the week.

Finally, the evening before Brent and Doug were to arrive, I decided that I was ready for more than fingers. I told Bry that tonight was the night for me. He was a little sad when he confirmed my suspicions that he didn't want to bottom...yet.

"That's cool," I said, "because I want you in me, buddy. If that's not the way you like it, it's not a biggie...and I'm not referring to that monster swinging between your legs." I grinned, winked and squeezed his shoulder.

"Yeah...I don't think either of us needs to be embarrassed about our size," Bryan replied.

He returned the smile, kissed me everywhere and proceeded to pleasure me with his hard cock after proper preparation and intense foreplay. Condom - tearing the package with his teeth - and lube...doing what they were meant to do. He passed with flying colors...again, and again...that weekend before he returned to L.A. with his dads.

I had a few introductory classes at The Bishop's School before Labor Day weekend. Transferring in from another school was never easy, but the admin department helped get me acquainted. I was assigned a brother from the junior class who was compatible with my educational and athletic goals - it turned out that Alan Estes and I were both Salk scholarship winners and he was on the varsity swim team.

The swim team was starting practice the first Tuesday after Labor Day, with open try-outs for the team at 6:00 p.m. - in front of the coach after the team went home. I showed up, along with three others from the sophomore class. After stretching, we all jumped in and completed 10 laps to loosen our muscles. By the time we were ready for clocked times, I flew in freestyle and butterfly...well enough to be invited to be part of the team. 'My workouts at the pool in Balboa Park paid off,' I thought, as I humbly accepted compliments from the coach.

My new friend, Alan, was delighted that we'd be teammates when he saw the posting of the varsity swim team on the bulletin board the next day. At lunch hour, I joined him with the rest of the team in the cafeteria. Although most were a little standoffish towards me when we first sat down, the guys were all laughing and joking by the time we finished dessert. 'This is going to be a great year,' I thought, as Alan and I walked to class.

I picked up some attitude from a few of the classmates, who thought that my home in University Heights couldn't measure up to their status, living in La Jolla or Rancho fucking Santa Fe. But they were a minority. Most of the kids in my class were smart, talented and funny. In class, my academic discipline from Shattuck-St. Mary's allowed me to excel and after a while even the school snobs gave me some slack.

The swim team practice was two hours of daily hard work in the afternoon and the coaches pushed us to our full potential. Alan and his best friend Kevin McCarthy rooted for me constantly. By mid-fall, we had become a tight threesome. Like my dads, Alan and Kevin's parents decided that they would not get to drive unsupervised until after completing the driver's education course in the spring. So, between biking, the bus, and sharing rides with the 'rents, we got around to the movies, hanging at the mall and some house parties that the other kids threw.

In late October, I had said goodnight to Alan and Kevin after practice and left the empty locker room to wait for Dave to pick me up. Halfway up the stairs to the lobby of the pool pavilion, I remembered leaving a textbook in my locker. I returned to the team locker room and was startled to hear moaning coming from one of the locker bays. Quietly, I walked back past my locker to the general area from where the sound was coming. The moaning became loader. 'These aren't moans of pain,' I thought as I quietly approached the area from where the sounds were emanating.

I rounded the corner and stopped suddenly at the image of my buddy Alan, on his knees and with his head planted in Kevin's crotch - Alan was giving our teammate and friend a blowjob. Kevin's eyes were closed and his moans were becoming more pronounced as he started fucking Alan's face. I was mesmerized at the sight of these two hot athletes getting it on. Quietly, I started to back away and disappear when Kevin's eyes opened long enough to see me. An expression of horror rapidly crept over his face as he stopped his gyrations and clamped his hands tightly on Alan's head.

"Hey, babe, what's wrong?" Alan asked, after withdrawing from a very long, hard, wet cock.

"Uhhh," was all Kevin could utter, as he stared at me and nodded for Alan to look. Alan turned and his saliva-dripping mouth dropped open further as his eyes widened.

"Shit. Ah, Justin, what are you doing here?" Alan asked, desperately, as he stood up. He tried to hide his woodie with his hands.

"I came back for a book I forgot," I replied with a steady tone. I could feel my dick getting hard from this hot sight. 'Man, if I wasn't committed to Bryan,' I thought, looking at Kevin's saliva-slicked tool, 'I wouldn't mind having some of that.'

"It...this isn't what it looks like." Kevin's hard cock was rapidly deflating to its usual state. He hastily grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his middle.

"Listen, guys...maybe you should get dressed so we can talk?" I maintained a reasonable, neutral image. 'Let's see if I can cool things,' I thought, 'and get these guys to chill.'

"You gonna tell what you saw?" Kevin asked with increased panic.

"No, absolutely not. You guys are my best friends. Right?"

"For sure," Alan said, becoming less tense. His expression slowly relaxed from an oh, fuck look of guilt to a mask of uncertainty.

"Then, don't worry. You guys get dressed and I'll meet you in the lobby. Okay?" I figured I needed to get lost for a few minutes so my friends could re-group. "I'm gonna get my book."

"Yeah. Okay, give us five," Alan answered with a little more confidence. I went to my locker, grabbed the book and went upstairs. I saw Dave's Mustang and ran out to tell him I needed a few minutes to discuss something with my friends. He had no problem and I returned to the lobby. In less than five minutes, the two guys were reluctantly coming up the stairs.

"What are you going to do?" asked Kevin, meekly.

"Let's just clear the air. For the record, I come from a very gay-friendly home. What you guys were doing is not my concern."

"Err, um, we're not gay, you know," Alan answered, but not convincingly.

Kevin just looked at the floor.

"Hey, Alan, cut the bullshit. Having a guy's dick in your mouth looks pretty gay, no matter how you slice it. By the way, Kevin, nice dick," I said with a chuckle. That drew a shocked response from both. "I told you we're friends and I'm not going to say anything to anyone. Nada. Just come clean. Okay?" They looked at each other and Alan decided to be the spokesman.

"We like each other...a lot. Kevin and I have been boy friends for over a year." Alan looked relieved to let this out.

Kevin nervously smiled and put his hand on Alan's shoulder.

"I guess we need to be more careful, Jus. We don't have many opportunities to get together alone. But this is the real deal for us. You promise you're not going to say anyone?" Kevin asked, almost pleading.

"I guess it's show and tell time for me, guys," I said. "I've got a boy friend in L.A. and I guess I feel kinda good that I'm not the only gay guy on the swim team."

"Dude," Alan said with a big grin, "fuckin' unreal."

Spontaneously, they both walked up to me and we had a three-way hug.

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