Castle Roland

Somerset Farm

by Jamie Haze

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Chapter 8

Published: 27 Nov 14


Jamie Haze

"Holy fucking shit!" Doug howled, when the canoe got close enough to Doug and Buck for them to grab it and stop it. He giggled, looking down on them standing in waist deep water, Buck's waist, not Doug's. Doug's cock was floating on the surface like a spent torpedo, while Marc could just see Buck's as it appeared to be struggling to the surface for air. "That was absolutely a fantastic fuck scene. I wish I could have gotten closer, but the ass hole doing the paddling wouldn't let me. He didn't want to disturb you two love birds." He frowned at his camera, and patted it affectionately. "I committed the cardinal sin of photographers, I ran out of fucking film, but who knew? I think I got some good ones anyway." He looked back at Paul who was just smiling and looking at the three younger guys. "I also couldn't get you at a very good angle. I wanted more profile, but fuck face wouldn't budge." He looked down at Buck and grinned. "If you aren't doing anything tomorrow, if you want to, paddle on over and spend the day. You can get rid of those silly tan lines, and you and Doug can fuck around some more, and I could get some shots suitable for framing." He giggled at the thought then extended it. "You both could give one to your parents as Christmas gifts."

Doug frowned seriously at the idea, but Buck giggled and nodded. Then he stopped and looked hopeful at each of them before he asked, "How about now?" He frowned at Doug, then put on a beaten puppy look. "I can't go home now, Doug threw my bathing suit in the drink. Could I borrow one of yours?"

A small evil smile escaped him when Doug exploded. "ME! I threw your suit overboard? No way, cock sucker, you did it yourself."

Buck shrugged, "Whatever, it's gone, so I can't go home until after dark at least. You certainly wouldn't abandon me out here in the middle of nowhere would you? The mosquitoes will eat me alive at sundown."

Doug grinned at Buck, "Well that's just fucking tough shit isn't it? You tossed your suit intentionally didn't you?" He demanded, then got a hand on the back of Buck's neck and slowly squeezed it with his thumb and index finger until Buck winced. "If you come back with us, the bugs might have to go hungry tonight, because we won't leave anything in you for them to suck." Doug warned, and let him go.

Buck giggled, "Is that a yes?" He asked enthusiastically while throwing his arms around Doug's neck and kissing him with exaggerated tongue, so the guys in the boat could see it entering Doug's mouth. He pulled back and smiled sweetly. "I guess being abused by you three big strong guys is a sacrifice I'll have to make if I want to borrow a suit from you."

"Goddamn," Paul mumbled, "talk about whore hounds. Just make that two guys, I'm not a cradle robber, but thanks."

The three younger boys giggled, and then Marc grinned at his brother. "You know we're still young and hot, while you're old and almost over the hill. You can't even come more than three or four times in one day anymore. That's sad, really sad."

"If you keep running your mouth, the mosquitoes are going to get all of us. Just put that fucking camera down and grab that paddle, or they won't need to bite you to get at your blood." Paul said with a slight grin and a raised eyebrow.

"OOPS!" Marc grinned and looked down at the guys in the water. "Just so you know, it is possible to piss the old guy off if you push him too far. I think I'll do some paddling now." He gently placed his camera propped against the center seat, then helped Paul move the boat out from shore with practiced ease.

Doug started scanning the water's surface. Buck watched him. "What are you looking for?"

"My paddle remember?" Doug pointed, "There it is, I'll get it." He bent his body and disappeared under the water. He surfaced twenty feet further out, and started swimming easily toward the lost paddle. All of a sudden he noticed Buck alongside him, then was past him.

Buck rolled and switched strokes so he could see Doug treading water behind him. "I'll race you for it!" He called to Doug, then, "And the loser gets fucked! Ready, set, go!" he added in less than two seconds, before he rolled again and started doing a serious breaststroke.

"Why you little..." Doug started to complain. He was going to mention that the start was something less than sportsmen like. Then he decided to catch up to Buck first, before he decided whether he wanted win and be on top again, or just barely lose, so he could watch the tireless little body mount him and Buck could be rid of the last bit of his bothersome virginity. He stretched out and began moving. He was surprised that he didn't overhaul Buck as quickly as he thought. In the end, when Buck grabbed the errant paddle first, it was only because he didn't stretch his arm out for it far enough. They bobbed together, holding the paddle.

Doug spit. "Shit Buck, you're pretty fast, very fast. How come you haven't joined the team?" He grinned, "If you had, you could have seen what's hidden by spandex a lot sooner than today."

Buck nodded and giggled. "That would have been the problem. I always got hard just sitting in the bleachers watching you. If I ever got in the locker room to see you, and I was on the team and naked too, ZOOM!" His arm and fist flew straight up out of the water, "Instant hard on time."

"What about now? I know you'd do well, you just gave me a race. You could probably go varsity your first year. Half the team right now couldn't beat you, and with some practice, well, you'd go from nerd to jock in a heart beat."

"Maybe I will." Buck was sold on the idea, when he looked at Doug wading the last few feet to the beached kayak, then down at himself. He was more or less flaccid, and he didn't even need to be, since there was no one but Doug to see him. He looked out on the water to see where the canoe was. "Why don't we just beat the shit out of those two pretty boy jocks together for starters?"

Doug looked up. "Yeah! Let's get 'em. Oaks together, forever! Or whatever the fucking motto is. I guess I'll have to learn all that shit if I board there." Doug said with effort, because he and Buck were really digging in and actually making a minor wake as they started to overtake the unsuspecting canoe.

"You're going to board? Fantastic, we can room together." Buck said without looking back.

"Yeah if I can convince my father, but Marc is transferring and we were talking about rooming together too. Bummer. But maybe something could be worked out, we'll see."

"There's like four rooms in the old dorm that are really big, there's four beds, and each room has it's own bath. No one likes them so the school sticks newbe nerds in there. Maybe we could wangle one of those. Come to think about it, my father's a Trustee, so there's no maybe about it."

Further discussion ended at that point, because they started to pass the canoe. Paul and Marc noticed they were being raced, and all hell broke lose. Breath was saved for paddling after a few war hoops and taunts about being pussies, cock suckers and cum eaters, back and forth between boats. The canoe was no match for the sleek kayak or it's four blades, versus two in the canoe. By the time the narrow hull was driven half its length up on the lawn adjacent to the bunkhouse, its crew was a synchronized team. The canoe's bow thunked the turf near them a minute later. All four boys were breathing hard from the exertion but laughing and congratulating each other on the excellence of the impromptu race.

Marc stepped out of the canoe cradling his precious camera to his chest like a baby and started walking up to the house. "Come on up to the dark room and we'll see how well I did. Fuck me, you guys understand we would have beat your asses if I didn't have this fucking blunderbuss balanced on my knees, paddling like a bitch in heat, AND trying to keep it dry."

"Is that what you were doing?" Paul asked. "I was wondering why you were padding air. I thought you were trying to keep your fucking paddle dry while I did all the work." He grinned when Marc smirked, gave him the finger and didn't have an instant come back to his accurate criticism. "But that was a good warm up. I think I'll go workout for half an hour while you guys watch Marc raise Kodak's stock another point." He changed direction, heading to the side of the house.

Buck looked interested when Paul said 'workout'. "Could I workout with you? Doug thinks I should join the swim team, and some more muscle wouldn't hurt me any before school starts." Buck looked wide-eyed and eagerly hopeful.

"Sure Buckminster, I'd enjoy the company." Paul answered and reached out to put a big brotherly arm on Buck's shoulders.

Buck spun away, turned scarlet and glared up at Paul. "How come you know my name?" He demanded. Paul smiled, while Doug and Marc started giggling, which upset Buck further, as he turned his glare to include them.

Paul smiled, "Well that's your father's name, your nickname is Buck, so its logical isn't it? Are you Junior?" He asked calmly.

"No fucking way, that would be even worse. I'm the fucking, Fourth. Can you believe that my great grand father, grand father and my own father would inflict a name like that on their first born sons?" Buck's expression was incredulous, as if he still couldn't believe the continued act of cruelty. The boys were standing by a sliding door leading into the family room.

Paul shrugged. "It happens sometimes I guess. Okay, no more Buckminster. Its just Buck from now on." His gaze swept Marc and Doug. "Right guys?" He asked, but his look indicated he was willing to enforce his edict if necessary.

Marc looked puzzled, "Wait a minute, I've heard that name before somewhere, let me think," he snapped his fingers. "I know! Newsweek!" I closed his eyes and recited, "Buckminster Trenton, the third, infamous billionaire corporate raider. One of the most feared men in the business world." He opened his eyes and looked down on Buck in genuine amazement and awe. "Is that your father? Holy shit!"

Buck watched his foot grind innocent blades of grass into pulp. He nodded without comment. Paul frowned at his brother. "DUH! Earth to Marc. Where the fuck have you been? Dad's mentioned him any number of times over the two years since he bought the property and started to build that monster house."

Marc shrugged and grinned, "It must have been at breakfast, and you know I'm not a fast waker-upper, and I wasn't listening." His grin turned to a leer as he thought up an additional excuse, "Besides I still don't get enough sleep, you won't let me." He turned to Doug and Buck to explain. "When I DO fall asleep, I sleep like the dead, then HE wakes up and wants to knock off a piece of ass in the middle of the night. He doesn't even have the common courtesy to wake me up normally and ask. He just arranges my innocent body the way he wants it, and I surface when I feel myself being mashed into the fucking mattress." Doug and Buck bent over laughing at Marc's description and contrived look of offended innocence.

Paul was laughing too, but also shaking his head. "So you're a sound sleeper, big deal. What about when I'm asleep, and YOU want to play? I suppose its all right if you half bite my cock off to get my attention?"

Marc giggled. "It works doesn't it."

"Yeah, it works. Enough bull shit. Come on Buck, I'll set you up with a program for a swimmer." Paul looked at Doug and asked, "Light resistance, lots of reps?" Doug nodded as Paul waved and put his arm over Buck's shoulders successfully.

Buck leaned into Paul's side then put his arm tentatively around Paul's waist and looked up to gauge his reaction. Paul just grinned down on the smaller boy and tightened his grip. Buck beamed in shear pleasure. "Do you have, like, weights, dumb bells and bar bells and stuff?" He asked excitedly as they rounded the side of the house.

Paul nodded. "Some, but Nautilus mostly. The dumb bell is on his way to his darkroom," he added in a louder voice. They giggled together and waited briefly.

"I heard that!" Marc hollered with a laugh. "That was a good one. Now I AM going to plaster your ass on every wall in there, and maybe one or two of Dad's fat old poker buddies will want to play drop the soap with you too!"

Paul raised his arm with his middle finger up, without looking back. "We'll meet you in the bunkhouse in an hour!"

"You said half an hour!" Marc protested.

"So enlarge something!" Paul shouted finally, from a hundred yards away. Teenage laughter echoed from the bunkhouse to the field house.

Like Doug, Buck stood in the field house doorway and looked impressed, but not boggled like Doug was. "This place is so tough. My dad told me yours was building this, and the reason, and I wanted to come over here and hopefully meet you and maybe ask if I could watch you practice, pictures of you at school meets don't do you justice, but I never had the balls to do it. Now here I am. What are you going to do first?" Buck realized he'd said too much when he saw Paul frowning at him.

"I don't understand, how'd your father find out about this building? And where'd you get pictures of me at meets?

"My dad is always curious about people. He had you kind of checked out just before he bought that property for the new house. Not just your family, all the new neighbors, and he gets regular updates until he tells them to stop. The rest were stopped, yours wasn't after I saw pictures of you and Mark, because I thought maybe after we moved in that we might become friends, at least Marc and me, you're too old really for me to pal around with." Buck studied the floor and stammered, "You see because of my father and our name, I don't, well, I've never, well, had any, well, real friends." Buck peeked up at Paul. "I actually had a picture of Marc framed. I kept it in my bedroom, and kind of made believe that we were friends."

"That was until I saw Doug in school. I, I kind of fell for him, you know, love at first sight. My father said it was puppy love when I asked him to check his family out too, and why."

Paul interrupted Buck's monologue, "You did what? Your father knows about you, that you like guys, and think you love Doug?"

"Oh yes, we don't have any secrets from each other. When I told him I was gay he called it a phase in growing up, but he didn't answer me when I asked why I got a case of the Trenton boner every time I looked at Doug in person. My father is only an inch taller than I am, and we're hung the same. He told me that, I've never seen him, you know, hard, but I know he's all Mom can handle. She's what he calls a screamer. Anyone sleeping in our old house knew how many times and how long they lasted, even the servants, you know, what they were doing in bed, I mean fucking."

"I really do know what you meant Buck." Paul said kindly. He was listening while he walked around the workout area and adjusted five pieces of apparatus for Buck. Buck stayed at his side. "Did you say anything to Doug tonight when you were together?"

"No, not yet, there wasn't time. We stared at each other the whole last school year, but never said a word to each other. I thought he should have put the make on me, because he's older, but he never said boo. Then I started imagining that he knew who I was, and he hated me. My dad makes enemies every day because of what he does to them, or I mean their companies, but he says he can't raid a healthy company and make money, so he leaves them alone. But any company with poor management can be had."

"Anyway, tonight on our beach, Doug asked me what my fucking name was. Can you believe that? He didn't know who I was, only that I stared at him. Later by the rock, he told me he was just scared shitless of talking to me because he was a virgin. He told me if he talked to me and asked me something serious, that I might laugh at him, the big jerkwad. Then he thought I'd go blabbing that he was a queer or something. Then just now when your big mouth brother said that shit about my father, Doug didn't seem to care, just like you don't care. You don't do you?"

"Nope." Paul said with a grin. "Not really, but I'm not real happy about being spied on. I doubt if Doug would be either, so let's just keep that our little secret, okay?"

Buck suddenly pasted his slight body to Paul's, then stood on his tiptoes to kiss him on the cheek. That wasn't where he was aiming, but Paul turned his head. "Sorry, I'm just happy you aren't mad and you still like me."

"Enough bull shit. You should be happy that you're still alive. Start on this thing, then move to another. Do three sets of twenty hard reps on each piece. I'm going to do some tumbling moves, but I'm also going to watch you, if you do any wrong I'll tell you, and if you start fucking off, THEN I will kill you." Paul's heavy frown turned into a grin as Buck eagerly nodded and started to straddle a bench seat. "Hold it, come in the locker room I'll get you one of Marc's jocks, and a towel to sit on when you use the equipment. Doug wouldn't be a happy camper if you started carrying your nuts around in a baggy."

Doug leaned on a counter watching Marc with his glove covered hands out of sight in a box stripping the accumulated rolls of exposed film out of their protective cartridges and feeding them into the big humming developing machine sitting in the middle of the floor. What Marc told him was originally a guest room intended for their friends use wasn't just 'taken over' for use as a dark room, it had been converted into a professional film processing laboratory complete with counters and cabinets and what appeared to be new and modern enlarging equipment.

"So what do you think of little Buck?" Marc asked. "I think he's hot. I know he's got the hots for you. Tell me you both are planning to spread yourselves around tonight aren't you? I'm don't think I'll mind seconds, sloppy or otherwise. That will be a first for Paul and I too. Cherries are falling fast and furious all over the place."

"Are they ever, and here I was thinking I was going to die of old age still a virgin. Buck and I spent the whole school year staring at each other at lunchtime. When all one of us had to do was to say a simple 'Hi.' to the other. The ice would have been broken and we'd have gotten together somehow, somewhere in the school if we had to cut classes and lock the janitor out of his broom closet. You know though, it's dumb luck, but far better that we met up tonight. Now there's no hurry and we won't be hassled. I wonder what time he has to be home? I hope it isn't too early."

Marc looked up at Doug. "Do you love him? You look like you do when you talk about him."

Doug was startled by the comment. He shrugged first, then didn't answer immediately. "I, I don't know. I never thought about it with him, or any guy. Do you think two guys can love each other?" He snapped his fingers, "Just like that? I know I spent a lot of time fantasizing about him. I've pictured him and I in bed together doing everything, you know, not always on top, or on the bottom, and even doing stuff that you and Paul haven't talked about much." Doug blushed.

Marc grinned. "If you mean eating pussy, we do regularly, it's fun to do, and it's a rush to have done to you. It's kind of like foreplay only we do it in between, so call it middle play. Doing it anytime is a great way to get cranked for us. We've never talked about it, but what we do is; whoever does the tongue work calls the shots when he's had enough, and it never matters because we're both going to get off." Doug's eyes dropped to Doug's cock. "See? Just talking about it is a rush isn't it?"

Doug felt his face burning. "Shit. We better change the subject. Where does this thing spit pictures?" He moved to put the machine between he and Marc.

Marc giggled. "In that tray right in front of you." He paused to look at the controls. "It's printing now." He tossed Doug a pair of light cotton gloves. "Here you stack them. Keep them in order, and don't try to look at them as they come out. I think I'll just go piss off my big brother over the phone." He went to a phone sitting on the counter by the door and punched an extension number, then the speaker so Doug could hear the conversation while he carefully caught each picture as the machine belched them, as well as look at each before the next one popped out.

They heard the phone ring once, then, "WHAT?!" Paul roared hollowly. "GODDAMNIT MARC!"

Marc cut him off. "Sorry. Just make sure you and Buck shower really, really well when you're finished. Doug and I have plans for you're little asses."

There was a paused then a giggle. "OH, OKAY, I GET YOU. YOU TWO DO THE SAME. NOW HANG THE FUCK UP, WE'RE BUSY!"

Marc broke the connection with a giggle of his own. "He hates the intercom out there. It rings like a submarine just before it dives, and scares the hell out of anyone in there. It also destroys his concentration. Like if he was doing a flip or something when it rang, you just know he crashed and burned. I never use it normally, but then I'm usually out there with him."

When a roll finished, Doug carried the stack of prints and the uncut negative strip to the counter. "Hey you know if we manage to room together at school, Buck wants in too, he already boards. He says there's a few rooms in the old dorm that I guess are up for grabs because they're big and hold three or four guys, and the school stuffs newbes in them normally. The good thing about them is that they've got bathrooms attached. The best thing is that Buck's father just happens to be a Trustee. Are we stepping in shit, or what?"

"Bathrooms! Wow, I didn't think about that. Yeah, let's get one of those." Marc answered, ignoring the small points that neither of them yet boarded or that his parents didn't even know he planned to switch schools.

After the machine shut itself off when it was finished, the boys spent ten minutes sorting each stack. Doug saw immediately that Marc was right in saying that most of every roll was trash. So they ended up with only a half dozen to enlarge, plus all of the telephoto shots Marc took of Doug and Buck laying in the grass making it with each other, good or not. Marc pointed out that those were a 'first time' series for both guys and they would become important to each guy in the future. Doug picked out one of Buck running toward them from the house, laughing and waving and was actually in the air, with both feet clearly off the ground when Marc immortalized him on film.

They attacked the enlarging process as an assembly line. Doug worked at finding individual frames on the viewer, cropping them as he pleased, then feeding blank eight by ten sheets into the automatic enlarger. The machine did the rest.

Doug rested his chin on Marc's shoulder to watch the finished product emerge. "Wow this makes everything easy."

"Yeah, some of these need some touching up, but we can do that later. Right now we should get in the shower and get really, really clean ourselves. Then we'll set up the bunkhouse. Like light a fire and every candle we can find. Set the scene up for Buck to seduce you. We won't bother you at all. I'll keep shooting as long as I can hold Paul off, but we'll reach a point when I won't want to." Marc blushed. "Just watching you will be a first, then after you two finish, don't plan on taking any naps." He giggled as he bent over to pick up the hose in the shower.

Doug ran his hand lightly over Marc's crack. "You either." He said softly, and moved his hand around Marc's hip. "Now there's an enlargement I really like." He added.

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