Castle Roland

Somerset Farm

by Jamie Haze

In Progress

Chapter 10

Published: 04 Dec 2014


Jamie Haze

Buck made it to the raft. He climbed the ladder looking over his shoulder, back to shore. He couldn't see Doug's ripples, but he was sure he was close. He thought if he could avoid him for just a little while, they would cool down and not pound him so hard when they did catch him. Of course he knew they wouldn't really beat him up. Playing a little rough house with friends would be fun, even if he was the target, it would mean to Buck that they were friends who weren't intimidated by his name.

"BOO!" Someone said, Marc or Paul, Buck wasn't sure and it didn't matter. Strong hands grabbed him by the arms and pulled him out of the water onto to the raft. "We got him on the raft!" Paul called to the darkness.

"What'd he do?" Marc asked. Both brothers were on the raft waiting for him. Buck assumed that Paul swam quickly and quietly directly to the float, while he was busy treading water waiting for them to dive in after him.

"Do? Nothing, except call his father and casually tell him that Doug was here and we were all gay. That Doug jumped his bones and he enjoyed it, and then, he invited himself to stay here over night for an orgy I assume, from his end of the conversation." Paul held Buck up with his feet dangling and shook him as he explained.

"Oh fuck. Now we're screwed." Marc moaned. "What the fuck possessed you to squeal on us to your old man? Is he mad? Is he coming over the get us? Shit!" He shouted.

Paul lowered Buck to let him stand, just as Doug climbed the ladder. With all three of them together, Buck thought it would be a good time to explain a few things about his relationship with his father. "Wait guys, you don't understand about my dad, he's my friend. Until I met up with you guys tonight, he was my only friend, and I'm probably his only friend. We don't keep secrets from each other, and never have."

Doug thunked Buck on the forehead with the heel of his hand, but not hard, it was more of a friendly thunk. "Duh, yeah right. Like when I sucked myself off the first time, I ran straight to my father and told him. We're friends, my father and I, but I sure don't plan on telling him what I did this weekend, or that I guess I'm gay, but I guess I'll have to get around to that sometime."

"Yeah, but that's not what I mean by friends." Buck continued. "Look if you had a best friend, a guy, and you were both straight. Say you took a girl out and you got lucky, you fucked the daylights out of her. You'd tell your best buddy that you got fucked wouldn't you?" He saw three heads nod slightly.

"So?" Paul asked.

"You'd tell him, but you wouldn't tell him all the gory details, because that's private and personal, at least at first, maybe for as long as it lasted, but after you broke up, it wouldn't matter. That's the kind of friends my father and I are. He tells me what he's doing at the office all the time. Like I know what company he's after right now, but not how he's taking them down. He'd never tell anyone else if they weren't good friends, and I'm it. He knew I had the hots for you." Buck said, turning to look up at Doug. "So when I got lucky, I shared the good news with him because I was happy. I am happy." He looked at Paul, "I really didn't have to tell him about you, but I'm here, Doug was with you. He and I fucked around five minutes after we met and we did it here. Dad assumed you guys were queer too, and he asked, I said, 'Yup, they are too.' That's all. He was laughing his ass off. He was happy for me. He said that now I wouldn't have to be pounding my pud all night," he giggled, "I agreed. He doesn't know how I pound it, because that's private and personal."

"You mean he doesn't care about us?" Marc asked.

Buck giggled harder, "Oh he cares, but he's kind of delighted that you're neighbors. He's always been concerned about me sneaking into the city exploring the wildlife, like one-night stands, shit like that. He was kind of hoping that it would be Doug or one guy like him, or just a few very good friends, like you know, a very discrete limited group, just like we are I hope. Are we?"

"Maybe." Marc allowed grudgingly.

"But what about me?" Doug asked. "Why's he want to meet me? If you think I'm walking into a meat grinder willingly, you're nuts."

"It's not like that. He just wants to meet you."

Paul laughed, "He just wants to meet his only son's new boyfriend. It's normal. If Buck were straight, you'd be his first girlfriend. Get it?"

"Yeah I get it. He really has bodyguards?"

"Yup." Buck laughed, "In fact, I fucked them up when we paddled here. If I came by car, one of them would be sitting behind the steering wheel right now, waiting to take me home when I was ready. I don't mind though, the thought of being kidnapped isn't very appealing." Buck reached out both hands in the darkness. One found Doug, the other Marc. He stroked both slowly, until his hands were full. "Unless of course the kidnappers looked like you two, and they both abused me before the payoff."

Marc thrust his hips forward into Buck's hand and giggled at a thought, "But what if the kidnapee abuses the guys that snatched him, like now?"

"Then I'd say you both were about to get fucked out of the ransom."

"That sounds like a deal to me." Doug said, and pulled Buck up against his chest. "You want top or bottom?"

"I think we should do this fairly," Buck giggled. "Marc, pick a number from one to ten," he challenged.


"Darn, why can't I ever win that game? You win, I guess I'm on the bottom." Buck sank to his knees, then to his back, towing Doug with him." The raft quickly developed a wobble.

"Hey! What about me? I thought I won your fucking game." Marc complained as Paul grabbed him from behind.

"Shut up and mount up." Paul ordered. "It's about time you got some exercise around here." Paul arranged his big little brother on top of his body as if he were a rag doll, then guided him home. The rag doll came to life as an uncontrollable fuck machine. Doug stopped his effort in mid stroke to watch, although they couldn't see much in the darkness, except heaving shadows, but it wasn't hard to hear what was happening.

Doug whispered in Buck's ear. "Wow, I wonder if he can do that twice in one night."

"Make that three times," Buck giggled, "no wonder he has such a great body and isn't interested in sports. And you were worried about walking into my father's meat grinder. They're going to sink the fucking float."

There was a sudden pause in the action. "I heard that," Marc said in a normal voice. "Be finished by the time I am and you'll see," he promised.

An hour later, the four boys emerged from the water, staggering up the stairs out of the lake. They walked into the bunkhouse arm in arm in arm, still dripping. By then the forgotten fire felt good. They took turns blowing out the candles that hadn't yet guttered, calling it practice for bigger and better things.

Paul filled four bowls using two half gallons of ice cream, and served it with two packages of Orieo's, a gallon of milk and four glasses. They feasted on the floor in front of the fire, leaning on the furniture. They talked quietly, laughed frequently and joked with each other gently. The subject of sex was ignored while they began the process of really getting to know each other, thereby becoming close friends. Four loners were merging into a team of comparable high intelligence, compatible personalities and linked libidos.

When they were almost finished eating, Paul stretched like a big cat, and crawling to the side of the fireplace, turned a valve so the gas fire died. The big room sank into total blackness. "Some things aren't for spectators, at least tonight," he said quietly. "No one has to do anything they don't want to do." He paused, then added, "I think that should be a rule from now on."

Four erections grew in anticipation as they felt their way to the rumpled bed. There was no further conversation, just sounds. There were no protests and no one left the bed except for stumbling, halting trips to the bathroom which total darkness and furniture made into additional adventures into the unknown.

Much later in the night or early morning, while Doug and Marc slept facing each other with their arms and legs tangled, and they breathed each other's air, they were awakened by a few words.

"Buck! Goddamnit! Oooh..." Paul's voice trailed away.

"Gotcha!" Buck whispered happily, giggled once, then continued grinding his adolescent butt on Paul's hardness, which had no inhibitions concerning age. When he wasn't picked up and thrown off across the room, he knew he'd won and had absolutely no remorse for having had to resort to rape to get what he wanted. His hands kneaded and outlined every straining muscle he could reach comfortably on his victim. He was most enthralled by Paul's prominent pectorals, which remained evident, even stretched out on his back. Buck leaned down and nibbled then nursed the hard nipples, giving both equal attention. He was rewarded by a bone-crushing embrace, which insured that he wasn't going anywhere until his victim let him go. His victory became complete, when Paul lifted his head with a finger under his chin, to kiss him deeply and constantly until he felt Paul's excited ejaculations.

When Paul was completely spent, but before he softened, he sat up, forcing Buck up, lifted him gently with his hands under Buck's shins while his legs were folded, and attempted to rotate the little body so Buck's back was against his chest. Buck helped when he realized what Paul was trying to do, and quickly found himself lying on his side with Paul behind him and his arms around him again, while still attached. They sighed deeply together and slept. The last thing Buck remembered thinking was that the next night, when they finally were exhausted and about to sleep, that Doug would be the one holding him.

Buck woke up when someone shook his arm. He cracked one eye open; it was still pitch black. "Buck? Buck? You awake?" The voice was one he remembered hearing. Then he remembered he fell asleep in Paul's arms. It was Paul's voice in a whisper.

"Yeah I'm awake I guess. What's wrong?" Bucked asked through a yawn.

"I need you to help me." Paul whispered in his hair.

"What? Again? Already?" Buck croaked in amazement when he thought Paul wanted him. He struggled to get away from the arm Paul still had under him, and held him with. "If you want to do it, you have to let me go."

"No, I don't want to do it right now, I want to practice and I need someone to spot for me."

"Sure I'll help. What's 'spot' mean anyway?" Buck was instantly excited. He had no idea what Paul wanted to practice on him, but spotting sounded like fun and a new venture into the erotic unknown.

"It's easy. Like when I jump up to the bar or rings you steady me, stop me from swinging, then if I lose it, you kind of step in and break my fall." Paul explained in a louder whisper.

"WHAT?" Buck said out loud in his soon to be adult gravelly voice, more suitable for one of the goon bodyguards. "You mean gymnastics practice! Are you nuts? I'm supposed to catch YOU?" Buck was incredulous. There were incoherent grumbles and groans from a mass of arms and legs lying next to he and Paul.

"Shhh, you'll wake the guys. I won't fall. I'm not trying any new stuff this morning. Come on, be a good buddy and help me out." Paul cajoled. "Marc's cooking today, he'll have breakfast ready by the time we're done."

"Well, okay, but you better not fall." Buck agreed, stretched and stood up. He wasn't enticed by the food; it was simply having someone call him 'good buddy'. He stretched a second time standing on the bed, and this time yawned, one of those huge noisy things when his voice started in soprano and dropped to base by distinct octaves as he exhaled.

Marc and Doug sat up suddenly. "What the fuck was that?" Marc asked the room. "Oh shit, its not even daylight yet and the monster is stirring. Why are you awake already? It isn't time to get up yet, besides, it's fucking Saturday." He complained, accompanied by grunts, groans and unintelligible words from Doug.

"Oh, you're awake, great, you can start breakfast. I'm going to spot for the big guy. He wants to practice and needs my help." Buck was both bossy and proud. Doug hooked an arm around Marc's neck and pulled him back down on the bed. Buck prodded one of them with his foot. "Hey, don't go back to sleep now, you better get busy on breakfast or your big brother will beat you black and blue."

"Who the fuck died and left you boss anyway?" Marc asked sullenly.

"I didn't die," Paul said from the shadows as he walked from the bathroom, "but Buck's right. Especially since Doug's here and you don't have to play with yourself this morning. You two can fuck around all you want, as long as there's food on the table in one hour." Paul's bare foot was more authoritarian than Bucks when it landed in Marc's side.

"Okay, okay, we're awake, have a good workout." Marc said separating himself from Doug's arms. "In the kitchen!" He called to their backs. "There's nothing for breakfast down here," he added just before his hand found Doug's morning hardon. "Oh my, except this."

Paul and Buck walked into the kitchen an hour later to find Marc standing by the stove tending to the business of breakfast, while Doug was just finishing adding sliver ware to a nicely set table. Rock music blared from every speaker in the house system. Both boys moved keeping time with the beat by almost dancing, unaware of being watched, until Paul detoured into the family room and reduced the volume.

Marc looked up and grinned, "Hey you're just in time. Breakfast is ready, except for the eggs. How do you like yours cooked Buck?" He frowned at them, "How come you're both dressed?" He asked.

Paul sat down at the table and watched Doug administer a very warm good morning kiss to Buck, who immediately forgot he was hungry. "Because we're taking Doug home after we finish breakfast."

"ME? WHY? What'd I do?" Doug demanded as his face turned red.

Buck giggled, and Paul laughed. "Nothing at all, but you need to practice don't you? You can't do that in the lake, you'll screw up your timing, plus I think you're as bad as me when it comes to practice, it's like a drug, you have to get in some time every day."

Doug smiled and nodded. "Gee thanks, that'll be neat. I was just thinking about an hour between the raft and shore, but of course I can't turn and the distance is all wrong."

Marc eyed Buck with a raised eyebrow and frown. "Say BUCKMINSTER, you know I have a Lead Zeppelin tee shirt just like that. You must have gone to that concert too."

Buck scampered behind Doug and looked around his shoulder. "Man what a clothes horse. How come you're always looking at what I'm wearing? What are you, the fashion police, or what?" Buck was laughing too hard to continue.

Marc grinned, "Just be sure I get THAT back," he said while he turned eggs and cracked others open into the pan.

"Does that mean I can keep the jocks? They're neat. I've never seen them in colors before." Buck sat down at the table by Paul. "What are we having? It sure smells good. Oh, over easy please," he added.

"Why don't you just pack a fucking bag to take home with you? Just go in my bedroom and pick out whatever you want." Marc giggled.

Paul and Buck were in the middle of cleaning up after breakfast while Doug and Marc went to shower and dress when the phone rang. Paul answered it, and the smile left his face. He choked the mouthpiece, then handed it to Buck. "It's your father," he whispered nervously. He listened to Buck agree to whatever his father had to say and hang up.

"Guess what?" Buck said happily, then answered his own question. "You're invited to lunch today! Isn't that neat?"

"Yeah neat." Paul said glumly.

Marc and Doug walked in freshly showered and dressed. Doug walked straight to Buck and lifted the hem of Marc's prized black tee shirt, which reached half way to Buck's knees. "I suppose you found that Speedo in MY abandoned gym bag in the bunk house." Buck grinned impishly and nodded. "I also noticed my tooth brush was wet. You wouldn't happen to know who used it would you?"

"Was it a blue one?" Buck asked backing away from Doug.

"Yup, that's the one." Doug answered as he lounged at Buck and got him in a head lock then messed his hair.

"Does anyone have a comb I can borrow?" Buck asked when Doug let him go. Then he started running through the house. "Let's go! I get shotgun!" He called over his shoulder. By the time the other boys got to Paul's truck, Buck was sitting in the passenger's bucket seat, with the seat belt buckled. He grudgingly reopened the door so Doug and Marc could open the small back door.

"You little prick." Marc told Buck as he climbed in.

Buck giggled. "I am not," he said with exaggerated indignation, "I'm a big prick, in case you didn't notice last night."

They were almost to Doug's, when Paul looked up in the mirror at his brother. "By the way, the big prick here got a call from his father while you guys were getting showered. Big Buck invited us to lunch today."

Doug grinned. "Well, at least I'll have company in the meat grinder."

Marc shook his head. "No way. I'm not feeling well suddenly." He snapped his fingers. "I know, we've got a couple of hours head start. We could throw the big prick out along the road somewhere and make a run for it." He reached around the seat and jabbed Buck in the shoulder then looked at Doug, who nodded enthusiastically. "Of course we'll strip him first to get all our stuff back, so they can't trace us."

Buck giggled. "Sorry that wouldn't work guys. They'd find Paul from the DNA." Paul blushed and remained silent.

"What DNA?" Doug asked.

Buck burst into a deep belly laugh. "I must have swallowed a quart of the stuff this morning when we showered."

Paul grinned and shrugged still red faced. "He's like a fucking leech if his gets his mouth on you. What can I say, except I'm weak I guess."

Buck twisted in his seat and looked back. "Tell me you two didn't fuck around a little this morning." He received two grins and shrugs in answer. "That's what I thought. Don't worry about Dad, he'll like you, and you'll like him."

"Say Buck, you never mention much about your mother, did your parents split up?" Doug asked.

"Nope, Dad packed her ass off to Europe to buy furniture for the house. The house has been Mom's baby since they started it. It's taken so long to finish because she keeps changing things, or she did. Last month when it was almost finished, she presented the contractor with a new floor plan for the first floor. You know, if you move a wall like that has a fireplace in it that has to go too. Then the chimney also needs moving, shit like that. That's when Dad stepped in and took over finishing the house, after he took Mom to the airport and stuffed her on our plane, then watched until it took off just to be sure."

Buck giggled, "Dad had the contractor start working twenty-four hours a day until it was done enough for us to move. My Mom is nice but she's a little bit flaky, if you know what I mean."

"That explains you, its fucking hereditary," Marc giggled, then asked seriously, "Does you're mom know you're gay?"

Buck turned in his seat. "That's what I mean about flaky, I overheard Dad talking about it with her, and she just said she was glad I was happy. Sometimes, it's an act. She's not stupid. Like she wanted to get to Europe long ago, but Dad said, no, so she punished him by moving walls in the house until he insisted that she go. I can't believe that she doesn't know that gay has more meanings besides happy, but as long as I appear to be happy, my love life doesn't matter and won't unless I rub it in her face." Buck grinned at Marc. "Like if I acted queer in front of her with you, groped you or something, she'd just smile and chatter, but she'd blame you, and later SHE'D send the goon squad after you to eliminate the threat to her darling baby boy."

Marc frowned. "I have an idea, let's throw the little fucker out now, after I get my shit back." He playfully attacked Buck with an arm around each side of the bucket seat.

"Too late, we're here." Paul said as he turned into Doug's driveway.

Practice was a serious thing for Doug, like it was for Paul, and there was no fooling around when they got to the lap pool with it's three starting platforms and float divided lanes. The boys stripped after Doug assured them that, for a change, there was no one in the house to watch them from the big windows with a view of the pool. Marc unlimbered his camera and started burning film from the moment Doug started doing stretching exercises, with Buck imitating his every move, also seriously. Doug offered Paul a blank starter's pistol and a stopwatch, then adopted Buck as his protege. They spent a quiet intense two hours, perfecting starts, strokes, turns and speeds geared to the lengths of their mock races, and continually changed lanes to experience the difference in having a hard wall on the right or left side. Doug ended the workout when he saw that Buck was beginning to tire and look slightly water logged, although he remained eager to continue for as long as Doug wanted. Paul brought them back into the real world after he looked at his watch and announced that it was nearing the noon hour. He didn't elaborate, or mention goons or meat grinders. Doug and Marc looked worried, but Buck insisted that they would all escape from lunch with his father alive, and untouched.

Buck and Doug sat in the truck's back seat for the return trip, and shyly held hands, but cautiously kept them on the seat between them as a barrier to sitting too close together, although they couldn't be seen through the dark tinted windows. The taboo prohibiting intimate contact between males in public was ingrained in them all.

Just before they left his house, Doug detoured inside and up to his room to get a pair of the baggiest shorts he owned. Buck went with him while Paul and Marc waited near the truck.

Buck immediately jumped on the bed and stretched out seductively, while Doug rummaged in drawers in his closet looking for the right pair of shorts. "Can you come over to my house and stay for rest of the week?" He called to Doug.

"Nope. Sorry, I have to work," Doug replied, walking out of the closet. When he saw Buck lying on his bed, he grinned. "Sorry we don't have time for a quickie either." He turned mock drill instructor, "Drop that cock Mister, that belongs to me now, yours is over here, and it's off limits too until this afternoon."

"Awe Doug, come on, you don't have to work, you've got money, or your dad does." Buck argued about staying over while he slowly pulled on his borrowed bathing suit.

Doug explained why he was working, and showed Buck a catalog where the sound system he wanted was pictured, then pointed to the vacant spaces in the built-in book cases on each side of the fireplace where the speakers, receiver and amplifier would go. Buck studied the pictured system, then handed the catalog back and didn't argue further. Doug didn't see the gleam in Buck's eyes or his brief smile. "Okay, well how about just coming over after you get done working Tuesday? I can pick you up."

"Maybe, we'll see. You know I do have a set of parents too, and they don't know about me, so we'll have to be careful about reasons and excuses." Doug said as they went back down the main staircase to the foyer.

Buck glanced into the formally decorated rooms. "Wow, if our moms ever met, they'd get along great, they both like old junk," he giggled. "I know there won't be any left in Europe after mine gets done buying it all. She's actually filling up ship containers. Dad's going to be sorry he let her go by herself."

They stopped at the Wilcott's long enough for Paul and Marc to change into baggy shorts as well, after seeing what Doug was wearing and agreeing that meeting Big Buck was not the time to be displaying anything below the belt, except bare legs. They decided to drive rather than use the boats,

So they wouldn't be tempted to race and splash each other after Buck suggested it. Buck's reasoning actually was that if the kayak stayed on the Wilcott's beach, he'd have a continued reason to return there.

Paul pulled the truck up close to the speaker box outside the massive iron gates, and lowered his window. The gates started to open before he could push the button to call the house. The boys looked at Buck with puzzled expressions. Buck pointed up to the carved sandstone rampant eagle mounted on one of the gateposts. A video camera built into the top of the brick post under the eagle looked down on them.

"Watch this." Buck said, standing up and leaning forward between the bucket seats with his arms out. He offered the lens both middle fingers through the windshield. The camera moved from side to side a couple of times, then stopped again pointing at the truck.

Paul was horrified. "Oh great Buck, you just managed to piss off the goon watching us," he said pushing Buck back into Doug's arms in the back seat.

"I'm not pissed off," boomed the call box, "unless you call me a goon again."

"OOPS!" Paul said, managing a weak smile at the box first, then the camera. "Sorry, open mouth, change feet."

"No problem," the voice answered, "welcome to Trenton Hall. Hi Buck, welcome back and up yours too." The voice was laughing as they drove through the gates.

The boys, except for Buck, did a double take when they got near the front entrance of the huge house. They thought at first that Buck's twin was waiting at the front door for them. Buck giggled at them while he waved at his father. After Paul parked they set a world record for the longest time it took three guys to get out of a motor vehicle. The lengthy delay ended when Buck finally took his father's arm and guided him to the passenger's door. Then he almost pulled Doug from the back seat while he introduced him to his father. He excitedly explained that he was going to join the school swim team, that Doug thought he was fast and had already started coaching him using Doug's very own twenty five meter lap pool.

Big Buck and Doug shook hands, and made immediate eye contact. Doug offered a hesitant smile and a nod, then forced himself to speak normally. "Hello Sir," was all he said, almost adding that he was pleased to meet Big Buck, but that would have been a lie so he shut his mouth, maintaining his smile.

Doug felt Big Buck's hand grip his more firmly, more reassuring. His expression was one of pleasure, and his smile turned into laughter. "It's really a pleasure to meet you at long last. You wouldn't believe how much I've heard about you. I'm glad that you and Bucky..."

"DAD!" Buck exploded.

Big Buck giggled at his son's indignation at being called Bucky. "OOPS! I mean Buck, have become friends."

Doug nodded, his smile broadened as his nervousness receded. "Thank you Mr. Trenton, I guess I am too."

Big Buck shook his head and looked at his son. "Why don't you just call me Bucky, I'm old enough not to mind, and everyone will know who's who."

Paul walked around the truck and stood quietly by his brother. Marc kept his camera glued to his eye snapping pictures of the first meeting of father, son and the son's first lover, and perhaps first friend as well until he heard his name mentioned and saw Big Buck's head turn to smile at him close up, through the camera's lens. Marc forgot to be scared. "Hi Mr. Trenton," he waved a couple of fingers without releasing his hold on his camera. "I hope you don't mind being immortalized on film."

Bucky grinned at Marc. "Normally I do. I try really hard not to be photographed, but I guess I don't mind if you take some, as long as none of them ever find their way into the tabloids. That would really upset me."

Marc dropped the camera like the proverbial hot potato, and blushed scarlet before he took Bucky's proffered hand. "No Sir, I promise. Photography is just a hobby."

"You mean obsession." Paul spoke for the first time and laughed as he shook Bucky's hand. "If you want him to stop, just threaten to kill him, that's what I do." Everyone but Marc thought Paul's remedy was hilarious.

Bucky put one hand in the middle of Buck's back, and the other on Doug's and turned them. "Come on guys. Let's go down to the lake before lunch, I've got a little surprise for all of you."

Paul and Marc followed. "Oh great, he's going to drown us before he puts us in his meat grinder." Marc mumbled from the side of his mouth to his brother.

Bucky stopped suddenly and turned to the brothers. "Now might be a good time to talk about all this. I'm really not upset about you boys all having preferences other than mine. I am disappointed that I probably won't have any grandchildren to spoil, but even that isn't impossible. My son's happiness is of paramount importance to me," he paused to look at Buck, "and right now he looks happier than I've ever seen him. You three caused this to happen, perhaps Doug, more than you two, all of you are young, and things change. Any of you could decide to move on. All I would ask is that you continue to be friends, whatever the future brings. Don't go out of your way to hurt each other, and never become enemies. Life is way too short. Enough of that, come on, the boys should be finished by now." He turned again and looked up at Doug. "Would you mind if I treated you like Buck's best friend? It's impossible for me to think of you as his boyfriend, and I fully intend to ignore your relationship after lights out. Whatever you do behind closed doors is between you two."

Doug relaxed and smiled for the first time. "Yes sir, that will be great," he said, impulsively reaching out to shake Bucky's hand again, this time enthusiastically.

Bucky giggled looking up at Marc. "And for the record, I haven't used my meat grinder in a long time. You guys are neighbors and friends of Buck's, okay?" Just then, they rounded the corner of the house and had a view of the lake. Two guys wearing bathing suits were in the process of manhandling the last of four brightly colored jet skis off a double trailer into ankle deep water. "Since you'll be visiting back and forth regularly I hope, I got you each one of these things so you can make the trip faster and more fun than paddling."

Buck exploded in giggles and started running to the boats. "Oh wow Dad, thanks! Come on guys, pick a color."

Doug and Marc followed Buck, instantly racing each other. Paul stayed by Bucky. "You bought those for us to use on the lake? Thank you Sir."

Bucky grinned and punched Paul in the arm playfully. "Well you can use them on the lake, or trailer them wherever you want, you own them." He frowned, "And will you please stop with the sir shit? I'm Bucky, your neighbor."

"Yes Sir, ER, Bucky, thanks." Paul laughed. By the time he and Bucky got to the beach, the three boys were each sitting on one of the fast little boats, giggling and talking excitedly about laying out a racecourse around the lake.

Buck looked at Paul and giggled. "Come on, old timer, the pukey purple one is yours, let's try them out."

"Later, after lunch, I don't want to get wet right now," Paul answered, then turned to Bucky. "Has anyone ever had the nerve to tell you that your son has a big mouth?" He asked looking down at his shorts, then at the lonely unoccupied boat."

Bucky roared with laughter before he shook his head. "Nope, you're the first, and you're right, he does. If he gets too obnoxious, you have my permission the pound him as much as you want," he said, then added, "You guys can all lose your clothes around here if you want." He pointed up to a tree trunk where a video camera was mounted. "My wife isn't home, and we know from your lack of tan lines that you don't often wear bathing suits."

Paul blushed and grinned stupidly. Buck took the initiative. "Good deal Dad." He got off his jet ski long enough to push off Doug's bathing suit, grin at Doug, and hand it to his father. Then he pulled Marc's tee shit over his head and tossed it to him. Naked, he posed dramatically for everyone. "There," he said looking at the others, who made no move to follow his lead. He frowned. "Damn, I'm the youngest, the shortest, but I guess I've got the biggest balls." He challenged them with a glance, a grin and a raised eyebrow, including his father.

Bucky grinned and shrugged then stripped, looking at the two guys who had unloaded the boats. "If I do, you do too. This will be a new experience for us all I guess." He watched them push their suits off, then introduced them. "Guys, meet Joe and Will, they help us out around here. This is Paul and Marc Wilcott, our neighbors, and Doug, Buck's best buddy from school."

"Au Dad, the guys know about the bodyguards, they understand." Buck said, then looked at Joe and Will, giggled and added, "Just remember what they look like, and don't shoot them, unless I tell you to." He did a double take looking at Will. "Holy shit! I'll bet no one ever calls you Wee Willie in the shower." The boys all looked at Will as they tossed their clothes on the beach.

Will shrugged and blushed. He was in his early twenties, good looking, and six-four, with the lithe hard body of a wide receiver. His heavy cock drooped half way to his knees. "It only looks like a blessing, believe me, it isn't," he said simply, and explained the boat's controls and the important kill switch lanyard to the boys.

When he finished, the guys pushed their boats out until they floated, then mounted them. Buck called to his father. "Can we hold lunch awhile Dad? Just long enough for me to show these big pussies my wake."

Bucky nodded and waved. "Sure, just be careful," he answered. His caution drowned by four powerful engines roaring to life. He looked at Will and Joe. "I guess I should have said that earlier. This lake will never be the same again. Come on, let's eat, there's no point in waiting for them to run out of gas." He picked up his shorts and started to put them on, but shrugged and tucked them under his arm. "You know being nude isn't so bad is it?" he asked as he walked companionably up to the house dwarfed between the two young bodyguards.

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