Castle Roland

Somerset Farm

by Jamie Haze

In Progress

Chapter 15

Published: 22 Dec 14


Jamie Haze

Doug was nervous and couldn't sit still on the so very short trip home from the Wilcott's Monday evening. He openly held Buck's hand in a death grip. His mind was made up; he planned to tell his parents that he was gay as soon as they returned from the beach house if he had to wait until midnight. Joe was driving and his partner Will rode with him in the front seat. Will was to drive the second limo back to Trenton's. It was still parked in lonely splendor where they abandoned it on Sunday near the garages of his home.

Doug stared at the one open garage door and the SUV parked inside. "Oh shit Buck, they're home already. They must have left early to avoid the traffic," he groaned when he saw the kitchen door open and his mother and father appear, "and here they come. I don't think I have the balls to tell them, not tonight, maybe tomorrow."

Buck patted Doug's crotch affectionately. Doug pushed his hand away. "Yeah, you do so," Buck assured him. "They're even getting bigger from all the exercise they got this weekend." Buck opened the car door, "Come on, I'll stay with you and we'll just get it over with. Everything will be all right," he said over his shoulder as he stepped out of the car before Doug could stop him.

Doug watched Buck walk up to his parents and introduce himself. They talked quietly with gestures to the first car as Buck explained why it was there, all before Doug thought about getting out of the car himself and joining them.

Joe looked back at Doug, "Buck's right. Go ahead and get it done. We'll both stick around until we see that everything's cool, and if it isn't just wave. Bucky told us to call him. He and John will descend on them in the chopper," he giggled at the thought. Bucky thought some ostentatious display combined with the fathers of gay sons might be helpful."

Doug walked woodenly to stand slightly behind Buck. He had a fixed grin frozen in place. Buck was explaining how they met Friday evening after seeing each other around school for so long without even saying hello to each other. "Of course I'm a year behind him, and Doug's the star of the swim team, and I'm just a nerd, so that's not unusual," he concluded.

Bill Henderson grinned at his son, "Hi there stranger! We thought you bought us a new car out of all the money you're making this summer. We tried to call you when we got home, but as usual, you aren't carrying your cell phone."

Doug shrugged, "It never rings when I carry it, and I never have anything that important to call anyone about, so why bother." Doug explained while he gave his mother a kiss. She felt his arm and asked if his sunburn hurt. "No, I'm fine Mom, just a few more freckles in the making."

Martha Henderson stepped back and studied her son's body. Doug and Buck were both shirtless and wore baggy shorts; all the boys' weekend uniforms. She frowned, "Either you've lost weight, or you bought the wrong size, those are about to fall off you." She looked closer, "Are you wearing anything under them?" She asked with typical motherly interest.

Doug and Buck both looked at Doug's shorts. Buck couldn't keep from giggling when he recognized the shorts at the same time Doug explained them, "Damn, these must belong to Paul or Morgan. One of them will be surprised by how much they've grown when they put on mine." He yanked them up to his normal waistline, and when he let go they settled back down in the front to where they were, just above his patch of reddish- blond pubes.

Buck giggled harder and administered a friendly athlete to athlete pat to Doug's ass. "Don't worry, I think his little bubble butt is holding them up." Doug frowned and stepped out of Buck's reach.

"Trenton, Buck Trenton," Bill said studying the matching custom stretched Mercedes limos, "that name rings a bell." He'd seen Mercedes limos occasionally in Manhattan, but never two together, and those owned by the same person, parked in his driveway. He eyed the two very casually dressed drivers leaning on the front fender of the second car. They looked relaxed, but they seemed to be taking turns watching their young employer and all three hundred-sixty degrees of their surroundings. They didn't seem to be entirely pleased that Buck was standing out in the middle of the parking court talking to strangers.

"Buckminster Trenton the Third?" Doug prodded his father's memory, then tossed his thumb down at Buck, "He's the Fourth." He looked at his mother, "And Paul? The guy I stayed with this weekend? His father is John Wilcott the trial lawyer. You've heard of him. I didn't know who he was either, Friday."

Bill Henderson laughed, "Of course, that Trenton. I heard he was building a house somewhere in the area. It's a good thing that we're just a small family company, or I'd be worried about a take over," he grinned at Buck.

Buck shook his head. "You don't have to worry. Even if you were a public company, you'd still be the brains behind its success and without you there wouldn't be a Henderson Constructors. My father does want to talk to you though. He wants you to design and build a pool like the one you built for Doug."

"A few years ago, I'd have been happy to, but now I just do things like roads, bridges and big commercial buildings, things like that." Bill explained.

Doug giggled even with his jangled nerves; "You don't know Bucky, Dad. He wants a fifty meter pool with eight lanes, built to Olympic specs for starters, then of course there would be a few add ons."

Buck nodded and ticked those off on his fingers. He finished with, "We'd like all that in one building, and oh yeah, I forgot. Could you make the roof like slide? Over the pool anyway, so Doug and I can get some sun on nice days when we can practice in the winter on weekends when we come home from school." Buck looked up at Doug, unaware that he'd revealed that they were planning on Doug boarding. "Hey do you skate? Maybe we should throw in a hockey rink while we're at it."

Bill looked suitably confused, "Come home on weekends? Doug commutes. We drive him back and forth."

"Buckminster, you've got one big mouth, you know that?" Doug looked up at the sky in frustration, then at his father, "I was planning to ask you if I could board from now on Dad, but not tonight. Buck already boards, and Marc, Paul's younger brother is transferring to Oaks. We figured if we roomed together, we could study and stuff, and it would save all that travel time back and forth."

"Hmm, I'll have to think about that."

Buck nodded toward Will and Joe. "Dad assigned those two guys to us as bodyguards, and we'll have one of these cars to travel around in safely."

Doug again looked heavenward. He certainly hadn't planned to mention the issue of personal safety as a selling point in convincing his father to allow him to board. He was sure his father would realize that he would be far safer if he lived at home, not away at school with two guys who had nationally recognized names and the possible need of bodyguards.

Buck thought he was on a roll at being helpful, and decided that then was a good time for Doug to tell his parents that he was gay. He intentionally fitted his body to Doug's side and put his arm around his waist so Doug couldn't move away from him easily. He looked up at Doug, nodding hopefully, "Get it over with," he whispered.

Doug inhaled deeply, put his arm over Buck's shoulders and pulled him tighter to his side. The action did not go unnoticed by either parent. "There's something I was hoping to talk to you about Dad, in your study alone, then you could tell Mom, but I guess it doesn't matter now with Buck here and all. There's something you should know about me," he paused to look down at Buck, "about us. I'm gay, we're both gay, and we like each other a lot."

"That's impossible," Doug's father said quietly, "you can't be, you're a fine athlete. What about the Olympics?" He scowled at Buck, "You did this, I don't care what you are, but looking at you closer, I can see that you are." Buck winced but refused to drop his eyes. Bill looked at his son, "Say good night to your little friend now, and go to your room please." His jaw tightened as he took his wife's hand and turned her toward the house. The door banged like a pistol shot when he slammed it.

Doug blinked rapidly to keep tears from forming in his eyes. "He didn't even give me a chance to explain. We didn't just decide this, we just are. I'm fucked. He just divorced me like Dylan did to his parents. I'm not going in that fucking house ever again. He probably locked the damn door anyway to see if I tried to get in. If he was thinking it over, he wouldn't have slammed it." They turned together and walked toward the cars. Doug smiled strangely. "There goes school, swimming and the Olympics. That was a stupid thought anyway, I wouldn't have made the cut. I'm lucky I like mowing lawns." Suddenly Doug pushed Buck away and ran for the open car door. He pushed Joe away, climbed in and closed it very quietly.

Joe and Will looked at each other when they heard the locks snick, then the partition shot up into the ceiling. Buck was left standing by himself as he frantically dug into the pocket of his shorts to find his phone. When he got to the car, Will was very politely knocking on the window asking Doug to please unlock the door. Buck frowned as he voice dialed his father. "Why not just unlock the fucking doors from the front? He's really upset."

Will shook his head, "We can't, it's a security feature."

"Oh great. Well then just break a window. Go find a rock or something."

"They're bullet proof, they won't break," Joe explained. "These cars are armored."

"Why that's just fucking fantastic isn't it?" Buck jeered while he waited for his father to answer his phone. "I guess we're lucky there aren't any weapons in there. He'd have plenty of time to aim and not miss killing himself."

Joe looked at Will, shocked at the thought, before he looked at Buck, "There is, didn't you know?"

It was Buck's turn to look shocked. He handed his phone to Joe, "Tell them to get over here now!" He ordered before he started knocking, then pounding on the glass himself, pleading, and then just ordering Doug to unlock the fucking doors.

Will whispered in Buck's ear, "The weapons are hidden in a drawer under the seat. He probably won't find them."

Buck looked at Will in disgust, "That's very reassuring, be sure to tell the cops that he found them because he looked." Buck growled.

Suddenly the locks clicked and the opposite rear door opened. Doug jumped out and ran for the garden. Buck chased him with Will right behind him. "At least he can't drown himself in the pool, it's only four feet deep." Will said confidently.

"No he can't, until he dives in head first and hits the bottom," Buck shuddered at that picture and increased his speed. Then when he neared the pool he slowed and smiled.

"What?" Will asked.

"He's doing laps, he got naked first, see?" Buck pointed to Doug's gym shoes and shorts left carefully out of splash range. "He hates wet clothes, he's going to put them on again."

Doug was in the center lane sprinting, racing the clock in his head. He saw Buck pacing him by walking quickly along the side. He rolled to his back. "I'll be all right I guess. I just wanted to get in a few laps to make up for missing practice today," he laughed hollowly, "not that it matters anymore. I'm done with swimming after tonight. Want to join me? It will feel good to be tired."

Buck nodded and stopped long enough to push his shorts down and pry off his shoes. He scooted to get near Doug, then allowed himself to fall in. He surfaced swimming as close to the float line as he could, while Doug never seemed to waver from the centerline of his lane.

They continued after the chopper landed and went silent. Darkness fell. Doug slowed his pace over the next half-hour. He stopped when he saw a lone figure outlined by lights from the house windows. It was Bucky. His expression was unsmiling. He shook his head slowly. "You'll be staying with us for a few days Doug. Come on out of there now. Let's go home. I'll explain everything in the car," he turned and motioned Will to follow him.

Buck was truly shocked when he saw Doug stop treading water and stand up to wade slowly to the end of the pool then struggle to climb out and dress. Doug never touched the bottom of a pool unless they were horsing around. One of the first things he told Buck was that swimmers always swim if there's enough water. The bottom is just there, a physical limit to a body of water. He pulled on his shorts and hurried to where Doug waited for him. He put a hand on Doug's back tentatively.

Doug smiled down at him and put his arm around Buck's shoulders. "Thanks for sticking with me."

Buck nodded, "I'm sorry it didn't turn out better."

"Yeah, well he didn't even give me a chance to explain. I didn't, we didn't just decide out of the blue that we were going to be queers. God I hate that word." Doug chuckled, "Of course gay isn't much fucking better, it's just softer somehow. I know when I first realized that I liked looking at guys, and dreaming about certain ones, I wasn't exactly overwhelmed with joy, you know, all that gay about it, but I couldn't just stop either. Fuck me Bucky, what am I going to do?" He asked as they neared the cars.

John was sitting in the first car and Bucky was waiting for them by the second. Doug sat between father and son. They watched the chopper lift off before Will closed the door. "Joe's dropping John off on the way." Bucky explained needlessly, just to start the conversation.

"So?" Doug asked, "I mean what happened?"

Bucky cleared his throat. "Your father seems to be very much a conservative in some areas. Homosexuality is one of them."

"As in homophobic." Doug stated in a quiet voice.

"Well, yes, it seems he is at least as far as you're concerned. Right now he's very upset and confused. He thinks you need help right now to recover from a mental illness. He asked me if I'd find you a psychiatrist, the best."

"Great, you do that, make the appointment in the name of John Henderson, and give them our, his home phone number so they call him when he doesn't show up. Do you think I need a shrink?"

"No, not anymore than Buck does, or me for that matter. You've come to terms with your homosexuality. I mentioned that when you told them, you weren't asking for help to solve the problem, just that they accept you as you are because being gay isn't a problem for you any longer, it's a fact of life."

"So what happens now, to me? He obviously doesn't want me around anymore."

"That was my suggestion, not his decision. John and I left him with a great deal to think about and I thought it might be best if you weren't there just now while he wrestles with the issue. Your father agreed. John will arrange for me to have temporary custody for the time being, that is if it's all right with you. You could stay with John if you'd prefer to."

Buck exploded, "WHAT?" he shouted, before he looked up at Doug wearing a pitiful forlorn expression, "You don't do you?" He squeaked in his little boy voice.

Doug grinned and bumped Buck's head with his. "No way, unless you get tired of having me around," his tongue darted to Buck's nose. Buck responded with a quick swipe of his own. At some point during the weekend, a simple playful lick by one of them, and a quickly answering tongue came to represent a question and a definite urgent yes in reply. If Bucky weren't in the car with them they would have made love on the seat or the floor as fast as they could shed their shorts. Will's presence would have been ignored, or they would have invited him to join them, of course after he parked the car somewhere.

Doug gently lifted Buck's hand from his growing erection. He mouthed the words, "Not now," and turned to Bucky. "Just exactly what does custody mean for me?"

"Just what you imagine. I'm your temporary surrogate parent. You'll live in our house and," he started to laugh, "and you'll abide by the same rules and regulations as my son, which with the exception of a new rule I just thought of, there are none."

Buck leaned forward to look at his father, "What's the new one?" He asked suspiciously.

"The new one is a rule. You will both keep your hands to yourselves when there is anyone present who happens to be straight, including me." Bucky matched Buck's grin. "Thought I didn't see that didn't you?" He started laughing, "Well I did. It seems we three are all similarly endowed, and that death grip you just had on Doug's erection was hard to miss or ignore."

"Okay Bucky, I guess I can live with that." Doug agreed, laughing, offering his one free hand to shake on the deal. His other hand was busy trying to fend off both of Buck's hands.

Their laughter was interrupted when Will slowed the big car to drive through the roadblock. He raised the partition to further frustrate the few members of the media who still entertained hopes of catching Dylan in one of the sleek limousines even though they couldn't see into the rear of the car to see if it was even occupied. By then they knew that John Henderson's neighbor was none other than the famous or infamous Buckminster Trenton and a photo of him was almost as good as getting one of Dylan Brockway. Succeeding with Bucky was at least as difficult because he was just as elusive if he wanted to be.

Doug's depression returned when Will opened the rear car door in front of Trenton Hall and he realized that it was to be his home for the foreseeable future. The impact of being temporarily disowned hit him. He studied the black and white marble squares on the floor of the entry hall. "Thanks Bucky, for everything. I think I'll just go to bed now, I have to work tomorrow," he mumbled and started up the stairs.

Buck scurried after him, then got ahead of him, so he had the door unlocked and open by the time Doug reached it. "Let's take a shower," Buck suggested brightly, and got behind Doug and depantsed him by just yanking. He giggled, "Wearing Paul's shorts comes in kind of handy sometimes when you're in a hurry." He took Doug's hand and tugged him toward the bathroom. "I have a surprise for you, come on." He guided Doug to the shower, then grinned up at Doug's face after bending down and getting close, since Doug's chin remained on his chest.

Doug looked up, then around, "What?" He asked, "I don't see anything different."

Buck was happy that he finally got Doug's attention. "You dope. Look at that showerhead. Isn't that neat? Our very own hose! I had them installed in the other bathrooms too."

Doug smiled for the first time since they got out of the car. "How'd you manage that, and on the Fourth of July too, as if I didn't know?" He turned on both showers, then the hose and began squirting the tile walls.

"That's right, I used my best Buckminster voice on the plumbing contractor. I told him the maids were complaining already about not being able to clean my son's swampy bathroom properly. I took a chance and reminded him that they were part of the original contract." Buck giggled hard enough to make Doug laugh. "I wasn't sure if there was a contract, but Mom's got the poor guy so fucked up with changes, he came over and did it himself. Pretty neat huh?"

"Yeah, neat." Doug handed the running hose to Buck and bent over. "Here use it on me, my father fucked me tonight already, you may as well take your best shot." He looked back at Buck to see him almost in tears. "Hey, I'm sorry. That didn't come out like I meant it, I wasn't comparing you to him. I like it when you do it, you know that." Doug forced a smile. "It's just that tonight, you know, I want you to fuck me all night for a change. Please? You said you would once in awhile, occasionally. Tonight is an occasion. Come on, please?" Buck nodded and managed a smile until Doug looked away, then he grinned, already planning how to get Doug back on top as soon as possible after lights out.

Doug climbed into the boat bed first, and positioned himself in the middle of the bed. Buck followed and immediately shut off every light in the room. When he got comfortable by Doug's side, he lay there without moving or touching him. A minute passed. "Well?" Doug asked turning his head to look where he could hear Buck's breathing.

"Well what?"

"Well Goddamnit Bucky, you're the aggressor tonight, so start aggressing." Doug giggled a legitimate giggle. "Don't make me come over there and rape you like you did to the old guys," he warned.

"It really pisses them off when we call them old doesn't it?"

"Yes, and quit stalling."

"I dare you to rape me."

Doug moved with lightening speed, acting by feel in the pitch-black room. He quickly got astride Buck's smaller body standing on his knees, and after knocking Buck's half hearted protective hand-hold from his cock, he sank until he sat on Buck's thighs, impaling himself. He ground himself against Buck. "How was that?" He asked, reveling in the feel of Buck's full length buried in his guts.

Buck panted, "No bad for a virgin rapist." He took Doug's cock in both his hands and pulled it toward his mouth. He fondled it's head with his tongue straining his neck muscles, and was about to ask Doug to hold his head, when Doug leaned forward grabbing two fists full of blond hair momentarily letting out his anger, until he realized what he was doing. He opened his hands then and controlled Buck's head as if he was caressing a large delicate egg.

As soon as Doug came, his hands moved to Buck's armpits. He pulled Buck with him as he leaned back and straightened his legs until his calves were beside where Buck's head was a moment before. Buck scrambled to adjust his legs to keep up with Doug's movements as he was pulled forward and his toes punched the pillow while Doug's head replaced his feet at the foot of the bed and he rested his weight on Doug's body, looking down at him. Buck wiggled his hips experimentally half surprised that he remained imbedded. "That move was neat, but it needs work," he whispered.

"So we'll practice. Now shut up and start fucking." Doug mumbled just before he pulled Buck's mouth to his and started exploring Buck's mouth for a taste of himself.

Doug remained on the bottom for the rest of the night, but also in complete command of their lovemaking. Each time Buck thought he was finished and started to doze. Doug got him hard and ready again by hand or mouth.

At false dawn, Buck woke up to find himself cuddled against Doug's side with his head pillowed just below Doug's ribcage. His hand held Doug's morning hardon loosely two inches from his mouth. He stroked the big cock gently and moved his head closer until he could kiss it good morning. Doug's breathing was still slow and regular, he was still asleep. Buck slowly rolled away until he no longer touched his lover's beautiful body. "He did say something about practice." Buck thought.

He knelt at Doug's side for a moment, then quickly threw a knee over Doug's hips, lifted his cock, lined himself up over it and fell on it. He looked down at Doug with a satisfied smile to see Doug's eyes were open, an eyebrow was arched and he grinned back up at Buck.

Buck giggled, "Now we'll just see how well you do that pretzel thing you made me do last night." In the same breath, Buck flopped back on Doug's closed legs with, "Ready, set, go!" His shoulders slipped between them as Doug opened them, bent them out to the side, sat up, then straightened them again as he leaned down and made himself comfortable on top of Buck to begin a series of gentle thrusts.

"How was that?" Doug asked.

Buck frowned, "That was cheating. You've been doing that with someone else when I wasn't watching."

"Are you jealous? If you weren't watching, you were fucking with someone else, so now I'm jealous." Doug emphasized the last word with an extra deep poke and a grin.

"Wow!" Buck gasped, locking his legs around Doug's waist. "Do that some more please."

When Doug finished, he sat up again and folded his legs under his ass, while pulling Buck back and up as he moved, so they remained connected. He folded himself down by arching his back until he could take half of Buck's cock in his mouth. Buck was already so close to exploding that Doug only had to move his head a few times before he started swallowing.

As they were about to get out of bed to shower, Buck reached for the phone. "What do you want for breakfast? I'll let them know so it's ready when we hit the table."

"It doesn't matter, whatever you're having is fine," Doug answered while he stretched and yawned on his way into the bathroom. He didn't think of himself as part of the Trenton family or as a welcome guest any longer, he was living there temporarily like a dirt- poor relative with nowhere else to go. He was in Bucky's custody, a prisoner in a plush prison or maybe a sex slave. He liked that idea and glanced down when he felt that his cock was already growing to explore the possibilities.

After Doug turned on the shower, Buck dialed the kitchen and after he ordered, over-rode the cook's protests, by telling her to call his father and possibly wake him up if she needed his authorization to order two dumb old breakfasts.

Buck joined Doug in the shower looking very pleased with himself. Doug started to wash Buck after he got wet. He eyed Buck's grin suspiciously. "What's with you? You look like you just learned you were rich or something."

Buck giggled and changed the subject, "Phooey, but are we funky or what? Good thing we used the hose or we'd have to burn our bed for real."

Doug agreed, "No wonder all the screwing you did. I used to run to work, but this morning I don't think I could walk that far."

"Fuck you Douggie, OOPS, I forgot I did," Buck spit to get the soap out of his mouth after Doug tried to stuff the bar of soap in it while he laughed. "I was about to say, before I was so rudely interrupted, that I actually could have slept three more hours if you didn't keep getting me hard against my will."

"Yeah, well thanks for helping me out. After my father got done with me, I just felt like I wanted to get fucked for real." Doug's expression once again turned morose.

"Hey, would you stop with that hound dog look? I know you can't forget what happened, but try to put it in the back of your mind. Things will work out for the best, you'll see. Just think about it, right now we can spend the rest of the summer together and fuck up a storm every night. Then when we get to school we'll be so experienced it'll be like we're an old married couple and we'll be able to teach Marc and the new guy a thing or two." Buck maintained a steady stream of happy talk while they finished up in front of the sinks.

Doug smacked the heel of his hand on his forehead. "Shit I don't have any clothes here. My weekend stuff is still at Wilcott's." He grinned at Buck. "Can I borrow a pair of shorts and a shirt?"

"Of course, help yourself, that's what I do." Buck giggled while he pulled open several drawers so Doug could pick out whatever he wanted before he disappeared into the living room. He returned with two cell phones and handed one to Doug. "Here, this one's yours. It'll be really neat to have someone to call besides Dad." They spent a minute programming the phones to voice dial each other, then Buck called Wilcott's to invite them all to breakfast before Paul drove Doug to work, and everyone else boarded the helicopter for their trip to New York.

Buck and Marc had a lengthy phone conversation about what they should wear to go roommate hunting in the city. Neither knew what city kids wore in the summer, and finally decided to wear shorts and tee shirts. Then when they got there, if they guessed wrong, they would just stop somewhere and buy clothes so they looked like everyone else.

Doug kept giggling and shaking his head while he listened to Buck. As far as Buck was concerned, Peter was going to be their fourth roommate, period. "You know the chances that this guy is gay, and you convincing him that he should go to Oaks are somewhere between slim and none don't you? First of all you have to find him, then make friends with him somehow, then make sure he's smart enough and doesn't have the personality of a rock."

Buck listened while they walked down the hall, but his attention was fixed on Doug's crotch. "Yeah, yeah, yeah." Buck said without lifting his eyes. "Minor difficulties for a Trenton, just minor difficulties."

"What is with you?" Doug asked. "Stop looking at me like that. We don't have time for another round."

Buck started laughing. "Our big old jamoke is peeking out with every step you take. You better go back and put on a jock. Those shorts are too short for you and I don't want everyone you meet looking at our cock."

"Oh, is that all." Doug pushed the elastic waist lower in front, then did a quick jumping jack. "How's that? And what's this `our cock' shit?"

"Better, and this is our cock." Buck patted Doug's clearly outlined bulge affectionately, then grabbed himself, "And so is this."

Doug laughed and nodded, "I like the concept." He said slapping Buck on the back as they walked into the dinning room.

Bucky was sitting at the head of the table, dressed in a suit and tie and reading a newspaper. Will and Joe and two other guys were sitting together eating at the other end. The two strangers were also dressed for the office, while Will and Joe were wearing comfortable slacks and short sleeved shirts. They smiled when the boys walked in then continued eating and talking quietly between themselves. Bucky waved them to places on both sides of the table on his right and left.

Jenny, the pretty maid appeared staggering under the weight of a large tray covered with dinner plates of breakfast food, all kinds. She stared daggers at Buck while she served the boys with one plate in front of them then the others around them first, then down the table.

Bucky's eyebrow shot up, the Wall Street Journal was forgotten as he looked over the assortment. "I hesitate to ask about all this, but which of you is planning to sit here until everything is eaten?" He looked at Buck first, then turned to give Doug equal time being frowned at. The boys pointed across the table at each other. They both giggled, but Doug wore a puzzled look, so Bucky swung his gaze back to his son.

Buck shrugged, "Doug doesn't think of himself as a part of our family or as a guest," Buck explained quietly so the bodyguard contingent couldn't hear him, "and he wouldn't order anything for breakfast, so I ordered for him." Buck frowned at Doug, then added, "Not much of this will go to waste, the Wilcott's and Dylan are on their way over."

Bucky joined his son in frowning at Doug. "I see. Okay Douglas," he almost whispered, "for the record, while you are living here, and even after you go back home and are back here visiting, you, me and Buck will consider you a part of this family. Is that crystal clear?" Bucky's expression was so intense, that Doug nodded, afraid to shake his head and argue. Bucky smiled and raised his voice so everyone in the room could hear him clearly. "If anyone in this house ever even frowns at you suggesting that you are anything less than my second son you just let me know, or Buck will, and I'll see that it does not happen again." Bucky raised the newspaper again. "Dig in boys, or we'll be late," he added through the paper.

A few minutes later, the Wilcott's arrived. John led the boys with his wife on his arm. Doug and Buck both gawked at her as they jumped to their feet to be introduced. Elise Wilcott was beautiful; as tall as John was, she had natural blond her, green eyes and features that any makeup would spoil. Paul, Marc, Morgan and Dylan found chairs in the middle of the table after they selected a plate of breakfast from the many available.

Doug and Buck resumed eating while Bucky remained standing to chat with John and Elise. When he invited them to sit down, Elise chose the place beside Doug. She paused to run her fingers through Doug's hair as she sat down. "I'd give a fortune to have red curly hair like yours Doug," she said with a radiant smile. Doug blushed scarlet and thanked her, gallantly offering his mop to her in trade if he could.

Buck giggled, "My mother would too," he agreed with Elise. "In fact, I think she already has, just about every other month!"

Bucky nodded, laughed, then frowned at Buck, "Now don't pick on your mother when she isn't here to defend herself," he warned playfully.

The bodyguard contingent finished their breakfast first, and left the room. Will returned five minutes later and whispered to Bucky.

Buck looked around at everyone to see that they were finished eating. "Okay, I think we're all ready to face the day, the chopper is ready to go." He smiled at Elise. "Can you find your way home safely?" Elise nodded, then invited them to dinner that evening, so they could all catch up with the day's events. She, Paul and Doug walked with the others, out through the nearly finished gardens, to the helicopter pad located near a warehouse size brick building.

"What's in there?" Doug asked.

"This end is the hanger obviously. The rest is the garage for Dad's car collection. Remember I told you."

"Oh yeah, the Vets and Harley's."

Buck and Doug walked together without touching until they saw Dylan and Marc openly holding hands. Buck immediately put his arm around Doug's waist and fitted his side to Doug's, forcing Doug to put his on Buck's shoulders to get it out of the way. Doug looked around quickly and blushed, but when he saw that if anyone noticed the movement, they didn't care, so he pulled Buck tighter.

"Now you've got your phone turned on right? Call me and let me know how you're doing, okay? And I'll call you to let you know how we're doing with Pete, okay? And please answer the fucking thing if it rings, and if you don't hear it, there'll be a voice mail, so call me back." Doug laughed and nodded at Buck's mother hen instructions.

"Yes dear," Doug agreed dutifully. "And you try and stay out of trouble, and don't molest this Pete guy unless he wants to be molested," he giggled. "I guess he's safe though since there's no place private where you can get him."

Buck looked up at Doug and batted his eyelashes. "Don't be too sure about that. We have a duplex on Central Park South, and from his address, he lives about fifteen blocks away on the West Side."

Doug shook his head, laughing in disbelief, "I guess I should have known. Of course the Trenton's would have a place in the city to stay if they needed it. Forty- five miles away is just too far to travel from home," he mocked.

Buck frowned, "When I said we, that includes you too for as long as you're with us, which I hope is forever. Of course I know your dad will come around eventually, but in the meanwhile you are a part of the Trenton clan. Weren't you listening at breakfast?"

Doug nodded. "I was listening, and I really appreciate it. I wanted to thank your Dad too, but there were too many people around. Tell him for me will you?"

Buck lifted Doug's cell phone off his waistband and dialed a number, then handed the phone to Doug. "Here, tell him yourself." Buck giggled suddenly, "Quick watch him." He nodded toward his father just as Bucky jumped suddenly and grabbed his crotch area like he'd been stung. Buck laughed. "He keeps his phone on vibrate in his pants pocket. He does that every time. That's a riot isn't it?"

Bucky dug in his pocket frantically to retrieve his phone, while he explained what happened to John and Elise with a grin and a red face. "Hello?"

"Hi, its me, Doug. Calling you was Buck's idea, sorry about that. I just wanted to say thank you earlier for all your help and the other stuff about being family and all, but there were too many people around."

Buck looked back to where Doug stood with Buck, then turned away quickly so the others wouldn't know that Doug was calling him. "It's really my pleasure. No thanks are necessary. You're right about too many people; we'll arrange some quiet family time everyday from now on. Have a good day and don't worry, things will work out. After you hang up, save this number and call me anytime. Oh, and tell the brat I'll get him for this," he giggled and disconnected. He boarded the helicopter after all the others except Buck, then said something to the attendant by the steps after a wave to Doug.

The attendant looked back at Buck, then shrugged and started to lift the steps in place so he could close the hatch. "Sonofabitch! He's going to leave me. WAIT goddamn it, I'm coming!" Buck shouted, stretched his neck and gave Doug a quick peck on the cheek, and scampered to the chopper as the pilot started the engine and the rotors started turning.

Paul and his mother joined Doug in waving as they backed away from the increasing down draft. "Now that's the way your father should commute everyday." Elise said after the big chopper disappeared over the trees heading east.

Paul laughed, "No way Mom, he can't afford it. He gave Marc a credit card this morning to buy a new underwater camera outfit while he was in the city."

Elise shook her head in mock dismay, "That man will never learn. I'm off to buy groceries, and I better get them while we still have money. You guys cleaned out the freezer this weekend, but you made some nice new friends and I think your father and I did too." She looked at her watch; "You should get to work. You mustn't be late."

"We won't be." Paul answered with a kiss on his mother's cheek, as she was about to climb into her SUV. "And thanks for understanding about us," he added with a blush.

"I'm afraid I don't understand entirely and we probably never will, but we both want you all to be happy," Elise included Doug with a glance, "and you never can be if you tried to keep a secret like that. Now off you go. Work hard and build up a big appetite, I was thinking about a nice big prime rib, I hope everyone likes it rare," she added with a laugh as she waved and drove off.

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