Castle Roland

Somerset Farm

by Jamie Haze

In Progress

Chapter 19

Published: 5 Jan 15


Jamie Haze

"Wait a minute, if you live in California, what the fuck are you doing going to school in New Jersey?" Buck asked the twins.

Everyone except Doug were sitting around the corner of the pool, either on the edge with their feet in the water, or just sitting or laying on the wet tile. Doug was doing laps in the side lane closest to them. He periodically changed stokes according to his own mental schedule. He considered their first practice to be a total fiasco because Buck and the twins looked to him to coach them. Buck in diving, which he knew little about, and the twins, because they recognized him as both a year older than they, and a more experienced swimmer, plus the Oaks pool was rented for his benefit not theirs.

Then while Patrick was the recognized disciplinarian by all the boys, he knew zilch about competitive swimming and nothing about the electronic timer and starting gun, so Doug patiently explained what he was supposed to do, how everything worked and even what comprised a legal start.

Marc initially was another problem. His enthusiasm for getting the best underwater pictures and video overwhelmed his desire to be helpful and he kept getting in the way, underwater. Doug, and then one of the twins excused him the first time they bumped him during two heats, when the three of them were actually racing, but each contact aborted the race, and they had to start over again. When Doug touched him the second time, he dove instantly and pulled the regulator from Marc's mouth and half seriously attempted to strangle him with the hose. Dylan was holding the second camera wearing the second scuba outfit Marc bought and separated them, before he guided Marc to the surface.

Patrick solved that problem by advising Marc that if he didn't keep his 'arse' and/or back pasted to the bottom or side of the pool at all times when he was in an active lane, that Patrick would jump in and personally tie Marc's other hose in knots. Patrick issued that threat just after he admitted that he didn't know how to swim. Marc laughed and explained that he was only trying to get the best cock shots of Doug and the twins while he bobbed in the center of the three lanes.

Patrick jumped without hesitation. He was the only one still wearing clothes; antique Bermuda polyester shorts, knee high socks, leather brogues on his feet and a brightly colored Hawaiian shirt. He landed close enough to Marc to get his hands around Marc's neck, before he realized he was drowning and started using Marc's body to climb out of the water ten feet from the end wall. It took the combined efforts of Dylan, Doug and both twins to rescue Marc and get Patrick back to the safety of the deck.

Patrick shook himself like a soggy dog, then stared at Marc balefully while he undressed. "Let that be fair warnin' to ye. Interfere with these lads once more an' I'll be in there on you so fast your pretty head will be spinnin' make no mistake," he warned. He noticed that all the boys were watching him fold his wet clothes neatly and put them on a bench, particularly the twins. "And just what are the two peas out o' the same pod lookin at? Have ye not seen a fully gown adult man in the all together before?"

Both blushed and shook their heads, one answered, "Oh no Sir, it's not that, we were just thinking that you still have a pretty good body for such an old guy."

Wrong answer. Patrick switched his Irish temper from Marc to them, "I do, do I? I'll be taken the first part o' that as a compliment. 'Tis the result of makin' the acquaintance of hard work, something which you two are unfamiliar with. Now as to the last, about me advanced age," he took a step toward them. The twins backed up a step nervously. Patrick grinned suddenly, "Well that can't be helped as you'll discover. Now let's start over again."

Marc remained very careful of staying out of the way for the rest of the practice. Patrick quickly got comfortable with his nudity and even with the boys', though he thought them no less attractive or desirable, his lack of clothing worked to mitigate his desire and imagination, so his cock remained at rest.

When Buck asked the twins why they were attending a prep school across the country from where they lived, Patrick slipped off the starting block he was sitting on and knelt over the edge of the pool with one hand in the water. When Doug approached to touch and turn, Patrick grabbed his wrist and hauled him out to sit on the edge. "Give it a rest lad. Everyone will do better tomorrow," he assured Doug and eyed Marc. "Won't they?" Marc nodded and apologized to Doug and the twins again before he resumed drying his camera housings so he could open them.

Toby and Terry sat with their legs folded like Indians. They touched from hip to knee, then intertwined their arms and rested their forearms on the other's knee. Both sighed, one answered. "This is supposed to be the school that handles hard asses. If we get thrown out of here, we're off to Europe to some little military school that's more like a concentration camp or a funny farm where the inmates get locked in their rooms at night."

Doug looked up in surprise. "No it isn't." He saw Buck nod, "It is?"

"It isn't for you, you're a day student, and it isn't really for me either because I was never restricted to campus like a lot of guys are." Buck nodded again then quoted something, "'Tuition, room, board, plus breakage.' Didn't you ever read the contract? Hard asses arrive sometimes under guard, then can't get off campus again until someone signs them out. Why do you think the place is fenced and the gates are guarded? Our ID cards have green backgrounds," he looked at the twins sorrowfully, "yours must be red. Bummer."

The twins nodded their agreement. "We've been thrown out of all the best schools across the country in the last three years, just trying to convince our father to let us come home." Their story poured out of them. They took turns telling it, and when they got upset they talked in two-part harmony.

Their mother died from cancer four years earlier and their father remarried within six months. The twins' relationship with their stepmother Thelma was instant mutual hate. Thelma was in her early twenties, not very bright but sly, cunning and abetted by her mother who moved in with them on her daughter's wedding day. She thought marriage would give her entr‚e to community property. It did, except she discovered too late that half of her new husbands' assets were almost nothing, because all the Fair wealth came from the twins' mother's family. And that was already in trusts, the income on her death, automatically switched to her direct descendants, or back to other blood relatives in the Del La Varga family.

The Del La Vargas traced their lineage back to Spanish nobility. They were an original land grant family who managed to retain ownership of much of their vast real estate holdings from the time when Spain claimed California as theirs to the present day.

The twins reported that they were currently the prizes in a custody battle between their father, Kevin Fair and their maternal grandfather, Thomas Del La Varga. Also, their father was actively attempting to break the long established trusts at his new wife's prompting, so all the twin's income was locked in escrow pending resolution of the litigation. They giggled when they told the guys that Thelma and her mother fucked themselves royally with the lawsuit because the court also froze the income from their father's trust as well.

"Dear Dad is claiming that he can't live in the style he's become accustomed to on a measly two million a year. Shit, he was a fucking plumber before he married Mother, and a piss poor one at that, according to Gramps. Gramps had to get someone else in the fix the leaky pipe Dad was supposed to be working on. Anyway, mummy dearest got Dad to ship us off to school so she could work on him without interruption, so we just kept getting thrown out of one after another."

"Damn how'd you do that, just not study? Did you flunk out of them all?" Marc asked.

The twins giggled, "That only worked at the first school. We kept getting sick at the second from eating chewing tobacco and swallowing soap, shit like that. We always tried not to barf until we were within range of an instructor or the dorm proctor. Each time we got sent home, we'd only be there a couple of days before we were hauled off to another school further away. We got into doing lots of shit, and now we're here where they don't care. They just charge us, not us really, and not Dad anymore. Now Gramps has to pay, so we promised to behave mostly." The twin doing all the talking stopped suddenly and frowned at his brother. "Well fuck you too, I was getting around to that. You ask then."

The other nodded and looked pleased. "That's enough about us. We're stuck here since there's no one to ever sign us out. Do you guys all go to school here? I'm Terry by the way." He looked at Dylan, "We recognize you, you don't. We like your movies, most of them." He added with a grin, then looked at the other guys. "You've got a lot of juice around here if you can get the pool closed." He looked at Doug. "Thanks for letting us stay. We like swimming but we aren't very good at it."

"Yeah, actually you are. Your problem is that you always swim together and finish together." Doug laughed. "Buck's father is a Trustee. He and I go here, and Marc and Pete are transferring so the four of us can room together this year. Patrick here is our friend and I guess my trainer when he has the time." Patrick beamed, pleased that Doug explained him so simply, included him as a friend and gave him the title of trainer.

Doug stretched his neck looking around the pool area. "I don't see Will and Joe right now, but they're our friends too mostly. Actually they're Buck's bodyguards, but no one needs to know that. They must be wandering around the campus checking the place out."

Peter looked hopeful. "Can we go look around too?"

Marc stood up. "That's a great idea. We should go check out our room too since we know which one it is." He offered Peter his hand and pulled him to his feet. "Come on Pete let's check this dump out." They started talking together as they walked to the doors.

"Hold on there lads. We'll be needin' breeches." Patrick reminded them and eyed his wet clothes sorrowfully.

Doug giggled. "Let's go in the locker room Patrick, there's a big box full of lost and found shit in there, if you don't mind wearing some guy's shorts temporarily."

Patrick nodded happily. Buck went with them and sat on a bench after he pulled on his shorts watching Patrick and Doug sort through the large collection of clothing in the lost and found box. He eyed Patrick speculatively. "Hey Pat, I just had a thought. Are you really happy where you work?"

Patrick's eyebrow lifted while he thought about his answer. " Aye, I am mostly I guess. To be sure, there's ever more work. Whatever someone else can't do or won't do, it's always; 'Get old Patrick to do it.' Why do ye ask lad?"

"I was just thinking it would be cool to have a guy like you around to help us out kind of like you did today. There would be lot's less work, just Doug and me and we aren't slobs. We could be ourselves and you could come and go as you please at the house. Then when school starts you could room with Joe and Will. You could go where we go and travel with us, like to Sidney next summer, stuff like that. You could also take time off whenever you want since there's just Doug and me now at home, and Pete and Marc when we move in here, but only one room, and they aren't slobs either."

Patrick pulled up a pair of almost new Madras plaid shorts and buttoned them. "Truth to tell lads, the reason for me trip home this holiday was to find a wee cottage for me retirement. I've been workin' on fine large estates since I was your age, and the livin' costs nothin' to speak of, so I've a bit put away. The Madam herself has been advisin' me on prudent investments over the years so's I can do as I please in comfort. Your offer is sure somethin' to think on, since I've come to realize that I wouldn't be happy if I retired back home. I've been away too long I'm thinkin' and this fine Country is really my home now. If you've a mind, we could be givin' it a try over the summer." He grinned and wagged a finger at Buck and moved it to include Doug. "But fair warnin' there's a limit to me toleration of excessive bull shit. I'm not in the least wantin' to limit the fun, but actin' stupid will find either of ye, or the others wi' me new tennis shoe up your arse." He looked at Doug hopefully. "Keep diggin' Douglas, it would be a rare dumb arse that would leave here wearin' one shoe an' not notice, there must be a mate to this one." He laughed and hopped on one foot until Doug found the matching second shoe. An embroidered Oaks Academy pullover shirt completed Patrick's makeshift ensemeble.

"Great Patrick! We've got a deal. There's a guest suite next to our apartment. You can move in whenever you want."

Buck jumped up and hugged him. Patrick tried, but couldn't resist hugging him back, then pushed him away gently. "Enough of that now. You're too handsome a lad to be doin' that to the likes of me. It's good we be dressed else those waitin' would be sendin' a search party," he giggled nervously. "Okay lads let's have a tour o' your campus."

Doug touched Buck's shoulder to hold him back after Patrick surged through to door to the pool. "You've been talking like I'm never going back home, do you know something I don't?"

"No, but it's nice to hope. If you stop and think about it, would you be happy living with your father if he made up with you tonight? So much has changed so fast. You're kind of like Patrick going home to Ireland. If you went back home, could you make believe none of this shit happened, that nothing changed? Like if you invited me to sleep over or one of the guys, I'd sleep in a guestroom, and we'd be just best friends officially, but they'd know. Could your mother and father ignore what they knew we were doing together in their house? How long would that last?" Buck shuddered and looked like he was ready to cry. "Don't you like living with me?"

Doug pulled Buck against his chest. "I'm sorry, of course I do! I'm just so fucked up. And you're right; there's no going back. I love living with you," he blushed and kissed Buck lightly, "you know why?"

"I hope so, but tell me." Buck's eyes bored into Doug's.

"Because I love you."

Buck's body melted against Doug's. "I love you too."

They kissed then like it was their first, and possibly their last. Their passions rose, and they separated together, pushing each other away. They stood looking and grinning at each other stupidly until they heard Patrick calling them. When they returned to the pool deck they were still grinning at each other, and holding hands.

The twins noticed and looked away heading for the outside door. Patrick put a hand on their shoulders from behind. "Perhaps havin' the word, 'gay' tattooed on your foreheads would make everything clearer for the entire world to see," he suggested in a whisper wearing a broad smile.

Buck giggled, "We don't think so," he said looking up at Doug. "Would 'lovers' be too long to fit?"

The twins took over the tour. Doug and Buck untangled their fingers by the time they reached the door, then just kept bumping into each other, wearing foolish grins and excusing themselves for the bumps as they walked behind the rest of the guys. They met Will and Joe in the quadrangle in front of the Administration Building.

Doug elbowed Buck suddenly and started laughing. Buck looked at him quizzically until Doug pointed to the carved sandstone lintel over the front doors. "Are you that Trenton? Goddamn, no wonder your father is a Trustee. Trenton Hall, I never connected the name with you until just now." He giggled harder, "Hey guys, if you want to graduate without studying, get your dad to build them a fucking building."

"Fuck you too Douggie, Dad didn't pay for that," he started giggling with Doug, "it was my great grandfather I think, maybe Gramps didn't feel like studying when he was here. Let's go look at our room." Buck gave Doug a push to a branching sidewalk so they became the tour leaders and Toby and Terry, with Patrick walking between them, became the rear guard.

Doug nudged Buck. "Check out the twins and Patrick. He's between them. I've never heard him talking so much, and he's sure got them laughing."

Buck looked over his shoulder. "Maybe their father's been an asshole to them so long, they're looking for a substitute. He's cool, he's Irish and so are they, half anyway, plus he probably looks at them like kids he might have had."

Lasker Hall, the old dormitory, was as meticulously maintained as all the other buildings on the Oaks Academy campus, on the outside. The interior was a different matter. What was once elegant and modern when the structure was built at the close of the Civil War had been painted and repainted into shabby and forlorn. The lobby, the grand staircase to the second floor and the hallways were green, every shade and hue. Even the white marble floors were spattered by generations of careless painters.

Marc summed up the group opinion; "The Jolly Green Giant tossed his cookies in here and no one cleaned up the mess. If our room is this color, I'll fucking buy the paint and slap it on myself," he promised as they climbed to the second floor.

"The rooms are all baby shit brown," a twin volunteered. "Ours is up here too, in the middle next to the john. Wait until you hear a toilet flush. We think they put all the bad asses in here on purpose, if we did any damage, no one would ever notice." The twins giggled together, "On the brighter side, they can't make us pay for damage that's already done."

Lasker Hall was designed to house fifty students, one per room. Each floor had two communal study rooms located at each end of the hall on both floors. There was a back central staircase and exit leading to a single story, separate brick building housing a combination bathhouse and multi-seater crapper when the building was new. With the advent of indoor plumbing, four student rooms were converted on each floor. Two, centrally located were devoted to toilets and sinks and a four-tub bath room respectively, while a room adjoining each study hall was divided into a combination toilet and bath. The tubs were later replaced with showers. Thus ended further physical modernization, except an extra bed was added to each single room, while the study rooms became rooms that slept four students who enjoyed their own adjoining bathroom, and the little building, the original crapper, became a cottage for the resident proctor.

Buck and Doug froze at the open door to what was to be their room. Peter and Marc pushed them in. Marc recovered first and whistled in disbelief, "Well it's big anyway." He looked at the twins, who were giggling together. "You were too kind when you said baby shit browns, but I can't think of a nastier color description. I guess I will buy the paint."

Doug opened one of four gray steel cabinets lined up on the interior wall. "These wouldn't be the closets would they?" He scanned the other walls and didn't see another door other than the one to the bathroom. "Oh no," he moaned, "these are the closets."

Peter eyed the four steel single beds and made a puking sound. "Check out the pecker tracks. There's four, one giant spot on each mattress. YUCK! Sorry guys, but I am not sleeping on one of these. I wonder if Paul would lend me his truck to bring mine from home?" He asked no one in particular.

Buck shook himself out of his trance and strolled around the room first, then looked in the bathroom. He completed his circuit by Doug. "Not to worry guys," he grinned, "Since this was my idea, I'll take care of getting this joint livable." He fished in his shorts pocket for his cell phone, dialed a number then cleared his throat while he waited for an answer. He saw Doug laughing at him silently and giggled, "This is a job for Buckminster the Third," he whispered and winked.

Peter, Patrick, and the twins looked at Buck strangely, Joe and Will grinned and remained quiet because they wanted to hear his end of the conversation. Doug pushed Marc and Dylan out into the hall so they could laugh. Buck was quickly connected to his father's general contractor. "Hi, this is Buck Trenton.." "Oh no, there's nothing wrong at the house.." "I've got a problem at my son's school, his room needs some remodeling and I was wondering if you could help us out.." "That's great.." "I'm busy tomorrow and can't be there, but you could meet him there. He can show you what needs to be done.." "He'll be at the pool from about ten o'clock on.." "Okay, thanks very much.." "Yes, just do whatever he wants in there and send me the bill." He gave the man the Oaks Academy address, "Thank you again, good bye."

Will and Joe burst into open laughter after Buck returned his phone to his pocket. "No wonder you fooled George the other night, that was perfect." Will congratulated Buck then cautioned him, "By the way, you don't need to do that anymore to George. Your father gave him the okay to help you any time you need it in the future."

Buck glanced at the twins who with Patrick, listened to Doug as he explained how well Buck could imitate his father. He nodded, "I'll call him tonight. There is something he could help us with." Buck bowed deeply to acknowledge the general cheering and applause from the group in the hall.

The twins stopped by their door and started to say good bye to the others generally and Patrick particularly. Buck grinned at them, "Want to get away from this dump overnight? Patrick can sign you out if you want to."

"Will you?" One twin asked. They both looked hopeful.

Patrick laughed, "Aye, that I will, but none o' them shenanigans as got you tossed from your other schools while you're in my care, else you'll be delivered back here in one o' them wheelchairs built for two."

The twins shook their heads vehemently, "No Sir, you're the boss. We might want to get invited back again. Thanks. We'll just change and collect some stuff and be right with you." One said before both disappeared into their room. Buck and the rest followed. The twins realized their mistake after the door was open. The room was neat and tidy, but one twin bed wasn't made up. It's bedding was still neatly folded on the mattress except for the pillow. There were two pillows on the second bed, which was made up, and both had obviously been sleeping in it together.

Both twins turned scarlet and stared at the floor. "We've never been separated, and that includes sleeping." They said together, slightly defiantly.

Buck giggled and started to say something, but Doug cut him off. "Hey that's cool. You are brothers and twins, what you do in a bed is none of our business," he looked down at Buck with a frown. "Is it Buck?"

Buck gave up and shrugged. "Nope, I guess not, but since we are on the subject, you two can be as straight as you want to be, but we aren't. If we're going to be friends you might see Doug just out of the blue grab me. He's so horny he won't let me be."

Doug exploded. "ME?" He screamed but laughed.

Buck giggled and ducked behind Will and Joe before Doug could actually grab him, since Doug was reaching for his neck, not his cock. "Boy Douggie, you need to work on your people skills, you keep trying to strangle all your friends," he said between giggles, until Will got him in a headlock.

"Do you want to pound the little prick, or shall I?" Will asked.

"Neither, let him go," Doug sneered. "I'll get him. He's such a nympho, we'll if see suffers from lack of nookie tonight."

Buck fell to his knees and tried to go into his crying routine, but he was laughing too hard to concentrate. One of the twins stopped his act entirely by finally shouting the same question he'd been asking since Buck announced that they were gay. "ALL OF YOU?"

The room fell silent, "All of us what?" Doug asked.

"Are all of you gay?" The twin asked again in a normal voice. He looked at Joe and Will, "You guys too?" After they nodded both twins just looked the question at Patrick.

Patrick nodded, then added. "Aye lads, that I am. I was when I was a bit younger than you are now, an' I still am. It tends to not wear off wi' age, just the opportunities to indulge, as you'd discover if you leaned in our direction."

"Wow," came from the twins. They dressed and packed a change of clothes and their toilet articles silently, with the speed and efficiency of telepaths. When they were finished one grinned at their audience, "I'm ready, and I'm Toby."

"How come you aren't dressed alike?" Buck asked. Toby wore a blue school shirt and Terry's was red.

Terry laughed, "We only do that when we want to fuck with people's minds. In school, that's most of the time, but we don't want to start out fucking with friends."

"Yeah, and telepathy is work believe it or not, we have to really listen and kind of maintain an open channel." Toby added, while they trooped to Trenton Hall to sign out for the night.

Patrick filled out the brief forms quickly. When he got to the space asking for his relationship to the student he printed 'UNCLE'. Toby and Terry looked over his shoulders and signed their names wearing smiles. When they rejoined the group waiting outside, Terry thanked him, "Thanks Uncle Pat. You know I like the sound of that."

"Me too," Toby agreed.

"That pleases me lads, because I enjoyed the writin' of it. I have nephews in Ireland o' course, but they be strangers. I like the thought o' havin' two here, even if you be a bit o' make believe."

The helicopter touched down at the Wilcott's long enough for Marc, Dylan and Peter to jump out and run toward the house. Patrick watched them. "Am I next then?"

Buck looked at him strangely. "Yeah, we all are, at our house. We're going home." The chopper landed again on the Trenton helipad. "OOPS, we are home." The sound of the engine died as Will opened the hatch and lowered the steps.

"I'm to be stayin' here startin' tonight then? I've nothin' to wear but soggy breeches and this borrowed finery."

"You can take a car after dinner and get everything you need." Doug started laughing to himself. "Dad will want to meet you. He'll really be pleased that you're coming to stay with us when I tell him about you."

Patrick blinked, then frowned. "You're sayin' then that he doesn't know I might be workin' here?"

Buck shrugged, "Nope, how could he? We didn't know until this afternoon." Doug's laughter grew and intruded into their conversation. Buck started laughing with him without knowing what they were laughing about. "What?" he asked finally.

Doug poked Patrick in the ribs. "You're loaning Patrick a car to drive on a public road! This I've got to see."

Patrick's frown deepened. "Now Douglas, don't be impugning me drivin' skills. Me reputation is undeserved. Me fine Buick car has a mind o' it's own at times, and some o' them trees along the drive be very fast at leapin' out in front o' me." His defense wilted into laughter. He put an arm over Buck's shoulders. "In truth lad it wouldn't be wise to lend me a vehicle, but only 'cause I've no license for the open road," he looked at Doug, "Ye can stop your laughter now, Douglas, anytime, else you'll find your ears boxed for ye."

"Okay, sorry Patrick. Let's just say your reputation precedes you when you're behind the wheel." A final giggle escaped Doug. "I've got to tell you though, I liked that bit about fast trees."

Toby and Terry were following along quietly, but their eyes roamed everywhere. "Home sweet home." Buck said as he opened a French door leading to an empty room of unknown intended use. "What do you think?" He asked the twins.

"Impressive?" Was their unified response.

Buck and Doug giggled. Buck pushed them across the room. "Actually ostentatious would be more accurate wouldn't it? You can say it. I happen to have an ostentatious mother. She thinks big. Come on this way, upstairs," he said. He saw Joe ending a phone call. "Is Dad home?"

"Nope," Joe grinned, "but he'd like to be. He was just calling to see if he could borrow his chopper from you, of course if you're done using it."

Buck giggled and looked at Doug. "Are you?"

"ME? What is this, dump on Doug Day? You said you'd pick me up in the chopper, it wasn't my idea. Don't get him mad at me. He scares me when he frowns at me for some reason. He kind of radiates power."

Buck nodded, giggled and voice dialed, 'Dad'. "Hi! Doug says yes, he's done with the bird and he'll send it in to get you, but you have to return it clean and with a full gas tank."

"I DID NOT!" Doug shouted over Buck's shoulder.

Buck giggled and dodged around the twins and Patrick, trying to keep away from Doug. "We brought home three guests from school and they'd like pizza for dinner. Doug was wondering, while you're waiting for the chopper, could you order a few and bring them home with you?"

Doug became frantic, trying to wrestle Buck's phone from him, until Will and Joe caught him and held him off the floor between them. They had trouble holding on to him because they were laughing too hard. Buck ended the call with a giggle, slipped his phone back into his pocket and unlocked the apartment door.

"Man, you shouldn't joke around like that." Doug warned after he was dropped on the sofa near the computer terminal. He grinned at the twins and Patrick. "You want to see some of Buck's toys? Watch." He nodded toward the bookcases, keyed open the wall and brought the plasma screen to life. "That's our bed. Pretty neat, huh?"

Buck jumped into Doug's lap and kissed him while one hand went between them up under his shorts' leg hem. Patrick and the twins were forgotten briefly as Doug responded. Buck pulled his hand away and broke the kiss on his own, but wiggled his little butt into Doug's lap. "What was that about you making me suffer from lack of nookie tonight?" He asked in a loud whisper and wiggled again.

Doug shrugged and laughed. "Did I say that?"

"Yup, pay back's a bitch isn't it?"

Patrick cleared his throat noisily after he heard the hall door close, and looked back to see that Will and Joe were gone. He blinked in surprise when he realized he was standing between the twins, massaging their backs, and that both of them were leaning back into his hands, and almost purring from the feel of his fingers and the sight of the impromptu love scene they watched unfolding on the sofa. "Say lads, before you two get too involved in them activities, perhaps we should all be off to our rooms to freshen up a bit before dinner I'm thinkin'," he suggested quietly. He looked down at himself and quickly made fists of his hands and jammed them into his front pockets to make his excitement less obvious.

The twins watched him and looked at each other. They grinned and did an about face, turning into Patrick and brushing the cause of their own tented shorts along his upper thighs. Toby looked back at Buck and Doug, as Buck keyed the view of the boat bed off the screen and stood up.

Buck didn't bother to hide the extent of his excitement outlined in the stretched material of his shorts. He pointed to the hall. "There are a couple of bedrooms down there, and a kitchen, if you want anything. After you get cleaned up, you can watch DVD's or listen to music, or read," he yawned and stretched, "We're kind of tired suddenly. We might lie down for awhile after we shower. Dinner will be in about an hour and a half." He pulled Doug to his feet. "Come on Douggie, before you fall asleep sitting there."

Patrick left the twins at the first bedroom door and hurried to the second. He pushed the door closed and stripped, relieved to be free of the constricting shorts. Naked, he enjoyed the feel of the air- conditioning drying and cooling his skin especially the burning stripes on his legs where the twins touched him with their cocks. He allowed himself to fall backward on the bed. He lifted his erection and grinned at it. "It's good you're up for the poundin' you're about to get old boy," he whispered to his cock before he started stroking it slowly while images of Doug, Paul, the twins, Buck, Dylan and Marc flashed through his mind. He reversed his mental tape and stopped at the twins around the pool, then added matching erections in size to the two that brushed his legs a couple of minutes earlier. The speed of his stroke increased.

The twins, in their bedroom, undressed each other rapidly using a lifetime of experience. They fitted their bodies to each other standing by the bed. Their two cocks touched each other, pressed tightly between their bellies. They kissed. Their tongues danced a long practiced choreography between their mouths, and they argued telepathically. The question wasn't whether or not they would visit Patrick, or when. Those points were decided. Only the issue of which of them was to be first, physically, remained.

"Me, because I'm older." "Big deal, a whole minute. You always pull that shit on me. It was my idea to get him to teach us, so I should be first." "Maybe him, but I told you we should find an old guy last year." "Why don't we let him decide?" "Yeah, but it might not matter. What if he laughs and throws us out?" "Get real, we read him when he was rubbing our backs. He's the one, he wants us, but he thinks he's too old for us or any of the others." "His head maybe, but his cock thinks otherwise." "Should we tell him we can link with anyone we touch?" "No way, not at first, we don't want to scare him." "Yeah, but he might figure it out when we start popping his loads with ours." "That may not work with outsiders anyway. Just because we always do." "We have to pop the first one first. After that, we'll see what happens." "Think he's naked yet?" "Probably, we are. Let's go." The twins giggled together audibly, nodded and opened their bedroom door hand in hand. Their argument began and ended in a fraction of a second.

Patrick's fantasy was developing nicely. His breathing rate increased with his stroke. He froze when he heard a noise, but didn't have time to lift his head or open his eyes before his bed moved under him when the twins joined him, one of them on each side. They lay on their sides and pressed their bodies against his. Two warm legs over lapped his and two hands moved from his chest in quick circles down his body to his cock and his hand. The two hands worked together to open his. Then one held it and moved it to a slightly smaller, harder and far wetter cock, while the other resumed his stroke.

Patrick opened his eyes and turned his head to the left. Toby's eager smiling brown eyes greeted his. His first impulse was to sit up and push Toby away, but suddenly he didn't want to. He turned his head to the right to find Terry looking into his eyes and smiling. Terry's hand jerked him, while Toby's held his against his soon to be manhood. Terry leaned back long enough for Patrick's free hand to hold his cock. Patrick thought it was his idea. He jerked both young cocks slowly, tenderly and equally. He lifted his head suddenly and started looking back and forth between both boys when he realized that he could tell them apart somehow. He chuckled and let his head fall back when Toby's hand joined Terry's on his cock.

"Ye know o' course that it's wrong for you lads to be here, but I'm pleased that ye are through no fault o' me own."

"We want you to show us stuff, we do stuff, you know, like this together, but we want an outsider," Toby stopped his explanation suddenly when Terry slammed a warning into his mind. "I mean someone experienced like you to show us everything, you know, the right way to do stuff."

Patrick laughed softly, "Ah lads, there be no right way, or wrong way either. There's ways that hurt and them as likes to and even them as wants to be, but I like the doin' of it slow and easy, the fun way. I think it's the gettin' to the lightenin', the golden stars and the blue lights blinkin', that's what the stuff, as ye call makin' love, is all about. That be my view o' course," he added.

"Will you show us everything that's fun? We'll do whatever you say." Terry assured Patrick, just to be polite. They twins knew he wanted to suck them for starters, but didn't want to shock them or gross them out by suggesting it. "Why don't we show you some stuff we like, then maybe you can show us how we can do it better?"

The twins didn't wait for Patrick's approval. Toby scrambled over Patrick's body, tickling him and rubbing his crotch on his overly excited cock. Terry grabbed his brother's legs. They bent and twisted themselves until they ended up in a tight sixty-nine position that looked to Patrick, to be incredibly comfortable for them both. Terry took Toby's cock in his mouth. Toby held Terry's up for Patrick to see. "You know how some kids suck their thumbs when they sleep? We never did that. This is how we sleep. Toby swallowed Terry. Both of them put their heads down, closed their eyes and started nursing each other.

Patrick's bushy eyebrows shot up to full arch. "Glory be, but that's most beautiful to watch. Please don't be comin' yet though, I had in mind to be gettin' a taste o' ye both," he grinned, inspired. "Perhaps together, like at the same time. I was thinkin' if ye could arrange your two selves so's your beautiful cocks were to be touchin' it might be done."

"Oh yeah," Toby agreed, "we do that sometimes to jerk off." Another scramble of arms and legs produced the desired result. They lay together with their heads at opposite ends of the bed with their legs spread like forks joined together so their crotches were snuggled together.

Patrick joined their cocks by wrapping his fingers around them. He squeezed them gently and stroked them slowly. The twins' heads flopped back on the bed, they moaned. Patrick leaned down over them, "I'm thinkin' two such rare fine cigars deserve to be smoked together most slowly. Relax now lads, I'll be smokin' ye slow an' easy." He lowered his mouth on them and twisted his head so they rested on his tongue side by side before he began sliding his lips along their joined length.

The twin's heads' thrashed from side to side; they moaned and alternately bunched the sheets in their fists violently or opened their hands to caress Patrick's head tenderly. They started arching their backs to meet Patrick's mouth and Patrick began thrusting his hips mentally, because he knelt over them and couldn't actually move. He wasn't sure what was happening to his body, but his iron hard erection felt like it was in his mouth with the twins'.

When the twins flooded his mouth simultaneously, Patrick's cock responded in kind. When their two bodies bucked and shuddered he stood on his knees still bent over them, and his repeated ejaculations were as forceful as theirs were. He didn't see their throats moving to swallow when he did or know that they savored the taste and texture of their cum with him.

Patrick's brain suddenly received the impression of alarm, not a sense of danger, but of urgency. The twins pushed his head away from them as they untangled themselves and continued to push him backward until his knees lifted and he fell on his back on the bed with his head hanging off the side. He felt the twins crawling up his legs, meticulously cleaning him with their tongues like two kittens grooming their mother for a change. They banged heads when they got to his cock. Terry won that race since there was only one, and nursed him feverishly.

Patrick giggled like a fourteen year old, "Ye can ease up there Terry me lad, there won't be more until tomorrow, if then, I fear I might have shot me a week's worth of goods just now," he marveled. "Imagine, havin' me self a wet dream in broad daylight yet."

Terry rolled his eyes up to look at Patrick. Toby grinned and answered for his brother. "Wanna bet?"

Patrick's smile disappeared when he felt himself responding to Terry's gentle oral ministrations. "Glory be! I'm a goner." Toby took Patrick's arm and pulled him completely back on the bed, then lay down presenting his renewed youthful erection to Patrick's head, while Terry shifted his body so Toby could gobble him in. The messy triangle they formed lasted ten minutes before there were three more synchronized orgasms.

The twins giggled as they watched Patrick panting. "Now we can take a break," they told him together.

Toby pulled on Patrick's arm, "Come on Uncle Pat, let's go see how Doug and Buck are doing."

Patrick allowed himself to be pulled to his feet. "I misdoubt they want to be disturbed just now."

"We aren't going to bother them just watch them on TV. You know like get some more pointers on how to do stuff." Terry advised then took Patrick's limp arm and draped it over his shoulders, while Toby claimed his other side in the hallway."

Patrick chuckled when they eased him on to the sofa then joined him, nearly sitting on him. "I find I've two young handsome pointers right here," he told them while he collected a cock in each hand and watched Toby study the keyboard. "Can you operate that thing?"

"Sure we watched Doug and Buck turn it on and off." Toby's fingers flew and the plasma screen brightened. The image cleared to show Buck with his back resting on Doug's thighs while he sat on his heels. Buck's legs were in the air and Doug was bent over Buck's crotch.

"Hey, what's Doug doing?" Terry asked innocently.

Patrick got bug eyed and his cock stirred. He felt his face burning. "He's ah, er, you might say takin' back some of what he ah, put in, ah, after makin' love to Buck a bit ago."

"OH!" The twins said together as their communal brain deciphered Patrick's cryptic explanation.

Patrick felt his fingers being pushed open to accommodate a pair of hardening cocks when they suddenly saw Buck turn his head, giggle, which they could hear, look directly at them and wave one hand. "Join us if you want to," he invited. Doug looked up at them briefly, nodded and grinned, before he resumed his quest.

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