Castle Roland

Somerset Farm

by Jamie Haze

In Progress

Chapter 20

Published: 8 Jan 15


Jamie Haze

The twins frantically reached to cover their erections with their hands, forgetting that Patrick was already holding them. Patrick attempted to cover himself, but couldn't free his hands. "Can you see us too?" Toby asked the plasma screen nervously since he couldn't see a camera lens.

Buck giggled, "Nope, just audio," he laughed harder, "Patrick," he added. "It was a dumb safety feature, the audio. It turns itself on if someone else turns on my system. Well?"

"Well what?"

Doug sat up, let Buck loose and rearranged their bodies so they lay on their sides facing the camera. Doug propped his head on his hand and snuggled Buck back tighter against his body with his free hand. "Well, are you guys coming in here, or can't you walk? Patrick?"

Patrick accepted the challenge to his age. "O' course I can walk if the lads will be unhandin' me hands, so's I can stand."

The twins let him go, then pulled him to his feet. Terry looked down at Patrick, his brother and himself. "Hey, where'd they go?" Their cocks had wilted to nearly normal.

Patrick rested his arms over the twins' shoulders and chuckled. "I'd say it was from the embarrassment o' being caught peekin' in where we ought not be lookin'. Come on lads, the cat's out o' the bag for sure for you two. There's a lesson in this about snoopin' for sure, an' I guess I'll be learnin' it with the two o' you, since I'm caught as well."

"Sorry about that," the twins said together. They climbed the dais steps to the boat bed reluctantly, wearing red faces as bright as Patrick's, who was climbing a step behind them, pushing them gently forward with his hands on their backs.

Buck and Doug laughed together. "You don't need to be," Buck answered. "We would have peeked at you guys if I had cameras in your rooms." They sat up to make room for the twins and Patrick to sit on the bed with them. The four boys ended up sitting like Indians, while Patrick stretched out across the foot of the bed. He yawned, feeling his age and remained quiet.

The boys' discussion was on the topic of sex, but wasn't sexually charged. The twins asked Buck and Doug questions about 'stuff' and they answered frankly with a minimum of hesitation or blushing. They concluded that sex between couples, straight or gay, was inherently dirty, but not filthy dirty, just somewhat messy dirty, the kind that could easily be washed away, physically, and mentally. Doug attributed filth in sex to the narrow minds of strict moralists who couldn't get laid if their lives depended on it, and since they weren't getting any, they decried anyone else, including the majority of the world's population who were.

Buck declared that everyone in their little tight knit group was a hedonist with the advantage of being able to afford their pleasures. He concluded, "If it's fun, it feels good and we have a willing partner, we do it."

There was a knock on the bedroom door, it opened and Will walked in. The twins reddened getting ready to face a knowing smirk, but he smiled at everyone generally and made himself comfortable sitting on the side of the boat. "Your dad's home. Dinner in ten minutes."

Buck nodded, "We heard the chopper half an hour ago. I guess we better shower and find some clothes." The boys started to climb off the bed.

"Look at poor Uncle Pat." Toby whispered. Patrick was asleep. He was lying on his back with his hands clasped on his chest.

"Damn," Terry muttered, "he looks like he's dead. I told you that second time was too fast. We better slow down like he told us."

Toby bent down and squinted at Patrick's chest. "He's breathing. We don't need to slow down we need to speed him up. I think he's just suffering from lack of use, you know if you think you can't, then you can't. We'll change his thinking tonight," he grinned at the others.

Terry nodded, "I wonder if he's ticklish?"

That was the cue for all four boys to pounce. Patrick came alive laughing and giggling after a second to realize where he was and who was climbing on him tickling him. He caught a twin in each arm, then used them and their combined weight to bowl Doug and Buck over, until he had them mostly contained under his body, before he started tickling them back indiscriminately. He discovered whom his fingers bored into from their individual laughter and struggles.

"There now lads, that'll be teachin' ye the first lesson in not messin' with me when I be restin' me eyes. A lessor man than me self would have up and died." Patrick giggled, let them go, then had to push them away when they tried to hold him on the bed. "Leave off now lads." He advised them after he stood up and stretched. His stomach growled, he nodded to Will, and asked, "Is it dinnertime then William? Where do we eat?"

Will nodded, "If you want pizza, with the rest of us in the dinning room, but if you like a regular dinner, the cook fixed a leg of lamb. That will be served in the helps' dinning room off the kitchen." Will's expression turned serious. "By the way, the evening news tonight reported that Peter's buddy Walter, had a massive coronary sitting on a shitter this morning. It wouldn't have gotten mentioned at all except for Dylan's arrest."

Buck shrugged at the news. "I guess God took care of his nasty ass, you're lucky Joe stopped you from bopping him for good. Come on guys. Let's get showered and dressed. Wait until you taste these pizzas. There's a little shop near Dad's office. They just make them, but don't cook them if you ask, our cook takes care of that."

Bucky sat comfortably at his desk reading new faxes and listening to Joe report on the boy's activities. He laughed when Joe told him Buck impersonated him again to get the general contractor to the school for what was likely to be an expensive remodeling job. Bucky nodded his approval after Joe told him Buck hired Patrick as a sort of valet. Also, Patrick was an amazing disciplinarian and commanded all the boy's respect without really trying.

Joe watched Bucky carefully when he recounted Buck's imaginary phone conversation on the helicopter, particularly when he said, 'Make him an offer he can't refuse.' Joe continued after Buck looked up from his reading, his complete concentration switching instantly to what Joe was telling him.

"After he hung up his imaginary phone, he told us that there was some kind of super secret mega-corporation that used organized crime like it was a small highly visible division, and the obvious bosses as throwaways, if necessary. Like these idiots really just take orders and if they get sloppy they take the heat. Then he told us about how if a stockholder in this corporation got sloppy; say got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, he'd get retired and bought off. Then he said something curious, he said if he was a stockholder, he'd wait awhile, then arrange for the retiree to have an accident or heart attack in real payment for the dude's being stupid and/or too greedy and risking the corporation's exposure. He was pretty scary actually." Joe lowered his voice. "Will and me kind of think he was theorizing out loud and maybe judging the guys reactions, like getting them used to the idea for the future if they're going to continue to be his friends. It would be difficult to entirely conceal a thing like this from friends for a lifetime if he was going to be involved in the top echelon of the corporation wouldn't it?" He took a deep breath and leaned forward, "Was he close?" He asked quietly.

Bucky leaned back in his chair and tented his fingers to support his chin. His unblinking eyes were unreadable to Joe as they bored into his. He held his face expressionless. Joe wanted to squirm and look away but he locked every muscle in his body and stared back unmoving. Bucky finally sat up and smiled. "Yes, well, if you and Will have the time after dinner, perhaps we could sit down for a while to discuss your futures. George may have hinted that your positions as my bodyguards was my way of getting to know you, trust you and understand your capabilities and potential better. After the successful conclusion of this little problem you solved last evening, now might be a good time to explore your advancement. Could you free up some time for me say after ten o'clock? The boys should be settled in by then."

Joe wilted after he carefully closed Bucky's study door, but allowed himself a huge grin. He was emotionally drained and staggered down the hall to look for Will in Buck's apartment. He found Will lounging on the sofa reading a yachting magazine. The plasma screen still showed the boat bed, but it was empty. The sounds of the shower running and laughter came from the speakers. Joe hugged Will's neck, standing behind the sofa. Will twisted his head and they kissed. Will blinked in surprise at Joe's sudden passion. "What's up?" he asked, then held the open magazine up. "Someday when we can afford it, we should buy a boat, it would be a good place to get away once in a while."

Joe laughed, "We can afford it tomorrow maybe." He hugged Will tighter so their cheeks touched to look at the yachts pictured by a brokerage. "I just left Bucky, he wants to chat about our futures at ten tonight if we're free of course." There was a renewed sound of laughter. "Who's in there?"

Will broke Joe's hold on his neck by leaning forward to key off the screen and audio from the bedroom. "There. The audio works both ways. The twins and Patrick are. Toby and Terry have sort of come out and Patrick is coming here to work. I like him. He'll make life easier for us. Now how can we afford one of these tomorrow, but not today? Are we getting big raises?"

Joe flopped by his partner, grinned and shrugged. "Better I hope, promotions maybe. I told him about the corporation Buck described, then screwed up enough balls to ask him outright. He stared at me for a minute that seemed like forever, and when he finally laughed, he never did answer my question, so we were right. He stopped me at the door as I was leaving, and told me that if we hadn't asked, like figured out a little of what was going on, that we'd never have the conversation we're going to have tonight."

Will frowned, "What if he just wants to get us together. We walk in and someone carries us out, have you thought of that?"

Joe shook his head vehemently, "No way, he acted like he was pleased and even relieved."

"Well I guess if we find George in there, standing behind us sucking on a fucking Slurpie we'll know how pleased he really is. If he uses the concentrate, it's lights out in two seconds flat." Will shrugged, "Well I guess we can worry about that later. Come on let's go check out the pies before the mob gets to them, the Wilcott's are coming over so we need a head start."

Buck and Doug introduced Patrick and the twins to Bucky and everyone else that hadn't met them, then forced Patrick into the chair at Bucky's right hand. At first Patrick answered Bucky's questions with monosyllables if a 'Yes Sor.' Or, 'No Sor.' Answer wouldn't suffice. Then Buck and Marc started a squabble over which of them first touched, and was therefore entitled to a single remaining slice of pizza in it's box in front of them. Patrick frowned, excused himself, and walked down the table to chat with them in a whisper. Bucky blinked in surprise and laughed when he saw Patrick calmly bump their heads together with his hands and return to his seat without looking back, while Buck took a knife and halved the disputed slice.

"Sorry about that Sor, but all was warned. Good manners be required formal dinner or this fine an' tasty supper." Patrick explained to Bucky and the adult Wilcott's sitting opposite him. Paul and Morgan, sitting across the table from the chastened twosome diverted his attention. They were laughing together as Paul made a comment about babies getting high chairs. He cleared his throat loudly, arched a bushy eyebrow and stared at them. The laughter died and they resumed eating quietly.

John laughed and offered his hand across the table. "Patrick, you are absolutely worth your weight in gold."

Bucky agreed. "I'll bet my son didn't realize you would kick his ass if he needed it when he asked you to come and stay with us."

"Oh yes Sor he did."

"Call me Bucky please."

Patrick ignored the request. "Ye see Sor."

Bucky interrupted with a frown, "Please call me Bucky." His voice was low, and his smile fixed. "We're very informal around here."

Patrick did a double take when their eyes touched. He started over again, "Ye see Bucky I told 'em all that there be a time and place for horse play, an' then there's a time when it's not to be tolerated. I also took the opportunity to advise 'em about the place for elbows when at table, I'm hopin' you don't mind. These lads be like yearlin' stallions, that be fractious an' playful, an' they need pullin' up short on occasion."

Bucky nodded, "I agree," he looked at the Wilcott's, "but as parents they get too used to us. You're a new experience for them, so feel free to break our stallions to the bridle and bit as you see fit."

"Oh no Bucky, never a bit, or spurs either, a light kick in the arse, beggin' your pardon, works as well."

Doug sat between the twins talking quietly until he raised his voice in excitement. "You own a vineyard and live in a real Spanish hacienda? Wow! I get off on traditional Spanish and Moorish architecture. I'd love to see it sometime."

"So would we," Toby answered with a frown reflecting his brother's. "The bitch talked Dad into closing the house and building a new sprawling modern place," Toby leaned forward so he could see Dylan. "The new joint is pretty close to where you live Dylan, back in one of the canyons above Malibou. She convinced Dad that there were too many memories at the old house in the Napa Valley, but SHE," he spit the word out, "really wanted to be closer to the action. Of course the vineyard was a wedding present from our grandfather, it's a Del La Varga property, so it's ours now, only we haven't been allowed to go back there since it was closed."

"Do you want to see it?" Buck asked with a grin, then looked at his father sitting at the head of the table and looked hopeful without saying a word.

Bucky rolled his eyes, stared at the ceiling and tried valiantly to keep from giggling. He gave up and agreed to Buck's unasked question. "Okay," he winked at Buck, "Doug can borrow the Challenger, but only if he returns it clean and with full tanks."

Doug giggled, enjoying the joke, "Gee thanks Bucky, in return, I guess you can use the chopper anytime you want from now on." Bucky nodded and laughed. Doug added quickly, "As long as you ask first."

"How about tomorrow morning?" Bucky asked when he could.

Doug nodded his approval, "Sure. I do have one small question though; what am I borrowing, what's a Challenger?"

Buck explained when he realized no one else at the table knew what it was either since they weren't laughing at Doug's question. "It's Dad's new one, his personal executive jet aircraft. Mom's got the big one in Europe and the Lear is too short range, we'd have to keep stopping for gas."

"I guess it's not personal anymore is it?" Bucky asked. "When do you want to go?"

"Go where?" The twins asked together, looking thoroughly confused.

Doug giggled, "I guess were off to California to visit your home, the vineyard, remember?"


"Yup really." Buck nodded. "How about this weekend? If you aren't busy of course. Your Uncle Pat could sign you out."

Two pairs of brown marbles flicked to Patrick, looking hopeful, begging him to agree. When he grinned and nodded, they jumped up and ran around the table to hug him and give him a nephew like kiss on each cheek. Then they turned their attention to Bucky, but stopped short of hugging him and compromised with shaking both his hands at the same time, until he pulled free of them.

"I hate to throw a monkey wrench in your plans," Dylan interjected, looking at Buck, "but we have rehearsals, remember? Just readings to start with, but we'll be going through the whole script over and over, and making changes."

Buck frowned and pursed his lips, "Well then, I guess I can't go with you guys." He looked hopefully at his father, "The twins and the rest of the guys who want to go still can can't they?"

Bucky nodded, "Of course, you made two commitments, one to acting, and one just now. The first takes precedent, I'm proud you made the right choice."

Dylan laughed suddenly. "So am I. It means we can trust you to be there when you're needed for scenes, so I guess we can excuse you for this first weekend."

Bucky frowned at Dylan; "Can you do that?"

"Yes sir, my pictures make money so I invest in them." Dylan grinned at Buck, "If I didn't think you were good, naturally very good, you wouldn't have gotten the part if you bawled your head off for the director for an hour. Owning a piece of the action is my commitment to the film's success."

Buck was tempted to jump into Dylan's lap and kiss him exuberantly, but he held himself in check because it didn't seem like the adult thing to do, so he nodded and smiled. "Thank you Dylan, I guess now I owe you one."

After dessert Marc insisted that everyone had to look at his first efforts with underwater photography, so they all went up to Buck's apartment to see the video on the big plasma screen. Marc fished the cassette out of a large manila envelope and Buck loaded it. Doug and the twins were sitting together on the floor in front of the screen until the video started. All three then started looking frantically for a place to hide, because of course they were naked. Doug covered his eyes at first, and peeked at the screen between his fingers while the twins started counting fibers in the carpet.

Doug elbowed Toby, "Hey look at that," he said crawling closer to the screen. "I didn't know I did that. And you guys see that extra twist? Wow, if we study this I bet we could slice a half a second off our times." The three of them promptly forgot about everyone else in the room while they pointed, made swimming motions with their arms held this way and that and cupped their fingers more or less as the video progressed.

While Doug and the twins were engrossed in improving their techniques, Marc handed out eight by ten enlargements of Doug mostly, which he particularly liked. He held one back until last. He offered it to Paul to see first. "This one is going up on the wall alongside you on the rings."

Paul nodded approvingly, "Holy shit!" He passed the photo on to Dylan, who had already seen it.

Dylan grinned and passed it to John. "Your investment in equipment is really paying off already. Check this one out. Marc and I just finished a photo layout and article for Paul, now we're going to do one on Doug, as soon as Marc gets him to wear a bathing suit for some pictures."

Buck started stretching his neck to see the picture as soon as Paul exclaimed about it, but it was handed to him last. "Holy shit is right. Make me one of those big ones too, okay?" He asked Marc.

Marc took the picture lying on the bottom of the deep end of the pool. He caught Doug in the middle of his down beat when he was practicing his butterfly stroke. His body was clearly outlined by bright, suffused light from the building's skylights. His outstretched arms streamed with a delicate tracery of bubbles from air, briefly captured when his arms returned to the water. Doug's eyes were open, looking down and forward and he was smiling, clearly enjoying what he was doing.

Buck dangled the photo in front of Doug's face, blocking the video. "Look Douggie, the bubbles are so symmetrical, you have butterfly wings. Pretty neat huh?" Buck giggled and shook his head after Doug took the picture from him. "It's a real bummer that you weren't wearing a suit, no one ever saw a butterfly with an exhaust pipe before, but I like it."

Doug blushed. The twins leaned into him and giggled, pointing at Doug's cock streaming bubbles between his legs, until Marc dropped three photos in Terry's lap of them swimming together. "Giggle at those. You two birds should go out for synchronized swimming. Do you do everything together? I didn't get even one of you when you weren't mirroring each other."

Doug looked at the twins' pictures. "You two need to split up long enough for races, you know like get into relays and different strokes and lengths. If you always tie each other, everyone's going to look at you like a pair of weirdoes, telepathic weirdoes at that." Doug's attention returned to the screen. "I wish Dad could see this, he'd have some suggestions for me to improve," he mumbled wistfully.

"Was your Dad coaching you?" Toby asked hesitantly. Buck had explained why Doug was living with him.

Doug nodded, "Yeah, I guess he was. He was always too busy to be around the pool much, but when he was, well I always seemed to do better. He could have been great himself if he hadn't blown a knee."

Buck whispered in Marc's ear and Marc nodded. When the tape ended, Doug asked Marc if he could borrow it to study slowly. Marc answered that it was the original, but he'd dub a copy as soon as he got home and bring it to practice the next day, then qualified his agreement. "That is I will if you wear a tank suit from now on until I can get enough good shots of you for publication. "You make better times wearing one anyway don't you?"

"Yeah, between one and two, one hundredths, but I only subtract one, one hundredth from a practice race if I'm skinny dipping."

"What about wearing a cap and goggles, and even one of those new whole body suits?" Bucky asked.

Doug shrugged, "I don't feel comfortable wearing that stuff. It's like cheating a little. I guess I'm a purest, I should have been born in ancient Greece when the only thing they wore to the Olympics was oil." Bucky started to ask something else, but Doug raised his hand. "And please, no one suggest shaving my legs, my head, or anywhere else."

Bucky laughed, "Well how about if we get your school coach in for the summer?"

It was Doug's turn to laugh and shake his head. "Because he's a nice dude and all but he's a history instructor with a part-time job. I don't really know whether he can even swim, no one's ever seen him in the pool. Thanks Bucky, but I'll muddle along like I've been doing." Doug shifted his gaze to Marc. "Thanks for making that tape, it'll be real helpful. I'm sorry I lost it this afternoon by the way."

Marc laughed, "I'm sorry I got in your way. You dove on me so fast I thought I was a snack for old Jaws. I promise it won't happen again, that is as long as you wear a suit until I get some good shots of you."

Marc started to collect his pictures and ejected the tape from the deck. That seemed to be a signal that it was time for the Wilcott's, along with Dylan, Peter and Morgan to head to their house.

Bucky stretched out in the chair he was sitting in and clasped his hands behind his head. "This is a really comfortable room son. You have good taste. By the way, your mother is coming home this weekend," he rolled his eyes, "and she's bringing all the furniture with her." He giggled, "Not with her, but its coming right behind her on a chartered wide body seven-forty-seven. The alternative was by ship and Lord knows how long that would have taken. So in a week or two we should be living in a furnished house for a change."

"That's great Dad, just as long as she stays out of here with that old junk." Buck laughed.

Bucky roared. "Old junk? Do you have any idea what that boat in your bedroom cost? And when your mother gets here don't start on her about buying more old junk either"

"Excuse me," Terry said. "We'd like to call Gramps if it's all right, since we're sneaking out to the winery, he can sneak up from the ranch and meet us there. We haven't seen him in over a year. Dad and the bitch won't allow him to visit us."

Buck frowned like his father, who was also frowning. "That sucks the big one. Tell him if he can't get there, we could land down in San Diego so you can visit all weekend." Buck announced.

"Really? That's great, but we're sure he can get to Napa if he has to walk, just to piss the bitch and her mother off." Toby giggled and pulled Patrick to his feet. "Come on Uncle Pat you can meet Gramps on the speaker phone. You'll like each other because you have something in common."

"Oh, an' just what might that be?" Patrick asked.

The twins started laughing, and answered in unison, "You're both so old!"

Patrick made a grab at them, but they ran down the hall. "Best lock that door," he called with a giggle, "else the poor man will be meetin' ye with both o' ye covered with matchin' welts an' bruises!"

Buck reached for the phone as soon as they heard the door slam on the twins' youthful laughter and Patrick's Irish accented threats. "I want George to check out their dad's wife. Is that okay?" He asked while he dialed.

Bucky nodded, "Of course it is. I'd like to talk with him after you're finished. George has been after me to let him retire and I'd like him to come out later this evening to meet his replacements."

"Plural?" Buck asked while the phone rang. Bucky nodded. When Buck offered his father the phone he sat on the arm of his chair so he could listen to everything his father said to George. "One thing I'd suggest too, is to look at the boys' father closely. I'm told he was a plumber. Their mother was of Spanish decent, an old family and possibly traditionally cloistered. If that's the case, the only way he could have ever met her is by working in her father's house."

Buck started frowning when Will and Joe were discussed briefly. After Bucky ended the call Buck was still frowning. "Come on Dad, I like them. If I need to be watched over they're the best. You should have been there to see Will bop that cop that was bothering Peter. He would have killed him if Joe hadn't stopped him. If that guy was bothering me, I bet Joe couldn't have stopped him."

Bucky nodded. "I agree. I appreciate loyalty that's why I'm giving them the job. Joe will handle day to day operations as the CEO, and I want to expand our electronic surveillance capabilities. Will is a wizard when it comes to computers." Buck nodded, but his frown changed to a pout. "Don't worry, they'll still be around. They can continue to live here if they wish and their first task will be to find their own replacements that are equally conscientious and perhaps equally gay." Buck looked at his watch and stood up to leave. "I've got some things to do, I'll see you at breakfast." He looked at Doug sitting quietly, brooding over his future. "Say Doug, can I really use the chopper tomorrow?"

Doug giggled, "Sure, but remember the rules; keep it clean and the tanks full." Bucky laughed and nodded. He slammed the door when he closed it. Doug cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted; "Can't you just close a door without slamming it for once in your life?" His mother often asked the same question of Doug. The boys heard Bucky laughing harder and pounding on the hall wall in answer.

Doug followed Buck into the bedroom. They undressed as they went. Doug watched Buck drop his clothing into the laundry chute. "Its nice to have my own clothes. I wonder if Dad knows Mom dropped them off today?"

"Probably." Buck held the spring-loaded cabinet door open for Doug.

"Should I toss my stuff in with yours?"

Buck looked up at the ceiling in mock disgust. "DAH! Only if you want them washed. Come on Douggie, loosen up, you live here remember?"

Doug grinned. "Its kind of sexy to think about our clothes being washed together."

Buck watched Doug's cock elongate and lift its head. "You're just chronically horny." He gently cupped Doug's balls and weighed them. "Wow these tanks are full again already. We better get you to bed and open this big bad throttle." Doug followed Buck willingly.

Doug was thrusting himself into Buck's mouth when there was a sharp rap on the door. Buck couldn't answer and Doug was concentrating on his throttle and not in the mood. The second knock was louder, more insistent. Doug shouted, "GODDAMNIT! COME IN!" Buck pulled his mouth away and lifted his head enough to peek over Doug's hip in time to see Patrick pushing the frowning twins in front of him. All three were agreeably naked and the twins fully excited, but Patrick only half-hard.

"These two matchin' scamps have their minds set on the killin' of me self," Patrick began without preamble or apology for the interruption. "They got me twice this afternoon, an' once again just now. The first time was fine and most enjoyable to be sure. The second a wee few minutes later was surprisin' but due to the newness, gratefully accepted. Just now I thought to just watch their youthful activities, but Toby here an' Terry here," he looked right and left.

"Wait a minute," Buck interrupted, "they're naked, how can you tell them apart?"

"That's the thing! They touch me an' I know, or I them. Each time I tell 'em I'm finished, drained, they lay on their hands an' I'm a goner. The old boy," Patrick looked down at himself, "stands up an' is ready for yet another bout. I discovered too that I deliver the goods with 'em each time. The three o' us together each an' every time."

Doug chuckled, "So what wrong with that? It sounds like a good deal to me, everyone coming together."

"Me too." Buck agreed. "What's the problem? Enjoy it!" He giggled at Patrick's desperate look.

"Simultaneous explosions are most enjoyable an' rare to boot. The problem lads is the number o' times, three so far today an' this evenin', now they want me to mount 'em in turn, after o' course, they finish the arguin' o' who's to be first. That'll be five, an' the sun's just settin'! I'll be joinin' me saintly parents before sunrise at the rate their takin' me."

"We kind of have a rule; no one has to do anything they don't want to do." Doug explained, grinned and looked at Buck. "But I can't think of a time yet when anyone used it, can you?"

"Nope. Not yet."

Patrick grinned and looked satisfied. He gently poked the twins with his elbows. "There ye' see? I be invokin' that rule right now. No more for me tonight. Douglas an' Buck here be your age, an' there be two o' them, let them be doin' the mountin' an' I'll just be watchin'."

Doug shook his head and giggled. "Sorry Patrick, the same rule applies to them. If they don't want to, then we don't."

The twins looked at each other and one shrugged as he reached out and placed his hand on Doug's thigh. "We want to, but we wanted Uncle Pat to be first." He smiled and met Doug's eyes.

Doug blinked and looked startled. "Toby? You're Toby!" Toby nodded and looked embarrassed. Doug laughed, "Wow! Far out! You just told me somehow. Telepathy?" Toby nodded again. Doug looked down at Buck. "Close your eyes Buck, turn away, and no cheating."

Buck buried his face in the bed. Doug motioned for Toby to touch him. Toby put his hand on the back of Buck's neck and smiled at Terry. Buck started giggling. "Yeah! That's Toby touching me, but Terry wants me to be his first," he hesitated, listening, "hey, what's an outsider?" He asked and sat up quickly.

Terry blushed, "An outsider, until now, was everyone else in the world, except our mother. We used to talk with her all the time. We never could reach our father. If one of us touches someone once, we can tell. Some people are just too dense."

"Or stupid." Toby added while he shyly returned his hand to Doug's thigh, and looked him in the eyes, before they shifted to Doug's half-hard cock. Doug watched himself grow into diamond cutter hardness.

Doug giggled, "As Marc is fond of saying just before he gets laid, 'Well all righty then!'" He quickly shifted himself on the bed making room for the twins. He kept his eye on Toby, he didn't want to get mixed up, but Toby's eyes were locked on his cock, so that wasn't a problem.

Buck was sitting on his heels watching Terry get comfortable. "Wait, there's a hose in the shower," he began to explain.

The twins stopped him with giggles. Terry lifted his legs. "We weren't sure what it was used for normally but we discovered what it can be used for." He looked around his leg at Patrick, getting comfortable on the foot of the bed. "The old guy helped." Patrick growled at him and grinned.

Doug looked back too, "You can't just watch Patrick," he said sternly. Patrick looked like he'd been kicked and began climbing off the bed to leave them.

"Nope," Buck agreed, "but you could at least help a little." He held himself and waved it everywhere, but at Terry. "I'm not real good at aiming."

Doug giggled, "Aiming? I don't even know where to aim. Come on Patrick, help us out here please."

Patrick crawled to them, sat on his heels between them and took one in each hand. "Happy to be of some use to ye lads, anytime I'm needed." He caressed both cocks lovingly, but looked at Doug. "These be twins as well, but I've been interested in touchin' this one the longest, so I'll see it safe to home first."

The two couples watched each other. Doug and Buck started thrusting in unison. The twins joined their hands between their heaving bodies and the feelings of near ecstasy multiplied accordingly for them all. Toby whispered something to Doug. Doug hesitated a fraction of a second, so he was thrusting when Buck was withdrawing. Feelings and sensations entered their minds at slightly different times, further increasing their combined pleasure.

Patrick's hands and eyes were everywhere at first, before he spread Buck's legs, and crouched between them. He gently spread Buck's small hard cheeks with his thumbs to expose his glistening pucker, lowered his head and inserted his tongue.

Buck moaned and looked back long enough to smile his approval, just before he frowned slightly, drove his cock into Terry a final time and began to shiver. He set off a chain reaction in response. The twins locked their ankles around their lovers' waists. Patrick's head was almost included in Terry's leg lock. Their matching cocks spurted cum convulsively while Doug's body arched backward and rippled spastically.

Patrick lifted his head suddenly when he felt his balls tingle delightfully as the first, and last warning that he was about to come yet again. He quickly stretched out his body and thrust himself violently into the sheets. He shrugged mentally and returned his tongue to Buck in time to feel Buck's sphincters' final contractions grab at his tongue. The room echoed with gasps and moans, then quieted to panting and small giggles from the four boys, as Patrick went into a feeding frenzy to clean the twins' bellies and chests before any cum managed to run down their sides.

Will and Joe went into shock when George opened the door to Bucky's study at nine forty-five. Bucky grinned at them after glancing at his watch. George shook their hands and welcomed them. "Hi guys. Fancy meeting you here," he chuckled and motioned them to sit on a sofa against a wall. They relaxed when he joined them.

Bucky left his desk and flopped in a chair opposite them. "I'm glad you decided to keep our little meeting tonight. If our positions were reversed, I would have considered running as far and as fast as I could."

Will shrugged, "I guess we thought about it, but that would only prolong the inevitable if you were unhappy with us. Of course if you were, you would have laughed Joe off earlier," he glanced at George, "and we'd eventually run into George for our, ah, exit interview unexpectedly wherever we were hiding."

Bucky laughed. "Exit interview," he repeated, "yes, I like that. George does those for me but only on the rarest of occasions and only if there's no alternative. I take those very personally because I account them as errors in my initial judgment of the terminated individual."

"Buck spoke of a mega-corporation this afternoon. There is no such company. There is however a very select group of business people like me who cooperate with each other and the group to further our mutual interests. George provides security to the group generally and me specifically. He also handles the very rare exit interview personally, for me personally and occasionally for others under contract." Bucky looked at Joe. "George has been after me to allow him to retire and actually hired you two gentlemen to groom as his successors and I now endorse his choices, IF, and it's a big if. If you feel confident that you Joe, with the most training and experience in the field, can handle future exit interviews should any become necessary," Joe opened his mouth to answer, Bucky waved him to silence and continued, "No matter the name of the individual. We never know who may become careless, or as you said, gets excessively greedy. Can you do that for me?" Bucky asked and waited.

"Yes Sir, I can. The majority would be done regretfully, but a few, like last night were almost enjoyable, like a public service." Joe answered slowly and looked at Will, who nodded in agreement.

Bucky looked pleased. His attention swung to Will. "Now you, Will. Your talents have been languishing here although you've done a superlative job. I'm very comfortable with my family's security, but it seems a bit defensive, cameras, sensors, fences, and us on the inside waiting without knowing. I'd like you to develop an aggressive offensive system. I'd very much enjoy knowing in advance what an adversary is contemplating long before someone climbs a fence or picks the lock on my office door. I want you to develop surveillance systems immune from detection, then," he giggled, "a system capable sensing your surveillance apparatus. I foresee a need and large potentially very profitable market for such a service, even our esteemed government, so sadly restricted by law, would avail themselves of the service. Crank up research, development and production and of course insertion procedures. Can you do that?"

Will shrugged. "I'm not certain, but I can try, what about resources?"

Buck clapped his hands and giggled. "I was hoping you'd say that! If you instantly agreed that such technology was easily possible, I would have known that you weren't the man to do the job. Yes, just try. You'll have unlimited funding and hire whatever personnel are necessary." Buck got serious suddenly. "One more thing gentlemen never try to stroke me, don't tell me things you think I want to hear, don't conceal anything from me. Always be factual, good or bad and we'll get on as well as George and I have since he's been with me." His smile returned. "Now let's discuss compensation while we enjoy a drink together. If I get you two buzzed, you might be more affordable."

An hour later, Will and Joe stood in the hall outside Bucky's study and stared at the checks they each held. "Wow!" Joe whispered, "These are just bonuses for services rendered to date." He hugged Will tightly. "Let's go yacht shopping as soon as we can get away."

Will laughed, "Yeah right, now that we can afford one we'll never have time to use it."

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