Castle Roland

Somerset Farm

by Jamie Haze

In Progress

Chapter 22

Published: 15 Jan 15


Jamie Haze

Tuesday morning Doug arrived at the Oaks pool accompanied by Marc, period. Buck and Peter flew into New York for the day with Dylan on his newly leased helicopter. Buck rode with Doug in the Mercedes as far as Wilcott's. Buck's temporary bodyguard, Tom, politely got out of the car to wait for Buck near the chopper. Their leave taking in the back of the car quickly got passionate, until they realized Doug's driver and temporary bodyguard, David, was watching them in the rear view mirror. When Buck finally was able to separate himself from Doug and left on the run for the idling helicopter, Marc climbed in, dropped all his photography shit on the carpet and immediately put his hand on the swollen warm area of Doug's shorts where Buck's was just seconds before. David's eyes touched Doug's in the mirror. He grinned and winked before he raised the partition separating himself from his passengers.

David was new, in his mid-twenties and good to look at, but straight enough to be engaged to be married in a few months. George hired him away from the New York Police force, where as a rookie on his first foot patrol in the company of an older experienced beat cop, they stumbled on an armed robbery in progress at a liquor store. David drew his new nine millimeter semi-automatic and fired two rounds without first making the alleged felons aware of his presence. Both were painfully accurate headshots. After wading through a small amount of blood and a large quantity of brain matter and bone fragments, the older cop discovered that only one would be robber was armed, and his weapon of choice was only a kitchen paring knife.

The older policeman quickly produced a `Saturday Night Special', a cheap nickel-plated twenty-five-caliber revolver from a holster velcroed around one ankle. Unfortunately, in the aftermath, he didn't have time to place it in the second felon's hand before a squad car arrived, so he just dropped it nearby. The lack of felonious fingerprints raised questions about the justification for the shoot by Internal Affairs. George hired David while he was on paid leave pending the outcome of the shooting investigation, then utilized a bit of Trenton influence to have the shootings declared justified, and the case closed.

"Boy I sure miss the twins already." Marc said to change the unspoken subject, after Doug removed his hand from his shorts for the third time. "You two mother fuckers shouldn't ever keep secrets like that from the rest of us again," he giggled. "Patrick," he looked around the car, "hey where is Patrick?"

"He thought he should pay a surprise visit to Somerset Farm today. Remember he still works there. He's with us because he's on vacation for the summer. He still has to resign too; rather he's telling Mrs. Gibbs that he's retiring. He's been there long enough to collect his pension."

"Oh. You know I thought he'd stay out in California with the twins, he kind of thinks of them as his sons," Marc giggled. "At least when they aren't in bed."

Doug laughed and nodded, "Yup, but he thinks that way about all of us and he's still got responsibilities here yet. The twins will be back when school starts."

"Just the two of us today, and your father. I'm used to having a mob scene around. This is strange. Pete thought he should go home to visit his parents and take them the case of wine that Don Thomas gave him. Dad cracked a bottle open last night at dinner. Now he wants to order more since he can get it directly from the winery."

"Yeah well that stuff is twenty years old it should be good if you like wine. I brought my case along too, to give to Dad. He likes the shit, wine I mean, so he should like Don Thomas's. Estate bottled is supposed to be the best even if it is from California, but you couldn't prove it by me."

Marc agreed, "Well if price is an indicator, Dad said that just one fucking bottle of what they gave us would cost around seventy-five bucks, if you could find that year in a wine shop. And they gave us each a case and sent ten cases, some even better, to Bucky as a thank you for digging up the dirt on the twins' father."

Doug giggled. "They were flying down to LA today to start shit happening in the courts, then Don Thomas, the twins and three or four heavies from Bucky's security company office out there were going to pay a call on the unlucky mother fucker. Wow, I sure wouldn't want to be in his fucking shoes when he answers the door. Toby said that the only thing he ever did for them was to provide one lucky sperm. I guess he was an all right guy when their mother was alive though, but getting himself pussy whipped when he remarried sure changed all that."

While Doug talked, Marc opened a small portfolio and handed it to Doug. "These are the pictures we're using for your first article, and the copy Dylan wrote to go with it. These are just copies for you. Dylan already sent this stuff to his teenie bopper magazine people in LA. You and Paul will be famous by this time next month."

Marc stopped talking and started laughing as Doug's frown deepened into an expression of horror. "You can't put any of these in any magazine!" He held one up and waved it under Marc's nose. "Look at me, I'm naked, well almost, and I look like I have a hardon." Doug shook his head in finality, "Nope, not, no way, nada, are you printing ANY of these."

"Oh yes we are. It's a done deal." Marc insisted through giggles. "Get ready for three million girls to come banging on Trenton Hall's gates when they see these. Especially when they read that you say in your interview that you don't have a steady girl." Marc handed Doug a photo. "Just look at this one. Pete took it. Remember when he knocked Patrick ass over tea kettle into the pool last week?"

The picture was a profile. Doug's Speedo suit, always two sizes too small was barely able to contain his cock pasted up against his abdomen as he leaned back to stretch his lithe, but muscular freckled body. Doug studied the shot and sputtered, "But, but," before he was inspired, "But you can't print any of these until I sign off on them, and that's never going to happen."

Marc looked down his nose smugly, "One of the benefits of having a smart lawyer for a father is free advise. We already have a signed model release. You can't sign shit, you're a minor, remember?"

"When did you have time to get my father to sign anything?"

"Never, because we didn't need to." Marc laughed harder as Doug's frown deepened. "We fucked you, figuratively in this case of course. We got your guardian to sign. Bucky is your guardian dumb ass, remember? Dylan showed him this stuff this weekend. So ha, ha mother fucker, you get immortalized whether you like it or not."

Doug flopped back and moaned. "Okay, I give up." Then as he got used to the idea of seeing his pictures in a magazine, he grinned. "You remember last Friday afternoon when I was worried shitless about you just hanging my picture on your wall in the bunk house? Then your mother caught me naked? So I guess I'll get used to these."

Marc grinned, "About that wall of yours. You haven't been over for awhile have you? You should visit more, you really should. Your honeymoon with Buck should be about over and we're all over due for an orgy. Oh, your wall is nearly full up already."

"It is? How'd you manage that so quickly?"

Marc shrugged. "Simple. I have a neighbor with a big fucking helicopter, and the lab that does the big enlargements just happens to be in the city. I've been getting one-day service. In on the morning run and back finished at night. Dad pays a premium for the service, but won't know that until the bill arrives." Marc laughed and added, "I may have to bunk with you guys until he cools down, so don't be surprised if I show up suddenly."

They met Doug's father in the parking lot as he was just climbing out of his SUV. Doug jumped out and ran to him. They hugged. The spontaneous greeting surprised father and son both. Then he guided his father to the limo's trunk and presented him with the case of wine from Toby and Terry as a thank you for coaching them. David offered to transfer the wood box to Bill's truck after Doug introduced them, but Bill politely refused. He moved the box himself, treating it like it was packed with nitroglycerin after he recognized the brand.

"Those boys own THIS winery?" Bill asked for the second time when he looked at the box. "This is one of the premiere estate wines in the country. The wine shop keeps it under lock and key when they do get any in to sell, and then they call to ask if I'd like to reserve a bottle. Have you got their phone number? I'll call to thank them as soon as I get home."

Doug nodded and giggled. "Buck is my phone book. He's got a photographic memory. Can you and Mom come over for dinner tonight? You can ask him then. Becky, Buck's mom got home this weekend and she wants to meet you two. She's a junk collector just like Mom. Right now there's five moving vans lined up on the driveway waiting to unload stuff she bought in Europe. She's got everyone in the house helping, even Bucky. Joe and Will sneaked out before dawn this morning for a business trip so she wouldn't catch them, and we ate breakfast in our apartment with Bucky for the same reason. He was in there hiding from her." Doug opened the door to the pool and looked back to see David watching them while he leaned on the car. "Come on David," he called. "We'll be a couple of hours. You may as well relax inside."

David hurried to catch up. "Thanks Doug. It's hot already. When I'm with Bucky and we're out somewhere, I usually get to do some serious car leaning, since I'm new. In fact I was delighted to get out of the house today. Yesterday was a bitch. Bucky and I sweated our asses off. Mrs. Trenton was everywhere, there was no place to hide from her." He grinned, "And believe me, Bucky tried. Napoleon couldn't hold a candle to her when it comes to commanding her troops of moving men."

Doug laughed and stripped, then dropped into the water. Marc joined him and when they surfaced, asked, "Want me to pace you today since there's no one around?"

"Yeah great," he giggled, leaning with his forearms on the deck. "You need some serious exercise. You're getting too fat. You better take up some kind of sport before the only way you can see your jamoke is in a mirror." Doug challenged.

"FAT? I'll show you fat. I may not be able to beat you, but you'll know you've been raced mother fucker." Marc pulled himself to the deck and shook himself, getting ready to start doing some warm up laps with Doug which both knew would end up being a balls out race.

Doug joined him, and saw David just getting comfortable on a bench and leaning back against the wall. "Come on David, join us. You can guard my ass a lot better if it's out in front of you in a few races." He saw David hesitate as if he wanted to, but didn't know if he should, so he added, "Of course you are a lot older than us, and you're probably all sore from doing all that furniture moving yesterday. We'll even let you win once to make you feel better." He twisted the `old' knife like he and Buck did with Joe and Will. It worked.

David stood up, pulling off his shirt at the same time. The boys and Bill all blinked when he unclipped a black nylon holster containing his weapon from the waistband of his shorts hidden in the small of his back, then cover it carefully with his shirt. Then he paused to blush before he dropped his shorts and kicked off his deck shoes. He sucked in a lung full of air and posed for them before he joined them at the edge of the pool.

Marc whistled appreciatively, "Decent!" He grinned lecherously, "For an old guy," he added, having fun. He looked at his camera sitting on a bench.

David laughed. "Look all you want. I'm straight." He followed Marc's eyes to the camera and shrugged. "My girl friend might like a picture if you want to take some later. Right now this OLD man has some swimming lessons to teach to a couple of punks."

Bill laughed, enjoying the by play. He looked at David's body. "Look out Doug, he's a ringer. It looks to me like you've spent some time in a pool," he stated, not asked.

David nodded and grinned, "In college, I did all right. But I'm so old now I kind of wonder if I remember how."

"OKAY!" Doug laughed and mounted a starting platform. "Let's find out." He looked at his father. "This is going to be fun!"

Bill raised the starting gun and checked the wall timer to be sure that it was zeroed out. David and Marc stepped up to their lanes. "One hundred meters, freestyle," he announced and started the race. Bill smiled when Doug turned first and increased his lead slightly, but was surprised at how close both Marc and David were behind him. Bill's attention was diverted momentarily by a flash of sunlight when the outside door opened. A man wearing a gray jump suit walked in carrying a broom. He looked at the pool and swimmers briefly from behind a pair of sunglasses, the kind that people with eye problems wore, with very wide earpieces, like blinders. He disappeared into the locker room. Bill shook his head thinking that a mop to clean a wet tile floor would be more useful and effective, before he bent down close to the water to watch Doug's turn and kick off.

Doug won the race, but David was only two seconds behind him, while Marc was only a second further back. Bill congratulated them all but concentrated on Marc, encouraging him to join Doug in swimming competitively, because he was just naturally good. David pulled himself from the water and sat on the edge watching Doug doing a lazy butterfly up the pool and back before he joined David.

Marc watched Doug with a frown. "What was that extra lap all about?"

Doug shrugged, "I was just cooling down. Want to go again?" He stood up, grinning at Marc, looking hopeful.

"You're a fucking fruitcake. Who cools down in a pool by swimming extra laps? The least you could do is breathe just a little harder. It would make me feel better."

I'm a fruit maybe, but not a cake. You're an out of shape pussy. Look at Dave, he's old but he's not panting like you. Why don't you take a nap for ten minutes? We'll wait for you to get rested up." Doug giggled as Marc sputtered. Doug started walking toward the locker room door. "I have to take a leak, I'll be right back," he said over his shoulder.

Bill, David and Marc talked quietly while Marc got his camera and took some shots of David. Upper bodies only, as David requested and only one candid `mistake' when David wasn't looking. When Marc exhausted a roll of film he went to his camera case to change rolls and wondered what was keeping Doug so long in the bathroom. He left his camera and pushed open the locker room door. "Hey asshole! Did you fall asleep in there? I already finished my nap. Let's go!"

He walked in when he didn't get any answer. He looked in the toilet area, in the shower room then walked around all the lockers. Then in the back of the room he saw a broom and a roll of duct tape on the floor by the fire exit. The door was ajar, letting in a sliver of sunlight. "DAVID! BILL! GET IN HERE!" He shouted repeatedly as loudly as he could until they joined him. He pointed at the duct tape and the open door with tears in his eyes. "Something's happened, someone took him. They had to. He wouldn't fuck around like this. Hide maybe, but never go outside, not naked, and never during a practice."

Bill's heart stopped when he saw the broom. David pushed the door open with one finger on the edge of the panic bar and looked out. There was nothing to see except stripes in the lawn caused by car tires. Someone drove over the lawn twice, once up close to the door and once away from it. "Shit! Shit! Shit!" He mumbled while he turned and ran back to the pool area, his clothing and his cellphone in his shorts pocket.

Bill joined him wearing a gray face. "A guy came in just after the race started and went into the locker room. I thought he was a janitor. He was carrying that fucking broom. I thought it was strange, the broom I mean, and he needed a mop. Goddamnit Dave, why would anyone want to take my son?"

David didn't answer Bill because there was no immediate answer. "Come on George answer your fucking phone," he said to himself impatiently, and attempted to save time by pulling up his shorts with one hand unsuccessfully. Marc told him to stand still and got behind him to help. He got them up and buttoned the waist button.

George answered. "George! This is David. I was covering Doug today; we're at the Oaks pool. He went into the locker room and someone snatched him out the back fire door. There's tire tracks in the lawn, wide, a truck or van. He's been gone ten minutes, max. There are country roads all around here. I'm going to take the car and see if I can spot something." David looked up to see Bill thumping his chest. He nodded. "Bill Henderson is here, he'll start looking too."

Marc pulled on his shorts then grabbed his shirt and camera. David stepped into his deck shoes while he talked with George, then pointed at his weapon and shirt, Marc collected those too. The three of them trotted to the parking lot together, with David still connected to George.

Bill had time to get in the driver's seat of his SUV before David called him excitedly over to the limo. There was a legal size envelope tucked under the windshield wiper. David handed his phone to Marc and carefully opened the unsealed envelope and slipped out the contents; a single sheet of paper. He unfolded it, handling it by the edges and corners and laid it out on the hood. The printed message was simple and chilling:



"The stupid mother fuckers snatched the wrong guy! They think they have Buck." Marc shouted into David's phone and at David and Bill.

David nodded and reclaimed his phone. "Bring out a forensics kit if you have one," he told George.

Bill turned gray and leaned heavily on the side of the car. "You think they're going to kill him?" He whispered. "No, there's no point. I'll pay them. You won't need forensics. I'll pay them. PLEASE do as they say." His knees buckled while he begged David.

Marc grabbed Bill's arm and supported him. Bill pulled Marc against his chest and hugged him. He buried his face in Marc's shoulder and cried while he kept repeating, "No forensics," very softly.

David put his phone down when he suddenly realized what upset Bill so much about the word. "Hey, no, forensics is like a fingerprint kit, stuff like that. We need to look for clues, evidence; anything that will help identify who ever did this. It has nothing to do with anyone being dead. Doug's alive and well just uncomfortable probably. He's immobilized, maybe drugged. They won't hurt him, they need him to prove that he's alive." David opened the rear door and motioned Marc to help Bill in and sit down. "A chopper is on its way here to pick us up and drop some guys off to look this place over. There's got to be fingerprints all over the place. The broom, the roll of tape, the door. Assholes that still think they can get away with something like this are stupid beyond belief. They almost always have records. They always look for easy money. They work their way up doing bigger and bigger shit. I mean crimes. They never learn because they stay dumb."

Marc agreed as he handed out bottles of water he got out of the car's little refrigerator. "Yeah Bill, they already fucked up by getting the wrong guy. If I walked in there to take a leak, they would have nabbed me. The dumb mother fuckers obviously don't even know what Buck looks like." He smiled encouragement, "That he's a shrimp. They are stupid. We'll find him and them."

Doug stood in front of the urinal with his fists on his hips. He didn't need to point his cock. It was always pointed, out and slightly down, a perfect angle for taking a leak in a urinal. He was well out of splash range. Suddenly, someone covered his eyes. He thought it was Marc, fucking around with him, until the hands went away and he still couldn't see. He started to raise his hands to his eyes and turn to ask Marc what the game was, when a hand covered his mouth, and others grabbed his wrists and forced his arms behind his back. He realized that his eyes and mouth were covered with tape when he heard the distinctive sound of tape being unrolled, this time around his wrists. He was immobilized in just a few seconds.

"Don't struggle and you won't get hurt." A male voice told him. Two sets of hands took hold of his upper arms and turned him, then forced him to walk. He left air-conditioning, felt heat and humidity and the warmth of sunlight. He was outside. He took a few steps before same voice, more urgent instructed; "You're getting in the back of a van. Step up, then lay down."

Lying down was no problem because he fell forward on his face. He felt and heard the tape joining his ankles together. The doors slammed near his feet, and then the van rocked slightly when his captors climbed in the front. Their doors slammed. The engine started. They moved slowly at first, then increased speed, but not very fast on the campus roads. Doug knew they would have to stop at the gate. Getting on to the school grounds was easy, but leaving he hoped, would be another matter. There was a chance that an ambitious gate guard would look into the van and see him.

The driver stopped briefly. Doug heard someone say something about a leaky pipe at the pool being fixed. They started forward again and gained speed on the public roads. He guessed they drove for half an hour. They stopped and started a few times. He assumed there were stop signs, red lights and maybe they waited for traffic to make left turns. He knew they had arrived at wherever they were taking him when the van's engine died and an overhead garage door rolled down with its distinctive whirring, rumbling and clicks. The van doors opened at his feet. Someone grabbed his ankles and pulled him back, then moved up to his knees to surround his legs. Other arms wrapped themselves around his chest. Suddenly he was being carried, not far then dropped or tossed. Doug landed and bounced. He realized he was on a bed.

The voice that warned him earlier spoke again. "He's taller than we were told, he must have grown."

"Yeah but he was the only blond in there. Man that was easy. After we get paid for this one we'll have to find another one with a rich daddy."

"Let's just get our money for this one first. Now kid, were goin' to take the tape off your mouth, but you just keep it closed. If you start hollerin' or whinin' about goin' free, it goes back on and stays on."

The tape was torn free of Doug's mouth. "You understand what I'm sayin'? You can answer questions, but only questions. Don't ask none."

Doug worked his jaw and took a deep breath through his mouth. "Yes Sir," he said quietly.

"Good boy. Now we're goin' to take the tape off your legs and your wrists, but not off your eyes. Once you're free to move around, if you even think of messin' with your eyes and you see one of us accidental like, then I'm afraid we won't be able to let you go after. You understand what I'm sayin' and you promise not to try to get a look at us?"

Doug nodded emphatically and answered, "Yes Sir, I promise. I want to get out of this alive."

"Smart boy. We were told you were smart. Hold still now while we cut you loose."

Doug rubbed his wrists thankfully, then suddenly winced and mourned the loss of his precious leg hairs when the tape was peeled off his ankles. He decided it was worth it to be free of the tape.

The boss man spoke again. "The reason I'm lettin' you this loose is you can't get out of this room anyway, and there's a bathroom about four steps to the right of the bed and I ain't gonna wipe your ass for you after you shit. This is goin' to take a couple of days while your old man gets our money together and gives it to us, plus you can feed yourself too. Me and Buddy here, which ain't his name by the way, will be real nice to you as long as you do everything you're told. Is all this crystal clear to you Bucky boy?"

Doug's head lifted when the boss man called him Bucky. It was the first time he felt really afraid because he realized his captors thought they kidnapped Buck. He tried not to think about what they might do if or when they discovered their mistake. "Yes Sir." He hoped he sounded compliant and defeated. He wished he could act like Buck or Dylan, and was glad that he was told to remain silent.

"Okay then, I got things to do. Buddy will take good care of you and get you some lunch while I'm gone. Just behave, do every little thing you're told and we'll get along."

Doug heard the door close and receding footsteps. The garage door opened then closed after the van left. Doug knew Buddy was still in the room with him and apparently listening too as the boss left them.

"Well now Bucky Boy, I guess I need to check you out real careful." Buddy giggled, "You ever been in jail? No, of course you ain't, but we know you got a boyfriend, so that makes you a fag. You probably gonna just love what they call a cavity search, but first I think I oughta kinda make sure you ain't got no disease. My cellmate showed me how. It don't hurt none, so don't worry. Now I want you to lay real still on your back and maybe stretch your arms out straight to the side of the bed."

Doug hesitated in moving his arms. He was already lying on his back. Buddy grabbed his cock and balls together and lifted. "DO IT!" He ordered harshly. Doug complied quickly and arched his body in an effort to relieve the weight of his body hanging below his cock.

Buddy let him go. "That's better. Wow it's hot in here. I better take off these damn coveralls first." Doug heard soft shuffling and Buddy's movements as he stripped. Then Buddy's weight joined him on the bed. One of his hands ran slowly over Doug's body and ended by encircling his cock. Doug's cock responded by growing into a full erection.

"Holy shit! You sure got you a man sized cock already and you ain't done growin' yet." Buddy jerked him lovingly in silence until Doug felt himself pumping cum. The first knurdle landed on his chest. Buddy released him. Then Doug felt Buddy's warm breath on his chest when he leaned in close.

Doug wondered if he was just looking or maybe sniffing the thick drop, or both. He decided that Buddy must be myopic if he needed to get that close. "It looks okay to me. I better get a wet wash cloth to clean you up some before it starts runnin'."

Buddy got off the bed. Doug heard water running. Then Buddy was back. Doug felt the coolness of a damp cloth on the side of his chest where he didn't think any cum landed, and with it, a warm wetness caused by Buddy's tongue where Doug thought the droplets actually were. Doug bit his lip to keep himself from smiling, amused by the pointless polite fiction that it was the wash cloth cleaning him, not Buddy licking his chest, abdomen or particularly his belly button where a small pool collected. The action caused Doug to harden again and he felt his cock head pushing at Buddy's cheek as it attempted to grow past the obstruction caused by Buddy's tongue boring into Doug's navel. Buddy turned his head opened his mouth wide and allowed it to grow into his throat. Then Buddy milked the big cock to get the last drops.

"That was great, thanks." Doug whispered. He knew he was violating the, speak only when spoken to rule, but wondered if a compliment might gain him an ally.

Buddy moved quickly until his body covered Doug's. Doug was surprised that Buddy wasn't heavy. He was heavier than Buck but lighter than any of the other guys. Buddy's tongue parted Doug's lips and dove into his mouth. He pulled away half an inch. "You ever tell my brother we did this an' you're dead meat." He warned in a whisper before he reattached his lips to Doug's. Doug kissed him back to reassure him. Doug was delighted. Buddy was joining him in a secret, perhaps a conspiracy. Doug was also pleased with the knowledge that his captors were brothers. Buddy was probably the younger brother.

Doug spread his legs when Buddy began to dry hump him while they kissed. When Doug had a chance he whispered again, "Don't worry, I won't tell." He lifted his legs without being told to further cement their growing relationship.

Buddy lifted his hips and started poking Doug's crotch blindly. He giggled softly, "You want this, you could help you know." Until then Doug carefully kept his arms stretched out. With permission, Doug guided Buddy, then wrapped his arms around a warm smooth back and pulled Buddy in tighter. Buddy buried his head in Doug's shoulder and neck and started thrusting himself with all the energy that Marc used. Doug smiled openly. He'd made friends with one of them and it was time to think of ways to use the friendship to free him.

Bucky sat in his study behind his desk. George, Joe, Will and David sat in chairs facing him. Buck alternately paced the room and threw himself on the sofa where Patrick sat quietly, to fidget for a few seconds before he jumped up and paced again.

Will frowned at Buck as he stomped by. "Buck if you don't light somewhere I'm going to deck you. We're doing everything we can, we'll get him back, it just takes time."

Bucky agreed and pointed to the cushion next to Patrick. "SIT! NOW!" He ordered, "Or go to bed. You and your army camped in your apartment are driving us nuts. The money is ready to go. We just can't do anything until they contact us. These ass holes are independent. They aren't apart of any organization I know of, or any that the organizations know of that I don't." Bucky softened his tone as his son walked up to him and leaned on his shoulder.

Buck picked up a copy of the first and only note and scanned it again. "I know Dad. I know." Buck frowned and looked at the men. "Did anyone check on everyone here in the house? Maybe it's someone who works here."

George shook his head. "We check backgrounds of everyone before they're hired. Everyone's clean no records except traffic tickets, shit like that."

Buck sent the note sailing over the desk. "Oh yeah? Well you better check again. Look at the greeting. ARE YOU ALL DENSE? BUCKY! It says Bucky not Buck. Dad was always Buck to everyone until last weekend when we switched for the guys and me because I didn't like being called Bucky. The fucking kidnappers must have known we switched nicknames LAST WEEKEND! It's just got to be someone close."

There was a brief mad scramble to pick up the paper from where it landed, even though everyone in the room had the note memorized. George got to it first. He looked up from the paper, grinned at Buck first, then frowned. "You're right kid. Shit. Something we don't do is check whole families. We just look at the employee," he turned and lifted Bucky out of his desk chair and replaced him. "Excuse me Boss, I need your `puter." Then without looking up from the flashing screen, he ordered, "Laptops boys, start digging. Damn I wish you had a smaller payroll," he mumbled to Bucky without looking up.

Bucky grinned at his son with pride, then picked up the phone and called the kitchen. "Send Jenny up with coffee and sandwiches." His smile faded. "What do you mean she's sick? Fuck sick! Call her in her room. Get her down there and tell her to move her ass. She can be sick after this is over." He listened for a moment and his expression grew ominous but his voice didn't betray his thoughts. "Oh, okay, well send someone else then." He dropped the phone in its cradle and squeezed George's shoulder. "Start with Jenny. She said she was sick early this afternoon before we got back here, but she left the property." He looked at Buck. "You said she was screwing all the guys in the house, is that true?

Buck shrugged, "Some, most, I don't know, but she's a screamer just like Mom. She was busy every night at the old house. I don't know about here."

Bucky's gaze switched to David; his eyebrow shot up in question. David nodded, "She made it plain that she wanted to the day I moved in, but there hasn't been time or the opportunity since I'm engaged. I'm getting what I can handle. Sorry. But that would kind of explain why they went ahead and nabbed Doug. Tom is married and doesn't live here. He was with Buck today in the city. Buck and Doug left in the same car together so she must have assumed it was a regular day at the Oaks pool if she's the one."

Joe looked up from Will's screen. "Yeah and these boys obviously didn't have a picture, it would be hard to get one without raising questions, just a physical description. David's not a kid and has dark brown hair. Marc's is light brown. Doug's is really red, but it's so bleached out it looks blond, even his pubes. They must have just discounted his height.

George stopped all conjecture. "YES! YES AND YES!" He chortled. "The bitch has two brothers, one older. The younger one Oswaldo, nicknamed Buddy for obvious reasons, is wanted for violation of parole. Armed robbery, first offense, served four years of a seven to ten sentence. Age, now twenty-two. Height, five- seven, weight, one-forty, brown hair, blue eyes." He recited, as the printer stuttered. "Picture on its way."

Buck beat his father the three steps to the printer and returned the picture to the desk. "He looks like Jenny," he said dully and passed it around.

"Good looking dude," Joe commented. Will nodded his agreement.

"He won't be when I get done with him." Buck answered quietly.

"You?" His father asked with a raised eyebrow.

Buck shrugged, "You can have it done as long as I can watch and it's messy. Call someone in. They'll go back and spread the word that it's unwise to mess with the Trenton's or their friends. Jenny too. Especially her, she betrayed our trust. She's been living with us just watching and waiting to snatch me all this time."

"Here comes the other brother." George announced. "Goddamn, his rap sheet goes on forever. Okay she left the estate. Does she own a car?" He asked the room.

"Yeah a new red Honda Civic." Joe answered.

"I'll just check with DMV for a plate number." George said to no one as his fingers flashed over the keyboard.

Buck watched closely. His eyes widened when the information appeared. He remained silent, but hurriedly collected the pictures of Jenny's brothers. "I'll take these down the hall to Bill, maybe he'll recognize one of them as the guy with the broom. The Doctor gave he and Martha both sedatives, but I bet he's awake."

Bucky rubbed his son's back. "Good idea, then you go to bed. I promise to call you when they contact us."

Buck manufactured a long drawn out yawn. "Okay, I'll see you in the morning. We can go out looking for the car if she doesn't come back by then."

After Buck closed the study door softly, he started running for his apartment. He was stopped fifty feet down the hall when David called out to him. "Hey wait up!" He trotted to where Buck stopped to frown back at him. David grinned at him. "What did you see on that DMV screen that George didn't? I saw your reaction, but you covered it up pretty good."

"Nothing." Buck answered innocently.

"No huh? Well its your house and I know its easy to get lost, but you just passed the room where the Henderson's are staying, and you seem to be in an awful big hurry to get to bed. Come on, I'm the one who lost Doug. I should have been with him. I shouldn't have been in the pool with him. If I was doing my job, I should have nailed the asshole with the broom when he walked in. Doug's a great guy, really nice, and I want to get him back as badly as you." David waited.

Buck decided to trust him. "I know where Doug is!" He said excitedly. "I know! The address was different; she registered her car at an address in a little town half way between the Oaks and our old house. That's got to be where they're keeping him or at least where she might be and I'm going to get the guys and go over there and get Doug. You want to come along? You're a professional, we could use your help." Buck reached behind David's back and patted his gun lovingly as they walked together to the apartment. "I heard about you being a crack shot."

"Yeah well, I was new and maybe too enthusiastic. If I go with you without telling them I'll get fired and I like this job," David protested lamely.

"We're going and we'll be gone by the time you get loose after we tie you up if you refuse." Buck opened his door. "There're enough of us to do it too." All the guys jumped up and surrounded them looking hopeful. "Besides if we go alone and I get hurt, or one of these guys, my Dad will break your balls before he fires you, if your body is ever found. In case you haven't noticed he can be a nasty fucker when he gets riled. Please?" Buck begged. "You can call them from the car before we get there, I just want to be first."

David cupped his balls through his shorts. "I guess you and my nuts win. Let's go, your car is parked under the portico."

Buddy had just mounted Doug for the second time when the bedroom door opened. A woman screeched and Doug heard thumps probably hitting Buddy's back with something from the way he flinched and drove himself deeper into Doug's ass after each thud. "You dumb useless bastard!" The woman screamed. "You're fucking ten million dollars. You were supposed to watch him not fuck him. I suppose you learned that in prison? Get off him now! Where's your bro." she started to say brother and changed it quickly, "your partner?" She punctuated each sentence with a thump.

"OW! Goddamnit, lay off!" Buddy rolled off Doug and stood up covering himself with his hands. "I wasn't hurtin' the kid none, just havin' a little fun. That fuckin' high heel hurts."

"You fool! Don't you understand that his father might just forget the ten million if he gets his kid back UNHARMED in ANY way? But no, you had to rape him, a defenseless minor, a kid, his SON!"

Buddy defended himself. "I didn't rape him, he's queer and he likes it. He told me I was the best ever."

"Idiot! I'd even tell you, you were the biggest too if I thought I could use you to get away."

Doug had the uncomfortable feeling that the woman's eyes were on him. She was staring at him. He heard her moan, "Oh no! You got the wrong kid! I'm amazed that you two weren't born in jail AND dropped on your heads, you're both so stupid. This is Doug Henderson not Buck Trenton."

Doug cocked his head, listening to the woman's voice carefully after she stopped screaming. He'd heard her voice before somewhere, he just couldn't match it to when, where or who the owner was.

Buddy interrupted his thoughts, "Ain't you Buck? You were the only blond kid in there. Why didn't you tell me?" Buddy's tone indicated that his feelings were hurt. Doug almost burst out laughing with the woman.

"He was probably afraid of what you'd do to him, and/or you wouldn't believe him anyway. Am I right Doug?"

"Yes Ma'am, both," Doug whispered. He was truly afraid of the woman, the apparent brains behind his kidnapping, rather Buck's. He sat up, pulled his legs up to his chest and wrapped his arms around his legs. "My dad will pay you if you give him some time. We aren't really in Bucky's league when it comes to money but I'm sure he has a lot more than ten million. Bucky might pay you, or Buck would too, if Bucky lets him take it from a trust."

Buddy ignored the opening negotiations. "But he was the only blond," he persisted.

Jenny stamped her foot. "Goddamn you, I told you Buck was five feet two inches tall not five ten."

"He could have grown some."

"EIGHT INCHES IN ONE MONTH?" Jenny screamed in total frustration, "I gave you his description four weeks ago." She said in a normal but defeated tone.

Doug suddenly recognized her voice from Trenton Hall's dinning room. The woman was Jenny, the maid. A cold chill crept up Doug's spine when he realized he was really in trouble and would be dead if she discovered he knew her identity.

Buddy's brother returned and walked in, in a jolly mood. "Hi! We did it! We're gonna be rich! I just mailed the note. You want a brewski to celebrate?" Only the crinkle of heavy paper punctuated the silence before Doug heard a loud slap. "OW! What was that for? I just stopped and bought some beer. Nowhere else." Then, "Why you naked Buddy? Has he been fuckin' around with the kid? Why'd you slap me for somethin' he done? Pound the shit out of him for a change." The Boss' tone was petulant. In Jenny's presence he definitely wasn't the boss.

"Did you buy the beer before, or after you mailed the note?" Jenny asked sweetly, but didn't wait for an answer before Doug heard another slap. "You MAILED the note? You MAILED the note! You were supposed to tape it to the fucking gate, not mail it. Now they won't get it for another day. That's why I just slapped you, you idiot. The first slap was for snatching the wrong kid! This is Doug Henderson!"

After Jenny's matter of fact announcement Doug heard some movement before a fist sent him reeling off the bed to crash into a table. He landed hard on the floor on his side and curled himself into a fetal ball. The side of his face stung. He bit his lip to remain quiet.

Buddy came to his defense. "Hey why'd you do that? It wasn't his fault you got the wrong kid." Apparently that was the wrong thing to say. Buddy was at the bottom of the triumvirate's pecking order. Doug heard a scuffle, then grunts and groans from the other side of the bed on the floor.

"STOP IT!" Jenny screamed. "Hitting someone is always your answer to everything. Help me put the kid back on the bed, then get Buddy out to the kitchen and clean him up. We've got to adjust our plans. His father is rich too. We'll make a video and this time DELIVER it to the Henderson's, NOT mail it."

None of them could know that the Henderson's were staying at Trenton Hall, and would be until Bucky was contacted with instructions for delivery of the ransom.

Buck attempted to make a detour to the control room and it's well-stocked weapons locker before they went downstairs to the car, but David stopped him. Strangely to David, Buck didn't argue, he just shrugged and said, "You're the boss on this mission, but no head-shots this time, knee caps will do. I want them alive if they're there." When David wasn't looking, he grinned and winked at the others crowding behind them. He had forty-five minutes or more to find the mechanism that opened the drawer under the back seat of the armored and well-armed limousine.

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