Castle Roland

Somerset Farm

by Jamie Haze

In Progress

Chapter 25

Published: 26 Jan 15


Jamie Haze

Evan decided to trust the guys, at least Buck, since he was the one who invited him to go with them to the Sea Song, and Doug and the twins, because they paid him for nothing. He relaxed and got playful. Dylan, with Doug in the middle and Buck occupied the rear seat facing forward. Marc made room for Evan on the end of the first side seat. He sat there briefly looking around the interior of the big car for a moment, then concentrated on Buck and Doug holding hands in Doug's lap. Actually, Doug was holding Buck's hand so Buck couldn't get a hold on his cock, just yet. They still had to find the boat, board her, then find out where they would sleep. Doug felt it would be easier if he wasn't wearing his bedtime hardon even if he was stuck in a fucking wheel chair. Dylan had his arm over Doug's shoulders and watched the friendly hand to hand combat between the lovers with increasing giggles.

Suddenly Evan was sitting on Buck and Doug's touching thighs and clasped hands. He happily wiggled his little butt until they separated enough so he could sink to the seat between them when they grudgingly moved apart. He took their hands as consolation and closed them again in his lap against his hardness. Buck and Doug looked at each other in wide-eyed surprise. Then he abandoned their hands to move his into their laps to clasp a large and growing cock in each through the material of their respective shorts. "WOW!" He giggled, "Big and big with big balls to match. I sure am glad I wasn't wrong about you two." They looked at him questionably. "You know, being gay like me and all."

"Just what do you think you're doing?" Doug groused but enjoyed Evan's delicate explorations. "And exactly how did you know, about us I mean?"

Evan grinned up at Doug. "Well, Buck was making goo, goo eyes at the back of your head, like he felt sorry for you being a crip and all, and you two looked comfortable with being with each other. Like neither of you had to run your mouths to the other. It was enough that you were close to each other. You guys paid me two hundred dollars so I'm starting on earning it. It's going to be a long night, but it should be fun. I like young guys like you best, but they usually don't have any money. I mostly have to put up with slobbery old men and do some serious play acting so they think I enjoyed it."

"How old are you anyway?" Buck asked and straightened his legs out like Doug's, but for different reasons. Evan found the zipper tab on his shorts and was busy lowering it.

"Sixteen." Evan answered with a completely straight face, and without slowing his handiwork.

There was a chorus of laughter through the length of the car. "Yeah right. If you're sixteen then I'm retired." Dylan quipped.

Evan eyed Dylan by leaning forward to look around Doug's chest. "Who asked you, you old cheapo? I didn't see any money coming out of your pocket." Evan's eyes settled on the twins, who were watching him. "But now you twin guys, I'll get to you two eventually. I never had twin guys before. Old lady sisters once, but they don't count."

"No really, how old?" Buck asked again.

"Would you believe fifteen?"

"Yeah," Doug answered. "In like four or five years." Evan stroked Doug slowly. Doug spread his legs further apart and preempted Buck's hand on Evan's youthful cock. "Although your damn hand is definitely fifteen, and this definitely feels like its fifteen." he whispered.

"Thanks," Evan whispered back. "I'm really thirteen," he hesitated, then grinned, "well almost." He stroked Doug and Buck lightly. "These feel just right," he added shyly.

The car stopped at a rolling gate, which opened after the driver spoke to the guard posted there. Everyone looked out the windows. They were actually driving along a dock, with buildings on one side and glimpses of water between the sides of cruise ships. They stopped by a boarding ramp leading to the deck of the smallest of them that they could see. Everyone looked puzzled except Evan. Their driver got out and walked back to open the rear door on the waterside of the car.

"Shit, we're here already. I thought you guys were really bullshitting me, but there she is, the fucking beautiful Sea Song." Evan removed his busy hands. "We'll get back to these as soon as we find a room," He said, climbing over Doug's legs, to step out on the dock and stare up at the ship. He was mesmerized.

"Is this IT?" Dylan asked. "Goddamn it is," he announced when he stood by Evan, equally enthralled.

The others piled out of the car to stare up as well. Patrick nudged Buck and laughed. "Your father had a bit of a joke on us Buckminster. He wasn't quite sure it was air-conditioned."

Buck nodded. "This isn't a yacht, it's a ship!" Even he was impressed.

Evan looked around at them in disgust. "It is so a yacht but it's a ship too because it's so fucking humongus. I think she's really classed as a mega expedition yacht, which means she can go anywhere she wants in the whole wide world!" He said quietly, his voice filled with awe.

Doug cleared his throat noisily to get someone's attention. "Hey guys, could I get a little fucking help here?" He'd managed to swing his legs around and slide along the seat so he sat on the very edge, with his feet dangerously close to touching the pavement. The driver had his chair out and unfolded nearby but looked like he was afraid to go so far as helping Doug make the transfer to sit in it.

Paul grinned and squatted with his back to Doug. He looked back, "Remember the pool at Somerset Farm, the first day we met? Throw a leg over my head. Sit on my shoulders." He instructed. Doug giggled and suddenly he was perched high above the others, sitting comfortably. Paul pulled Doug closer and snuggled his head against Doug's crotch. He laughed, "Why Doug, I do believe you've already grown a bit since the last time we did this. Too bad you're wearing shorts this time."

Doug giggled, "If you don't stop with the head action I'll unzip and you won't have to comb your hair during the whole cruise." Doug smoothed Paul's hair back with his hands. "Hey guys, I think I just discovered a new use for," he looked around and saw someone standing at the top of the boarding steps. "For you know what, in addition to it being a great dietary supplement, or just making babies," he looked down on David, "depending on your persuasion." He added with a grin.

"Okay, okay! I'll be good." Paul pleaded with his head bent forward.

"Say laddie, how is it you're knowin' so much about these floatin' palaces?"

Evan looked around before he answered. "I sneak in here or one of the marinas when I take nights off or nothing's happening, and hide out to stare and dream about getting on one." He waved a hand generally down the dock where there were three actual cruise ships they could see in various stages of arriving, loading supplies or getting ready to depart in the morning. It was impossible to tell because there was organized pandemonium not far from where they stood. "Sea Song has to dock in the port because she's too big to fit in a marina. At least that's what I think."

They were clustered at the foot the gangway. Marc started to climb the steps two at a time. Doug stopped him. "Wait you country bumpkin. There's no doorbell so you ask first like this." Doug cupped his hands around his mouth. "Permission to board?" He called.

"Granted!" Someone answered.

Doug nodded to Marc looking pleased with him self. Marc gave him a finger and resumed his climb. The others yielded to Paul with Doug on his shoulders. David followed them with the folded wheelchair. Buck gently pushed Evan up in front of him. By the time Will and Joe reached the deck, Paul had Doug sitting in his chair and Buck had reclaimed his position as pusher with a wide-eyed Evan pasted to his side. Everyone else was clustered tightly behind Doug and Buck, and they were all staring at three crewmembers.

Two were young and hard eyed. They flanked an elderly gentleman who leaned on a cane. All three were uniformed in immaculate white, shirt, Bermuda shorts, socks and shoes. The width, number and sequence of gold stripes on black shoulder epaulets denoted the difference in rank simply. The old guy's was mostly gold. There was one other major difference; the two flanking crewmen were armed with machine pistols held casually but ready. Buck shuddered, remembering. Doug reached back and covered the back of his hand. Buck zeroed in on their index fingers. Both were out straight and rested along the side of the trigger guard, not on the trigger.

"Good evening young gentlemen and welcome to Sea Song. I am Chief Steward Anton. Your elders have not yet boarded for the evening, however Mr. Trenton left stateroom assignments. His instruction concerning this was, I quote: If any of them don't like their accommodations, tough. I trust this tough has meaning for you? Forgive me please for my poor English. My employer is European, as am I." Anton tilted his head to his right and left. "The other crew have no English, and as you can see, all in port are armed. This is unfortunate but necessary. As guests you have all freedoms, but please not to be acting with aggression even in jest, they may not understand."

Everyone nodded enthusiastically. Anton turned to lead them. He stopped when his eyes fell on Evan. "You perhaps are a new guest? I was given photos, yours was not among them." He smiled suddenly. Evan cringed then found some nerve and puffed out his chest. He was about to answer when Anton pointed above his head to a small video camera encased in a weather proof housing, currently aimed at the dock. His finger moved, "And there, and there, and there." He pointed to other cameras. "You are recognized as a frequent visitor. You hide almost very well there." He pointed to a small steel portable building placed near one of several overhead doors leading to the adjacent warehouse on the wharf. "There is small boy size space behind, yes?"

Evan nodded, "I was just looking, not spying. Sea Song is so beautiful." He saw no point in denying the obvious.

"Yes she is. You would have been invited to look closer, but you would run should you be discovered, so we watched you watch us. Humorous now for us all, yes?" He turned. One guard accompanied him while the other stayed at the entryway. Two more of the serious crewmen appeared walking toward them. Anton spoke with them briefly before they ran down the steps to the dock. Their weapons were holstered under their arms. "Baggage," he explained then motioned them to follow him aft. He took them all the way to the stern and looked over the solid waist high rail. David, Will and Joe joined him and looked puzzled, there was nothing to see but the vertical stern and dark water with occasional bursts of phosphorescence seen in tropical waters.

Anton grinned and pressed a recessed button. A crack of light appeared with the sound of motors. The crack widened as the entire stern below them opened. The stern was hinged near the water line. "Hey guys look at this." Will laughed. "Somehow I don't think we got this option on ours. It couldn't be a garage, but I bet it is.""

When everyone but Doug was leaning over the rail Anton explained in his halting English. "Park small boats for amusement inside. Use for recreation when anchored."

"Do you mean like water toys and tenders?" Doug asked while he attempted to pull himself high enough with his hands to look over the rail.

Anton saw his frustration. "Ah Master Douglas there is lift for you to go up and down. Come." He eased Buck away from the back of the wheelchair, handed Doug his cane, then pushed him around deck furniture, chairs, tables and lounges, through a glass sliding door into a large comfortable seating area to a forward bulkhead. Stairs spiraled up and down. Anton pointed and looked at everyone. "Walking down." He pressed a button to reveal an elevator. He rolled Doug inside and grinned, "Riding down to join you." Buck and Evan stepped in before the doors closed.

There were five vertical buttons on the elevator wall console. "Five decks?" Doug asked in amazement.

"Oh yes five," Anton pointed to the lowest button. "Engines, other workings and storage." He pointed to the second button, lighted, "Boats and crew spaces." The third button was the deck they just left. "Petite salon, library, video theater, bar, fun things and forward are cabins for guests sleeping." He grinned at the fourth button, "Grand salon, dinning, galley, always open for growing young men and suites. You Master Douglas, you Master Buckminster," he mangled Buckminster and apologized.

"Just Buck and Doug will be fine." Buck told him.

Anton nodded, "You will have best one." He looked at Evan, clearly perplexed.

Evan looked hopefully at Buck, then Doug. Buck grinned and shrugged. Doug giggled and nodded. "I suppose the puppy could bunk on the floor at the foot of the bed. I know he sure needs a bath first thing. You kind of stink, and your shirt and shorts could use some soap and water too."

Evan got defensive but grinned. "I take showers at hotel pools, and wash my clothes at the same time while I got them on. You try doing that sometime and see how clean you get. Especially when some flunky comes running to chase you and you aren't finished. The wise ass with the camera said I clean up well and I do, you'll see." He suddenly looked sad, "But I just happened to think, my clothes in my pack aren't too clean either." He looked hopefully at Buck. "We're close to the same size, could I borrow some clothes?"

Doug burst out laughing. "That confirms it! You're definitely brothers. Hey, let's raid Marc's stuff! He'll shit when he sees Evan dressed in one of his favorite tee shirts tomorrow at breakfast."

The elevator door rolled open finally. Anton apologized for it being so slow. Buck pushed Doug out then asked, "What's on the top deck?"

"Oh yes, the bridge deck, for sun, spa pool, small gym for exercise, helicopter landing place and other small boats for fun. All very nice for holiday on water for young people."

The boat deck where they stood extended over one-third the length of the ship. Tenders and toys sat on cradles or racks lining both sides of an open alley back to the stern. From deck level they could see that the wide open stern formed a combination swim-diving platform and dock, complete with wide fold down steps into the water. A track-mounted hoist down the center of the alley could move anything aft to the water and retrieve it as quickly when the track was extended like a boom beyond the stern platform. Doug eyed a twenty-foot catamaran that had hinged struts and was neatly folded so the bottoms of the twin hulls touched. He frowned at his bandaged feet and sighed.

David watched Doug, then tossed his thumb at a twenty- five foot open fisherman. "Do you like to fish Doug? I do. Maybe we can take that out and try our luck trolling, or just anchor on a reef and catch us some fresh supper."

"Yeah I guess we could." He smiled suddenly. "Yeah we could. At least I can get some sun, but I need to be careful so I don't fry my balls or burn my ass. At least I can get naked."

Anton snapped his fingers and smiled. "Young gentlemen, I am forgetting, the sun deck is clothings optional always. Your elders have been told as well. The crew use forward deck for sun also, and Europeans are not liking bathingware," he added with a grin at Doug, who brightened at the announcement.

They found their luggage waiting for them when they returned to the main deck, neatly lined up in the petite salon. Everyone grabbed something and followed Anton forward to the staterooms he mentioned. There were ten, five on each side of the central companionway. Anton produced a scrap of paper and read a list of names with difficulty, David, Marc, Peter, Dylan, Paul, Morgan, Toby and Terry. He waved generally up the hall toward the bow. "Ten sleeping accommodations, eight young men. I again quote: They can figure it out."

Marc dropped his single bag and carefully lowered his collection of camera equipment and cases. Paul shed himself of the two heaviest, containing the underwater cameras. "In the future brother dearest, if we travel together, feel free to bring along anything you can fucking carry yourself. Come on, let's go see where the princes are sleeping."

Anton chuckled, "I am knowing many English words, fuck is popular to be using." He pointed to a double door at the end of the hall, "Forward lounge, many windows, very nice." Then he pointed to the ceiling and laughed harder. "Princes go up."

There were only six suites on the grand salon deck, three on each side of the hall. Anton opened one of the doors. "Master Douglas, Master Buck and," he giggled for the first time and looked down on Evan, "puppy."

Evan frowned at Doug. "Now see what you started?" He thunked Doug on the shoulder with his elbow. "If you weren't a crip I'd beat your ass."

"Oh yeah? If I could walk, I'd feed yours to the sharks right now, so consider yourself lucky, fish breath."

Buck laughed with Doug but put his arm on Evan's shoulders. "Don't worry about it Evan, they call me shrimp all the time. When you think about it, it's kind of neat, it just means Doug likes you." Buck pointed to the double doors at the end of the hall, "Is that another lounge?"

Anton shook his head. "Owner's quarters, very private. Locked, no one goes there but owner. Never." He seemed to be warning them politely.

Anton started to leave them after showing Will and Joe their suite. The other adults occupied the rest of the suites. Patrick stopped him with a touch on his arm, "Is the name, Patrick Fitzmorris, on your list? Am I down with the lads?"

Anton apologized and led Patrick to a door across the hall. Patrick reappeared instantly after he saw Don Thomas' luggage in the room. He protested that he was a servant. Anton checked his list of room accommodations a second time and shrugged, "Again I must quote: Tough."

The twins laughed together at Patrick. Toby touched him for identification purposes. "He wants to get to know you better because he's going to steal you away from Buck and Doug. We told him to."

Buck frowned at that information. Doug giggled. "Utoh, I think I see a bidding war about to start Patrick. If you hold on tight, you could be a millionaire in no time." Patrick looked helpless.

Anton bid them all good evening, after he explained that there would be a buffet table in the dinning room permanently and everyone should feel free to help them selves at any time. There was a stampede, even though they'd all just stuffed themselves at dinner. Buck took Evan by the hand and they followed Anton after a wink at Doug. They were going to check out the buffet after a quick visit to Marc's unattended luggage. Will winked at David after pointedly staring at his diamond and yawned before he took Joe to visit the dinning room for a bedtime snack.

Doug pulled off his shirt and slipped his shorts down over his feet. He grinned at Evan when they returned. "It's bath time puppy!" He sang. Evan grinned, threw the shirt borrowed from Marc at Doug's face and started for the door.

David was standing behind the door and pushed it closed to block Evan's retreat. He picked up the little body and tucked Evan under his arm. "What goes around, comes around. Kicking me in the nuts was not a nice thing." Evan screamed his laughter, but stopped struggling as soon as he saw David was also naked.

Patrick walked out of the bath. "Your bath be ready Prince Evan! Try though I did it seems they don't stock steel wool in these fine baths, but I did find a lovely new wire brush. First we've a need to separate ye from them nasty clothes. It seems they've a laundry on this ship, so you and them `ill be washed separate."

David held Evan with his hands under Evan's arms and kept him hopefully out of range of a back kick, while Patrick removed his shorts then his gym shoes. He wasn't wearing socks. He held his nose. "Glory be Douglas, it seems most o' the odor was eminatin' from these shoes. We'll have 'em washed but it may be that won't help."

Evan stopped his token struggles to get free as soon as Patrick removed his shorts. By the time Patrick had his shoes off he was fully hard. He hung in David's hands limply, grinning at Buck and Doug. They stared back. Patrick remained in a squatting position and looked up. "Glory be an' Saints preserve us, the lad is a Trenton born in the equipment department surely."

David lowered Evan to the floor. He made no effort to escape. He playfully mussed Patrick's hair. "Thanks Patrick, no complaints so far, except from other guys my age and an old lady and that was just an ouch to start with." Evan eyed Buck. "Wow, you really think I'll be as big as you when I'm your age? Of course you're still growing."

Buck sighed, "You could be bigger who knows? As for growing, I think I'm just about done. My father isn't much taller than me."

Evan understood intuitively that Buck was sensitive about his stature. He poked Buck in the ribs and giggled. "If you are, you're still lucky. You have a big dick AND more money than God does, if I don't get tall I'll just have a big dick. If I do grow I'll be tall with a big dick. I'd rather have the money. Come on let's get me a bath, I do really need one." He looked back at David. "I knew you were behind the door old timer. I was just kidding, I could have gotten away."

Patrick held up one of Evan's gym shoes with two fingers before he dropped it in a laundry bag. "If its growin' you be concerned with puppy, I'd not worry if these fit you now you'll sure to be taller than Will. These be man size eleven's. You might be doin' your grown' from the feet up."

All eyes went to Evan's bare feet. Doug laughed, "Goddamn, that's my size. How tall is your father?"

Pain crossed Evan's face before he was able to hide it with a grin. "He was six-two, Mom says. He was killed in a car crash before I was born. You want to see a picture?" Before anyone answered, Evan opened his backpack and pulled out two packages of squashed Twinkies first, then clothing. He made no objection when Patrick collected the clothes into the laundry bag. Evan's few toilet articles were in a plastic bag. He put them aside. The pack looked empty and shapeless, but Evan then carefully removed a piece of corrugated cardboard. He hesitated and looked at everyone before reaching into his pack again. "I'm trusting you guys not to rip me off. I keep my money and stuff in the bottom, underneath." He looked around the carpet frantically for his shorts.

Patrick offered him some crumpled bills and coins. "This be what you were lookin' for?" He asked gently. "I always check me pockets before I wash clothes."

"Thanks Patrick. Yeah, that doesn't need washing." He smoothed the bills out on the carpet, then added more he took from the bottom of his pack.

Buck squatted at Evan's side looking amazed. "Where'd you get all that? It looks like maybe there's a couple of thousand there."

"I save my money. I'd need a Social Security number to open an account at a bank. With the two hundred you guys gave me, that makes nineteen hundred and thirty four dollars and fifty-six cents." Evan said before he offered Buck a five by seven photograph in a flat plastic frame. This is my Mom and Dad," he giggled, "and me too. I just wasn't born yet." He touched his mother's belly. His father wore an army staff sergeant's uniform. His mother was obviously very pregnant. "That was taken just before he left for Germany. We were going to join him there after I was born, but he was in a fucking accident."

Evan leaned into Buck's shoulder. Patrick rubbed Evan's back. Buck admired his parents, "Your dad's a really good looking guy and your mom sure is beautiful." Doug wheeled himself closer so he could see the picture and David crowded him.

Doug agreed, "Yeah, too bad he was killed. They really look happy."

"Yeah they were. Mom really missed him. She missed him so much she didn't get remarried until two years ago." Evan shuddered and started talking quietly, telling his story without realizing it. He was just remembering the good times to start with. "Mom's an RN, a surgical nurse. She works emergencies. She always makes good money and her and I were happy. We had a nice house and nice stuff. Since I never had a dad I didn't miss him like she did."

"Then HE came along. He got mugged and had the shit beat out of him. Too bad they didn't kill the fucker. But at first, when they started dating everything was fine. The three of us went places. We did neat stuff. I liked him. He treated me like I was his kid and called me son as often as he called me Evan. When they got married I was the best man. I missed them when they went on their honeymoon for two weeks. I could hardly wait for them to get back because I suddenly had a dad like the other guys, you know my friends. Some of their parents were divorced, but they still had dads."

"We moved into his house after they got back. He sells insurance. He owns his own agency. He made, makes," Evan corrected himself hurriedly, "good money. So the house was bigger and nicer, but I had to change schools, but that was cool. My Mom works the three to eleven shift at the hospital so she was always at work when I got home from school. My new dad, HIM, got home around four o'clock so instead of our old neighbor staying with me, I just locked myself in the house for an hour until he got home. Then I could go out and play, you know just fuck around, stuff kids that age do while he cooked us dinner."

"The sex stuff started gradually. I'd do my homework, and then we'd watch the tube until bedtime. My bedroom was real big bigger than theirs was, and I even had my own bathroom. My shower was huge and had a clear glass side and door so if I wanted to, I could watch myself in the mirror behind the sinks. That mirror was one of them two-way jobs. He had a camera behind it, but I didn't know that then. One night while I was taking a shower before bed, he walked in unexpectedly. He was just wearing boxer shorts. He caught me with a hardon posing, making muscles, and just playing with myself. I thought I was in trouble, but he just laughed said hard cocks on guys my age were normal, and even complimented me on how well I was hung. He sat on the toilet with the seat down and told me to make more muscles and play with myself all I wanted. It would be our secret from Mom, just between us guys. That was cool, so I did."

"When I finally got around to washing and thought I was done, he stripped off his shorts and told me I didn't get my back very well and he'd do it for me. His cock was hard too, but that was okay between us guys, you know, father's shower with their sons and that shit happens I guess. He washed my back real good and fast, but he slowed down when he got to my ass and between my legs. Then he reached between my legs and started feeling me up. That felt great and I told him it did. He turned me around with him standing on his knees and started stroking me while he jerked himself off. He was so excited he popped his load in thirty seconds."

"Then we rinsed off and he was feeling guilty and nervous about what he did to me I guess, because he swore me to secrecy again while we toweled ourselves off."

"Each night after that it was the same in the shower. He washed me and handled me and got me used to the idea of touching him, washing him at first, then jerking him off, and he started getting more and more lovey dovey, you know like we were married or something. But it was all cool because it felt great to be handled and treated so nice by my new father."

"One night my Mom started back to work after her days off so we couldn't hit the shower together them days, we showered like usual but we didn't do much. I remember it was a Saturday because I could stay up late. He told me he rented Star Wars and we could watch it on my TV in my bedroom. Of course I'd seen it, but it's so good I was ready to watch it again. I got in bed while he loaded the tape. The first time he saw me putting on my PJ's, he told me he always slept in his birthday suit, like all REAL men sleep naked, so I tossed mine back in the drawer. Of course he got in bed with me, then used the remote to start the movie. Except the movie wasn't Star Wars, it was a porno flick. Two guys, teenagers, fifteen or sixteen were lying on a bed naked and making out with each other like one was fucking the other in the mouth with his tongue. HE made like he was all embarrassed and blamed Block Buster for putting the wrong tape in the fucking Star Wars box, except he never shut it off. I sure didn't want him too. I'm sure I was all bug-eyed. I always liked looking at other guys wearing shorts or bathing suits and I always wondered what some good looking ones looked like naked and how well they were hung." Evan looked around at his silent audience. "Well didn't you guys?"

David took up an intense red faced interest in the carpet where he was lying on his belly, but after Buck, Patrick and Doug nodded, Evan continued. "The guy who was going to end up on top started doing some serious tongue work down the other guy's body until he got to the guy's cock, then after some hesitation he got to work. As usual in fuck films, he finished him by hand.

The bottom guy really came big time, I mean there were gobs of the stuff from his chest on down. Then the top guy kind of scooped up what he could with his hand and rubbed it all over his own cock and balls before he used his slimy fingers to start finger fucking the bottom guy. He was actually using the guy's own cum for lubrication. I couldn't believe my eyes when the top lifted the other guy's legs and guided his cock. He was so hot he didn't care whether he hurt his buddy or not. Bang, just like that, he was in up to the hilt and fucking him like it was his last."

"By then, I was so hot myself, I had to remember to breathe. At some point HE pushed the sheet off of us and started playing with me, so that I was fucking his hand. Then HIS face blocked my view of the TV and he started kissing me. It was pretty much fun. I kissed him back because I wanted him to suck on me like the guy in the movie. He did that for awhile, but I was too young, I didn't even shoot blanks then, and he got bored, or too hot. He got off the bed and left the room after telling me the fun was about to begin, and not to move. He came back with a tube of KY. I didn't know what it was, but I sure found out fast. He squeezed a big gob on his fingers and right away flipped my legs up and held them there with one arm so my skinny ass was in the air. The fucker started off using two to loosen me up, like thirty seconds of getting finger fucked would do the trick, ya know?"

"I was lying on my back until then, but he had me roll over and spread my legs so I couldn't watch what was going on. Shit, I knew and I wanted to watch just like the bottom guy in the movie did. I felt him poking around with one finger and his cock. All of a sudden like, he was in and not just his cock head, he was all the way in and he was fucking my ass like he was late for work or something. It hurt a little at first, but I think mostly it was from being surprised."

Did I tell you he was one of them what they call premature ejaculators? I read up on it in the library. That's what he was, and that's why he was in such a hurry, so he wouldn't shoot his wad before he got in me. Anyway, he made it, but only just, before I felt him pumping cum. You know, HIM or not, that felt really cool, I liked it. I don't mean to gross you guys out or anything, but I really did like it. Of course lucky for me he was only about four inches long, like a lot of kids that aren't done growing up."

"I thought the fucker was having a heart attack at first, he was breathing so hard and I could feel his heart through his chest pounding on my back. Then we both heard a noise at the same time, and someone cleared his throat by the bedroom door. I twisted my neck to look. I was scared shitless, but HE didn't look. He knew who was there. It was the top kid in the video. His name was Billy."

"He was real nasty to Billy all the time and he was then too. He hollered about Billy not getting to the house fast enough after he called him, and he threatened to tell Billy's parents that he fucked little kids. Billy wasn't listening though because he was staring at the TV. HE rolled off me about then so I turned over and looked to see what was so interesting to Billy on that video, since he was in it. He was still in it but the guy on the bottom by then was a kid about my age, maybe nine or ten. Billy was straddling the kid's chest with his knees on the kid's arms. The little kid couldn't move much but he was shaking his head, no. The camera moved closer and Billy looked at the camera. He was nearly bawling. There wasn't no sound, but his lips were moving like he was asking if he had to do what the guy holding the camera wanted him to do."

"When Billy just stood there looking at the video, HE got off the bed and went to Billy and smacked him hard. He shut off the TV and told Billy to strip and get on the bed with me, but not to do anything until he got his camera ready." Evan sighed, on the verge of tears. "All the time he fucked me that first time, Billy kept whispering to me that he was sorry for what he was doing."

After it was over, HE left us alone for some reason. Billy told me that my fucking stepfather didn't really sell insurance. His office was really a front for a subscription web site that sold kiddy porn and that what we just did went out live on the web. Billy said he went to do something on the computer like set it up so it would replay."

I really liked Billy from the first and later we loved each other, we really did. We made love alone every chance we got. Billy really got down, I mean depressed and he started popping pills so he was always strung out. Then one night Billy didn't show up for a scheduled session and HE took it out on me. That was the first time he ever hit me. After, I shut off the light and got under the covers. Something crinkled under my pillow like paper. Billy sneaked in and left me a note earlier. He said he was going away alone. That what happened to him was not my fault and that he loved me." Evan did start sobbing then and curled up in Patrick's arms. Patrick rocked him and patted his back.

In a few minutes, Evan calmed down and sat up. "You see we talked about it, about going away together. We never used the word but we weren't thinking of running away. Billy did it alone. He left me behind because he loved me. Billy killed himself, that kind of going away." He said it so softly it took a moment for the guys to realize that the word they never used was suicide.

"I cried for a few minutes, then I stopped and I haven't cried since until now. I looked at the clock it was only nine-thirty. I went into my closet and dug out my baseball bat and I went hunting the bastard. I found him in the den sitting at his computer. He was looking at his own fucking web site watching Billy fuck me." Evan gave them the address but said he didn't know if it was still active since the web master was dead. "I hit him and hit him, then I started beating the shit out of his computer. He was hard to kill. Every time I looked at him lying on the floor I saw him move something so I hit him some more until he stopped moving. Then I snatched his billfold, threw some clothes in my backpack and took off."

Evan smiled ruefully, "So now you know the rest of the story, I'm wanted for murder." He counted out two hundred dollars and offered the money to Doug. "I'd like it if I could take a shower before I leave. You guys could get in so much trouble if you're around when they catch me. I like you guys and you shouldn't get in no trouble because of me."

Doug pushed the money back. "No way, you're on my side in the bathtub puppy. You'll earn this just keeping them from drowning us. Come on guys Evan and I need a bath before bed." He started rolling himself toward the outer door. He giggled maniacally, "That is if you can catch us! Come on Evan!"

Anton muted the sound portion of the video he was watching and recording, but he continued to watch as Patrick and Buck wrestled Doug from his chair while David picked up Evan and tossed him over his shoulder, then followed the others into the bathroom. His computer switched cameras when it detected motion in the bath area and zoomed into the marble spa tub. He blanked the screen and quickly brought up his web server and keyed in the address Evan gave the boys. The site's cover page flashed thumb nails of handsome nearly naked young men and promised more revealing photos and live cam streaming video of these and others in triple X action, all for clicking the garish purple `JOIN NOW' box.

Anton swore in five languages and had to search a drawer to find the required credit card information. There were three membership levels. He chose platinum, the most costly at one thousand dollars US, per month for extraordinary services. There was no further explanation of what those might be and wouldn't be until the credit charge was approved. He drummed his fingers impatiently. The screen flashed and changed and changed again and again. Anton suspected he was being sent through several links before he was staring at a youth of no more than fourteen, naked of course who offered via audio to give the new platinum member a tour of an exclusive home for boys. The scenes kept changing, bedrooms, swimming pool, a gym, a bucolic lakeside. Each included at least one boy and an intentionally blurred adult male, or one who had passed puberty. The youth invited him to visit he and his friends at the home or if the member wished, one or more selected boys could visit him. Any arrangement could be made for additional fees, and desired activities were limited only by the platinum member's imagination.

Anton blanked the screen and then brought up an infrared view of one of the close by suites. The glowing image of one large indistinct life form was in bed. He grinned. Joe and Will were already in bed and from their inactivity, asleep, probably spooned together which would explain their infrared shape. He dialed their extension and watched an arm reach for the bedside phone. "I wish to speak with you concerning one of the young men. The youngest of them has problem I require the solving of with your help please. If you would please to come to me at the end of the hall I would be most grateful." He realized after he replaced the receiver that he was impolite and failed to identify himself but grinned when two green images separated on the bed, then stood to dress anyway.

A red light flashed on the console in front of Anton. His young visitors were armed as they approached his doors. He smiled and released the electric locks before they could knock. He stood up to receive them. He shook their hands and thanked them for coming so quickly and apologized profusely for waking them. Anton admired the way they moved and acted. Will engaged him immediately as a recognized potential threat, blocking his partner Joe, whose eyes were busy scanning the room for less obvious dangers.

"You must forgive old man for intruding on the privacy of guests. Visitors are rare on Sea Song, never before have so many been permitted. Young men are fascinating, yes? I indulge myself in watching suite of young Buck and lover Doug this evening." Anton motioned them to sit in chairs facing darkened plasma screens.

Joe interrupted Anton's slow and tortured English with French. "Perhaps it would be easier for you if we used a language you're more comfortable with? I can explain everything to Will later." He switched to German. "I'm sorry I can't identify your native tongue from your accent."

Anton laughed and clapped his hands in delight. "Splendid my young friend. While my sphere of influence extends into Britain, I generally leave English speaking counties to Buckminster. I am not quite as I represent myself this evening. I am not a steward. Buckminster and I meet regularly here, but he arrives alone wherever I may find myself, whatever port. As I was attempting to explain, I'm an old man and a dedicated snoop. I currently am aggressively seeking an heir and young Buckminster is a candidate so this evening I was watching him and his friends to get to know him better without his knowledge. The boy Evan revealed his past quite unexpectedly. First you should watch and listen to his tale." Anton started the recording.

Will and Joe watched and listened silently. When it was finished, Will's fingers itched to get at Anton's keyboard and mouse. "May I?" He asked while he pulled his chair closer to the console.

Anton grinned, "This I have done," he answered in English. "Now member in good standing." He brought up the web site. "Still active and maybe very much more successful, no?" He frowned and switched back to German. "Obviously the stepfather did not die and has prospered greatly from this web site after the boy fled his home. I want it found and crushed," Anton smashed a fist into the palm of his other hand. "I want the stepfather brought here before me, I will crush him." His fist came down a second time. "There must be a group of conspirators, web masters, people who manage this home for boys. You will crush them all. I want a membership list," he grinned "Buckminster and I will decide their individual fates, as they must be men of wealth and position. As for the boy's mother, investigate carefully. Should she have the slightest bit of knowledge concerning her husband's business I would like her to accompany him here. First, you must find all assets. Consolidate them. Buckminster will have a place to hold them safe. These will be distributed among the boys. I will think of what might be done to restore them to society."

Anton stood up and smiled at them. As far as he was concerned the meeting was adjourned. Joe looked at him slack jawed he understood the orders. Will interpreted them from Anton's body language and smashing fist. His fingers itched once again to start the dance to locate the web site and it's owner.

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