Castle Roland

Somerset Farm

by Jamie Haze

In Progress

Chapter 27

Published: 2 Feb 15


Jamie Haze

Anton looked at Doug sitting in his wheelchair. Doug's eyes showed his surprise in the revelation that Anton was the European equal of Bucky Trenton. His smile showed pleasure, respect perhaps, but no fear. Anton grinned at him; "You can keep secret for short time, yes? Not from lover Buck, but from others? I will converse with elder Buck and he will make others aware of true identity, yes?"

"Sure Anton, I can keep a secret. Buck and I talk about stuff sometimes, late at night. I guess I know what he knows about his father's business interests. If others knew it might hurt them. I would never do that to them, or you." Doug answered carefully.

Anton nodded, satisfied. "Such loyalty should be rewarded. A future favor perhaps?" He was distracted by a conversation between Evan and Gregor. Gregor was explaining in surprising detail how to program the autopilot speaking his native Russian and using a combination of sign language and actual demonstration. He laughed when Evan nodded that he understood some point and answered, dah, or yes. They giggled together like schoolboys. Anton sighed, his longtime policy of not having English speakers on board or in his homes was going to be cumbersome, if, no, not if, when Evan took up residence with him as a fellow loner, or something closer.

"You are liking Gregor?" Anton asked Evan. Gregor snapped to attention at the mention of his name. He stared straight ahead. His smile was gone. He feared that he'd done something very wrong, worse then bypassing the captain to ask for instructions from Anton, the owner and his Master. He was still shocked that the Master even knew his name.

Evan giggled in delight and pressed a button, then very carefully lifted his other hand from the wheel. "Hey Anton! I just engaged the autopilot." His eyes roamed the screens quickly. "See? We're right on course. The GPS agrees, and it looks like only three bogies in front of us, but they're all moving away from us, like on other courses, so we're A-OK for Nassau." Evan thumped Gregor's arm playfully. "Yeah I like Gregor, he's cool. I just wish he could speak English, or me Russian. That's what he's speaks ain't, I mean isn't it?"

"Yes, he is Russian."

Evan's smile faltered, "There's something else, something you don't know about me yet and you should," he paused to eye Gregor's body. "I could like him in other ways too. I, I'm gay. You know the word gay? Like, as in queer, a homo, but I don't really like those words much. Gay sounds better."

Anton nodded and smiled, "Yes little Evan, I know word gay. You think I would not like you as gay boy?" Anton rolled his eyes. "Gay is sex," he pointed between his legs. "Is fun and necessary, has nothing to do with here," he tapped his head. "Smart, happy boy in head more important. Understand?" Anton suddenly switched to Russian. He barked questions to Gregor harshly.

Gregor executed a military turn to face Anton. Sweat appeared and ran down his handsome face unnoticed while he answered at length. Anton smiled and nodded. He said something in a kinder voice. Gregor wilted visibly and looked at Evan with a grin as he used an index finger to squeegee the sweat from his forehead.

Evan frowned at Anton, "What'd you ask him? You had him scared shitless, but now everything is all right. Wasn't he supposed to show me how this shit works?"

Anton laughed, "Oh no, you not understand. Asked background. Ordered him to tell like Russian superior. Scared works good, cuts, how you say, bullshit?"

Evan and Doug both giggled. "You sure have that right, you had me ready to run, rather roll my ass right straight out of here." Doug agreed.

"Gregor was speaking court Russian to you, not peasant, more formal and unusual. His family is old aristocrat. Speak at home but not outside. You don't understand anyway, so he speaks it to you. He is graduate of Maritime Academy, go to sea very young. Hired for Sea Song after collapse. Out of work then, times hard. Also speaks French very fluent. I detach him from crew schedule. You teach him English, he teaches you Russian and French and also all workings of Sea Song, yes?"

"I'll try," he looked up at Gregor's smiling rapidly drying face and giggled. "Dah?" He asked experimentally, and offered his hand.

"Yes!" Gregor answered enthusiastically cranking Evan's small hand in both of his.

"Very most excellent. I give little computers, lap tops? Think maybe software for language learning in library, if not, we get in Nassau, if not there, we fly in." Everyone started laughing with Anton when he started flapping his arms and his flying heavy cane bopped one of the junior officers before he could get out of the way. The hapless victim picked himself off the deck smiling.

Anton turned to leave the bridge and was greeted by all the other guys peeking in through the deck windows and Marc at the door. He stood at attention and saluted. "Permission to enter the bridge Sir?" He shouted. Anton looked at the captain. He nodded. "Granted!" Anton barked, then got out of the way as the parade of nude boys walked in. They surrounded Evan at the helm and started asking questions.

"HOLD IT!" Evan shouted. "Don't touch nothing you lameo's or we'll wind up in Africa." He tossed a thumb at Gregor, "This is my buddy Gregor, he knows everything about this ship and he'll answer all your dumb fucking questions, if," he started giggling, "any of you can speak Russian." When everyone looked at him blankly, he laughed so hard he nearly fell off his footrest perch. Gregor laughed with him, but had no clue about what was said. "That's what I thought. Come on everyone, let's get some sun." He jumped down and tried to tug Gregor with him. Gregor resisted talking rapidly and pointing to the helm. The Captain sent one of the junior officers to take his place.

Anton stopped Evan and Gregor near the door and spoke to the Captain in Russian. Gregor smiled his thanks for using a language he understood. Anton leaned down to Evan. "Just relaxed dressing code for crew. Now like when no guests, no uniforms and other clothings optional except in port."

Evan grinned and looked Gregor up and down. "That's great, now I can at least see what I'm missing."

Anton chuckled, "When asking questions, I ask about that also. Teenage boys and young men at sea for long time look to others for relief. Yes? Understand? I don't be nasty, he don't tell that," he lied. He had the entire yacht wired. Gregor and his bunkmate were particularly beautiful to watch, like Buck and Doug. "I think little Evan get big surprise." Anton looked gray and tired suddenly. He smiled with effort. "I go to rest now. We talk later in my quarters."

Evan watched Anton limp away. It was obvious that his benefactor to be, or might be, was sick and wondered about his fate if something should happen to Anton. He was also prepared to pay the price of having the old man use his body however he wished. Though Anton claimed to have no interest in sex with him.

Sugar daddies were men discussed and dreamed of among his street hustler acquaintances, but those relationships rarely lasted and if one of their number did get lucky. He'd usually return to Atlantic Avenue after a week or two, wearing some new clothes, perhaps a gold chain, which could be pawned before it was ripped off and maybe a few dollars. The only payment for services rendered Evan planned to ask for was to live aboard the Sea Song until Anton tired of him.

Buck leaned on Doug's shoulders. He looked back and grinned. "The little wise ass has a lot of Trenton in him somewhere."

Buck spun Doug and wheeled him down the interior central companionway into the open sun deck lounge. "If he doesn't yet, he will tonight, and lots more Henderson too. He sure is concerned about earning that Ben Franklin. We need to get him to forget about hustling somehow. Do you think Dad would adopt him?"

"Yeah, well I think that's been taken care of." Doug looked around to see that no one was paying attention to what they were saying before he told Buck about Anton and his offer to Evan. "I didn't catch on, but Evan sure did. He's sure got balls to just ask. Anton's going to talk to your dad before he let's everyone in on it. I thought he was just some kind of old family retainer who had the juice to even boss the Captain around."

Buck wheeled Doug to the curb surrounding the glittering circular pool in the middle of the sun deck. The sea was calm and Sea Song was planing. Their wake was arrow straight and twin rooster tails of spray rose behind them. The surface of the pool jiggled with the mega yacht's slight vibrations as they hurtled along at forty knots.

"At last, the end of my dry spell." Doug hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his suit and pushed. Then levered himself out of the chair with his arms to sit on the curb for a second before he scooted himself forward, using his arms and butt to get to the edge. His feet touched the water first, then he was gone, in and under. His head appeared briefly at the opposite edge of the twenty-five foot pool. He let out a war hoop of delight then returned and rested his chin on his hands grinning up at Buck and the others. "If you want me, you'll know where I'll be!" He giggled and sank again.

The younger boys, Buck, Toby, Terry, Marc and Peter joined Doug by jumping or cannon balling into the water. Paul, Morgan and Dylan sat on the edge with their feet dangling. They talked together and attempted to act their age, which meant superior to the 'kids' in the water. Doug orchestrated a quick sneak attack with a brief whispered conversation on the opposite side of the pool. The three 'old' guys quickly found themselves in and under the water simultaneously and the first battle of the day's war was underway.

Evan stopped by a lounge, dropped Gregor's hand and pushed his borrowed tank suit down his legs. He put his hands on his hips and cocked one forward at Gregor, then grinned up at him, daring him to get naked with his eyes and body language.

Gregor looked at the stewards who were bustling around setting out platters and bowls of snack foods and getting the bar set up. They frowned at him when he sat down to remove his gym shoes and low socks. It was obvious that the news of the revised dress code hadn't reached them yet, or the change in his status. He fired some rapid French at them and giggled at their dumbfounded expressions of disbelief. They grinned when he stood up and pulled his Sea Song monogrammed shirt over his head and tossed it to the lounge with Evan's bathing suit.

Evan sucked in a lung full of air and whistled. "Wow! You must work out. You're almost as buff as big Paul." He eyed Gregor's crotch. "Now let's see the rest of the story and that big bulge better not be a pair of socks either." He looked up at Gregor's face. "This is fun. You haven't got the first clue what I'm talkin' about do you? I guess I'll have to use some hands on sign language on you to start with."

Gregor grinned down on Evan. He spoke in Russian. "Ah little one, you are most brazen and charming, but oh so young. Young boys like you never interested me until you leaned into me at the helm. Your touches were electrifying and now you stand before me naked, unashamed and obviously desirous of seeing me the same. My face is burning up. I know if I remove my shorts, your eyes will cause me to become erect in front of all these others. Is it possible that all these boys and young men are homosexuals? Are you aware that the Master gave me to you? Did he tell you that I'm yours? Like a plaything, a toy? No, that is not correct. He said I was to attend you in all things, so the implication is there. The Master knew my name, amazing. Now I have no duties except to teach you my language, but French first, everyone speaks French, and you will teach me English and quickly. Why the urgency? Who are you to affect him so?"

Evan giggled and tapped Gregor's belt buckle. "I don't know what you're saying yet, but I know you're stalling. Come on and shed them shorts. If there's socks in there I'll forgive you." He allowed his hand to drop slowly, so the backs of his fingers brushed Gregor's growing bulge. "Nope, definitely not socks," he added softly to himself.

Gregor bent double to get away from Evan's hand, then turned his back to prevent a further attack. He fumbled with the slider in the buckle of his uniform web belt until it released. He heard laughter from near the bar and looked up to see the three peasant stewards watching him. They angered him. He shook them up in French, pleased that he out ranked them. "If you're done up here, perhaps some toilets need licking out down below?" He snapped then nodded toward a vent high up in the bulkhead. "Do you forget that the Master watches and what could happen to those who displease him?" There was a two-man stampede down the circular staircase.

The one remaining, the bar man was definitely not as intimidated as his companions. He grinned and winked at Gregor before he saw Evan watching him, then he got very busy polishing spotless glassware. Gregor saw Evan looking at him in question. "He is my bunkmate and of course my lover but we are not in love. It is convenient for us," he explained. He saw that Evan's face was unchanged. Frustrated, he joined his hands in prayer and put them to the side of his head and closed his eyes making loud snoring sounds.

Evan giggled and nodded. "Yeah right, sure you sleep together, eventually." Evan studied the young steward, "You've got good taste, but tonight he'll have to marry his fist if he doesn't want to join us. You know he's no older than Doug or Marc. Maybe after I leave here I'll check out all the rest of the international yachts. Maybe I can get me a job on one of them too."

The interruption served Gregor as a pressure relief valve. He opened his fly and pushed off his shorts and bikini briefs in one quick motion while his stiffening cock retreated to near normal. He turned back to Evan with a grin and shrug, then reproduced Evan's earlier stance with his hands on his hips and one thrust in Evan's direction.

Evan's eyes bugged out in surprise and pleasure. "Hey I am surprised like Anton said." Gregor looked around the deck in horror. Evan realized that Gregor was petrified by just the mention of his name, but he ignored it. "Your cock is like Doug's, you stick out like you're half-hard all the time, that's neat. Now we need to find a quiet place to find out how good you are at using that," he stopped in mid-sentence, reached out with an index finger and brushed the tip of the subject under discussion. "Gotcha!" He said, and lifted the finger to his mouth to lick off a drop of precum. "That almost got away," he giggled at Gregor's expression. "Buck and Doug have a rule; no waste." He looked at a set of steps in the corner of the lounge that spiraled up and pointed with his wet finger. "What's up there?" He asked.

Gregor knew a few English words. He flapped his arms, "Bridge."

Evan looked at him quizzically for a moment. "Bird bridge? No, that's dumb," he snapped his fingers. "Fly bridge? Is that it?" He put out his hands as if he was holding a steering wheel.

"Yes! Yes! Fly bridge!" Gregor giggled, once again somewhat recovered from the shock of seeing the boy happily collecting then swallowing his precum.

Evan took his hand again. "Let's go check it out." He looked back at the pool. "We won't be missed. Come on big guy, we'll find out if you're as good as you look," he laughed and added, "and taste!"

Gregor knew instantly what Evan had in mind and quickly became the leader in the race upward, spurred on by a small hand enthusiastically exploring his butt. Once on the top most deck, Gregor offered Evan a courtly bow and a welcome with the sweep of one arm, but Evan wasn't interested in anything but the thick straight, eight-inch short arm protruding from a small nest of brown hair that quivered between Gregor's tanned muscular legs.

The fly bridge control station was covered with white canvas. There was extensive upholstered built in seating both facing forward, and some in against both the solid low port and starboard bulkheads that inclined inward sharply. The three sides were then topped with thick glass that was angled out as a wind and spray deflector without impeding the view. Massive remote controlled spot lights were mounted in both forward corners. Aft, at the limit of the lounge roof, lookin aft, was an open railing.

Two thirds of the way back from the control station the ships' mast rose in one-story steps an additional forty feet. Platforms jutted forward at each level where dome covered dishes in assorted sizes and numerous antennas were mounted. The mast was topped with a small high-railed lookout station or crow's nest. The Sea Song's anchor light capped the busy structure. Access to each level was gained from a wide ladder on the backside of the tower.

Evan's baby fine hair blew aft wherever he looked from the forty-knot wind created by the Sea Song's forward movement. Gregor's hand again swept the deck and stopped at a low rectangular box just behind the helm position. Each side of the box was labeled in several languages. It contained a life raft and twenty life vests and was approximately eight by ten feet in size. Evan grinned. The top of the box was upholstered like the seating.

Gregor bent, picked up Evan and cradled him in his arms. He kissed Evan lightly on the lips then inspected his small body closely. "In just a year or two you will have a splendid body to love. I see puberty is in progress. I enjoy hearing your voice rise and fall and you definitely will be magnificently well endowed when you finish growing. I wonder now if you are old enough to ejaculate. Shall I see?" He lowered his mouth and filled it while he walked slowly to the upholstered box.

"Oh wow!" Evan moaned, "And I thought I was goin' to have to seduce YOU. Man, no grass is growin' under your big Russian feet."

Gregor knelt on the box and lowered Evan without losing contact with his mouth by moving his head with Evan's body, so he ended by kneeling at Evan's side sitting on his heels with his chest nearly resting on his thighs. His cock was hidden from Evan's view, but not his reach. Evan stroked him in time with Gregor's bobbing head and his own rapidly building sense of urgency, but the young man in his twenties had more restraint than the boy of nearly thirteen. Evan's small body arched up into Gregor's mouth to reward him for his efforts with three small squirts interspersed with several more powerful thrusts in his natural need to bury himself.

Gregor lifted his head and laughed. "Ah Young Master, you are old enough already and the rewards will grow in quantity with time." He bent his head again and kissed and licked his way to Evan's lips while he rearranged his body lying on his side.

Evan frowned and opened his eyes when Gregor started to hump his thigh ignoring the wide space Evan made for him between his legs. He broke the deep kiss by turning his head. "Just what do you think you're doin' big guy? You ain't pumpin' cum on my leg." Gregor frowned down on him until he suddenly felt his cock being bent to the side, in the direction Evan wanted him to move. He winced, groaned and quickly half rolled over Evan's leg and Evan released him after snuggling Gregor's cock against his on his belly.

Gregor held his weight off Evan with his elbows and knees. "I would very much enjoy mounting you, but you are too small. I would hurt you." Concern filled his eyes.

"Man you sure are a chatty goober ain't you? I wish I could understand your problem." Evan thought for a few seconds. "Look, this is the way we do it here in the old U S of A. First you get me off, then I get you off. Get it?" While Evan explained his hand went back to work on Gregor's cock. He bent it down hard and pushed it back. Gregor yelped as the rest of his body followed. Evan lifted his legs and reversed the course of Gregor's cock, then jerked it hard a couple of times to get some precum out for its intended purpose.

Gregor was reduced to sputtering and nearly breathless as the last of his reservations sank into the back of his mind. "I will try to be careful, but you have gone too far and your body is much too desirable," he moaned and sank slowly.

"WILL YOU SHUT UP AND FUCK ME!" Evan shouted and pulled with his hands on Gregor's hard ass cheeks.

When their pubes joined seconds later, Gregor looked down on Evan's smiling face. He giggled in delight. He knew the work 'fuck'. "Fuck good, dah, yes?"

Evan hugged him, "Dah, yes, dah."

"EVAN?" Someone called loudly from below. "EVAN! YOU UP THERE?"

Evan recognized Joe's voice. "NO! AND LEAVE US ALONE!" He shouted back.

"Too late, sorry about that." Joe said standing over them and grinning. Will loomed over Joe's shoulder laughing openly. David held two slim cases under his arm and studied Gregor's position relative to his when he was similarly mounted on Evan. When Joe first called Evan's name, Gregor started to pull out and Evan had to lock his legs around his waist to keep him in place.

"We were in the control room doing some work on the big computer when Anton called." Joe explained.

Gregor flinched visibly at the mention of Anton's name and struggled to break Evan's hold on him. Evan held on tighter. "Please don't mention the big guy's name. Gregor is scared shitless of him," he begged. He rolled his eyes. "We were just getting started with a little international cultural intercourse, and now he's beginning to feel like an over cooked asparagus."

Joe sat down by them. "I'll explain," he said to Evan, then switched to Russian and grinned at Gregor's pleasantly surprised look. He and Gregor talked for five minutes. Evan gave up and let Gregor go. He and Evan both sat up to ogle the expensive lap top computers David placed on the cushion and opened for them. He switched to a mixture of Russian and English for Evan, translating back and forth easily.

"I just told Gregor that we couldn't find any language software on board, so Bucky is having whatever programs are available in New York, flown down to Nassau with Peter's parents." He reached in the pocket of his shorts. "Meanwhile, I have this little English-French translator we got to teach Will, how to speak French." He looked up at his tall partner and giggled, "But some people are just lucky they can speak one language, so we gave up."

Will laughed and accompanied his nodded agreement with his middle finger directed at Joe. "I'll stick to my computer languages, thank you very much."

Evan looked confused. "There's something I don't understand. Why is the big guy so interested in me learning languages? I know this is just a temporary gig. He speaks English well enough to tell me what he wants. When it's over, then it's over. I just hope he dumps me in an American port, and I'd rather have the cash that one of these things cost, if he even lets me keep it."

Will frowned, "I guess you haven't really talked to him yet have you? Anton is a lot like our boss, Bucky. They don't just say things to hear themselves talk. If he invited you to live with him, I don't think he was thinking temporary."

While they talked, the other guys began climbing the stairs to the fly bridge, in part to explore and because they were all naturally nosy, since they knew Evan was up there. The pool was abandoned except for Doug and Paul ran back down to get him after he started wailing for help. Paul dumped him from his shoulders on top of Buck, Evan, Gregor and the twins who were sitting on the big flat box like Indians holding a powwow by then. The back of Paul's head had Doug agreeably hard. The sight of his big boner set off a chain reaction and cocks grew around the circle. Paul and Marc bulldozed the twins apart, temporarily, took their places, then pulled them into their laps so each twin straddled a muscular thigh. Buck claimed Dylan and pushed Peter onto Doug, who was lying on his belly with his legs bent at the knees to keep his feet out of everyone's way.

Buck looked around. "I guess this is our passion pit for the rest of the trip. We have to be nice when our parents get around to visiting the sun deck, but we'll just tell them to stay down there. This deck is ours."

The young steward appeared gray faced. He'd taken off his shirt and shoes, but still wore his uniform shorts. Gregor told him to strip like the guests and asked sarcastically if he thought he was better than they were, before the steward had the chance to explain the reason for his mission.

Evan elbowed Gregor hard. "Don't be so nasty you bully, we can see he's scared shitless of us," Evan grinned, "just like you are every time someone says ANTON." Gregor flinched and looked around fearfully until Joe translated. Gregor apologized to Evan through Joe, then to the steward directly while he shed his shorts as if they were on fire.

The roll of translator fell to Joe. Joe grinned at Evan after a lengthy conversation in Russian with the steward and Gregor. "His name is Meesha and he's Gregor's roommate," he grinned. "I guess you can read between the lines there. They went to the same school, a maritime academy, but not at the same time. Gregor graduated and if this were a Russian ship, he'd have the junior rank of Ensign, probably higher by now since he talks like he's got a lot on the ball. Meesha was a third year student when the school started charging after their economy took a shit, so now he's trying to work his way up through the ranks on Sea Song and Gregor's helping him fill in the blanks, what he missed his senior year. They're both young because they start young. The school was a technical school, a high school if it was in the States, but they start when they're around twelve."

Paul nodded, "Yeah, like their gymnasts. They're so good because they start full-time when they're like four or five years old. They don't do anything else." He elbowed Doug. "If you were a Russian swimmer you'd be a fucking torpedo by now."

"Maybe, but I'd rather be an American water rat just like I am." Doug grinned at Meesha, who was standing at parade rest near them, with his eyes fixed on some point over their heads. "Just look at these two guys, I don't mean this to shit on them but they're both so good looking. Gregor here is a stud, and you Meesha, are beautiful, like you should have been a girl. Was this school they went to all gay?"

Joe giggled, "You want me to tell him that?"

Doug shrugged and blushed, "I meant it as a compliment, the looks part, and I don't care if they're tops or bottoms, or both. I was just wondering if it was a requirement, gay I mean. You know the stories about sailors at sea."

After Joe translated, Gregor looked up from the little electronic translator he and Evan were busy trying to key at the same time and answered in detail. Joe nodded and shrugged his casual acceptance of the explanation.

"Gregor says the school was pure military. First class men, seniors, each got to pick a fourth class student as an aide or servant for the year. If any are left over, senior officers in the junior class can pick by rank. Everything's done by rank. Upper class men are gods, and orders are orders to the plebes. They know what they might be asked to do going in, depending on the senior who picks them. If a straight picked the plebe, then he'd spend the year doing shit work, but no sex. It's like us, what happens behind closed doors is no one's business."

"Gregor was chosen by a dedicated bottom because he was a tall good looking kid and well hung, when his officer said fuck, Gregor fucked. Meesha got picked by the senior class captain because he's such a pretty boy." Joe shrugged, "So now you know the rest of the story."

Meesha allowed his feminine side to show when he said something while on the verge of tears. Joe calmed him, then looked at Evan, busy with the translator since he had it to himself. "It just occurred to Meesha that he forgot why he came up here. Anton would like to see the Young Master in his quarters if it's convenient."

Everyone looked at Evan. No one said a word. Evan looked up to see them all staring at him. "You know Joe, this thing isn't worth a shit. There's no swear words, fuck ain't, I mean isn't even in here, we both know that one though lucky for us." He giggled and nudged Gregor. Gregor looked at him like he was a dead man. "What's your problem? Don't play dumb on me just because these lameo's are here."

Marc laughed, "Hey earth to super shrimp, Anton wants to see YOU! I believe you're the Young Master as far as he's concerned. What'd you do anyway, swipe the silver after breakfast?"

Evan suddenly looked like he was dying. "Already? Shit, I just hope he doesn't throw me overboard." He patted Gregor on the back. "Maybe I'll see you later," he smiled dolefully and got off the cushion to look around. He picked up Meesha's discarded shorts, pulled them on, and cinched the web belt tight while he went down the stairs.

Anton watched Evan walking down the companionway from aft. He stared at the carpet with his shoulders slumped until he was twenty feet from the double doors at the end of the hall. The master suite, the owner's quarters, Anton's lair. He lifted his head and braced his shoulders back. Anton released the electric door locks. One side opened six inches. No need to knock, he was expected. Anton was watching him. He looked up and saw the tiny lens over the door.

Evan gave the door a push so it opened further, enough for him to slip through. "Anton? Sir?" He kicked himself mentally; he should have used Sir to start with.

"Come in little one." Anton called from his chair in front of his control center. The largest plasma screen showed the crowded fly bridge, boys and young men engaged in an impromptu orgy. Evan walked slowly to the side of Anton's chair with his eyes locked on the screen. Anton chuckled, "You are missing great fun. New friends are quite beautiful to watch. Yes? No worries, you will rejoin them soon. I show you I watch because no secrets between us. I watch for amusement only. No sex for old Anton now."

Evan's eyes moved to Anton's in surprise. "It's all right if you want to. There's no need to be bashful. I'll do whatever you want if you let me stay awhile. No charge honest, and I'm not a thief, I'll never steal anything I promise."

Anton giggled with effort and shook his head. "Not concerned about theft. No need to steal from self."

Gregor distracted them on the big screen. He spoke to Meesha who joined the boys remaining on the big cushion. He lay on his back waiting. "What did Gregor say?" Anton turned up the volume as Joe translated. "Gregor just ordered Meesha to satisfy any guest who wanted him," he told the others while he shook his head at Gregor and switched to Russian.

"Joe doesn't seem to be happy about that order. Now what's he telling Gregor?"

"He says Meesha does not need to satisfy anyone. He has choice, yes or no, his decision. No commands for sex ever among them." Anton explained, then first muted the volume then blanked the screen. "Those my orders, Gregor is not at fault." He shrugged. "They work out solution." He grinned at Evan. "You like boats yes? We have many. Not boats, ships, want to see? I show you." His fingers flew over his keyboard. A world map appeared, then bright orange blinking spots, each was numbered. He motioned to the screen proudly with a wave of his hand. "You pick, I show." He waited a moment, then changed his mind. "Here you look, pull up chair close. First I make screen speak English." He offered Evan the mouse.

Evan moved the dagger shaped pointer cautiously over the map to a spot in the middle of the Pacific. "Are these all ships? Wow! This is cool. What do I do now?"

"Click, stab ship and see."

Evan clicked the spot and a drop down box identified the ship, her name, type of cargo, point of departure, destination, and estimated date and time of arrival. Evan clicked on several others, the same information appeared. He tried a cluster of five spots on the coast of Germany and five boxes appeared indicating they were all in dry dock for refitting.

"Home port," Anton explained before Evan could ask. "Our shipyards there. Want to see ships in yards? This is fun, yes? Stab one ship in port twice."

When Evan did as instructed, an actual aerial view of the German coast appeared. "This picture can't be from no airplane, is it from a satellite?" Evan asked amazed at the clarity of the picture.

"Bingo!" Anton clapped his hands, then covered Evan's on the mouse. "Now we look close." The dagger moved to the top corner of the screen. "This is zoom." He demonstrated, "First out, look at all of Germany. Then in close to look at port, then closer to shipyard, and closer to look at ship, and very close to see workers work. This is cool as you say, yes?"

"Yeah it sure is, but this is like a spy satellite ain't, I mean isn't it?" Evan corrected himself.

Anton nodded, "Yes, but not like. It is. Here, we look at first ship in Pacific Ocean." The view changed to a vague dark speck on a gray background. He zoomed in to the outline of a monstrous ship seen from the sky. "Night time, use infrared like so." He demonstrated again, and removed his hand from Evan's on the mouse. "You do. Go very close. See? Heat from engines? There near bow, two workers resting, smoking."

Evan looked at Anton with concern. "Man I don't know how you got in there to use them satellites, but if they catch you, us, they'll put us away for a zillion years if they don't just shoot us. You better get us out of that program."

Anton laughed and patted Evan on the back. "No worries little one. We own satellites, big network worldwide. We rent to countries for snooping on neighbors, very profitable. We build satellites, build big rockets to shoot them from Russia. We own dishes for receiving and also sell pictures to neighbors, so everyone knows everything, very safe, no wars when everyone knows everything and all very profitable." He returned the screen to the world map with the blinking dots. "We own over three hundred ships, all kinds and build lots more, always bigger. Bigger is profitable." He covered Evan's hand again and brought up hundreds of other dots in different colors, mostly in Europe. "We own many other things, but you explore later. You come here anytime, you never disturb me, enjoy your company, two loners, yes?"

"You keep saying we, who's in business with you? You mean Mr. Trenton? Bucky?"

"Some things, but not this map, another map for joint ventures show later." Anton looked nervous suddenly. He took a deep breath. "Little Evan, you like last name of Falconburg?"

"Yeah, it's okay I guess. Is that your last name? You never said."

"Yes, Anton Falconburg is me. Not real secret, just few know it. What is your family name young one?" Anton saw Evan frown and hesitate. He pointed to the big screen. "That is very big secret. No one sees this before you, understand trusting you?"

Evan nodded. "It's Compton, Evan Compton. I trust you too. I have a bigger secret you may as well know now too. I killed my stepfather. I smashed him with my baseball bat after he made my best friend kill himself. I told you, you wouldn't want me around after I told you. I'm not sorry I did it either. I'll kill him again if I meet up with him in hell if they let me." He flopped back in his chair and stared off into space. Tears formed in his eyes while he waited for Anton to tell him to get his skinny ass off the Sea Song as soon as they reached port. He sat up suddenly, concerned, "Could I at least say until we get back to Ft. Lauderdale? I have money, I could fly back, but I don't have any identification so I can't buy a ticket."

Anton didn't answer immediately. He hid his smile. He opened a drawer, brought out a file and handed it to Evan. Then he smiled. "You said we, I said we. We is two loners, one old man and one boy growing fast."

Evan opened the file. The first sheet was an original birth certificate. He read the form carefully. Evan Anton Falconburg, born in Belgium. Father: Anton Falconburg Junior. "Hey is this me? Would this make you my grandfather?" The thought was inconceivable; Anton seemed to be offering him everything including a legitimate identity.

"Yes my new grandson, if you will have me. I consulted with Buckminster how best to proceed. I envy him his employment of your friends Will and Joe; they possess wondrous skills with computers. Those papers and two passports give you dual citizenship, United States of America and Belgium. I am Belgium originally, now I am everywhere. My son, who never was, was Belgium. Your newfound mother was American. Both are now deceased and you are living with devoted grandfather. Cool, yes?"

Evan let out a warhoop of delight and threw himself into Anton's lap. "Man, is it ever! Thank you grandfather!" He impulsively kissed Anton on the cheek. "Can I call you that? Grandfather I mean. It sounds better than Gramps or Granddad, since we're both European an' all," he added with his eyes twinkling. He sobered quickly. "But what about me being a killer, that won't go away. They got my fingerprints."

Anton reached around Evan and typed a web address with one finger. "Look you know this place."

Evan gawked at the screen, "How'd you?" He started to ask when the answer dawned on him, "Oh, you have our bedroom bugged, you knew all along. You old sneaky grandfather you." Evan giggled.

"Yes, good business to know things that happen in bedroom." Anton laughed. "You and other's were tireless, so many times, so little amount of sleep." He got very serious. "Push enter please."

"You must have heard me say it must be closed after I whacked him." He did as he was asked, just to be sure. His eyes bugged out when the pretty boy welcomed them. "Fucking sonofabitch! Does this mean the fucker is still alive? I didn't really kill him? And now he runs this home for boys? Get outta town! He needs killin' all over again."

"Apparently not. It is being investigated as we talk. If so, I will correct your error with permission please." Anton frowned. "One thing very important; did your mother know of this?"

Evan shook his head violently, "No way. He never touched me if she was home. It was dumb luck that she always worked when he was home with just me."

Anton rushed to reassure Evan, "No worries then for her. We will arrange reunion after that filth is gone from her life. Would you in between, consider to make these documents legal in both countries? Your mother will be given wealth for life if she agrees to adoption and name change. Visits very easy with you anytime after."

Satisfied about his mother's safety, Evan studied the screen. "That kid is on something, you know like he's drugged. He's a smiling talking zombie. Are you going to whack the little prick yourself? If you are, I'll help. I'm bigger now. I'll hit him harder and I'll check his pulse too, to be sure he stays dead this time."

"I will consider that, but be warned, killing carries the burden of memories. I have many such from the wartime." Anton hesitated to decide, "And many times since. Deaths work like drug for me too like that boy, it is most hard to stop. There have been many who would steal all this without hard work, no sweat. I make sweat very much in payment. Crew knows this and fear me without reason." He grinned, "But work very hard, very fast to keep old Anton happy. To be beached from Sea Song, means long swim to find beach." He giggled at his sick little joke. Then negated it, "No worries for any of them yet."

Evan grinned, "You're a weird old grandfather, you know that? But that's all right, I'm a weird grandson, it must be genetic."

"Calling grandfather names, assumes new weird grandson knows how to swim, yes?"

A light tapping on the door interrupted their friendly banter. Anton keyed a small monitor on. Two shaved heads flanked a third. The man in the middle looked unhappy.

"Hey the guy in the middle is the steward who understands English." Evan looked closer. "He looks like he fell and hit his head on something."

Anton released the door locks. "I think only reluctant to keep appointment. Guards remind him. You would leave us now?" He pointed to a closed door. "Owner's stairs to bridge and down to main deck. You use now to leave and in future to visit here, yes?"

"Can I stay? I'll be quiet. Please Grandfather?" Evan begged with his eyes twinkling, because of his use of Grandfather, his first attempt at wheedling favors.

"You may stay, no mess in here, just ask questions for now. Lack of honest answers make mess of boat deck later perhaps."

Anton returned Evan's file to the drawer and took out another while the steward stood at attention before them. He started in English. "Employment application contains errors, wish to correct. Explain please."

The man, with a growing bruise under his eye and a bleeding lip, attempted to answer in French. Anton nodded to one of the guards. Both guards sent fists into his kidneys. The man sank to his knees in pain.

"English understanding is one error. Please to answer in same."

"I was language instructor, out of work, needing employment to feed family in Russia. I knew knowledge of English would not get me employment with you so I failed to list it. I have been good worker for two years. I have never divulged overheard conversations. Never."

Anton tapped the file and frowned. "Foolish man. You have pay go to bank account. You have large balance for out of work schoolteacher. Balance grows faster than paychecks. Large deposit after each visit by American business friend now on board. Explain please."

The man on his knees looked both amazed and suddenly very afraid. He answered in French, "You have no interest in that bank, how could." A fist in the temple sent him crashing into the other guard's legs. That man's knee sent him into the carpet on his face.

"English please, so my grandson understands your betrayal." Anton told him in a calm voice. He turned to Evan. "This scum's bank is controlled by annoyingly successful competitor in some joint ventures. Now understand reason for success." Anton saw no pity in Evan's eyes. He was pleased.

He switched to German, "Take him below. I will deal with him on the way to the island tonight after we depart Nassau. I will require a small ice chest I think, and prepare the helicopter. A message must be sent fresh to this one's true employer. Order a plane to stand by in Nassau for a flight home, then arrange for express delivery of the message."

Evan watched the guards half carry the man through Anton's back door and heard thumps as he was dragged down the stairs before the door closed. "What will you do to him and his boss?"

"I will send his boss man this one's head, then Buckminster and I will work to defeat his encroachments financially, we will bankrupt him. Then he will disappear." Anton shrugged. "I must rest little one. You are host now, you should return to our guests and friends."

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