Castle Roland

Somerset Farm

by Jamie Haze

In Progress

Chapter 28

Published: 5 Feb 15


Jamie Haze

The Sea Song departed Nassau in the early evening after clearing Customs, and picking up two additional guests, Peter's parents the Anderson's. Patrick and Don Thomas happily vacated their suite and moved to a stateroom on the lower deck, so the Anderson's could be near the other parents. It was important that they not feel left out of the adult activities.

Anton ordered the yacht out to the sea-lanes, deep water, at speed. Then they slowed and made lazy circles ten miles in diameter until dawn, when the sea Song could be safely navigated to a small island near the big island, Andros, one of Anton's retreats. No one except life long natives moved boats among the reefs and cays of the Bahamas at night.

A sit down dinner was accomplished in two shifts. The boys first, while the adults enjoyed cocktails in the sun deck lounge, well away from the hubbub of the dinning room. Will and Joe ate with the boys. Will acted as a referee as necessary, and Joe continued his roll as translator between Gregor, Meesha and the others. Meesha was included because the Young Master invited him first, then ordered him to the table when he declined the invitation vehemently, through Joe, with a horrified look.

Gregor convinced Meesha with a whisper and an apparent friendly hand at the back of his neck. "Accept this invitation without further argument or I will break your foolish neck and you really WILL be licking toilets, everyone one of them. Insulting your host AND your employer are not the way to advancement," he hissed, then reinforced his advice with a white- knuckle squeeze.

Meesha's expression was serene compared to Evan's, the new Young Master, when he eyed the chair at the head of the table a white gloved steward pulled back for him so he could be seated. The chair was no different than the rest, except for its position, because it marked him as the host. He expected to get derisive laughter and snide comments from his new friends, particularly Marc, but instead he got nods and smiles of encouragement. Marc even congratulated him on becoming Anton's grandson and heir after he sat down.

Evan's fork froze halfway to his mouth. "Heir? He didn't say nothin', I mean anything about that. I think he just wants me to continue his name, Falconburg. I'd keep my real name if I ever knew my father. Falconburg's a tough name I like it, and I'd rather have Anton around as my grandfather. Inheriting his money means he died. I think he'll give me like an allowance so I don't have to hustle anymore, but that's it."

Anton clapped his hands in delight, wondering how a boy, his new grandson, could on the one hand be so worldly as a street urchin could, a survivor could AND potential killer, and on the other be so innocent and utterly charming. A flurry of encrypted e-mails and faxes that afternoon, started the process. Real paper files would be inserted in the proper cabinets, but not in their proper order. They would be miss-filed and temporarily lost, but easily found. Secure computer systems would be broached very carefully; data would be added or deleted as necessary. When completed, Anton himself would have a wife who died in childbirth, leaving him a son to raise.

Junior would be educated early on by tutors, then attend University in America. He would meet and marry the girl of his dreams, an American. They would have a child, a boy, Evan. Then they would experience untimely deaths in a fiery auto crash in a splinter country, once part of Yugoslavia where Anton still maintained a residence. He grinned to himself, "I warned the young fool not to go there on holiday, it was too dangerous. Damn all land mines."

Anton's reverie was interrupted by Evan's question to the boys; "Hey guys, since I'm going to be living on board, could you send me some of your old school books? I can find a lot of stuff on the net I guess, but real books are handier. I'll pay you for them," his eyes twinkled, "just not very much since they're used and all."

Paul giggled, "You can HAVE Marc's, they're just like new since he never opened them very often."

"I keep my average up enough to keep Dad off my back." Marc countered, then laughed and nodded. "Yeah, you can have all of mine, even better, you should ask Anton if you can go to school with us."

Buck looked up from his lobster. "Hey! That's a super idea. You could room with us."

Evan shook his head, "I'd like to, but I can't leave Anton now. I don't think he's feeling too well, and if I went to a boarding school, there wouldn't be any point in adopting me."

"He could just dock Sea Song somewhere close. The port of New York must have an empty pier." Doug suggested. He looked at Buck, "We should ask your dad, he may even own something."

Anton rubbed his chin in thought. He hadn't considered Evan's schooling, and any school that the younger Buck attended would be both elite and secure, especially since the unfortunate kidnapping incident. Doug's idea of docking the Sea Song close by certainly had merit, and/or he could purchase a home nearby. He decided he would once again consult with Buckminster at dinner. His stomach growled. It was time to join the others and welcome them formally to his home away from home. He was pleased that the pretense was over.

Dinner served as a time of renewal for the boys. They avidly discussed who would sleep where over dessert although sleep was far from anyone's mind. Evan looked at Gregor shyly and asked through Joe if he could bunk with him. Gregor glanced at Meesha then agreed. Meesha looked disappointed, but remained silent. Evan understood. "I meant with Meesha too," he added. Then Evan invited Joe along as well, but not as their interpreter, just for fun. Joe begged off, honestly claiming that he was tired from reclaiming and using long dormant language skills for the whole day. Evan waved off invitations from everyone else with vague promises of later and maybe.

Crew cabins were smaller than staterooms, but finished with the same quality workmanship, natural woods and attention to detail. The furnishings were built in. The cabin Gregor and Meesha shared, contained a three-quarter bunk on one bulkhead and a single bunk above it, but mounted on the perpendicular wall with built in drawers below in the open area. A large rectangular port over the bottom of the lower berth looked out on approaching darkness and passing gentle gray-green waves. A small door led to a bathroom or head, containing a toilet and sink on one wall and a showerhead on the wall opposite. If used, the whole tiny room became the shower with a drain in the center of the tiled floor.

Evan bounced on the lower berth and looked around, actually he studied the area over the door. He found what he was looking for instantly. The lens wasn't even concealed; it was just there. He waved and grinned. "Hi grandfather. I'm down here earning my keep. I'll see to it that we give you a good show." Gregor looked up to the lens, giggled and pressed a wall button. A tiny red light blinked on under the lens. Then he saluted the lens and began to strip Meesha. "Oh, I get it, you control the show. Hey that's neat, if you want privacy you've got it." Evan rubbed his thumb over his fingers, the universal sign for money. He pointed at the camera. "Do you get paid extra for the service? I hope so."

Gregor returned the money sign and nodded enthusiastically, "Dah, yes, yes!" He returned his attention to Meesha. He turned Meesha to face the bed and ran his hands lovingly over his body. "Tonight my young beauty there is no one to countermand my orders. You WILL give your body to the young master."

"Hold it." Evan interrupted I know young master. You got to cool that shit, me EVAN," he thumped his chest, "you Gregor and you Meesha. Got it?"

Gregor and Meesha both nodded. Gregor continued, after cupping Meesha's balls with one hand and holding his cock up with the other. "As I was saying these are Evan's, he pronounced the name slowly, "to use as he pleases. If he wants to be fucked you will perform."

"Do you think he will? I'd like to. I can see he likes my body."

"I hope he does, it will be exciting to eat him after you've finished, and more exciting to have you watch. I wonder if he knows of getting clean first. We should show him, come we will demonstrate."

Gregor took an ancient enema bag from where it hung on the shower head pipe. He filled it from the sink then re-hung it and stepped from the tiny cubicle. Meesha replaced him blushing furiously. "I am not used to being watched," he told Evan, who had his head in the door and looked at him blankly.

"Get used to it and get on with it," Gregor ordered. "You are such a pussy sometimes, how can you ever hope to become an officer and a captain with all your simpering?"

Evan's eyes became saucers when he watched Meesha insert the nozzle and release the clip to allow the water to flow. "Holy shit, someone told me about those disposable things, but using them ain't, I mean isn't too convenient in my business. I've been lucky I have the time to get some tricks to put on a condom."

When Meesha finished, he opened an overhead cabinet and looked inside. "What flavor? We have strawberry or strawberry, both your favorite."

Gregor laughed, "I think strawberry."

Meesha made a show of searching among the small bottles of disposable douche before he selected one. Evan looked at the label; it was an American brand. He giggled, "Far out! I get it, strawberry cream. Can I try this stuff? You might not want to eat me, because I'm a stranger, but it will be fun to do," he looked down at his erection, "and it's exciting to think about."

Meesha followed Evan's eyes. He grinned at Gregor, "If Evan was a plebe at the Academy, he'd be chosen first, and spend his evenings fucking the brains out of the Captain of cadets." He frowned at Gregor's erection with his eyes twinkling, "Of course then he'd wind up like you, almost burned out by the time he found a berth and only able to come two or three times each six hour off watch."

Gregor laughed at the on going joke between them. "You forget my beautiful young pussy that now I have no duties except attend the young, I mean Evan, learn English and teach him French, so I will wear your young ass out if he and the others who desire you don't do it for me. And no excuses like sick head aches either, or your best," he mimicked Meesha's high tenor, "Gregor you animal, I don't feel like doing it again so soon."

While they talked and laughed, Meesha sat on the toilet, allowing Evan the room to squeeze in the small space. He picked up the hose and inserted the nozzle in himself. He crossed his eyes dramatically when the water flowed a few seconds. "Meesha old buddy, you better get off that head. NOW!"

Meesha didn't understand Evan's words, but he understood the urgent need in his eyes. Evan replaced him on the toilet just in time. Evan pointed at the empty douche bottle and grinned. Meesha nodded and reached up to the cabinet. He faced Evan with his bobbing cock only inches from Evan's head.

"You know Meesha you have a beautiful body and your cock sure ain't bad. I wonder how you ended up being a bottom? I know why I am, because my tricks like willing little boys, but I like to fuck too, so be prepared. I think I just might change your luck for you tonight first. I know you'll do what I want because you were ordered to. I don't know what he said, but I saw old Gregor's expression when he was talking to you. After you fuck me, then it's my turn, and then I'll just get Gregor to give you a nice poke, before I find out what strawberries and cream tastes like. Doug eats Buck and he sure looks like he likes what he's doing." Evan reached for Meesha's cock and pulled it to his mouth. "Right now I want to try some plain Russian cream."

Early in the morning, they were winding down. Evan and Meesha were making out with each other lazily. Both of them could have drifted off to sleep, if it wasn't for Gregor's still enthusiastic activities between their legs. Gregor was laying on one of Meesha's legs. His body held the other up out of the way. His cock was buried deep in his lover and he moved his hips slowly. He occupied his hands with holding Evan's legs up and apart. His lips were pasted to Evan's still relaxed little hole and his tongue probed deeply. He'd just watched Meesha explode in Evan, and he lifted him off Evan's smaller body as soon as he finished moaning and replaced Meesha's cock with his mouth.

He froze with his tongue extended, listening. Meesha and Evan listened as well. The hum of the turbines was different. Someone reduced speed for some unknown reason. Gregor and Meesha were trained not to ignore irregularities in ship sounds and vibrations at sea. Everyone's life depended on being aware of what was happening, even off watch. A through hull fitting, even one of the jet drive's massive gaping intakes could have broken and the engine room was flooding as the turbines drowned themselves.

Gregor jumped from the berth and found a pair of shorts. Meesha was right behind him. Evan followed their example although he understood only that the difference in sound was important somehow. "We've made circles a dozen nights waiting to enter port. The speed never changed." Gregor told Evan, before he rolled his eyes at the cabin ceiling in frustration. "Never mind. I'll call down to the engine room." He keyed the extension. The engineer answered. They talked briefly. Gregor relaxed, but still frowned. Meesha looked questioning. The bridge reduced speed without explanation." Gregor reported. "We should still look around. Perhaps there's a minor problem and we can help. Knowing is better than sorry. Come on." He motioned Evan to follow.

Since Gregor had been relieved of bridge duty, he didn't know that Anton ordered the reduced speed that afternoon, after his interview with the English-speaking steward. The rest of the crew who actually worked the big yacht knew of the order and the probable reason; a spy had been found among their number and the Master was planning to deal with him on the boat deck. Other individuals who had incurred the Master's wrath on rare occasions had been flown in on the helicopter and disappeared in the Sea Song's bowels, never to be seen again, after a period of reduced speed, but the helicopter was still on it's pad. Gregor never dreamed a fellow crewman could possibly have the balls to be a traitor, the thought was inconceivable. The three made their way aft past other crew cabins, toward the boat deck and stopped when Gregor stopped to open a door or wall panel.

The actual boat deck, where the yacht's tenders and water toys were stored was an actual deck. It was an area within the ship that was water tight when the big stern door was closed and locked, and just as tight when the stern was open because the door into the area was a steel hatch and itself water tight. It was supposed to be closed at all times even when they were anchored, and normally the dogs were locked closed when they were underway. They found the hatch dogs unlocked, in the open position, but the door was closed AND they were still under power. Gregor estimated they were making perhaps five knots against the four-knot northerly current.

When Gregor opened the hatch, the companionway lights shut off and the red night lighting turn on. He knew the alternative system existed but couldn't think of a reason for it ever to be activated. Such a system was useless on yacht's the boat deck, but used regularly on the bridge. The best electronics were still no substitute for alert human eyes with uninterrupted night vision. Gregor motioned Meesha and Evan through the hatch. He re-closed it quietly and held the younger boys back until their eyes adjusted to the dim red darkness.

A three-quarter moon lighted the three figures standing just inside the ship's body so they couldn't be seen from above. They faced aft. There was a large lump in front of them, very near the hinge plates of the vacant platform. They sneaked closer staying against boat hulls, or between them. The lump moved. It was a naked man. He sat up then knelt in front of the center man with his hands together. He was obviously pleading, but in German. A fist smashed the man's nose to pulp.

"Speak English you swine. Your facility with language should continue as last words from your lips." The three recognized the voice, but only Evan understood what was said, and what was about to happen. He knew instantly that Gregor and Meesha shouldn't be witnesses. If they were found out, they could easily suffer the same fate. Evan motioned for them to lay flat against the side of the ship underneath the folded hulls of the catamaran where the dull red light didn't penetrate. He pressed an index finger to his lips repeatedly until they nodded that they understood that they should remain silent. Evan took a deep breath and stood up, then walked boldly aft.


One of the guards turned and crouched in a fighting stance. A raised hand from Anton stopped him from attacking Evan with the meat clever he held. Anton sighed, "Ah little one, what are you doing here? You should not see this. Return to your bed activities, or just time for sleeping perhaps."

"I was on my way up to see Buck and Doug when our speed changed. I thought something was wrong. I came to investigate. Since I'm here, can I just watch? I won't get in your way."

Anton shook his head. "Youth is not good time for nightmares to begin. Knowing this was done is not proof. Watching is. Watching prevents changing mind and leaving me ever."

"Leaving? Where would I go? Street people are also called throw aways and I already have those nightmares."

Anton didn't argue further. He nodded. A guard grabbed the steward by his hair and tipped his head back to expose his neck. Anton's arm moved slowly from right to left. The stewards white uniform shirt turned black from its collar down his heaving chest. His sobbing turned to gurgles as his hands went to his throat in an attempt hold his wound together and stop blood from entering his windpipe. His struggles became fainter then stopped. His hands fell to his sides. The body would have collapsed to the deck if it weren't held by its hair.

Evan's attention switched to Anton. He was dressed in a robe. The belt was not tied so the robe hung open. His big body shuddered repeatedly. Evan stood at his side. He couldn't see what was happening to Anton's body, but he knew. Anton plunged his knife in the nearly lifeless body under the ribcage and lifted it to its knees cutting upward. Heart blood sputtered weakly with declining pressure. Anton released his grip on the handle and the body slumped once more. The guard holding it allowed it to sink to the deck slowly.

Anton took a deep breath, closed his robe and tied the belt. He spoke softly in German. "Proceed with the rest yourselves. I'll take the boy away with me." He started to leave motioning Evan in front. He turned with a final instruction; "Clean my knife carefully this time before you return it" he chuckled.

The guards grinned and nodded together. They waited until they saw Anton and the boy leave and close the hatch. One kicked the body. "Let's get this turned to food and clean up, I'm tired. Hold it up please so I can get at the back of the neck. This must be a nice clean cut since it's being sent out, the sharks won't care about the rest."

Meesha gasped audibly when the head dropped free of the body. Gregor clamped his hand over Meesha's mouth and tried to turn his head so he couldn't see the butchering. Meesha fought his lover's hand. He was horrified, yet fascinated, and something else, he was totally aroused. He relaxed and nodded. Gregor dropped his hand. Meesha rolled to his back and struggled free of his shorts, then rolled again to his belly and spread his legs while he humped the cold steel decking. He looked at Gregor's outline. "Please!" He whispered. "Fuck me while we watch. Please, quickly," he begged.

Gregor put his hand on Meesha's heaving little butt. His middle finger forced the crack then plunged in. Meesha arched up on his knees when Gregor lifted him with his hooked finger into a better position while he pushed the front of his shorts down. He freed his cock and balls, then allowed the elastic waist to snap tight behind his tight nut sack. His cock quickly, even frantically replaced his finger. His superior weight collapsed Meesha back flat on the deck and his thrusts moved Meesha's cock lubricated by his own spunk. Gregor's cheek joined Meesha's while they watched Anton's personal guards methodically remove the hands and feet and toss them overhand, aft into the Sea Song's wake.

One of the guards spoke. "The big bones are too muck work. Let's just open him up and be done with it, we're already leaving a great blood slick, they must be following. One of the big one's will have a feast."

His partner agreed. He pulled Anton's knife, turned the cutting edge and plunged it back into the same wound. Then he pulled it down the torso to the groin and removed it again. "That should do it. I'll get rid of this while you clean the head."

Gregor and Meesha came together when the man sunk Anton's knife to the hilt. They lay very quietly when fear of discovery and common sense replaced their erotic passion. They even closed their eyes and ducked their heads, playing dead when the guards walked by with their tools and the cooler, after they closed the stern. The red night-lights were replaced with the regular overhead lighting after the automatic dogs on the big door locked in place. They waited five minutes after the interior bulkhead hatch was closed and the lights went out before they separated in the pitch-blackness.

Meesha spent another frantic two minutes crawling around on the deck trying to find his shorts. He gave up when Gregor told him they'd return to get them the next day, when they might have a reason to enter the boat deck, or at least no one would care. Gregor grinned as Meesha broke a land speed record returning to their cabin.

Evan said goodnight to Anton as the elevator door closed on the boat deck. He raced to the cabin and sighed with relief when he saw that the red light on the camera was off. Gregor or Meesha remembered. Anton wouldn't be looking at fifteen minutes of empty bed and cabin if he reviewed the recording to see what he missed. He discarded his shorts and climbed on the bunk to wait for Gregor and Meesha. They would return when it was safe.

When they did explode through the door. All three of them talked excitedly at the same time, two in Russian, and one in English. Evan kept asking why Meesha was naked. Evan gave up in frustration. "Let's go find Joe. We'll have to trust him."

"Joe! Yes, yes, Joe!" Gregor agreed. They waited while Meesha pulled on another pair of shorts, then ran for the main staircase.

Anton played and replayed the last minutes of the video. The three boys were on the bed one moment, then up, dressed and then blackness. He frowned and sighed. He didn't want to think about where the young Russians were while Evan stood at his side on the stern of the boat deck. The boy displayed bravado in making his presence known, perhaps that was a charade, yet he did not turn away, nor did he become sick in watching. He called up the security program. No one watched the screens in the control room when they were underway, but the recorders never stopped. The tapes were looped and set to record for twenty-four hours before they recycled. He split his big screen into four and browsed the cameras on the boat deck. One quarter of the screen displayed Gregor's cabin as a freeze frame seconds before the camera was shut off. He matched time stamps laboriously, cursing all electronics and their inventors.

Then he had them leaving the cabin, with Gregor in the lead. He stopped at hidden utility service panels and working spaces along the companionway. Anton realized that Gregor wouldn't know that the reduction in speed was scheduled. He was looking for a work crew addressing the reason for the sudden reduction in speed. He had to quickly switch fixed camera views to track their progress until the three arrived at the boat deck hatch, and once open adjust his eyes to the infrared view when the night lighting switched on. He watched them, all three of them enter the hatch, then after they closed it, the hatch itself after the hall returned to conventional lighting.

"Damn them for inquisitive conscientious fools." Anton muttered aloud. He switched one panel to the boat deck, that camera was off line while he was completing his task, but would start again after the stern was closed and all lighting returned to normal. He noted a small heat bloom that vaguely out lined one of the stored boats. He watched for several minutes before the greenish glow resolved into a pair of figures running at the camera over the closed and dogged hatch. "The boy was protecting them," he thought, "and by doing so put me in jeopardy. I wonder what he will do now. This incident is unfortunate but will serve as a test of his loyalty. The extent of his loyalty will be told by just how long he delays in telling me." He thought of Gregor, "Do you have the courage to come to me yourself? It is now the only way you can continue to live. How unfortunate." Anton shut the system off after watching first Evan, then Gregor and a naked Meesha return to the cabin, so he didn't see them leave again, or when they were admitted to the suite of Joe and Will. He rocked back in his chair and closed his eyes after a quick call to the Doberman's, he sent them back to find the boy's clothing. He waited and hoped there would be a knock on his door before dawn. He dozed.

Evan touched Anton's arm. "Grandfather?" He whispered.

Anton opened his eyes. He smiled at the face of a frightened boy. His smile broadened when he noted the time that elapsed since he closed the security system. Loyalty was measured in time. Fifteen minutes could be considered instant for a boy not quite thirteen. His decision was ponderous yet simple; tell of witnesses, new friends knowing that there could be no witnesses, ever, or continue to protect them for a short time and condemn himself unknowingly to their fate as well. He heard a small noise near the door to his private entrance and staircase. He looked around Evan to see Gregor and Meesha standing side by side at rigid attention.

This was not the time for games or bullshit. Anton rushed to put the boys at ease. "Ah my grandson and his friends of the evening, you have something's to tell of urgency perhaps. I am most pleased you are here, sending for you would have been not good. Understand?" He switched to Russian and repeated himself.

Evan blinked in surprise. "You already know? How could you?"

Anton chuckled and replayed the damning tapes in fast forward, then pulled a pair of wrinkled soiled white uniform shorts from under the desk. He looked at Meesha; "These are yours perhaps? I am not happy you disregard condition of costly uniform." He held them out to Meesha. Meesha took a dozen mini-steps forward to take them with a deep bow before he returned to attention. Anton waved Gregor forward, then pointed to chairs. Only his knitted eyebrows convinced them to sit down. They sat carefully, balanced on the very edge, so either of them would slip to the floor with the slightest movement. Evan sat in the chair he used earlier close to the console. All three waited for his judgment of their fates.

Anton continued in Russian. "You two have entered my lair knowing that you will be eaten alive. Why?"

Gregor answered, "Sir, the Master would discover our stupidity eventually and we would prefer to face our deaths now, in preference to not knowing when you would strike us down probably in a way more horrible than just having our throats cut."

"So by confessing, you hope for a quick death, perhaps just a bullet to the head?" Anton pursed his lips and nodded. "Granted." There was no reaction from Gregor. Meesha flinched, then recovered immediately. "Perhaps if you ever betray my trust in the future or my grandson's after me you will receive a bullet. Meanwhile you should be rewarded for just proving your loyalty to us after considering the possible consequences." He studied Gregor for a moment, "As for you my young aristocrat, for now I would like you to continue as my grandson's companion and teacher. He will attend a school in America in the fall and continue his language studies there. You will become a student yourself then. You will study to obtain your master's license. When you achieve that goal you will have your choice of ships, any in our fleet, to command." Anton noticed Gregor's eyes roam. "Yes, including Sea Song if you wish."

Gregor nodded cautiously. "Thank you Sir."

Anton turned his attention to Meesha. "I fear your fate will be somewhat less well received." Meesha sat up straighter if possible. "For the foreseeable future, you are relieved of your duties as, he glanced at Gregor, "toilet licker first class." Gregor couldn't suppress his grin. Meesha paled. Anton chuckled, "As everyone has doubtless noticed, I am not well and in the near future, I will require some assistance here in my quarters and wherever I may be. You will provide that assistance starting tomorrow. After, two years maximum I'm told, I will suggest to my grandson that you follow in Gregor's footsteps in achieving a command of your own." He grinned at them both. "Are these penalties satisfactory?"

Gregor and Meesha relaxed slightly and risked grinning nods. "One thing more," Anton added. "You need NOT relay my actual health status to my grandson." He looked at Evan, grinned and encapsulated a translation.

Evan jumped from his chair and planted a wet kiss on Anton's cheek. "Grandfather! I'm really going back to school? Far out!" He giggled then sobered, "But not while you ain't, aren't feeling well. I'll go after you're better." Anton explained tiredly that he would buy a home near the school and Sea Song would be docked at Port Everglades so she could be visited on weekends and holidays all winter.

After another ten minutes of excited questions and chatter from Evan, Anton dismissed them and attempted to rise from his chair to walk them to the door. Meesha noted his struggle and assumed his new position without hesitation or being threatened. Anton leaned on him heavily with an arm over his bare shoulders. He enjoyed the warmth and smoothness under his fingers. Meesha's pretty face was scored with concern. He snapped at Gregor, including Evan in his scowl, "Can't you see the Master is tired? Find your own way out. I'll see him safely to his bed. >From now on expect me whenever I'm not needed here. Good night." He turned Anton toward the bedroom door.

Gregor looked down at Evan and grinned. "I think the Master has created a monster." When Evan looked at him blankly he rolled his eyes in frustration and added, "Damn, we must begin our language lessons in earnest tomorrow morning."

Anton chuckled at the one sided exchange and translated without looking back, then agreed with Gregor, "Perhaps I should have done this sooner. Oh, so you know, we will run to the island at speed beginning at dawn. The bridge will require your services to take us through the reef and into the lagoon."

"Yes, Master." Gregor got bold suddenly. "Sleep well Master, and thank you again." That was the first time he'd dared to speak to Anton without first being asked a question.

Anton sat heavily on a plastic shower chair after Meesha removed his robe. He was about to bid Meesha goodnight when the shower started and hot water cascaded down his back. "Is the temperature correct Master?" Meesha asked.

Anton turned to see Meesha splendidly naked, industriously soaping a sponge, preparing to wash him. He was pleasantly surprised; he hadn't planned on Meesha helping him bathe, but looked forward to the attention. Their eyes met briefly. Meesha smiled and looked away. Anton's eyes dropped. He also hadn't planned on seeing the boy's body so close, or his stiffening cock and potentially delectable pussy, as Gregor always referred to his lover's tight hard little ass, at eye level and only inches from his eyes. "Yes perfect. Tell me Meesha exactly what is strawberries and Russian cream? Is it good tasting?" He was less fatigued suddenly.

Meesha blushed, "I am uncertain Master, but Gregor thinks so, as does Evan, your grandson. I can only attest to the excellence of strawberry and American cream, but I don't know if there's a difference." He hesitated, then added, "I happen to know there is a very fresh supply of the Russian recipe available close at hand if you wish a sample."

The Sea Song idled dead in the water on a flat calm sea at dawn. Buck pushed Doug across the sun deck to the waiting helicopter wearing the infamous Trenton frown, a shirt and shorts. Dylan and Marc joined them. Dylan carried Marc's heavy camera bag, while Marc circled him already snapping pictures of their departure. They were to fly to Nassau, there to board a Trenton jet for the trip to New York. They were to be gone two days. Buck knew they had to go back to continue work on Dylan's new film, but chose to ignore the interruption, hoping vainly that Dylan would forget, but Dylan the professional actor, didn't. Since the trip was unscheduled they would go unaccompanied to New York City where both Trenton and Brockway bodyguards would surround them for the duration of their stay.

Buck looked around. There was no one to see them off but two crewmen crouched by the chopper's skids ready to release the remaining tie downs at the last second before lift off. He locked the wheelchair's brakes then jumped into Doug's lap and wiggled himself against Doug's cock until it appeared after pushing its way past the top of his tiny speed suit. They kissed while he stroked 'their' cock lovingly. He looked down in mock disgust, then into Doug's eyes; he saw desire as always. "Damn, I thought I had you drained out, you're just too chronically horny. Maybe I should stay and nurse you some more. Will you miss me?"

Doug shook his head emphatically, "Most definitely not. The twins volunteered to nurse me all I want. Then there's Evan, Patrick of course, Paul, Morgan and Peter." He grabbed his head in both hands. "God, I forgot Gregor, I think I promised to nurse him, then there's Meesha, I'm planning to make him into a top with lot's of practice. Nope, I won't miss you if I can stay busy." He saw Buck working himself into some crocodile tears while he tried not to grin. He pried Buck's hand loose. "Fool, of course I'll miss you, I love you remember?" He frowned, "But you don't love me, just my body. You're leaving defenseless me here to be raped and abused by all these beautiful guys."

"Will you get a fucking move on Buck?" Marc complained, "You two just spent the night saying goodbye in every position known to man or boy, plus one or two you invented and I need to try on you."

"Okay, you fucking grump I'm coming. You need to chill out you know? You really aren't a very nice person early in the morning. Maybe take some attitude adjustment pills or something." Buck countered. He pecked Doug on the nose a final time. "Bye, I do so love you but I gotta go. Call me and turn your fucking phone on please, carry it, then answer it when it rings." He ran for the chopper. "I get shotgun!" He shouted when he saw Marc buckle the seat belt in the coveted seat.

"Too late shrimp," Marc grinned. "Possession is, as they say. You two big shot movie stars sit in the back with the rest of the shit."

Dylan climbed over a small cooler sealed with clear packing tape that sat on the floor between the back seats. The top was addressed in flowing calligraphy to someone in Germany. He banged Marc's bag on top of it after he sat down.

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