Castle Roland

Somerset Farm

by Jamie Haze

In Progress

Chapter 31

Published: 16 Feb 15


Jamie Haze

"WE LOVE GRAPES!" Toby and Terry boomed together just to be disconcerting as they giggled and jumped off the bed to follow David with Doug in his arms, to the bathroom.

"Are you fucking kidding?" Toby asked David, then looked at his brother. "Oh, we forgot you weren't around when we went to our vineyard." He paused to receive an additional thought. "Yeah! You fucking thought of it you go and get one, no get three. We'll go find Gregor and Meesha after we visit Anton."

"Bossy cock sucker." Terry mumbled and ran from the room.

"What was that all about?" Doug asked. "You two need to start talking more, you know? You guys always assume we can hear what you're thinking to each other, but we can't. All we can do is tell you apart and feel what you're feeling if we're touching."

Toby grinned, touched his diamond ear stud and looked at Evan with a raised eyebrow. "Sorry about that."

"Oh, I get it." Doug giggled.

Evan frowned at them. "Well I don't, except it's about me. You guys better stop fucking with me just because I'm smaller than you are right now. He lifted his foot, "If Patrick's right, I won't always be." He adjusted the water temperature by squirting the empty bathtub.

"Stop bitching and use that hose, or use it on me while David holds me. I've got to get rid of this leftover mayonnaise. Doug grunted when Evan kept pushing the hose in further. "Enough already! Christ, Evan, you trying to drown me in reverse or what?"

"Now who's bitching crip?" Evan asked and wiggled the hose.

Terry returned just after Evan finished himself. Evan eyed Terry suspiciously while he brought one hand from behind his back and opened it palm up. Evan's eyes grew when he saw the diamond. "Is that for me? Really?" Everyone grinned and nodded while they tilted their heads so he could see theirs. He took the one-carat stone, looked at it closely, then handed it to David and tipped his head to the side. "Here Dave, install it for me."

David took the stone and fingered Evan's earlobe. "There's no hole that I can see."

"DAH! That's because there's no hole there yet. Just stick it through."

"No way I'd need a needle, you better wait until we get back to civilization." David handed the diamond back.

Evan frowned and took off running into the bedroom. The twins were using the hose on each other. "Where'd he go?" One of them asked.

David rolled his eyes; "He's in the bedroom pawing through the waste basket, just like any normal street kid."

"I heard that." Evan rumbled. "I'm looking for a straight pin. There should be a zillion of them in the bottom." He returned holding one up like a trophy. "Here we are, let's see if it's pointy enough." Doug was sitting on the basin counter. Evan jabbed him in the side of his butt cheek.

Doug screeched and jumped so he nearly toppled off the side to land on the bidet. Evan grabbed his arm to keep him from falling. "OUCH! What the fuck was that for?"

Evan jumped back out of Doug's reach and giggled. "THAT was for the sticker you missed on my shorts," he answered then handed the pin to David. "Here, this one's sharp."

Doug pointed his cock at Evan, "This is sharp too, and long enough to have you tasting grape jelly for a week." He rubbed his offended posterior dramatically.

David quickly ran out of excuses and no one else would take the pin, except Doug, and he seemed to be too eager for some reason. He finally called a truce and was content to hand over his bottles of alcohol and peroxide, part of the medical supplies Patrick packed for him, in his over flowing shaving kit, then hold Evan's head. Evan scrunched his eyes closed and waited. David held a small bar of soap behind Evan's earlobe, then stabbed the straight pin into and through until it seated in the soap. He pulled it out and replaced it with the diamond stud and locked the back retainer in place.

Evan complained, "Goddamnit David go ahead and do it, you big chicken. You shoot people in the head all the time, sticking a pin in my ear shouldn't be a problem."

Doug let go of his head after turning it to face the mirror. "You can open your eyes now anytime before it heals, chicken."

Evan blinked, started to giggle and twist his head around to admire his new jewelry. David daubed at a small drop of blood with a Teflon pad before it could fall. The bleeding stopped. "WOW! Does this mean I'm one of the mob now, I'm in your club?"

Doug giggled, "Yup, conditionally, you're on probation. You just have to suck all of us off everyday for the next hundred years."

Evan's eyes twinkled, "Is that all? Gee, that's a big responsibility, can I have a week to practice before we start counting?" He giggled with the others. "Is everyone ready? Let's go surprise Grandfather. David, grab the crip and let's go."

They got as far as the door when the phone buzzed. Terry answered it. "Hi Bucky. Yup he's here," he offered the phone to Doug.

"Hi Bucky, what's up?"

"Hi. Your boy friend is. He's up shit's creek when I get my hands on him. He wants to talk to you. Do you ever turn your phone on? George just got him out of jail."

"JAIL?" David put Doug down on the side of the bed, then joined him with a deep frown. The twins and Evan clustered around them as close as they could get.

"Yes jail. It's been taken care of, but tell him for me, I'm pissed, if he couldn't tell from my quivering voice and screaming. He'll tell you all the gory details, then you tell me in the morning. He's on the blinking extension. Is everyone taking care of you okay?"

"Yup, thanks, I've got more nurses than I can handle. See you in the morning, bye." Doug disconnected and looked at the others, "Wow, good thing Buck's an only child right now." He grinned and keyed Buck's line. "Hey jail bird!" He laughed. "Are you all right?"

Buck giggled in answer then got serious, "I thought I told you everything you need to know about your fucking cell phone, including turning the mother fucker on, then carrying it, not to mention answering it?"

"Was that a question or a statement? I was sailing the cat, then went straight into the island for dinner. Water and cell phones don't mix. Quit stalling and tell Douggie all about it."

Buck started giggling again, "I thought you'd say something like that. Of course I'm all right. Is anyone with you?"

"Nope, they've been ignoring me all day. I've had to jerk off ten times already," Doug giggled, "I'm glad I vaguely remembered how. Dave, Evan and the twins are all ears. Dave looks as unhappy as your father sounded. He called the house and ordered the old meat grinder serviced. Now in words of one syllable, WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?" Doug keyed the speaker and hung up. "This should be good, you may as well hear it first hand from the little ass hole's mouth directly."

Buck's voice filled the room. "Hi guys! Acting is great, but standing around waiting isn't. I heard two guys on the crew talking about a new club that opened a couple of months ago. They were planning to go tonight. Its called Gayly's, anyway, one of the dudes was a swish, so I asked about the club. They told me it was modeled after old 54, which was a hundred years before our time, but the movie was hot. I bitched about not being old enough to get in. They told me they knew a guy who does authentic photo ID's for two hundred bucks."

"Oh no, let me guess," David moaned, "you bought one."

"Yup at lunchtime."

"And then tonight you went clubbing. Alone, with no security of course, because they wouldn't let you do anything that stupid."

Buck giggled. "One would, the new guy, the one that Joe and Will hired from somewhere where they worked. He's been in New York for a couple of days. George has been teaching him the ropes, but I don't think George got around to the part where he's not supposed to be intimidated by yours truly."

David held his head, "Oh no."

"Stop saying that Dave. You were too at first. Remember when we went to get Doug?"

David winced, "I was younger then. That won't happen again."

"Well Noah, that's his name by the way, was younger a few hours ago too, just like you. Of course he went with me."

"And they let you in? A thirteen year old kid? What about Dylan and Marc did they go with you?"

"Dylan claimed it was too risky, he might get recognized and he had to study his lines. Actually I think he was planning to study Marc's jamoke inside his colon. And I'm almost fourteen, and stop interrupting. They weren't at first, going to let me in. The bouncer at the door just laughed until he saw the hundred dollar bill I had neatly folded behind my Official State of New York driver's license just for such minor emergencies." Buck managed to inject some pride in his voice.

"Oh no. A driver's license yet. Is that a third degree felony or a first degree misdemeanor, I forget." David rubbed his eyes.

Buck giggled. "I warned you. No movie star poontang for you for a week."

It was David's turn to giggle. "When I get my hands on you, you won't have a whole lot to say about it wearing handcuffs."

"Really? That will be fun. We haven't tried bondage yet. Do you have extra pairs?"

"Cut the shit. How'd you get busted if you got in?" Doug asked.

"Did you ever hear of undercover cops? They look normal but they aren't," he laughed, "kind of like you, Dave. There were two of them inside looking for drugs. We met up with the crew guys at the bar, drinking shooters and sharing a joint. They got busted, and Noah and I got frisked. Noah was clean and so was I, but did you know that there's some kind of watermark that you can see if you tip a driver's license a certain way? My Official version didn't have that, so I got busted too. I'm going to see that fucking forger tomorrow and get a refund. If he wants his faulty card back he can steal it from wherever they keep evidence."

Doug frowned, "Is that all that happened? Why is your father so pissed?"

There was a long pause. Doug and David stared at the silent phone. "Well?" David pressed.

"Well there was a photographer outside when we were trying to get in, then he followed us inside, and he was there when I got busted. He kind of followed us back outside too. He was kind of annoying taking my picture all the time from when I stepped out of the limo."

David turned slightly gray. "You went to Gayly's in a limo? Why didn't you write your name on your forehead? That's the hottest club in town. Big, big names go there, gay or not if they want to be seen."

"I wanted to take a cab, but Noah insisted. You guys are a little paranoid sometimes about safety you know that? Anyway, Noah asked the guy real nice if he could have the film, and right in the middle of the discussion, the guy's arm broke. Snap, just like that. I guess the guy was in pain, from the way he screamed and all, writhing on that dirty sidewalk. I looked around and Noah was already back in the crowd of irate gays screaming something about police brutality with the rest of them."

"He broke the photographer's arm?" David mumbled.

"No one saw it happen, between the pushing and shoving. Maybe the guy had brittle bones or something. The cops pushed us into the back of a car and took us to get booked, so I wasn't there when the riot started."

"Riot? Oh no." David flopped back on the bed.

Buck ignored that 'Oh no.' "George and a platoon of lawyers met us in booking before they got me to juvenile detention. George said Noah told him the photographer worked for a tabloid," Buck let that sink in before he dropped the other shoe, "and Noah didn't get the film." Buck's glibness faltered. "I think I may have been outted. We'll find out as soon as next week's edition hits the streets. I guess they're too big to pay off, or just buy out quickly. Bye for now guys, we'll be back tomorrow night. Pick up the phone Doug."


"You know what this means don't you?"

"Yea, I guess I'm outted too, unless I become a recluse or we call it quits publicly, and that wouldn't last long. We'll get used to it and fuck the world."

They talked quietly for another five minutes. At first the others tried to leave the room, but Doug motioned for them to stay. Evan squeezed himself between Doug and David and leaned into Doug to lend him support. Doug smiled down on him and put his arm over Evan's shoulders to say thanks.

"I guess you don't feel like visiting Grandfather now." Evan said after Doug disconnected the line.

Doug shrugged. "Why not?" He grinned. His free hand dropped to Evan's cock. "Are you all out of that good stuff for the night? We can't undo any of this so there's no point in worrying about it tonight. If you'll get my chair over here, I'll race you to Anton's door. Got the jelly?"

David offered to carry Doug, but he declined reasoning that he and Evan should go in alone at first, so they didn't look like an invading army. Then if they didn't get thrown out, then David and the twins could just sort of appear a little later. Doug wheeled himself to Anton's double doors, but Evan opened another leading to Anton's private entrance and the stairs that wound up and down to the other decks. "Come on in this way, we'll surprise him, this door's not locked," he whispered.

The only light in the lounge came from the big screen. The screen saver was a reef with tropical fish swimming back and forth. There was more light coming from the open bedroom doorway. Evan pushed Doug to the door, while Doug kept twisting himself further around to look back at the screen, until Evan whispered, "Look."

Gregor was lying on his back. Meesha straddled him on his knees and alternately lifted and lowered himself on Gregor's cock. They were long past the heat of first passion. They enjoyed each other. They were having fun. Anton lay on his side close to them. His free hand alternately traveled over Gregor's body from his shoulders down to where Meesha joined him, and then up Meesha's thigh to his hard cock, which bobbed as he moved himself, impaled on Gregor.

The three of them were talking together quietly, informally in incomprehensible Russian. The young Russians laughed at something Anton said as Gregor reached for Anton's hand tickling his side and moved it to Meesha's side. Meesha giggled and twisted his body to get away from Anton's fingers, but very carefully so he didn't become dislodged. "There's his most ticklish spot Master. I enjoy holding him down on me and tickling him on both sides at the last minute. His wiggles, trying to avoid my hands adds greatly to my orgasm, and greatly to his as well, when he pulls my head to his cock while we're still connected. He loses all respect for his superior at that moment and has even been so bold to use my ears as handles."

Anton laughed, "If he did that to me, I'd leave him a gift of red tooth marks to explain to the others sunning themselves on the forward deck."

Gregor giggled and shook his head. "I've tried that. He thinks of them as badges of honor. Should anyone not notice he points the marks out, just before he points to me as the culprit. He's not embarrassed, but I am."

Doug looked back and up at Evan, "We shouldn't be here, let's go," he whispered.

Evan nodded and turned the wheelchair sharply. The wheel bumped the door jam. Two pairs of Russian eyes snapped toward the direction of the small sound. Anton lifted his slowly to peer over Gregor's chest. Meesha forgot where he was and sat heavily on Gregor with a grunt of pain. Anton was momentarily annoyed by the intrusion, until he saw his grandson and the head of Doug's erection peering over something he held in his lap with both hands. He held his smile in check and managed a dramatic frown.

Evan grinned sheepishly. "Hi there. Doug and I just stopped by to give you a little real live bedtime show, but we see you kinda organized your own. Sorry, we were just leaving." He finished turning the chair and was about to break into a run for the back door.

"Halt." Anton said calmly with a wink at Gregor and Meesha to calm them when he saw their fear, thinking of what he might do. Evan swung Doug around to face into the room again. Anton's hand lifted from Gregor's belly and pointed. "What is this you are holding Douglas, a gift perhaps?"

Doug waved the jelly jar weakly. "Evan told us about the strawberry stuff, but we don't have any. We tried mayonnaise, but it's not so hot, so we were going to try grape jelly, ah, kind of in here for you, you know, like Evan said, a show. It's kind of fun to be watched. That's all, sorry for the interruption." He waved weakly at Gregor and Meesha, "Hi guys, wow watching you guys, well you're hot." He looked at Anton, "Will you tell them, ah, we said we're sorry? Come on Evan scoot me out of here."

Anton stopped their retreat a second time. "Is my English broken? Halt is not correct for stop? Return closer please. What of this grape jelly? Will it be wasted if you leave?" He looked at Evan and winked. Then he saw Doug start to shake his head in answer while he grinned at Evan. "Perhaps you should be trying this sweet here. Waste of food is bad." Evan nodded in enthusiastic agreement,

Anton roughly translated the gist of the conversation, and added far more. "My grandson and Douglas have brought grape jelly to use as a stronger substitute for your strawberries. They suggest that since you two are already here that you would wish to join with them in experimenting. You Meesha will join them in giving and receiving, while you Gregor will remain as a stallion only. Do you think you can keep yourself busy among this small stable of handsome boys?"

Gregor grinned, "Yes Master, we're always game to try something new, despite the difficulties of serving so many without giving offense by ignoring someone."

Anton translated verbatim. Evan giggled, "We weren't expecting Gregor to be here, so just in case you liked the idea, we brought along our own old guy. He's new, and I've been showing him how it's done. He sure needs the practice since he's just used to screwing girls."

"Who is this almost virgin you train?"

"David, remember him?" Evan hesitated, "Oh, the twins have been helping us with old Dave, and they came along too. Is that all right?" Evan left Doug sitting by himself and ran to get the others before Anton approved.

"You planned circus Douglas?"

"No Sir, it wasn't going to be a circus, just Evan and I, but it snow balled, Toby, Terry and David were, ah nursing me when Evan showed up with the jelly and the idea. Kind of a thank you for being so nice to us on this great trip."

"Ah, I see, a gift. I have gift for you each as well." Anton swung his legs off the bed. Before he could stand, Meesha pulled away from Gregor and moved to help. "Gregor is left congested. You abandon him to be helpful, I'm sorry for the need. Thank you."

Meesha giggled. "He will need every drop tonight for the others, by morning he will require their assistance in walking. By now he's most likely fallen asleep." He looked back to the bed to see Gregor silently giving him two fingers and frowning. Meesha took every advantage since Gregor didn't have the nerve to retaliate verbally in Anton's presence.

Anton pulled open a drawer that was filled with small leather bound boxes. He took one and motioned to Doug. "I have these for gifts to guests. They are most appropriate for those like you Douglas, with love of boats. Small memory of visit, I have Sea Song engraved on back." he shrugged and handed the box to Doug, then handed two others to Meesha. "One each for you and Gregor as well Meesha."

Doug opened his gift. His eyes lit up. "Holy shit Anton, thank you! A TAG Heuer Searacer! Wow!" He slipped the heavy watch on his wrist, then admired it. "Thank you very much."

"You are most welcome Douglas. Chronometer is no longer of much importance due to electronic navigation, but telling of time is." Anton's attention switched to Gregor and Meesha. He smiled seeing their excitement as each locked the heavy stainless bracelet on the other's wrist before they thanked him profusely in Russian and French.

Evan peeked around the bedroom door jam, "Surprise! Now don't get mad Grandfather, but while the guys were waiting in the hall, they picked up some company. It's all their idea, not mine. They don't mind being watched either because they do it all the time themselves, and," he started to giggle, "they thought the grape jelly was a good idea too."

First David and the twins appeared, followed closely by Paul, Morgan, Peter, Joe and Will. They all stood together self-consciously just inside the door looking around at everything and everyone, except Anton. He smiled, "Ah, welcome boys and young gentlemen. We are giving gifts of memories to all who visit Sea Song." He waved Evan to his side and loaded him up with eight of the watch boxes. "Here, grandson makes himself useful, yes? Give to others."

Evan proudly distributed the gifts then went to stand by Anton. He tentatively leaned against him and looked up. Anton put his arm around his small shoulders and pulled him closer. "You perhaps are disappointed you did not receive gift?"

Evan snaked an arm around Anton's waist and smiled. "You gave me your name and a home, that's enough. If I need to know what time it is, I'll ask someone," he answered softly.

Anton chuckled and opened a small wooden chest. "To ask, is to beg. I collect these, but these here are new for use," he removed a compartmentalized tray, and set it aside. He took out another box. "Helicopter, brings more than clothes for you. I get you special watch, for special boy. I guess at wrist size."

Evan opened the box and stared. A Rolex Daytona glittered back at him. Anton locked the bracelet on his wrist. "Grandfather! It's beautiful. I know this brand. There's a guy that sells them to tourists for fifty bucks." Anton's expression turned ominous. Evan giggled, "Of course those are knockoffs, you know fakes. This one feels real."

Anton relaxed, smiled and bent down to Evan's ear. "If this one is fake, Falconburg men have short conversation with jeweler in deep water."

Doug rolled himself up to them. "Thanks Anton for the watches. Now its our turn to give you our gift." He looked around at the others, who seemed to be waiting for someone to start something. "Come on over to the bed Evan, let's wrestle the Russians."

Toby giggled, "No wait, don't hurt them yet we have gifts for them too." He looked at Terry and frowned.

Terry giggled and looked at the others. "You can tell I'm the smart one," he frowned back at his brother. "And just where do you think I'd keep them, stuffed up my ass? They're back in Doug's bathroom on the counter. Go get them."

Evan snatched the jelly from Doug's lap. "You have to give me a ride. My new watch is heavy." He unscrewed the lid and stuck two fingers in the jar.

Doug looked down at himself growing rapidly again, then up at Evan, "You wouldn't" just as Evan scooped out a generous helping and covered squinty first, then as Doug slid forward in the chair and stretched out his legs, Evan covered his balls and inner thighs, "dare." Doug finished.

"Oh yes I would." Evan danced out of Doug's reach and forced the heel of his reddened sticky hand into his own crack. "Yuck, sticky and slippery, this is going to be fun, but kind of messy."

"Is not a worry," Anton said hoarsely, "I am still very much chief steward, cleaning up later."

"Here grandfather, you better hand this stuff out, or once the old guys get their hands on it there won't be enough to go around."

Evan got within Doug's reach. "Gotcha, you sticky little shrimp. You wanted a ride, you're going to get a ride." Doug grabbed Evan's hips and pulled him back forcing him to spread his legs by using his knees. Evan giggled and was the epitome of cooperation as Doug lifted him over his cock. He reached between his legs quickly to guide Doug as he was lowered on Doug's cock. He sucked in his breath when he finally sat impaled. Doug surrounded him with his arms and pulled him back against his body so Evan's head rested on his shoulder. Both of them started to laugh at the same time.

Evan looked up at Doug. "Well, I get a ride anyway with a new kind of seat belt."

"We tried." Doug agreed.

"Something is wrong perhaps?" Anton asked anxiously.

Evan grinned, "Nothing except I can't move much, not enough to matter anyway sitting like this."

"Maybe we can help," Will volunteered. "Come on guys, let's lift them both up to the bed together, so Doug ends up on his knees." Joe translated for Gregor and Meesha. Will, Joe, Morgan and Paul lifted the wheel chair over the foot of the bed, then slowly tipped it forward. Gregor and Meesha held Evan and Doug together as Doug slipped from the seat to the bed on his knees with Evan under him, and began thrusting as soon as his knees touched the sheet.

Toby ran up to the bed. He held a diamond in each palm. "Here guys, now you're in the club too, and you both have pierced ears already."

Joe translated for Toby, then added, "The club is anyone wearing one of these," he fingered his. "In case you're wondering, but too polite to ask, they're real and you both have already done what it takes to be a member," he added with a laugh while they replaced the small gold beads they were wearing.

Gregor sat on his heels behind Doug and looked hopefully at Anton, down at his erection, then at Doug's moving ass. Anton sat on the edge of the bed, dipped some jelly from the jar and coated Gregor's cock while he eyed Doug's tiny crack. Gregor nodded encouragement. Anton gently traced the furrow with a sticky finger until he felt the rippled pucker. His finger slipped in. Doug looked back, saw Anton and smiled. "Thanks Anton, more slippery is better," he suggested before his attention went back to Evan squashed under him.

Emboldened, Anton added a finger, then held his hand steady, allowing Doug's movements to control their depth. Gregor nodded then stood on his knees with his head thrown back so Anton would provide the service of guiding him. After Gregor was buried, Anton felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned to see Meesha and Peter, each with an arm around one of the twins. They watched the twins offer their cocks to Anton to be lubed with jelly, then they turned and bent over with their legs spread so Anton could anoint them.

Meesha watched Anton handle his cock with more familiarity than he did with Peter. He looked at Anton in wonder. "Master, it seems these twin American boys look to me to be their master tonight. I am unused to being in command."

Anton nodded. "You are older, you demonstrate confidence and walk with authority when you aren't being bullied," he patted Gregor's busy butt affectionately, "by your superiors. You should sharpen and polish these traits of command at every opportunity if you wish to captain a ship of mine in the future. I would suggest you take command very quickly here on the bed before you embarrass yourself."

Meesha looked down to see that he was fucking Anton's fist. He blushed, pulled away, picked up Toby and carried him to the other side of the bed. Peter followed with Terry in his arms.

Evan turned his head toward them. "Don't you two dare hold hands, you're next over here and you'll take turns if the crip ever gets finished.

Paul and Joe presented themselves to Anton. Joe grinned, "Could we try some of that jelly Anton? The four of us will just stretch out on the floor and amuse ourselves, since the kids have the bed. Then we'll just sort of disappear to our room, if that's all right.

Anton nodded wordlessly, totally distracted by the activities on the bed. Doug grabbed Evan's hipbones suddenly and reared up back against Gregor, pulling Evan up with him. Gregor wrapped his arms around them both. Gregor and Doug shivered together and moaned. Together they held Evan up off the bed.

Evan's youthful cock quivered and bobbed at the headboard. Anton reached out and touched his new grandson for the first time. Evan looked down at him and nodded encouragement. Anton let go long enough to turn off the night-lights. After the room was plunged into darkness, Anton's mouth replaced his hand. Evan supported Anton's head with his hands, while Doug and Gregor continued to hold his body up, not daring to move until Anton finished.

The lights remained off the rest of the night. Doug joined Evan on his back. Both kept their legs spread and lifted them whenever either of them felt a visitor. They made out with each other or any other lips that intervened. Whenever they got too hot and began jerking each other off, their hands would be gently batted away and replaced with fleshy lips surrounded by more beard stubble than any of the boys could grow in a week. After the mouth satisfied them it dropped lower. Then they used their arms to pull their legs up tight against their chests while the lips sucked and tongue probed deeply.

Anton finally called a halt. "Enough for tonight boys," he told them tiredly. "Off to shower before sleep. Thank you for rare gift of young bodies." He switched to Russian; "Meesha, find fresh sheets while the others shower, then you and Gregor clean yourselves, it is time for us to sleep and this bed is like fly paper."

When Meesha and Gregor guided Anton from the bathroom after bathing him and themselves, they found a jumble of bodies occupying half the bed, packed tightly together under a sheet. The night-lights were back on. Only Evan and Doug were still awake. They held each other and were again making out together.

"Do you boys never tire?" Anton asked incredulously in a whisper; as Evan sat up while Doug pushed the bodies next to him over further to make more room. Anton's eyebrow shot up when a foot appeared on the pillow near Doug's head amid soft grumbles. "Who does that belong to?"

Doug giggled softly and flipped the sheet down to expose the rest of the owner and his brother, sleeping soundly while they nursed each other's limp cock. "That's how they sleep all the time." He re-covered the twins.

"They do not suffocate?" Anton asked in wonder.

Doug shrugged, "I guess they've been lucky so far."

Anton motioned Gregor into the bed next to Evan, then he slipped in and Meesha snuggled his back up against him. Meesha sighed and relaxed ready for sleep after Anton's arms surround him. Anton buried his nose in the back of Meesha's damp hair; he enjoyed the odor of soap and clean young man. His free hand drifted down from his hard pecks to his relaxed but still hard belly. He was content to stop there until his hand encountered Meesha's stiffening cock growing to meet his hand. He stroked it lightly until his fist was full.

Meesha pushed back against Anton as he was used to doing with Gregor. The movement was a signal to Gregor that he was awake, aroused and was ready to receive Gregor's cock. Anton unknowingly answered like Gregor; with a pelvic movement, and something else like Gregor, a stiffening cock. Anton's breathe came faster when he felt his erection pressing against Meesha's hard ass. Meesha pressed him harder still then lifted his leg and bent his knee to provide Anton easier access.

"Meesha!" Anton breathed in wonder into Meesha's hair.

Meesha reached back and adjusted his body so he could impale himself. When the head was in he whispered, "Do it Master, please."

Anton snaked one hand under Meesha's side until both held his hip bones. Meesha curled his body forward as Anton pulled his ass back until gray-white pubic hair pressed firm warm youthful muscle. At first, Anton tried to move slowly, to avoid shaking the bed, and waking the boys, then noticed that the bed shook even when he remained motionless. He glanced back in the dimness to see that Evan was holding one leg up at an odd angle because he was giving Doug easy access to full thrusts as well as holding it away from Gregor's head who was allowing Evan to fuck him in the mouth. Behind that trio, Peter was similarly mounted behind one twin while the brothers fucked each other's mouth. Since everyone was not only awake, but also actively engaged anally or orally, he threw caution to the wind, and contributed his own enthusiastic movements to the shaking bed.

Anton lay awake and unmoving long after the boy's slow breathing announced that they were finally asleep. He was in total awe of what he'd just done. He wondered if the boy could tell from his amateurish fumbling that a seventy-two-year-old virgin was fucking him. He doubted that Gregor was aware just how accurate he was when he unknowingly announced on the Sea Song's public address system that the dagger had served as his cock beginning with the first death of the sneering lieutenant so long ago. While the act of ending another life was exciting, it didn't compare with the act of making love.

Anton's cock stirred. He and Meesha were still connected. After he ejaculated he attempted to withdraw, but Meesha stopped him with a moan and a whisper that he and Gregor often slept that way. Anton continued to grow. He moved involuntarily. Meesha's body answered, he awoke. "Animal," the boy whispered in pleasure without opening his eyes.

Anton snapped awake in the morning because of a small sound in the lounge, then an angry low voice, Gregor's, "How can you be such an unthinking oaf? Can't you even once in your life enter or leave a room without slamming the fucking door? You know the Master is sleeping."

"Not any more." Anton called to them with a chuckle. He looked around his empty bed. The boys were gone. The sun was up and had been for an hour. He felt refreshed.

Gregor walked in first carrying a coffee service including a platter piled with pastries. Meesha followed him carrying a handful of papers in one hand, frowning at Gregor's back and giving him the finger with the other hand. When he saw Anton looking at them he tried to look abashed, but took his time lowering his finger. Gregor served him a cup of coffee and his choice of the pastries. Anton noticed that there was only one cup, and sent Meesha to fetch two others. Meesha offered the papers to Anton before he left. Anton patted the bed and handed them to Gregor to read aloud.

Gregor blanched when he scanned the first one. "Master these are marked as private and confidential. Meesha started them printing while we went to shower and bring you coffee. I shouldn't be looking at these."

Anton chuckled and shrugged. "Last evening's events were private and confidential, those just pertain to business matters of no real import once they arrive here. They're all encrypted and pass through a dozen servers. Meesha read me yesterday's after the same protests. You two are lovers and you shouldn't have secrets. Get a pen and make notes, after we finish you can send answers in my name."

Gregor blinked in surprise. "Meesha didn't tell me he provided you this service."

"Of course not. That's what I meant about the hardship of keeping secrets. I'm very certain he was bursting to share everything with you though." Anton pointed to the e-mails, "Begin," he ordered.

The first one was an urgent request for a meeting at Anton's earliest convenience. It was from a well-known European who controlled a multinational banking cartel. The need for a meeting was the result of a gift Anton sent him. Gregor noted aloud that the e-mail did not include a thank you. Gregor paled when Anton explained the gift with a laugh. "It was sent packed in ice, but not enough to prevent some spoilage. I hope he opened it in his office, that distinctive odor is extremely difficult to eliminate."

Meesha returned with additional cups and moved the coffee to the bed. He poured for Gregor and himself, then eyed the pastries after Anton refused another. Anton smiled, "It is impossible to discuss business on empty stomachs, perhaps a few of those would satisfy you until breakfast?"

From then on, Gregor and Meesha took turns reading. One ate while the other read. When they finished, Anton asked, "Where is my grandson and the others? I'm not a sound sleeper, but they left here like ghosts."

Gregor giggled. "There were plenty of sounds Master. Douglas is a born leader. He woke first then got the others moving silently, I think with whispered threats and very definite frowns and fist shaking. He even directed them in cleaning his wheel chair before he would sit in it. Somehow it got rather sticky overnight."

Meesha nodded, "We saw Joe in the dinning room. Evan was harrying them to eat quickly so they could go ashore to take out the submarine. He was going to pay you a visit until we told him you were still sleeping. He said they will wait for you."

"Me? Why?"

"So you could be with them on the first voyage."

Anton shook his head emphatically. "I bought that thing from looking at artist's drawings. I thought it would be amusing to use for short cruises, but having seen it, I think I'll forego the pleasure of getting on board it much less sinking in it. Go now and join them tell them I'll see them this evening for dinner."

A chartered helicopter touched down on the island helipad just before dark. The rotors were still turning when Buck jumped from the copilot's seat and ran at Doug, laughing and waving. Doug quickly raised and spread his legs to get his dangling feet out of harm's way. "IN COMING!" he shouted and laughed when Buck launched himself five feet from where Doug sat. The force of the landing drove the chair backward, off the pavement into loose gravel. The rear wheels sank and stopped. The rest of the chair pivoted and they went over backwards. Buck was trying to kiss Doug but both of them were laughing too hard.

Someone lifted Buck using the waistband of his shorts as a handle. Joe righted Doug's chair with him still seated in it. A giggling Evan went to work dusting imaginary debris from Doug's shirt and shorts, particularly his crotch, until Doug caught his hands. "Enough already. Damn Evan, you sure are one cock crazy little shrimp," he laughed and tickled Evan with one hand.

"Put me down," Buck begged, "I'll be good." He tried to reach the leg and body of the guy that held him dangling and felt himself lifted higher as the guy held him easily away from his body. Buck saw a golf cart coming. Bucky rode with Anton. "If my father sees you treating me like this, he'll fire you, please Noah."

"He's going to do that anyway, but not until he gets done with you squirt."

Doug rolled up to them and laughed. "Noah? I'm Doug, pleased to meet you." Noah returned Buck to earth so he could shake hands. Doug giggled, "No offense or anything, but isn't calling Buck a squirt like calling the proverbial kettle black? You aren't much taller."

Noah laughed, nodded and lowered his voice, "Yeah, but I don't kid around about height. I call him squirt because that's what he does. Understand?"

Doug blushed and grinned. "Oh, yeah, you do have to be ready."

Will and Joe introduced Noah to David then took him to meet Bucky and Anton. Buck leaned on Doug's shoulder. "Guess what his last name is."

"It couldn't be Ark could it?"

Buck giggled, "Damn you're good. Almost, it's Sark. Get it? Noah Sark, say it fast. His mother thought it was cute."

"Yeah cute. If I didn't just see him lifting you up like a rag doll, I wouldn't believe he broke that photographer's arm."

"Just check out his body. He isn't very tall, but look at those shoulders, there's not an ounce of fat anywhere, believe me, I looked." Buck grinned. "Is there anything to eat on the island, or do I have to wait until we get aboard?" He saw his father talking with Noah but frowning at him. "OOPS, we need to bail and fast. Where's the house?"

Doug pointed to a path, "That way. Your father never hits you does he? How does he discipline you, except frown and holler?"

Buck giggled. "No, he never hits me, worse, he cuts me off, you know, like my checks bounce, ATM machines stop working and my credit cards get returned with serious frowns from clerks and waiters. I anticipated him this time though. I dragged Noah along with me after I got away from George, in a taxi, before you ask. Good thing I was in New York, there are stores open everywhere all the time so I got my shopping out of the way, plus I visited half the ATM machines in the city before the old electronic ax fell. Noah's packing a new blue gym bag with enough for us to hold out for a month."

"Tell me about Noah. He looks like a real nerd with those little round horned rim glasses, or maybe a librarian. Definitely not like a heavy who worked with Joe. Joe kind of looks dangerous. Noah looks fucking cute and innocent."

"That was my opinion too. He told me he wrestled in high school, like ninety-eight pounds, and he was good, too good. He discovered he liked to hurt guys, not just pin them, so he switched to gymnastics his senior year. He also got into the martial arts. In college he got really good as a gymnast, but even better at gung fo and that kind of shit. As soon as he got a black belt in one discipline, he switched to learn another."

"His senior year he saw a notice on the locker room bulletin board. Some Professor got a big grant to study the psychology of athletes, just smart ones no dumbbells need apply. The Prof. was paying a hundred bucks to take a test. Noah's family I guess isn't too well off, he could use the money, and he applied. He took the test, got his cash and thought that was the end of the story, only it wasn't."

"About two month's before he graduated, he got a letter from some government agency asking him to interview for a job with them. Noah majored in archeology and this agency had something to do with agriculture, not digging for bones. Believe it or not, there's not a big market for inexperienced grave robbers. He needed a job so he talked to them." Buck giggled at his definition of Noah's choice of majors.

"Of course as it turned out, the agency was the one Will and Joe worked for and the agricultural part just kind of involved planting stiffs in out of the way places. He told me that was sort of an inside joke."

Doug nodded, "I get it, just hurry the fuck up before we get to the house," he complained.

"The test he took was a test within a test the obvious part interested the Professor the hidden part was graded by the agency. They were looking for recruits who were smart, athletic and who always won, no matter what, including maybe putting the ultimate hurt on someone."

"So why'd he leave? We know why they shit canned Will and Joe, but what was Noah's problem?"

"He kind of liked what he did too much." The first trip out, he was supposed to do something to a guy that would make him have a heart attack, only not right away. I guess they do it that way now to avoid bad press. Noah got carried away with the spirit of the mission. He thought that since he was there with the dude, he'd make sure his heart stopped." Buck shut up and waited.

"Okay mother fucker, I'll play. What'd he do?"

Buck leaned down and whispered, "He broke the guy's neck." He snapped his fingers, "Just like that. His superiors were not pleased with his efficiency. It's really hard to claim a guy had a heart attack twenty-four hours after he's found with a broken neck and crushed larynx. Anyway they gave him a desk job which is the kiss of death for someone who's trained to work in the field."

"I also can walk up behind someone without them knowing until I want them to, and my hearing is excellent." Noah grinned at Doug's surprise and Buck's temporary shock and embarrassment. "Did I hear you say something about food?"

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