Castle Roland

Somerset Farm

by Jamie Haze

In Progress

Chapter 33

Published: 23 Feb 15


Jamie Haze

The four mothers made plans for the next day at dinner that evening. They declared very simply that there were to be no men on the island for the entire day. Men of course included the boys. If they expected arguments, they were disappointed. Anton agreed but looked confused until Bucky leaned into his ear, "They want to sunbathe in the nude. Becky already advised me that if this can't be arranged, that certain of us could expect to suffer from a lack of nooky for the foreseeable future."

Anton laughed and nodded. "AH! A formidable threat and no doubt great rewards if sunburning is not included in list of future excuses. Perhaps men should fish for dinner," he looked around the terrace. Evan was making a second or third trip between the buffet table and the lounge. The boys had taken up a sudden interest in watching the tapes from the day's diving adventure after the adults gravitated to the terrace. The Doog was late in returning and there wasn't time to edit them. During cocktails, Billie stood guard over the VCR and stopped any from progressing past the point when the boys lost interest in feeding the dolphin and developed a sudden sexual feeding frenzy. "Evan?" Anton called. Evan kept going. "EVAN!" He roared.

Evan froze in mid-step, "Yes Grandfather?" He started dancing in place and glancing into the lounge.

"What is big hurry?" Anton didn't wait for Evan to think up a plausible excuse. "Will you dive tomorrow?"

Evan nodded cautiously, "Yup, all of us, unless there's something going on more important."

"Good. All men are food gatherers tomorrow. You will return with lobsters and conch. We will fish. No one is to step feet on land until four o'clock. Understanding?" Evan nodded absently; Anton waved him on his way.

In the lounge, Bucky kept one eye on the screen while he persuaded Billie to spend the night on the Sea Song. His other eye stayed on the fully-grown monster barely hidden by Billie's shorts. "Come on Billie, you just have to sleep over. Doug and I share everything."

Billie blushed and shook his head; "Today was a clear case of rape. I was the victim. Doug had me at something of a disadvantage."

Buck tossed a thumb at the big screen, "Oh yeah right. Isn't that Meesha with a leg lock on your waist? How'd that happen?"

Billie's color deepened, "I, I already told you I tripped, and need I mention, I'm a one man girl?"

"Really?" Buck giggled, "What's Doug doing there behind you with Dieter helping him? Even that big dolphin hovering around you looks like he wants a turn too. You three sure a kicking up a lot of dust." Buck glanced out the French doors, then reached into Billie's lap and squeezed.

Billie capitulated, "It will be late. We've no editing equipment here and I've miles of tape. I need to make a clean copy for the old folks, and another that will be rated triple X, ah only for the Master's eyes of course." He spread his legs to accommodate Buck's hand.

Dieter playfully squeezed Billie's neck with one hand. "Slut," he accused with a grin, "it took Buck all of one minute to get you into his bed. "We better change the way you spell your name, no more, 'ie', it's a 'y' from now on." He covered Buck's hand, "Just don't wear this out, I want some too."

Billie's eyes widened in surprise, "You? But you're my stud man, pure top, I'd never."

Dieter squeezed Buck's hand, "I wasn't always, and oh yes you will. Agreed?"

Billie winced, "Ouch! You big bully. Stop this instant, I'm convinced if you're quite sure."

Dieter patted Billie's back, "That's my man Billy with a 'y'.

Buck surveyed the room. Everyone was engrossed in the action on the screen. "Okay great. It's a date, just the four of us. We'll help you do the editing if it will speed things up," he volunteered conspiratorially.

"NOT!" Billie said emphatically. "If you help I'll never be finished, and the results will be most royally fucked up. It wouldn't do at all to displease the Master. I'll be along from the control room as soon as I've finished."

Dieter looked at his watch and frowned, "The supply chopper is late. It should have been here half an hour ago. Not much happens on time out here, but I've never known it to be late before without calling in, especially with the Master in residence."

"What's that got to do with it being on time?" Buck asked.

Dieter shrugged, "He owns it. He doesn't care about late dinners, but schedules for his businesses are another matter."

Billy pushed Buck away. "Excuse me, I'll just punch up old snoopy to see what's amiss."

The underwater orgy disappeared from the big screen, replaced by a distant aerial view of entire small archipelago. Magnification increased until the two inhabited islands, Dagger and Black's Cays occupied the screen. Billy and Dieter looked at each other, before Dieter ran to the French doors, then forced himself to walk to Anton. He was sitting with Bucky and Don Thomas. They were planning a wine tasting. Joe and Will were nearby chatting with Bill Henderson and John Wilcott about sport fishing. Dieter leaned into Anton's ear and spoke in rapid German.

Noah studied the screen with David. "What's up?" They asked Billy together, then grinned at each other.

Billy ended their amusement. "I'm not certain, our scheduled supply delivery is late, and we find the helicopter's landed on Black's Cay for some reason. I was unaware there was room enough, but I gather there is. Perhaps there's an emergency, the rotor is stopped. Strange we haven't been called and the line seems to be dead," he added after he returned the phone to its cradle. "Still there's the radio, but that's dead too."

Anton and the men arrived, flanked by the Dobermans. Anton glanced at the screen, "Infrared, quickly," he ordered. The screen flashed in greens with residual heat from the day as the buildings and vegetation began cooling. Billy tuned the filters to body heat. Most of the residents appeared to be concentrated in the village hall. The pilot and copilot remained in their seats in the chopper with one other person behind them. Nine images moved toward the dock while three boarded the chopper.

Dieter watched Anton study the screen, "I assume this is what we've been training for. There are four men in the kitchen, two at the power plant and there's eight women, cooks and maids, plus a dozen children."

Anton nodded. "Excellent. Have the women escort the ladies and children to the hurricane shelter. You personally explain to the ladies that we are about to be assaulted but reassure them that we are quite safe since we have advance warning. Have the four men take up defensive positions here away from the shelter so it attracts no one's attention if they get this far."

Anton switched to English as Dieter ran for the terrace. "It would seem I anger someone. He would do harm to all here, the fool. Close storm shutters please Billy." Billy keyed an emergency program but waited until Dieter reappeared.

Dieter returned smiling. "They're safe. The cook is enraged; her souffl├ęs will be spoiled but the rest of dinner was packed and lugged to the shelter. Just before she slammed the door in my face, she was distributing weapons with silverware and napkins."

The room grew dark as the storm shutters rolled down over every door and window in the room, with the exception of the massive front doors, the rest of the former hotel turned into a home and every other opening in all the buildings on the island. Anton nodded to Hans and Herman, his Dobermans, in effect turning them loose. They were Anton's personal bodyguards under normal circumstances, but as former officers in the Israeli army, they were born and raised surrounded by terror, trained commanders and experienced tacticians in addition to being utterly ruthless in dealing with an enemy.

Herman used a small radio to contact the Sea Song. The control room opened the ship's intercom. He ordered specific seamen to arm themselves with the weapons they were trained to use with efficiency. These were to divide themselves into squads, take tenders and deploy through the pinchers. One squad would clear Black's Cay of any rear guard left behind after the main attacking force debarked for Dagger Cay. The second force would land behind the attackers arriving by boat. Both tenders were to hide until the freight helicopter landed.

Hans motioned everyone to follow him to the house armory, a locked, but not concealed room. He lined them up after allowing Bucky and his security people their choice of weapons. He handed out weapons to the boys, based on their judged proficiency after the morning of training and practice. He didn't know if the men would be of help or not, so he offered them pistol grip assault shotguns. When they seemed satisfied he moved on to Doug.

Doug was already frowning while he watched Buck fondle his machine pistol standing at his side, he knew he wouldn't be given a weapon. Noah and David stood behind them respectively. Joe already assigned them the responsibility of sticking to them like glue. David tapped his sidearm and nodded sideways to Doug. Hans grinned and offered him the butt of a nine-millimeter semi-automatic. Doug's face lit up as he accepted the piece. Hans nodded in satisfaction when he saw Doug first check the clip, work the slide to chamber a round, and then flip the safety to the safe position before he reverently slipped it into the waistband at the small of his back then lean back to enjoy the hard lumpy reassuring feel.

Doug grinned up at Hans content to feel he was one of them, "There isn't much I can do outside, so if it's all right, I'll stay in here with Billy, and on the radio."

Dieter translated, then switched to English, "Me too. We've got enough radios; we'll use two frequencies, one for English and one German."

Anton nodded and surveyed the room. "Perhaps all should remain here. You are my guests; you should not be endangered. Any who wish should stay." His eyes fell on Evan.

"Don't even think about it Grandfather." Evan called over his shoulder as he scooted for the heavy front doors while checking his weapon, extra ammunition clips and radio. The other boys were right behind him.

"I guess that takes care of that Anton, but thanks for asking." Bucky said, following them with the other men.

"Wait Bucky," Doug called and glanced at David. "David's being wasted here guarding me for nothing," he nodded toward the big screen. "We know where the bad guys are. We'll lock the doors after you leave. I'll be safe here with Dieter and Billy."

Bucky shrugged after Doug reassured him that he wouldn't do anything stupid and settled the radio headset over his ears and adjusted the microphone. David leaned down and whispered in Doug's ear, "Thanks buddy. I owe you for this." He ran to the armory and returned carrying one of the heavy rifles with a telescopic sight. He waited outside until he heard Dieter throw the bolts that locked the heavy teak doors before he ran down the line of golf carts to find a vacant place.

Bucky drove the lead cart with Anton at his side. Will sat behind them with Noah and Buck jammed between them. "You aren't armed?" Bucky asked Anton.

Anton grinned and ran a hand under his loose shirt. Suddenly Bucky was looking at the eight inch blued steel blade of a skinning knife with a bone handle. "This is all I require this evening. This was my father's, or one like it. This is exact reproduction it will work as well. The Dobermans will bring me the leader. My father loved to hunt. He was to teach me in the fall of his last year. The Nazi took the guns but forgot this. I am self-taught in hunting. When this is concluded I must leave you for hunting banker. It must be him. He will be difficult to find when he does not receive word of our demise."

A lone figure watched from a second floor window over the kitchen. He grinned when he saw the black servants hurrying the women guests to safety. It was the signal that his target had discovered the others on the black island and the missing helicopter. His smile faltered when the rolling shutters cut off his view, the information they received was incomplete. He wished he could have seen the men. Their numbers, how they were armed and in which direction they went to intercept the invaders. Still, he reasoned the man was ancient and very sick, barely able to hobble about with a cane. He would be downstairs watching the drama unfold via his much envied spy satellite system. His attention would remain on the others. He wouldn't dream that his death was just a few feet away. He heard the little engines, the men were gone, but he would wait a while longer to be sure.

Billy rocked back in his chair, and looked right and left, at Doug and Dieter. "This all makes no sense. They must know they've lost the element of surprise. They could have had us," he snapped his fingers, "if they were in the chopper and it arrived on schedule." He toyed the joystick over Black's Cay, no one was moving, they were ready in a boat and the helicopter, but they didn't move. He scanned the straight between the two islands; there was nothing there to see either. He panned the powerhouse. The generators were working and so was the adjacent desalinization plant. They watched the two workers there join Anton and their force of 'good guys'. He pulled back to the building complex.

Dieter shrugged, "I imagine these plans always look great on paper, you know, fool proof. Maybe there's a fuck up."

Billy sat up suddenly. He touched Dieter's arm then pointed to the screen after looking around the big empty room and the wide staircase leading to the second floor. He touched his index finger to his lips. Dieter and Doug followed his finger. First there was a sea of green emanating from the hurricane shelter, then four bodies spotted around the cottages near the helicopter pad; the kitchen workers hiding and waiting as they were instructed. Lastly, he pointed to the heat bloom in the shape of a single body in the kitchen wing.

"Second floor, a bedroom," he whispered.

"A sleeping child forgotten?" Dieter asked, and knew as he asked that no mother would forget her child.

"Too big and moving now to the front!" Billy whispered frantically. "To the front stairs."

Dieter was up and running. He was half way up the stairs when he thought about the safety on his little Uzi; he looked down to make sure it was off. The intruder hit him on the side of the head. He fell backward and landed in a sprawl at the foot of the staircase. The intruder was already rushing Billy and Doug before Dieter's weapon clanked on the tiles near his inert form.

Billy reached for Dieter's discarded headset dangling from the arm of his empty chair. The intruder's fist smashed him to the floor before he spun on his heel and pulled Doug's from his head, then sent his chair spinning away ten feet with a kick. "Where is the old man?" He demanded of Doug.

"Which one?" Doug asked sarcastically.

The intruder grinned, "Falconburg, pretty boy. Where is he?"

Doug shrugged, "Outside somewhere." He watched in horror when the intruder holstered his handgun and pulled out a knife while he pulled Billy to his knees by the hair and bent his head back.

"I will have time for only one pretty boy after we finish here and I choose you. I will do away with this one now so he won't need to be watched unless you answer me properly."

"Anton and the others went to wait for your friends to land, at the power plant."

"Excellent, now come over here and change this screen to show me where they are."

"I don't know how." A trickle of blood ran down Billy's neck. Billy moaned pitifully. "I really can't! PLEASE! I'm a guest that's all. He does, he lives here don't hurt him, he's the operator."

The intruder grinned, removed his knife, and lifted Billy to his chair before he released his grip on his hair. "Change the screen to show the whole island. I want everyone pin pointed." The knife went back to Billy's neck, "And be quick about it."

Billy decreased magnification until greenish spots concentrated near the power plant and those few in and around the house represented all the life forms on Dagger Cay. The intruder lowered his small knapsack to the table and got out a radio. While he was occupied he kept looking at Doug. "I've never had a cripple before, or a redhead either for that matter. Tell me, have you ever heard of a snuff film?"

Icy fear ran up Doug's spine, "No."

"Of course you haven't, they're very rare, I'll show you how they're done as one of the participants. Perhaps your legs will start moving again at the conclusion. I don't suppose there's a video camera around somewhere?"

While the intruder's attention was on Doug. Billie slowly reached for a drawer in the table under the keyboard. He got it open and his hand on his gun before the intruder hit him again, knocking him out of his chair. "You just reminded me, your usefulness is at an end." The intruder laughed. He pulled his knife and bent to get his hands in Billy's hair again. Billy crawled to get under the table. The intruder bent at the waist to catch him. His laugh was maniacal.

Doug fired his weapon. He aimed at eye level. The bullet entered one ass cheek and exited the other with a shower of blood and torn muscle fragments. The force of the bullet sent the intruder spinning across the floor before he fell. The concussion rolled Doug's chair back a foot.

His target's hand moved to his holstered weapon. His expression was one of pain, surprise and hatred. Doug aimed at his head, "Go ahead," he quoted Clint Eastwood, "make my day." Billy got to his feet wearing a look of astonishment. "Get his gun Billy." Then when Billy started to obey, "No Billy, do not get between us, you'll get in my line of fire. Don't you ever watch television?" Billy took the long route.

After Billy held the intruder's gun, he scampered to Dieter who was beginning to move and moan. "Are you all right? You poor dear, look at all the blood. There's a rather nasty gash on your head." He stripped his shirt off and held it to the wound while Dieter sat up and looked around.

"Come on guys, we've got to call our troops. Get on the radio and tell them about this guy and the set up they were planning." Doug looked down the barrel of his weapon aiming at the intruder's head. "Is there some kind of code for calling your guys over here?" He asked hopefully.

He received a nasty silent grin in answer; then, "You won't kill me. You're a pussy; this was a lucky shot nothing more."

Doug sighed. "Look pal, last week I was kidnapped and almost killed. That's how I cut up my feet. There's nothing wrong with my legs. I've been wheeled in this chair and babied and carried around, and there's a ton of stuff I can't do, but killing you isn't one of them, just not yet. If you want to get snuffed I'll play. You need to talk to me and fast because I'm starting to get pissed off." The man lay on the floor on his side. He had one leg pulled up. Doug had a clear view of his bent knee. "So much for being reasonable." He aimed quickly and fired. The intruder's kneecap exploded.

Billy almost jumped into Dieter's lap. "Goddamnit Doug! The very least you could do is warn a girl before you fire that thing." Billy looked down at the man holding his ruined leg and screaming in pain. He swung his foot and connected with his blood splattered gym shoe in the man's temple. "Do be quiet, and that's for the mess you're making, for cutting my neck and for hitting my poor stud man." After a second kick he added, "And that's for all the laundry I'll have to do."

Doug laughed, "Christ Billy, stop working on his head we need that end. Kick him somewhere else until he tells us everything we need to know." Doug looked inspired, "I know! Roll him on his back. I'll aim for his cock. It's my turn anyway.

Billy arched his eyebrow dramatically, "How so?" He asked as he stomped the man's shoulder to force him to his back. "Surely two tiny kicks don't equal two shots."

Dieter interrupted his radio conversation with Anton and the Dobermans. "Please cut the shit, argue later, hurt him now. We need to know the code if there is one, and in what language."

Doug aimed for the man's crotch, then lowered his weapon. "That damn wet suit's too tight, there's no bulge, unless his cocks' so small there's never any bulge."

Billy picked up the man's knife. He unzipped the top of the wet suit, then started cutting the bottom from the waist, down each thigh until he pulled down the flap he created. He giggled, "The suit wasn't too tight, there's just a rose bud peeking at me from way too much foliage, but I am NOT shaving him just to give you a target, Douggie darling, so don't ask. You'll just have to make do. I know, aim low."

The man emerged from his pain-induced haze and realized his manhood was about to join his kneecap on the floor tiles. "Say, 'He's dead,' three times in German, then provide information about positions. That's all." He mumbled before he lost consciousness.

Dieter relayed the information then listened, shrugged and grinned. "I'm to tell them that everyone is hiding in the power plant waiting to ambush them just as they reach the dock there, so those in the boat are to land on the beach fifty yards north of the plant before it docks. Then while the boat holds everyone's attention at the dock, they're to come in from the landside. Those in the helicopter are to repel down fifty yards inland from the plant, hopefully into a welcoming party."

Billy grinned. "Beautiful!" He explained the lay of the land while he switched snoopy to Black's Cay so they could report movement, if the code was valid. "You see Douggie darling, there is no beach on that side, just a coral shelf about six feet high at low tide."

Dieter agreed, "Yes, but I'm to tell them there's just a very tiny one that they'll have to look for closely, so they'll have to come in close and parallel the shelf. Fish in a barrel," he concluded happily while he turned on the intruder's radio.

They watched in delight as a heat bloom grew in the helicopter and the boat. Doug and Dieter reported what they saw independently. Billy pulled back on the view so they could watch both craft as they departed Black's Cay. The boat left first and the chopper followed after the engine warmed, and stayed above the boat until they reached the closest point on Dagger Cay, then the chopper headed inland without first gaining enough altitude to see if there was any activity around the Sea Song.

"I don't understand why I can't just aim at the mother fuckers in the boat." Marc complained from under a bush with a clear view of the water beyond the shelf. The forestock of his rifle rested on a fallen coconut.

"Because, for the third and final time," Joe answered, "we're going to fire these explosive rounds at the water line to sink the fucking boat so they can't get away."

"But they won't get away if they're fucking dead." Marc reasoned.

"It's Anton's party, he doesn't want them dead, yet, he wants to interrogate them to be sure he knows who's involved at the top, you know, like who paid them. He only thinks he knows." Joe decided to stroke Marc's ego a little. "Look, you're the best shot with that rifle, that's why Hans gave it to you. We've got the most important job. If the bad guys can't get off this island, they'll give up. Maybe you better just switch weapons with someone who will follow orders."

"No fucking way. I can follow orders, I was just asking. If Anton wants the boat sunk, down she goes. Boy you old guys can sure cop an attitude." Marc cradled his weapon protectively.

The discussion ended when they heard the helicopter coming in low behind them. It hovered for a minute, then left, heading across the island to the landing pad near the main complex. Three minutes later their ear buds went active with Noah's voice. "We have four on the ground, hurting and out of action. We're on our way to you, don't shoot us." Herman confirmed the information with Hans.

A fifty-foot trawler yacht paralleled the coast two hundred yards out. When it reached the point where the tiny beach was supposed to be it turned stern to and started backing in to the shelf. Everyone heard Anton's laughter on their radios. He explained when he could. "Fools put propellers at risk going backward into hard bottom."

The defenders watched in delight. The attackers were massed at the stern, ready to leap to shore and begin the assault. Everyone's attention was fixed on the power plant. No one looked down into the clear water until the yacht lurched, stopped and there was sickeningly loud grinding metal sounds just before both engines went silent. They heard some angry voices in German. Joe covered his mouth to muffle his laughter. "I wouldn't want to be in the driver's shoes just now." He peeked around the palm tree he was using for cover. "I think they're hard aground, and they destroyed the props, they sure aren't going anywhere soon on that boat."

The men dropped over the stern into four feet of water and waded in to the shelf. The intruder's radio crackled in Dieter's ear. He answered as gruffly and almost as desperately. "I can not ask where the fucking beach is because my source is laying at my feet dead. How was I to know he lied? If you are on shore, just get on with it! Take the power plant and kill them all. It is getting late; this must be done before dark. Move now you fools!" Dieter clicked off the microphone and laughed with Billy and Doug. Doug relayed the instructions to the good guys.

Anton chuckled. "No need to do shooting I think. Move to the top before they spread out or climb up. Deal with any resistance." He ordered the Dobermans then translated for the Americans.

The boys and men followed Hans and Herman in a crouch the short distance to the lip of the mini-cliff then extended the barrels of their weapons over the brink, careful not to expose their heads by looking down on the frustrated attackers. The Dobermans unleashed a barrage of invective at the same time concluding that all weapons should be offered up, butts first. Failure to comply instantly would bring down the wrath of Anton Falconburg on their heads in the form of a firestorm none would survive. One by one the butts of assorted weapons appeared to be snatched away.

Marc stayed where he was, stretched out on the ground. He was totally frustrated. He scanned the grounded yacht through the telescopic sight with his right eye. He saw Anton limp from cover in his left eye's peripheral when the others began pulling dejected would be attackers up over the lip of the shelf one by one where they were forced to their faces to be searched for forgotten weapons. He suddenly saw a blur of movement, a shadow in the yacht's windows that looked aft into the cockpit and the shore. He settled the scopes' cross hairs on the open door. The shadow resolved into a man with a rifle. He braced the weapon on the side of the door jam. He appeared to be aiming to Marc's left. "ANTON DROP!" He shouted as he squeezed the trigger with the cross hairs centered on the man's face. The recoil hurt his shoulder. The head disappeared before the rest of the body wilted from view. Three green coconuts dropped from a palm near where Anton lay, cut from a bunch by a single bullet.

Marc jumped up and started running as Anton lifted his head to look around. He pushed himself to his knees and Meesha was there to help him stand. "Are you all right? We forgot about the guy at the wheel. He was drawing a bead on you. I think I got him, I'll wade out and look."

Anton grinned, "I am most very all right. Thank you." Marc waved and started to jump down to the water. Anton called him back. "Do not go there young marksman. You hit him; there is no need to view the carnage. Remember the death of the football?" He motioned to the yacht, "It is the same there only with blood." Anton didn't mention the probable bone fragments, or chunks of flesh. Marc paled it wasn't necessary to elaborate. He put a beefy arm over Marc's shoulders. "I owe you for the gift of my life, name a desire, it is yours."

Marc nodded and grinned. "This has been the best vacation ever, I'd like to be invited back here sometime."

Anton blinked and smiled, "You want very little. This island is yours for all time. Come we will view the scum who visit uninvited.

Dieter, Doug and Billy driving Dieter's mini-truck reached the helicopter at the same time as Anton's convoy from the power plant. Even the prisoners were shocked to see the pulped face of their comrade left on board the helicopter to guard the pilots. The four island natives happily waved and laughed as the chopper landed as if they were delighted by its arrival. The pilot was still in the process of reducing power when they climbed through the open side hatch ignoring the horrendous down draft. They each carried a husked coconut. The mercenary received a shattered jaw with the first round house punch. They dragged him to the concrete and slowly beat him to death with the coconuts. They were most unhappy that he threatened the lives of their wives and children on Black's Cay. They hung their heads when they presented Anton with the man's weapons until he congratulated them for a job well done, if a bit over zealous.

Dieter and Billie pulled their prisoner from the back of the little truck. He was weakened from the loss of blood and was reduced to moaning when they dragged him to lie beside the body of his associate. The other prisoners were made to kneel on the concrete with their hands clasped behind their heads. They weren't bound because there was no where to go if they did succeed in running away without being shot. Dieter supervised the unloading of supplies and mail while Anton talked quietly with the pilots and the Dobermans. The helicopter was refueled then Hans and Herman herded the prisoners on board.

The chopper flew due east into the darkening sky of evening for an hour at a thousand feet altitude, over a hundred miles into the Atlantic before questions were asked. It returned to Dagger Cay an hour later touching the landing pad just long enough for the Dobermans to jump clear. There was a party in progress in the house when they walked down the stairs after showering and changing into fresh clothing. They were welcomed as a part of Anton's victorious team, and everyone continued the polite fiction that the conspirator's had been flown to Nassau and turned over to the authorities for prosecution.

Mail the helicopter delivered included a box for Dylan. It contained twenty-four copies of DYLAN Teen Magazine, the August edition. The glossy pulp magazine included the photo journalist layouts featuring Doug Henderson, prep school swimming champion and Olympic hopeful, and Paul Wilcott, the gymnast who had grown too tall to be successful in international competition, but no one told him he couldn't win Olympic gold. The typical busy cover promised huge fold out posters of both young men suitable for framing and proclaimed in bold capitals that Paul's was a nude.

Paul sat near Doug on a low sofa. Both wore intermittent frowns directed at Dylan because of what he wrote about them and Marc, for the photos he selected. Both boys grinned at Marc whenever he returned their frowns with one of his own. Dylan wrote a secondary article about Marc, the up and coming photojournalist who provided the pictures for both essays.

Paul visited Marc's darkroom and raided his files snatching pictures of Marc that Doug had taken of Marc in the gym and in and around the bunkhouse. Marc considered the most damaging to be of him nude of course, stretched out on his belly on the edge of the tumbling mat. He was holding a camera up pointing at a blurred image of Paul, but was looking to the side, smiling, but actually complaining to Dylan about not wearing shorts while he worked out so he could be photographed.

Doug giggled at Marc, "What goes around, comes around. You got Bucky to sign my model release, and your father was happy to sign yours. Laugh now mother fucker." He mouthed the last two words because there were ladies present, but it was easy to read his lips. Marc didn't bother to hide his double digit reply.

Dylan was ecstatic with the edition. "I ordered an extra million copies, and it will still be a sellout in a week." He unfolded the first of the two poster size prints. It was the one Marc didn't like, of his brother on the rings taken from the back." Now if this one were the one of you taken from the front, I'd have ordered ten million copies. Oh well maybe next month?" He made that a question.

Paul shook his head, "Not unless you're tired of looking at your pretty face in the mirror every morning. I'll move your nose to where your left ear used to be."

Dylan pouted, "I assume that was a definite, no." He unfolded the second poster and held it up. Doug was pictured standing on a starting block looking at the side of the pool and laughing. He wore one of his too small and tight tank suits and with the lighting it was easy to see that Squinty was trying to escape over the low waistband. Doug remembered the moment. He was watching Patrick chase Buck to punish him for making a comment about Patrick's advanced years. As always, the easiest way to escape Patrick near any body of water was to jump in since he couldn't swim which was why Buck didn't jump.

Doug looked up to see Patrick looking at him and matching his grin. "Aye Douglas lad I remember that day too. Those were fine quiet times. I'll be most pleased when we be startin' school an' getting' back to a normal schedule, still these days have been interestin'."

"How have negotiations been going with Bucky and Don Thomas?"

Patrick flopped down at Doug's side. "Them two kept uppin' the anti until me poor head was spinnin' with numbers. Bucky ended it by offerin' to slice me poor body straight down the middle and sharin' the result equally, so that's what's to be done. They'll both be payin' me a huge sum an' I'll be splitin' me time among ye all that's living together. I'll be makin' so much I can't retire as planned."

"Good, I'm glad, we haven't seen much of you lately. I'll be glad when things get back to normal too, but with this mob; I'm not sure what normal is supposed to be. Things change so damn fast."

"Aye that they do. I chatted with herself, the Madam, I told of me plans to retire, an' she told me she's thinkin' to be sellin' old Somerset Farm. She's movin' to her apartment in the city permanent where things are convenient."

"Really? That's probably the most beautiful estate in the area. I'd buy it if I could afford it."

Patrick agreed, "Aye, but it most likely will go to developers since it'll be expensive for a body to buy, then maintain as herself keeps it now. That will be a sad day."

Doug looked at Anton talking with Bucky and the Dobermans. " Maybe Anton would look at it. I know he plans to be near Evan while he's in school. Evan said that the Sea Song will be staying in Ft. Lauderdale and we can fly down to take him out holiday vacations, or even weekends if we want to."

Patrick started giggling, none the worse for wear after his third or fourth whiskey. "As you said Douglas lad, right straight back to normal least ways for this mob an' you included."

Doug laughed and agreed, then yawned he was ready for bed. A raised eyebrow in Buck's direction got his attention. He nodded and went to tap Dieter and Billy with a 'y' on their shoulders. Bed, yes, sleep, sometime later.

It was decided at breakfast that Buck, Evan, Doug and Billy would go with Curt in the submarine. Buck wanted to ride in it and they all wanted to go back to the area where they found the dolphin pod and perhaps feed them more lobster if they were still around. Dieter was going to guide the rest of the guys to another part of the reef, which he knew to be teeming with large lobster. They were going to use the dive boat, specifically designed and built for the purpose by the original owners.

Curt guided the Doog from the salon control station so he could steer safely through the pinchers and the opening in the reef since that station was always below the surface and he could easily see and avoid obstacles. Once outside, he allowed Evan to take command and showed him how to initiate a dive sequence heading straight out away from the reef. Evan happily descended to three hundred feet before there was a chorus of "THAT'S DEEP ENOUGH!"

He slowly pulled back on the yoke and turned heading back to parallel the wall while they rose watching the sea life that inhabited the wall. Suddenly there was a soft thump on one of the outside windows. Doug turned to see 'his' big dolphin matching their speed easily. He waved and attempted to stand to switch seats until pain crossed his face. He dropped to his knees and crawled to the window. He waved again and was answered with the dolphin bobbing half his sleek body before it rocketed to the surface for a gulp of air and immediately returned to the same window. "I think I'll name him Rocket, that's a good name." Doug pointed forward and shouted, "We're going to the big dish place again, we'll meet you there outside!"

Buck giggled and punched Doug playfully in the shoulder while he slipped into his lap. "Yeah, right, like he understands what you said you big goof ball." Doug ignored the jibe and repeated himself. Rocket nodded his body and took off at flank speed in the direction they were heading after they crested the wall.

Doug honked Buck's cock and laughed as they bent forward to watch Rocket pumping his powerful tail in front of them until he disappeared in the haze. "Laugh now mother fucker. He knows what I said. He'll be there waiting."

Curt showed Evan how to reference the area's coordinates that he'd locked in the computer during the first visit, then engage the GPS receiver and turn on the autopilot. He batted Evan's hands away from the yoke. "Now just sit back and relax, Doog will do the rest. If it's all right I'll stay here, as you can see we didn't need the crew for day sailing, but someone should always stay on board when we're submerged. You guys can go out the airlock together since you're small and two of you will be using the hoses. Come on, we'll get you ready."

Buck had been scuba diving before, so he strapped a tank on. Curt handed him an earpiece and a receiver. Dieter forgot the units the day before. It allowed Buck to hear what was being said between the others. Rocket thumped the side window impatiently after they crowded into the lock and Curt sealed the hatch. Doug operated to controls that allowed the sea to flood the lock, then opened the top hatch. Rocket stuck his head in to greet Doug. "Here we go," he said happily as he pushed himself through the outer door with his arms. He jetted up a few feet, then stopped to get his bearings. Rocket glided slowly up from below, sliding his body against Doug's. Then he just stopped when Doug's mask was facing his underside. Doug dropped the dive bag he carried containing goggles, snorkels, gloves and prodding sticks for digging reluctant lobsters out of their dens so then he could stroke Rocket in welcome. Gradually Doug's hands surrounded the big slippery mammal; Doug hugged him very gently, enjoying the feel of their bodies touching. Rocket started upward with a minimum movement of his tail flukes. Doug hung on with his hands and arms. Rocket broached then dove again with Doug under him, which pressed his body closer. Doug allowed his legs to float limply. He spread them to keep his flippers out of the way of Rocket's moving tail flukes. It seemed to Doug that Rocket enjoyed being held with his arms and in pushing him down wanted to be held even closer. He spread his legs further and the lower third of Rocket's body slipped between them so he was humping Doug's crotch.

The result for Doug was instantly predictable; his cock grew until it was rock hard. "I'm not sure guys, but I think Rocket wants to fool around."

"DUH," Evan answered, "that's what you're doing isn't it? Do you think he might let me hold him like that?"

"DUH yourself jerkwad, I mean fool around as in fuck around. I feel something between my legs that wasn't there until I got hard and it's not mine before you ask."

Curt interrupted, "There have been stories of dolphin having sex with humans, women. Maybe he does. Remember how they were all over us yesterday when we were, ah, doing what we were doing. They watched male humans getting it on with other males. Maybe Rocket wants some action. If you were a female dolphin I imagine you're in the position they use to mate pretty much. I can't think of how else they'd do it, you know, except face to face."

"Do you want to try it? Boy I would, that's hot." Evan asked in amazement. "I'm hard just thinking about it."

Doug didn't answer Evan, but asked, "How do I get leverage to get my ass high enough?"

"Try wrapping your legs around his back, but slowly and gently, if he panics let loose in a hurry. He could think of that as a threatening move. If he does, he could hurt you bad in a heartbeat. Try one leg at a time and see what happens."

"Okay, man I hope this works, I'm ready to pop just thinking about it." Doug settled an ankle over Rocket's back, stroked his side with his calf and waited. Rocket took them to the surface for air. He sank again to just under the surface, then rolled and lifted Doug's back above the surface for a moment before they glided under again. "I think he wants me to stay where I am, did you see how he just gave me a chance to breathe? He'd do that if I was a female wouldn't he? I just put my other leg over his back and he doesn't seem to mind." Doug laughed suddenly, "I feel like I'm a member of a bomb squad trying to defuse a bomb and telling everyone what I'm doing, just in case."

"Hey!" Evan squeaked in surprise before he giggled. "Another dolphin just goosed me with his nose and we're heading for the surface just like they did to you guys yesterday. Yahoo!" He saw bubbles near him and looked to see Buck and Billy riding a third and forth nose at his side. "Rocket brought friends, now we've each got a buddy."

Doug wasn't interested in answering. He moved his legs higher up Rocket's back until the backs of his knees pressed in and his ankles crossed. He arched his body in until his own cock drifted and bobbed over his chest. He was moving his body by the feel of Rocket's cock pressing and slipping lower down his crotch. When he felt it pressing his relaxed hole, he used his legs to pull himself closer until Rocket was forced in. Rocket's cock grew harder and longer, but it still didn't feel very big by human standards. Rocket wiggled violently then shivered until Doug shivered with him. His sphincter clenched. The dolphin and human bodies convulsed together. Doug saw streamers of his cum drifting away from his face mask. He moaned and clutched Rocket's body tighter when he felt dolphin cum entering him in unbelievable quantity.

"OH MY GOD!" Doug managed through clenched teeth. "We did it! He did it! I've just been fucked by a dolphin! He must've been saving that load for a year. I feel like I've been douched. The other guys will never believe this."

"Oh yes they will. I've been tracking you with the camera on the top of the conning tower. You've been making circles over me five or ten feet away." Curt advised him with a giggle. Then added, "Hey look around you, monkey see monkey do. The other guys are getting the same treatment I think."

"That's a big roger there Curt." Evan joked. "My guy is smaller, but he knows what he's doing I think, I hope. I feel him hard, now I just have to get my legs around him." Talking turned to panting. "Oh yeah, he knows.

After, the dolphin turned to play. They weren't interested in feeding. Rocket almost broke Doug's neck when he exceeded the length of the air hose in a jump. Doug changed to a snorkel and offered one to Evan before he took off the mask with the hose and communication equipment. Then Rocket and the dolphin that picked Evan seemed to know that the two boys were free of their tethers and that they then needed to breathe like dolphin so the quick trips to the surface grew more frequent. Touching and stroking was not only allowed it was encouraged and fully reciprocated. Curt surfaced the Doog when fully half the action and fun occurred when they surface for air. Once Rocket even snatched Doug's goggles off his head and took off with them in his mouth. Doug chased him swimming as fast as he could, aided by flippers. It was great exercise and a simple demonstration of dolphin superiority when he kept his dorsal fin just six inches from Doug's grasp. When Doug tired they were a quarter mile from the Doog. Rocket offered the goggles back then gave Doug the surface ride of his life back to the others.

After two hours, the dolphin with Rocket in the lead, towed the boys to the Doog's boarding ladder, then watched with their heads above water as Evan, Billie and Buck climbed to the deck then pulled Doug up. When they were satisfied that all were safe in the human environment, they tail walked backward in unison for fifty feet chirping wildly before they sank in slow motion and disappeared.

The boys half carried and half dragged Doug down the steps to the salon. All four of them were exhausted. They just looked at each other and grinned while Curt closed the hatches. When he rejoined them, "Where to?" He asked.

Doug grinned and let out an exaggerated yawn, "No where but bed," he pulled Buck into his lap and stroked him as hard as Squinty already was in about two seconds flat. "We need to see if dolphin cum is poisonous don't we?"

Buck giggled, "And if it is?"

"Then I guess I'm going to be a dead man."

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