Castle Roland

Somerset Farm

by Jamie Haze

In Progress

Chapter 34

Published: 26 Feb 15


Jamie Haze

The gang from the dive boat and the men from the sport fisherman greeted the Doog excitedly when they docked. They wanted to compare catches. Buck and Evan lugged Doug to the deck. Buck had his arms under Doug's armpits with his hands locked on his chest. Evan had his legs spread with an arm surrounding each leg. "I hope you aren't offended, but I sure am getting tired of carrying your sorry ass around." Buck puffed. "When do the stitches come out again?"

"As soon as we get home, and that's the only reason I want to get home. I could spend the rest of my life right here on the island if there was a pool big enough for practice. Right now with these fucking staples, I can't even turn. I wonder how the new pool is coming. Dad said they're working on it twenty-four, seven. They're pouring concrete to form the pool while the building is going up around it."

Marc jumped on board before the ramp was extended. "Hey dudes! Where's your catch?" He asked and removed the lens cover from his camera.

Evan looked at him blankly. "Catch?"

"Yeah asshole, as in lobster and conch, that's what you went for. Dinner remember?"

The Doog's crew laughed and nodded together. Billy fastidiously lifted Doug's cock off his stomach with two fingers then patted his gut affectionately. "There's still some in here, and the rest is rather evenly distributed among us."

Curt appeared carrying four videocassettes, "They caught them on tape, four dolphins, catch and release, you know."

"You mean you spent the whole day fucking around with dolphin and playing with the sub? Okay, well, line up for a picture anyway." Marc grinned down at Doug, "I know, the four of you hold up the gimp, like you caught him. That will have to do."

"Hey wait a minute." Doug protested, "Don't I get to say anything about this?" The guys lined up behind Doug, then picked him up and held him lying in their arms and aped for the camera.

"Of course you do, as soon as you can get away from us." Marc fired three quick frames. "That's enough, no point in wasting film. You can throw the shit overboard now."

Doug eyed Marc critically. "Just a fucking minute. What exactly did you catch?"

Marc giggled, "We caught enough to feed everyone, including you lame asses."

Doug shook his head, "Not your whole boat, you personally."

"Oh, a few," Marc said evasively and started backing away.

"How few?" Doug persisted. He knew Marc better than the others.

"Actually I was kind of busy with my cameras, but I got some great shots."

"Meaning you didn't catch any yourself, except on tape asshole, and you give us grief."

Marc giggled from the dock, turned and crashed into Anton standing behind him. "Hi Anton, sorry."

Anton grinned, "Not to be sorry, I was blocking escape young marksman. Back and forth on boats I see many dead targets on bottom and on beach and rocks all around lagoon. You are big shot Captain of clean up before dinner please." He patted Marc on his back. "All classmates are crew," he added when Buck and Evan started laughing at him. That effectively ended their laughter.

Curt handed the videotapes to Billy as Anton wagged a finger at him. "Yes Sir? I'll help out if you'd like."

Anton shook his head then looked at the cassettes, "More underwater fun?"

"Actually these are perhaps the first documented cases of man having fun with dolphin."

"Who has managed this?"

Billy blushed furiously, "All four of us. Curt stayed on board the Doog to run the cameras."

"We will watch tonight, after you return. I would ask favor." Billy blinked and nodded. "Meesha accompanies me tomorrow on business. He has only one old suit in style of proletariat.

Take him with Dieter please to Nassau for getting clothing of personal assistant." Anton pointed to the helicopter on Sea Song. "It leaves when you are ready. Dieter waits on you at cottage I think. Perhaps time is correct while there to reconcile differences with father, making suggestions as discussed? You have flopping disc of financials?" He asked, then stared hard at Billy.

"Is there something wrong Sir? I, I'm not wearing makeup today," Billy said defensively. He was aware that his eyelashes were too thick and long to be a permanent part of his male features. He'd been told too many times that he was too pretty to be a boy, then as he matured, too beautiful to be a man.

Anton did a double take. "Makeup? For what purpose? Flawless cannot be enhanced. I was thinking that you also should accompany me. You have passport?" Billy's mouth fell open he nodded silently. "I have borrowed Will from Buckminster Trenton for assistance on trip. Good time for picking knowledge from his brain. In return you will give him knowledge of inner workings and access to our, what you call snoopy yes?"

"Yes Sir, I would love to be of any help to you I can."

"Excellent. You are promoted." Anton looked up at the sky before he shrugged, "You pick good title."

"But Sir, I can't be promoted, I'm not officially an employee here now."

Anton laughed as he pushed Billy into the driver's seat of a golf cart. "Incorrect. I kick Dieter's ass for oversight and make salary retroactive. Formerly flat bank account grows fat overnight. You also buy business clothings of big shot executive and insist on instant tailoring for everything." He snapped his fingers. "Buy first then visit father dressing for success. Use my name after landing unannounced in garden." He again tossed his thumb in the direction of the Sea Song and the helicopter."

"Yes Sir!" Billy giggled, "Although if he doesn't recognize the dagger crest on the chopper, I'd be very surprised."

Anton held out his hand. "I will keep safe these tapes, perhaps review while you are gone."

Evan sat in the middle of Anton's bed with his legs folded in front, picking at his toes. His face alternated between a little boy pout and an adult frown. "But Grandfather, why can't I go with you? I'll behave, I could even be helpful somehow," he looked hopeful suddenly, "I know, I could help Meesha and stuff."

Anton sighed and paused the videotape he was staring at when he felt small hands messaging his back through the thin silk robe he wore. He was sitting on the side of the bed with his back to Evan, half because he didn't want to look at his grandson's pleading eyes.

Half because he didn't want the boy to see how excited he was by watching Doug and the beautiful male aquatic mammal climax together. "We fly into large airports, a passport is required, a legal passport. When you enter Europe, you enter as legal grandson. There is no time now. You may accompany me next trip. Then you will be coming home from school on holiday. Now you would be illegal alien."

Evan's hands weren't helpful in maintaining Anton's train of thought. One dropped to his waist and tugged at the loosely tied belt. When it parted the hand moved around Anton's side. He looked down to see the robe part in slow motion then attach itself to his manhood. "Grandfather! Wow!" Evan whispered, "This is kinda the stuff I could help Meesha with." Anton felt the bed move. Then Evan hugged him from behind, pressing his erection into his spine with his head on his shoulder. "Start the tape again Grandfather, the next part is me and my dolphin."

"I know this, that is why it is stopped here. Please take busy hand away, Grandsons do not seduce grandfathers to win trips to Europe." Anton managed through clenched teeth.

Evan snatched the remote from Anton's paralyzed hand. They watched Doug's supple back curl until his spurting cock pumped milky streamers into the water an inch from his snorkel filled mouth. "This grandson isn't either," Evan whispered, "but it's time I gave you something back in return for all you've given me. We're alone, no one will know, and I really, really want to." He released his hold long enough to pull the robe off Anton's shoulders. He grinned at Anton's back when Anton moved so the sleeves would slip down his arms.

Anton twisted his body at the waist, pushed Evan willingly to his back, then rolled himself completely on the bed and half on Evan's much smaller body. He smiled down on Evan until Evan pulled his head down and attempted a kiss. He had to work his tongue until Anton opened his mouth, then had to twist his head to fight for air. He tried to roll to his side with his back to Anton, but Anton held him down. "Where do you go little one?" Anton asked anxiously misinterpreting the movement.

"I was just getting on my side so you can get behind me, like you do with Meesha."

"Meesha convinces me through demonstration that this way is better for doing stuff. Yes?"

"Oh yeah, much better, I just didn't know you could."

Anton chuckled as he slowly got between Evan's legs moving one of his at a time. "It is pleasant to discover new ways to do stuff, then practice to improve." Anton's bulk loomed over Evan until only his spread lifted legs were visible. Anton liked the word, stuff, it encompassed a great deal and wasn't offensive. He and Evan moaned together at the same time when the weight on his knees lessened. He looked over his shoulder at the screen in time to see the beginning of a slow graceful water ballet staring Evan, Buck and Billy each riding a dolphin. They emulated Doug and his dolphin circling just under the surface. The dolphins broaching frequently to breathe then obligingly rolling over so their human lovers could take air. He moaned again at the lack of editing because the camera had difficulty tracking the three couples, and lost Doug and his dolphin, the biggest and perhaps the pod leader entirely. He shivered in Evan like the dolphin then gulped air when he realized he needed more desperately himself.

Gregor met the chopper much later in the evening when it landed then accompanied the guys to Anton's suite only after Meesha insisted that their Master would welcome him. Meesha tiptoed into Anton's bedroom, pulling Billy by the arm. Dieter and Gregor stopped at the door and peeked in. Anton was in bed lying on his side facing away from them. He was sleeping soundly. The sheet that covered him rose and fell slowly. Meesha pantomimed undressing and patted the bed.

"NO!" Billy whispered emphatically. "He's asleep and I, we," he corrected looking back at Dieter and Gregor, "weren't invited." He worked at prying Meesha's fingers from his upper arm after he saw that Meesha didn't understand what he said.

The sheet moved in front of Anton. Evan's head appeared. He grinned at the argument. "Yes you are," he said in a normal tone. "Grandfather's not sleeping, he just resting his eyes," his own twinkled as he started to tickle Anton. "You're awake aren't you Grandfather?" He asked using a louder voice and sitting up to jiggle the bed.

Anton's body jumped. He rolled to his back, sat up and rubbed his eyes, then focused on the two well-dressed boys smiling hopefully at him. He cleared his throat noisily, "Ah, you have returned. I was resting eyes while waiting. Evan was here watching tape and stuff, then falls asleep. The very young have no stamina." He and Evan giggled at the obvious lies as Evan worked his head under Anton's arm then hugged him.

"They just stopped in to see why you ordered the engines started and Sea Song was vibrating so badly. Then they discovered it was you snoring." Evan explained, batting his eyes innocently.

Anton squeezed Evan tightly to his side. "I do not snore. It was you who rumble like engines."

Dieter whispered a translation in Meesha's ear. Meesha started laughing and pointing at Anton. He was about to agree with Evan until Anton hoisted an eyebrow in his direction then shrugged with a grin. "It would seem I am out numbered." He looked Meesha up and down, then had him turn around slowly. "Now you look like executive assistant, not like unemployed commissar of your country." He eyed Billy equally critically. "Very excellent also. And your father, was he impressed?"

Billy nodded and giggled. "I should say so! First there was the shock of the invading helicopter in the garden suddenly. He thought the whites were in revolt until he saw the dagger, then me, dressed to kill as a man of importance. The shock returned when I scrolled his accounts up the screen. He turned a rather nasty shade of green but recovered more or less when I offered him the suggestions you provided.

Doug sat up in the bed suddenly bumping Buck's sleeping head to his thigh. He looked around the dark room frantically. "Christ," he mumbled. "I was dreaming. It was so real. Rocket came into the lagoon and was calling me, not talking, but thinking at me, like vague words and images. He calls me Swimmer. He was like repeating, 'SWIMMER COME BREED!' over and over in my head. Man, that was unreal."

Their door was locked. They were alone. Buck hugged Doug's waist and stroked his very hard cock. He laughed softly half-awake; "You don't need to start making excuses if you want to fuck. Just do what you always do, move me around the way you want me and go for the gold. I can't help it if I'm a sound sleeper. I really like waking up when I feel you slipping in."

"Sorry I woke you this way, but since we are, how about if we try sixty-nining? If we practice enough we're bound to come at the same time sooner or later."

Buck didn't answer. He allowed his body to go limp and relaxed knowing and enjoying the feel of Doug's hands as he arranged his position for their love making, he just moved his head and lowered his mouth, since his head would remain where it was.


Doug flinched.

"There goddamn it, I heard it again, and I'm awake."

Buck sat up excitedly. He believed when Doug wilted in his mouth. "It's too bad it's so late and dark, we'd never find the place in a small boat and taking the sub out would be too much trouble, plus the guys would laugh us to death tomorrow. Otherwise." Buck didn't need to say that he was excited by the thought of a rematch. This phone chimed, Buck scrambled to answer it.


Doug shifted his butt from the bed to his wheelchair while he listened to Buck talking to Curt. Buck turned on the lights as he hung up. "Holy shit. Curt was bunking on the sub. Something started knocking on the window. He turned on the underwater lights, and there was Rocket looking in at him. He must have followed us, or maybe you. Wow! This is unreal, I wonder if the others came with him?" He asked, unlocking the door while Doug crowded him, impatient to get to the elevator and the boat deck.

"SWIMMER COME BREED!" Battered Doug's brain again.

Doug put two fingers in his mouth and whistled before he leaned forward and dropped into the water. His body was instantly surrounded by tropical phosphorescence, which brightened whenever he moved his arms or legs just enough to hold his position facing the shore, the dimly outlined dock and the glow from the submarine's intense ribbon of underwater lights. "Jump in Bucky, make a big splash, they'll hear that, or feel it. I think the whole pod is in here somewhere."

Everyone in Anton's bedroom stopped what he was doing when they heard the distant yet shrilly penetrating whistle. Moans and groans were saved for later. They separated and/or untangled themselves and ran for the computer. Billy took Anton's chair. A click of the mouse sent the tropical fish screen saver into temporary oblivion.

He brought up snoopy's infrared with Sea Song centered on the screen.

Billy giggled after a moment. "I believe we have unannounced visitors. The dolphin pod has come to call. Look," he pointed, "the bulk of them are patrolling outside the pinchers. The two females with young are just inside. Three seem to be circling us and one is near the sub. There are two swimmers just at the stern; they would account for the whistle. Doug and Buck calling them in perhaps?"

They watched the digital imaging system recycling frantically to track the one move from the Doog toward the Sea Song's stern and join the humans. The three around them broke off their slow parade and set a straight course including under the yacht to join the group at the stern. Billy looked up at Evan. He was already looking hopefully at Anton; "May Billy and I be excused Grandfather? We have friends waiting."

Anton waved at the door, "It is rude to allow friends to wait longer, go now, run. We will follow." He laughed when Evan turned for the door, holding his fully-grown erection. Billy hesitated, then shrugged and stood up to follow, holding his erection to his lower ribcage. Anton's laughter filled the room. "Hold on tight young Billy, not to break valuable furniture or passing crew in hallways!"

"I'll assume that was intended as a compliment!" Billy called back from the stairwell between giggles.

Rocket came at Doug like a torpedo, his wake marked by green-gold contrails. "I'm ready Rocket! Let's breed!" He shouted. Rocket disappeared suddenly, sounded, pounding his tail flukes on the bottom before he zoomed toward the surface under Doug. He nosed Doug's crotch hard and kept on going until his tail flukes swatted air. Doug screamed in delight, arched his supple body backward and entered the water cleanly. He checked his descent, rose to just under the surface and spread his arms and legs looking up. Rocket glided over him and stopped, then sank until the dolphin's underside touched the length of the boy's torso.

Doug reached up and hugged Rocket tightly, rubbing his cheek on the cool slippery skin. Rocket surfaced, worked his blowhole then turned so Doug could gulp air far less efficiently. Doug heard Buck scream "YAHOO!" when he was nosed by the other three males simultaneously. The dolphin that chose Buck earlier wasn't interested in sharing, and pushed him closer to Doug and Rocket before he ducked Buck by swimming over him, then waited until Buck wrapped his arms around his body first, then his legs.

The water vibrated with two splashes interrupting the foreplay. Doug flinched and thought of sharks until the images of Billy and Evan entered his mind. "SWIMMERS BREED!" Rocket calmed him and arched his tail down between Doug's legs until he lifted and locked them around Rocket's body to make their contact more intimate.

"All humans must be swimmers to them," Doug thought and relaxed.

"SWIMMERS!" Rocket agreed by sending Doug images of everyone that had contact with the dolphin pod, all swimming around dolphins.

Anton was about to push the boat deck button in the elevator. "May I make a suggestion Sir?" Dieter asked, then didn't wait. "We'd have a better view from the main deck, looking down on them, especially with the lights off." Anton's finger moved to the main deck button. The door rolled closed.

Anton leaned on Meesha and Gregor's shoulders more for pleasure than support. Meesha looked up at him impishly. "Would you like me to get your robe Master?"

Anton remembered he was as naked as the rest of them. His hand moved to the back of Meesha's neck. He squeezed like he'd seen Gregor do. "Meesha now feels free to make jokes at my expense regularly." He eased his hold when Meesha flinched. "He tests me to discover the limits of my temper. This is a good thing I think, and for me a new experience. I think it is an offer of friendship." The elevator door opened. He pushed Meesha and Gregor out before him. "I accept. Henceforth there is no more Master or Sir. You will all call me by my given name." He started laughing at some thought as they neared the aft railing. "Tomorrow morning we will have breakfast in the dinning room and you will call me Anton. I think we will hear the steward's sphincters clenching as they wait for me to draw blood where you sit. It will be a good joke at first, and in the future the entire crew will treat you with respect. The title, toilet licker will be forgotten."

Silence descended as they looked down on the scene in the water below them. The boy and dolphin couples circled slowly forming a thirty-foot ring close to the aft platform. Each was clearly outlined in the darkness by the green gold firefly-like glow emanating from endless numbers of tiny jellyfish.

Gregor and Dieter leaned on the rail touching their shoulders. They looked at each other, then the scene below them. Gregor nodded, and braced the rail with his hands then leaned forward after spreading his legs. Dieter moved behind him and hugged his chest, resting his chin on Gregor's shoulder. He guided himself as Gregor pushed back.

Their movements, subtle at first caught Meesha's attention. He nudged Anton, who was enthralled with the inter-species couplings below them. Anton glanced to the side, as Meesha ducked under Anton's arm, then stood up in front of him, blocking his view, before he leaned down to the rail then pressed his back to Anton in invitation. "A good exercise for your legs Master." Meesha suggested wiggling his butt.

Anton surrounded him with his arms around his chest, lifted him from the deck and squeezed. "Use my given name," he whispered in Meesha's ear. He side stepped until his flank pressed Dieter's moving thigh. He lowered Meesha and bent him forward again so his shoulder touched Gregor's when he grabbed the rail to keep himself from being pushed over the side to the platform below them when Anton entered him.

"Anton!" Meesha began repeating each time that Anton pulled him back, using his hipbones as control handles.

While no one could know Dolphin thoughts, they seemed to be delighted with their human lover's ability to use their limbs to hold on, before, during and especially after mating while they were still erect and connected. One by one with Rocket in the lead, they broke the circle and began to play follow the leader. They always stayed close to the surface and broached frequently, then rolled and paused so their human lovers could fill their lungs. They played tag, then raced each other, and always moved the boys out toward the pinchers, the lagoon entrance. Normalcy returned along the way and the four boys had to be content to be towed using their dolphin's stiff dorsal fin as a handhold.

Doug's hand slipped once and he was left behind. Rocket circled him, then glided in under him and nosed his crotch. Doug thought Rocket would leap and stretched out his body so he could reenter the water in a shallow dive. Rocket seemed to have other ideas. He started to plane on the surface pushing Doug with his head in Doug's crotch and his nose squashing his cock and balls. Doug closed his legs along Rocket's sides until he felt Rocket's pectoral fins on the backs of his legs. Rocket pushed down on Doug's legs and Doug pushed back. Rocket rolled and Doug twisted with him remaining secure in his saddle. Doug realized suddenly that Rocket was experimenting with a different means of propelling him through the water, other than dragging him along his side using the dorsal as a handhold, which wasn't efficient, kept them both off balance and probably was tiring even for a powerful dolphin.

Doug pulled his arms in tight to his sides, flattened his hands and bent his elbows out slightly. He tried moving his wrists so they would roll. He felt Rocket press his leg on one side harder, and they rolled together. He lifted his head to breathe when they surfaced and managed a giggle of delight before he telegraphed a dive. Rocket took him to the bottom until sea grass brushed his chest and they swooped back to the surface. "I'll find you tomorrow in the daylight Rocket we'll practice this when I can see where we're going," he hesitated, "that is if you want to." Doug said in his mind, accompanied by images of them hooked together and moving balls out through the water.

"SWIMMER!" Rocket answered with strong feelings of delight and a picture of Doug riding his nose as he leaped ten feet out of the water surrounded by intense sunlight.

Rocket slowed and stopped, then gently shook Doug free, surfaced at his side, and offered his dorsal as a handhold. He towed Doug slowly forward. Evan, Billy and Buck joined them with their dolphin escorts. They all thought about looking around at the same time. The Sea Song was outlined in lights across the lagoon; they were near the pinchers, the lagoon entrance. The boys could all see quite clearly, it was dark, but bright enough to see the shapes of dolphin heads. Suddenly the entire pod surrounded them. Heads appeared close to them, then disappeared, to resurface closer amid constant chatter, as if they were being discussed. Individuals, perhaps the bravest, or most inquisitive started to touch them, brushing or sliding their bodies against the boys.

Buck giggled, "I think we're being formally introduced to the rest of the pod."

"I think we're being adopted. It looks like they trust us, check this little guy out." Rocket's head appeared in front of Doug's accompanied by another with the newborn calf between them. Together they nudged the baby under Doug's hand. He patted its head then stroked its side. It shivered and sank then immediately resurfaced under Doug's arm. He stroked its underside and patted its head. "Is this your mate and baby?" He asked Rocket, feeling foolish. Rocket's head rose higher and nodded before he sank chattering enthusiastically.

"Hey!" Billy shouted and looked back to see a juvenile head surface and splash him. "I just got royally goosed and now he's laughing at me." The dolphin chatter increased briefly.

"Correction," Evan giggled, "we're all laughing at you."

After all the individuals in the pod welcomed the boys and accepted them as friends by allowing themselves to be touched and stroked. Rocket signaled a halt to the fun somehow and they all backed away, except for the three males. Rocket nosed Doug's crotch and swam forward until Doug got his legs in position, then they turned and headed slowly back to the Sea Song accompanied by the entire pod. Billy, Evan and Buck had to be content to be towed by holding dorsal fins since their dolphin friends couldn't understand or were reluctant to get their humans in the same position Doug enjoyed with Rocket. However all the adults vied with each other to share the towing duties and each frequently held a dorsal in each hand.

Doug sat in his wheelchair waving and shivering. His stomach growled at the same time an image came to his mind of the entire pod charging through a school of frantic baitfish. "Yeah, I'm hungry too, but I'm also freezing to death." He blinked and looked up to see the other guys looking at him strangely. "They're going to feed now, they'll be back tomorrow." He saw Evan hugging his chest with his teeth chattering. "Come on, let's take a hot shower to warm up, then visit the dinning room."

"How about the steam room or sauna?" Evan asked hopefully. He saw that the others thought he was joking. "Really, in the gym. Gregor and Meesha took me to work out with them. I thought they really wanted to fuck around," he made a face, "they did but after they actually went through an actual workout on the equipment. I looked around. Grandfather uses both occasionally." His eyes twinkled, "You know of course that after he leaves tomorrow morning that I'm in charge here. I'm your host and I'm the master of this boat, so you all have to do what I say. Right now, I say we get in the steam room because it's the biggest with wide tile benches, AND after we get warmed up THEN we can workout by just fucking around. How's that sound?"

"Lead on little master." Billy agreed.

Doug giggled, "Yeah, little masterbater!"

Evan jumped into Doug's lap and kissed him. "Actually, I was thinking about fucking and sucking you for starters."

Doug tried to look horrified, "Just because I'm a cripple and can't defend myself everyday is picking on poor Doug day. I guess I'll just have to submit. Use me and abuse me," he broke up in giggles from Evan's tickles, "that is after I eat some dolphin filled pussy, yours for starters."

They left the steam room an hour later, very satisfied, dehydrated and even hungrier, but for more substantial traditional fare. Dieter found them in the dinning room. He grinned at their smug expressions, "Where the fuck were you guys hiding?"

"We weren't, we were warming up in the steam room." Buck explained.

"And stuff." Evan added with a giggle.

"Oh, well we were kind of waiting for you, but Anton started resting his eyes again half an hour ago, so I guess he'll see you in the morning, unless you want to bunk in there with us."

Doug yawned. "I don't know about you guys, but I need to rest my eyes too, as in sleep. If we go in there now we won't get any sleep at all." The others agreed.

Buck was about to lock their door when it was pushed open. The twins grinned hopefully at him from the hallway. He nodded, and then after they ran for the bed, he looked up and down the hall quickly before he slammed and snapped the lock so he was the last one to get in bed. He found Evan snuggling his body against Doug's leg with his head on Doug's gut. Billy rested his head on Doug's shoulder and chest and put one leg over Evan. Evan surrounded it with an arm. The twins occupied Doug's opposite side, already in their loose sixty-nine position for sleeping. Buck stood frowning at the bed and Doug's helpless grin.

Buck backed up a few steps, then ran, jumped and dove, aiming where Toby's back touched Doug's side, so he landed on them both." Make some space guys, or you could always go and sleep in your own bed for a change," he suggested in answer to the twins' grumbles.

They moved away from Doug grudgingly, enough so Buck could slip in the tiny space if he lay on his side. He wiggled in; bumped heads with Evan then pointedly pried Evan's hand off Doug's cock and replaced it with his own. Evan stretched his neck and kissed Buck while he claimed Doug's balls with his dispossessed hand.

Doug chuckled, "Goddamn, if there's a fire, I'm dead, by the time we get untangled. Would someone pull the sheet up please? I'm still chilly. Tomorrow we'll have to get out of the water occasionally so we don't get hypothermia." Buck and Evan broke their lip lock long enough to find the top edge of the sheet under Doug's legs, then work it up over them all.

Doug frowned mentally, his tiredness temporarily forgotten. "You know as much as I love making it with Rocket, it's a good thing we're leaving here the day after tomorrow. I think I'm getting to like it too much. Fucking around with him is habit forming, almost addictive. Right now I'm looking forward to another fix tomorrow and it scares me. We aren't dolphins and they aren't human. They can't enter our world at all and we can't stay in theirs for very long without killing ourselves. Now we can talk a little I know they're smart, they have senses of humor, they like to play around and love practical jokes as long as their bellies are full. It's too easy to forget that we aren't really a part of the pod."

"You're right of course," Billy agreed, "but I think I'm already addicted. This is my home and where I'll be working. I'll just have to be very careful around them. I'm wondering how Rocket and the other two will react after you three are gone. Will they accept a substitute like Dieter or a couple of the boys from Black's, or will they even care or remember?"

The sheet lifted where Evan's head was lying. "I'll still be here until Grandfather comes back from Europe. I don't think it's anymore addictive than doing stuff with you guys, it's all just fun."

Buck corrected Evan; "You're leaving with us on the Sea Song, back to Ft. Lauderdale, then home to New Jersey. Anton's going to join us again at our house. You need to get enrolled in school and Anton's going to buy a house nearby."

"He never mentioned any of that. I'll go with you as far as Ft. Lauderdale, but then I'll just stay on board Sea Song to wait for him." Evan voice turned stubborn.

Doug giggled tiredly, "Get real Evan. Your grandfather wouldn't leave you alone on Sea Song even surrounded by seventy-five armed crewmen because they aren't bodyguards any more than Bucky would leave Buck alone, or me I guess, for very long if the crew were his. They'd let you push them around. There's a mess of nasty people out there who don't like Anton. I imagine he'll be taking Hans and Herman with him since they're his bodyguards."

"Or my father," Buck interjected. "David, Will and Joe, and a dozen others we never see guard us constantly, and they can't be pushed," he giggled. "Except of course the new ones like David and Noah, they were afraid of me to start with, but now they do the pushing if necessary. Even the President takes orders from the Secret Service in an emergency. You either come with us willingly, or you get carried. Doug and I will even let you sleep with us, IF you stop hogging my fucking pillow.

Doug grunted when Buck punched his belly. "Hey! Ease up down there, I AM your fucking pillow, and it doesn't need punching."

Evan was awake and out of the pleasantly crowded bed before daylight. He first went to Anton's suite, only to find it empty. He found his grandfather sitting with Will in the dinning room dressed in suits and ties. Meesha was as elegantly dressed. Dieter and Gregor remained comfortably naked. They all were just beginning their breakfasts. Dieter looked at the door then at his watch and frowned at his food.

Anton beamed, "Ah little one, good morning. You have come to enjoy a good big breakfast with us, yes? We have saved place for you and much food for growing young man." He motioned to a steward to pull the vacant chair out at his right hand.

Evan kissed Anton's cheek and first sat in the chair, then when he thought no one was looking, pulled his legs up and sat on his heels so his head was as high as the others. "Good morning Grandfather. Yes, breakfast and to see if you maybe changed your mind about me going with you. I could be dressed and packed in a couple of minutes." He remained hopeful and was half-serious.

Anton patted Evan's shoulder and shook his head. "If possible you could go, but not this time. Next time we will have great holiday. I will take you to all our homes and you will decide which you like best and we will make it our first home." He emphasized 'our'.

"All?" Evan was interested at once, "How many do you, I mean we, own?"

Anton giggled and shrugged, "Too many perhaps. I collect castles. I buy old and falling apart, then restore. Some, only foundations are left. I have people who find plans, paintings and drawings then rebuild. Nearby villagers over long time use my castles for building cottages and other buildings, so I buy them as well and take back stones. Some take many years to finish like original. I play make believe that I am Duke Anton of Falconburg in many countries. It is fun thing to play. Before the war I was Duke Anton with a wooden sword and a sapling for a lance. My favorite charging horse was small wooden barrel. Now the weapons are real and very old like their current owner and stables full of horses go without riders except grooms and jockeys." Anton interrupted his reverie when he saw Dieter look to the door a second time. "Where is Billy?" His eyes dropped to Evan; "He slept with you?" He asked.

Evan shrugged, "Yup, but he was gone when I woke up. Maybe he went to shore to pack some stuff. If you recall Grandfather, you didn't give him much notice about this trip." He grinned and added; "We got busy last night too."

"I'm here! Sorry I'm a tad late," Billy stopped his run just inside the door and held up a small bag, "Undies, socks and toiletries." He dropped his bag and scooted for a chair alongside Dieter.

Meesha looked down the table and winked at Gregor, "Would you pass the salt please Anton?" Two of the three stewards were Russian the third understood only one word. All three froze in place. One moved just enough to hoist his empty tray in front of his face to protect it from the eminent explosion from the Master.

Gregor waited until Meesha thanked Anton, again casually using his name. "Will you enjoy good weather during your flight Anton?"

Anton shrugged, "Forecasts are as useless as seat belts at thirty thousand feet." He was barely able to hold back his laughter. He scowled at the stewards, "Is my grandson to die of starvation?" He growled then watched them trying to enter the galley at the same time, three abreast. They listened to a babble of voices before they started laughing.

"Do I have to go up north with Buck and Doug, before you come back? I thought I could wait for you on board and we could go up there together." Evan again looked hopeful. "Maybe Hans and Herman could stay with me. I'd behave and do everything they said. I'd be safe with them."

Anton shook his head. "You have learned speaking of German overnight? They have gone to plane to insure safe departure. You will be safe with Buckminster Trenton." He snapped his fingers as if inspired. "You can be of big help in time saving there. Douglas told of a large home near where they live. You could look and if nice, you could buy for us. That would be a huge help."

Evan laughed, "Right Grandfather, they'd look at me and kick me off the place. How would I buy it? I don't have any money, except a little, not enough for a down payment."

Anton asked Meesha for his briefcase. Earlier, after they dressed, Anton handed the case to him and told him simply that it was a portable office. Meesha was to carry it at all times. Anton pushed breakfast dishes aside and opened it. He gave Evan a blank piece of stationary, heavily embossed with the dagger crest and a fountain pen. "You sign name." Evan did as he was told. Anton took the sheet back and gave Evan a small checkbook. "This is for you. Your checkbook for paying your expenses and house if you like it."

Evan looked at the checks. "These are blank," he giggled.

Anton looked at him quizzically, "Of course they are blank, you must fill out date and amount and sign, then not blank."

"No, I mean there's no bank name or any name, just lines."

"There is bank name printed in code on bottom like all checks, and all that is required."

"Really? What if I overdraw? This house is probably pretty expensive." Evan looked dubious.

Anton giggled, "If you overdraw then your old grandfather is in plenty very big trouble, not to be concerned. You could buy Sea Song with one of these, but you already own him. Put away in safe place for now. What are your plans for today?"

Evan shrugged, "The dolphins are coming to meet the rest of the guys. They call us swimmers, you know all humans. Doug thinks it's a private joke between just them because we're so bad at it compared to them. We'll probably mess around with them for awhile, and maybe do some stuff with them if they want to."

Anton's eyebrow shot up, "How do you know dolphins will return to lagoon, or what they call humans?"

"Doug and Rocket can sort of talk a little. Doug says pictures, images in his head. Rocket called him last night when Doug was asleep." Evan looked at Billy, "I wish we could talk to ours that way." Billy agreed by nodding his head while he chewed.

Anton swiveled his head between the two boys. He thought Evan was joking by their matter of fact attitude about communication between species until Billy asked Evan; "Would you introduce Dieter to my chap since I'll be away? I wouldn't want him to think I abandoned him. The others as well since you'll be leaving us tomorrow."

"Sure," Evan nodded. "I just hope they understand about us leaving and all. Maybe you could find a couple of guys at Black's Cay to do stuff with after we're gone."

Dieter quietly translated for Gregor and Meesha. Billy and Evan looked around the table after they noticed the sudden silence. Anton and their friends were all staring at them with their mouths hanging open.

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