Castle Roland

Somerset Farm

by Jamie Haze

In Progress

Chapter 37

Published: 9 Mar 15


Jamie Haze

Dieter carried the sleeping boy Tom-tom to his cottage and carefully laid him on the living room sofa then covered his fail body with a throw. The boy rolled to face the back, and snuggled down hugging his knees without waking. He appeared to be exhausted. Dieter frowned and cursed whoever had taken such pleasure in abusing someone so small and defenseless and then grinned when he remembered that many of the perpetrators would never harm another defenseless boy again. He left Tom-tom for two hours while he got the other boys installed in two cottages close by, after taking them to the kitchen to watch the cook attempt to grill burgers faster than his other thirteen charges could eat them. He told them they could spread out into other cottages, but they declined with grins and glances at each other.

In his own bed finally, Dieter dreamed that Billie returned while he slept and joined him without waking him, except to snuggle his soft warm pliable back against his chest then carefully arrange his sleeping cock between his legs tight against his crotch as usual. Dieter surrounded his compliant and always willing lover with his arms before his dream ended in deep sleep.

Sometime before daylight Dieter surfaced briefly when he felt Billie manipulating his erection back then forward to snuggle it in his crack first then further into his so very tight deliciously warm pussy. He thrust his hips in cooperation with Billie's body until they again touched, his front to Billie's back. His flat hand traveled down searching for Billie's erection, but it wasn't there, not where it normally was. A smaller hand covered his and guided it. Billie's hard cock had shrunken remarkably. His closed hand covered it completely. He moaned thinking that Billie somehow started the process of having it removed while he was in Europe with the Master. His mind recoiled at the loss and wondered briefly if the magnificent cock could be restored before he once again dropped into deep sleep.

Daylight and consciousness arrived with the raucous calls of dozens of exotic birds, macaws, other parrots, toucans and others as they departed the aviary and their nighttime roosting perches to spread themselves out around the inhabited areas of the island to land at feeding stations scatted among the buildings. Each station was restocked with nuts, large seeds, fruit and berries each evening after the birds retired to the aviary for the night. Billie happily installed a heavy perch with convenient stainless steel bowls on the top of a cut off palm trunk just off the terrace outside the bedrooms' French doors as soon as he moved in. He hoped to lure one of the birds away from an established station. Dieter laughed and helped but cautioned that the birds were creatures of habit and were unlikely to stray far from the established platforms strategically located closer to the main resort building, pool and other more public areas. No stations were located near the cottages or too close to sleeping rooms because the birds were disturbingly if not frightfully efficient alarm clocks.

Dieter stirred when the sound of the birds registered in his brain. He started thrusting himself into Billie without opening his eyes at first, until his hand again sought Billie's cock and once again encountered a sprightly four-inch cigar, which moved enthusiastically in his closed hand. His eyes snapped open as he recalled the briefest of nightmares; Billie's cock WAS shrinking. He immediately focused on the scarlet macaw and the banana beaked Toucan, an unlikely couple that had discovered Billie's feeding station a week after he began stocking it with food and water. The mismatched bird couple adopted Billy as a best buddy and spent most of each day on their perch eating while looking inside the bedroom or just as frequently inside their cottage if Billy wasn't in sight.

Billie's head was missing, affording Dieter a view of the birds having breakfast. Dieter looked down on a mop of uncombed, his nose wrinkled, and apparently long unwashed light brown hair. "Tom-tom!" he remembered suddenly and shockingly. He was fucking and jerking off the little thirteen-year-old boy he left sleeping on the sofa a few hours earlier. "Oh no! Tom-tom I'm sorry, I thought you were someone else!" He muttered in surprised shock, he started to open his hand and pull out at the same time. One small hand closed over his and squeezed, while the other reached back attempting to keep his cock in place by pulling on his ass cheek while the small boy's whole body wiggled back desperately to keep him in place. The guttural sound Tom-tom made and his shaking head grew in intensity until Dieter stopped moving. Tom-tom grew silent then began moving his body in a gentle roll, forward and back, while he moved Dieter's hand until Dieter sighed and started moving on his own.

"You got me, I'm sorry but I can't stop now. Just this one time, then that's it, no more after this." Dieter whispered to the top of Tom-tom's head. Then, "Damn kid you are so tight, so hot, ohhh..." his voice trailed away to nothing as he pumped his morning load deep into Tom-tom's little body. The boy went rigid and squeezed Dieter's hand before he shuddered in release and Dieter felt his warmth running through his fingers to drip on the sheet.

Dieter eased out slowly as soon as he could move. Once free, Tom-tom rolled wearing a huge satisfied grin. The grin disappeared as soon as he realized that he'd thanked a stranger for rescuing him from the rooms of horror and pain. He looked around frantically seeking the smiling reassuring face of the strong, handsome kind and gentle foreigner. Then he jumped from the bed and backed toward the open terrace doors, studying the man he thanked by mistake in the darkness. Billie had his pets trained to fly to him whenever in stood with his back to them.

Dieter realized Tom-tom's error in thinking that the adult size body in the big bed was Gregor. The birds didn't care both flew to Tom-tom. The squat Toucan landed on his head and the Macaw clutched the boy's shoulder. Tom-tom had been watching the birds since they landed on the perch and at first cringed expecting sharp claws to draw blood, but when neither hurt in landing he grinned with wide eyed amazement while the birds greeted him affectionately; the Toucan by rubbing his banana beak back and forth on his forehead while the giant Macaw very gently nuzzled his ear with its open beaked tongue. Dieter giggled, "Meet Mutt and Jeff. Mutt, he's the Macaw, talks, he swears mostly, and Jeff, the Toucan just nods and agrees with whatever Mutt has to say. You probably noticed their nails are trimmed."

"Oh," Dieter said quickly, "Gregor left you a note, I forgot." He found the crumpled message in his shorts and handed it over. "Can you read?" A withering frown turned into a smiling nod as Tom-tom accepted the note: Tom-tom. Joe is writing this because I have no English, I am Russian. I leave you in the care of my friend Dieter where you will be safe and he will protect you. TRUST DIETER he will be your friend too! Gregor Vilasic.

Tom-tom giggled when the Toucan hopped to his shoulder and both birds began exploring his hair with their beaks. He hunched his shoulders, Billie's single to leave him, and both birds abandoned him suddenly to return to their feeder perch. He turned his head to watch them sadly before he walked toward Dieter and took his hand while he felt his chest to offer him his leash. Tom-tom looked puzzled when he found even the nipple ring missing. Dieter pressed the boy to his side with an arm on his shoulder. "Gregor and I got rid of that last night. You never ever have to do anything you don't want to do." Dieter sniffed and giggled, "Except possibly take a shower right now."

Tom-tom sniffed his armpit dramatically and made a face to agree and no objection when Dieter guided him into the bathroom and tried to nudge him into the shower stall by himself. He grabbed Dieter's hand then bent forward to sniff at Dieter's crotch. He stood up suddenly and fanned the air between them to dissipate the smell from that recently engaged member, then tugged Dieter into the shower with him.

Dieter laughed, "Hey, that's not me Sport, that's you, I thought you were my roommate in bed, he," Dieter started to say Billie douches but blushed, "Well, never mind about that now. He offered the bottle of shampoo to Tom-tom. Tom-tom took it then handed it back looking hopeful before he lowered his head and waited. "Okay, you want me to wash your hair, I can do that, but just this once."

Dieter squirted a small amount of soap on Tom-tom's bent head then worked it in with his fingers, the normally white lather turned a light beige, so he backed the boy under the spray to rinse that away and started all over again. After the second rinse, and only billowing white suds were washed away, he was satisfied that Tom-tom's hair was clean. Tom-tom cleared his eyes with his knuckles then took the bar of soap and a luffa sponge from the shelf and offered them to Dieter.

Dieter accepted them with a frown; "I should have tucked you in with your friends in one of the cottages. You're really dangerous to have around kid." Tom-tom burst into a radiant smile and made a hopeful sound looking into Dieter's eyes. "Hey that's right, you were asleep. There are thirteen of your friends sleeping in two cottages near here. You'll all get together at breakfast. Tom-tom giggled in delight, both from that good news and from Dieter's strong gentle hands on his body.

Dieter stood on his knees as he worked lower. His frown grew. Dark spots on Tom-tom's body turned into bruises. His back and legs were covered with red stripes from a whip that didn't quite break the skin. Tom-tom was purring like a contented kitten by the time Dieter ran out of parts to wash, except the danger areas he'd carefully avoided. He turned Tom-tom to face him while he was still on his knees. "Here kid, you finish up yourself. I guess I don't have a whole lot of willpower."

Tom-tom took the sponge and soap with a grin. He looked down at himself then into Tom's eyes. "I'm not going there. You want me to look down don't you? I already know what I'll see." Tom-tom's grin broadened, he started using the soapy sponge on Dieter's shoulders and chest, and then moved his hands around Dieter's neck to wash his upper back. He stepped closer for a better reach until his erection started poking Dieter in the solar plexus. He leaned forward until it pressed the hollow between Dieter's prominent pectorals.

Dieter moaned and surrounded the boy with his arms. Neither was under the shower, both were covered with soap and slippery. Tom-tom demonstrated his painfully gained experience and became the aggressor. He closed his legs squeezing Dieter's cock with his thighs. He reached back and pushed Dieter's hands down from his waist to his ass, then the limp fingers of one unresisting hand into his crack. Dieter's fingers gained strength and one slipped in. He buried his face in the boy's belly. His tongue found the tiny flat navel.

Suddenly Dieter pushed Tom-tom back and sat back on his heels. He spit toward the drain. He was almost panting. He met Tom-tom's eyes. "You win, but not here, not covered with soap, and not without you being so clean you squeak when you walk". Tom-tom raised his eyebrows in question. Dieter pulled him close again and kissed him before he got to his feet and staggered from the shower. He rummaged in a cabinet and returned with two bottles of strawberry douche. He showed them to Tom-tom, "Our Russian friend introduced us to these." Tom-tom looked at the second bottle in question. Dieter blushed and grinned, "One for you and one for me. You didn't think you were going to get away without doing a little work did you?" He asked when Tom-tom suddenly looked shocked and surprised that he was going to be on top of the magnificent muscular hard body of an adult.

Dieter woke up a second time to whispers and quiet giggles. Tom-tom covered his body like a blanket and remained asleep. "Hey Mister? Is it all right if we go get something to eat?" Someone, a young voice asked with a nudge at his shoulder. He opened one eye and saw a young old face bending down over he and Tom-tom anxiously.

"Kevin right? You're the oldest?" Kevin nodded and smiled. Dieter lifted his head slightly. He couldn't move much because Tom-tom had his face buried in his neck and shoulder. His light breathing announced he was back in a deep exhausted sleep. All the boys surrounded the bed. Half grinned at the sight Dieter and Tom-tom made, the other half looked fearful that there would be repercussions from their intrusion into the big boss's bedroom. "Yeah, go get breakfast. We'll be along when Tom-tom wakes up."

Tom-tom nipped Dieter's shoulder before he lifted his head to look around with a bleary eyed grin. The boys who knew him slapped him on the back and congratulated him for his success at hooking up with the boss so quickly. Mark was the loudest, "Man I wish I was a little pretty boy like you, the first night you make the main man, and on top yet! Wow! It sure must be fun to get to fuck a trick for a change and I guess without even getting' the shit beat outta you first. Lucky fucker!" He broke up in laughter casually running a hand over Tom-tom's back and patting his bare little butt affectionately.

Kyle knelt by Dieter's head, "Hey Mister, we been talkin' about how we can pay you back. We don't have much money, but we got some good bodies, like young cocks and tight assholes, you just say which one, any of us," he grinned, "all of us or as many as you can handle, we'll do whatever you want."

Dieter stuttered, "That's not why you were brought here. That's all finished. You never have to do anything you don't want to do again. You won't be using your bodies to pay anyone or selling yourselves to earn a living anymore either. We'll talk at breakfast. Now get out of here." He tried to sound angry and when he saw the looks of dejection, he realized he over did it. "Wait guys," he smiled and ran both hands down Tom-tom's back. "What I just said is law here, but that doesn't mean that friends can't have fun with friends, understand? Let's just take one day at a time, okay?" He received grinning, knowing nods. "Oh, take everything with you that needs to be washed. You'll get it all back this afternoon."

The boys were all wearing either shorts or bathing suits. Some wore shirts. Kevin looked down at himself, then at the others. "If we get everything washed we'll have to go bare ass."

"So? This is an island. There's no one around that hasn't seen naked guys before believe me. The guys that found you just left here after a week of going bare ass mostly."

Kevin leered at his friends, "You mean we can go naked all over the place? Man that will save a lot of time if we want to get it on with each other. Come on guys, let's go collect our shit," he suggested as he walked away stepping out of his shorts.

Dieter watched Tom-tom from the corner of his eye as he stood in front of the bathroom mirror combing his hair with a borrowed comb. "Hey, I just noticed you're a kind of a redhead like Doug. Yours is lighter, I thought you had brown hair." Tom-tom grinned and held his nose to say it was just too dirty. Dieter laughed, "Man you got that right, it sure was. He squeezed the boy's shoulder as Tom-tom brought a big lock down on his forehead, then swept it back. He looked up to Dieter for his approval. "I like that, you are one handsome young dude. Come on, let's get to breakfast while there's still something to eat."

Dieter led Tom-tom out to his gas powered utility truck. Tom-tom carried a pillowcase containing his few articles of clothing and the stained bedding. Dieter carried two towels after Tom-tom frowned at him when he started to pull on a pair of shorts. He offered a towel to Tom-tom, "To sit on, if I have to go bare ass with you I don't have to burn it off sitting on a hot seat." Tom-tom settled himself on the passenger side and watched Dieter back up. He stopped suddenly, "Hey you want to drive?" Tom-tom grinned and nodded. Dieter showed him the forward and reverse lever, the ignition key, and how to start forward or backward by just stepping on the accelerator. Tom-tom's friends watched him driving the cart up to the terrace where they were busy denting the island's food supply. They were all clearly envious. Dieter grinned. There wasn't a boy alive that would turn down the chance to get behind a steering wheel, and there were twenty-five golf carts that were just waiting to be used.

At breakfast the boys were all questions. The first one was who owned the island. Then they wanted to know about the young guys that helped rescue them. Some of them knew Evan, but all were surprised to hear that Mr. Falconburg, their benefactor, had actually adopted him. They were goggle eyed when Kyle started telling his story. "Those dudes are three of the meanest sonabitches you never want to cross, not if you want to get away alive. The cripple sat in that big limo lookin' so innocent. Evan, Mr. Innocent Baby Face, asked him if he could borrow his piece because he wanted to off that fucker Bubba himself. And this kid Doug, he says sure, and pulls this little automatic out that's even got a silencer on it. I didn't see it but I heard one of the older guys they got as bodyguards bitchin' that old Evan just grinned at the sorry ass nigger and BAP," he smacked his forehead with his palm, "right between the eyes. Then when they all got back in the car this pussy lookin' Doug guy gets all pissed off because they wouldn't give him his piece back. Then the other rich pussy Buck tells Doug that they'll just get new ones. Like when was the last time you saw a silencer in a pawnshop? Look out for this Buck kid too, I think his Dad's the big boss of all the bosses. All the heavies worked for him I think, all them cars, the guns, the radios; you know how much it costs to run an operation like that? Then the little guy Noah, he looks like he's our age but he ain't. He uses his hands like kungful and shit you know? And the fucker enjoys his work. First, in the room when big Gregor lost his temper, this Noah guy got to the fuck face first. One quick kick and he turns the fuckers nuts to jelly. Then later when we saw that fucker on the floor groaning on the TV, he laughed. Then when him and Gregor saw Charlie getting a treatment, they broke down the door, Noah reaches up and suddenly that fucker is lookin' down at his ass while his body is still facin' forward! Man that was beautiful."

Charlie nodded and giggled, "You shoulda seen that Russian dude in action. First he pulls ole fuck face into the torture chamber, then props his head up so he can watch his dick get cut off. He was complaining about it I guess because Gregor shut him up by stuffin' his meat in his mouth! That was just before he lifted his chin and cut him a new smile from ear to ear! Man that was smooth. He musta loved that toad sticker because he washed it off real careful after he was done like he had plans for the future."

Dieter was shocked to discover how accurately intuitive the street kids, as Evan termed them and himself were, and how they all seemed to accept the executions as well deserved. Buck and Doug were respected as their peers yet dubbed pussies only because they weren't street kids. "Okay guys, you were there and you saw a lot. What they did was done to benefit all guys like you. You guys are lucky to be here and off the streets. Talk about these things all you want among yourselves, you're insiders, but forget what you saw and heard as far as the rest of the world is concerned because the organization protects itself. Understand?"

Kevin, the oldest, nodded, "You mean that if one of us blabs," he looked at each of his friends, "he'll have his own dick for dinner?"

Dieter was leading them to the line of golf carts parked near the front of the house, he nodded, "You understand, good." He sat in the first cart behind the steering wheel. The boys watched him enviously. "Are you guys happy with the group you spent the night with? There's seven in one cottage and six in the other, with Tom-tom here that's seven in each." The boys looked at each other and shrugged or nodded. "Okay, each cottage is a team, and you need to elect leaders, a boss. Each guy on both teams can have one of these to drive. This is a big island and no one likes walking. Each one is numbered, and none is any faster than any other. Each boss is responsible for his teams' wheels. At night when you're done using them, they get parked back here and plugged in so they recharge. You'll keep them clean and if you abuse your cart like from racing them or drive like assholes, you walk. The boss decides how long. There's one charger at each cottage, bosses can park theirs there. Now, who are the bosses?"

The boys formed two groups and put their heads together briefly. Kyle and Kevin were elected unanimously, and then all the boys ran to a cart except Tom-tom. He looked hopefully at Dieter and pointed back meaningfully. Dieter grinned, "You want my cart?" Tom-tom shook his head and pantomimed that he was going to be Dieter's driver and ended by crossing his arms wearing a stubborn look.

The whirr of electric motors interrupted the one sided conversation. Kyle stopped in front of them. "What do we do now, I mean what are we allowed to do?"

Dieter rolled his eyes. "Man I don't know, look around, explore. There's a pool, the beach, play volley ball, go snorkeling in the lagoon." He grinned suddenly, "Or if you go find the dock master, and if you ask he'll check you out on the Jet Skis, one of the boys will take you fishing, or teach you how to sail if you're interested. You can water ski, or learn how. Enjoy yourselves for now. A doctor will be here later today or tomorrow to check you out. We'll have to find teachers and set up a school." Fourteen frowns greeted that information. "But its summer now, that won't happen until fall." That evoked loud cheering. "Look guys, this all happened really fast. I'm flying by my ass here. We'll get organized eventually. For now just have fun."

The convoy of golf carts began to break up with boys calling to each other and laughing. Dieter stopped them with a wave. "One thing more I forgot to mention. Everyone on this island is black except you guys and no one likes to be called names unless they really deserve it like the nigger pimp so be cool with name calling unless any of you are bigger than me," he grinned, "Okay?"

"I thought you were Italian, just you got no pelt," someone said after realizing what Dieter was implying.

"Nope, German AND Negro, my dad is light skinned," Dieter started to explain before everyone looked up the cart path where a bird voice was screaming.

"BILLIE! BILLIE! SLOW DOWN! BILLIE! SLOW DOWN GODDAMNIT!" Tom-tom, driving Dieter's little truck appeared on the path. The Macaw and Toucan clutched the back of the seat. The Macaw was screaming what he heard most frequently from Dieter when he and Billie rode together and Billie drove. At those times, the birds hung on their seat perch for dear life, the Macaw and Dieter complained, the Toucan nodded and Billie usually laughed, agreed and then drove faster. Tom-tom braked the slow moving cart as it touched Dieter's shins. "FUCK ME!" The big bird squawked in the silence when the engine died.

The boys and Dieter laughed when Tom-tom shook his fist at the bird, concerned that his driving privileges were about to be revoked unjustly because of a self-appointed traffic cop with feathers. "Who's Billie?" Kevin asked.

"He's my roommate, he always likes to drive, the birds like to ride and this cart doesn't have a governor on it, so now you know the rest of the story." Dieter reassured Tom-tom, "Don't worry, I know you weren't speeding. He's a mimic. When I ride with Billie, I'm usually the one doing the screaming because Billie does has a serious lead foot."

Dieter gave up trying to dislodge Tom-tom from the driver's seat after thirty seconds of trying and pointing at cart number fourteen. He directed Tom-tom to the power plant from the passenger seat after a stop at the island warehouse. He introduced Tom-tom to the man and woman in charge and explained Tom-tom's smiling silence as unusual shyness. They were discussing orders, what would arrive by boat or helicopter that day and what would be ordered for delivery the next day. They heard young voices and looked up to see the boys' carts surrounding Dieter's. He called them inside and introduced them as guests of the Master, which ended any further questioning glances, and then waved generally around the dark cool interior.

"This is our warehouse," Dieter told them. "It's like a general store, only here everything is free." He saw everyone's eyes light up and continued quickly, "Free means, if you need something like a toothbrush or toothpaste you can get it here for the asking, you don't need six or a case of anything so don't ask and you won't be disappointed." He turned to the proprietors; the woman was gone, "Which reminds me we need to order clothes, stuff that guys their age wear, shorts, shirts."

The woman interrupted Dieter's litany by continuing; "Underwear, bathin' suits, baseball caps, sunglasses AND lots 'o suntan lotion an' right now else yo' white hides gonna fry lobster red." She said in gentle singsong of the Bahamas and opened the first of two cases handing out bottles to each boy. When they finally left the big building each boy carried a plastic sack containing basic needs after the woman watched each of them cover themselves with lotion. She paid particular attention to Tom-tom by coating his back personally, "Yo' Masta Tom-tom, little redhead, bes' use dis tree times a day jus' like Masta' Doug. Dis de bran' he use an' he don't burn nowhere," she looked down pointedly and giggled. "Unnerstan' what I sayin'?" Tom-tom's whole body blushed as he turned away to finish applying the lotion.

Dieter's morning tour of inspection turned into a general tour of the island that ended by driving out on the dock. The boys stared in amazement at the submarine Doog. Kyle summed up the general opinion of all the boys; "Just like I said, if pussy Buck's father ain't got it then Evan's sugar daddy grandfather does. Who else in the whole fuckin' world owns a fuckin' submarine?"

Dieter tapped Kyle on the shoulder. "Excuse me, but if what you think you know about Mr. Trenton and Mr. Falconburg is true, do you think you should keep calling Buck and Doug pussies? Is that REALLY healthy?"

"You got me wrong Dieter, I mean it like pussy lucky. If I was in their shoes, man, you could call me anything you want."

Kevin laughed, "Man you are so fuckin' dense. Why don't you just call 'em that to their faces and see whether they got new guns by then? Hey Dieter is there any chance we could take a ride on this thing sometime?"

"Sure," Kurt answered from the open hatch. "Hi guys! Did you all sleep well? I was just going to crank him up to charge the batteries here, but it's more fun to take a little cruise. Welcome aboard the submarine yacht, Doog." Kurt barely had time to get out of the way of the stampede.

Tom-tom looked enthralled. He tugged at Dieter's hand. Dieter grinned and shook his head, "Sorry sport, but I really do have some work to do. You go along with your buddies. I absolutely guarantee I'll be here when you get back." He looked at his watch then at Kurt. "What are you going to do about lunch? It's almost noon. You'll have a mutiny on your hands if you don't feed your crew. Maybe the cook can make some sandwiches real fast."

Tom-tom was slowly walking down the boarding ramp. Looking back at Dieter. Dieter stopped him, "Hey Tom-tom, before you go aboard, would you do me a big favor?" Tom-tom reversed course in a second and stood looking up at Dieter eagerly. Dieter found a small pad in his truck and wrote a note. "Take this up to the kitchen and give it to the cook as fast as you can."

Tom-tom snatched the piece of paper, glanced at it, nodded and ran for Dieter's truck. He turned around carefully on the dock and drove slowly until he reached dry land and was out of Dieter's sight before he stomped the accelerator. Mutt betrayed him with his repetitive shrill cries, "FUCK ME! FUCK ME! BILLIE SLOW DOWN GODDAMNIT!"

Dieter waited until Tom-tom turned around before he called the kitchen from a phone box on the end of the dock to be sure there were no misunderstandings. The cook thanked him for giving her a head start and assured him that she would look surprised. After he hung up, he and Kurt laughed while they tracked Tom-tom's speedy progress to the house as Mutt's cries faded. They knew when Tom-tom was returning from Mutt's rapidly increasing volume. By the time Tom-tom idled along the dock, Kurt's regular crewmen, volunteers from the Sea Song's crew had taken in the spring lines and stood ready to cast off. Each young seaman was eagerly assisted by one of the boys happily using sign language since they couldn't talk to each other. The boys assigned to the dock rushed to load the food hammers and cooler into the hatch where they were snatched by other boys and carried below.

Tom-tom, surrounded by other heads waved to Dieter as they got underway and headed for the pinchers across the lagoon. He watched them until the Doog disappeared. He was deep in thought when he got behind the wheel of his little truck. A note was folded and stuffed in the horn ring; 'I borrowed your pad and pencil. I hope you don't mind. I'll return it when we get back. Love, your son, Tommy.' Under the signature, Dieter read and reread the tiny postscript in parentheses; '(I know you aren't but it sounds nice. T.T.)

Dieter returned to the cottage and sat down at the computer. He smoothed the note out on the desk by the keyboard, and woke up snoopy, and then set it to track the sub before he sent a short contact e-mail inquiry to Billie. They'd agreed to be at a terminal at noon Eastern Time each day. Billie's handsome laughing face appeared on the smaller desk monitor after a few minutes' wait.

"Darling!" Billie cried. "German lovers are the best, always so punctual. I've been sitting here waiting for hours thinking you might be missing me and would try earlier, but oh no, not you." He leered into the camera lens. "Now tell me whom you've been unfaithful to me with this instant and don't forget anyone. I want all the gory details."

Dieter laughed and shook his head, "It just so happens smart ass, that I've been busy with fourteen new residents which you probably already know about. Besides," he laughed, "gentlemen don't tell, you first, you're the lady in our house."

Billie giggled, "Truth to tell I've only been a lady about half the time, so I won't tell you about the times I was a gentleman. We've been so very busy, there hasn't been much time except when we were actually going to bed to sleep. The Master, dear Anton, is such a big cuddle bear." Two large hands appeared on Billie's shoulders.

The ring finger of one hand displayed in five-carat star sapphire and a carved ruby signet ring on the pinky of the other hand announced the identity of the silent owner. Dieter couldn't see the signet's dagger crest, just the blood red stone. "You talk from school, yes? Perhaps my number one computer expert would enjoy flying lesson, first AND last at same time?" Anton laughed to negate the threat. He nudged Billie from the chair. "You talk later, but not about certain things until facing with Dieter." Anton was looking at Billie, "Bring chair, be comfortable so Dieter sees you remain alive for now." Billie's head reappeared leaning on Anton's shoulder. Anton rolled his eyes and grinned at Dieter. "I discover you give boy centimeter, he takes kilometers in liberties, but is more pleasant than scared jackrabbit. Yes?"

"Yes Master I agree." Dieter giggled, "I'm sure you're equally pleased to know that you too are a big cuddle bear, welcome to the club." Dieter got serious, "I'm glad you were close by this morning, I have a proposal to suggest about the boys that arrived here from America."

Anton's smile broadened while Dieter talked for ten minutes. "A sea school at Dagger Cay? This I think is good plan, very good. We make multinational slowly over long period." He clapped his hands and chortled proudly, "My grandson starts a good thing unknowing. We will send a special team to selected cities, collect agreeable boys and exterminate many vermin as they can find. Use closed restaurant on beach as classrooms for starting. When crowded we build more. Excellent Dieter, you are in charge. Gregor and Meesha attended one such in Russia, they will help organize, except older students will not select younger for fun and servants. MEESHA!" Anton roared into the microphone with a laugh. "Meesha comes, I go to rest, this ride is very bumpy."

"Bumpy?" Dieter asked. "I thought you were in one of the Master's homes." Meesha joined Billie, and then Will looked over their shoulders and waved. "Where the hell are you? You and Meesha don't appear to be dressed very well, and the Master was wearing his usual robe." Dieter saw that Meesha didn't understand the question so he switched to French and repeated himself.

Meesha lifted Billie's hand to the camera, "WE certainly are, we're both wearing our watches, and we happen to be in the Master's private suite aboard his brand new Boeing 747. He ordered it three or four years ago to replace the old DC-10 we flew to Europe in. He told us the factory was having problems getting the wood paneling just right." Both boys cracked up laughing. Meesha sobered suddenly, "Actually we're somewhere in Russian airspace heading east to California to attend the funeral services of Don Thomas. The flight isn't really bumpy, our Master is upset at the loss of a peer, one he liked and respected, plus he doesn't enjoy flying."

They talked for another half hour switching between English and French easily so everyone was kept in the conversation. It was agreed that the first priorities in establishing a school in another country was to secure the full cooperation of that country. Billie volunteered to contact his father to apprise him of the plan and get a list of individuals in government whose retirement funds needed bolstering. The second priority was to find an adaptable law firm in the United States to legalize the boys' attendance at the school by settling custody issues with parents or guardians. Will assured them that versatile attorneys could be found and that he and Joe, with Bucky's approval and armed with honest autobiographies from each boy could probably help to resolve custody problems. He didn't elaborate on how they would accomplish this, and no one asked.

Billie could see that Dieter wanted to talk to him alone after they exhausted the topic of establishing the Dagger Cay Marine Academy, a name they all agreed on pending Anton's approval. He shooed Will and Meesha away from the screen and camera and leaned in close. "Okay darling, I can see something's bothering you. You aren't quite focused, tell me everything."

Dieter grinned and nodded, "I guess that's what I want to talk to you about. We know each other so well. We love each other and now that you've become a gentleman, at least part-time, we'll be totally compatible in bed." He hesitated and blushed, "So I was wondering, I thought that maybe we should make our relationship permanent. What would you think about us getting married?"

Billie burst into laughing tears, "Oh sweet thing, I thought you'd never ever ask me that divine question! I've had our rings picked out for ages, rather the ones I thought we could afford at the time. Now I'll shop for something with diamonds in them. Not lots, just one nice stone in each ring so they'll serve as combination engagement and wedding rings, to signify that we're equals in bed if you know what I mean," he winked.

Dieter sighed and laughed, "Wow I've never proposed before, that was rough." He leaned forward and became more serious, "There's something else. What do you think about starting a family?" He held up his hand before Billie could answer, "One of the fourteen boys, Tom-tom is maybe the youngest of them, I'm not sure, he doesn't talk." Dieter held Tom-tom's note up to the camera lens. "Read this, look at the postscript. He's been abused including getting the shit beaten out of him regularly lately, but he's so adorable."

He went on to describe the circumstances when they found Tom-tom in the hotel, the pimp's demise and the customer's swivel neck as the boys told the story anyway. Dieter enjoyed watching Billie easily switching genders. He'd knuckle tears from his eyes, then suddenly snarl and wish he'd been there to take part, before he cuddled an imaginary baby in his arms. Billie grinned and leered, "I can only assume from what you haven't said that our son to be is also rather good in bed."

Dieter looked away, "I, I kind of thought he was you, you know, at me for your early morning poke? I left him sleeping on the sofa, and when I realized, it was too late. Now it's really to late. I don't even want to think about the ethical and moral issues of a gay couple adopting a beautiful and very willing gay son, ignoring the future bedroom logistics after you get back here. The poor kid thought I was Gregor until daylight. The birds love him already"

Billie laughed, "Poor Dieter darling, what's a father to do except go with the flow for now. Who knows, tomorrow he could easily find a boyfriend among his peers and you can get on with being a loving parent by worrying how late he stays out on his dates past curfew." They chatted a while longer before Billie looked away. "OOPS! The Master is calling; I've some work to do. I forgot I'll see you very soon I think. We're off to New Jersey after the service. We don't have to return to Europe because our business there is concluded, very successfully I might add but I can't tell you about that until I am facing you," he mimicked Anton. "I love you to death! Bye!" The screen went blank when Billie closed the link before Dieter could respond.

Dieter rocked back in his chair. The plasma screen displayed empty water. He switched to infrared and the Doog's shape appeared with bright spots lining the hull inside, the boys looking out the windows of the submerged craft. He grinned when about two-dozen other bright spots joined the sub and swirled around it, the dolphin pod and Rocket their brawny leader.

Dieter looked down and watched his cock grow erect. Doug had taken him aside and introduced him to Rocket, attempting to explain that he was leaving, but Dieter would remain and that they were friends. Doug used graphic thought images until Rocket seemed to understand when Doug actually hugged Dieter's body with himself in Rocket's superior position. When they drifted apart, Rocket replaced Doug briefly, except he wasn't erect, they were too close to the Sea Song and there were too many Swimmers in the water and many more watching from the yacht. Doug laughed while he explained that the dolphin were modest and not ready to breed in front of such a large audience of Swimmers (humans), but that Rocket had accepted him as a worthy substitute for Doug since he was a larger more powerful body he must be above Doug in the Swimmer hierarchy. "There just hasn't been time." Dieter excused himself to Rocket in his thoughts. He wondered if Tom-tom, no not anymore, Tommy, he amended, was having a good time.

The dolphin pod circled the Doog repeatedly from all directions. Frequently one slowed to match the sub's speed and thunked a bulbous window where a boy sat staring wide-eyed and pointing back. Kurt explained that they were friends and later, after the boys learned to snorkel and dive, they could go out and swim with them.

One dolphin, the largest, fixed his attention on Tom-tom and kept returning to his window repeatedly. Tom-tom blinked and shivered. He wrote on his pad furiously then held it in front of Kurt sitting at the observation deck controls. "Can they talk? Mentally? He calls me Swimmer!!! (I THINK!!!)"

Kurt glanced to the side at Tom-tom's window. Rocket flexed his long body in greeting. It was Kurt's turn to shiver. "Damn if you can hear him too, I guess they can. Doug swears they can and do. That big guy there looking at you is Rocket, he and Doug are special ah, buddies." He looked away, thinking that he was not about to describe how special. Kurt rushed on to cover his thoughts, "He's the pod leader. Doug says they call all humans Swimmer." He giggled, "Doug says that's an inside dolphin joke, because we're so bad at it compared to them."

Tom-tom wrote; "Small 1's name?" He pointed to a male that had joined Rocket.

"He's one of the other three that made friends with Evan, Billie and Buck. I can't tell them apart, but the guys can."

Tom-tom grinned and waved, then closed his eyes and cocked his head like he was listening carefully. He blushed and lifted the pad again. "They want me to BREED with them! They showed me how in my mind!!! Did Doug____________?"

Kurt read the note but didn't answer directly, "Do you want to? Do you know how to dive?" Tom-tom shook his head sorrowfully. "Dieter will teach you tomorrow and maybe one or two others at first. Then we can come back out and see what happens." Tom-tom nodded enthusiastically. Kurt cautioned him, "BUT be sure you tell the friends you pick what the dolphin want to do with them, you too, humans are on the bottom." He lowered his voice to a whisper, "And the boys say its habit forming."

Tom-tom nodded, and then shaped words with his mouth as he thought them, "Tomorrow afternoon." Then he concentrated on the smaller male and pictured a shooting star in his mind, "Comet." The small dolphin flexed his powerful body several times then glided away with Rocket into the blue-white haze.

The big hacienda at Rancho Del la Varga was packed with guests after Anton arrived with his entourage. The boys and their bodyguards occupied the twins' quarters, which Don Thomas built for their mother and father, their children and any guests they wished to entertain while staying at the ranch. Rarely used hall doors that separated the wing from the rest of the house were closed and guarded. The boys made the twins' study their communal private space and the adults took over the big sitting room in the boys' wing as their meeting place because it was secure. The adults occupied the ten bedrooms in the main guest wing. That hallway couldn't be closed off from the public rooms but a smiling guard wearing a very lumpy business suit served to deter mourners from touring the area.

Outside, limousine drivers alternately leaned on their cars and strolled the grounds surrounding the house, while further out, Pepe had heavily armed shifts of vaqueros walking their horses randomly in both directions in a giant circle that began and ended at the beginning of the driveway off the public road. Far above the property the snoopy satellite that watched the American southwest was in operation and guarded the entire property. A giant screen in the control room of Anton's new jet was monitored constantly and any anomalies were reported instantly to Hans and Herman's earpieces for analysis and investigation by helicopter if they deemed such necessary.

Bucky and Anton sat with their heads together in the sitting room. Hans and Herman stood over them. "My handsome young Billie and your Will make splendid team. First they seek entry codes to computers. They discovered enough, but not all. It is a game to them. Will uses higher mathematics in some way," Anton made a face and then grinned, "While Billie pursued what he called stupid passwords made by intelligent owners," Anton giggled, "such as mine; dagger. I am still shocked that he looked into my world so easily, but also inspired that he did nothing to harm me."

"But what did you do to bring the bastard down so far and so fast that caused him to commit suicide?" Bucky prodded.

Anton broke into laughter. "Very little, I wasn't given chance, wretched wizards make plan and set it in motion. They report to cartel members in fool's name that I am no longer threat, lost with all guests including you my friend, at sea. He asks for huge funds to acquire all our outstanding indebtedness before it becomes known so they can assume ownership of our major assets for amount of loans."

Bucky started to sputter, "But our major interests are secure."

Anton laughed harder, "Yes but cartel believes otherwise. They drool to own snoopy spy eyes for pittance of thirty billion when true value is one-fifty. Your petrol-chemical interests, pharmaceutical patents, undeveloped mountains of rare metals and vast real estate holdings." Anton gulped air and continued, "They seek to steal my beautiful ships, my munitions manufacturing, my Asian electronics ventures, all our oh so profitable joint ventures, everything we own, all for paltry sum of twenty billion per share." Anton paused for effect then shouted, "IN CASH MONEY AND INSTANTLY!" He whispered, "Of course while our untimely deaths remain unknown."

Bucky giggled and clapped his hands. "And of course no one has that amount in liquid form."

"That was a problem. Greed is beautiful. Haste makes them incautious. They don't investigate. They collateralize all assets and borrow. They draw their bank reserves to nothing. They sell shares of shares to friends. While they do this, our wizards are converting the fool's assets as well. If they didn't the fraud would be discovered. The fool, I can never say his name. The cartel wealth flowed into his bank, then flew out with his magically while he slept soundly.

"Press was advised that I would embark on a journey on new aircraft to attend with you the funeral of mutual close personal friend. I allowed photographs to be taken and as you would say, shit hit propeller. I was told confidentially that fool was guest of honor at old style inquisition in dungeon of his own castle. The news of suicide reached us in flight and required eight hours. The fool first cooked feet in oil until the flesh dropped," Anton bent double laughing. "The oil was our brand of motor oil!"

"That's truly ironic."

"Yes it is. When he still refused to divulge the destination of missing funds, he emasculated himself after first breaking major bones in body, then managed to climb to iron maiden and lock closed on his own body. The irate cartel members giving assistance were so befouled they borrowed from the fool's wardrobe so they could leave residence."

"Where did our wizards hide the money? One hundred billion plus leaves a large paper trail in its wake."

Anton nodded, "Computers split small amounts away as it moves through banks around world, like salad lettuce first halved then quartered and finally shredded. Shreds will be converted to gold, solid, un-portable and safe in banks around the world. For this coup, I suggest one percent bonus to be divided between wizards. Do you agree my friend?"

Bucky nodded enthusiastically, "By all means subtract that from whatever my share amounts to."

Anton looked at Bucky quizzically, "Our shares are equal; our risk was equal."

Surprise registered on Bucky's face, "I did nothing except to loan you a wizard."

"Ah, but our risk was not financial, it was to our families equally. That cretin planned the demise of everyone, your lovely wife and son; my grandson, if I was invited to the suicide I would have caused it to take far longer."

Bucky nodded once and smiled to thank Anton as if a fifty billion dollar gift in hard currency occurred regularly. "Have you any thoughts on how we might put this windfall to work?"

"Indeed." Anton nodded with a grin, "We, you my friend, and I made the error to allow the children their freedom to complete some outstanding business in Ft. Lauderdale. You no doubt are aware that together with Douglas and those given the task of keeping them safe, caused several fatal disturbances. Results of those events are fourteen boys increase Dagger Cay population. Dieter suggests creation of school, a maritime academy on island for these boys and others like them from around the world we might together cause to join them. Each must have past problems corrected or erased so they are free citizens of their countries and free to pursue lifestyles they choose while they receive the best education in preparation for higher learning in field of choice. This venture will require enormous investment in staffing; the best teachers in every discipline, special field personnel, adept attorneys and more not thought of. Unique policies and procedures must be formulated." Anton looked up at the sound of someone coughing near the doorway. He rolled his eyes and nodded with a smile. "Meesha reminds me with polite fake cough that I must take medicine and rest. I no longer have the time to bring this splendid plan to completion, so would beg you to do it for me. Will you my friend?" He struggled to rise. Bucky helped until Hans and Herman each claimed an elbow.

"Of course my friend. Such a school might be a joint legacy."

Anton nodded and sighed. He glanced at Herman then over at Hans and switched to German. "You two, my friends will learn to speak fluent English such as mine because after I am gone you will serve Buckminster Trenton as ably as you serve me. Meanwhile assemble a younger guard staff to protect my grandson as aggressively well as you do me. You will of course continue to supervise them."

The boys, all of them crowded the twins' study after dinner. Paul Wilcott and Morgan Brockway, his college roommate to be stood in the background leaning into each other watching the younger boys' antics. Dylan Kelly, the so far perennial child actor was partially hidden by his younger friend Peter Anderson. Both were quietly working their way behind a heavy window drapery while their busy hands were working on each others clothing. Marc Wilcott, Paul's younger brother seemed to be in everyone's face with his camera at the same time though he was concentrating, or trying to, on the twins, Toby and Terry Fair and their newly discovered half brother Diego. They in turn were interested in holding on to Diego's life long friend Charlie Garcia. They had Charlie stretched out on the desk top on his side pulling his shirt up and his borrowed trousers down. Doug Henderson leaned on his crutches near Charlie's head laughing at Buck who was playing doctor by leaning into the real doctor, Doug's personal orthopedic surgeon while he examined struggling Charlie's injured lower spine.

"Damn it Buck, I already told you before you dragged me in here that there's nothing I can do for this young man out here. He has to come to New York and spend a few days getting a complete work up, like a battery of tests."

Buck's hand wandered slightly. "Well you could at least check out his tail bone can't you?" He started to spread Charlie's cheeks. Charlie tightened his muscles pinching Buck's fingers in his crack. "Damn Charlie, a real tight ass you've got here, but you're outnumbered. Want us to spread these? You could reach a few fingers in there and feel around."

There was nothing wrong with Charlie's upper body or arms, which were actually over developed from pushing himself around in a wheelchair for a year. He broke free of Diego's light hold on his wrists and flailed back with an arm. The back of his hand connected with Buck's nose. "Good you little prick. I hope I broke it. Now get the fuck away from me and my ass." Charlie giggled at Buck's crossed eyes while he touched his nose.

Buck frowned around the room. "Okay, I want to know just who told this new guy to call me a little prick? Who was it?" He insisted with a laugh. "Step forward and bend over. I'll remind you that I'm not A LITTLE PRICK!"

After everyone stopped what he was doing and bent over, Buck scooted around the desk to massage Doug's ass lovingly. "I forgot, I'm busy tonight, but thanks, I'll take a rain check."

Charlie sat up and used his arms to swivel until his legs dropped over the side. Diego fussed at him asking if he was all right. He nodded and pulled Diego close by surrounding him with a powerful arm. He whispered something then yawned noisily, which started a chain reaction that ended with grins and nods. Everyone leered at the doctor. He got the message, bid everyone a good evening over his shoulder and beat a hasty retreat without acknowledging the group invitation. The twins vied with each other to lock their arms with Diego's under Charlie's legs to carry him to their bedroom. Doug and Buck followed them.

Buck closed the door in Marc's face. Marc counted heads on his fingers, "Yeah, six is enough. Think I can't take a hint? I can take a hint!" He shouted at the door. He looked up to see the others disappearing through the hall door. "Hey wait for me guys. I'll be with you as soon as I find Gregor, then when Meesha gets his ass here, he'll look around until he finds us."

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