Castle Roland

Somerset Farm

by Jamie Haze

In Progress

Chapter 46

Published: 9 Apr 15


Jamie Haze

Sea Song reached Dagger Key long before daylight and normally would reduce speed and begin to make lazy circles outside the cut waiting for after sunrise so the pilot, Gregor or Meesha could easily see the color changes in the shallower water through the narrow opening. Dawn found the giant yacht making circles but they were anything but lazy or even circular. Most of the new boys were too excited to sleep or even try and when they discovered the fly bridge with naked Gregor and Meesha up there conning the ship. They immediately shed their new uniforms without exception then stayed to at first hesitantly ask questions and watch from a distance before gregarious Gregor quickly won their trust and friendship by offering them turns at the wheel. Of course not turning the wheel much and not turning the wheel much at ten knots was no fun, boring even so Gregor just never reduced speed. If anyone was near enough to watch, Sea Song's erratic course at cruising speed looked much like a destroyer hunting a submarine.

Half an hour after dawn a parade of boats began to appear from the pinchers, everything that floated and had an engine came out to meet them, each manned proudly by a student captain. The big Bertram sport fisherman maintained position in the middle of the fleet with a nervous Curt on the fly bridge but not at the wheel. He was too busy on the radio in his roll of Commodore the fleet while little Charlie proudly captained the yacht. The line passed through the cut single file and then took up predetermined positions around the Bertram before Curt gave the order to proceed as a convoy the short five miles out to circle the waiting mega yacht. Kyle and Mark as cottage commanders who were drafted by Evan to help 'shop' for recruits, rushed up carrying binoculars and climbed to the big flat padded sun lounge that was actually a storage box located directly behind the command and control station, there to stand beside Gregor who was already judging distances between boats and relative speeds. If any of the new boys thought they were on their way to vacation on a tropical island, they were quickly disabused by how serious the two student leaders took their positions of responsibility in criticizing the seamanship of their classmates freely and apparently accurately when they saw Gregor nodding his agreement.

Evan and the rest of the gang appeared along with most of the guards and the three fathers. Buck stood between Josh and Doug swiveling his head between the two multi-hull sailors while they discussed catamaran minutiae ad infinitum. They stopped to watch Meesha at the wheel for the run into the lagoon after the escort took up positions port, starboard and aft well out of range of the Sea Song's twin rooster tails that were about to erupt when he pushed the throttles forward. Gregor remained standing on the lounge with Kyle, Mark and Tommy as well when he climbed up to join them so he could see over the taller boys' heads.

Meesha concentrated on holding Sea Song in a stationary position and when all was ready offered the wheel to Gregor. Gregor grinned and moved Tommy bodily to stand directly in front of him so Tommy leaned against his legs. Tommy looked back and up at Gregor's smiling face while he snuggled closer moving his shoulders to massage the tall Russian's growing cock with his back. The new boys watched the byplay enviously; a trick with a body and face like Gregor's never had need of paying hustlers like them.

Gregor grinned, "No way my beautiful Meesha, you have the honor, FUCK THE PINCHERS!" he roared in Russian, then "CRUSING SPEED PLEASE!" in English.

Meesha laughed, nodded and jammed the ship's throttles forward. The rooster tails bloomed aft, the mega yacht actually lifted from the water noticeably as it surged forward aimed directly at the invisible cut in the protecting reef. Those standing and unprepared were forced to take a step backward to regain their balance while Gregor held Tommy, and Kyle and Mark leaned forward, timed to the surge.

Evan watched the spectacle at Doug's side standing looking forward near the wheel surrounded by the rest of the group. None of the recruits crowded them, word spread like electricity among them as they figured out just who was who with help from Mark and Kyle. Evan studied the coral bluff that actually formed the pinchers and extended out as a ridge on both sides, "You know Douggie it would be neat if we built like a fort up there and put in a cannon to fire salutes back and forth between incoming boats and the island. The school needs some traditions and spectacles like this where the boats scramble out to meet guests and the owner. I saw an ad somewhere, there's a company that makes them, cannon I mean, I'll have to order a bunch of different sized ones for the fleet."

Doug reviewed movies he'd seen in his mind and settled on a fortress with soaring walls and towers with crenulated battlements, and a taller watch tower with flags flying. "Shit Evan that would cost a fortune, are you trying to bankrupt me the first week?" Doug asked, but looked wistful, "Still it's a good idea and cannon would be neat to fire salutes."

"DUH, the fort would belong to the school so the school would pay for it. Grandfather put enough in the Foundation to build anything we want AND run the school for the next thousand years on the income. In fact I think there's so much income we HAVE to spend more than we are."

Doug became enthusiastic, "Oh, in that case, I saw this movie about the Crusades, the Knights Templar and their fortress on Malta, we could do something like that only scaled down." He switched gears suddenly, "You know we need to sit down with Bucky and talk over who pays for what on the island. This could all get confusing real fast." He giggled, "Shit it already is."

Evan searched the throng standing behind them. He saw Doug's father Bill and John Wilcott talking together but looking down not at each other. Bucky was between them and they were talking with him. He looked down at his bare feet, he already wore a size eleven shoe, "God let me grow up to match my feet," he prayed silently for the first time that day. He elbowed Doug, "He's back there bullshitting with your father and John where he can't see shit and he controls our purse strings."

Doug nodded, "Hey Bucky, can we talk to you for a minute?" he called.

The three men started to excuse themselves as they moved forward. Suddenly there was no one blocking their way. Knowing who the rich kids were was important, but knowing who their father's were was vital. No new kid on board was above some serious ass kissing, figuratively and literally if given the opportunity if it would enhance their positions and status in the peer group.

Evan always enjoyed talking with Bucky and Buck when they were all standing up. Horizontal eye contact was a refreshing change from always looking up. "Doug just brought up a good point. We were just talking about building a fort on the bluff there," he pointed and realized they were much closer, "and we need to get straight exactly who pays for what."


Kyle and Mark looked down to see the new recruits were all looking up at them, or Gregor. "Fuck Gregor," Kyle hollered and pointed to the side rails, "look down at the water! We're in the middle of the cut! Check the color! Dark blue is good, light blue means you're dead meat even if you do swim to shore as soon as we get our hands on your young asses!" The threat caused a migration to the port and starboard rails.

"Just watch this action Josh," Doug breathed, "this big cocksucker turns on a dime! Wow!"

By then the rooster tails were through the cut and Meesha began the long leg of the zig- zag with a sudden sharp turn to starboard that would eventually line Sea Song up with his bow pointing at the middle of the pinchers, the offset jaws that protected the entrance into the lagoon. The height of the coral bastion grew along with the boys' excitement. Reflexive fear caused a few to step backward toward the stern but no one noticed, no one blinked, everyone's eyes were fixed on the bow, its wake, indicating high speed, and the looming wall. Meesha and Gregor laughed maniacally, both were fully erect, but no one could see either. Meesha's crowded the ships' wheel so the head would bang the spokes when he made his vital final turn and Gregor's was held tightly by Tommy's legs after Gregor lifted him to see better.

One of Meesha's hands left the wheel to engage the starboard bow thruster, and then move to grip the port throttle. When the bow was a hundred feet from catastrophe he red lined the port engine and reversed the jet. The turbine screamed in a higher pitch. That rooster tail ceased to exist above the surface as its force was directed forward. Water boiled up a quarter of the way along Sea Song's port side. The following wake helped by slapping that quarter. Meesha turned the wheel with one finger, a confident move that was lost on everyone but Gregor. Gregor continued to shout compliments and encouragement but no advise or instructions because Meesha proved himself Gregor's equal, and told him so, but no one knew that either because he'd lapsed back to Russian. Gregor's moving hips in turn kept pace with the orchestrated frenzy as Tommy used both his hands to hold the big cock tightly while Gregor thrust it between his legs. Sea Song stopped his forward motion and instantly began a pirouette to the left. Meesha halted the dance at ninety degrees by reversing the port engine to full forward and canceling the bow thruster. He red lined both engines forward and Sea Song squirted through the narrow opening into the lagoon. Gregor and Meesha both acquired quizzical expressions at the same time. Both looked down in surprise and then at each other. Their embarrassed grins turned to joyous laughter although they bemoaned the waste in Russian.

Evan missed nothing, he nudged Buck and Doug, "Will you just look at those two Russian motherfuckers, both of them just got off using grandfather's cock, good old Sea Song to fuck the pinchers. Maybe we should drink more of that tea they're always slurping."

Eric and Jeff woke up together the first time the Sea Song heeled sharply when the first new recruit took the wheel. Eric hadn't moved from Jeff's back except to sneak his erection between Jeff's relaxed legs sometime during the brief night. Jeff twisted his neck to look back, "Hey," he whispered and reached down, "you almost made it, I'll help."

Eric pulled away too quickly. "Oh no you don't, I'm a dedicated bottom boy so I guess that makes you the top in this family." He climbed out of bed and looked around, "Shit, I lost my stuff when you offed the niggers. I don't suppose there's a Walgreen's wherever we're going?" he asked with a grin.

Jeff flopped to his back, "Search me," he giggled and spread his legs eyeing Eric's apparent prepubescent body whose actual age was only betrayed by a fully developed lithe musculature if a trick took the time to look closely and none had so far. He lifted his legs suggestively, "You could start here," he pointed, "I collected everything I could find, guys' personal stuff and stuffed it all up my ass for safekeeping." Eric shook his head, stepped back and wilted visibly. "Why not, you can't be a virgin? What do you do if a guy wants it and they're paying you?"

"I fuck them of course, I'm a professional after all, but I don't have to like it, just act like I do." Eric saw Jeff begin a pout and rushed to reassure him, "I'll do you eventually but just not now, not today. Right now I'm still thinking like a hustler, if I did you now it would seem like work, I'd be acting and I don't want to start out like that with you, I want to really like it and I will, I just have to ease into it. I'm kind of a virgin at fucking guys my own age or even younger anyway. I always liked getting fucked by another young guy though, which almost never happens," he smiled bashfully, "so I just know I'm going to love getting it from you."

Jeff nodded and got off the bed to pull on his discarded shorts, "Okay, I'll go see if I can find your stuff. Tell me what I'm looking for." When he returned with a soiled blue knapsack, he carried his shorts. "Guess what? Anyone wearing clothes on this tub right now is straight AND in the minority for a change!" he giggled, enjoying the new freedom. "Most of the new guys are topside taking turns at the wheel that's why we keep heeling. My boss, the guy with me last night just said that we've arrived but can't go through the reef until after the sun gets up high enough so they can see the bottom AND the cliff they need to aim at," he looked down bashfully, "so since its only five o'clock,"

Eric grabbed his pack and dumped the contents in a corner with an appraising leer at Jeff, "So we have about two hours to play." He watched Jeff begin to grow in anticipation, "Wow, I just know that's going to feel as good as its looking." He picked up a plastic ball a little bigger than a soft ball and offered Jeff his hand, "Come on lover boy, you can get started by getting this pussy so clean you might want to eat it. You know I'm so tired of rubbers, but I guess we have to play the game." He stood with Jeff over his pile and separated several wrapped condoms from the litter of clothing, "You think five in a couple of hours will be enough?"

"Have you always used rubbers with all your um, clients?" Jeff asked hesitantly.

"Absolutely, I'm not much of a fighter, but I am one slippery and fast motherfucker if I need to be. No one's ever gotten a piece of this tail unless they were wearing one," he frowned, "except before I ran away from home, but those guys were all around fourteen then when I was about nine or ten, so they don't count."

Jeff nodded, bent and picked up three, "I'll wear them since you want me too," he said regretfully.

Eric looked shocked, "You mean you'd go bareback even knowing what I do for a living?"

Jeff shrugged "You mean DID for a living. Yeah, I would, I think you're clean. Your blood test hasn't even been sent yet but you've been careful and I know I'm clean; I'll get tested every month. Vincent already promised all of us that we'll find out about a positive test just before we passed out from blood loss from the smile he'd carve. You know with the twins and all."

Eric nodded that he understood but he also smiled and looked hopeful, "If you don't mind, then I sure don't," he popped Jeff's open hand to send the condoms flying. "That takes care of that. You know this might sound goofy but this will be kind of like a honeymoon for me."

Jeff put his arm around Eric's shoulders and started him walking into the bathroom, "That's funny; I was thinking the same thing, just not kind of."

Eric demonstrated absolutely no modesty in the bathroom and shower and Jeff lost his while he held Eric's bent over form and used the portable douche bulb. When he was finished injecting the rinse water and Eric rejoined him in the shower he used a face cloth to wash Eric's tiny crack carefully and after assuring himself that Eric's whole beautiful body was properly rinsed, he bent Eric over a last time with a slight touch on his back. He sank to his knees and separated the muscled cheeks with his hands. "God that looks so much like a virgin pussy, I have got to take a taste."

Eric wasn't prepared for such a bold act even though he was warned and at the first touch of Jeff's tongue exploring his sphincter, he fell forward and was barely in time to put out his hands to save his head from hitting the marble wall. "Jesus X. Christ!" Eric breathed while he righted himself and bent over again, "You hit the nail on the head there; no one's ever done that to me before, since, well, since."

Eric intentionally relaxed and Jeff probed deeper for a minute. He sat on his heels, "If no one's done that in a long time, how about after they put ah, something in there to eat?"

"Are you trying to talk me off?" Eric squeaked. "If you are, it's working too well. One guy did, he loved it while it drove me fucking nuts and I wasn't even old enough to come yet."

Jeff turned Eric to face him. He was greeted with a rapidly pulsing cock that was about to fire without tactile encouragement. "Oh no you don't, the mob upstairs has a rule against wasting." Eric's cock disappeared with Jeff's words, Eric shivered and Jeff swallowed.

Jeff became an automaton on their bed as if he had a choice. Eric used all four limbs to keep him in place; locked fingers in the middle of his back and ankles around Jeff's waist. Jeff discovered that Eric also had surprisingly incredible control of his muscles in all the right places. Eric didn't just accept Jeff's seed; he milked Jeff to get every last wiggling sperm.

Vincent knocked on the door, waited thirty seconds and tried again. When they still didn't answer, he opened the door. Jeff was still in Eric's saddle and both bodies glistened, ran with sweat. Jeff's heaving butt never faltered, he didn't even turn his head. Eric moved his eyes, "Say big guy, do you think you could get them to make the boat rock again like it's been doing?" he asked in a normal tone.

"Ah, sorry, I was just checkin' to be sure you two were alright, and no it ain't doin' too much tippin' since we tied up five minutes ago." Vincent did a nervous dance, heard teenage voices in the corridor and slammed the door. He blinked and looked around suddenly discovering he was on the wrong side of the door, still in the room instead of the hall. His wide eyes remained fixed on the busy couple. His interest drew him closer to the bed. "Hey Jeff you're goin' at it just like a normal guy, like I do it, like everyone but you guys do it, just the ports' different, but not that much. I always wondered about that. Come ashore when you finish up here." He met Eric's smiling eyes, "Say kid you think you'll be needin' another fix?"

"Nope not until early tomorrow morning, my usual time and then if you could maybe you have something to get me away from junk?"

"That's already started son, you hooked kids are gettin' a substitute only in smaller doses each time. In two weeks you'll be clean an' if you ain't plan 'B' is to lock you up to finish cold turkey."

Eric nodded his thanks, his attention swung back to Jeff when he moaned, shivered and then collapsed on Eric's body looking thoroughly dead. Eric milked him and sighed, "You better quit now Jefferson old boy, I'm getting a little tired, I don't get too many five hundred dollar sessions and that one was extra sweet."

Vincent remained standing over them. He looked puzzled, "How do you know how much to charge?"

Eric unlocked his hands and ankles to allow Jeff his freedom, "A hundred a pop," he grinned, "even numbers keep the bookkeeping simple.

Jeff acquired the strength to lift his head. He obviously hadn't been following the conversation too closely; "YOU'RE GETTING A LITTLE TIRED?" then twisted his head, "Vincent? What are you doing in here? Damn man, can't a guy have any privacy around here?" His eyes moved back to Eric, "I just came five times in a row and you're tired?"

Eric laughed, Vincent grinned, "That's my boy! I'll bet there ain't another guard in the bunch that can top that. Man you're goin' to be famous around here Jeff boy. The little bosses ain't bothered you yet but when they hear about this, between 'em they'll drain you dry." He returned to business, "Okay, enough stallin', target practice in half an hour an' don't make me come back out here lookin' for you." He retraced his steps to the door as Jeff slipped wetly to Eric's side. Vincent saw that Jeff was still hard, his eyes widened and he relented, "Okay an hour, but you let me know how many more hundreds change hands." He opened the door and mumbled to himself, "I just wonder where the little bosses are, they'll never believe this until they try him out."

"PLEASE VINCENT, DON"T TELL THEM SHIT!" Jeff shouted at the closed door.

The door opened a crack, "Oh, if you haven't already heard, you got to blend in with the bosses which means clothes ain't an option for you kids." The door closed again on Vincent's laughter.

The honeymooners made it to the dinning salon in forty-five minutes; they raced by merely walking fast. Eric won because Jeff hung back so he could watch his amazing new lover, his first lover and at the moment the only one he ever wanted to look at. Eric's butt was neatly marked with a pair of just visible opposing hickies, Jeff's handiwork. There was a third that the two bracketed but no one could see that one unless Eric spread his cheeks; his pucker had developed temporary lips which Jeff planned to renew regularly.

"So what do I do now that I'm here and you're off guarding your hotties?" Eric asked Jeff with his mouth full. A steward interrupted them offering them a wicker basket filled with an assortment of sun blocks, lotions and oils. Eric looked back at the young servant's deeply tanned body and studied his cock, "What do you use?"

The steward grinned and nodded vigorously agreeing in German to meet Eric anywhere anytime he was off watch and finished in English proudly, "YES, fucking YES! English fucking good yes?"

Eric laughed, "Fucking yes, fucking good!" He and Jeff each picked out three different numbered bottles after reading the labels to be sure they were waterproof.

Jeff got around to answering Eric's question with an appraising smile after they finished eating, "Well since we agreed that you've retired, and still look twelve years old in broad daylight, I think you should go back to school with me."

"What school and what does how young I look have to do with it anyway?"

"The Oaks Academy, it's where all our little studs go to school, we'll go with them only we can pretty much wander around looking for trouble that's looking for them. You'll be just as cute as the dickens in a school blazer and tie."

"You mean I'd be working, like getting paid, I'd be a bodyguard like you? Hey man I'm not into kung fu or any of that shit, if there was an emergency I'd probably wind up just screaming my pussy ass off."

Jeff dismissed Eric's fears with a laugh, "Right now that's about all I can do too, but Vincent insists I'll be one bad ass dude at the end of this vacation, so you may as well learn too. That was the reason for his visit this morning; we're going to get started."

After a false turn or two they found their way to the boat deck. The ship was relatively quiet, the new boys had all gone ashore to begin a new life or to reconsider and return to their lives on the streets, it was made very clear to them that they always had that option until they were given new identities if necessary. In most cases it was, if there wasn't a possibility of reconciliation with their parents. Orphans had it easier; no one except perhaps an agency in a different state was looking for them and one name on a long list couldn't be construed as really looking. Eric looked twelve but was really eighteen so he was free.

The launch was about to pull away from the stern when echoing shouts caused the pilot to idle waiting for the last minute passengers. Jeff looked up to see who was joining him and Eric for the short ride from the yacht to the dock. His face changed; he looked away quickly, "Shit, it's the Godfather himself." He made his announcement to Eric just loud enough to be heard over the purring engines but that was like shouting into a cave, or the cavernous boat deck.

Bucky jumped aboard followed by Will and Joe, the three men wore shorts which further marked them as superior beings, adults among nude boys. All three were laughing at Jeff's obvious consternation. Bucky immediately offered his hand, "Congratulations on last night Jefferson. Vincent has been bragging you up big time."

"He has Sir? Why? I didn't do anything but do whatever he told me to do." Jeff looked confused.

"Two things, major things; you passed the honesty test and you didn't hesitate to push that button. In my little world, check that, OUR little world you proved yourself by not helping yourself to any of the eight million and we now know you can be counted on to act decisively if needed in protecting the boys, meaning you'll do your job." Bucky looked beyond Jeff to see Eric sitting on the engine housing trying to look like a fixture on the boat, "Shouldn't you be on shore already with the rest of the guys," he wondered with a kindly smile.

Eric looked desperately at Jeff for an explanation. Jeff grabbed Eric's wrist and pulled him forward to stand in front of Bucky, "Mr. Trenton this is Eric Slate." Eric shook Bucky's hand like a man and looked him in the eye. He decided if he was going to be returned to the streets because he was too old for the school that he'd go like an adult. Jeff held his smile, "How old do you think Eric is Sir?"

"Please call me Bucky, that Sir shit gets old, and I don't even want to think of anyone calling me Godfather. I'm just a fairly successful businessman." Bucky glanced down quickly then back up to Eric's boyish face. He looked closer; there were three short whiskers nestled in the dimple in the boy's chin. He grinned, "I see said the blind man," he joked, "I was going to say twelve, but I see you shave, probably very carefully in some places," he blushed, "so I'll say fifteen or sixteen tops. But then when I see a pair of shit eating grins I know I'm wrong. I give up, how old?"

"He's eighteen and I thought he'd be great to join our team, he could pal around with Evan and Tommy at the school and especially off campus, ah, that is if you approve. I haven't had a chance to talk to Vincent yet." Jeff's voice trailed away.

Bucky looked at Joe and Will, both nodded, "I agree," Bucky offered his hand again, "welcome aboard." Eric's white toothed smile and enthusiastic cranking of Bucky's arm sealed the deal until small furrows appeared in Bucky's forehead. "There's one problem though, not a problem really, its decision time for you. We started a policy of collecting anything of value and dividing it up equally among the boys associated with contributing to the hoard. The money normally goes into accounts until they're of age and then it's theirs. You're already there which means two of the eight million Jeff found last night in that house where the blacks kept you,"

"Niggers," Eric corrected Bucky, "I'm sorry, I guess there are some blacks around, but I haven't met any of them on the street, those guys were niggers."

Bucky nodded, "I guess they were, anyway Eric, you just became an instant two millionaire."

Eric looked completely shocked, "Man I knew they had a lot buried out there, but not that much."

"Buried?" Jeff and Bucky asked together.

"Yeah, how'd you make them talk, I mean Grape and his bitch mother? They're the only one's who did the digging, niggers do not trust other niggers to know about shit like that unless they planted the one who did the digging too but I only ever saw them."

"The only money we found was in the house." Jeff said softly as the boat nudged the dock.

Eric shrugged, "Well all I know is that I saw Grape and the bitch out in the backyard twice. Both times it was almost dawn, we should have been zonked out from the shit bonus they gave us, but I was still enjoying mine. I slept under the window which was boarded up, but like everything else they do they fucked up. There was a crack. I heard Grape complaining about getting dirty, I peeked and saw them; he was digging and she was sitting on a lump like a bag. Then a couple of months later we got another bonus and I stayed awake intentionally, same deal, just before dawn."

"It's about fuckin' time," Vincent greeted Jeff from the dock gruffly. He saw that Jeff and Eric were naked before it registered in his mind that the small figure wearing surfer's shorts and a wide brimmed straw hat was the revered Godfather. "OH, Sir, good morning." He smiled brightly, "I was about to ask the young asshole you're talking to if he remembered to bring his piece along since he's paid to carry it, he IS workin' today, and the work involves some target practice." His lips turned down, "Well?"

Will picked up a small black bag he brought on board and offered it to Jeff while Jeff looked around helplessly, "Here it is, you might try to keep it closer to you." Will scolded with his wide shoulders shaking trying to contain his laughter.

Joe placed a matching bag in Eric's hand with a whisper, "You can use mine today, but please don't touch anything else okay?" Eric nodded his thanks.

Jeff held Will's bag up with a giggle, "I'm a professional bodyguard! I wouldn't leave home without it! That's what I always say."

"Oh yeah, well when you return that bag to Will tonight the piece better be virgin clean." Vincent warned.

"Plan on taking a chopper ride tonight back to Lauderdale," Bucky advised Vincent, "and be sure to take two shovels along with these guys. He put a hand on Eric's shoulder, "Think over my job offer, you can stay there if you want to, you'll never have to work again."

Eric grinned, "I already decided, I like the idea of belonging somewhere without being locked up, if you're sure you don't mind having an ex-junkie around the kids. If I took the money and ran I'd be back on the streets in a month dead broke," he hesitated, "or both."

"Now wait just a damn minute Bucky," Jeff protested, "I, we, already hired him, Vincent and I didn't we Vincent?"

Vincent was trying valiantly to restart his lungs and heart after hearing Jeff's familiar use of the Godfather's name. He nodded but only in an effort to clear his paralyzed throat. Bucky shrugged and giggled, "Well I tried, and you can forget the junkie part it won't be mentioned again." He winked at Jeff, "Good idea Jefferson." He turned to Vincent, "Where's the range? I'll go find Bill and John, we'll join you. Practice never hurt anyone."

Vincent watched until the three big bosses were safely out of hearing before he turned on Jeff, "You tryin' to get us snuffed? First you got the balls to invite him to see that you can't hit the broad side of a barn an' then you call him Bucky like you was buddies! Who we goin' back to hit anyway? It must be a known face if we got to plant him. Man I hate diggin' graves; I always make the future occupant do it if I can. They start scared and dig real fast until they realize what happens when they're finished. AND THEN they slow down. There's a trick there." He grinned, "I always invite them out of the hole to take a break at that point. Don't never whack one in his hole if it ain't finished, some are so overweight it's a problem gettin' 'em out so you can finish." He blinked suddenly, "what the fuck am I doin' tellin' you two pussies all this for anyway? Come on, I have the strangest feelin' that this is going to be a long day, first all the kids are going to shoot with us and now the man himself. Three kids just went to the house to get weapons and ammo and I discovered they actually have a range," he pointed vaguely toward the pinchers, "out near that rock." Vincent got in a golf cart, "I'll meet you out there, you two can just run," he grinned, "you both need the exercise."

"Isn't the local government sensitive about whites owning weapons? I've been meaning to ask about that." Doug asked while Evan loaded his arms, "Shit you've got enough stuff in here to outfit an army that's bigger than theirs."

Evan and Buck giggled. Doug was having trouble remembering that he was the owner of Dagger Cay. "No, you do asshole," Evan retorted. He looked at the back wall of the small room, "Hey, while we're in here, I'll show you the vault and how to get the motherfucker open."

"There's a vault? Where is it in the master suite?"

"Nope," Evan started using his fist to pound along the base of a gun rack. When nothing happened he paused to think, "Oh yeah, now I remember. They're all different." He used both hands to push a rifle stock down in its butt socket. The lock released and the back wall swung toward them to reveal a metal door equipped with just a small blinking red light like the vault on Sea Song. "Grandfather was not a very trusting soul. This is the tricky part, if you don't do it right,"

"I hope you're going to say it won't open, but I bet you aren't are you? Is there anything in it?" Doug interrupted handing off his load of ammo to Buck so he could run a hand over the cold stainless steel.

"Nope and I don't know, the contents in any of them weren't mentioned. Watch this Douggie; if you do it wrong you don't get a second chance."

"The room blows?"

"Yeah at least, probably the whole house and maybe the entire island, that's what happens if anyone fucks with the one on Sea Song along with every other one of Grandfather's safes around the world." Evan pushed the same rifle stock down three times while he counted. The red light turned green and the six inch thick door swung open ponderously enough for all three boys to peer around the edge and back away just as slowly. The interior was a narrow corridor whose walls were safe deposit boxes in assorted sizes. "I'll bet this was the hotel vault. Grandfather just replaced the door and improved the safety features."

Buck dropped the ammunition boxes to join the others inside. None of the individual boxes were locked, just pushed closed. "Whatever is in here is yours." Doug volunteered.

Evan shrugged, "There might be some get away money, but nothing else was mentioned," he told them cryptically.

They began pulling the small doors open starting at the back. Doug was frowned at until he got the message that he was responsible for looking in the highest compartments with the smallest boxes while Evan and Buck searched the larger sizes from their respective eye levels down to the floor. The two shorter boys found ten of the titanium cases in the five floor level bins closest to the door. Evan hefted them and shook each one without explaining his reason. All of them seemed to be equally quite heavy and none sounded like they might contain gravel. "Nope," Evan announced cryptically again, "nothing but packed cashola. You can have it," he giggled suddenly; "I never thought I'd be saying this, but I don't feel like lugging these around. I've got one, just in case, and that's enough, but I'll tell you guys this, if I don't own the company that makes these fucking suitcases, I'm buying it. Do you know what one of these motherfuckers costs?"

Buck fell to his knees laughing; Doug and Evan didn't see the irony in Evan's thinking and the question. While he was on the floor, he walked far enough on his knees to open each of the cases. "What I mean is," he ran his hand over the top layer of ten thousand dollar bundles stacked on edge. "It looks like there's two and a half to maybe three million in each case, "so you might be able to buy your suitcase company with what's here."

Buck shrugged again, "No thank you, I'll just write them a check."

Doug sat down by Buck and hugged his knees, "You know since Bucky told us your Foundation is paying all the island expenses, and paying me rent besides, I sure don't need this laying around. Maybe we should give it to someone who could use it."

"Who, guys here at the school?"

"No, closer to home, I was thinking of Peter, he could use it. He's always been concerned about keeping up with us. He's always so super polite, quiet and helpful but he's always in the background you know?"

"How about splitting it up with Peter and the Golden brothers, they're like Pete in a restaurant, always looking at the fucking prices first because they feel funny ordering what they'd really like because it might be too expensive."

"DUH, Harm and Spence never met Grandfather remember? It would be kind of hard making them believe he left them something. I think I've got them covered pretty well through their father anyway. Hey, do you guys want to go to Europe with me? Just a quick trip, over and back in a couple of days, come on it'll be fun."

Doug and Buck grinned at each other and nodded together. Buck began closing the cases, "Are we agreed; we'll bequeath all this to Peter?" he asked and noticed an envelope in the lid folder of one case closest to the door. "Hey check this, it's got Marc's name on it. Is that Anton's writing?" he turned it over, "it isn't sealed." He handed it to Evan.

Evan read the letter; his smile grew, "Yeah, if you don't want this then its Peter's." He waved the letter at the cases and looked at Doug with a shit eating grin. "It looks like you've got a permanent guest anytime he shows up here and your guest now has a hundred million to pay us for all the fucking pictures he takes." He began laughing and sailed the letter toward Doug. "Remember when he offed the guy on the yacht the night we were invaded? He saved Grandfather's life; I think this must be the first of the bequest letters grandfather wrote as soon as he got back in the house."

"Come on guys," Doug encouraged when they heard distant gunshots, "someone will be here looking for us if we don't get a move on." They rushed loading the additional weapons and ammo in two golf carts after closing the vault door and the light returned to ominous red. The ten cases of currency were lined up neatly on the armory floor waiting until Evan could get Billie to generate a letter from Anton to Peter on his computer. They decided to keep the reason simple; Anton greatly enjoyed Peter's company the night of the grape jelly orgy. The simple fact that the letter would be a forgery didn't bother the three goodwill conspirators at all.

Hans and Herman had the firing range built out near the point to train the island residents in the event of some problem where additional marksmanship was required and used it frequently themselves whenever they were in residence with Anton. No one wanted to step back up to the firing line, not with Bucky, John and Bill watching until David became the self-appointed range master and actually ordered the three men to step forward after selecting a weapon of choice. Bucky looked back and crooked a finger at Vincent then pointed to vacant firing positions at his side. Vincent then just muscled Jeff and Eric forward with his beefy hands in the middle of their bare backs. Marc shed his cameras and grabbed a rifle with a telescopic sight and a new metal military ammunition box of his favorite explosive rounds. Doug and Buck got out their smallish twenty-five caliber semiautomatics and Evan seated a clip in his favorite squirt gun. The other boys picked weapons they preferred. David stood back grinning while everyone took a place. There were eight firing positions; nothing more than posts set in the ground.

"Okay gentlemen and young ladies, today since everyone picked the weapon that they're best at using, we're all going to switch around. Today no one will stand around being showoffs. Trade those pieces with someone and Marc you just put yours aside WITH that ammo. We'll have to find a place where we can practice with rifles, maybe across the lagoon somehow. Vincent, are you going to keep an eye on your newbies?" Vincent nodded in the affirmative and crossed himself causing blushes and embarrassed looks between Jeff and Eric each had already fired a clip without damaging a target. David looked over the group waiting to be picked for the last three positions, and pointed to Spencer, Harmon and Tommy, "Okay, I'll take care of mine."

Tommy looked insulted briefly before he said something to Doug, his walking pad and pencil. Doug giggled and nodded. Tommy took his position wearing a shoulder holstered semiautomatic and carried a machine pistol casually as if he'd used one somewhere before. Doug and the boy's doting parents, Dieter and Billie followed and stood behind him. When David gave the order to fire, everyone not on the line watched Tommy expecting him to duplicate Evan's first time experience on the Sea Song a few weeks earlier. Tommy disappointed them by holding the wire stock against his hip and using his free hand on top of the short barrel to hold the muzzle down and level while he fired precise bursts of two or three without apparent aiming. Tommy was first to retrieve his man shaped target and hand it to David proudly after the cease fire. David's eyes widened; fifteen of twenty bullets went through the target and twelve of those in the man. The target was a definite fatality.

"Scammer," David laughed, "you've been out here with Dieter haven't you?"

Dieter puffed out his chest, while Billie hugged Tommy, only partially motherly and the rest bordering on passionate. Mutt and Jeff the feathered odd couple left their perch on Dieter's little truck with irate squawks at the first shot only to spiral down toward Billie and Tommy after the firing stopped. Dieter and Doug were in their flight path. A warning squawk from Jeff caused Dieter to pull Doug to his knees at the last minute. The birds' landing on their favorite humans hugging each other was anything but graceful. Billie's back was toward them so he took the brunt of the birds' scolding, claw grasping and feathered wing flagellation "FUCK ME!" Mutt grumped and side stepped along Billie's arm to reach Tommy's shoulder to begin chewing at his holsters' leather shoulder strap with a beak capable of cracking Brazil nuts easily. Tommy blew a puff of air at the bird to signal him to take flight. The big bird left them cursing Billy and Tommy for driving too fast and announced that he was starving while he straightened his course for the home perch with Mutt following flying lower and slower as usual but no quieter.

Vincent adopted a conciliatory tone when Jeff the human and Eric hesitantly offered him their targets, "Look guys, it's this way; these pieces of paper are a fucking lot cheaper than ammo. The bullets is actually supposed to put holes in the paper, mostly in the guy printed on it so I ask you, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SAVIN' HIM FOR? He ain't even shootin' back, if he was where would you be?"

Jeff looked up at the sun and shrugged, "Which way is Ft. Lauderdale from here?" he asked and stepped back to get away from Vincent's hands reaching for his neck.

Eric giggled, Vincent shifted his arms and lifted him by the neck until Eric looked down on the big man from bulging eyes in a purpling face, "I don't hold much with abusin' kids, but then I know you ain't a kid you just look like one, so I'd say all bets are off. Get my meanin'?"

The morning progressed. David excused the most proficient from further practice, which then stayed to coach the less adept. By noon, everyone had had enough, the midmorning break time treats, iced drinks and water were gone and bare bodies ran with sweat. Vincent balked, since Jeff and Eric were his men he was determined that they were going to be the best of all the guard pool in every discipline and dehydration and or sunburn be damned. Even he was roasting; he'd removed his leather armament harness first while everyone took a break and then his gaily printed and soaking wet Hawaiian shirt followed.

Bucky ended the dispute quietly after Doug pointed across the lagoon at the four catamarans beached in front of the old restaurant which Josh had stayed behind to launch from Sea Song's boat deck and tow to shore. Doug immediately challenged everyone to a race across the shortcut through the lagoon's sparkling waters. The boys first raced to case their weapons, and then provide Charlie with more help than he needed to get behind the wheel of his cart. He'd discovered that he could push the accelerator by pushing down on his right knee cap after his stiff foot was place on the accelerator. He loved his new mobility and wasn't about to hold the others back by attempting the half mile swim. They left him laughing and giving them all his finger while he attempted to steer, accelerate and hold down his bobbing erection with a towel to hide it from the men left behind. Jeff and Eric were squatted down on a towel filling ammo clips Vincent towered over them. Bucky nudged Vincent's arm, "Three of your four charges are planning to swim across the lagoon. I just wanted you to know that sharks have been known to come in here. The last time we were here a twelve footer nearly got Doug."

Vincent looked up suddenly. A launch was skimming toward them from the yacht with six men on board in response to a quick radio call from Gregor. One held binoculars to his eyes trained on the pinchers. Four held rifles and looked everywhere while the sixth man piloted the boat, intent on reaching the boys where they would enter the water before they got that far. "Shit can shootin' for the day," he ordered, "I'll police them weapons, you two get out there and keep up with them bosses. If you see a shark, stop swimmin' and make like bait, you know flap your arms like you were drownin' or somethin' to get their attention."

"How do you know we can swim?" Jeff asked with a grin.

Vincent shrugged, "If you can't, just wade out until you can't touch bottom and start drownin' early, that way the sharks will get a belly full before they bother the boys." He chambered a round in his weapon. "If they get you within a hundred yards I'll off you before they eat too much, you know, to like cut down on your pain."

Eric and Jeff backed away from the big man toward the boys; they whispered together and were relieved that both could swim. "Can you really hit anything a hundred yards away?" Eric asked unconsciously rubbing his throat.

"See that highest rock across the inlet?" Vincent pointed using the muzzle of his weapon, "That's about right. Sometimes if I'm feelin' nasty I let a contract run about that far. They think they got it made." He straight armed his piece and emptied it at the distant rock. Everyone watching could see closely spaced puffs of coral dust rise from the impromptu target. Even Joe and David were amazed to see that Vincent's arm was strong enough to prevent the powerful handgun from lifting very much when it recoiled.

The boys started running, "We're convinced!" Jeff shouted over his shoulder.

Doug told Meesha to warn the men in the launch about the possibility of a visit from the dolphin pod at anytime, and they needed to be very sure of their targets before they fired. Meesha relayed the message and Gregor added that if there was a mistake that the guilty party or parties would be the guests of honor at a fishing tournament where they would get to use their own manhood's as bait while they bled to death. Gregor laughed while he doggie paddled but his eyes legitimized the warning.

The challenge race never got started because Doug with Harm at his side was happy with just the feel of the water and was content to idle along with the group. They paused off the beach where Billie and Dieter were building their home. A barge was beached there temporarily, it was floating concrete plant with a small crane mounted on the stern that lifted sand and gravel from another that was anchored close by. There wasn't much to see of the mansion to be, just massive stilts that supported a large slab that would be the second floor. A swarm of workmen were building forms for columns on the slab to support the roof eventually while others guided a fat hose that pumped concrete into finished forms. Doug and Tommy both stopped doggie paddling at the same time to float together. Both wore quizzical expressions before they grinned at each other as the fuzzy image of the Sea Song bathed in moonlight entered their minds simultaneously.

"Tonight," Tommy mouthed.

"Yeah after moonrise at Sea Song," Doug agreed verbally while he held the image in his mind hoping he was returning it to wherever the dolphin were cavorting outside the reef.

Identical heads broached near theirs, "What's happening tonight?" the twins asked together excitedly. "We just got clubbed with a picture of Sea Song."

"We're having an orgy on the swim platform and in the lagoon I think," Tommy's enthusiastic nodding confirmed the time and place.

"HUH? What are we doing?" Harm asked spitting water.

Doug giggled, "Rocket just called in, they want to party tonight."

"Rocket, you mean the boss dolphin, the one who taught you that stroke? How do you party with them?" Harm asked.

"The very same," Doug reddened through his developing sun glow, started swimming again and explained in graphic detail. When Harm's stroke faltered, Doug ducked his head briefly, studied the magnificent problem and came up laughing. "Holy shit, if I could talk trash to you during a race I'd beat your ass every time with that big hard cock dragging you down, not to mention spoil your concentration. Hey guys check out Harm!" he called and pointed down.

There were instant splashes and flashing pairs of feet as everyone including Spencer dove for a look see in response. Harm went fetal by hugging his knees but then couldn't swim or defend himself when they began pushing his body around like a living waterlogged toy. He broke free when he needed to breathe by stretching out and initiating the race to the beach in front of the restaurant with Doug and the others in laughing half-hearted pursuit. The frantic exercise worked, almost. Harm won and waded to shore occupied by pushing and shoving the others away in an effort to get them to stop pointing and trying to cop feels.

Suddenly there was a burst of catcalls and cheering from the restaurant terrace. Everyone was congregated there for lunch. John Wilcott nudged Bill Henderson, "Will you look at how well that boy is hung? My God, as the ladies would say; what a waste, and that's how it looks when he's half hard. He makes our sons look like peanuts and I thought they were all well endowed."

Bucky laughed and agreed with his friends until he saw Harmon's total embarrassment and growing desperation at being harassed, "ENOUGH" he barked. Silence descended and everyone became statues. "Come over here and join us for lunch Harm, I promise you'll be left alone to eat in peace."

Harm smiled thankfully and ran to their table to slip into a chair and promptly adjust the tablecloth covering his legs and added his napkin before he looked at his surroundings. The new and never used restaurant had been reopened at Bucky's suggestion and was to be used henceforth as the student dining facility to return privacy to the 'big house', the former main hotel building for Doug as the new owner. There Dieter was in his element. He drafted island natives as the wait staff, and set the tables as they would have been set in the four star resort eatery; linen, fine china, sliver flatware, crystal stemware and low bowls of fresh flowers. He checked the unused menus against available food stocks and decided to use them as well.

The students old and new weren't impressed with the splendor they discovered at the first lunch, most were paralyzed and everyone spoke in whispers if they spoke at all while they continually sneaked peeks at the big round corner table close to the beach where Bucky sat with his friends. A boatman heard the word, Godfather and that word spread from the blacks to the students, it explained everything; the limos, the bodyguards, the weapons, the island and the school itself. Each boy wondered if, when and how he would be summoned to the Godfather's bed because there was no other reason for the school; it was a stable, a stud farm stocked with the finest young hustlers in Ft. Lauderdale and Bucky was obviously the ultimate Sugar Daddy.

After Bucky's flash of anger, the guys in the group quickly and quietly took vacant chairs wherever they could avoiding the six at Bucky's table set for ten which left the ringleaders, Doug, Buck, and Evan standing with Billy, Tommy and Spence. Tommy naturally stayed close to Doug and Buck, Billy and Evan were inseparable and Spencer continued to look astounded and slightly dazed by his surroundings.

Evan, in the interest of avoiding a scolding from Bucky directed at him, Doug and Buck, looked at the Golden brothers appraisingly, "Hey do you guys have your passports with you?" Both were surprised at the question and they shook their heads before Harm ventured that they didn't even have passports. Evan stood up to look around the terrace. He found Billie seated with a group of students and in the middle of bestowing the basics of table etiquette, like the napkin, although artfully arranged in everyone's water glass really wasn't a decoration and was to be placed on the diner's lap as soon as they were seated. "Hey Billie," Evan called "can you come up with two passports real fast?"

Billie hesitated until he made eye contact with Will seated at another table. Will nodded, but qualified his agreement, "You know you need to stock up with all these special stationary supplies, I may not have the right country with me."

"What country?" Billie called back to Evan as if Evan couldn't hear Will's criticism.

"U. S. of A. of course!" Evan shouted back.

"American," Billie relayed to Will two tables away from Evan.

Will nodded again with a grin, enjoying the game, "Who are they for?" he shouted to Billie.

"Will wants to know the blokes' names!"

Evan grabbed a crusty roll and sent it overhand at Billie's head, "What are you geeks a comedy team or what's the story? Harm and Spencer, are going with us to Europe," he explained directly to Will, "and they need passports by tomorrow morning." Billie caught the roll and threw it back. Evan received in on the side of his head since he wasn't looking. The roll bounced and rolled away, Evan, Doug and Buck reached for the basket of freshly baked ammo at the same time.

Bucky anticipated them and moved it out of reach, "There will be NO FOOD FIGHTS!" he decreed and grinned watching the three withdraw their hands to under the table. Bucky continued in a normal voice, "You're off to Europe, okay, now tell me who are the WE you mentioned? How many of the gang are you taking along?"

"Just Buck and Doug, Harm and Spence, Billie and Dieter and Tommy of course, it's just a quick trip over, one day there and then one day back to Nassau." Evan saw Bucky look around the terrace until he found David and Noah and anticipated Bucky's next question, "We're expected and we'll be staying with Hans and Herman. They still have all of Grandfather's security in place, so it will be just like he was in residence. We're going to tour a couple of the castles so I can collect some stuff Grandfather left behind, actually some very heavy getaway stashes. You knew Grandfather lots longer than me."

Evan didn't need to elaborate further when Bucky nodded quickly, "Okay I get the picture, David and Noah will be enough. Need I tell you to be safe and smart while you're there?"

Evan invited Marc to his suite while they were on the launch back out to Sea Song for the night. Marc was surprised to find that there was no one else there. It was unusual for Evan to be alone, but then he assumed that everyone who wanted to play with the dolphin was getting prepared which was reason for there to be couples and smallish groups in the showers and not hanging out with Evan. Evan was curled up on the sofa watching an edited tape of the last watery orgy between Doug and Rocket. Marc flopped next to Evan and immediately attempted to uncurl him so he could get at was he was more than certain was a raging hard on.

Evan pointed vaguely to the computer console while his eyes stayed on the screen. He feigned disinterest, "There's a letter over there from Grandfather with your name on it. We found it this morning in the vault, it looks like the one Doug got, you might want to take a look at it."

"Really, a letter for me, cool, what's Anton have to say?" Marc didn't connect the possible importance of his letter with Doug's.

"Search me, it's sealed." Evan watched Marc scoot to pick up the envelope, weigh it and turn it over to finger the red wax seal embossed with a dagger.

"The seal is neat. I need to get a ring like that and seal all my letters that way." Marc shrugged that thought off with a giggle, "But then I'd have to start writing letters instead of e-mails; fuck that." He tried to open the flap without fracturing the seal, and failed. He read the sheet and sank slowly to his knees. Evan gave up the pretense of being preoccupied and began to giggle with Doug, Buck and Billy when they raced from the bedroom to tackle Marc where he knelt and then begin to distract him with slobbery congratulatory kisses. "This is a joke right? Do you know what this says?" he asked when he could, as he decided it really was a joke and not really all that funny.

"DUH, of course we know what it says it wasn't sealed. Grandfather must have written it just after the invasion, put it in the vault and then forgot about it."

When Marc received further assurance from Doug and Buck that it was indeed real, he looked at Evan strangely, "If it is real, and it looks like it is, why didn't you just tear it the fuck up?"

Evan stopped laughing, he was hurt by the question, "I could have, and I could have torn them all up after I opened them to see how much I was saving, Douggie's too. To tell you the truth I didn't think about it because it's Grandfather's money and he wanted everyone that did something special for him to have some to remember him by. Yours says he wants you to buy more film and cameras. Now every time you take a picture you'll remember him won't you?"

"Yeah, I will. I'm sorry Evan, I'm sorry I even thought about all that, it just popped out. Hey, we should celebrate," Marc started walking toward the bedroom door. "I call bottom all night since I'm the host. Hey Doug, can I build a house here? You know I need to buy my own boat too. And cars! Man I'll get a whole fleet of exotics!" His spending spree stopped suddenly, "No I won't either, I'll buy film and cameras just like Anton said, I'll start a production company with Dylan and we'll produce all his films from now on, that's what I'll do, we'll make a fucking fortune and then I'll start buying shit! Come on guys, who's first?"

"No one asshole, we're having an orgy with the dolphin after dark remember? Since you're so hyper, why don't you go find Peter? Bring him back here; I've got a letter for him too."

"Oh yeah, okay. Can I bring Dylan along? If I find Pete, I'll find Dylan too, since they're almost married." He giggled, "If cock heads grew roots, Pete would have to be in all Dylan's pictures, yup, right behind him. Man what a challenge for wardrobe!"

Peter and Dylan walked in the suite together holding hands just as Marc prophesied. Both looked sweated and flushed and neither seemed to be overly amused by Marc's interruption or insistence that they go with him to Evan's suite. The ten metal cases were lined up in the middle of the floor. All had been opened and turned so the lids faced the door to temporarily hide the contents, the three conspirators and Billy stood in front of them. Evan held the letter they wrote to Peter from Anton that Billie then created on his computer using Anton's handwriting as the script when it was printed.

"Just like I said, fucking rabbits." Marc joked. When he saw the cases he walked around the guys to check the contents, Peter's inheritance. "Holy motherfucking shit!" he mumbled and began turning the cases around while Peter's attention was fixed on reading the letter.

The boys stepped out of the way. Peter's eyes dropped before his body with Dylan at his side, already laughing and pounding his back. Ten minutes later Peter was still wondering how Anton knew the difference between his body and Meesha or Doug's and it only happened once.

"Because asshole you always take the trouble to thank whoever fucks you or you fuck, just like it says in the letter. No one else but you is that fucking polite." Doug explained.

"You know Dad used the excuse that he and my mother couldn't come on this vacation because he was getting ready for the fall term. That was bullshit. They're really just uncomfortable being around your parents, you know like the haves with the have nots? They really like everyone and all and they get along great, but they just always feel like outsiders."

Buck knocked on Peter's head with his fist, "Well you've got the same problem pal, the next time we see you looking at prices on a menu, you can just pick up the check as a penalty."

Peter giggled, "I'm just going to hold you to that motherfucker! Is it alright if I call my folks?"

Evan shook his head while he giggled and laughed with Buck and Doug, "Absolutely not! Am I made of money? Do you know how much such calls cost?" He dropped his Anton accent, "Actually Buck sent some heavies to kidnap them; they're already on their way down here. Billie's chopper took off ten minutes ago to pick them up in Nassau. Now Mr. Peter Anderson, multimillionaire, the first thing you need to do is to get all this nasty shit out of my suite! Paper money really does stink doesn't it, just one more reason to use checks!"

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