Castle Roland

Somerset Farm

by Jamie Haze

In Progress

Chapter 48

Published: 16 Apr 15


Jamie Haze

The boys and their guards returning from Europe debarked in Nassau as soon as the steps were rolled up to the big jet. There was no thought of waiting around for the customs inspector who by agreement with Billie's father, a Minister in the government and Anton Falconburg, would not appear until two hours had elapsed, and then only to collect the waiting envelope before he signed his name. They ran for the Trenton helicopter, which landed as soon as the jet's engines died. Several carried shining metal suitcases, while the guards had both hands free in the event of an emergency. Buck grinned and poked Doug pointing to the chopper, "Dad must have sent for it. It's a good idea since there's so many of us. It can take off from home a day or two early, and then leave for home a day before we do."

"Yeah and look there's your plane, the mom shopping squad must be back too." Doug pointed to the diminutive 727 parked nearby, dwarfed by the 747 they were leaving. "The only problem is, there goes going bare ass except wherever our moms aren't."

"Why don't you just ask them? I don't think my mom would care plus when we have dressed in the past, it was only in shorts or Speedos mostly, those suits don't hide shit," Evan's eyes dropped to the bulges in tight shorts surrounding him to settle on Tommy, "Look at him, he's hard to catch without a hard on." He laughed, as Tommy turned red, shot him the bird and mouthed, 'Fuck you!' Doug opened his mouth to translate, "Don't bother Doug, I read that one," he giggled.

Forty-five minutes later the Trenton chopper landed on the island's enlarged helipad. The boys were greeted by their parents: Bucky and Becky Trenton, John and Elise Wilcott, Bill and Martha Henderson and Jessica Conner. Evan's mother dropped her second husbands' name just as he was dropped off the Sea Songs' stern, never to be seen again. "Where's the gang?" Doug asked with a frown.

"It's almost dinner time, so you can guess." Bill, Doug's father answered.

Doug glanced at his watch, "Damn, we're still on Euro, time we just ate two hours ago," he grinned and sighed pitifully, "but to adjust I guess we SHOULD eat again." He took a deep breath while the adults rolled their eyes and the others nodded enthusiastically, "Two questions while we're almost alone; where are you guys bunking, and ah," his face turned red, "well ah, would you guys mind if we kind of forgot about wearing clothes? It's going to be a pain in the butt otherwise and this school is one big nudist colony anyway." His color receded when the adults laughed.

Bucky answered for them all, "We've moved into cottages so you guys can stay in your house or Sea Song, and as far as nudity is concerned, the rest of your compatriots and the school have already gone that route all pending your approval as the island's owner and our host."

All the boys grinned, Doug nodded, "Okay, cool but if you picked a cottage too close to the one's where the students live feel free to relocate since they might get noisy at times."

Bucky laughed, "One night near them was enough. We've all moved to the cottages right on the lagoon. I hope that's alright."

The group had almost reached the house, "INCOMING!" Billie shouted suddenly when he recognized distant screeching that grew louder as Mutt and Jeff came in low through the palm trees to land on Tommy's shoulders.

"We love you Tommy." Mutt cooed softly several times and nuzzled his ear while Jeff groomed Tommy's hair and rubbed his banana beak on the boy's cheek. Mutt spoiled the moment by adding, "FUCK ME! TOMMY SLOW DOWN GODDAMN IT! FUCK ME! I'M HUNGRY!" That being squawked, both birds ruffled their feathers a final time and settled down to receive Tommy's gentle return grooming fingers under the feathers around their heads.

After the laughter died Evan invited all the adults to the house after dinner. He wanted to show them the reason for his sudden trip to Europe. The parents left the boys and guards to shower and undress for dinner. Along the path, Bucky dropped back to shake hands with the Dobermans, Hans and Herman. He welcomed them back and asked about Rodney and Jonathon.

Hans answered with a swipe of his hand across his throat, "Dismissed, is right word? The Master will explain."

The boys fresh from Europe and freshly showered ran a foot race to the restaurant. They burst through the doors laughing and laughed harder when they saw the entire California mob sitting at Bucky and Becky's table. The twins, Toby and Terry, their half brother Diego and his friend, wheelchair bound Charlie were all wearing jackets and ties and nothing else, while their two closest guards were also decked out in ties and jackets as well as shirts and long pants, "What's all this about?" Buck asked between giggles and backslapping while the unhappy boys fought off the attention with their hands.

"Toby threw a roll at Patrick, he got caught of course and Patrick's making all of us wear this crap to dinner at your father's table until further notice. It didn't matter too much when the dress code was shirts and shorts at dinner, but now," he didn't need to finish the sentence. "Can you believe it?" Terry explained

"I only threw it because I had the best line of sight, you suggested it asshole," Toby defended himself.

Buck and Doug both looked at Bucky hopefully. "Is there any chance of a pardon?" Buck asked hopefully. "After all Dad, it was only one roll and six guys are being punished"

"We would enjoy the company of our friends," Bucky looked around the tables wistfully where the other parents sat enjoying each other's company and quiet conversation. He was beginning to wonder who was actually being punished, not that the California contingent were poor company, but they were all teenagers, "While I'm sure you guys would like to catch up on all the news from yours," Bucky mulled the subject over out loud. "Tell you what, after dinner I'll talk with Patrick and Vincent, but remember it's their decision."

Doug was inspired, "Say Bucky, since you guys are all staying in the biggest two bedroom cottages on the lagoon," Bucky nodded cautiously. "Those were designed for at home entertaining if the guests wanted to entertain. I haven't changed anything really, he put his hand on Dieter's shoulder, "Dieter's trained all the blacks to perform some kind of job, and this is really still a four star hotel. Have you ever thought of just ordering up a dinner party whenever you want to be expertly served in your cottage?" He looked at his parents and Evan's mother Jessica who had joined Buck and Becky that evening at the big table for ten, "Anyone can order whatever they want and get served wherever they want it served," he looked around the big room, "or I see Curt has the school pretty well organized and some new adult faces to help him, teachers I guess, maybe it's time that we began separating ourselves from the school a little more, we might be cramping his style and actually we're the school's guests when we're eating in here, and you guys really are my guests. Maybe we should begin using the dinning room at the house?"

Jessie, as a registered nurse, took over the job of running the school's infirmary the day she arrived as well as be available to any of the boys who needed a kind word or advise from a mother figure. She nodded. "Listen," she held up her hand and waited thirty seconds, they heard only whispers, the clink of flatware and an occasional muted giggle, "I'm afraid Doug's right. This dinning room should be full of normal conversation and open laughter among seventy-five boys eating dinner." She looked at Bucky, "Do you know who these boys think you are and what they think the purpose of this school is?" She didn't wait for Bucky's answer, "They think that you're the ultimate Godfather with a taste for boys, this school is your personal stud farm and each and every one of them is waiting nervously to be summoned to your bedroom every night that you're here. A few have even bragged that they had been chosen." Bucky began to sputter as his face reddened. Jess smiled, "We know it's all bullshit, they're trying to gain status in the peer group without working at being cadets," she giggled, "but now that Becky's here, you have them thoroughly confused. It would be better if you distanced yourself from the school a little more even though you do hold the foundation purse strings."

Bucky shrugged, and then grinned up at Doug, Buck and the others standing around the table. "Spread the word guys, breakfast at Doug's tomorrow and starting then, we're Doug's guests."

The dinning room fell totally quiet suddenly; all cadet eyes were on the door where Gregor and Meesha stood with Harm and Spencer Golden and two additional unrecognized men looking for seats among the tables. "Master! Doog! Tommy!" Gregor boomed, delighted to see them and the others returned from Europe. He pointed to a big empty table in the back, "We eat, YES?" The owners of the Sea Song waded through the tables greeting cadets they remembered. The two young Russians were idolized by the entire student body both for the seamanship they demonstrated entering the lagoon and for their magnificent bodies. The Golden brothers were almost as well received because of the size of their matching cocks which preceded them at eye level just inches away as they moved single file to the table. The two handsome strangers on the other hand intimidated them without trying just by being as nude as everyone else with the small addition of shoulder holsters filled with heavy semiautomatics which marred the chiseled perfection of their adult bodies.

When Evan saw Hans and Herman he did a double take and giggled, "I think I better go explain that bare ass includes weapons. See you guys after dinner," he called leading the gang standing to the new table.

"You just better remember not to frown at anyone Evan, including us," Doug joked, "when they're around. Anton had them pretty well trained to react badly if he was displeased."

Evan sighed, "I remember. They just better learn English as soon as possible, I thought they understood, naked includes weapons."

"I'll explain it to them," Dieter assured them all, and added, "They scare me too."

Evan and Doug returned from the vault each carrying two of the titanium cases flanked by Hans and Herman who remained armed despite Evan's assurances that it wasn't necessary. All the gang, their parents and closest bodyguards were there. They placed the cases on a low table unopened. Evan nudged Hans and Herman to nearby chairs near the cases since otherwise they planned to stand in the middle of the room looking like a pair of well-armed antique Greek statues with their calves touching the table.

Evan began telling them all about his adopted grandfather's rise to wealth and power from the time he was thirteen years old and witnessed his family's summary execution, on through the war years and after. He concluded the story with Anton's success at Nazi hunting, "Anyway, he actually found those three swine somewhere along with the three big suitcases of gems. He filled five of these, and put them in five different vaults. The gems were in the event of a drop-dead emergency only. One was on Sea Song and these were in Europe."

He began opening the cases and when he was finished, everyone was standing, surrounding the table. There was a united intake of breath. Even Bucky was awed. The babble of questions began. Most of the questions were the same, "What are you going to do with them?" Evan answered, explaining his and Mr. Golden's plan to slowly make them into jewelry, except for the biggest, as if any descendents of the original owner could be found, they would be returned.

Charlie suddenly grabbed his head in both hands, bent forward and screamed. When he sat back up again he was crying piteously, "Big Momma is hurt bad! We gotta help her! Please can we help her?" He looked at Doug, whose head was bowed with his eyes closed as if praying, "Can you hear her Doug?"

Doug raised his head to nod wearing a grim expression, "The whole pod is sending all at once, I get "Swimmers with hurt things.' or something like that. Could there be divers out spear fishing at this time of night? Its almost dark, sharks would be all over them in a heartbeat at the first whiff of blood." He touched his temple, listening intently, "Rocket and the others are beaching her so the sharks can't get at her and they're asking for good Swimmer's help! The problem will be to find them."

Billie pushed his way through the group running toward the keyboard that would activate snoopy on the big screen over the lounge's fireplace. The entire archipelago bloomed in sickening green as he adjusted the infrared mode. Everyone sighed, there were too many hot spots, many or most nothing more than small knobs of coral remaining above the tide line as the sun went down. "That won't work. Let's try something else." Billie switched modes after a pause to look out the big windows to be sure that there was still enough daylight. The green resolved itself into actual wave slapped rocks, which progressed into ever larger forever forming cays that sported sparse vegetation along the long chain of islands to Black's Cay and then the crown jewel, Dagger Cay, the lagoon and Sea Song resting peacefully on his mooring.

Evan pointed excitedly near the end of the chain where an islet boasted a lone palm tree. A boat was anchored near the outer reef. "There they are! I bet a million it's them, the bastards!" He looked around and grinned, "Gregor, Meesha, can you get Sea Song ready to go really, really fast?" Meesha and Gregor both were already issuing orders in a babble of languages over small radio handsets that connected them to Sea Song. "Let's get those motherfuckers! Mom, can you throw some doctor stuff together? Someone call a pilot; tell him to warm up Billie's it's the fastest."

"Can I go too?" Charlie asked hopefully. Evan nodded to Hans who picked up Charlie to sit him effortlessly on one shoulder. Everyone began moving, doing something.

Bucky dampened the sudden burst of energy, "Sorry Evan but there's no where to land there," he pointed to the screen as Billie magnified the scene.

Herman spoke up, "Ya! We repel down. I hold Master's mother very tight." He looked around until he saw Marc Wilcott, "You master marksman, you come too with us. First go to armory, get rifle and beloved ammo plenty! Run fast for small chopper, we wait!" Marc took off for the staircase to the second floor. Herman took Jessie's hand and started tugging her to the door to get her to the infirmary as rapidly as possible.

The rest of the group watched snoopy spellbound as a pair of divers surfaced two hundred feet from their boat to begin swimming as if their lives depended on it, which it did as they were being pursued casually by a single big dolphin. Doug grinned, "Rocket could kill them easily by just ramming them, but I think he's trying to drown them, like kill them slowly." Just then they watched Rocket broach in front of one and close his hard beak on the man's air hose. He pulled the hose lose from the tank and the regulator from the diver's mouth, dropped it and then covered the diver's body with his own sleek form and sank. Man and dolphin disappeared into the gloom the crystal clear water became without sunlight.

Meanwhile the second diver made it to their boat's swim platform and was pulled to safety by two others on board before all three began looking for the fourth member of their party. Doug pointed out Rocket's reappearance in the broad oval of splashes in front of the tiny atoll that was the rest of the pod guarding Momma as she rested on the beach with only her tail flukes touching water. A second or two later, the wetsuit clad body still wearing a yellow tank popped to the surface face down. "Got you mother fucker," Doug mumbled with a satisfied grin.

Evan and Buck took Doug's arms pulling him toward the doors, "Come on Doug we'll get the others and their boat from Sea Song." Buck giggled.

"Think they can outrun us?" Doug asked as all three boys started running for the waiting tender with Gregor and Meesha already on board. The boys looked up and were surprised to see that Sea Song was already free of his mooring and was holding station with his bows pointing directly at the pinchers.

Evan giggled and shook his head, Sea Song's cruising speed is forty knots but that's about ten knots under his maximum speed if needed. Those asshole's open fisherman can't do more than that."

"Wait for us!" The twins and Diego shouted as they ran, while Jeff and Eric were close behind them after Vincent gave them a very hurried warning about what would happen to them both if anything happened to even one of their charges including Charlie who they had no control over in the helicopter.

The two rookie guards looked at each other as they jumped into the small boat. Eric cupped his nuts and looked at Jeff, "Did he say something about our nuts in a jar?"

The twins looked at them both and grinned despite the seriousness of the mission. Terry was their spokesman, "Don't worry we'll behave so your balls are safe," then couldn't resist adding, "although Vincent is eager to try it on someone. He told us he watched it done to some poor bastard who pissed someone off one time. We're pretty sure he did too because he didn't spare the details, right down to taping the guy's hand around a jar containing his gonads so he'd see them as soon as he woke up." Of course as soon as Eric and Jeff turned a similar shade of green and they piled into the Sea Song's side port, Toby and Terry took turns describing the operation in the minutest detail, at least as much as Vincent told them.

"Enough already!" Jeff screamed clutching his balls lovingly with a hand while Eric used both to hold his protectively inside his body.

Billie's sleek helicopter hovered over the small islet while Sea Song appeared over the horizon. Hans had Jessica wrap her arms around his neck so she pressed his back and Herman provided the same service for almost frantic Charlie after straightening the boy's stiff unfeeling legs. Repelling down the single rope was accomplished without mishap. Marc had the pilot move and turn the chopper out away from the island both to eliminate the downdraft and so the side with the door removed looked out over the reef and down on the dive boat.

One diver risked returning to the water to recover the body of his friend and had just gotten back on board when the helicopter swooped down on them. Marc sat on the back seat wearing a seatbelt and twisted his body with his feet dangling so he could point his rifle anywhere. He first aimed at the boat ready to disable it if it attempted to move but while the occupants saw Marc and his rifle the three continued their efforts to resuscitate their companion and made no effort to escape.

On the tiny beach Big Momma lay quietly on her side with the spear gun dart standing straight up. Jessica was relieved to see that the dart was lodged between her anus and tail fluke so it was unlikely that any vital organs had been injured. Charlie used his well-developed arms to drag his body close until the length of his body touched hers and he could look into her eye with his arm over her. He tried to comfort her sending her pleasant pictures of when they, the boy and the female dolphin lay on a beach in the same positions several evenings during the past week. That was a secret that he only shared verbally with Diego meaning the twins knew as well.

Jessie used a local anesthetic that Big Momma didn't seem to feel and she complimented Charlie on his having such a calming affect on the wild aquatic mammal. It was dark enough by then that no one saw Charlie's deep red blush or his erection pressed tightly a fraction of an inch from where Momma was encouraging the boy to put it with her own pleasant images. Herman held a spotlight beam on the wound while Jessie worked and Hans apologized each time he poured a bucket over water over Momma since he was drenching Charlie as well.

Meanwhile the Sea Song arrived, launched a tender from davits to retrieve the rescue team when they finished with Momma, then to hold station three hundred yards out beyond the wall where there was no possibility of anchoring in over twelve hundred feet of water. The stern opened and Marc, with radio instructions from Doug, used the chopper's hailer to instruct the divers, pinned down like bugs by the chopper's spotlight, to move their boat very slowly to the ship's stern.

"They kept snatching lobsters right out of our hands! Christopher got pissed I guess and shot toward one to drive them away. I don't think he was trying to hit one; they're smart, they know where they ain't wanted." He tossed his chin toward the islet, "That one just swam into the line of fire." One boy explained unasked frantically while still standing in their boat as soon as they were tied off to the Sea Song and the engine died. He became frantic when twenty heavily armed but otherwise naked young men that comprised Doug's reception committee greeted them.

Doug surprised them by not only agreeing but he apologized, "I know, and I'm sorry, about your buddy too. This pod hangs out here and we feed them lobster when we dive, so they're used to people and being fed." He cleared his throat. "However you were fishing on private property. This whole little archipelago, one mile out from the wall on the outside and two miles on the inside." He frowned, "I also noticed, now correct me if I'm wrong, but you anchored directly on MY reef!" On cue, the committee raised their weapons. Doug grinned inwardly, he had the three diver's scared shitless.

Buck went into an act trying to imitate Vincent, "Can I off 'em now Boss? Please! Please!" He stroked the barrel of his little machine pistol, "This one's new and I ain't whacked no swimmin' targets with it yet!" Doug declined with an almost straight face.

Doug had their boat searched and confiscated their entire lobster catch. With their names and addresses and boat registration number, he let them go with a polite warning, "If you guys ever even think of coming back here again, remember to call your next of kin to say goodbye before you leave the dock, because you'll disappear. We're really sorry about your buddy, I guess that big dolphin thought that drowning one of you evened the score or you'd be laying there too."

The young men in the dive boat were thoroughly cowed as they drifted back with all eyes on the gun totting crew. "How'd they know we were here? It's like we were being watched the whole time." The one at the wheel wondered to his mates before he pushed the throttle forward, drowning out any possible answer.

Jessie had to have Herman help her stitch the wound because she wasn't able to push the needle through Momma's tough skin. "Will she come into the lagoon in a couple of weeks so I can remove the stitches Charlie?"

Charlie answered haltingly with difficulty, "Yes^Åany^Åtime you^Åwant her."

Jessie held the light for Herman. She moved it slightly and did a double take, "Charlie! What in the world are you doing?"

The boy sputtered, his body continued to rock slowly, "Can't help it^Åshe wanted to^Åso^Å"

Herman took the light from Jessie's hand and flipped the switch, he patted Charlie's hip, "We wait in boat, you call when, when," he hesitated, "she wants to go back in water, ya?"

Hans and Herman each took one of Jessie's arms to lead her away to the launch, "I know I saw it, but I don't believe it." Jessica said, thinking out loud.

"Boy makes good friend Mistress." Hans suggested while grinning from ear to ear in the darkness.

"Ah, yes I guess he is," Jessica agreed.

The Sea Song couldn't get back into the lagoon until daylight, and Marc, not about to be left out had Billie's pilot hover over the top deck so he could repel down like Hans and Herman. Unlike them though, he dropped into the pool. Sputtering, he climbed out and ran to the boat deck where his friends were. He arrived just as the launch was dropping off Hans and Herman who was carrying Charlie in his arms like a newborn infant, which Charlie wasn't except Big Momma was feeling so good, she commanded two encores before she allowed him to consider himself finished when she flashed him a picture of his own moving hips.

"No shit," he recounted to the others, "here I thought I was fucking her paying her because of the swimming lessons, and she was actually giving me more physical therapy," he had the grace to blush, "which I admit was kind of nice, but its really hard to believe all of them are so smart."

Doug giggled, "Well believe it little brother because they're coming out to thank us for our help, and you know what that means."

Jessica clutched her medical bag and ran through the boys without even stopping to look them, particularly at her son Evan, because she already saw that he and the most of the others were sporting erections in assorted sizes in response to Doug's shouted announcement or even before the news since the dolphin pod was cavorting around the Sea Song's stern. Diego patted a towel for Hans to drop exhausted Charlie who then lay there as if he was comatose, but also wearing a delighted smile.

Bucky greeted Buck in the dinning room with a single piece of paper, "This is addressed to me but I think it's yours, it was faxed in last night."

Buck, read the fax with Doug resting his chin on his little lover's shoulder. Doug was the first to react by grinning and backing away from Buck because he didn't want to be in the line of fire when the ass kicking started. Buck looked puzzled. "Maybe we should have breakfast out on the terrace this morning," Doug suggested to the gang bunched up behind him.

"HALT!" Bucky barked to stop the exodus. Doug's back was turned but his whole body shook with barely suppressed laughter. "I have no doubt that some of you are involved in what I was given to understand was the renovation of ONE dormitory room and a bathroom. I would like someone to explain how such a simple job could possibly cost two million and change?"

Buck the actor first took on a look of cherubic innocence. He shrugged, "I'll bet this is a mistake, you know like a typo, or maybe it's a bill for some work Mom had done on the house? That's it, it has to be, it wouldn't cost two million for^Å"

"And change," Doug interjected.

Buck scowled at Doug, "As I was saying, it just wouldn't cost that much for the little bit of work I had done in the dorm."

Doug agreed with a giggle, "Yea, and that bill says right there on the bottom that two million and change is just a partial payment so I assume whatever they're doing isn't finished yet."

Buck wished his frown at Doug was lethal. Bucky agreed before his son could respond with more than a raised middle finger, "Very true Doug," he waved his cellphone and smiled at Buck, "There seems to be a bit of your mother in you my son. Do you remember when she wanted to start moving fireplaces in second floor rooms?"

Buck nodded cautiously, "Yea, that meant that the one's on the first floor get moved too."

"Exactly. The same rules apply to adding bathrooms because pipes need to be installed somehow from the basement up through the walls of the first floor to the second. So now since it seems that the entire second floor of your dorm has been totally renovated into suites including individual baths, now they're working on the first floor because the walls have gaping holes in them."

"Oh." Was Buck's rejoinder. It was obvious that his father had talked to the contractor and was aware of the full extent of the scope of work. "I guess I should probably pay this huh?"

Bucky grinned, "I guess, but you get points for trying. You need to be ready to pay the second one when it arrives too. It will be another two million^Å"

"And change!" Doug sang.

Buck looked around quickly to see that the women hadn't yet appeared, "Will you shut the fuck up?"

Doug relented to drape an arm over Buck's shoulders, "I'll split it with you since I had the most input."

"No way," the twins chimed together, Toby became their spokesman, "We'll all chip in, right guys? Like there's four of us actually registered plus Jeff and Eric need a room, so we'll pay six shares and everyone else can do the same."

"You better make it seven. I'll be livin' there too." Vincent added to the count.

Terry looked around at the other guys before his eyes settled on Doug, "One thing we are interested in, is exactly what are we paying millions of bucks for?" Evan, Marc and Peter agreed with nodding heads as everyone began sitting down to breakfast. Peter Anderson, the group's newest multimillionaire winked at his father Harry, who was chatting amiably with the other men.

Doug stared at his breakfast ignoring all the eyes that fell on him. Buck administered an elbow to his ribs, "Yeah Mister Input and change, please enlighten us. He used Anton's favorite question with a modification, "Are we made of money?"

Doug giggled, "Actually, yeah, pretty much!" He sighed, "Okay since I can see I'm not going to be allowed to eat breakfast in peace, and even though I was hoping to surprise everyone when we got to school, preferably before the bill arrived, here's what we did. The two big rooms are now study lounges just like they were originally except I added small kitchens, and I renovated the adjoining bathrooms and showers," he blushed slightly, "because, well, group showers are sometimes nice. Oh and I added a big spa pool to each one too."

The boys began grinning and nodding their unanimous approval and Doug relaxed. "The old rooms didn't even have closets so I sacrificed every other room and the old middle community bathroom and now every room has a big closet and bathroom," he concluded, looking very pleased from the favorable comments the guys sent.

"Since you did all that, did you think about security?" Vincent rumbled.

Doug grinned, "Believe it, I got Will to help with that. Part of the old bathroom is now the central control room." He looked at Evan, "Can we get a snoopy hookup in there?"

"Sure, I was planning to add it to my PC, but it would be more useful if someone was watching it twenty-four, seven," Evan answered.

"What else will this control room of yours do?" Bucky asked Doug.

"There are four staircases, the main marble one from the lobby, the back one that used to be for going to the outside shitters and one on each end of the building. We rebuilt all of them and wired each tread with a pressure plate. We built a wall at the top of the front stairs and added a nice door into a second floor lobby with thumb print scanners so none of us will have to fuck with keys. Visitors will ring a doorbell but of course control will already know who's there from both stairs being wired plus we put in cameras everywhere." Bucky was about to congratulate Doug when Doug dropped the other shoe, "After the first floor is finished then those doors to the outside become secure too so the second floor will actually have a double line defense."

Bucky asked the obvious, "Who gets the first floor rooms?"

Buck and Doug both giggled, Buck answered, "We thought we'd sell them like condos. Concerned parents like you would buy in for the length of time their kid is at school and when they leave or graduate the unit reverts to the company. We all still have to pay the school room fees individually each year so they don't lose anything and we'll just tack a healthy profit to the selling price so if this works we'll get our investment back and make a profit."

"And let us forget monthly maintenance fees," Doug reminded Buck.

"Are there enough kids there who could afford that deal?" Bill Henderson, Doug's father wondered.

"We think so. There's already two Arab guys with their own entourages; guards and even body servants," Doug grinned at Hans and Herman, "and their guards almost make you two look like pussycats." Doug blinked when both men frowned and began to rise from their chairs. Dieter translated quickly.

The Dobermans grinned at Doug. " Jewish pussycats like tigers have Arab gorillas for lunch, ya?" Hans suggested with a belly laugh.

"Do you think this will work Bucky?" Bill asked.

Bucky winked and lowered his voice; "I called the Headmaster last night because I was a little shocked by that bill. Since Doug got snatched the school upped security so it's now tighter than a knat's ass and now they're even advertising the new ultra secure dormitory, so I think it will."

With breakfast finished the boys planned to go sailing using the four catamarans. They weren't planning any formal races that day, but of course there would be some racing inevitable anytime teenagers were given control of moving vehicles, but the conversation about school made the gang aware that time on the island was growing short. It was Evan who suggested a laid back day on the water; sailing, then returning to the secluded cove at lunchtime, laze in the sun and enjoy some great sex on the big cats' trampolines for a couple of hours. Everyone agreed with the plan. Doug counted heads to order lunch and was surprised to discover that the 'in' group's number had reached twenty-five including the six body guards, David, Noah, Jeff, Eric and just recently Hans and Herman, all part of the gang even while working.

"Where do ya think you're goin'?" Vincent eyed Eric and Jeff with an eyebrow hoisted.

"We're all going sailing for the whole day on the cats," Jeff explained, "and we'll even put our pieces in Baggies to take along if that will make you happy."

Vincent giggled, "What for, you can't hit nothin' on dry land yet. You best stay here and spend the day tryin' to kill some targets."

"Does that mean we can't go either?" Toby asked already assuming a negative answer.

"Nope, I'll just go with you boys myself."

"You will?" the surprised California foursome asked together.

"But, but Vincent you don't understand, we aren't going to be sailing the whole time. We, well we'll stop for lunch and then, well^Å" Toby's voice trailed off hoping that Vincent could read between the lines.

Vincent grinned, looking at Eric and Jeff and then shrugged, "I seen these two goin' at it when the six hundred dollar man here was only at five hundred. If you seen one gay couple you seen 'em all." Everyone, even the men laughed at Jeff's crimson complexion. "Plus up in that dorm I expect I'll see you all anyway at one time or another, so I figure^Å"

"Well okay, but you'll at least have to shed your shorts so you don't look like a Peeping Tom." Toby ventured and the rest of the guys agreed with nods. The size of Vincent's package had been the subject of occasional discussion and speculation when he wore shorts or a bathing suit. He was either extremely well endowed or he was packing a twelve gauge sawed off shotgun in his crotch.

Vincent shrugged, "No problem. I go naked at home all the time and I ain't changin' my ways in the dorm." While he talked he picked up a nylon bag sitting at his feet. He offered the bag to Eric. "Here boys start getting' used to these because you'll be packing them starting next week at school. These are nice little twenty-two-caliber semi's. Tomorrow, plan on spending the day on the beach with Noah. He's goin' to be giving you lessons from now on, even at school. He caught Doug's eye, "Too bad you didn't make one of them lounges into a gym, we could have brought in some mats to keep the lessons private like."

Doug giggled again, "Oh I forgot to mention that there's four layers of foam padding under the lounge carpets, ah, just incase someone gets tired while studying, they can just stretch out and take a nap."

"You horny bastards," Paul Wilcott accused with a laugh, "those lounges are for orgies!"

Paul's brother Marc jabbed him in the ribs, "Shut the fuck up! It just so happens that ALL schools have what they call 'MULTIPURPOSE rooms and that's what these are," Marc managed to look down his nose at his big older brother as if he was an ignorant dolt before he ran out the door with Paul and Morgan in laughing pursuit.

Josh, the navel architect and yacht builder went with Doug to borrow a shallow draft dive boat from the school. They were going to use this boat to tow the four cats through the pinchers and it would carry the excess crew in comfort. While the others waited on the beach they launched the cats, lined them up bow to stern and tied them together. Vincent stood by Charlie who still sat in his cart watching the activity.

"Would you lug me out to the power boat when it gets here? Doug promised me he'd give me the ride of my life and teach me how to sail once we get out there but there's nothing I can do right now." Charlie asked.

Vincent tussled the boy's hair affectionately, "I sure will little buddy and to tell you the truth I wouldn't mind learnin' how to sail one of them things either." Just then the boat appeared from the end of the dock and headed toward them. Vincent looked around all the points of the compass. "No time like the present I guess," he mumbled. "Can I leave my shorts in your cart Charlie?" He dropped his single item of clothing as he asked and placed them on the seat.

Charlie stared with eyes as big as saucers, "Holy shit Vincent! That thing's a lethal weapon, you could fuck someone to death with that, and just look at the neat pattern your body hair makes." Without thinking, Charlie ran his hand down Vincent's abdomen fully intending to appraise the seven-inch flaccid cock until Vincent stepped out of reach in shock.

"I don't believe you tried that little buddy and don't try it again. I'm kind of sensitive about gettin' touched there if the hand ain't attached to my arm. And once it gets up it don't go down without takin' care of business if you know what I mean." Vincent warned.

"I'm sorry Vincent I forgot myself. Around these horn toads, including me, you're just going to have to watch yourself." Charlie giggled as Vincent picked him up and sat him on his shoulder to carry him to the boat. "The reason I'm laughing Vincent is that I don't think you should have told me how sensitive you are." Before Vincent could ask Charlie what he meant by the comment, Charlie cupped his hands around his mouth, "HEY GUYS!" he shouted, "FOR THE RECORD IT IS NOT A SAWED OFF SHOTGUN!"

By then Vincent was knee deep wading to the dive boat. He struggled to run until he was waist deep to hide his crotch from the converging mob of boys but didn't get that far before they blocked his route. He knew he was beaten and just stood quietly wearing a blush while the boys admired his manhood. He ignored repeated questions about the ultimate length and girth while he stayed carefully out of anyone's reach as he inched closer to the boat so he could hand Charlie to Josh and then climb aboard himself and hide effectively by just sitting down. He intentionally sat next to Charlie and casually put a beefy arm around the boy's neck.

"We need to have a talk little buddy."

Charlie cut him off, "Don't worry Vincent our secret is safe with me. I decided that it would be in my best interest to keep quiet."

"Because you know I'll break your neck?" Vincent tightened his arm.

Charlie blushed, "No because I decided that I want to be the first to make you, and if everyone else knows, they all get around better than me and someone else would get you before me."

Vincent blinked when he realized that Charlie was serious, "Hell boy if I was interested I'd kill you, and what about Diego, what's he goin' to say about you even thinking about beatin' his time?"

Charlie sighed, "I know I'm not ready now, but I will be next week after I find the biggest dildo we own in the group and then Diego will help me use it and I'll help him because he'll be right there with us waiting for his turn." While Charlie explained he kept his eyes glued to Vincent's cock and grinned when he saw it begin to grow. He put his mouth close to Vincent's ear so he couldn't be heard over the engine noise, "Now I know another secret, I don't have to touch you, I can just look at you."

"Crazy kid. I need a beer." Vincent walked to Josh behind the wheel, "Have we got any beer?"

Josh looked over, and pulled his ever-present sunglasses off his nose to let them hang from their lanyard. He'd never been as close to Vincent before and realized what an attractive man he was especially his dark Italian eyes, his dark tan except for where his bathing suit rode low on his hips to mid-thigh. He agreed with Charlie's unheard comment that Vincent's body hair was neatly patterned it was also so soft that it lay complacent on his tight muscular middle-aged body. Josh realized he was staring and shook himself, "Ah yeah in that first cooler I think."

Vincent didn't notice Josh's lapse because he was trapped by the penetrating gaze from a pair of the palest gray eyes surrounded by long curling lashes and topped with white blond brows. "Ah, what?"

"What? Oh, the beer is in the first cooler."

"Thanks, talk to you later." Vincent looked back at Charlie who was laughing for no apparent reason. "Hey brat you want something to eat or drink?"

"A Coke please."

Charlie was still laughing when Vincent returned to hand him his drink, "Sonofabitch," Charlie began, "well at least I'll be able to say that I was the first young guy to make you."

"What are you talking about Charlie?"

Charlie tilted his head toward Josh; "You two were making goo-goo eyes at each other for like two minutes straight." When Vincent looked up he caught Josh with his body turned looking back at him. Both smiled.

"We were not, we were just talking." Vincent protested.

"How come your lips weren't moving then?" Charlie scoffed.

Vincent sighed, "He has unusual eyes. Do you think he's good looking, you know from a gay point of view?" Vincent was so enamored he didn't realize he was confiding in Charlie.

"Are you fucking blind Vince? That man right there is drop dead gorgeous. Everyone's been trying their luck with him but we think he's a newcomer and so far he's only slept with Doug and Buck. In fact you're staring at Doug's body when he's twenty-five, except Doug's shoulders will be wider because of swimming. He's so shy it's pitiful or maybe he's scared, or it could be that so far he just hasn't found the right guy until about five minutes ago."

Vince looked up and caught Josh staring back at him again. "I don't know why but I think he's hot too."

Charlie laughed and pointed, "I think your cock thinks he's hot too." Vince looked down and was horrified. Charlie decided to try his hand at matchmaking, "Go take the wheel from Josh for a few minutes. Tell him I want to ask him a question about sailing catamarans that should do it."

"What question Charlie, what are you going to do? Hey if we do click this doesn't make me a fairy does it?"

"Not if you still like women. It is possible to like both and on the brighter side you automatically double your opportunities. All I'm going to ask him is if he'll teach you how to sail a cat. I'll bet he says yes." Vince grinned, squeezed the back of Charlie's neck and almost ran forward.

Thirty seconds later Josh took Vincent's seat, "Hey dude, Vincent said you have a question about sailing cats."

Charlie pointed at Vincent, "Nice bubble butt for an old guy huh?" Josh looked and nodded. "Did you notice the flipside?"

"Yeah, intimidating but worth exploring. I think he's hot, but I don't know what to say to him. I'm not real good at small talk unless there's a boat involved."

"That's easy then, he wants to learn how to sail a cat so teach him, take him out to crew for you first, that should get a conversation going." Charlie smiled delightfully.

"Charlie my man how come you never put the make on me, everyone else has?"

"If I was faster I would have, I sure like what I see. Don't worry if this works I want pay back."

"Me? Sure you've got a deal!"

"Nope, both of you and with Diego too."

"DEAL!" Josh shouted and pumped Charlie's hand before he scooted forward to talk to Vincent. Charlie saw Vince's nod and smile as well as not too surreptitious thumbs up.

After reaching a mooring buoy they tied up the dive boat so as not to damage the living bottom by anchoring. They pulled in the first cat and raised the sails. Doug assigned Josh as captain and allowed him to pick a crew of two. Each boat was to have the same number on board so each boat would be approximately the same weight plus twelve guys would be sailing at the same time. Vince of course was a given but the third crewman was a surprise when Vince picked up Charlie and tossed him to the boats' big trampoline. Vince stepped aboard gingerly and promptly sat down in preference to falling while Josh stepped on the rocking boat, walked to the tiller and sat down comfortably on the fiberglass thwart or seat.

"Cast off!" Josh shouted and waited until he felt the wind begin to grab the mainsail before he pulled the sheet line through the cam cleat until he was satisfied as the boat accelerated forward and heeled or tipped slightly.

"What do we do?" Vince and Charlie begged from the middle of the trampoline.

"You both get up here on the seat. Put Charlie in the middle, straighten his legs and tuck his feet under those straps. They're called hiking straps. You Vince, tuck yours under there too." After Vince and Charlie were where they were wanted, Josh had Charlie pull on another sheet or line and suddenly the headsail filled and bellowed and the boat increased in speed. The side they were sitting on also lifted from the water and from the viewpoint of the two novices, very dangerously but the ride was also suddenly thrilling.

Josh laughed, "Now you hike out, just lean back to counterbalance the boat. An hour or two of hiking every week will give you some killer abs."

"Yeah, if the fuckin' boat don't drown you," Vince moaned yet grinned.

"Hey this is fun AND I guess I'm doing something useful." Charlie seemed to be in hog heaven enjoying the first time sailing experience as well as his view of two exciting bodies. He had nowhere to put his hands so he placed one on each man's hip and was surprised that neither was pushed away. He was the first to become erect with six healthy inches pointing somewhere over his head. Josh watched it grow and followed the teen's example. Charlie moved his hand until his fingers closed around it. He stressed his neck muscles to look at what he held, "Wow! Look at this Vince. I told you he was just like Doug."

Until then Vincent was very carefully looking forward at where they were going, afraid of looking back, but Charlie's voice was commanding. He turned his head to look back as Charlie's hand moved. Vincent stared over and around Charlie's bouncing meat to Josh's that was still being held vertical. Vincent was already erect but like most long heavy cocks his was unable to lift from where it was hidden between his legs to lie on his gut without assistance. He was so excited he didn't feel Charlie rearrange his position but he heard Charlie and Josh gasp together and then felt Charlie begin to stroke him gently.

Josh lifted his eyes to see where they where they were going. There was a tiny island close by sporting a single wind blown palm tree. He spilled some wind from the main to slow them and the boat leveled. There was no longer a need for them to hike out but no one moved. Josh moved the tiller. The boat slowed further and suddenly the bows nudged the little beach. All three sat up then.

"So, ah, what do you like to do?" Josh asked hesitantly breaking the long silence looking at Vincent first and then to Charlie. Both men gently removed his busy hands from their rods when they sat up.

"Do?" Vincent squeaked. He cleared his throat, "I never^Åat least not with a guy. But I watched Jeff fucking Eric!" he said looking hopeful. "I wasn't peeping, it was an accident that I walked in on them, then I just couldn't make myself leave." He frowned at Josh, "Would you do me a favor?"

"Sure, I guess I can but we really shouldn't do that out here not the first time." Josh answered reluctantly.

Vincent's face reddened, "Not fucking! I meant would you mind losing those sunglasses and that hat. I really like looking at your eyes besides you look like a white masked raccoon from wearing them all the time."

Josh grinned at Charlie's giggle as he removed the offensive items and the nervous tension receded. Charlie struggled to free his feet from the hiking strap because he was still sitting between them. Both men moved to help him after they freed their own feet. After, he lay stretched out in front of them on his side with his head propped up with an arm. He realized that nothing was going to happen unless he started it. "How about just giving each other a hand job? Come on guys stretch out here beside me. Get comfortable first." After the men arranged themselves to Charlie's satisfaction with Josh in the middle, he took Josh's limp hand and moved it to Vincent's cock, closed his fingers around it and lifted it from between Vincent's legs. Vincent groaned at Josh's first touch and collapsed from watching while propped up on his elbows. Charlie reached over Josh's body and grabbed Vincent's hand to place it on Josh's cock. He again closed the paralyzed fingers and held them to stroke Josh several times before the hand came to life. Josh too flopped back at the first touch and the two men just looked at each other with their faces inches apart.

Charlie sighed, "This is going to be a long day," he thought and wiggled to move his head closer to Josh's, "You could kiss each other you know guys," he said in Josh's ear. Josh turned his head suddenly and Charlie bored Josh's mouth open with his tongue and kept it there until Josh's tongue fought back. Charlie pulled away to grin down on both of the men, "There just like that. Now you two try it." He waited until Josh turned his head back to Vincent's and their lips touched, mouths opened and faces became glued together with lots of deep breathing before he pulled his body away to slither down to the two busy hands.

He maneuvered to lie across Josh's legs and straight-armed the tramp so his head was over Vincent's cock. "This is blowjob lesson one," Charlie announced before he filled his mouth with all he could hold still leaving ample space for Josh's fist to move freely. He bobbed his head energetically for a minute before pulling away, "There, that's how it's done. Now I know you've done this before Josh and don't need lessons, but since I'm here," he dove on Josh without finishing his sentence. Josh's cock was about the same size as Diego's or Doug's so he knew he could swallow it completely which displaced Vincent's hand.

"HEY!" Vincent boomed, "Quit that brat, that's mine."

Charlie could hear the playful tone in Vincent's voice and he pulled away laughing. "Well you know you could try this yourselves."

At that moment Charlie was forgotten. "I'd like to do you," Josh whispered, but you don't have to do it back, ever. I really enjoy giving head especially to a guy I really like."

Vincent nodded and answered, "Swing around, I'll try it on you. I don't imagine it's much different than eating pussy only turned inside out, which I guess will be easier. I'm just supposed to be careful about biting right?"

Josh grinned and nodded before he sat up to pivot on his ass and quickly reclaim the monster cock with his hand to feed it into his mouth. He lifted his eyes to see Charlie jerking himself off while he watched them. He smiled, patted his butt and lifted his leg in invitation, "Don't waste that, I'm ready, I'd like it if you fucked me."

Charlie grinned and slithered to get into position. Vincent's eyes widened when he realized he was to have a bird's eye view of Charlie fucking Josh, and when he saw Charlie poking blindly he reached out to help. He was totally surprised when Charlie's cock slipped in so easily and completely apparently painlessly as well since Josh didn't miss a stroke and in fact intensified his efforts.

Vincent didn't like lying on his side and holding his head up slightly was hurting his neck muscles. He decided to change positions, so he pulled away from Josh, "I'm going to roll us all to my back. Hold on brat here we go!" He snaked an arm under two pairs of thighs.

Charlie giggled like a madman when he found himself lying on Josh's back, "I don't believe you did that Vincent." And when Josh began thrusting into Vincent's mouth after Vincent got him moving with his hands, Charlie felt every delightful move.

Charlie was the first to come and when Josh felt his powerful spurts he followed. He attempted to pull out of Vincent's mouth (because swallowing hadn't been discussed) by lifting his body until Vincent grabbed Charlie's hips and held them both in place. Vincent nearly drowned Josh with his gigantic load, prevented only by Josh swallowing repeatedly.

The threesome collapsed to rest flat on their backs with occasional glances to the side with shy smiles. Vincent was the first to speak he ran a hand lightly down Josh's chest and gut until he had Josh purring, "Are you hurting?"

"Huh? Nope I don't think so, should I be?"

"Well the way the brat here rammed it home so fast without any lube I thought you might be."

Josh grinned while Charlie giggled, "I was lubed, I did it this morning we all do it after we get cleaned out."


"We douche, we all enjoy eating pussy but not shit so we all stay pretty clean," Charlie explained bluntly, his grin broadened, "Speaking of eating pussy," he leered at Josh, "that's something I do really well since I can't move my hips very well yet to fuck very well. How about it?"

Vincent went bug eyed. He rolled to push Charlie to his back and moved his nose the Charlie's cock. He sniffed tentatively and then gobbled the flaccid member into his mouth to hold it until it grew. When he pulled away he grinned like a lecher, "I want to eat you Josh," he announced.

"Hey I asked first plus it happens to be my cum," Charlie complained.

"Okay how about if Josh fucks you while I eat him." Vincent asked.

Charlie brightened, "That would work but after can I suck you off?"

Vincent nodded. Josh just looked from one to the other and laughed, "I don't believe this bargaining, but I'm going to enjoy the results. How can you do it so I don't hurt you?" he asked Charlie.

"You won't hurt my pussy and I wish you could hurt my legs. I like to watch especially a body like yours, so if you'll just hand me my legs you can just mount up." Charlie announced happily.

They joined the other boats in the cove nearly three hours later and quickly transferred to the dive boat. Vincent continued to keep Charlie perched on his shoulder to survey the scene. Doug was mounted on Marc moving very slowly indicating that the orgy was winding down for no better reason that everyone was just about out of cum. "Where have you guys been, you were supposed to be back in a couple of hours?" Doug asked without altering his stroke.

"We found that little island where Momma was last night and just had our own mini orgy," Charlie explained.

"Just you and Josh?"

Vincent grinned and looked at Josh adoringly, "Nope all three of us."

Doug giggled, "So Josh you finally found your Mister Right! Way to go guys! Now you can stop hiding in our bed every night!"

"But you're still welcome anytime." Buck added while sitting Indian fashion at Doug and Marc's side one hand was hidden between them.

Josh blushed and took Vincent's hand. He leaned forward and looked down, "We have some serious business to finish up tonight."

"Hey Dago!" Charlie called

Diego was buried under his brothers, "Yeah?"

"Save some for tonight! I got us hooked up with Vincent and Josh!"

The twins sat up on hearing that shouted announcement, which allowed Diego to sit up as well. "What about us? Can we come to?" Toby asked.

"Say yes Vincent they've got some tricks you won't believe until you experience them." Charlie begged.

"Okay and we may as well invite our six hundred dollar man and friend Eric too I guess." Vincent capitulated.

"And Patrick?" Toby asked.

"Yup Patrick too."

"THE CALIFORNIA MOB MEETS TONIGHT!" the twins shouted together.

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