Castle Roland

Somerset Farm

by Jamie Haze

In Progress

Chapter 50

Published: 23 Apr 15


Jamie Haze

Two weeks had elapsed since Mohamed, quickly nicknamed Medi bought half the first floor of Trasker Hall from Doug and Buck. Medi, as the Crown Prince of a nation consisting of just over one hundred square miles of sand floating on a vast pool of oil, was not used to being thwarted by anyone except his father the King. When Doug refused to have the contractor work his crews twenty-four hours a day and compromised with a double shift, or sixteen hours, Medi agreed but promptly hired an additional contractor, which doubled the number of workmen struggling to finish his suite of rooms in a very narrow window of time he allotted them before the decorators arrived to begin the task of furnishing.

Doug came boiling out of the bathroom with Buck right behind him. Both were infuriated. They had finished what they had to do for classes the next day and were getting ready for the evening and had gone in to douche and shower when they discovered that there was no water, hot or cold. The reason was obvious from the continuous banging of nail guns and whine of saws. Medi was moving walls - again. They raced each other down the closest staircase at their end of the hall to burst into a scene that resembled an anthill being reconstructed after a flood. Workers were everywhere; too many Doug thought, to be efficient and little Medi with his ever-present body servant and looming bodyguards was at the center of the activity. Just then Medi was pointing at two dripping copper pipes that until very recently ran from the basement, up through a wall to supply water to Buck and Doug's bathroom directly above them. The wall was gone along with the piping up to the ceiling or where the ceiling would be eventually. It appeared that the lounge bathroom was being enlarged evidenced by the missing wall and a large rectangular hole that had been cut into the floor.

"MEDI!" Doug screamed, "What the fuck are you doing? That bathroom was almost finished, and now there's no water in our bathroom upstairs!" He reached out with his hands to encircle Medi's neck. Hussein, Medi's servant stepped forward to offer his neck as a substitute while both robed guards filled their hands with handguns and half drawn daggers as they further blocked Medi with their bulky bodies.

Medi pushed between the guards with a giggle, "Sorry about that chaps," he said happily, "but if I get so much as a scratch or a bruise, my father promised that it would take them as long as a week before they died." He switched languages to explain the problem and then added his own promise. If any resident of the second floor were injured because of over-zealousness, both would finish their tour of duty without hands. Doug and Buck had no idea what he said but both guards seemed to be mollified and bowed low to Medi first and then to them. Medi continued in English with a wave at the hole in the floor, "It occurred to me that the little spa pool would be inadequate when all of you come down to visit, so I'm having a larger pool installed." He admired Buck and Doug's forgotten nakedness and laughed, "While you both are dressed for the occasion, the new pool won't be finished for two days." A foreman rolled his eyes and held up four fingers. Medi caught the motion, "I said two, and that's the end of it! Meanwhile connect those blasted pipes or I shall be evicted before I move in." Medi took their hands so he was between them; "Meanwhile I wonder if I could impose on you for some refreshment upstairs away from this turmoil."

The boys allowed themselves to be turned around and led to the exit door while holding Medi's hands as if it were a common thing. Buck was the first to react, "Goddamnit Medi," he said with a giggle, "I can't wait to see you crowned, you're already so bossy it's scary."

'Thank you I think, but I hope I won't be crowned until I'm old and gray since my father is only twenty-three."

"TWENTY-THREE?" Buck and Doug managed to gasp together while Buck's thumb unlocked the door into the second floor.

Medi couldn't stop laughing until they were in the lounge. "Everyone reacts like you just did. My grandfather died suddenly from an aneurysm when my father was twelve. He married soon after the coronation because the succession must continue. You see ours is not a democratic monarchy, there must always be a head of state. Lucky for me my mother was fifteen and my father was already proven quite virile with two children from serving girls. Anyway it's quite fun to grow up with one's father." Medi glanced at Hussein who was already naked and kicking free of his sandals as he rushed Medi to divest him of his tee shirt and shorts. The guards took up positions against the closed door, barring any unannounced entries. No one noticed Tommy near the fireplace, curled up in a chair that faced away from them.

Buck and Doug watched the efficient valet service with their mouths hanging open while Tommy watched with his widening blue eyes just above the chair back with a growing erection and a silent giggle. "You said you were thirsty," Doug began while eyeing Medi's pre-puberty erection.

"I believe I requested some refreshment," Medi interrupted, "and you agreed." He pointed to Buck's rising cock, "And that magnificent tool will be a rather fantastic start before I get to you. Meanwhile, perhaps you would be interested in playing with this," he lifted and stroked Hussein's package casually until his servant was standing tall with his legs spread for balance, his hips thrust forward and his eyes closed.

"You don't understand Medi, we don't mess around much outside our group and you're too young anyway," Doug explained. "How about a Coke instead?"

It was clear to Medi that both Doug and Buck were tempted; it was impossible for them to hide that. He lurched on by turning around and spinning befuddled Hussein to display their butts. He patted Hussein's affectionately, "This was a virgin until I found him in the stable working as a groom and he still is mostly since I can't do much as yet." He caressed his own crack, "Hussein is the only one who has ever enjoyed this," he giggled, "under protest at first, and while he's really satisfying, I feel it's time that I made some new friends."

Buck shook his head to clear it and retreated to the fridge to get them Cokes. He got one for Hussein as well. He saw Tommy grinning at him, and tapping his chest while he mouthed, "If you guys don't want him, can I?" Buck shrugged and then nodded after quickly deciding that Tommy, the youngest of the group was also closest to Medi's age.

Tommy stood in the chair to betray his presence and his eagerness to be a substitute. "How about Tommy here? He's only a little older than you and you can see he's willing."

Doug giggled his surprise and relief, "In fact he's always willing just like he's always ready, like now."

Medi appraised the alternative and nodded enthusiastically, "Brilliant, chaps! I shall work my way up." He became all business, "Here?" he asked, testing the carpet with his foot.

Tommy answered with a frown at Doug that included Buck. Doug interpreted, "Tommy doesn't talk, he hurt his voice box," Doug gave Tommy the finger, "He said that since we don't want to play, that we can't watch."

Tommy took Medi and Hussein's hands and led them to the door. Medi's guards weren't fast enough so Tommy pushed them aside to get at the door handle. He paused to look back and grin. His lips moved for a minute before he towed Medi and Hussein from the room. He left Doug and Buck laughing and holding each other up.

"Man, I can just hear Spencer now. He's still sensitive about what everyone thinks of him rooming with Tommy, being totally pussy whipped and fucking him whenever Tommy lifts his legs. He'll shit bricks when Tommy makes him fuck little Medi AND Hussein!" Doug roared, "And he kicked Tommy out tonight so he could catch up on his homework." Doug raised an eyebrow, "Now Hussein," he mused, "Medi must make him workout or something, and he is fifteen, and pretty well hung for a little guy." Doug waited for Buck to react to his crack about stature.

"Yeah, but he's part of a package deal, I've never seen them alone," Buck agreed. "Well for Spence tonight, there's homework and then there's homework. Spence is going to be fucked up tomorrow after he gets fucked out tonight." Buck had an idea, "Hey, let's give them a few minutes and go watch them, no one, especially Tommy, minds walking in on us and it's about time we returned some visits. We still need to shower anyway, so we may as well use theirs."

Buck and Doug approached Medi's guards posted outside in the hall in front of Spencer and Tommy's room hesitantly. They were trying to push each other forward and arguing about which had the bigger balls or nerve to push the brutes aside so they could get in the room when Noah came striding toward them wearing his round wire rimmed glasses and still more than half excited.

Noah followed their smiling eyes to look down at himself and explained, "David and I were giving Chad and Rick a special lesson when we got beeped. Five minutes ago, Snoopy said there's an intruder in the South American's wing. You should get in a room and stay there while we check it out."

"Just one?" Buck asked. He and Doug immediately started walking toward the lobby, ignoring the admonition to get in a room.

Noah sighed and hurried to catch up, "Yes just one, but next time you better listen." Hans and Herman came into view carrying the culprit between them through the lobby door while holding their two monstrous fifty caliber handguns on him, which interrupted Noah's scolding.

Evan and Billy were already there and waiting. Evan rolled his eyes, "Put him down," he said, deflated. "Man, you two guys, you're too proactive. That's JC, Juan-Carlos, he owns the joint so it's okay for him to be down there whenever he wants to be."

JC's look of fear was replaced by one of embarrassment. Everyone assumed that since he was only wearing a pair of bikini underwear that his motive involved a bit of self-gratification in the privacy of his own soon-to-be-completed quarters. "I am most sorry to be of inconvenience. I was to sleep there this evening for the first time. I did not know you had alarms there or I would not have intruded."

"No problem JC, you can sleep there if you want to," Doug assured him, "but I sort of have to ask why you'd want to since it isn't finished?"

JC danced nervously, "There was a promise of rain tonight Douglas, and I have been caught out before. Wet and cold is most bad."

"What?" Buck asked with amazement, "You've got a room, why would you camp out?"

"It is security for me. If someone visits my room, they kill only blow up," JC paused, searching for the right words, "how do you say it? A blow up dolly with life-like mouth parts and pussy and with real blond hair." It was obvious that he was quoting parts of some advertising for an inflatable fuck doll.

Everyone started laughing while JC's whole sleek body turned red from his handsome Latin face down. "Next question," Doug asked, "does she work as advertised?" This got everyone laughing again while they waited for JC to answer.

JC ventured a small shy smile, "She was adequate both ways, but I have no comparison as yet. I am most sure though that real one's are not as difficult to clean after. You understand I think, yes?"

"Yup, gottcha," Buck nodded, "you only bought her as a decoy, but since she was there and not busy."

"Yes, Buck, exactly. I thought to get some return on my investment." JC grinned finally, enjoying the banter.

"Do you think someone is after you?" David asked. His question sobered the room.

JC shrugged, "There is no way of knowing. My family has many enemies so I endure discomforts to be alive each morning."

Doug looked down at Buck, who nodded his approval, "You'd be safe up here, as safe as we are, if you want to stay," he hesitated, "but there's one small problem, we're all gay. You'd find that out pretty quickly anyway as soon as you moved in so you may as well know right now. I guess though we could make one lounge off limits, you could sleep there and even move in Miss Dolly," He giggled before continuing, "Of course if you do, you might have to share her, at least once. If I like her better than Buck, I'll buy my own and he's history." He wasn't fast enough to avoid the inevitable playful fist to a kidney.

JC turned red again but grinned, "You could have her if you like her, in trade for Buck." He joked before he became serious, "Surely you must know that there are rumors on campus about this whole building, if one lives here he is gay. That was why I wanted to move in, there is safety in numbers, in part, and the other reason is your excellent security system where I am caught without even the electricity turned on. I was a good test. May I see the workings of these electronics?"

Buck gave Doug the finger and walked over to take JC's arm, "You just better love Miss Dolly, motherfucker, since I just got a better offer." He tugged JC toward their wing, "Come on Evan, show the man what snoopy can do while Doug and I get a shower." He slapped his forehead, "Shit we forgot about Medi, Tommy and Spence.

They didn't have to enter the room to know that Tommy was successful in introducing Spencer to eleven year old Medi or perhaps Hussein who was fifteen. Spencer's moans typically grew in volume until there was total silence at the moment of truth.

When Tommy silently opened the door, they found Spencer sprawled on the bed, on his gut, facing the headboard with his upper body propped up by his elbows. He was reading a book. The sound system was playing soft rock and Spencer was keeping time with the beat by tapping one foot on the mattress and thrusting his hips so his ass cheeks alternately clenched and relaxed in one quarter time. His position dramatized the width of his shoulders and the extent of his relaxed back muscles by forming a deep channel along his spine from his shoulder blades down to his waist.

"What a splendid body Hussein, don't you agree?" Medi whispered. Hussein blushed, shrugged non-committally and looked away for a second although his erection gained strength and he wasn't able to look away for long. Medi frowned, "You know you like boys, I've seen to that, and now you'll like someone older just as well if not better, so get over your pretense," he snapped. That warning came out louder than expected and Spencer looked back so quickly, his soft blond hair was an instant slower in slapping his head. His big blue eyes widened and his mouth opened already forming a protest while he made the mistake of rolling over without sitting up immediately to hide his stunning hardness or protect it from Tommy when he ran and jumped to land hard on top of Spencer to keep him in that exposed and vulnerable position.

Tommy's mouth moved excitedly, "No WE don't have company, you do!" Spencer answered. "You just take them and haul ass straight back to the lounge to entertain them." He looked around Tommy's shoulder ignoring him further, "Hi Medi, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but you're way too young for me. Shit, he's too young for me, but he's my roommate, there's only one bed and he's a sneaky little twerp. OUCH!" he shouted when Tommy slipped his hand between their bodies and twisted. "Lay off Tommy! I mean it this time! Please." Spencer's protests tapered off to pleading when Tommy changed tactics and twisting became stroking. Spencer's body relaxed, his legs opened and his arms flopped.

Tommy slipped to one side and motioned Medi to join him on the other side of the bed. Medi grabbed Hussein's hand and very quickly both boys knelt facing Spencer to study his body closely like a specimen. Assertive Medi's hand joined Tommy's on and around Spencer's cock. Together they held it upright. Hussein no longer wished to look away. Medi placed Hussein's hand on Spencer's chest and when he let go, Hussein began to explore the smooth skin and underlying muscles, and then rub Spencer's nipples until they joined his big thick cock in being rock hard.

"This is what we'll do Tommy," Medi announced over Spencer's moans of capitulation, "Spencer here will fuck dear Hussein to drive the last of his hesitation away while you mount me. Then Hussein will add a bit more lubrication to yours and I shall be ready." Medi frowned down on Spencer, "Will you stop that incessant moaning? Your fate is sealed and come to think of it, so is mine, but I for one can hardly wait, so let's all get at it."

Medi slowly climbed over each of Spencer's thighs on his knees. He paused in between long enough to weigh the heavy nut sack and smile his approval while he directed Hussein to stretch out on his back with just a glance. Tommy made room for Medi when Spencer rolled again to settle his weight on Hussein.

Spencer looked down on Hussein, "Sorry about this. I have a serious willpower problem when it comes to younger guys." Spencer almost said young boys but caught himself in time, but not before an absolute realization hit home. He loved Tommy under his body and he looked forward to Hussein and Medi being there as well. Realization struck that he always favored petit athletic girls and he could find little difference comparatively, in the quality of the pussy each offered although Tommy was always more exuberant and naturally aggressive though Spencer needed very little encouragement at that point in their blossoming relationship. He was jolted from his reverie by Tommy's gentle guiding hand and by so far silent Hussein.

"I too have difficulty resisting Medi," Hussein whispered and then caught his breath when Spencer entered so very carefully and lowered his body so cautiously while he looked into Hussein's dark eyes for the slightest sign of discomfort or worse.

Medi watched Spencer while he pulled Tommy down as if he was an old comfortable shoe and Tommy was the foot he belonged to. "Get on with it Spencer, my uncle won't break," Medi ordered before returning his attention to Tommy who was pounding his small body and moving it up the bed with each thrust.

"Uncle?" Spencer missed a stroke.

"Yes, well, half uncle." Medi answered with difficulty as his head disappeared under a pillow on its way to thump the headboard. He left off pulling on Tommy's butt long enough to jam the pillow between his head and the solid oak it was fast approaching before he resumed his explanation, "My illustrious grandfather didn't think that virgin girls who were old enough to work in the palace could keep their minds properly on their duties, so he took steps to alleviate the problems as they arose, and so Hussein is one of my half uncles." Medi finished his explanation just in time to feel Tommy give him one last thrust and possibly a concussion, as he pumped his seed into wonderfully tight but infertile territory.

Spencer followed quickly and promptly collapsed on Hussein, ready to take a post-coital snooze. That was not to be however, not with silent Tommy who used his fist on Spencer's shoulder and bossy Medi who punished him with ridicule of being too old and tired to continue. "You just allow Hussein up you great old man and stay awake to watch him. We are very practiced and Hussein at least is very tireless. When he finishes I shall expect to see your face smiling down on me eagerly while you enter me without all that silly caution. As you'll shortly see, I don't break either."

Medi's orders to Spencer were like a command to Hussein. He mounted Medi quickly and completely and then proceeded to pound his half-nephew without mercy, though not for very long. He was too far along after enjoying Spencer's size and studying his magnificent chest from a few inches distance. Hussein was still dribbling when he pulled out to land on his side with his back against Tommy while Spencer replaced him quickly.

"You wanted a smile but you get a grin, along with all of this," Spencer thrust into Medi's still yawning hole and promptly sank until Medi's adolescent body was all but buried under his. Medi nipped a nipple to advise Spencer where his head was and that it was possible that he could be smothered, Crown Prince or not. Spencer instantly froze in concern and went to his elbows, "Am I hurting you?"

Medi grinned, "Just my lungs, from the need to breathe. You could help perhaps with mouth to mouth resuscitation." He pulled Spencer's head down by wrapping both arms around his neck forcing Spencer to bow his back dramatically.

Meanwhile, since Tommy couldn't communicate with Hussein he demonstrated how to make Spencer the meat in a sandwich by getting between his legs after spreading them by pulling them apart one ankle at a time. Then he spread Spencer's cheeks using both hands and invited Hussein to look at what he exposed.

Hussein looked and was shocked to note that Spencer's love hole appeared to be already lubricated. It was difficult to imagine that such a magnificent stallion would allow himself to be violated by a boy just into his teen years, but then he didn't know any Americans well enough to understand their relationships although Mohamed promised him that he soon would. This select group anyway. He smiled and nodded to Tommy, that he understood and even helped by guiding him into his beautiful older lover, but he was really smiling while he thought of Mohamed's ingenious plan to get the American boy's attention. First he increased the noise level on the second floor by adding far more workers than necessary and when that didn't draw complaints, he had a wall torn down to cut off the water supply to the American leaders' bathroom and that worked splendidly.

Tommy got Hussein's attention back on track by taking his hand and placing it, actually stuffing it between Mohamed and Spencer's body and then moving it to between his and Spencer's. The light dawned; Tommy was inviting him to feel all their bodies wherever he wanted. He knelt at their joined sides and began exploring with both hands and Spencer's groaning increased an octave keeping time with his mighty thrusts into eager Mohamed.

Evan and Billy's room was essentially decorated to reproduce Anton Falconburg's lounge on Sea Song. The only changes were the addition of a bed and the latest innovations in electronics including larger plasma screens on one wall that were joined almost seamlessly so they could be one huge screen or several at Evan or Billy's whim.

While Billy remained unobtrusive within the group, his quest to become a pilot never wavered. He was enrolled in several classes at the Oaks Academy so that he could win his high school diploma and be with Evan as frequently as possible, and three afternoons per week he drove off in his Hummer to attend a flight school at Newark International Airport. Evan helped him equally unobtrusively by assembling a fleet of assorted aircraft at the Trenton hanger, each commanded by an accomplished pilot ready to accompany Billy whenever he wanted to gain additional flight time. This was in addition to the flight school's aircraft and instructors.

When the intruder alarm sounded earlier, Billy and Evan had the giant screen in a modified flight simulator mode that was actually more like a fighter pilot's view while in actual combat complete with sound on a I-Max screen. The scenes changed after varying periods of time because the sequences were real. When Evan presented Billy with the DVD disc and they watched it the first time, Billy asked where Evan got it. Evan shrugged his ignorance. He'd asked Hans and Herman if such a thing was available and several days later Hans handed it over with a wink and a whisper, "Is high classified, top secret, understand Master? These fights never happen. This disc does not exist." Evan nodded and didn't probe further.

When Evan and Billy ushered Doug, Buck and JC into their darkened room the DVD that didn't exist was still playing. The current pilot had just launched a rocket at a black dot on the horizon. The missile's contrail indicated that the target attempted to evade, too late and unsuccessfully as there was a burst of light and smoke. Doug and Buck loved to watch the show but Doug beat Buck to Billy's chair and quickly put on the set of big earphones so he could listen to the pilot conversations although in foreign languages while he watched, happily using his hard cock as the pilot's joystick as he controlled the erratic movements of the fighter, sometimes a second or two after the actual pilot. He hadn't watched as frequently as Billy and Evan. Both used their joysticks nearly simultaneously. Buck gave up sitting in Evan's chair and pushed JC down instead and then placed Evan's earphones on JC's head because his eyes were locked on Doug's choice of joystick and he couldn't care less about the action on the big screen.

Doug glanced over at JC and laughed, "Get out of those cute panties and try this out." He shook his free hands' index finger in warning, "Just don't start jerking off, I'll take care of that later."

"The fuck you will," Buck giggled, "JC picked me and you picked Miss Dolly, remember? I'll even go and get her for you, but I'm taking JC with me so you can't try anything." Buck looked down at JC and became helpful while he ignored Doug's absentminded finger, "Here JC raise up a sec, I'll help you out of those before you break that." JC looked down and then become aware of the pain from his erection that was becoming bent almost double in the tight confines of his underwear. Buck quickly waved them like a trophy flag before looking down at what he'd exposed. "All right JC!" he exclaimed, and then, "Hey Douggie, check this out! Just look at what Miss Dolly doesn't have."

Doug looked over at JC's handsome six-inch plus erection and then up at Buck hopefully, "Can I at least eat him out of you?" he asked batting his baby blues.

Buck grinned evilly, "Nope you can eat yourself out of Miss Dolly."

Without thinking, JC blurted, "Yuck Douglas, the taste of vinyl is very strong. The directions do not mention this."

There was a short time lag before the others realized what JC said before everyone started laughing and forgot the next dogfight on the screen. Evan punched a button on the console to shut it off to expose several other programs already running on individual screens. Evan frowned at the central screen and then looked around the room. Billy saw the problem a second later and pointed out a blinking red light on the console. "What the fuck?"

Evan reacted by explaining after issuing orders, "Okay guys keep doing what you're doing. Someone in the control room has snoopy fixed on us, not on the campus like it's supposed to be. The guy is either a Peeping Tom or he's just watching to be sure we stay put or where we go if we go." He picked up the phone and then replaced it. "Shit, Hans and Herman might not understand, I'll call Dave and Noah first and they can grab my guys."

While Evan called, JC looked around, clearly perplexed, "What is happening please?" he asked the room.

Buck nodded at the snoopy screen, "That's snoopy. That's how they saw you downstairs. Right now the guy in the control room up the hall is watching us, not tending to business as usual."

Doug reached across to hold JC's cock, "Look at the screen, see me holding you?"

Buck batted Doug's hand away while JC watched on the monitor with his mouth hanging open. "You can have sloppy seconds if JC says okay, but not until then so lay off," he warned.

"Can we be heard?" JC whispered.

"Nope just watched, even closer if the guy wants to," Billy answered. And then just like the controller was listening, he obliged them with a demonstration by zooming in on Doug and JC stretched out on the two lounge chairs facing the bank of screens. Snoopy was operating on the infrared mode and the close up revealed the differences in the two boys' anatomies in sickening green. Doug's shoulders were wider and his thighs were thicker due to long hours in the pool. While JC was as tall as Doug, he was slender with less muscle development. JC was paralyzed when his body filled the screen, excluding Doug's and the others.

JC recovered to grimace his hatred, "This is why I do not sleep in my dormitory room. I wish to interrogate that man if he is captured alive. May I?"

Everyone shrugged. Doug answered, "He'll be alive. He can't get out, there's only one entrance. The guys will nail him."

Evan agreed, "Sure, Hans and Herman won't hurt him just like they didn't hurt you. They always like to have a conversation with anyone after me before the bad guy can't talk anymore, ah, ever."

"Whatever happened with all those transmitters at your airport?" Buck asked Evan.

Evan grinned, "The receivers were in an old abandoned farm house nearby. Remember when Hans and Herman disappeared for a few days just after we got back here? They went back to have a chat with the guys manning the screens. They worked for a private surveillance contractor who was working for three guys on Grandfather's list. They were interested in stealing the air freight business and were trying to get some idea of the volume of business we do by monitoring our European hub." He suddenly looked sorrowful and waited.

Buck, Doug and Billy knew Evan too well and refused to ask the obvious question but JC didn't, "What happened to them if I may ask?"

"I bought the snoopers out and sold the business to Buck's father to add to his company and give him a presence in Europe. The three main guys got into some kind of lover's quarrel after they signed over most of their assets to me. One guy found his two buddies in bed together fucking up a storm. He shot the guy on top and it went clear through the guy on the bottom before he turned his weapon on himself. A head shot, really messy. He had a real cannon, very unusual, fifty caliber I think."

JC had time to picture two similar weapons pointed at him earlier before the phone chimed and his image on the screen disappeared to black. Evan touched the speakerphone button so they could all hear. It was David's voice, "We got him but he banged his head on the console and broke a switch. Can you guys over ride and get snoopy back up? We need to search the campus pretty quick. This guy had his cell phone out and was talking to someone. We don't think he alerted them because he just disconnected when we walked in."

Evan pulled up a chair to sit at the keyboard. His fingers flew while he answered, "Okay, snoopy's coming back now. I'll do the search from here. Oh, we think the dude was interested in JC, at least he zoomed in on him."

"Yeah, that figures, this dude is Hispanic, we'll ask him as soon as he wakes up."

Evan superimposed a grid on the campus and began his search from Lasker Hall out by increasing snoopy's magnification of each block until he was satisfied that there was nothing out of normal, "No please," JC begged David, "I would like to ask the questions since he was interested in my whereabouts."

"JC will ask the questions," Buck ordered in his father's voice that brooked no argument.

"Okay, gottcha, where?"

"The basement?" JC suggested.

"Nope, not yet, the contractors will be around for another hour." Doug told them after a glance at his watch.

"Screw the basement," Buck countered, "There are too many people around here, let's take him home. I'll call in the chopper."

Evan swiveled in his chair briefly. He grinned at Billy, who suddenly looked flustered for some reason, "I, I can't Evan, I only just qualified for solo instruments in that. I can't take anyone up with me."

"What are we talking about here?" Buck growled.

Evan giggled, "Our Billy is qualified to pilot a chopper at night and someone gave him a brand new eight passenger jobber for his birthday and it just happens to be parked out on the campus pad right now."

"Guess who the 'someone' is?" Billy laughed after administering another thank you kiss on the guilty party.

Evan giggled, "So all you need to do is pilot with your eyes straight ahead or wherever. We'll go to our house not Trenton Hall. You can't be blamed if you have a few stowaways."

Billy shook his head in disbelief; "I suppose there's a lighted landing pad there too now right?"

Evan looked smug, "Yup, and the remote control for the lights is already in the bird," he answered with his eyes and half his attention back on snoopy. "OOPS!" he sat up straighter and pointed, "Hey David," he said to the phone, "there are two targets pasted to a wall near the northwest corner of Smith Hall on the side of the building."

"Okay we'll go get them." David answered. "Get out your radio Evan; let us know if they move. Noah and I will look like students sneaking in after curfew."

"Hold hands and look like lovers," Doug quipped.

"Oh, I forgot about you guys. You stay right where you are. We'll bring them in."

"Okay!" Buck agreed over his shoulder already following Doug to the door. He motioned JC to follow them silently with a finger to his lips.

Buck answered JC's unasked question in the hall, "Come on; we'll go help. We need to get dressed and our pieces. You can wear Doug's clothes, he won't need them after I kill him."

"Why? What'd I do now?"

"Nothing except remind David that we were there, so he could order us to stay put."

"Oh. Well he already knows we're on our way, he had to say that to cover his ass with your dad. Come on, if we don't hurry it will all be over."

JC ran to their room with them and accepted the shorts that Doug threw at him from the closet while Buck scooted to a night stand by the bed. "Is a nine millimeter okay?" he asked JC and handed him the weapon in question. "Here's a silencer." JC looked like he'd been struck by lightening, "You CAN shoot one of these things can't you?" Buck asked.

JC giggled and nodded, "Children of other families got water guns as toys, but mine looked and worked just like this." He pulled the full clip and worked the slide before reversing the procedure and chambering a round. He still looked amazed when Buck produced an automatic machine pistol and a matching silencer and Doug accepted his favorite, a thirty-two caliber with a silencer already attached, when he came out of the closet wearing a pair of shorts.

"Shoes?" Buck asked with an excited giggle as he tied his gym shoes while Doug and JC remained barefoot.

"Shoes! Right, I forgot shoes for us JC. Why didn't you remind me?"

Two minutes later the three half dressed but well armed boys were streaking across the Oaks campus until they were one building away from Smith Hall. Doug whispered in Buck's ear, "Our radio's would have been nice to have too."

Buck shrugged, "So we aren't very organized, it's too late now." He looked around after they worked their way through some bushes along the building's side and decided to hide there. He gestured, "This is the closest parking lot to Smith. Maybe we should wait here in case the dudes run. If we get any closer without the guys knowing." Doug and JC nodded. It was unnecessary to say they risked getting shot by their own bodyguards.

JC leaned in close, "Please, if they come this way is it possible to wing them only?"

"I'm good at kneecaps, will that do?" Doug asked. JC blinked and nodded, not knowing whether Doug was joking or not.

Suddenly they heard the sound of feet pounding along toward them on the brick paved sidewalk. "Here comes someone in a hurry," Buck warned unnecessarily as all three boys raised their weapons. "Shit!" he exclaimed and raised his muzzle further when he saw the two boys wearing school blazers with neckties flying over their shoulders in the dim security lighting.

There was the sound of a paper bag being popped behind the two and then the sound of glass shattering somewhere in the parking lot. Doug fired at the closest retreating figure, that one fell and attempted to crawl while holding his leg above the knee, "I think I was high," he mumbled and drew a bead on the second figure who was further away by then. That one crumpled to the parking lot pavement and held his knee while he rolled around in extreme pain, "Yup," Doug said, he felt vindicated, "I was a tad high, but I got that motherfucker dead on the knee as requested."

"What the fuck are you doing Douggie? They're students and you shot them!" Buck was shocked when Doug grinned in response.

"Name me one student in this joint who wears a complete uniform anytime they aren't required," he said simply to defend his actions. "Especially at this time of night," he added.

Buck looked thunderstruck, "Sonofabitch!"

Just then a vehicle started in the parking lot and accelerated quickly. A van pulled up near the two injured boys and the rear door slid open. Wonder of wonders, the bad guys forgot to disable the interior lights. The driver and another school uniform who sat in the rear seat were clearly lighted. Both screamed at their colleagues, their words were unintelligible to Doug and Buck, but not to JC, he understood the frantic pleas to hurry before both in the van began firing un-silenced weapons in the general direction of where the two ran from. Doug fired a third time and the party in the back seat dropped his weapon in favor of holding his leg. Doug shifted his aim and emptied his clip somewhere. Not to be out done, Buck fired a three shot burst at the closest rear tire while JC chose the front. With two flat tires on the same side, the van suddenly slumped to match the driver's attitude. "David got the driver with a head shot," Doug announced. "Damn it, I was fishing for his legs through the passenger door. That wasn't fair," he bitched. "Come on let's shut up these screamers before the whole school is out here."

JC burst from their screening bushes first to run at the two on the pavement. He barely slowed his momentum as he brought his weapon down on first one and then the other head. "Speak English you swine!" he demanded of the bad guy writhing on the backseat, pleading for mercy in hysterical Spanish. "You dare to beg mercy from me who you would have killed this night? Which is your leader? Speak now or die slowly and speak later before you do while eating your useless tiny gonads!" JC's weapon slashed down twice on the unprotected head and the pleas stopped.

Buck and Doug caught up to JC in total silence except for the van's idling engine. Doug looked at JC in awe, "Man, you are on our team from now on."

JC jerked his head twice in the affirmative and tucked his borrowed weapon in his waistband before he hugged both Doug and Buck fiercely, "I thank YOU most humbly and invite you to be my friends and brothers for I truly have none other in the world."

"What the fuck are you guys doing out here?" David demanded when he, Noah, Hans and Herman ran up to the three 'band of brothers'.

Buck shrugged, "I guess we were just helping you guys out. What I'd like to know is who killed that windshield over there?" he asked to place the guards on the defensive and further humbled them by asking, "Also, how'd the asshole get hired to run the control room?"

Noah studied his feet, "I did, I mean I missed, I guess I need to spend more time on the range," he mumbled with such humility that it was impossible for Doug and Buck not to smile at him.

"Not a problem, we got them, or Doug did, except for the driver, Dead Eye David got him." Buck said.

"Not true," David announced, "Hans got him. We fired at the same time but the mess on the other side of the guy's head is bigger than I make."

"Maybe both together are good shots," Herman suggested as he unscrewed a twelve-inch silencer from the muzzle of his small cannon or over-large handgun.

"YAH! That is it!" Hans agreed happily willing to share the kill. "Now we need to clean up and get vermin away. You boys go back to dorm, tell Billy to ready chopper, we go to new American home to discuss evil ways with three out of four," he shrugged, "not bad odds."

The unfortunate three out of four wounded young men sat in the rear most seat of Billy's new helicopter with their hands tied and further lashed together by their arms so one couldn't move without dragging his two companions along. Their wounds were also bound, but only to keep their blood from staining the leather seating or plush carpeting. Doug, Buck and JC sat in the middle seats with Doug attempting to twirl his weapon artistically with a finger in the trigger guard. The prisoners didn't know that the chamber was empty and got resigned to their probable deaths from his frequent twirling goofs. The three boys were relaxed after gaining full confidence in their pilot Billy who handled his tricky craft as if he'd been flying choppers at night his entire life. Evan sat in the co-pilot's seat and kept nodding and grinning his approval of his lover's demonstrated expertise. The four somewhat chastened bodyguards waited impatiently for Billy to return and pick them up for the fifteen-minute trip by air to Evan's newly purchased estate, Somerset Farm.

Somerset Farm was in that large estate region of once rural, but fast becoming suburban New Jersey and had changed significantly since Doug last visited as Evan's tour guide. Mrs. G had enthusiastically given her consent. She was thrilled with the thought of selling to someone who could afford to live there in preference to the many developers who hounded her to sell. The developers were only interested in stealing the beautiful property from her and they frequently disparaged the estate as a white elephant to drive the price down. Evan sealed the deal by paying the asking price and presenting Mrs. G (who was then in Scotland) with a case containing a one million dollar cash down payment.

When they landed on a new helipad carved in a slope above the old walled pool, Doug was astonished to see that the size of the old thirty-four room house had more than doubled with the addition of wings added that matched and complimented the old structure. He giggled when he saw a big loader that bore the 'Henderson Constructors' logo. He looked down on the dark pool and thought of Paul, his wonderful first time gay sex partner.

JC brought him back by asking a question. "I'm sorry JC, what did you want?"

"I asked if you would help me lift this one," he pointed to the prisoner he thought of as the weakest link, "up, while Billy is still on the ground but preparing to leave. This one's silence should depart his head before his head leaves him in slices. He lowered his voice, "I do not believe we are tall enough to do him damage but he may not think of that."

The bad guys were all young and Hispanic with little or no English that they were willing to admit to. The one that JC thought most likely to crack was the first one Doug shot. His wound was superficial, but he was so scared he thought it was nearly fatal. JC and Doug hauled him to his feet. The one hired to man the control room issued a warning and JC left Doug a few seconds to kick the man in the temple. "Pig, you have sorely inconvenienced me this evening and no one does that to Juan-Carlos Escobar, the most high lord of the white powder." JC muttered just loud enough to be heard by the two bad guys lying on the ground together. "And the only one who does not wish to be in the business," he added to himself, "but perhaps my new friends and powerful brothers can be of help?" he wondered as he rejoined Doug.

JC nodded to Billy who increased power on cue to the point the down draft was on the verge of knocking them all from their feet. He and Doug lifted the frantic young man by his arms. He screamed his terror and his willingness to answer any questions while he lost control of his bodily functions and shit and pissed himself simultaneously. Doug let go and ran to Buck and Evan holding his nose and cursing, "Man, I don't know what that little motherfucker ate but it sure does stink coming out," he shouted while the boys ran away laughing at him.

JC motioned Billy to take off and soon the silence was deafening except for a distant wop, wop of the rotors. JC joined them, "We are alone here?" he asked Evan.

"Yup, smack dab in the middle of four hundred acres," Evan answered proudly.

"Perhaps you would all take a walk?" JC suggested and collapsed his gut rather than pull out his waistband to draw his weapon.

Evan was impressed, "You're a bad ass just like Grandfather! Oh, there's a backhoe around here somewhere. Hans can run the thing when he gets here. Is twelve feet deep enough?"

Ten minutes later JC walked in the huge house and called out to them. "We're up here!" Evan answered, "In my bedroom!"

"The swine were contracted by a local, rumored to be supplied by a competitor," JC admitted without being asked when he found them sitting on Evan's bed and just talking. "There is little doubt that the new cartel wants to take over my father's business and since they can't find him, they have come after me to force him from hiding."

"The business, you mean drugs?" Buck asked, more than somewhat horrified by the thought that a drug war had begun at Oaks as well as what his father might do to JC when he found out.

JC took a deep breath, "Yes, drugs. My father died in his sleep eight months ago, of natural causes I think. I buried him in the garden personally so there is no one who knows. I then spread the rumor that he was in hiding because he was injured in an attempt on his life. That was when actual attempts began. You see there is a new cartel made up of long time rivals but while my father was visible and strong they did nothing, fearful of his retribution. I continued to run the business in his name while I hid at various homes until it was time to come here. I thought that I could just walk away and simply let them take over so I started another rumor that my father died of his injuries. I never imagined that they would follow. I am most sorry that I endangered you all, my friends. I will leave you now if there is a car I could borrow."

"What will you do now?" Evan asked.

JC arched an eyebrow, "Since it seems they won't just accept a smooth running efficient organization gratis, I shall take over more publicly and my first official act will be to erase as many of the five as I can reach until the rest sue for peace."

"Can your operation be put out of business?" Buck asked.

"Easily by me but not by anyone else. Efficient also means secretive. There are many more links in my distribution chain than anyone imagines," JC grinned, "and now there is also more than one chain. I find I very much enjoy business management and have had many successes in the past eight months."

Doug snapped his fingers, "If these guys won't take a gift, how about a sale? Offer to sell out. Would that work?"

"Hey yeah!" Evan said while Buck laughed. Both joined in the planning eagerly without realizing it. The thought of JC leaving school was pushed to the back of their minds. "But first you have to make an example. Hit one guy but first let the others know when, where and how it's going to happen."

"Yeah like forecast a heart attack in twenty-four hours," Buck suggested. "Pick on the strongest one, that will let the others know how vulnerable they are."

JC's eyebrow went up again, "This might surprise you, but the strongest of the five is an American, their money manager. The others, like my father rose from near poverty and have little education, but this one is also more vulnerable because he cannot go about surrounded by an army of bodyguards. He has no reason to without betraying himself."

David, Noah, Billy and the Dobermans walked in at that point. The boys had heard the chopper but ignored it. Buck looked at David, "One of the guys that tried to hit JC needs to have a heart attack as pay back."

David tried to look confused but his grin gave him away, "All four already died of lead poisoning, wouldn't a heart attack be overkill? What should we do with them?"

"The usual I guess," Buck shrugged his indifference.

"What is 'usual'?" JC wanted to know.

"They disappear," Evan answered.

"Could they be found all together with their van in a ravine, oh, yes, in another state as well? I will pay all additional expenses."

"Sure JC, we already loaded up their van in a closed truck." David grinned at Doug, "By the way there's a really nice tight pattern in the passenger door. That was nice shooting Doug."

"Thanks but it didn't work. I was trying for the dude's legs."

Hans laughed and squeezed the back of Doug's neck affectionately. Doug winced in pain, "Yah you did! Two times, but already uncaring from headaches!" Hans announced with pride.

Buck and JC had their heads together during the short flight back to school. Doug watched them from the corner of his eye until they both looked at him suddenly. He turned away so they couldn't see his grin. He knew that whatever they were planning involved him and probably Miss Dolly. Actually, he looked forward to meeting her and trying out one of her vinyl lined, life-like openings at least once.

Doug laughed when JC and Buck walked in Evan and Billy's room after claiming they were going to JC's to get some of his clothes as soon as the chopper touched down. Doug, Evan and Billy were already in bed and waiting for them since JC chose Buck to be his first lover, they would comprise the evening's main event in the middle of the bed and then after, if JC was interested, they would be ready to experience him as well.

JC carried Miss Dolly tucked under one arm and first dropped his collection of clothing before sailing the doll at Doug like a javelin with his hand in her crotch to give his throwing arm more force. Doug caught her easily, climbed out of bed and placed her on the spot he just vacated. He walked toward Buck and JC laughing with them all.

He took one of JC's hands and one of Buck's, "Come on guys, you know we've been all night trying to get in a shower plus we need to get cherry boy here all nice and clean just in case he wants to lose that one too."

They returned to the bed twenty minutes later. Buck and Doug held JC's hands between them again. JC's whole body looked sun burned, "I shall have to get used to the lack of privacy and all further modesty when I'm with you my brothers," he mumbled as he lay down in the space made for him by Evan and Billy. Doug found that Miss Dolly had slipped off the bed and was waiting for him on the floor. The others including JC laughed when he picked her up and kissed her passionately with tongue after restoring her to their third of the bed.

Doug pulled away from her crudely painted lips with a grimace, "Man you weren't kidding about her tasting like plastic JC, YUCK!" He giggled, "Fortunately my cock doesn't have taste buds."

"We took the liberty of getting her all lubed up for you," Buck advised, "so all you need to do is mount up and go for it."

They watched Doug attempt to do just that, mount up, but he couldn't seem to penetrate. JC offered a tip, "I found that you must not lay on her, put weight on her before you put your cock in her, there is too much pressure, however after, more pressure is a very good thing."

Doug was getting frustrated, "So okay expert," he rolled to his side holding Miss Dolly, "there, now get me in her," he demanded of JC.

JC went scarlet, "I would have to touch you."

"DUH! Yup, you will. All cocks in this bed are fair game for touching anytime just for the record, even yours." Doug demonstrated by holding JC's excited tool up for Buck to take in his mouth. JC forgot about Doug's difficulties in that instant until Doug grabbed his hand. "Me first and then you can get back to watching Buck."

JC brazenly jerked Doug until Doug moaned his pleasure and began pumping precum. JC spread it over Doug's throbbing head and then guided him into the vinyl hole, "Okay, now you may roll back over and as Buck said, go for it."

Doug rolled to discover that JC was right, the more of his body weight he allowed to settle on the doll the better she squeezed his cock because of the increased pressure. He began pounding her in earnest and collapsed on her when he came, the four boys watching went silent as Doug rather quickly settled closer and closer to the bed with his steady decent accompanied by the sound of air escaping from a split seam under one useless arm. The boys including Doug couldn't stop laughing hysterically for five minutes as Doug pulled out, stood up and rolled Miss Dolly up starting with her legs. When he finished she was unceremoniously deposited in the closest wastebasket where her head lolled on the rim and her painted eyes stared at Doug accusingly.

Tommy and Spencer skipped the morning run and didn't appear with Medi and Hussein until breakfast was nearly over. Spencer's eyes were just barely open and he appeared to be walking on rubbery legs as Tommy and Medi each held a hand to steer each time he stopped and tried to turn back to their bedroom, while Hussein walked behind Spencer and continually pushed him forward. Medi's two guards brought up the rear. They looked as fresh as they did the previous evening considering that they spent the entire night standing in the hall guarding Medi since he forgot to dismiss them as he usually did when he was in for the night.

When Spencer was seated, Hussein rushed from the lounge, down the stairs and then ran as fast as he could across the campus to change into his school clothes and fetch school clothes for Medi. When he returned, Medi stood up still eating a bowl of Cheerios while Hussein dressed him and even combed his hair. When Medi felt he looked presentable for the day, he motioned to Hussein to straighten out Spencer's clothing, which included buttoning most of his shirt and tying his tie properly.

"You both must come home with me for holiday," Medi told Spencer and Tommy, "my father will be most happy to meet you both."

"I doubt it," Spencer mumbled, "except to kill me for fucking his heir three or four times in one night."

"I think only two, you didn't come that last time so it didn't count." Medi corrected with a giggle.

"Don't I get points for Hussein?"

"Half points only since he's my half uncle." Medi granted.

Spencer shrugged at Medi but winked at Hussein, "The other little reason I won't go home with you is that I'm a Jew."

Medi showed his surprise but then giggled, "We are very liberal in my country and treat everyone equally even our Jewish population, that is not a problem."

It was Spencer's turn to look surprised, "Wow, how many Jews live in your country?"

Medi and Hussein both laughed, "Actually, none," Medi answered. He explained as they were all leaving, "We were a Bedouin tribe in my great-grandfather's time. During the Second World War, travel became difficult so they camped at a large oasis near the Gulf. Everyone was comfortable and safe. When the war ended the tribe stayed put and Great-grandfather claimed the land as his. At the time no one knew about the oil and our boarders were respected. Now we pump oil and are a thriving tourist resort where every luxury is commonplace for visitors of any faith as long as they bring us their money."

Doug and Buck caught up to them, "Hey, Evan wants to visit his mom this weekend, do you guys want to go along?"

"Sure," Spencer answered at once. Tommy jumped around and nodded his excitement at seeing his parents as well.

"Where does she live?" Medi asked.

"On my island in the Bahamas," Doug answered proudly.

"Where does she live?" Medi asked. "I shall charter something suitable."

"On my island in the Bahamas," Doug answered proudly, "and forget chartering, Evan's plane is always ready to go."

"When do we leave?" Medi answered, delighted to be invited. He winked at Hussein, who nodded in reply, he had his foot in the second floor doorway, his avenue to more exciting new friendships. Being the crown prince of another country was fun but being a lonely prince in America was not. He wondered what it would be like to wander outside the Oaks' gates without his guards and if he and Hussein would look Latin or Italian if no one knew their true identity. Now that was something to consider further.


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