Castle Roland

Somerset Farm

by Jamie Haze

In Progress

Chapter 51

Published: 27 Apr 15


Jamie Haze

The big Trenton chopper had to make four trips back and forth between the Oaks Academy and the Trenton Aquatic Center to transport all the boys who had signed up to try out for the swimming and diving teams, and this didn't include the trip carrying the Varsity team and invited guests. There were only five of those, JC, Medi, Hussein, Chad and Marc whose underwater cameras were stored at the Aquatic Center, ready and waiting.

Doug invited JC because he wanted to draw him out of his long, self-imposed isolation. JC had a long, lean swimmer's build and would be a natural for the swim team but because he always had private tutors, he'd never attended a school and so had never competed in any sport. He'd questioned Doug in depth about competitive swimming and Doug planned to coerce him into trying out.

Medi begged to come along to gaze at the eye candy in part, but he'd also signed Hussein up for the swim team tryouts without his knowledge since he knew Hussein really wanted too and even talked about it. When Hussein's name was called, Medi planned to simply order him to make the team and Hussein would happily obey. Success would give Medi entrée to the locker room where he knew the eye candy would become even sweeter without the annoying little speed suits.

Chad was invited for two reasons; the first was to get him further acclimated to the gang's lifestyle by inviting him to dinner with the others that evening at Trenton Hall, meeting Buck and Doug's parents and then at the end of the evening he was going to drive one of the boys' Hummer back to the school where it would serve as additional transportation since they were armored like the limo.

The boys were still laughing about Medi's two robed guards. When they attempted to follow Medi into the chopper, he turned briefly and dismissed them, explaining that there wasn't room and that security surrounding the Americans on the sprawling estate was even more intense than his own father's. The two big men were forced backward as the helicopter lifted off and at last sight both were flapping their arms frantically, actually trying to get the craft back on the ground so they could rescue their little master but from the air they appeared to be trying to fly themselves.

Doug eyed the mass of hopefuls with a frown. He turned to his father, "You know Dad, half of these guys are tourists, just look at their bodies," he groused, "I wonder if all of them can even swim."

"I know son, but it is a school team and everyone has the right to try out, but this is going to take longer than I expected."

Doug scanned the list of names on a clipboard and then up to look around. He saw Hussein standing behind Medi attentively, and caught his eye to wave him over. "Hey Huss, you signed up to try out?" he showed the list to Hussein.

Hussein took one look and laughed openly amazed that his nephew had been so thoughtful although he kept his back to Medi. He was also delighted that he too was to have an American nickname, just like Mohammed's had been bastardized into Medi. "That is Medi's handwriting. Perhaps he wants me on the team for ulterior motives?"

"I'll bet, he's such a horny little squirrel, he'd hump an oak tree if there was a knot hole he could reach. Hey Coach, meet Huss, short for Hussein. His buddy over there signed him up without Huss knowing so I guess that's one down."

Hussein, now Huss shook hands with and bowed to Bill Henderson, "It is a great honor to meet you Coach Henderson. Your son has been kind enough to make me his friend. I look forward to making the team."

Bill looked surprised, "You really want to tryout anyway?"

"Oh yes, please," Huss blushed and looked down, "but I have never competed and I have no swimming suit with me."

"No problem," Doug giggled and whistled to the twins, who were wearing speed suits, leaning on each other and chatting with Patrick and Marc, who was wearing old shorts. Toby, Terry and Marc waved and along with Doug pushed their suits and shorts off, caught them deftly with one foot and tossed them to a bench. The Varsity squad was only a moment behind since they'd been out the day before and discovered the rule then. Doug grinned down on Huss, "Still want to tryout?"

Huss matched Doug's grin and soon tossed his clothes on top of Doug's discarded suit. "Okay! Everyone warm up!" Bill called to the hopefuls.

"Us too Coach?" Doug asked waving to include the Varsity squad.

Bill laughed, "Of course."

Doug turned and disappeared into the water followed by one enormous splash as the rest of the team joined him. Huss ran and made a low dive over Doug's head to surface with a laugh. Bill looked toward the milling group of hesitant boys. Doug was right, less than half the group were eagerly stripping and running to the edge. Most of those took the time to dive before they surfaced to actually begin laps in the crowed lanes. Bill shrugged after a minute elapsed, "Okay you guys, don't bother getting in the tank, stay dressed, go on out to the parking lot. The chopper will take you back."

"What about us, don't we get to tryout?" a pretty boy challenged petulantly, obviously used to getting his own way although he'd only managed to take off his shoes.

"You just did and you didn't make the first cut." Bill told them all and turned his back.

Meanwhile, Doug called a meeting under the starting blocks including Huss, and the twins. He grinned at Huss, "I signed JC up for tryouts, but he doesn't know it yet so we need to get him naked and in the water so he has time to warm up. Are you guys ready to help me?"

The twins nodded enthusiastically, "Sure," Toby answered; "he's got the body for it."

Huss hesitated, "I am uncertain of the protocols in manhandling a stranger in this Country."

"Listen dude, we're classmates at the same school that's all. No one is superior or inferior to you in school not even Medi and nationality or bucks in the bank don't mean shit," Doug declared. "In fact, you can tell the bossy little twerp that the only time he's going to see the inside of this building again is at a meet, OR if he makes the cut himself and joins the team. Come on."

Doug vaulted out and the others followed. Chad, JC and Medi were sitting together on a bench. Medi was happily if rudely pointing out bodies he most admired as one or two climbed to the blocks to practice starts individually or together. All three spectators appreciated the four bodies approaching them.

JC stood up politely but with great difficulty because he wanted to view the twins' bodies close up just like Medi was doing boldly, but he also didn't want to be at eye level with Doug's exciting cock. Chad remained seated for the opposite reason, while Medi became fascinated with the twins' identical bodies. Huss sat down close to Medi, "Thank you for signing me up for these tryouts. I wanted to but I kind of chickened out." Medi acknowledged Huss' thanks with a nod while he kept his eyes on the twins' bodies. Huss switched languages suddenly; "Doug told me to advise you, you little twerp, I don't know what that means but I assure you it is derogatory, that you have thirty seconds, to get naked and into the pool if you ever want to see the inside of this building again aside from regular meets and then you still won't get into the locker room." Huss looked up at the clock and grinned, "Starting now my little nephew."

"But, but," Medi started to protest however the second 'but' was muffled by his shirt as he pulled it over his head. He tossed his shirt and pushed off his shorts without unsnapping the fly. His sandals flew off as he ran for the pool.

Huss grinned at Doug, "Should I sign him up or did you?"

After Doug explained that he was to take part in the tryouts, JC started laughing and was able to take one step back before he found the bench seat again as he began to emulate Medi willingly. He was delighted with the attention he was receiving from his new friends and actually being invited to join a team, for the first time in his life, if he could make the cut and he decided then and there that he would. He ran and dove cleanly and then paused while giggling madly, to lob his cross trainers at Doug. Only Doug and the twins were gone. The three surfaced around him a second later.

Bill blew his whistle to clear the pool. He called the roll as the boys toweled off; scratching off the first group already on they're way back to campus. Patrick handed out clipboards to the Varsity team while Coach Bill assigned numbers to the remaining hopefuls. Doug got out a huge Magic Marker, "Can I help out somehow?" A soft voice asked hesitantly.

Doug turned to find Chad standing behind him looking slightly embarrassed at his nakedness. Doug handed him the marker, "Sure you can number these guys when the coach calls their names. Do it nice and big, high on their shoulders so we can see them from the side of the pool. These dudes are going to do heats in their age groups and obviously the first place winners get a spot, but the Varsity is going to be looking for raw talent who will make the team but need to be trained up to get on the JV squad eventually. The JV will be here in about an hour to try out for the vacant Varsity spots. That's when you'll see some serious swimming."

Chad nodded, "I can handle that," he looked around the room wistfully, "You know I just wish I was in a damn school long enough to join a team."

Doug clapped him on the back, "I thought you just did. >From now on you can help Patrick at first and then mostly take over his job. Learn how to operate the clocks first. Patrick's still way too busy taking care of the twins' businesses but he'll be around whenever he can." Chad turned away to number the first shoulder so Doug didn't see his slightly teary eyes.

The coach disappeared before the first heat. Chad asked Patrick where he went. Patrick pointed up to the overlooking control room and then at the cameras on tracks below the balcony that were moving into position at the starting blocks. "There be two more down below lookin out windows that run the length o' the pool plus there be young Marc on the bottom takin' mostly cock shots, but his tape is useful none the less. Never fear, Coach Bill 'll be watchin' all ways."

All the boys were nervous, experienced at swimming competitively or not. There were two false starts in the first heat; Patrick glowered at the two time offender, "Once more number twenty-three an I be given ye a choice, either race yer wee arse out the door, or we be goin' off to thee emergency to extract me size twelve outta yer size two wee butt!"

Chad pulled himself up the starter's ladder to spot twenty-three. He was Medi cringing from the verbal assault. Chad jumped and ran to his block. "Calm down Medi or you'll blow this," he whispered.

"But I've never done this before, I'm very nervous." Medi hissed back.

Chad tilted his head and grinned, "Think about something else, like the first time you swallowed cum, you were nervous about that too but it turned out okay, didn't it?"

The boy next to Medi and closest to Chad burst out laughing; lost his balance and fell in. He surfaced immediately and was still laughing even hearing Patrick's revised invective directed at him, "I'm new too and I was just as nervous as him, but I'm alright now, thanks," the boy explained in a

hurried whisper that only Chad and Medi could hear. The boy winked at Medi after regaining his starting block, "Wanna race? Just you and me against the world." Medi grinned and nodded.

The boy finished first with Medi only a half second behind. While the boy won the race even Chad could see he used all of his balls and very little form as opposed to Medi who seemed to glide through the water using very little effort. Even Patrick, who couldn't swim could see the difference from his vantage point on the starter's platform.

Medi offered his hand across the float line, "Congratulations, my name is Medi." He grinned, "Right now I'm rather glad we didn't have the time to discuss a wager."

"Hi Medi, I'm Sean and right now I'm rather glad that you're into guys too and even better, you know it. I've been looking for some dude my own age who thinks like I do to pal around with if you're interested." Sean looked up to see Chad approaching them, he whispered quickly, "Here comes my prize, I hope, want to share him?"

Medi nodded imperceptibly and introduced Chad to Sean, "Good race guys, I think you both made the team, I just peeked over Doug's shoulder."

Medi looked confused, "But I lost."

"Yeah, but not by much, plus the Varsity mob think you've got great natural form, which can only improve with some work and good coachin'"

"If you make it that'll be super!" Sean hugged Medi tightly, "You feel good too," he added not very quietly.

Chad giggled, "I don't believe you two hookin' up in the middle of the pool deck."

Sean giggled harder, "Is that so? Well, I don't believe you used that analogy about swallowing cum to calm Medi down, not in the middle of the pool deck," he retorted. "Like what you were saying is that after you do it the first time the rest is all down hill. That's what you meant wasn't it?"

Chad blushed and nodded, "Yup, sorry about that but it was all I could think of at the time."

"Don't be sorry — it worked, didn't it?" Sean didn't give Chad a chance to respond before he lowered his voice, "By the way, when can we get our prize?"

"Prize? What prize?" Chad looked blank before he looked down at where Sean pointed. "Huh?"

Medi and Sean both laughed at Chad's expression. Medi joined the offensive, "You have two of them and there's two of us, between us we'll have you barely able to walk in no time." Both younger boys could see that Chad was wavering.

Huss interrupted, "Excuse me Chad, may I speak with you a moment," he looked at Sean, "privately?"

"My heat is next and I was wondering what you told Medi to calm him so much?" Huss whispered when they were a few feet from Medi and Sean, ignoring Medi's violent glare. Chad whispered in Huss' ear until Huss was grinning. While he was whispering, he told Huss about the proposed prize the boys wanted to split between them.

"I don't know about his new friend but I can tell you from frequent experience that Medi is an absolute expert and it will be worth the limping. Ask poor Spencer." Huss shook himself, "I'm up, thank you Chad, that will work for me too, I think," he said with excitement in his voice.

Huss won his heat demonstrating by superior form, strength and stamina concealed in a tight five-foot-seven-inch package. Sean, Medi and Chad greeted him when he touched first while still in the pool with someone else smiling over their shoulders as they all knelt to pat him on the head. "Spencer?" Huss asked in a daze, the guy looked like Spencer somewhat but just a bit older, taller and far more muscular, with extremely wide shoulders, powerful upper arms, a concave ripped gut that tapered to a tightly barbered bush over a huge dangling cock, no hips, massive thighs and iron calves. Huss thought of this Spencer as a swimming machine that was also the most beautiful male he'd ever seen.

"Close, I'm Harmon or just Harm, Spencer's older brother." Huss vaulted from the pool to shake Harm's hand, ignoring the others.

"I err, ah, met Spencer the other evening. He didn't mention you."

"If I know him, after he took one look at you he stopped talking," Harm blurted, entranced by the exotic young man standing before him. He went on to compound the blurt by verbalizing his thoughts, but he couldn't help it, his mind was open and as naked as his body, "I know if we were alone right now I wouldn't be talking either." He impulsively grabbed Huss' hand, "Come on, I'll show you my apartment," he pointed, "right up there. I was watching the tryouts until I saw you and my eyes got stuck. I blinked and suddenly found myself down here on the deck watching you win. Strange huh?"

By then they were in the stairwell with Harmon towing Huss up by the hand. Harman's back and ass were magnificent and Huss thought the tiny crack he followed was the shortest he'd ever seen, certainly compared to his own youthful bubble butt. But then, he remembered he was following a stallion that probably liked what he saw and imagined what else he would find hidden between Huss' semi-soft globes.

Huss allowed himself to be led through a baroque living area into a large bedroom. He could find his way to the massive antique bed from there but he didn't want to break physical contact with Harmon. He didn't need to worry; Harmon swept him up in his arms to lay him out in the center of the bed and covered him immediately with his stunning body. Their first kiss was light and fleeting, Harmon's lips were finding their target. The second was soul searching and the third encouraged Huss to go on the offensive in Harmon's mouth. Four hands traveled everywhere.

One of Harmon's dipped between Huss' quivering legs. Huss fought to free his legs and lifted them eagerly. Huss felt one finger, and then two and a third added. Harmon broke their kiss to smile in surprise, "You're ready?" he asked.

"I think I have been ready for you always," Huss mumbled and adjusted his position using his heels dug into Harmon's powerful back. One hand guided.

Harmon sank, and like his considerate brother only so far until he was certain there was no sign of pain or discomfort although perhaps the moment was a gesture since neither brother could retreat at that point. Huss' heels encouraged him to continue.

Harmon felt his cock being milked with an invisible hand, another surprise. He lifted his head, "Stop that," he scolded, "or I'll explode."

Huss created the spirit of competition with a whisper, "Your brother didn't complain, he just started over."

Harmon accepted the challenge with a grin, "Oh yeah, did he do this?" Harmon was already drawing his knees up and pulling Huss back until he sat on his heels with Huss still impaled. He curled his supple body as Huss' straining cock rose without assistance to meet Harm's lips.

Moments later, when Huss could breathe again he muttered, "As a matter of fact, he didn't." He was already pulling hard with his hands around Harm's powerful neck to straighten his body so he could be milked lovingly into his own mind boggling, soul shattering release.

Later, and satiated for the moment, Harm lifted his head from Huss' twice fucked pussy to look at the clock, "Holy shit! Its quarter to seven already. We need to get up to the house for dinner at seven-thirty. Buck and Doug invited some guys from school." He giggled as he pulled Huss to his feet and prodded him playfully to the bathroom, "The guest list even includes an Arab prince."

"Yes I know. I'm his servant." Huss fibbed so he could remain an insignificant employee in Harm's eyes.

Those eyes widened after turning on the shower, he looked Huss in the eyes and said, "You should know that I'm a Jew."

Huss giggled, "I knew your brother is, so I assumed…"

"It doesn't matter?"

Huss surrounded Harmon's chest with his arms and looked up, "If it mattered I wouldn't be here. This is America and already the august Crown Prince Mohammed has been reduced in title to 'Little Medi', and I am proud to say this afternoon Doug dubbed me Huss in preference to the longer Hussein."

After they toweled off, Huss looked around, "Shit! My clothing is still down on the pool deck." He opened the door and stepped on his clothes neatly folded and waiting to be found. "Who…"

"Buck or Doug most likely. They're both romantics and born matchmakers. Most of the guys in the group are couples. Except in bed."

Huss blushed, "I noticed." He hesitated and looked up at Harmon shyly, "Are, are, you part of a couple?"

It was Harmon's turn to blush, "I hope so, I want to be, I mean I want to be with you, if you do."

Huss tackled Harmon in answer so they fell back on the bed with Huss straddling Harm's waist and grinding his crotch into Harm's hardening cock. He immediately tried to pull Harmon's shirt over his head while unbuttoning his own. "Hold on there lover boy," Harm managed between giggles, "we haven't got time now, but hold the thought, can you stay over?" When Huss shook his head very regretfully Harm countered, "Well how about this weekend? Oh, incidentally, from now on plan on spending half our time together up there, I can hardly wait."

Huss got to his feet and pulled Harm up to his. He addressed his shocked expression first, "I'm insignificant compared to you and anyway I love it where I am, and we're going to an island this weekend but if I can't get you invited, I'll stay here."

By then they were running down the stairs holding hands. "I'm always invited to Dagger Key and if you won't make love to me like I want you to, then we aren't going to get far in this relationship, and believe me, six healthy, always-hard inches is NOT insignificant." The NOT echoed in the cavern-like poolroom as they raced along the deck. Harm continued after they climbed into Evan's Hummer and the engine roared to life. Harm looked pouty, "We need to satisfy each other, don't we?"

"I, I'll try," Huss agreed after considering that Spencer certainly welcomed him with open arms and legs, so why not Harmon, plus while he liked Spencer as a bedmate, he already loved Harmon as a soul mate and would do anything to please him.

They were the last guests into the dining room so they took the last two vacant chairs closest to the head of the table meaning closest to the adults, Bucky, Becky his wife and Bill and Martha Henderson. Buck sat at the other end of the table, normally his mother's place. The seating arrangement evolved naturally as a game where no seats could be reserved in advance with the boys always trying to get as far away from Bucky for safety reasons. Harmon sat next to Becky.

"Oh Harm, I'm so glad you're next to me, there are some lovely pieces going up for auction next week," she ignored Bucky's long drawn out sigh, "I'll give you the catalog after dinner and perhaps you could attend with me just to look at the one's I've marked."

"Sure Becky I'd love to go. Sorry I've been rude, have you met Hussein err, I mean the Americanized version, Huss? He's new this year at Oaks. Huss this is Becky and Bucky Trenton."

At that point Huss turned into a courtier by standing, bowing over Becky's proffered hand, shaking her fingers and then touching his lips to the back of her hand. He bowed while he shook Bucky's hand like a man while he looked him in the eyes. He repeated the process with Martha and Bill all the while mouthing the appropriate words.

The rest of the table fell silent as the guys watched Huss' faultless performance with their mouths hanging open. Huss looked down the table at the others' expressions of disbelief. He leaned into Harm, "Did I do something wrong?" he asked with a whimper, very sure that he had.

Huss' question carried to Bucky in the silence, "On the contrary Huss, you did everything exactly right, you charmed two ladies and impressed two men, all strangers. I wish at least one other at this table could do as well." Bucky touched eyes with Buck and winked to indicate that his wish wasn't of any great concern. Buck nodded and watched Huss bubble his pleasure from hearing his host's words of reassuring praise.

"Thank you Sir." Huss said softly.

"There are no Sirs around here Huss, we all use first names, they're easier to remember."

"Thank you Bucky," Huss amended, heard Medi laughing and looked down the table. Medi sat on Chad's right while Sean sat on Chad's left and both boys leaned together in front of Chad's chest while the three whispered together. Huss was pleased to see that Medi had found two friends, one his age and the other, Chad, older, but apparently willing to be their plaything, so Huss would be free to be with Harm.

Toward the end of dinner, Doug issued the usual challenge to the table while he looked at Harm wearing a grin, "Does anyone feel like swimming a few laps?" All the swimmers knew he actually meant some balls out racing.

There was an instant chorus of yeah's with exclamation points as the gang rushed through dessert and were excused from the table. Huss paused between Bucky and Becky to thank them for dinner and just as he let go of Bucky's hand, Bucky offered his card, "Here Huss, it's probably difficult for you to adjust to some of our customs. If you have any problems, questions or if anyone gives you any grief, you just call me. This is my private line that will reach me anywhere I am and don't hesitate to call." Huss thanked him and started to leave.

Bill called after him, "Please tell the boys that Bucky and I will be down in a while to watch, and we'd prefer it if none of them embarrassed themselves." Huss looked confused by the message. "Just tell them and someone will explain."

The ladies left the table. Bill and Bucky lit cigars to enjoy with their brandy and coffees, "So do you think Harm will start getting better times now that he's found someone?" Bucky asked.

"God I hope so, he's been dead in the water since vacation and he isn't into casual according to Eric and Trevor and they should know, they live next door to him."

"You could just watch them tonight and tell that this dining room is the last place they wanted to be. I'll bet that the rest of the gang won't see them all weekend. Oh, another thing you might do so they can get together regularly is to start bringing the JV team over here too. The chopper can make two trips, no problem."

Bill laughed, "Man some guys will do anything to bring Olympic gold back to the home club."

Bucky grinned, "Well I figure, I hope, it comes down to Harm and Doug in the Nationals. Harm seems to be happy now and let's hope it lasts with Huss so he'll start working seriously again. Now all we have to do is figure out how to get Doug in the groove."

Bill roared at Bucky's choice of words, "That's his problem, he spends too much time in the groove or someone in his, not mentioning any names of course, but it's the same with your groove. Buck has the talent according to Eric but he doesn't have the will, the desire to succeed. In fact, he spends a lot of his time coaching Evan who has both talent AND the desire."

"Try this on for size. We'll move them all back here and stuff them in the residence. They'll sleep there and eat there. We'll schedule an early practice before school, swimming and diving, chopper them to school and then they can come back with the teams for school practice and after dinner a late practice and then if they have any energy left they can groove all they want."

Bill nodded, "We could sit them down for a 'Dutch Uncle' conversation too. I'll tell Doug that I'm going back to work because I'm wasting my time since his social schedule doesn't allow for enough practices to matter and you tell Buck and Evan that you're letting Eric and Trevor go for the same reason. And speaking of grooving; is there anyway to get that Huss kid to move here, I know he's a servant so maybe you could use some of your juice to get him fired? I'll tell you something else about that boy, he's a natural in the tank, he touched while three kids in his heat were just turning. He'd be a great practice buddy for Harm as well as, ah hem, his bed buddy."

"We buy a lot of oil for our European refineries from Prince Medi's father, Ali, I imagine he'd do me a favor." Bucky answered as they got up to head to the pool complex. He began laughing, "Do you know how old that kid's father is? He's only twenty-three! His nuts must have hit the floor went he was six! He's a really nice kid though and a pretty sharp tack in business as well.

A surprising encrypted response to Bucky's e-mail arrived within twenty-four hours:








"Little shit is right!" Bill agreed after Bucky showed him the e-mail. "He's got great form but he's lazy. From now on, I'll swim his little ass to the moon and back along with his buddy Sean. That little fucker has loads of power but no form and he doesn't care either. His major interest seems to be sucking his way through both teams first and then the rest of the school.

I'll have them both so tired after practice that they'll discover a new use for their beds — sleeping!"

The gang piled off the freight helicopter on Dagger Key as if they were an invading army. Tommy walked backward with both hands clamped on one of Spencer's wrists jerking him toward his waiting parents, Dieter and Billie Taylor. That work ended when they ran to meet the new couple half way across the helipad. First, Spencer attempted to use Tommy as a shield by standing behind his little lover with his big hands on Tommy's shoulders. He immediately discovered that he couldn't see what Tommy was telling them so he knelt down with his back to Dieter and Billie. Spencer needn't have worried.

"…Anyway, we started out as roommates. He thought I was too young and too small for him until I convinced him otherwise." Tommy stopped, looked at Spencer and ordered, "Stand up you big beautiful lug." Spencer stood up obediently. Tommy deftly attacked his shorts' fly and they dropped around Spencer's ankles. Tommy turned him with a touch and caressed him lovingly. Spencer instantly began to lengthen and thicken before he was able to bat Tommy's hand away.

"What ARE you DOING? Keep your hands off out here in public!" Spencer squeaked.

Tommy ignored him and pointed, "See?" He looked at Billie, "He's not as big as you Dad," his eyes shifted to Dieter, "but he's got over two inches on you Dad, so I've got the best of both of you somewhere in between! Isn't he beautiful? And he's funny too! And smart, he learned to read me in no time! Want to try him out tonight to see if you agree?"

"TOMMY!" Spencer screamed while his body glowed sunburn red, "ENOUGH GODDAMN IT!" He apologized to Dieter and Billie, "I sure am sorry guys, but it's good this happened in the open. In our room your son takes introductions to a whole other level. But I do love him, I tried not to but that didn't work out." He suddenly grabbed Tommy from behind, picked him up and settled him on his wide shoulders. He realized his mistake when he felt his little lover wiggle and then a tell tail hardness rise to press the back of his head. He rolled his eyes, "We have a problem Houston, we better get home fast!" He cried and trotted off.

Billie cupped his hands to shout after them, "You can have our cottage! We've moved to the new house!" Tommy waved, leaned forward over Spencer's head and used his heels to spur him on.

Doug and Buck greeted and introduced Kurt to the newcomers, Medi who by then was inseparable from Sean, Chad, Rick, Huss, and JC. Huss held Harm's hand tightly so they couldn't possibly be separated. Medi and Sean were latched on to Chad and Rick who were enthralled with the young boys' emerging tastes and never ending enthusiasm. And lastly, JC followed behind until Doug scooted back to drag him forward to walk with Buck and the twins.

The twins looked up at JC and separated enough to get him between them. They took his hands and watched for any reaction to their thoughts. JC missed a step, he looked down, swiveling his head, "I think you two are super hot too! I'd try to take you both to bed in a heartbeat if I was more experienced!"

Words from the twins formed in his mind, both were shouting for joy, "Oh wow! Where'd you come from? You're the only other one besides our mother that we can talk to like this! Not even our half brother."

"Like what?" JC thought, "Why am I hearing you but not hearing you speaking? Is this a parlor trick? Am I bugged somehow?"

JC received no answers, just laughter except, "Drop our hands and we'll see if it still works now that you know how."

"Know how what?" JC asked after he obeyed.

"Shut up and ask us again with your mind," Terry ordered with another thought.

"Okay, now what?" JC thought the question and looked down again for a twins' answer. They weren't there. They were five feet behind him.

"COOL DUDE!" Toby shouted in JC's mind.

"Calm down asshole, you're going to scare him away!" Terry admonished Toby by telepathy. They intentionally left their screens down so JC could 'hear' their conversation. "Should we ask him now or wait until we're alone?"

"We shouldn't wait, there are too many hot little studs on this rock. We thought he was hot the first time we saw him and now he knows we can talk to him and if he tried he could talk to us right now."

"THAT WAS A HINT JC! You want us as much as we want you, no experience required!" Toby boomed into JC's mind.

"Really?" JC ventured hopefully but also timidly, "It would appear that we three are simpatico in our minds somehow, which you must explain to me." JC lurched off in a babble of Spanish to express his amazement and joy after the twins held his hands again.

"Cool it JC, we don't speak Spanish." Terry informed him.

"We're Americans." Toby stated proudly. "When did you know you like us?"

"The moment I first saw you that night in your lobby when I was caught sleeping in my rooms."

"Same with us," Toby's thought giggled, "You wear sexy underwear!"

Doug smiled at Harm and Huss, "You guys can stay in my parent's cottage, the second one on the beach."

Harm's face fell, "Aren't we all getting together in the house?" he asked with disappointment in his voice.

"Well yeah, but I thought…"

Huss piped up, "We'll get together alone lot's during the day, but Harm told me about all of you, all of us together at night and well if you are, we'd like to join you, really."

Doug shrugged, "The more the merrier! But the second cottage is still yours whenever you want to use it." It was eight o'clock at night though the September sun was still above the horizon in that latitude. "DINNER IS READY AT THE HOUSE!" he shouted, which caused a consolidation of bodies and shifts in destinations.

Medi and Sean leaned against each other and looked like they were about to fall asleep where they stood. Buck giggled at them, "You four can use my parent's cottage. That's the first one," he told the boys, Chad and Rick.

Kurt looked around, "Isn't the God Father, I mean your father with you?"

Buck rolled his eyes, "Good thing he isn't. You better forget that title fast."

Kurt shrugged, "I'm sorry but that's what the whole school calls him," he grinned, "with very great respect I might add. Half the guys are still waiting to get summoned, if you know what I mean."

"Tell them to marry their fists. There are no adults this weekend and you won't see any of us again until Christmas."

"Why, are you grounded?" Kurt asked. He couldn't imagine what Buck and Doug could have done to get grounded with all the shit they pulled off so regularly without being punished by anything more than a frowning rebuke from the God Father. "Check that," he thought frantically, "I meant Bucky."

"Not exactly," Doug explained, "we got nailed for skipping too many practices. My times aren't falling like they should be and Buck and Evan's dives weren't improving. Anyway, when we get home we'll be moved into the residence. From then on we get up at four in the morning, practice, grab breakfast, go to school, practice with the teams after school and then practice again after dinner. On weekends, well you can imagine how long those sessions will be."

Harm and Huss weren't paying attention to Doug's tail of woe and giggled together as they followed the others to the house. Evan heard them and got in their faces, or Harm's though he had to look up, "And this asshole golden boy swimmer wasn't doing very well either, but for different reasons. Bill and Bucky figured that he was suffering from chronic horniness and lack of nookie so they're moving Huss here, his new lover boy, in with him to keep him satisfied! I ask you, what the fuck kind of justice is that?"

Huss laughed, "For your information, the coach and Bucky did not move me in with Harm, they ASKED me if I wanted to relocate to the residence, now how could I refuse an opportunity like that? I'll practice with you guys since I'm there anyway so don't bitch at me, besides I'm going to try for Varsity by mid-season so I need to workout."

"Hey man, cool!" Doug enthused over Huss' announcement, "I hope you make it."

Medi leaned against Huss with his eyes closed, "What's with him and his buddy?" Kurt asked. Everyone laughed.

Buck answered, "His daddy caught him playing B.M.O.C, you know big man on campus, he had two big monster guys wearing robes as bodyguards and Huss here was his body servant." He grinned at Huss "You know that he spread the rumor that he found you in the stable?"

Medi opened his eyes to grin up at his uncle. "Actually, that's the truth," Huss giggled, hugging Medi. "I was in the stable currying one of my horses, I raise and breed Arabians. Medi came in to ask me if I wanted to shed our tutors and finish school in the United States. The servant business was all just a private joke I was helping him play his Arab Prince roll. And before you ask, I was indeed a virgin at the time but didn't really enjoy that status and I found my nephew here can be very persuasive."

"None of that explains why they're so dead on their feet." Kurt still looked quizzical.

Everyone who knew the reasons looked at Chad and Rick. Chad turned red and got defensive, "Don't blame me! They started it with me, then Rick got back from Texas an' they went after him big time, since then the two of them have been workin' every night, all night tryin to drain us down. We never had nothin' to do with young kids like them before 'cause we had each other. You watch 'em tonight, as soon as the sun goes down, they're like vampires after dark, they come alive!"

"Yeah," Rick sputtered, "We don't go to their rooms, they show up at ours. We reckon if they didn't like it, they just wouldn't keep comin' around and these two little guys didn't reckon on dealin' with two pair of Texas balls neither."

Huss just grinned and remained silent. During the three weeks before they left for school, Mohammed had spent every night in his bed getting him 'trained' and while Medi loved to suck cock, he loved getting fucked even more. So Huss knew what was really happening in the Texan's room, they were getting all the tight boy pussy they wanted plus when Medi wanted more they gave it to him, and probably Sean as well.

Dieter and Billie greeted Doug and his guests on the terrace across the pool from where their dinner was almost waiting. Dieter waved to an unseen observer and a flood of children burst onto the terrace each holding a tray of assorted drinks or one covered with artistically presented canapés. One little girl charged through her mates making a beeline for Doug, her tray held a Champaign bucket containing a single open longneck beer nearly buried in crushed ice.

"I always serves de Masta," she announced proudly while looking up at Doug.

Doug nervously sank to one knee to accept his drink, "Thank you little one. What's your name?"

"My name Hibiscus, fo de flowa in my hair Masta."

"That's a very pretty name Hibiscus, I'll remember to look for you before I take a drink from anyone else." Doug took a sip and smiled, "Just the way I like them, nice and cold." He stood up and turned away, self-conscious about his nudity.

Billie slithered up to Doug, "Don't worry about the nudity honey, since the school turned bare ass all of Black's Key did too. On these Keys nude IS the fashion. If their little jumpers weren't so pretty they'd be serving you butt naked."

"Oh, thanks Billie. I forgot that Anton had these kids to serve and they startled me." Doug did a double take when he saw Medi chug one of the colorful fruit drinks, put the empty glass down on the tray and select another. "Hold on there Medi, that drink is half hundred proof rum"

Medi looked shocked, "You served me alcohol you infidel?" He chugged the second drink, "There, I just washed the foul taste out my mouth with that fruit drink."

Doug shook his head in amazement as Medi's little Irish friend Sean, matched him, "That's two each. You guys are going to miss the fun tonight because that stuff is going to knock you on your little asses in about an hour, if you last THAT long."

Evan arrived with his mother Jessica on his arm accompanied by a good-looking, thirty-something guy holding her other hand. It was obvious that they were a couple. Jessica was wearing shorts and halter-top while the guy, in difference to her, wore low-rise monogrammed school shorts without a shirt. Herman and Hans loomed behind them and since they, like Evan, were nude, they appeared to be unarmed until Doug noted that they each carried a black nylon carryall bag.

Doug greeted Jessica with a kiss on the cheek and then Evan introduced the guy in a friendly manner, "This is Mom's boyfriend, Scott, but don't get too close to him, he has a problem," he warned with a twinkle in his eye. The guys within hearing range stopped talking. "He teaches MATH and it may be catching!"

Evan tried to dance away, but Jessica caught him around the waist and tickled him until he screamed for mercy, "Oh you," she scolded, "now no one will talk to him."

Scott laughed the hardest, "I can assure you math is not a contagious disease. Actually, I wish it was, it would make my job a lot easier." Scott told Doug and Buck as they shook hands.

Evan got free of his mother by screaming, "Mom! You groped me!" Jess threw her hands in the air and Evan scooted to behind Doug, "GOTCHA!"

Jess shook her fist, "I'll just get you back later somehow, Young Man!" she warned with a laugh.

Evan reappeared grinning; "I know I'm in trouble when she calls me Young Man."

Doug surveyed the terrace to be sure his guests were all enjoying the party and spied JC and the twins sitting near each other without touching, even the twins. They sipped their frozen rum punches and were decimating a tray of goodies but weren't talking, at least out loud but their eyes moved constantly and they laughed frequently at nothing. He sat down by them and grinned while Buck leaned on his shoulders.

"So you finally found someone like you." The twins noted that Doug wasn't asking.

The twins each took one of JC's hands so they were linked. Toby nodded, "Man that didn't take long. The secret is out. We were that obvious?"

"If you didn't want us to know, you should have talked out loud. Have you guys gotten together yet?"

All three blushed. JC answered for them, "There hasn't been time, we just found out walking here from the chopper. They did explain what happens though and I am very much looking forward to the experience at the first possible moment." He glanced at the twins, "I was going to ask, give me a chance!" Doug and Buck burst out laughing because the twins were always saying that to each other, "You guys are cordially invited if you wish. No one else though, not at first, perhaps tomorrow night." JC jerked his head around as he received a new thought. His eyes went to saucer size, "I, I'm told to ask if the dolphin pod might be in tomorrow night?" he stammered.

Doug grinned, "That's a good idea, let's call them and see." Doug stretched his neck.

"I see Charlie, I'll get him and Dago." Buck volunteered and walked off.

"We found out that we get better range when we all link up." Doug explained in a matter-of-fact voice. Charlie and Diego joined them. Doug continued, "Charlie can reach Big Momma and I can talk to Rocket. I think you guys are like amplifiers. Join hands and let's see." When Tommy saw them joining hands he broke away from Spencer and ran to join the circle. "Tommy has Comet," he had time to say before dolphin images flooded his mind.

"SWIMMER!" Rocket boomed in Doug's mind as he saw his body riding Rocket's nose, leave the water in a tremendous leap and reenter with a splash and lots of dolphin laughter. That changed to one of him clasping Rocket with his arms and legs. He blinked as he felt Rocket's pleasure in penetration. That picture faded to be replaced with the sea lit by a half moon replaced by a sunrise that moved across the sky to set behind Dagger Key. The moon began its climb again the next night until Sea Song was shown in the silvery light. Doug answered with a picture of naked guys standing on the stern platform looking out at the empty lagoon.

"We've got a date tomorrow night after moon rise!" Doug announced with a giggle. The entire communication lasted thirty seconds. Tommy got his attention, his lips moved excitedly. Doug laughed, "All righty then! Tommy just said that Sea Song will be in just after daylight tomorrow morning."

Marc had been busy with his camera while the group was preoccupied, "Hey, let's get up early and climb the pinchers to watch from there! I have GOT to get a video of that grand entrance." Everyone agreed as the dinner gong sounded.

Teenagers served them at dinner. There was one servant for each guest. Doug's servant was the tallest and probably the finest example of a male body living a very physical life in the islands. The boys were clothed in ornate overlapping shell necklaces and wore low slung belts made of fresh flowers and matching wreathes in their hair. The girls wore the same except a short sarong was added to their costume and their necklaces somewhat concealed their perky bare breasts.

Dieter leaned into Doug to whisper, "If Jessica wasn't here, your servers would have been all guys. Clever Billie has been grooming them. All of them would be hard during the entire dinner and after; they were ready to put on a show that you won't believe."

Doug felt his cock stirring as his eyes shifted to his waiter's crotch at exactly eye level. "Maybe they could give the show after Jessica leaves us. She looks like she'd rather be somewhere else with her new boyfriend right now."

Medi and Sean managed to help each other to the table. Medi grinned lopsidedly at Doug, "Man, I thought we lived well, but you, you infidel, are more decadent than we ever dreamed of being."

"If that was a compliment and if you can stay awake long enough, there's a show planned that should amuse you and your horn toad buddy."

Medi brightened, "These guys?" Doug nodded. "Sex?"

"I wouldn't be surprised," Doug smiled.

Medi looked around at the waiter's endowments to settle on the splendid specimen standing patiently at Doug's side. "I pick him."

Doug frowned, "You're almost in the group Medi, but we'll kick your ass right downstairs again if you mess around outside the gang, understand? None of these guys is a part of us, you can look and you can touch if they invite you, but anything else is a no-no. Got that?"

"Yeth thir," Medi slurred his agreement, as the rum took a more serious hold but flexed his fingers rapidly, getting warmed to do a lot of touching while he relayed Doug's warning to Sean. That bleary eyed boy didn't seem upset as Rick jumped to half stand giggling and pushing Sean's hand away from his cock.

Doug looked up at his waiter, "You heard what I told him right? The same goes for your gang. Some of my friends aren't used to booze and if any of your boys take advantage of that, they won't be living on Black's Key by morning."

While Doug issued his warning, Billie left his chair to move up behind the tall waiter, "Or alive to live anywhere else." He whispered.

The boy blinked and nodded that he understood Billie's warning before he recovered quickly to smile down on Doug, "I'se Ace Masta, I is de head boy here an' dare ain't goin' t' be no hanky panky wid no drunk white boys."

Doug reached up and offered his hand, "Thanks Ace." Ace stared at Doug's hand for thirty seconds before he realized that Doug wanted to shake with him.

"Yo de firs' Masta I ever done shook no hans wid!" Ace told Doug while he nearly cranked his young master's arm off at the shoulder.

As prophesied, Jessica and Scott took their leave before dessert and coffee. When they were safely gone Doug looked up at Ace, "Tell these girls that they're off for the night and make sure all the kids are gone before you guys start your show." Ace glided around the table whispering to each girl and they quickly disappeared toward the kitchen. Ace clapped his hands and clearing the table was forgotten as the even dozen boys started moving out around the pool to light fires already prepared in large, raised steel dishes and then a hundred more tiki torches that were spotted in groups around the pool. Gym mats were dragged out of the bushes and placed together on the deck between two of the blazing fires near where many of the torches were concentrated and four more boys appeared, each carrying a different drum, one a hollow log.

The drums began slowly and softly. The twelve became six couples, each comprised of a taller more muscular boy while his partner, was younger not as tall with a less well developed body. It was easy to see who was going to give and who receive, if it went that far. The flower belts had disappeared; only the heavy shell necklaces and hair wreaths remained along with twelve erections in as many shapes and sizes.

Doug and Buck moved a wide, cushioned barrel type deck chair to the mat area. Doug sat down and didn't have time to pull Buck to his lap; Buck just fell into his favorite place. The twins and JC pulled up another chair close to Doug and Buck's. JC sat in the middle and the twins joined him on either side and each captured one of his spread legs by hooking both of theirs over his thighs. JC pulled them in tight so he was rendered helpless, at the mercy of their hands.

The couples faced each other on the mats and slowly began a weird jumping dance while turning constantly so their bodies could be seen from every direction. The purpose of the shell necklaces became clear; they were the island version of castanets, which complemented the drums' increasing beat. Twelve pelvises began to thrust and the dancers drew closer.

Doug whispered something to Buck. When Buck nodded Doug leaned toward Toby, the closest, "We don't want to be spoil sports, but if we watch this until the end, none of us will be able to go anywhere and we'll end up in an orgy right here. It's cool if you want to stay…" he left the alternative unsaid. The choice was the twins and JC's.

There was no discussion, the three nodded and tilted their heads toward the house. The others watched them leave and were briefly disappointed but quickly resumed watching the dance. Buck looked back at the door and nudged the others. Tommy was towing Spencer forward to occupy one of the vacant chairs. He pushed Spencer down. Spencer stretched out until his ass was on the edge of the chair. Tommy turned and backed up Spencer's legs so his were spread. Spencer held his mighty pole up eagerly as Tommy impaled his smaller body and then lay back to use Spencer as his cushion. Then Tommy surprised everyone by closing his legs to rest them on Spencer's.

"See what I mean? Man that was hot. Spencer looks like he's dying. Let's go up to the fourth floor where we won't be disturbed." Doug and the gang had been using the suite that Anton built on the second floor as a matter of convenience in difference to his handicap so the two really grand suites that occupied the whole of the top floor had been ignored.

Even Doug whistled with the others after he found the light switches and the vast living area appeared out of darkness. He looked around briefly and then at Buck. "From now on this is our private space, no one gets in unless they're invited when we're in here," he declared.

"Cool," Buck agreed, "we don't get to be alone enough. Let's make Anton's suite strictly for orgies and we'll give everyone else permanent rooms too so everyone else can get away if they want and some place to keep their personal shit."

"Good idea," Doug agreed, "we'll tell them to pick a room at breakfast. Hey, do you guys want the other suite on this floor?"

JC looked amazed, "You mean we can just have it?" he asked innocently.

"DUH! No you can't just have it, the rent is seventy-five hundred a night."

JC frowned, "I could pay you for six months now and the rest for the year when we get back to school, if that is alright?" he looked both hopeful and apologetic at the same time and he saw four jaws drop open, "I am most sorry. I didn't know I would need more, but this will make a splendid refuge, if needed."

"Cool it JC I was joking. You are our guests, friends and bed buddies; the suite belongs to you guys whenever you want to come down here for as long as you want to use it. Consider it private property."

"JC?" Buck interrupted Doug's assurances, "Do you have over a million-three with you in CASH?"

JC shrugged, "I didn't count it, but I think at least that much."

"Have you ever heard of banks?" Doug asked weakly suffering from incredulity.

"Of course, after I took over the business I opened accounts in several countries, but unfortunately my father wished to remain more fluid. He never realized that by hoarding his profits constantly for so many years that his wealth became too ponderous to move quickly anywhere. I was moving it out in small amounts, but when I left the country to come here," he shrugged, "well I am the only one who can access the storage area. When, or if I ever get back there before my delivery chains are broken, I could ship more, but just cash — the bouillon is too heavy." JC brightened to make a joke, "But never fear my friends I will not be asking for a loan anytime soon."

"Ah, if you don't mind me being nosey, just how much are we talking about moving, just in round numbers," Buck asked cautiously with his hand on the bedroom door latch.

He got a quick Latin shrug, "Based on the volume of the amounts I have been able to ship, I would venture that there is nearly ten billion give or take. Oh, plus there are several tons of gold, I keep forgetting that." He grinned and pushed past Buck into the master bedroom, "Enough of my problems. Come along, my beautiful twins. It is time to consummate our new, unique and very exciting relationship with our friends."

Buck watched the three climb on the bed after stripping it to the bottom sheet. He whispered to Doug, "We'll need Evan and Billie in on this."

"Yeah, and Will and Joe too."

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