Castle Roland

Somerset Farm

by Jamie Haze

In Progress

Chapter 53

Published: 4 May 15


Jamie Haze

Josh drove the golf cart, delighted to see his sudden new partner in building mega yachts, JC (who was a almost virgin), with an actual virgin, Cadet John Carter. John unnecessarily straddled JC's thigh just as JC straddled his a couple of hours earlier. JC couldn't resist running his hands over John's body, except for his throbbing cock, because in JC's conservative mind that would be rude.

"We're going sailing?" John asked weakly while willing JC to just touch it briefly so he could explode, no matter the embarrassing consequences; the resultant white ropy mess with Josh looking on. "But, but, how are we going to get it on together? JC, dude, please, I, I'm a vir-virgin … remember?" he begged with a stutter when he was nervous.

Josh giggled, braked slightly and turned on a path to the big house, the former hotel. "One clean virgin coming up!" he yelled while admiring the cocks and bodies they were attached to at his side. "I know I'm an old guy JC, and although I'm not very experienced myself, I know that poor Johnny here is about to lose it. You would too if we hadn't been busy earlier," he warned as he stopped directly in front of the former lobby doors. "A shower would be a good thing right now after you take care of business, since I doubt John can walk," he suggested, already debarking from his side of the cart to make room on the seat.

JC nodded in answer as he slipped John to the side so he lay on the seat with his tight bubble butt arched across JC's legs. JC just had time to get rude enough to point John's straining cock at his descending mouth and lock his lips on the engorged head before John began writhing and bucking helplessly.

A half hour later when they arrived at the beach, John's face was still red and his ears were burning after discovering exactly what Josh meant by 'cleaning' the virgin, but it was worth the embarrassment since he knew the empty space would soon be occupied by JC's exciting cock, although he was appalled to realize that the gang would be watching his deflowering.

The twins, Toby and Terry were the first to approach the new couple in knee-deep water. JC already held one of John's hands and Toby took the other while Terry grabbed JC's and the three 'brain brothers' studied John's face anxiously while the rest of the gang looked on wearing hopeful smiles.

John blinked rapidly before his eyes became marbles staring at the other's faces before he looked down to watch his and three other cocks rise in anticipation of fulfilling the prophesied images the twins and JC broadcast into his mind. "NO FUCKING WAY! Really? We can do that?" he asked.

"Yes way!" the twins and JC chimed together with excited giggles.

Doug waded to where Josh stood watching the revelations with a grin. He nodded toward the last boat in the line, "You better go with them to run the boat. After we get outside, you can drop off and go wherever so they can be alone except for you. I know I wouldn't have appreciated a circus my first time with Buck and John looks like he's ready to run. Oh," he added, "I filled the ice chest with food and drinks so you don't have to hurry back." He tipped his head at the dive boat where Marc stood with a camera glued to his face snapping pictures as fast as the advance could work and where the rest of the gang looked on with grins and catcalls.

Josh nodded and herded the new couple to be to the last catamaran in the tethered line. Both went willingly, befuddled by each other's face and body. JC was still enamored with the fact that what he thought was John's five inches sitting in a chair with his legs closed in an attempt to hide it was actually seven, standing or laying down. Josh nudged the couple onto the boat and they didn't surface from one long continuing kiss until he heeled the boat as he began to tack south along the archipelago. Both lovers looked up, then sat up, looking around. "Relax guys, we ditched the mob and I know just the place to spend the next few hours undisturbed," he assured them.

John and JC joined Josh on the seat with John in the middle. John casually adjusted the jib to correct its flapping and their speed increased. "You know how to sail?" JC asked in astonishment.

John grinned, "A little, my father has a thirty foot sloop on Lake Michigan, he was incompetent and so I took over the wheel. We never won, but at least we were never last again. I've never been on a catamaran before. These are way cool." He looked at Josh, "Can you make it go faster?"

"Want to take the tiller?" Josh asked.

John grinned impishly, and took a 'tiller' in each hand, playfully directing the boat's movement by bending their two cocks with Josh just as playfully responding by adjusting the real tiller until the pontoon they were sitting on left the water. All three leaned back, hiking out to balance the boat. John giggled and screamed, "YA HOO! Power steering! I am loving this!"

JC reached over to lift John's big tool lovingly, "And I will be loving this as soon as we get where we are going."

John looked confused, "But I'm younger than you, I'll be working for you and you should always be the man just like big, beautiful Doug is Alpha with little Buck."

JC and Josh both laughed at that assumption. JC corrected John's impression that Buck was the wife in their perfect partnership. "It may look that way until you join them in bed. I can assure you that Doug demands as much time on the bottom with Buck as he does with anyone else invited to join them. I know because Buck was my first lover and as soon as he finished, Doug pushed him off me and then unceremoniously dragged me over his body and had me installed before I knew what was happening. Perhaps we should be as versatile in our relationship as they are in theirs."

John agreed with a nod as he glanced at Josh's hard, tanned twenty-four year old body. "Okay, but can we include Josh here too?" His face reddened, "Call me a slut but I'd really like to try this out too and today, if that's alright?"

"Of course, and didn't you hear Doug shouting that he had thirdsies after we return? I think he just beat Buck on that call and I suspect that they are still arguing in good humor and Buck will be waiting impatiently for Doug to finish, never fear."

Josh's free hand joined JC's in holding John's virgin rod, "There are tillers and tillers," he declared and leaned John's toward JC's as the bows nudged the tiny beach.

"What's a thirdsey?" John asked innocently as JC pulled his smaller body over his. JC whispered while Josh again held John's tiller, guiding it. "It is? He does? He wants me after, later?" he squeaked, sank and then no longer cared.

Vincent claimed the dive boats' unattended wheel at first and then dared anyone to protest with his eyes. He saluted the Sea Song with a long blast as he guided the small flotilla across 'his' bow. Gregor and Meesha had ended the tour on the fly bridge, their favorite place to have daytime sex. Medi and Sean took one look at the expanse of the upholstered storage box and scampered ahead together to lay down on their backs with their legs spread. Meesha's reservations fled his mind as he eyed Sean while Gregor never had any as he quickly shaded Medi's body.

Gregor hesitated at first until he whispered a question with straining muscles. Medi's quick answer produced a grin of relief as he sank. "Spencer? Fucking yes! He is also a fucking stallion!" he declared immodestly.

When Vincent's salute blasted the silence, Gregor was happily explaining to Chad and Rick the excellence of fresh Russian cream and its prompt recovery even though the Texans were already busy with the recovery from their two little lovers writhing under their mouths. Gregor looked up, and unceremoniously grabbed Medi around the waist and waved his small body like a flag.

"Put me down you big oaf, my bodyguards will kill you," Medi protested between giggles.

"You're forgettin' you don't have any bodyguards you royal horn toad, until this week whenever your dad sends replacements," Chad advised after licking his lips when Medi and his cream filled pussy was suddenly removed from under his mouth.

"Oh," Medi grinned, "well then when they do arrive remind me please, but just to hold them down. Sean and I will discipline them." He looked out and down when he heard shouts and whistles from the passing dive boat. Only the last catamaran was occupied by two, no three guys. Two were making out with each other and were pasted together while the third watched. "Hey Gregor, where are they going anyway?"

By way of an answer, Gregor slung screaming Medi to his broad shoulders and jumped from the storage box already running for the stairwell down while he shouted orders in Russian and French. There was no doubt that his booming voice carried everywhere on the huge yacht. Meesha grabbed Sean in a firemen's carry, motioning Chad and Rick to follow. "They go outside to sail and we will join them!" Meesha explained. He paused long enough to use the ships' intercom to order lunch to be packed and delivered to the stern in five minutes. "Ignorant dolt has no class," he explained, proud of his use of the word 'class' in the proper context, and of Gregor with a shake of his head and an adoring smile, "He shouts when we have electronics."

By the time they reached the boat deck, a twenty-foot ski boat and catamaran had been hauled in from the string of water toys and were waiting, being held by four naked crewmen. Gregor jumped with Medi still on his shoulders and when he braked, Medi nearly pitched over his head into the lagoon. Both laughed at the near dunking. Meesha shouted to Gregor who turned just in time to catch an already airborne Sean in his arms to save him from the same fate. Both young boys enjoyed the casual roughhousing since it was the first time for either of them that anyone had dared or cared.

After two seamen came running with a heavy cooler between them and it was handed aboard and stowed, Medi and Sean began clamoring at a chance to drive the boat. Chad and Rick had other plans and the boys found themselves sitting in the reclined seats facing aft with their legs held out and up. "We weren't quite finished pardners, an' when we get finished, we're up an' plannin' to plant some Texas cream for Gregor an' Meesha to sample, so you two just relax." Chad grinned and lowered his head.

Gregor looked back at the busy couples, "Texas cream? FUCK YES!"

Medi began running his hands through Chad's hair as his pleasure built. "When Sean and I are old enough to shoot something other than blanks, my dear Chad, we are going to wear your two old Texas pussies out!" he promised with a moan.

Evan and Buck sat with their heads together, talking quietly, actually negotiating something, and after they were safely clear of the pinchers and approaching a mooring, they high fived and shook hands. Both got up to find Doug. He was up on the sun deck laughing at Marc's unsuccessful efforts to photograph JC and young John making out together in the middle of the third boats' trampoline. He was using his rifle stock equipped telephoto lens. Each time Marc missed a frame he shouted 'FUCK!' louder in frustration.

"Doug," Evan called, "Buck and I need to use two of the cats for a single hand race."

Doug nodded and grinned, "Okay by me. What's the prize?"

"The loser gets to pay for a new runway on Dagger," Buck mumbled and looked away.

"That would be hard to do since we don't even have an old runway." Doug grinned waiting for the other shoe to drop.

"The asshole meant A runway. Your dad has it already designed, I asked him to, out on the backside out of the way and the fill won't affect the reef."

"Fill?" Doug asked with one eyebrow at full arch. "How long is this new, old runway going to be?" He thought he already knew the answer.

"Long enough to land here instead of Nassau, right about nine thousand feet, give or take a few and it needs to be about 200 feet wide and about five feet thick." Evan admitted cautiously.

"If my dad designed it already, I guess it will be okay. Is he going to build it and how much is the bet actually for?"

"Fifty million up front to start with to see how far that goes. We might have to go racing again to get it finished unless I can pry Dad and the Foundation loose from the rest assuming I lose," he frowned at Evan, "BUT I'M NOT GOING TO LOSE, MOTHERFUCKER!"

"FUCKING YES!" Gregor agreed with a boom to announce their approach, unaware of what the shout was all about.

Doug grinned when he saw that they towed the Cat from the Sea Song. He pulled Buck aside in the hubbub of getting out fenders and tying off the ski boat. "You crazy little asshole. Why'd you let him suck you into a bet like that? It's his fucking plane."

Buck looked pouty, "He asked if I'd split the cost and when I said no, he called me a cheapo and a tightwad."

Doug rolled his eyes. He knew Buck couldn't resist refuting those accusations, they were like a dare but at least Buck had a chance in a race. He leaned in close, "Look, if you get to pick a boat, pick the one from Sea Song. Its English built, it has a taller mast, a bigger fully battened main sail and one-twenty genoa jib," he whispered. "This American shit doesn't."

Buck looked at Doug strangely and then began to giggle. "Sonofabitch! That's how you won the fucking regatta; no one could get you off that boat to race it against you!"

Doug looked like a fallen angel, "I only wear Evan's Rollex when I have to really dress up, and keep it down, he'll hear you," he hissed. "You always sound like a rock crusher when you laugh. Who could pass up a chance for a free Rollex?" he asked rhetorically.

Evan cast off his chosen boat as quickly as he could so he could get in some practice while Buck bullshitted with Doug on the dive boat's bow which had settled down, pointing into the wind at the first turn marker buoy. The first leg would be all tacking.

Buck pulled a canvass cover off a lumpy shape, "Our new starting gun!" he announced and bowed at the gleaming four foot long brass barrel of a replica navel cannon lashed securely to the deck.

Doug laughed, "Holy shit! Where'd you get this?"

"This is the first one. I had to order the rest since they don't keep the big ones in stock, but then the fort hasn't been built yet so that doesn't matter." Buck answered Doug without answering.

Doug remembered a brief conversation about a fort to fire salutes to incoming vessels. "Oh yeah, we're still building that I guess, huh?" He grinned and thought what a stupid question that was when discussing ideas with Buck. He again pictured crenellated walls and towers with flags and pennants flying, only with sally ports for cannon added. He peered into the two-inch muzzle, "Will this fire live rounds?" he asked, knowing Buck as he did.

"Nope just really smoky black powder blanks with a big bang. Here's a box of ammo and the directions for loading it. You better take a few practice shots while I go warm up." Buck started to run aft.

"Hey," Doug stopped him, "don't you want a good luck kiss?"

"Oh yeah," Buck melted in Doug's arms, "a fifty million dollar one please."

"And change," Doug added just before their lips touched. The kiss lasted two minutes, before Doug reluctantly lowered Buck's feet to the deck revealing their two erections to more catcalls.

"Hold that thought," Buck whispered with a quick lap up at Doug's nose before he was gone.

Doug began to read the loading directions after playfully pushing Marc away from his cock several times. Billy came forward, "I already read them. It's easy. Load the round, close the breech and pull the lanyard." He demonstrated as he spoke and there was a horrendous boom before they were engulfed in smoke, which blew straight aft briefly engulfing everyone. Gregor was the first to reach the bow with Medi and Chad. Medi was between them and kept an arm wrapped firmly around each thigh. Of course his grasp was up high enough so he could grab either's cock or balls in the event that one attempted to shake him loose.

"FUCK YES!" Gregor shouted in delight, switched languages and then said something aft. Meesha, Sean and Rick appeared in a minute with Harm and Huss (or Hussein) right behind them. Meesha held a small radio that connected them to the Sea Song at all times. Spencer, with Tommy sitting proudly on one of his shoulders was next until the whole mob was clamoring to fire the cannon just once. Tommy couldn't clamor. He just asked wordlessly to be put down and while the rest of the guys argued, Spencer watched him get another brass round from the ammo box, open the breech, eject the spent casing and then reverse the procedure. There were several splashes and laughing screams when they were all engulfed in smoke the second time. Tommy was still knuckling his eyes clear when Spencer picked him up again and jumped to get the culprit away unnoticed.

Meesha instructed whoever he spoke to in French to order one of the guns for the Sea Song after discovering the manufacturer's website on the directions. Medi got Gregor's attention by grabbing and squeezing, "Shouldn't the one for Sea Song be bigger?" he asked in the same language.

Gregor and Meesha both looked down at the eleven year old. "You speak French and so well. Why didn't you just tell us?" Meesha asked in French.

Medi shrugged, "It's a secret. I'm enrolled in beginner's French at school so I can get some 'A's' before they discover the truth. When one's family owns an international destination resort one must speak a few languages." He spied his uncle with Harm and steered Gregor to him. "Have you met my Uncle? Captains Gregor and Meesha, this is my Uncle Hussein^Å" and went on at length through Hussein's royal lineage flawlessly, "^Åbut his American nickname is Huss," he concluded.

Gregor cranked Huss' arm and grinned, "Everyone speaking fucking English please!" He looked down on Huss and bowed, "We must learn fucking good Uncle Hoose!" Since Doog was as close as Gregor could get to pronouncing Doug, Hoose, which rhymed with 'moose', would have to do for Huss.

Everyone cracked up, and Huss instantly became Hoose to the whole gang and frequently Uncle Hoose at that. Huss rolled his eyes in mock dismay but didn't protest because it didn't matter. He actually felt honored to have his name even more bastardized by the big young Russian and adopted by the fun loving Americans.

The catamaran race ended with Buck beating Evan to the finish line by only five boat lengths, but he won. Evan accepted his defeat graciously with a shrug still sitting on his cat; "It was worth a try at saving fifty very large wasn't it?" He didn't wait for answers, dismissing the bet, "Come on you guys, let's all race to the cove! I'm hungry!" he winked at Gregor in invitation as he drifted a few feet from the dive boats' side. Billy jumped first followed by Gregor, who carried Medi and Chad along with him. Sean pushed Meesha and Rick overboard and followed so that after they climbed on Evan's cat it was seriously overloaded.

On the other side of the dive boat, the same thing was happening. Buck yielded the tiller to Doug while Harm, Hoose, Spencer and Tommy followed quickly. The rest of the gang frantically pulled in the remaining two cats and split up randomly. All the guards remained on the dive boat until Vincent gave Jeff a push and tossed little Eric bodily off the dive platform to join the twins after they'd conspired to toss Charlie into Diego's waiting arms.

"We don't know how to sail!" Jeff screamed through cupped hands as their boat drifted while couples formed on the trampoline without a care.

Vincent pointed at Doug already underway, although very slowly, "Just do what Doug does! When he changes sides you do too and grab the other stick thing and fix the sails with all those ropes just like he does! If you lose him, I'll lose you as soon as I find you!" he shouted with a quiet giggle at the young guards' consternation and flapping sails. He relented finally, "Don't worry, we'll be right behind you!"

"Not unless you give the order to cast off from the mooring Captain Bligh Sir." Noah commented dryly while David lay on his belly on the bowsprit waiting to do just that after someone started the engine and moved close enough to slacken the line.

Vincent rushed to the wheel. "Fuck you, Noah!" he grumbled.

Noah grinned, "Anytime big guy. The twins like you so I think I will too."

"As soon as we anchor." Vincent winked and looked forward to David's fine body stretched out with his legs spread so he had a view of butt and crotch, "What about Dave?"

Noah shrugged, "Who can just watch?"

After two hours of frenzied lovemaking, Josh called a halt by just waving overstuffed hoagies at JC and John. After they finished eating John looked at JC nervously, "Now might be a good time to tell you my story," he began.

"Our stories," JC interrupted. "Yes it would. As for me, I am the son of the biggest drug lord in South America. My father died suddenly some months ago and I have been conducting his business as usual since then, perhaps even more successfully. When I enrolled in school I tried to just give my business to my competitors but they are too stupid to accept it. Now I am selling it to them and after the payment, I shall destroy it and them utterly. Do you understand my use of the word destroy? They must all die and I will order their deaths. So you see my dear John, I am a monster in the skin of a fifteen year old." He held his breath as tears leaked from his eyes, waiting for John's reaction.

John surprised JC by leaning in and licking his cheeks. "I kind of figured that out while you guys were surrounding me this morning with all your beautiful bodies. Who else could afford those three monster houses or needs to get something so huge out of the biggest one, that you need a ship like Sea Song? I'm just as bad as you, I stole from a church."

JC almost laughed at John's admission until he saw his young lover's eyes. John continued, "I had to. I had to get away. My father was going to send me away to a special church school where they convert gay guys back into being straight. There was one guy in our church who got sent there and when he came back home he walked around like a zombie and he kind of looked like one too. Before, he was sixteen and so handsome and always laughing. He was my first crush and he liked me too, I could tell, but he got caught in his bedroom with another guy before we could get together. My father is the preacher and Tom's father came to him with his problem. My father arranged for Tom to go to that fucking school."

John rushed on once he started talking, "My father caught me looking at a gay website in the church office and that was all it took. That was back in early July. If I hadn't run away three weeks ago I'd be at that school right now. Since I've always been good with computers, I've been the church's bookkeeper since I was eight years old. All of the parishioners tithe and some pay in cash and all of the sinners pay for them in cash."

"Say what?" Josh asked in surprise at John's last comment.

John nodded, "We don't have confession, but any member who commits a sin pays for it voluntarily. Like adultery costs the most, that's five grand. Paying the fee doesn't mean the man or woman stops doing the dirty deed, just that they're forgiven. My father forgives them in the Lord's name, but very confidentially so no one knows. Right after he told me that I was going to a special school to straighten my ass out," John put finger quotes around 'straighten', "I started skimming the Sunday take, all the cash. I flew to Ft. Lauderdale from Chicago first class and made a reservation at the Bahia Mar

Hotel for a week on the web. I'd just climbed out of a cab across from the hotel and put on my backpack when this big limo pulled up in front of me, a kid climbed out of the back, Kyle. He knew I was new in town, a rube, and told me that after my money ran out I'd be hustling my ass to old guys. He offered an alternative, the Marine Academy, and here I am, so I've still got a stolen hundred and eighty thousand dollars in my backpack, stuffed under my bed."

JC held in his laughter with difficulty while Josh rolled away with his shoulders shaking. JC pulled John's head in to his chest. "Perhaps your church is the bigger thief. I have never heard of a religion that charged for sins and allowed them to continue after the payment, but then I have been very sheltered. Perhaps your sin of stealing could be absolved by returning the funds?"

John giggled suddenly, "It would except it would only confuse the issue, and before I took off I watered down the church computer. It only sparked once before the screen went black. By now my father has probably pulled out the rest of his hair trying to balance the church books manually since all the cash went into his personal account and he doesn't know it's missing."

"You no longer need this money, I planned to pay you two hundred thousand. Would that be sufficient?"

"A year?" John gasped and looked up at JC's smiling face.

"No my love, a month, you must never worry about funds again!" JC answered with a kiss.

"Homo Hall?" Doug asked of Tommy. "That's what they call Lasker Hall?" Tommy had just finished explaining that one senor football player had snickered and pointed him out as a resident and then pointed to the twins and several others in the dining hall as being more of the fairies from Homo Hall.

"I'll take them both on together as soon as we get back. Like Patrick says, I may not win, but it will be a grand fight."

Buck pushed Doug down to his back within the confines of the catamaran's crowded trampoline and promptly straddled his chest, "You're a lover not a fighter. Those two would mop up the campus with your silly ass." He reached back without looking. After Doug screamed at having his cock bent double, Buck grinned. "Have you ever seen this Kevin guy and his roommate apart? I haven't. Maybe their homophobe shit is really a cover. It could be that they're really wannabes." Buck wondered.

Doug lifted and pushed Buck down his body. Tommy steered helpfully and Buck settled down. "You mean that they're gay?" Doug asked with a sigh of pleasure after his cock disappeared.

"Not like us, but with each other. They're both hot studs and always wandering around campus after classes wearing running shorts and no shirts like now, while it's still warm so they enjoy displaying their bodies just like us. We'll put snoopy on them tonight to see what they do behind a locked door. If they're getting it on with each other we'll just make a tape and give it to them. That should end the Homo Hall shit."

The gang was taking a sun break when John, at the cat's real tiller, guided the fourth cat into the cove and expertly nudged the open end of the raft made from the other three cats, the dive boat and the empty ski boat on the other side of the dive boat. Doug watched the delicate maneuver with growing surprise and delight. "John Boy! You're a sailor, wow! Want to have a race before we go back in?" he asked as he duck walked and crawled to the new arrival and then pulled John, JC and Josh down on the boats' trampoline.

Buck followed. "Thirdsies," he called grinning at John hopefully.

"Too late asshole, I already called it," Doug explained as he stretched out on his back and pulled John on top.

John looked at JC nervously. JC giggled, "I told you so," he reminded John that Doug enjoyed getting as well as giving.

"Hurry up and steer JC," Doug ordered when he saw that John seemed to be paralyzed and yet was panting as if he was ready to explode just from first body contact. He whispered to John, "Calm down hottie, make it last a little while, but if you can't just start over."

John nodded and looked back to see JC pry his stiff legs apart and then crawl forward to kneel between them. Then he felt JC's very gentle hand guiding his once again enraged cock. He sank as Doug pulled his head down for a tonsil tickle. John calmed down, retaliated with his tongue and began thrusting gently. JC pried John's hard cheeks apart with his fingers since he was already there, eyed the glistening young new pussy and stretched out to use his tongue boldly with no thought of all the others watching him. John moaned his double pleasure into Doug's mouth. Josh, not to be left out stretched out on JC's back and guided himself while the fifth wheel, Buck; lay down on his side with his cock convenient to Doug and John's mouths. At first, Buck thrust between their lips until Doug turned his head so Buck could fuck his mouth.

"Could, could I try that?" John asked hesitantly without altering his thrusts into Doug.

Doug spit Buck out and used a hand to angle the big cock up to John's mouth. "Sure, here you go, John Boy."

"This doesn't count as fourths remember," Buck reminded John. John nodded slightly, intent on swallowing as much of Buck's length as he could.

Meanwhile, as the rest of the gang watched, the other cats began to rock violently as they emulated the complicated joining. After a few minutes there was an assortment of screams, moans, sighs and babbles of delight as the group began to climax. When everyone finished they all spontaneously abandoned ship to wash and cool off, recognizing that it was time for the flotilla to break up, leave the Pleasure Cove, as someone called it, with the cats under sail.

Doug started talking about a race between he and John. Buck interrupted, "Wait a minute, what about my fourths? You promised, John Boy." he reminded John petulantly.

John blushed and nodded, "Could I make a suggestion?" After Buck and Doug nodded he continued haltingly, "Well, ah, Buck could crew for me and JC could crew for you, Doug."

"How do I get fourths while we're racing?" Buck asked.

Blood flowed into John's face, "Well I was thinking that I could sit in your lap with my back on your chest and Doug and JC could do the same. That would be fair."

Doug grinned, picturing the unions and then frowned, "What about when we come about? We'd have to separate."

John thought for a moment before he grinned like a young lecher, "Yeah we would, but we could make it a rule that we'd have to join up again, somehow, before we could get underway again."

"Sex combined with sailing," Doug mused, "it might not work but it will be great trying. If it doesn't work or even if it does, we can just stay on our boats while we're being towed back in." The four boys high fived before they began ordering everyone off the second cat. Josh made his way to the dive boat to join Vincent and renew their friendship.

The two crews drifted until Buck was happily impaled on John and JC was similarly ensconced on Doug. They all figured out for themselves that they needed to use the hiking straps. John and Doug with their legs spread wide and JC and Buck with theirs closed tight. After they got underway and saw that it would be a long run to the starting buoy, John and Doug stretched out with their torsos rigid over the water and the top boys began arching their bodies. All four decided at the same time that if they did much sailing like they were doing, that they'd all end up with killer six packs. Doug and JC tacked first experimentally.

JC quickly sat on the opposite seat, hiked out and held his cock up for Doug to sit on. They got underway again very quickly. "Let's try that exactly like they did it," John suggested. Buck nodded with a gravelly giggle and as soon as John shouted, "Ready about," Buck pulled free and quickly regained the other seat ready to feed John his cock. John sucked in his breath, "Oh wow Buck, will you fuck me like normally after the race? You feel so great. I want Doug to get me too if that's all right. JC and Josh have great cocks but yours are bigger and I have just got to try them at least once."

Buck giggled again, "Just once? Your pussy is so tight, once won't be enough for either of us. Just wait until tonight, man you are going to be so busy, between the twins, the other guys and even the dolphin pod is coming in tonight for a visit."

John had to hold his question about the dolphin until after they tacked again with him on the seat buried deep in Buck. Buck explained in a matter of fact manner and felt John grow larger. Buck laughed and arched his body several times, "John Boy, my man, you are sure going to fit in with the gang. Just thinking of interspecies sex and you grow another inch!"

Buck couldn't see John's red face but felt his increased body heat. John stuttered, "I, I've, watched a couple of clips of guys with farm animals and dogs; they sure didn't turn me on. I'm surprised at myself."

"Maybe because with our dolphin, getting fucked by them is completely consensual, and I think they're the only other known species who fuck for fun, not just to make babies. In fact they started it and even have favorites in our gang. I'll get Doug to introduce you to his buddy Rocket while he's fresh as soon as they come in the lagoon. They can come more times than humans but even they have their limits. I hope he likes you and JC, then you can call them when you come down here on weekends since Doug and I won't be back here until Christmas." Buck went on to explain why, that they'd be practicing three times a day, seven days a week.

While Buck talked, John kept running the boat. The two cats had reached the starting line and were waiting for the cannon. Both he and Doug maneuvered for the best position. Doug watched Tommy's arm while John squinted at the lanyard's taught-ness, "Get ready to jibe," he whispered to Buck, "LIKE NOW!" he shouted and pulled the tiller in to Buck's chest a second before the gun belched and the boom reached them. Buck slipped to the side to avoid the tiller, jetted across the trampoline and then held it while John followed. They took the lead and kept it during all three legs although never more than a boat length; Doug just could not gain the advantage because John was obviously more experienced at racing. Marc gave up his camera long enough to fire the cannon when the lead boats' bow reached the finish line.

"Don't go near the dive boat," Buck instructed quickly. "Just get us up to the cat tethered in back and I'll tie us on. I think we're ready for some serious fucking on the way home." Doug and JC had the same thought and were right behind them. JC tossed a line to his new and wonderful lover and had time to shout his congratulations before Doug pulled him to the tramp. JC looked forward to see that Buck was already mounted in John and humping as if it was his last.

John Boy, and by then everyone called him that, was once again the center of attention as he sat at the table in the living room and opened the snoopy program on the big screen mounted over the fireplace. "Before you start looking around the campus for those two football assholes," Evan directed, "Bring up my ship yards please, these two guys need to see what they leased."

Hans looked at his watch, "It is dark night there, Master."

"Oh yeah, it would look worse in infrared I guess. Anyway, there's the three four hundred foot slipways and one dry dock but it's only good for a three hundred footer."

"You mean what you 'three' leased, John Boy is now included as a partner." JC interrupted Evan with a grin and with his eyes on John Boy. "And the dry dock might be a good place to build the largest catamaran yacht ever built."

John Boy's fingers froze above the keyboard as he looked up at smiling JC and nodding Josh. "I can't be your partner, I'm just a queer runaway preacher's son with no money and your new geek bookkeeper," John protested.

JC laughed, "The price for a one third interest in our new company is offered to you, my love, for one hundred-eighty thousand dollars. In cash please," JC added, to forestall a rush to find checkbooks. "You see, my dearest John Boy, I have no books at present." He tapped his temple, "What is in here must go in there," he pointed at the computer keyboard, "as soon as possible. You will be my financial manger and the treasurer of the new company, Edwards-Carter Yacht Builders, Limited. My name must not be a part of the partnership since there are a dozen or so countries who seem to be interested in talking to me or rather my father for some reason." JC tried to look innocent and mystified.

John Boy forgot that there was anyone else in the room listening to their unique conversation, "Does this all mean that you love me as much as I love you?" he whispered, but since the room was silent, his voice carried to everyone.

The Latin part of JC's soul overwhelmed him and he knelt at John Boy's side, "If you will have me, we should marry when we are older."

"Cut the shit, JC," Buck said gruffly, but with a grin. "Next thing we know, you two will be putting on a show for us, which will degenerate into an orgy right here, and it's almost dinnertime. A week ago you wouldn't say cock, and now you're about to fuck your boyfriend in public, or almost in public. Let's get back to Homo Hall."

Evan reached around John Boy to bring up the satellite index and then keyed the one they wanted, one in the northeast United States that looked at Oaks Academy constantly. The screen was blank until he typed his first name, which over rode the local school networked computers in Lasker Hall. He winked at Hans and Herman, his bodyguards or loyal 'Dobermans', "That should cause a sphincter clench if the guy in the control room isn't well trained." He giggled when the satellite preemption was acknowledged in seconds. The bodyguards collectively sighed and grinned in relief, the man watching over the campus was alert and well trained. The big screen brightened, resolving into an aerial view of the Oaks campus.

"Zoom into the building next to the field house," Doug pointed when John Boy looked up, mystified, since he'd never heard of the school before JC told him he was about to attend classes there with the rest of the gang. "All the football guys live there curtsey of Coach Spiros, the football coach. Those lucky mothers have a kitchen in there and eat like kings in addition to all they scarf in the the dining hall." He started laughing, "They need extra protein. I bet we get more quality protein then they do and we get it from each other."

The whole gang started laughing except for John Boy. He just turned red again thinking of the afternoon experience of eating JC's pussy after JC ate his the first time. He decided to change the subject, "I'll have to switch to infrared to see anything inside," he mumbled to himself and then did so without looking up to ask anyone's permission. The screen fuzzed, cleared and displayed heated roof rafters before he sent snoopy deeper into the two story building. "Which floor and room do we want?" he asked.

Everyone except Noah shrugged their ignorance, "I've been in there showing the guys some moves. I think the guys we want live on the first floor next to the lounge on the end. It also doubles as a workout room. The first string quarterback and wide receiver right? Kevin, and I think, Steve?"

John Boy sank snoopy to the first floor, found what looked like a lounge and zoomed closer to the room next to it. Except for small heat blooms from two computer towers and another from a refrigerator motor, the room was empty. "Maybe they're out running," Marc suggested.

John Boy, responsive to any suggestions and proud of his newly learned skill in guiding snoopy, backed away, added a grid to a view of the fenced campus and then began a search still using infrared even though it was still daylight. He reasoned correctly that finding two human bodies in putrid lime green was easier than trying to look for them from above through trees. He found two heated bodies running side by side, up to a house on the campus grounds. He switched to the normal camera and zoomed in close. The two were wearing running shorts, but no shirts and one was blond while the other had light brown curly hair. "Are these the guys we want?" he asked, surprised that he said 'we', but it felt good to belong with no more continual carping from his father about damned homosexuals and their foul proclivities or, at Dagger Key Marine Academy, politely refusing offers from his cottage mates while he looked for his 'Mr. Right'.

Tommy tapped John Boy's shoulder and clearly mouthed YES while he nodded and then casually draped his arm around John Boy's neck and left it there with their heads touching as they watched the blond knock and the door opened. John Boy was about to switch to infrared again until Tommy pointed to a corner of the screen that just showed part of a pool and splashing. John Boy nodded and moved snoopy slightly so the whole privacy fenced pool area was centered on the screen and that got everyone's attention.

The two guys that they were looking for walked out of the house as naked as the three guys in or around the pool, only a much taller well-muscled body was between them with his arms around their shoulders, hugging them close companionably.

"Man, I sure wish Grandfather had included sound," Evan mumbled.

Coach Spiros beckoned to the three boys in the pool. The three ninth graders approached the coach and two seniors hesitantly. Two were young athletes and already knew that they made the junior varsity football team, the Oaks Academy Warriors after a grueling two-week camp before school started. They were surprised but delighted when Coach Spiros invited them to join a small select club of team members known as the Spartans. They were about to become Spartan Warriors and their clubhouse was the Coach's home.

The Coach did his homework carefully; he reviewed the detailed psychological evaluations in every new boy's student file and then watched his few selections carefully, particularly in the locker room. He watched their eyes, which naked bodies they looked at, the body parts they covertly descended to and for how long they stared. Just then all five teenagers were staring hard at each other and the young coach's hard twenty-seven year old body.

The Coach nudged Kevin, the senior quarterback toward one of the ninth graders, "Phillip, you've got a body frame just like Kevin's and you've both always played the same position from peewee on and I want Kevin to groom you to be my quarterback, maybe varsity next year if we can get you muscled up by then." He turned to Steve, "And you Steven, you do the same for Andrew here, he's already got good hands and he's fast. Make these two young guys into Spartans first and they'll be winning Spartan Warriors in the first JV game next Friday night."

"Excuse me Coach, how do we become Spartans, is there an initiation?" Phillip asked.

The Coach smiled, turned and casually ran his hands over Kevin and Steven's bodies starting with their pectorals and down until he stroked their cocks to hardness using both hands. When he looked back at the three younger guys he was gratified to see three cocks standing tall. One, on the silent third boy who looked like he'd never touched a football in his life, had grown to nine inches; the younger teens that had spent the day together, already admired his huge balls, and his matching erection got everyone's attention. "This is Ben, he's my first year manager and statistician." Coach lifted Ben's cock up and hefted two tightly packed nuts the size of large lemons. "And this is a nine inch bonus," he added just before half of the big cock disappeared into his mouth when he saw that Ben was panting and his expression was one of sudden desperation.

Coach Mark Spiros was walking toward the fieldhouse and his office first period Thursday morning. A dozen kids were just finishing some warm up calisthenics on the outdoor basketball courts in preparation for a game. Mark greeted the instructor as the boys sorted themselves into teams. "Hey Chuck, any late comers for me to draft?" The coach was still looking for recruits as the school year began as a few were often late in arriving for one reason or another; it was one of the perks in attending a private school.

The instructor laughed, "Just one today. He just got back from vacationing in Europe with his parents. He said they had plane trouble."

"FOR OVER A WEEK?" Mark roared and shook his head. He knew it wouldn't occur to the kid's parents to fly home commercial.

"Yup, but he's definitely varsity material," Chuck laughed and tipped his head generally at his class.

Mark began stretching his neck, looking for a taller more muscled boy among the ninth graders, "Where?" he asked.

Chuck laughed and blew his whistle to stop the game, "HUGHES! Get off your butt! Smith, get out!" Young Mr. Hughes looked startled. He'd been sitting on a bench enjoying the sun on his bare back watching the two young men, and while he admired his instructor's body, he was ready to worship the new arrival standing tall on tan, muscled legs wearing tight spandex coach's shorts and tee shirt. He stood up and ran on to the court looking lost. "That's him, Hughes," he told Mark in a lower voice, still giggling at his joke.

Hughes was on the 'skins' team. He was almost five feet tall and weighed in at almost a hundred pounds. His little body was lean and willowy; the baby fat was gone. The coach blinked as he and the boy made eye contact and when his eyes fell to the boy's tight shorts, Mark's eyes widened. He looked away and forced a laugh to cover his reaction. "Very fucking funny Chuck, but you know what? It just so happens that I need a statistician. If he's any good at math, I just might draft him. I'll go look his file over. Ask him to stop in my office after class."

After another minute of small talk with Chuck, Mark forced himself to walk all the way to his office attached to the teams' locker room. He brought up the confidential student files and was quickly reading Benjamin Hughes' file. He grinned. He hadn't been wrong about the brief look he shared with the boy. Benjamin Hughes had already declared himself as being gay.

Ben didn't show up at the coach's office until after the bell rang. He should have been showered and dressed in his school uniform but he wasn't and he still carried his shirt and his shorts still had that incredible bulge in the front. Mark sat behind his desk apparently just shirtless.

"You wanted to see me coach? Sorry I'm late, I got lost. Mr. Scott didn't tell me where your office was." Ben lied.

"Oh Hughes, I forgot about you." Mark lied in return, "I just had my morning workout and was just going to take a shower. I wanted to talk to you about joining the Warriors this year."

Ben almost fell over laughing, "Come on coach, I wouldn't even make a good tackling dummy. You'd have to use a shovel to dig my remains out of the field."

"No, no," Mark laughed, "not as a player, as my statistician. My old guy graduated and I'm looking for someone in ninth who'll be with me for four years." Mark stood up suddenly, "Come on, we both need a shower. We can talk it over in there."

Ben's eyes grew to silver dollars as he stared at the coach's naked body. His bulge grew. He smiled finally, still not quite believing his luck. His actual first time fantasy body and growing cock was standing before his eyes and apparently wanted his petite little body just as badly. Ben refocused his eyes to look at the coach's raven hair as Mark knelt to strip his small body of his gym shorts and the painfully tight under liner. Ben helped and held his breath when his cock sprang free and his heavy ball sack dropped to normal, not very far when he was hard.

Ben shuddered when Mark's lips began kissing away his precum and watched Mark as his cock began to disappear into the coach's mouth. Then he really shuddered, his body lost its ability to stand and he collapsed on top of Mark's head. Mark held Ben by the hips to keep him standing as instinct took over and the boy drove all of his nine inches into the man's mouth and down his throat.

"Sorry about that, I don't last much longer when I jerk off, not when I picture a body just like yours coach." Mark grinned down on Ben after he'd fallen to the floor trying to walk with his shorts and liner at his ankles on top of his cross trainers, "Call me Mark when we're alone and we'll work on your staying power." With the clothing gone Mark picked Ben up, hugged him tight and kissed him as he walked them into his private bathroom.

Once in the shower, Ben sank to his knees eagerly to administer his first head job. After he finished and very successfully as Mark had to playfully push Ben away, he looked up at Mark mischievously, "Hey, I just noticed that your balls and the base of your beautiful cock are shaved and even your pubes are trimmed. What's with that?"

"The cock and balls are a convenience for other guys and the neat bush is pure vanity." Mark answered.

"Good deal," Ben said stretching out on the wet tiles, "Would you do me just like you?" Mark grinned and nodded.

When Mark finished with Ben's big balls he hesitated in continuing. "What?" Ben asked.

"Well, I ah, always kind of like, ah, a hairless pussy too on guys your age because I like eating them." Mark admitted and held his breath waiting for Ben to grin or yell yuck."

Ben grinned, "I assume that there needs to be something in there to eat right? We haven't done that yet. Are you going to?"

"I'd love to but first we have to get it all squeaky clean if you can read between the lines there." Red showed clearly through Mark's tan.

"That means like I take an enema right? Have you got whatever it takes or do we have to wait?"

"Nope no waiting, I keep stuff in here for emergencies." Mark left the shower to rummage in a cabinet. When he returned he explained, "I do this every morning^Å"

"For emergences!" Ben cracked up.

"Yes wise ass, to be honest. As I was saying I've already done it but I'll do it again to show you how it's done."

"Don't bother, just do it to me and hurry please, because I really want to experience phase two after you make love to me." Ben declared eagerly and wiggled his butt at Mark.

"That's what we'll always do, make love, and eating you will be a continuation of the act, and not phase two. Before you came along Benji, it was always just good sex with nice safe young guys." Mark was startled by the thought. "I think that I was waiting for you, all this time."

Ben was pleased that he was to have a pet name. He reached out and fondled Mark lovingly. "Well I haven't been around as long as you Marko, but your face and body have been pasted in my brain ever since I started jerking off, and suddenly here you are."

It was noon before the two lovers surfaced from their frenzied lovemaking and really began talking. Mark told Ben all about the Spartans and how the club came into being. Mark started it when he was at the Oaks Academy, and to rationalize his love of cum and his successes on the football field, gradually convinced a few younger teammates that they could develop the hard bodies and skills that he possessed naturally, if they went on a diet of cum and donated theirs to help others in the club. The word gay was never mentioned; sex with another teammate was just an essential jock thing.

Mark started another club in college and then when he graduated with a degree in physical education, applied for a position at Oaks. As an alumnus and with an influential family, he was hired. He worked as an instructor and part-time assistant coach the first year and when the head coach retired the next year, he automatically moved up over others with more experience and tenure simply because he was an alumnus. He built a home on campus and with prior agreement, donated it to the school and was given life rights to live in it.

"You're kidding me right?" Ben asked. "They all suck and fuck and they don't know that they're gay? Man Marko, that's unreal."

"Can you spend the weekend with me? You'll find out for yourself. There are two new guys Saturday and a general meeting on Sunday."

Ben suddenly looked depressed, "I'm on restriction, and I can't get off campus." He explained, "My father is kind of a nut about my security, about maybe someone snatching my little ass. He was going to buy me a room in the dorm that was remodeled into a fortress. If I was in there, I'd be able to share the bodyguards that live there looking after the guys that rebuilt it. Dad waited too long and some Arab dude bought up half the available rooms and a South American bought the other half. Hey, why the shit eating grin?" he asked with a frown.

"Because I live on campus!" Mark announced and Ben launched his body into Mark's arms. When Mark pulled away from Ben's extended kiss of delight, he asked, "Why don't you go over there and ask if you can rent a room from one of them? Buying up a quarter of a dorm is probably nothing more than a little ostentatious display. I doubt if they need all those rooms."

"Yeah, I'll do that. If it works, dad will take me off restriction."

Kevin and Steve took the initiative and sank to their knees on the pool deck in front of Phillip and Andrew and promptly swallowed them. "You see guys, we Spartans believe that cum is brain food, it's energy food and if you can get enough of it in you somewhere it will even help you to bulk up. The problem is that cum doesn't do a thing for you in your balls," the coach explained after he drank Ben's huge load. "Another thing, being horny all the time is stressful, and jerking off just isn't as relaxing as getting off with a teammate especially before a game."

Phillip and Andrew had gotten over their surprise and amazement and both were holding their senior partner's head steady as they face fucked their willing mouths and both looked forward to servicing their senior in the same manner. Andrew winked at Phillip; both were new to Oaks that year. The two boys hooked up with each other in football camp and neither was looking forward to the next four years of sneaking around or the risk of being caught and outted and now that problem was solved by the coach and his Spartans.

"This really does work guys," Steve assured their ninth grade partners as they jogged across campus heading for their dorm. He pointed to darkened Lasker Hall. "That's Homo Hall; all the guys that live there are queer, even their bodyguards." He didn't notice that Andrew stumbled on nothing.

"So?" Phillip risked asking.

"The point is that not one drop of cum is wasted in that dorm and just look at their bodies, even wearing clothes you can tell that they have tight bodies even the young ones like little Ben. I wouldn't mind taking cum from any of them."

Kevin sniggered, "Little Ben won't be walking so well tomorrow after the Coach gets done with him but he'll be packing a month long dose of the coach's cum."

"Get real," Phillip retorted with a laugh, "Little Ben's a walking cum factory and the coach really seemed to love his injector. The Coach is the one who will be walking funny."

After the two new couples reached the seniors' room they cleaned themselves and showered and then all four began acting like blushing brides as they looked at the waiting twin beds. The coach had ordered them to sleep as couples in the narrow beds to hasten the bonding process. Phillip and Andrew got in bed first and lay on their backs because neither was prepared nor ever expected to be fucked by the two senior studs at the coach's house so their pussies were assumed to be virgin while Kevin and Steve and little Ben's were definitely not after the initiation ended. The seniors got the stretching exercises out of the way quickly and mounted the younger boys. Phillip automatically pulled Kevin's head down.

Kevin pulled away, "Hey, what's with kissing?"

Phillip looked surprised, "Don't you guys ever make out with each other? All you do is fuck and suck?"

Steve looked down at Andrew's face and answered, "Yeah we have, ah, occasionally, we get carried away. Actually, it kind of heightens the experience."

Kevin looked embarrassed, "Yeah it does," he admitted. "Okay, we'll do it with you but if you ever tell anyone, you guys are dead meat, JV dream team or not. Okay?"

"Who the fuck would we tell?" Phillip asked just before Kevin covered his lips and opened his mouth with his tongue.

"Are you guys used to sleeping together in one of these beds?" Andrew asked when they all agreed that they should get some sleep.

"Yup, you never can tell when you want a piece of ass."

"Well we aren't, yet, so would it be all right if you two sleep together and Andrew sleeps with me?"

"Sure, it doesn't matter and you two need to bond too." Kevin agreed.

Kevin spooned into Steve, fortunately facing away from the younger guys.

Phillip lay on his side, lifted his leg and then reached back to guide Andrew home. Andrew whispered, "Stay quiet until we're sure they're asleep and then I want to eat some pussy."

Phillip laughed silently, "Now that's pretty queer, isn't it?"

"It sure is, lover. Do you believe these guys? Someone should tell them. I wonder if the rest of the guys in the club are the same way? I guess we'll find out tomorrow at the meeting barbeque."

"Probably. I think the coach wants it this way. He has them convinced that cum works wonders and he gets all the young studs and cum he wants. Shit, one of them snores. Let's go up to our room, we won't be missed."

"Do you believe these guys?" Evan asked for the third time. "Well we've got more than enough to shut them up.

"It would be a better tape if we had a remote controlled camera peeking over that fucking fence," Buck mused.

"Yeah, and a telephoto zoom too," Marc added with enthusiasm.

Doug frowned, "Are you thinking of blackmailing them or something? I don't think we need to go there."

"No asshole, that was the hottest porn I've ever seen, other than us, of course. I was thinking about making a really good tape that I could play when you start mumbling something about going to sleep." Buck was already backing away from Doug and giggling. David and Noah stopped him. They promptly picked him up and tossed him into Doug's arms.

Doug quickly wrestled Buck to sit on his chest and casually bang his semi erect cock on his lover's nose. "This is not a school night Bucky boy and by sunrise I'll have you so fucked up and out, you'll be begging me to lay off you tomorrow."

"Oh yeah? You and what army?" Buck retorted, giggled and began clicking his teeth dangerously close to Doug's cock head as Doug kept slapping his nose.

"I'll be in your army, Doug!" Medi declared. He ran and sat behind Doug and impaled himself on Buck without a pause. "And since I was first to join I am first to act," he said somewhat belatedly and began a rhythmic bouncing.

Buck quickly developed that faraway look in his eyes. Doug looked over his shoulder. "Medi, you little cocksucker, we told you, you are too young."

Medi attempted to look angelic before he grinned, "Just now you'll notice that I'm fucking your lover, so while I am young chronologically, as you can clearly see that while my young little pussy is tight, I've had no trouble enjoying," he began pointing at individuals and loudly whispered, "I promised some that I wouldn't tell."

"SO YOU JUST POINT US ALL OUT!" Marc complained.

Doug rolled his eyes, "So just how long have you been in the gang?" he asked.

Medi shrugged diplomatically, "Actually no one locks their doors, and I can't always sleep so I wander about checking to see who requires my services."

"Our services," Sean corrected, "everyone's got a roommate after all."

"Quite right Sean, I apologize. All we need to do is find one sleeping erection^Å"

"And there's two more notches on your prayer rug." Doug finished for Medi.

"Try Sean," Buck groaned, "this is some sweet pussy."

Sean was standing close to Doug, enviously watching Medi move on Buck. Doug eyed Sean's tiny bubble butt, small baby fat belly protruding slightly over his bobbing five-inch erection and shrugged. He did a gentle take down as he rolled off Buck onto Sean in a second. "Can you come yet?" he whispered for Sean's ear only.

"Sometimes it feels different, better somehow, I know it's definitely not a blank." Sean answered nearly breathless at having Doug's body over his. He wanted Doug's body more than anyone's. Doug was Sean's idol.

"I see you've got a few pubes down here, I'll let you know," Doug advised after scrambling backward and checking Sean out myopically. With that whispered he took all of Sean in his mouth while he massaged the young and tender hairless balls gently.

Sean ran his fingers through Doug's red-gold mop of unkept curls and quickly shuddered while his body arched. Something happened. Sean knew it and after he lowered his butt to the floor, Doug pulled away slowly, smiled, opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. Sean looked in amazement at a whitish ropey puddle that ran down until Doug pulled it back and swallowed dramatically before he licked his lips and sighed with pleasure. "You sir are now a man and I'm honored to be the first guy to tell you that. Now about your more experienced pussy^Å" he climbed Sean's small body to cover him completely. Experienced Sean guided him with his legs already raised. Doug sank and moaned as Sean used his muscles to lock him in place. Doug began with his always gentle thrusts.

Buck arched his body to drive his cock into Medi at the same time Doug used his hands to rock Sean back higher so he could drive his cock deeper into the excited little body under his. Both older boys sighed and panted their pleasure.

Zeek interrupted the silence and the beginning of an orgy in the living room by arriving with a singing cellphone between two fingers. He gaped and grinned at Doug, "Masta yo' a cradle robba' which reminds me, I got me ah young pussy on Black's that needs some tendin' my own sel.'" He handed off the offending phone to JC after he reached for it and quickly disappeared with an eight-inch erection preceding his body.

JC listened to his voice mails and grinned. "There are two from Jorge, he is frantic in the second, could we look at his estate perhaps with snoopy?" he asked while erect and leaning close to John Boy still sitting in front of the forgotten keyboard.

John Boy placed the coach's activities on hold and record, and switched satellites after pushing JC to stand behind his chair. Of course 'out of sight, out of mind' didn't exactly work with JC playing with John Boy's hair. "I'm going to lose it if you keep doing that, boss," John Boy warned. He brought up a map of Columbia and JC walked up to the screen and pointed. John Boy clicked on the spot and zoomed down along the coastline slowly. He discarded assorted shapes until he found something huge and symmetrical. JC nodded.

"Try the normal view please," JC asked, "it is supposed to be well lighted."

Evan looked up as the screen blinked, "Hey, that's Castle Falconburg! Sonofabitch!" He giggled suddenly, "You know that reproduction is really a compliment, even if a drug lord built it." Snoopy looked down on the monstrous building at a sixty-degree angle. "Switch back and let's look around inside."

John switched back to infrared and zoomed in closer. "Wait, let us count the guards and their locations. I would have Jorge soiling his trousers when I talk to him," JC grinned. Everyone joined the game of finding guard positions and then trying to decide what they were doing other than guarding their employer's home. Three on the battlements were horizontal, clearly asleep and two just outside the closed drawbridge were naked and making out with each other under a roofed area so they couldn't be seen or caught since they'd hear the racket if the ponderous bridge was lowered.

Hans looked at Herman and grumbled, "They would be dead if they work for us." He made a slashing motion across his throat, and Herman agreed by waving his arms making flying motions. His preference was to pitch them off the wall.

JC dialed using a house phone, "I will get them out of the castle, and up there, and we will see what Jorge decides."

JC touched the speakerphone. "Si?" a tentative voice answered.

"Jorge!" JC greeted Jorge merrily, "Before we begin, I want to demonstrate a new toy. I bought a unique helicopter that is hovering over you even as we speak. Three of the five guards on your battlements are sleeping. Were I so lax, you would have easily gotten to me and saved five billion US."

"What do you say?"

"Go and look for yourself," JC laughed. It was obvious that Jorge was using a portable phone since there was a great deal of huffing and puffing after a babble of Spanish to others.

A tower door opened and three henchmen preceded a massive shape, which in infrared appeared to be a giant walking green grape. "Have you gained weight Jorge?" JC taunted, "That is very bad for the heart."

Jorge froze, "Where is this helicopter?" he snarled. "I don't hear it."

"Of course not, it is hovering just above you and it is in its stealth mode. Tenth generation I am told. Isn't it remarkable?" Everyone surrounding JC was trying very hard not to laugh. The three henchmen returned to where Jorge stood peering into the night sky. Each pushed a formerly sleeping guard before them.

Jorge's arm flashed three times without any accusations and the three miscreants became a head shorter before the rest of the body was thrown off the wall. The three heads quickly followed. "A machete, effective but messy. Enough of my toy. I am invited to a yachting party and the hour grows late. I am returning your calls. You have met, so what is your decision?"

"The American is dead. How will the transfer take place?" Jorge answered in defeat.

"Very wise. You are to be congratulated. You will transport the sum of five billion US dollars to Grand Cayman. My bankers will take possession at the airport and after they confirm that the sum is correct, you or your representative will receive a package containing the stock transfer, the actual stock certificates and vital information necessary to continue the distribution chains. The company and my other managers have been advised of the possible change in ownership and none really care where their pay comes from so long as it continues."

"Your bankers will count it all?" Jorge was incredulous, "That will take forever."

JC laughed, "Eventually they will but initially they will gauge the bulk and weight somehow as well as take random looks at bundles to be sure that I am not being paid in cut up newspaper. A warning though, if the slightest irregularity is found, my new toy will visit you a final time for a demonstration of its armament."

"I understand." Jorge agreed talking to the empty night sky. JC picked up the handset at that point and the two adversaries set a date and time.

Doug looked up at the ceiling suddenly, "They're here! Let's haul ass out to Sea Song!"

"FUCK YES!" Gregor agreed.

Ben Hughes climbed the steps to Lasker Hall after dinner Monday evening. "Good evening. Whom do you wish to see?" A hollow voice from a speaker asked before he could use the doorbell.

"I, I'm not sure. I want to talk to one of the guys who bought the first floor. One is a South American and one is from the Middle East."

"I am Juan-Carlos Escobar," JC said as he climbed the marble steps with John Boy, Tommy and Spencer. All were carrying sacks or books. When Ben turned to face them, all four boys reacted with widened eyes when they recognized him as Coach Spiros' over endowed lover. JC shook Ben's hand and introduced the others. "John is a spur of the moment transfer and we just visited the student store to get his books and uniforms that he can wear until the tailor can complete something more suitable. Come in. We can talk and perhaps become friends as we are all new this term as well."

Tommy thumbed the pad and the lobby door swung open. Ben watched JC thumb open the door to his apartment. "Come in and welcome," JC invited the three inside by stepping back so the others could enter first. You are our first guests." He added and draped an arm over John's shoulders so there was no question in Ben's mind as to whom the other resident was. John Boy's always rosy cheeks brightened but he slipped his arm around JC's waist and pulled him tight to make their relationship even more clear to Ben. "This is actually our back door. Our rooms are here and the living space is at the end of the building," he explained as they walked down the hall.

Tommy and Spencer followed the others after closing the door and a few silent words to Spencer from Tommy. By the time they entered the newly furnished lounge they carried their shorts and tee shirts. Ben stumbled when he stepped on the lounge carpet and his feet sank unexpectedly. "Holy shit!" he giggled, instantly recognizing an alternative use for the mattress-like carpeting. "This lounge is way cool." It was Ben's turn for widened eyes when he saw that Tommy and Spencer were naked. He instantly decided that the tall rangy senior, Spencer, with his naturally thrust out hips and substantial package was going to be his second lover if he and Mark made it with anyone else.

JC and John Boy took their cue from Tommy and Spencer, "We'll just get comfortable before we talk," JC told Ben as he helpfully stripped John Boy and then John Boy reciprocated, which went quickly since the after classes uniform in warm weather was nothing more than a tee shirt and shorts.

Ben grinned, shrugged and peeled off his clothing as well, "This is kind of what I wanted to talk to you about. You see, I'm gay and as you can also see, I'm pretty well equipped to do something about enjoying myself." He continued to grin as he warned, "If you guys keep staring at me I'll bone up." They did and he did and the two couples went instantly hard as well. "Well now that we've gotten the formalities out of the way, I'm here to see if you'd consider subletting a room to me?" Ben went on to explain everything about his father while they sat sipping Cokes.

JC issued a Latin shrug, "We have three other bedrooms I don't see why not. I believe we could be compatible," he added with a raised eyebrow that made the statement into a question.

"Does that mean that even though you guys are couples, that you also get it on with other guys? If you do, well my boyfriend and I do too."

"Does that mean you'll be having a roommate?" JC asked cautiously.

Ben shook his head, "No, not officially, he can't. He's Mark Spiros, the football coach. He told me to tell you up front if you said yes to the room since you'd find out anyway. He always liked young guys from back when he went here and played football. He was even All State. Anyway, he started a club called the Spartans and then another in college and then, when he got a job here, he cranked the Spartans up again. Each year he invites a few ninth graders to join. This year, it was Phillip, the JV quarterback, and Andrew, the wide receiver, and of course, me," he raised his hand when he saw grins, "and before you start laughing, I'm the team statistician. Steve and Andy are gay and were already a couple. They told me they met in football camp and it was the first time for either of them. There are three other gays in the club and like eight more assholes who don't think they are. Mark gave them the out to fuck and suck jocks because he convinced them that cum is good for them, something like energy food, brain food or whatever."

"The two-faced bastards," Spencer frowned, "Tommy heard Kevin calling Lasker Hall, Homo Hall and then pointed some of us out as being queers since we live here."

Ben laughed and nodded, "Is that the first time you heard that? This is Homo Hall to the whole student body so you guys are labeled whether you like it or not, but the majority really don't care how you get your rocks off as long as no one comes on to them and some are even envious. Like Kevin and Steve, they'd love to get in here because you all have jock bodies and that means good rich powerful cum. If you invited them in here they'd both hit this floor on their backs, spread their legs and open their mouths for anyone especially just before a game."

Everyone laughed, Tommy the hardest. He said something to Spencer and looked at Ben. Spencer smiled and nodded, "Tommy asked me if maybe we could meet the coach tonight if he's free. Tommy likes bigger older guys, and I obviously like my men younger and smaller and we both like to watch each other with other guys."

It took Mark three minutes to sprint from his campus home to the left side door of Homo Hall. JC opened the door and Ben ran and jumped at Mark to kiss him deeply. After the kiss, Ben continued to sit on Mark's arm like a five year old might sit on his father's. Ben introduced the guys to Mark and saved Tommy for last. "This is Tommy, Spencer's lover and we want to switch to start with." After Tommy shook Mark's hand, he casually pulled his red nylon running shorts down to around his ankles.

"Hey!" Mark protested with a surprised laugh when he felt Tommy's small hands traveling over his body including his cock. When Tommy had seven hard inches in his hands, he nodded in approval. Mark put Ben down and picked up Tommy and they both watched Ben run to Spencer and finish stroking him to his heavy nine inches. Spencer bent and picked up Ben to carry him on his arm. Tommy pointed to the hall after looking at JC to ask where the apartment christening was to take place.

JC pointed and laughed, he kept forgetting that while Tommy was mute, he could hear perfectly. "The first door," JC called, "is our bedroom."

Spencer looked over at Mark, "Are we pussy whipped or what's the story? That little punk you're holding breeds me with anyone he wants. Which reminds me, after the first round we'll have to go find Medi and Sean." Tommy nodded most enthusiastically. "See?"

Mark laughed, "Yup, Benji made me his slave an hour after we met, but I love it."

JC and John Boy walked in their bedroom suite and stared. Chad and Rick spent the entire day supervising the delivery of all the apartments' furnishings including the electronics like the seventy-two inch flat screen mounted on the wall opposite the foot of the king size bed that had a big bow on it with a card. John Boy looked over JC's arm to read the card, "Happy House Warming! Sorry we can't be there in person, but we are in spirit if you turn on this screen and the VCR. Marc did the editing for us so no guarantees since we haven't looked at it either yet. Love you guys! Doug and Buck"

"My beautiful geek, man the electronics for us if you please," JC said to John Boy while Spencer and Mark deposited their small cargos on the bed and then lay down beside them after making sure that there was room for JC and John Boy.

John Boy studied the remote for a few seconds before he pressed a couple of buttons and the screen brightened to show Buck and Doug from some distance so the entire length of the boat bed was portrayed. The boys were wrestling for position and arguing. There was sound. "Bucky Goddamnit, you were on the bottom all night, now it's my turn!" Doug complained.

Buck lay on his back in the middle of the bed and laughed at Doug's efforts to pull and tickle him out of his favorite position. Suddenly, Buck sat up and wrapped his arms around Doug including his arms and flopped backward pulling Doug, who was kneeling, on top of his smaller body. Doug stopped struggling, "Okay you win again, I'm on top again, but this is the last time. If you won't fuck me properly, then I'm moving to Wilcott's. The Jackrabbit will drill me all I want."

"Who are they and where are they and what kind of bed is that?" Mark asked before Ben could. John, of course, knew them but not where they were. Spencer was torn between watching the stimulating tape and mounting Ben.

"Hold it guys," Spence said. "If we want to watch the tape and fuck at the same time, we have to lay differently." With that said, he pulled three pillows from the bed head and staggered them down the side of the bed. The first pillow was closest to the side and headboard the middle pillow went one pillow width further in and the last followed the pattern. He looked pleased with himself. "You can call these horizontal bleachers. We can all watch the show just by turning our heads and no one will block the view."

Ben flopped with his head on the first pillow, Tommy claimed the second and John Boy beat out JC in a race for the third. JC frowned at John Boy, who giggled, "We'll switch later, right now mount up before I have to hurt you. This tape is good, let's watch and look for pointers."

JC grinned, "I am looking at the pointer I wanted, but if you promise me^Å"

"I repeat," Mark asked, "who are those guys?"

"Those two gentlemen are Buck Trenton and Doug Henderson, they are in their bed, in their apartment in Trenton Hall. That camera is mounted across the room and can be controlled by a remote from the bed."

After Spencer slowly and very carefully sank his full length into little Ben, he laid quietly while Ben adjusted to his length and girth so he added, "They love to fuck with that camera. There's a flat screen monitor at the foot of the bed so they can see what they're doing. Buck is kind of the director and if he doesn't like what he sees he just tells you to do it over again. My brother and I may be on that tape somewhere. We were fooling around one night and by the time Buck was satisfied, we were fucked up and out and with our size we can both take a licking and keep on ticking, however I must admit it was fun and I was ready to go at it again the next night."

The tape progressed and the three tops switched partners, always sucking the bottoms off before they were mounted. There were occasional blinks in the tape and others from the gang joined Doug and Buck. Finally, midway through the tape, Spencer appeared with his older brother Harmon and the scenes were like one continual tag team wrestling match. Beautiful hard bodies glistened with sweat.

Mark looked at Spencer, "Did you ever play football? You have the perfect body to be a receiver."

Spencer blushed, "Nope, I never really joined any teams. I started fucking girls when I was twelve after I started coming and they kept me pretty busy and were all the exercise I needed until this summer. I was dating a switch hitter that wanted me to fuck her and her girl friend, a threesome. The other girl was butch and fucked me with a dildo while I was mounted on her girl. I liked the feel and a week later put the make on my closeted, gay brother. He was a virgin until he went to an invitational at Trenton Hall so when I kind of felt him out and up he wasn't. I thought it was kind of a one time thing, but one time just wasn't enough, and here I am, part of the gang." He kissed Tommy, "Then this little shit got to me and I realized that I always went for petite athletic girls because I really wanted the same thing with cocks."

"Me too," Mark admitted, burying his tongue in Ben's mouth.

The doorbell sounded and then the door opened. Medi and Sean with Chad and Rick behind them, rushed in giggling. They froze at the doorway, not knowing where to look first, the bed or the screen. JC rolled his eyes, "Welcome, my friends. I forgot that I authorized everyone's thumb print but we were about to come and look for you, this is Mark and Ben. That is, from left to right, Medi, his friend Sean, and Chad, with his partner, Rick." He explained further, "We love our partners, but that love has little to do with good sex, although important, but so is watching your partner enjoy himself. Perhaps we should take a break."

While everyone was snacking and drinking drinks in the lounge, JC called Doug and Buck from the bedroom. He explained the newest developments and apologized for increasing the gang's number, but he claimed Ben was as irresistible as his partner, the coach. He also explained the Spartans.

"No problem JC, come out for the weekend. Tell the coach to invite all the Spartans, too. I'll send the chopper." Buck answered, "They can have all the cum they can hold in addition to some good barbeque. The 'rents are going to Dagger for their anniversary so we'll have the whole place to ourselves for the whole weekend!"

"HOORAH!" Doug shouted in the background.

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