Castle Roland

Somerset Farm

by Jamie Haze

In Progress

Chapter 56

Published: 14 May 15


Jamie Haze

Bucky's phone buzzed. He picked up the handset. "Good morning Chancellor Wilson, this is Bucky Trenton calling."

"Good morning Mr. Trenton, this is an unexpected honor if your full name is Buckminister Trenton the Third."

"That's the one I'm afraid. I'm calling to ask a favor of you and I'm not sure of the protocols so I thought I'd start at the top. You have a first year pre law student there, Paul Wilcott. He and my son are great friends and..."

Bucky frowned slightly when the Chancellor interrupted his explanation with laughter. "Excuse that Mr. Trenton, but I feel I know the young man well since I have a teenage daughter. She maintains a shrine on her bedroom wall that includes a very large somewhat revealing poster of Paul as the centerpiece."

Bucky giggled, much relieved that he wasn't dealing with a bore "Do you mean the one of him on the rings?"

"That's the one. Now please continue."

"A group of about seventy-five of us are planning to attend Saturday's meet and all other home meets and I was wondering if you would be interested in receiving a ten million dollar grant to begin a new fund dedicated to academic AND athletic scholarships or put another way, very smart jocks who require financial assistance. There would be a few small strings," Bucky added quickly.

"For that amount there could be any number of strings," the Chancellor responded cautiously and waited for the other shoe to drop.

"I was wondering if an area with the best view of the floor could be reserved for our party along with providing seventy-five jerseys in assorted sizes and of course caps in University colors. My son and his friends all love caps. Oh, the ten million would be annual, continuing for as long as Paul remains there even through law school."

Bucky couldn't see the Chancellor nearly fall from his chair. "Anything else?" he squeaked.

"No, I can't think of anything else."

"It's a pity there wasn't such a fund when Paul applied. We wanted him badly and knew there would be a bidding war. It had to be one or the other so we offered him a full academic scholarship and of course the quality of our gymnastics coach finally sold him."

Bucky sat up quickly, "He accepted? He has no need. His parents are close friends and I'm very surprised. In the future I will underwrite all costs administered through the school of course. Paul doesn't need to know. That way his award can be granted to someone truly in need."

The Chancellor giggled, "That is almost exactly what Mr. Wilcott said and did."

"I'm very relieved, thank you for your confidence."

Bucky could almost hear the Chancellor grin through the phone. "I would very much like to add a string if you'll consider it. You are cordially invited to join us on the Board of Trustees."

"Thank you for the very great honor, I accept. In return may I offer your daughter the flipside photo of Paul and/or Dylan Kelly all autographed?

The Chancellor gasped, "Good Lord thank you but no, we'd never get her out of her room. Something tasteful and autographed would certainly be appreciated though."

Bucky giggled, "Certainly, Marc Wilcott, Paul's brother is the photographer and Dylan Kelly is the magazine's publisher. Dylan will attend as well as many of the other boys featured in recent months."

"Good Lord, if this gets out, the town, the University and the gymnastics meet will be mobbed."

"It won't get out I assure you. We are very security conscience as you may imagine. That magazine has caused us continued problems to the point the boys including my son frequently threaten both Marc and Dylan," Bucky giggled again, "however they never fail to accept full payment for the use of their photos and are actually flattered. I'll tell you what Mr. Chancellor..."

"Call me Frank please."

"Thank you Frank, I'm Bucky. We're having a dinner after the meet at the Hilton. You and your family are cordially invited. Meanwhile I'll get Marc Wilcott to dig out some tasteful, never seen before photos of the boys your daughter may like."

"Thank you Bucky, we'll see you at the meet. Goodbye."

"Okay Frank, say, why don't you plan on joining us at the meet? We'll find the seats and perhaps have your daughter could bring a friend."

"Thanks Bucky, ah, did I hear you right that other young men featured in that magazine will be there as well, even one named Doug? She actually has three shrines, Paul on one wall, the swimmer Doug on another and Dylan's has been up the longest on the third."

Bucky giggled again and assured Frank that Doug would indeed be there. They said their goodbyes a second time and disconnected. While Frank was off to the field house to talk to the Athletic Director, Bucky was rocking in his chair thinking about what he may have just done inadvertently. It didn't involve the scholarship fund, he'd planned to do that anyway, no, it was the possibility that he'd just breached his own security policy. He buzzed Joe to see if he was available. Soon both Joe and Will appeared in his office through the private entrance.

He explained that he just got off the phone and had blocked out enough space at Paul's upcoming meet for everyone to sit together so security at the meet would be easier. What he'd failed to do was to ask the Chancellor to avoid telling his teenage daughter.

"Bucky!" Joe scolded with a grin, "By the time that girl gets done running her mouth, all of the teenage girls in Boston will know. Did you tell him where we're staying?" Bucky nodded. "Okay, it's Monday, we have time. I'll send fifty uniformed guys from here plus we'll have however many Boston can supply. We'll send ours up in the limo's, Hummer's and Suburban's so we have them up there too for transport. Will and I will scoot up there this afternoon to check out the venue. We'll talk to our Boston Chief, since he doesn't even know we're coming yet. Hopefully we can find some high points inside the building for snipers and hopefully mix in a dozen or so specialists with the crowd up high in the nose bleed sections looking down so they can look for anomalies. Then we've got the boy's personal army of guards."

"How many of the boys will be packing?" Bucky asked and added, "Oh, and tell David and Noah to back off from the boy's packing, even one in the chamber. They've both avowed to protect each other no matter what. It's just too bad they chose different weapons. Doug can hide his twenty-five caliber easily while poor Buck is perfectly content to carry his little automatic in what appears to be a camera bag."

"Doug, Buck, JC, and our little Arab friend definitely, the twins maybe, I'll ask Vincent, but I know they're getting good. Maybe some of the other California mob as well." Will answered. He smacked his forehead, "We should give Marc a piece too," he grinned, "just not his favorite rifle with exploding ammo. He'll be delighted and he's really good with anything."

"Okay," Bucky sighed, "Dust off my Walther and have a piece for John and Bill ready as well, whatever they want."

"What about future meets?" Will asked, already envisioning even tighter security.

"As each succeeding edition of Dylan's rag comes out it will be more intense. I'm told that there will even be a swimsuit edition, featuring speed suits of course and you can guess who the models will be, one, Doug, has already been exposed in profile in August. This will be a practice meet for us in Boston and for three others there, and another four away meets. Then there will be regional and nationals for Paul. Doug and Buck will have meets on the preppy circuit at first, then Doug will go on to regionals and then nationals and then international. I don't really think Buck will make it, and Evan has already dropped out due to the press of business, which I understand but regret; he's a natural diver, while Buck dreams of being Doug's roommate for a few weeks. Internationally, I would depend on Hans and Herman's expertise. I have enemy's and Evan has enemy's, the schedules will be advertised, we'll just have to be ready to protect the boys as best we can at any event they and we, as fans, might attend." Bucky added softly, "Tell your guys that excuses or failure are not options. Pay them accordingly from the start. Tell them that if there is a problem and they handle it, that there will be bonuses large enough to vacation on for a year as well as promotions. Tell them I reward efficiency. Let them guess the alternative." Since Bucky's voice was suddenly chewing rocks, and he looked away, they understood exactly what he implied and left his office quietly.

Bucky was right about breaching security, but he didn't do it. Dylan's new publicist did, he announced Dylan's near term schedule on national television on the 'E' Channel. The motorcade was a block away from the hotel before they began to see crowds of people mostly teenage girls, all moving in the same direction, toward the Hilton and none of those needed to be a rocket scientist to realize who was riding in the motorcade. The only saving grace at the hotel was that it had a parking garage, which could be sealed off.

Bucky grinned when he heard Doug comment to Dylan riding in another car, "When we get there mother fucker, you'll get stripped and thrown out the window to your fans."

Buck's gravelly voice added, "And, we'll keep your cock and balls to remember you by."

Evan added, "Do we cut them off or just toss him and hold on? Either way will be messy."

"Come on guys," Dylan answered from his car "I told you I fired the guy. He was just a little over enthusiastic, he didn't understand that I don't need more fans and that was what he was trying to do."

"You shouldn't have done that so soon. We could have tossed him, but we still have you and you'll be on the bottom all weekend," Buck warned.

Dylan giggled, "Yeah? So what's my punishment?"

Bucky pointedly cleared his throat. "I would remind you that everyone, even adults are wearing the same communications devises. I suggest you discuss Dylan's penalty another time or change channels."

"Yes Sir." Buck rumbled.

The line of cars and trucks disappeared into the parking garage slowly because of the crowd trying to see through the deeply tinted glass even though ten uniformed guards tried to push them back. As soon as the rear most Suburban was through, the steel chain gate rumbled down with nine guards outside and one inside to operate the gate for guests and other hotel visitors.

Bucky had booked the whole top floor, which were all suites. Much more room than needed considering the boy's sleeping habits; which would be mostly together, but all the proprieties were to be observed outside in public.

Bucky dispatched a limo to pick up Paul and Morgan from their secret home near the University. They tried living in a dorm room at first but with open dorms that didn't last long. There was always someone knocking on the door whether fellow students or teenage girls, all wanted autographs on their posters. Clever Dylan was making a fortune selling posters printed on heavy paper and shipping them rolled up in tubes at fifteen dollars a pop. The printed posters were not just of Paul although he was the best seller; Doug was second. Dylan's inventory included any guy featured in his magazine for teenyboppers who was showing skin somewhere and the photographer was mostly Marc Wilcott since he alone had access to a veritable young stud barn of athletes and all were highly photogenic.

Dinner that night was in a private dining room; it was a buffet so the boys could pig out dressed informally, but thankfully dressed. Bucky warned them on the short flight about any inappropriate behavior. The guilty individual or individuals would not be going on the Thanksgiving cruise or be with their respective parents at Christmas on Dagger Key or the visit to Bachal, Medi's country. He'd crushed just enough rocks in his voice that the gang understood that he was serious.

The shirts and caps were delivered in their absence and everyone had a great time finding their size and trying them on. Doug handed Medi and Sean double extra large and Hans and Herman of course got extra small. While Medi and Sean put theirs on and wore them like nightshirts with giggles, Herman and Hans barely got their heads through the neck opening. Medi looked up at Doug and the others, all-laughing at him.

Medi grinned a wagged a come hither finger at Doug and when he was close enough he punched Doug in the balls, giggled, grabbed Sean and began to run away across the big lounge. Before Doug could recover enough to give chase, Medi stepped on the hem of the huge shirt and tumbled, taking Sean down with him. Before either was recovered, Hans and Herman pounced, scooped up the two boys and threw them over their wide shoulders effortlessly. "We exchange shirts, yes?" Hans explained quietly as they left the suite for their own while wearing the little boys' shirts like necklaces. Medi and Sean went limp and while giggling, they couldn't help use their hands to feel the broad backs of the powerful bodies that held them.

While this fun was going on, Paul held Marc and Dylan by their necks, almost off the floor to get their undivided attention. He lifted Marc so they were eye to eye; his feet were dangling. "The Chancellor got you a press pass so you'll be down on the floor real close, but if I see you use a flash and disturb my new retinues while I'm on apparatus or the mat I will break off since I've lost, it won't matter. I promise you this, if it happens I will hand you your balls." He looked down on Dylan and lifted him as well with his other hand. "You got that Mr. Publisher?" he asked with a gleam in his eye. "The same goes for you." Both Marc and Dylan nodded helplessly. Paul let them go, dusted them off and collared them with his arms. "Come on Morgan and Peter," he said over his shoulder, "we're going to bed." Morgan followed his lover with a smile and shaking his head in wonder. He was shocked and in awe after watching Paul effortlessly hold up the two guys in front of him while straight armed; about one-forty to one hundred-fifty pounds respectively, with their feet off the floor while he threatened them and all while smiling benignly with no signs of stress or strain.

The boys and their guards left Bucky and Becky's Presidential suite in twos, fours or sixes until the adults were left alone. "Well," said Bucky thoughtfully, "that was interesting. At least they behaved, which is a milestone."

Ben Goldman and his wife looked at each other, as did Morgan's parents. Ben spoke up, "It's true then, they're all gay? Why didn't they just say so? We love our sons and they honor us."

Bucky looked at Ben and answered calmly, "Because it's the most difficult thing they have to admit in their young lives. Would you rush to your parents in a mostly gay society and tell them you only liked girls when same sex love was accepted and expected as the norm?"

"Ah, I see your point. Harmon was always quiet as well as a great researcher and super at restoration but never showed an interest in either sex. Spencer, now, well he chased girls and caught them from when he was thirteen," he added.

"Yes, but whom was he doing things to? In his mind, was it the girl in his arms or perhaps someone else, a guy, even perhaps his older brother?" Bucky didn't wait for an answer, he continued, "Buck and I have always talked about anything. He first told me he knew he was gay and then about Doug and about how during Doug's swim meets, he loved looking at his long lean body, his freckles, his beautiful handsome face, big blue eyes and messy curly red hair. The kid was in love, or at least infatuated. He went over to Wilcott's one night, and told me in the morning that Doug was there too, and that Doug felt the same for Buck. That was the end of my conjecture. Doug didn't even know Buck's last name until the next day so their affair was not money motivated. Either accept your sons, or lose them." Bucky's eyes roamed the two sets of parents.

Morgan was an only child, His parents nodded. His father had tears in his eyes and an accepting grin when he said, "One benefit of having Paul in the family will be that we'll have not one, but two attorneys for free."

John Wilcott giggled, "Reduced rate perhaps but free is not in a lawyer's vocabulary. Trust me, why do you think everyone calls us sharks? There's a course they'll get, I think third year about fees."

Bucky giggled, "You've got that right, the last time I asked you if it was going to be a nice day, I got billed for a thousand bucks and you never did answer me, but I did ask and you, you sleaze, were riding in my chopper into the city and I don't remember if it rained or not."

Gradually, all the parents finished their drinks, said good night and disappeared until only Bucky and Becky were left in their Presidential suite - they thought, there were two other bedrooms. Becky left with a kiss on Bucky's cheek urging him not to be late for bed. Bucky dozed until his cell phone began to vibrate in his pocket. "Yes?" he jerked awake as if he'd been stung, but with a groggy voice without really opening his eyes. He listened to the caller for a few seconds and then exploded, fully awake, "If you can't lease one then buy one!" he growled. "There must be a platform for the choppers! I don't care about costs, just get it done!" He was talking to Joe. He slapped his phone closed in an impotent very dangerous mood.

Buck stood at the kitchen door with two sandwiches on paper plates. "What's the problem Dad?" he asked with a tremor in his voice, he'd never seen his father so upset about anything.

Bucky waved his son over. "The problem is, my son that I know about the Thanksgiving cruise and its purpose. I planned on two armed Black Hawks to support you if you needed them. They need somewhere to take off from and a bulk cargo ship is the answer."

"How exactly did you find out Dad?" Buck asked with a slight smile as if he'd already guessed.

"Evan. He didn't rat you out but I did warn him that if any of you guys planned anything a little over the top, that I wanted to know about it so I could either squash it or help out in the background." Bucky grinned, "I told Evan that if any operations went south for want of my help in some way, that I would begin very seriously being his guardian until he was eighteen. That made him go a little pale until I asked him if fifty bucks a week would be too much for him as an allowance, that's when he nearly fainted."

Buck nearly choked on a bite of the second sandwich, the one he made for Doug. After his gravelly giggles died, he asked, "You wouldn't take over all of Faclonberg's businesses would you?"

Bucky shrugged, "Nope, probably not before our talk and now, after it, it won't ever be necessary."

Buck began laughing. He pointed at his father and rolled to the floor holding his sides. "Dad! You dummy," he accused, "if you can't lease a freighter in time, just borrow one of Evan's supertankers. Even a loaded one could be diverted for a few days and the ship wouldn't even notice the weight of two choppers, plus, we'd keep the whole operation inside the Family," he added.

Somehow using his voice, Buck had changed the word family into Family and his father realized that Buck was right. They had rather rapidly come together to be a world wide Family. The idea of such an organization actually being formed was startling. Bucky shook himself and reached for his phone again, "Where's Evan hanging his pants to night?"

Buck shrugged, "I have no idea since Doug and I needed some alone time and decided that your suite would be quiet. Wait until morning, you know he'll agree, but you better get back to Joe to tell him about the new plan so the poor overworked bastard can get some sleep."

"I will, and an apology is in order as well, I hope he isn't pissed at me."

"I think it's the other way around, he hopes that you aren't too pissed at him. Remember the meat grinder?" Buck asked while returning to the kitchen to fix he and Doug another sandwich each, disregarding the minor fact that he'd just eaten two himself.

The Family arrived at the University arena early, intentionally, to avoid the crowds. They found that the crowds beat them anyway although the mob couldn't get in yet, they didn't care. They were most interested in the line of midnight blue cars and who climbed from them. Concentrated lines of uniformed guards kept the unloading area clear as everyone climbed out until Doug appeared wearing his goofy, 'I don't know why I'm so amazed' look and grin when cheering began. He nodded, his grin expanded he waved and then all hell broke loose.

The mob moved toward him and he to them. He slipped through the guard phalanx somehow and began signing autographs after someone slipped a pen into his hand. Doug blushed at first on seeing himself in his Speedo, stretching. He remembered the shot. He was standing on a starting block with his arms above his head. His body was in profile and his cock, while actually somewhat bent to the side, appeared to be trying to escape the waistband of the tight revealing little suit. Only one of the uniformed guards had the presence of mind to stay with him and kept wandering hands from exploring the protrusion in his pants.

"Keep signing but turn left and make your way to the doors," the guard shouted above the tumult. Doug nodded and obeyed. The guard finally gave him a push and the doors closed at his back while the young guard turned, joined his fellows and began pushing the crowd back.

Buck grinned at Doug when they were reunited. "Asshole," he grumped, "you could have gotten MY cock ripped off, don't ever do that again."

Doug giggled, "I got you all inside didn't I, with MY cock intact I believe?" He looked down at Buck's bulge significantly with a raised eyebrow as they made their way up the ramp that led into the arena.

Bucky turned to Joe wearing a pleased smile. "Send someone to find the kid who helped Doug. He's promoted. Attach him to the house staff until we find out, ah, his likes and dislikes and what else he can do."

Doug overheard and grinned, "I think I already know what he likes Bucky," he struck a pose, "me. He groped me twice accidentally on purpose while he was pushing those crazy babes' hands away from me AND asked me if I'd autograph his poster of me too just before we got inside. I said sure and told him I could get him Paul's too. He nearly shit when I even offered him one of Paul on the rings that Marc took from the front."

Bucky's eyes widened, "You mean there is a flipside?" he asked incredulously.

John Wilcott laughed at Bucky's expression. "I don't believe you've ever toured the boy's bunkhouse have you? I assure you there is a flipside and I like that one the best." He saw Bucky's expression change and rushed to reassure him, "I don't mean it like that, I like it because Paul held himself effortlessly and it was taken while he was smiling." He giggled with a thought, "He probably just told his little brother to take the picture or he was dropping down and would cause Marc to become mincemeat or a eunuch. Marc doesn't like that shot much because Paul was smiling and not serious like every other male gymnast he's seen, but Paul always makes every move so effortless. He loves what he does so he gets his goofy grin and carries on in his own little gymnastics world."

"I've got to see this," Bucky said as they all found the seats that had been taped off for them, only there was a group of adults, some with children apparently already there and all were wearing jerseys and school hats.

Frank Wilson, the University Chancellor rushed along the isle. He passed camera shy Bucky and John and offered his hand to Bill Henderson. "Bucky?" he asked but didn't wait for an answer, "I'm Frank Wilson. It's a pleasure to meet you for the first time." He tossed his thumb, "Also for the first time the entire Board of Trustees is attending a sporting event together with our families. I took the liberty of blocking off additional space near you."

Bucky stepped around John and offered his hand with a grin of embarrassment, "Actually I'm Bucky and this is John Wilcott, Paul's father and that's Bill Henderson, Doug's father." He pointed at Doug amid the crowd of boys mixed with their bodyguards.

"OOPS!" Frank boomed, "Open mouth, change feet. I'm so sorry, but I thought you were one of the teenagers," he said quietly.

Bucky laughed, " I assure you that I haven't been one of those for fifteen years." The doors had been unlocked and people were streaming in and finding seats wherever. Bucky motioned to Joe. Joe bent down to hear his orders. "Include the Chancellor and his party in our security net please and quickly. This place is filling up fast."

The uniformed guards flowed in with the crowd and moved with a bunch of squealing girls toward the group wearing maroon and white jerseys. The guards surrounded the group and sat down but looked back, to their sides or down depending where they ended up sitting in the tiers of seats. The young man that helped Doug sat in the front row and swiveled his head constantly, looking for potential problems.

Joe tapped him on the shoulder. "Would you come with me please?" he asked. "Someone wants to meet you."

"Huh? What did I do wrong? I thought I was just doing my job," he half argued as he stood and reluctantly followed Joe toward where Bucky sat.

Bucky stood up to shake hands with the lad that still looked like a teenager. "Hi, I'm Bucky. That was nice work outside with Doug and he appreciated it as he'll tell you later at dinner."

The young man had no clue who Bucky was. He smiled brightly, "Hi Bucky, glad to meet you, I'm Alex, and thanks, just doing my job. That kid just wandered into the mob of girls and I followed him." Alex looked around and frowned before he said, "I don't mean to be harsh, but some of my much more experienced buddies should have broken off from the mob as well. Lucky for the kid it worked out."

"My thought exactly," Bucky agreed. "I was wondering if you would be interested in a new assignment watching over my son and his friend Doug, who you just watched over briefly outside. Their guards, the taller one with dark hair trying to get them seated and the younger looking guy wearing glasses are kind of overworked and they need some help although they don't know it or admit they put in some long hours."

"Wow! Thank you Bucky!" Alex exclaimed happily as he looked over the boys and then frowned and looked at Bucky with questioning eyes, "Do you have the authority to hire someone?"

Bucky smiled, "My last name is Trenton. You figure it out."

Alex looked down at his embroidered shit and looked up with a grin, "DUH!" He exclaimed with a giggle, "Now I get it, Trenton International Security! I'm sorry Sir, I didn't know or understand."

"No problem," Bucky answered with a smile. "Go join the boys, introduce yourself, You'll be accepted when Doug explains."

Medi rushed over and pulled at Alex's hand impatiently, "Hurry, you can sit with us. I haven't met Paul yet but I have his brother Marc. You will like us, that is Sean and I after we get you into bed."

Alex followed but was stunned. "Am I that obvious?" he asked as Medi pulled him down to sit between them.

"Certainly not," Medi giggled, "the adults just assume you are since Bucky hired you to guard us at school and the rest of us have most excellent working gaydar. Plus of course Doug is an extraordinary cock magnate. I couldn't keep my hands off him either when we first met." Medi continued almost without taking a breath, "I say, Alex, do you have a legal passport?"

"Passport? No, and I don't have an illegal one either. Are you guys for real?" Alex asked as he began to suspect he was being had somehow.

"Well you must get one from your government by Christmas. No, rather by Thanksgiving, you see we're all going on a cruise over that holiday and we might stop in some countries that require them. Then at Christmas we will be going down to Doug's island in the Bahamas. The day after Christmas there, we'll be leaving to visit my country."

"Yeah, well I don't think I can afford to do that much traveling if you really aren't bullshitting me."

Sean joined the conversation, "He isn't Alex, Medi, short for Mohammed, is the Crown Prince of Bachal which is located on the Persian Gulf. We'll be his guests there so that won't cost anything. We'll fly there on Evan Falconburg's 747." He stretched his neck to search out Evan, and pointed him out with Billy, sandwiched between Hans and Herman. Just then the gymnastic teams began marching in down both sides of the raised platform that almost filled the arena floor. Sean shouted in Alex's ear to be heard over the din, "Fuck it, you'll meet everyone at dinner to night."

The girls entered first, in long lines by height so of course Paul brought up the rear of the men since he was a head taller than the next tallest athlete in front of him. The whole arena erupted into a mad, cheering, stomping mob. With perhaps Paul's personal fans the loudest even Bucky and all the other adults joining the boys. After the place quieted slightly after introductions, waiting for the rotations to begin, Bucky leaned forward and raised an eyebrow in Doug and Buck's direction. He had a private word with them in the suite.

The two stood and made their way along their tier of seats, excusing themselves politely as they made their way toward the adults and the two teenage girls sitting with Frank. Doug and Buck both grinned at the girls both of whom looked up them. "Hi, I'm Doug and this is Buck. Would you like to get away from the old fogies? There are two seats over next to us. Come on you can meet the guys and we'll warn you about the one's you shouldn't meet," he joked.

Both girls looked as if they were ready to drop their drawers and make babies on the spot. They certainly didn't ask permission as they tromped on Frank's feet in their haste to join so many beautiful 'hunks' whom they'd seen pictures of mostly nearly naked in Dylan's magazine. They would be sitting very close to Dylan himself but he didn't compare to Doug and Buck in the flesh when the 'flesh' in question protruded so naturally from the boy's cargo pants.

Buck decided to exact a bit of retribution for his father's order to invite girls over that morning. He turned and grinned, "Say Dad before the meet starts, Doug is getting hungry, can we send someone to get us something and some drinks too?"

"You just had breakfast for God's sake, what are you trying to do, eat me out of house and home?" he joked and nodded. "You were early by half an hour so I guess I lost the pool but you made the Chancellor here a few hundred bucks richer. Okay, I'll find someone, now return to your seats with your guests, but no hanky panky," he warned to Buck's back. Buck stumbled, blushed and kept moving away from the adults while Bucky pulled out his phone.

"There's no need Bucky. I anticipated the need for food and drink. I hired a caterer. The food will arrive wrapped in the same concession wrappers, anything the concession serves and the drinks for us can be anything you like. The bar is open too."

"Thank you Frank," he looked at his watch, "it too early for me. I'll have a Coke and a chili cheese dog with extra onions if possible."

Becky elbowed him with a disarming grin, "And just were where you planning to sleep tonight, onion breathe?" she asked sweetly before breaking into a giggle. She looked up at Frank, "I think I'll have the same, but with a tall gin and tonic."

"Utoh," Bucky moaned, "no sleep for me tonight," he mumbled and grinned at his wife

"Done. Coming right up." Frank turned and motioned two boys over. Both wore tee shirts proclaiming that they were concession employees except they pulled out pads and began to write orders for the whole mob including the Trustees and their wives.

The meet began and the superb athletes began to do their thing on the apparatus. Paul started out on the parallel bars. He worked his body over the length of both and signally as was expected, but what wasn't expected were his pauses and his smile when he released one hand and stood on the other with his hand at his side. His dismount was a blur that slow motion cameras would have to record. He landed with his heels touching, He raised his arms and the tumult was deafening and Paul's smile broke into a huge grin.

Mark, who had thousands and thousands of pictures of his brother, was busy adding other male gymnasts to his collection as they worked other apparatus. He'd appraised them as individuals as they took off their sweats and more than a few appraised his casual handsomeness and the bulge in his shorts right back. It seemed everyone's gaydar was fine-tuned, and there were more than a few on both teams. After the cheering died down and Marc saw three tens and the rest nines, Paul's score, he rushed his big brother and forgot about anyone other than Paul and cursed himself for not watching. Marc ran to his stack of camera cases and selected one of the biggest.

John Wilcott broke off from cheering his eldest son hysterically to watch Marc. He sputtered after seeing him hoist a professional video camera to his shoulder while wondering if he ever got his credit card back from when Marc went to buy an underwater camera that turned out to be two. "Where the hell did he get that and all that other stuff?" he asked his wife.

Elise giggled at John's consternation and punched him in the arm. "Fool, remember that he has a few million of his own now and he can afford what he wants. Anton told him to take lots of pictures and Dylan gave him press credentials so they created a monster. He missed Paul on the bars but he won't miss him on the other apparatus and certainly not tumbling."

While the Wilcott's talked, Marc approached Paul hesitantly, mindful of Paul's very sincere threat the night before. They high fived and Marc congratulated his brother. "I missed the bars, sorry," He began while looking morose, which usually worked if he wanted something from Paul. "I was wondering, if, after the meet is over you'd do the bars again for me while I tape it?"

"Where?" Paul asked suspiciously.

Marc pointed at the bars, "Right there, only without that fucking shirt. Dylan and I decided to kind of champion you along with, Doug, Harm, Pettie and a few other jocks in the magazine so we need some skin."

"Do you realize that I'll be dragging ass by the time this meet ends?" Paul was incredulous but also flattered. He relented, "Okay, but just the bars right?"

"Of course just the bars." Marc agreed tongue in cheek. He had actually been Paul's trainer at home without either of them realizing it. He could always push his brother into repeating a routine if he felt that it wasn't perfect or if he didn't capture the perfect photo and planned on coaxing Paul into repeating everything only without him wearing a shirt.

Paul's team won their first meet by a wide margin and he took the top scores among the men. After the brief closing ceremonies, the crowd began to leave the arena when a few people noticed that Paul once again approached the parallel bars, this time shirtless and wearing very tight, revealing shorts. A young blond photographer followed him with a video camera on one shoulder and barely managed a six-foot stepladder on the other. Gradually, most of the crowd, including all of his Family paused to watch. After laughing at Marc's attempt to open the ladder without relinquishing his camera, Paul helped and Marc climbed up to straddle the top facing the bars.

Once comfortable, Marc nodded. Paul mounted and repeated his routine flawlessly. By then most of the audience still in the arena had reversed course. Some found better seats but most stood. After Paul's once again perfect dismount, Marc scampered down the ladder and scooted to his brother to show him something on the camera's tiny screen.

On hearing loud cheering again, everyone on both teams left their locker rooms in various states of undress, even the girls, but all were decent, if barely. Both teams climbed to the raised floor and then sat or lay down to watch Paul's moves closely especially the boys and take mental notes on how to improve their own routines based on his successes that day.

The brothers ignored the cheering and the men's teams surrounding the two as they studied Paul's moves. "The judges didn't see that!" Paul argued briefly.

"But I did and you can bet your ass that the Olympic judges will too," Marc countered. He then added, "Oh, by the way, you looked a little wobbly on the rings. I thought you were going to loose it there once." The teams gasped at that criticism because Paul nearly won the rings, being edged out by a teammate by only half a point. That boy was proportionately stronger, a fact that worried Paul constantly, the strength to height ratio. He was simply the giant of gymnastics.

"Shit," Paul grumbled and headed toward the rings without further protest or being asked. He went into his training mode or trance and stayed there, oblivious to the noise from the crowd.

Morgan appeared at the rings and spotted when necessary as Marc coaxed Paul through the entire meet, only the second time without a pause, or shirt and wearing only his shorts. Each time Paul reviewed the next piece. Marc would freeze a frame and point; Paul nodded and went off with Morgan following and with Marc rushing to catch up along with the two teams. Paul finished on the tumbling mat with a sweat glistened body and a huge smile. He still ignored the cheering from the remaining crowd while he collared Marc with an arm around his neck and affectionately washed his brother's face with sweat after Marc approved that routine with a pleased smile. "Thanks bro," Paul said and added, "good thing the judges aren't as good as you are."

Marc traded cameras and followed Paul into the locker room. Bucky whispered into his shirt and everyone wearing communications looked up with David who nodded and moved to locate the new kid, Alex. By then Alex had traded his uniform shirt for a University jersey and cap and looked like the rest of the Family. He was occupied with Medi and Sean who were actively trying to lore him into their suite that night. Alex just kept laughing at them while shaking his head to decline their invitation.

David interrupted, "Alex? I'm David, and this is Noah. Go with Noah into the locker room. No one's in there and there are other exits so anyone could get in if they talked their way past the uniforms outside those doors. Are you still packing?" he asked.

Alex looked offended by the question, "Of course, what kind of question is that? I know I'm still working. I stuffed it in my waistband." He turned so David and Noah could see the bulge in the big jersey in the small of his back. "Who's in there that we need to watch over?" he asked following Noah down from the stands.

"The Wilcott brothers," Noah answered simply at first, grinned when he saw a blank look on Alex's handsome face, and explained, "Paul is the big gymnast we came to see and Marc is his photographer younger brother."

"That Marc kid is hot!" Alex exclaimed without meaning to. He turned red as Noah grinned at him.

"Yes, he certainly is," Noah agreed when he saw Alex undressing Marc mentally.

"Say Noah who were those two kids trying to get my pants off?"

Noah giggled, "The one with the deep tan and British accent is none other than a crown prince of a small but very wealthy Arab country and his best bud Sean, is the heir to an international drug company, like Johnson and Johnson, not the kind of drugs you were thinking about," he added when he saw Alex frown.

Alex and Noah walked into the locker room in time to hear a strange silence descend. They found the team further undressed and standing in a loose circle surrounding Marc and eyeing his camera suspiciously. Paul stood behind Marc and grinned. He hadn't told Marc that he clued his teammates in about the model releases and fees in advance. Marc had just offered each who agreed to be photographed the sum of one hundred dollars. A little blond with a perfectly sculpted body was down to his jock. He was the one who had snatched the rings from Paul. The blond stretched dramatically with his hands over his head. Marc couldn't resist he raised his camera. "Don't even think about it," the boy said. "If you want me in your camera, I was thinking that the initial fee should be more like a grand to start and if any pics of me get published anywhere you would pay me another five thousand each."

Marc the drama queen clutched his chest as he looked up at the ceiling as if he was having a heart attack and was looking for the pearly gates. Paul broke out laughing, as the rest of the team remained unimpressed while agreeing with the blond champion. Marc whirled on his big brother, "You already told them you motherfucker!" he accused.

"That's right. Got your trusty checkbook in your purse?" Paul always referred to Marc's camera bag as a purse.

Marc sat on a bench, found his checkbook and his model release forms and began to write after each guy interested told him his name. It turned out that they were all interested in earning a thousand dollars for showing a little muscle wrapped in skin that they were all proud of displaying anyway. Marc looked up suddenly and saw Noah and Alex standing at the end of the locker row where they could stay out of the way, but actually they both agreed the view was far better from there.

Marc's eyes locked on Alex and Alex's in turn fixed on Marc. Marc smiled and nodded a come hither invitation to join him sitting on the bench in the middle of the row. "Utoh, I think you two hotties are about to get together," Noah mumbled as he nudged Alex forward.

Noah pushed Alex down on the bench alongside Marc and he took the other side. "And your name is?" Marc asked.

"Alex, Alexander Graham," Alex replied and offered his hand. Marc ignored it and began to write him a check.

"Hold it, Alex is joining our staff so no pictures." Noah said with a frown.

Marc forgot all about writing checks, "He is? You are? Where?" Marc's grin was contagious. Alex displayed a mouth full of perfect pearly whites as he nodded twice and shrugged at the last question.

"He'll be working with David and I," Noah answered helpfully.

"Why no pictures?" someone asked standing in front of Marc.

Three heads turned together. The first thing they saw was a four inch limp cock, a pair of very nice size balls and a neatly trimmed blond pubic region all mounted between a pair of smooth muscular legs. All three of the guys gradually raised their eyes to see the blond athlete grinning down on them.

"We're bodyguards," Noah explained as simply as possible.

"Oh, so who are you guarding in here?" the kid asked. "You realize that we're a team and most of us are into martial arts. If anyone came in here looking for trouble we'd give it to him."

Noah smiled up at the boy. "What if the bad guy had a weapon?" he asked.

"Good point," the blond giggled, "if the dude had a gun pointed at one of us then I think he'd be on his own while the rest of us got the hell out of Dodge to call nine-one-one."

"Exactly." Noah laughed before he sobered. "We're here because Paul and Marc are a part of the extended family and another guy was kidnapped a couple of months ago, a case of mistaken identity but still he was at risk, so here we are to see to it that nothing like that happens again."

"Wow!" the kid said and frowned down on Marc, dismissing the subject.

"So, are you going to write me a check or stare at my cock?" The boy giggled again as Marc blushed and started writing. "Man, you are so busted, he whispered when he bent to take his check and sign a release.

The dinner, with the all the Family also included all of the trustees, their wives and children, along with both teams. Paul invited his teammates and Marc invited the opposing team after scurrying to their locker room with Alex at his side and little time to do much more than to gain a few additional model releases but of course at one hundred dollars each since his brother hadn't told them about the higher rate and he needed some candid shots of both teams.

Bucky gave up, called the hotel a final time and changed a sit down dinner to a buffet that included both seafood and steaks grilled to order, or prime rib cut with the rib intact. During cocktails the girls, at least the teens didn't know where to look first, up at living happy handsome smiling faces or down at bulges in the shorts or long pants they were wearing. They were gratified to find that the guys were relaxed and friendly. Doug and Buck were the biggest hit among the girls until the doors opened and a group of guys walked in. All carried either boxes or what looked like rolls of heavy paper. Dylan was in the lead, followed by Marc carrying an artist's portfolio with Alex carrying another. Both were still joined at hip. Little Pettie with his coach and lover Scott at his side carried the rolls. They all followed Dylan to long tables he'd requested be set up off to the side.

Dylan struggled to open the sealed box he'd carried, "Shit, does anyone have a knife to cut this tape?" he wondered aloud. Suddenly there was a snick, like metal hitting metal and Alex waved a switchblade in front of Dylan's eyes.

"Never leave home without one I always say." Alex sliced the tape, put away his knife and leaned into the box so he could see what was inside. It was full of magazines. Alex looked back at Pettie towering over everyone. "You're on the cover," he said and quickly stepped back out of harm's way, over to help Marc open his fat portfolio.

The guys, girls and all the adults crowded the tables to see what was so interesting as Dylan began handing out copies of the latest but as yet unreleased edition of his magazine and Pettie was the feature including the center pull out poster. Doug grinned and snapped open the rolled up posters. Pettie's were on top. It was a full-length body shot taken from the rear. Marc took the picture during a practice. Everyone was nude. Scott, Pettie's coach and lover was barely visible, just his eyes and the top of his head as he looked up to explain what Pettie needed to work on when he got into the pool. Harm and Doug were at his side but not in the picture.

Pettie had turned his head to them but never bent it to look down on them; just his eyes sank to blue slits between obscenely long eyelashes so his face was in profile and wearing a patient open mouthed smile, while his body was relaxed, every muscle from his wide massive shoulders was visible as if he was straining. He had one foot on the floor and the other was lifted with the sole of his foot planted on his calf just below his knee, and he had his hands, while clutching a cap and swim goggles, on the area his hips would be if he had any. His tiny crack was almost invisible as it merged with incredible thighs. That's when Marc began burning film as fast as he could and ultimately selected this one photo for the centerfold.

Pettie however was having none of it. "Nope," he said as he looked at the other pictures accompanying the article. "These are all okay, but this one is out. I'm not showing my bare ass to the world, scratch this one please."

Dylan looked apoplectic at first, and then reconsidered. He grinned up at the blond giant, but from a safe distance, "We have your signed release..." he began.

"No you don't," Pettie countered, "I never signed anything," he insisted.

"I, I kind of think I did," Scott looked up at his lover. "Remember back home, your parents wouldn't let you come up here unless they gave me temporary custody in case something happened, maybe an accident. No hospital would treat you as a minor without authorization, so I'm it."

Pettie's shoulders slumped, "Shittt..." escaped him before he realized he'd just cursed in mixed company. "Sorry ladies," he mumbled.

One of the girls grabbed Pettie's arm, offered him a magic marker and led him to the table where the his posters were stacked, "Could I have your autograph?" Frank's daughter asked hopefully. Then she added quickly, "Please don't sign on your body, over here," she pointed. "My name's Missy," she blushed out.

Pettie grinned down on Missy, resigned to his fate. He whispered to the girl as he wrote, "This should get you a few points with your friends." He wrote; 'Missy, Thanks for a fantastic weekend! Love, Pettie Mason.'

"OH MY GOD!" Missy exclaimed. "THANK YOU PETTIE!"

"My extreme pleasure Missy." Pettie bent and kissed her cheek.

"You may as well sign these too," Marc interrupted and tossed three eleven by fourteen inch photos on top the poster along with a pen with a finer tip. Pettie glanced at the top most photo, one of him hugging his knees while laughing at someone off to his side. Water streamed from his hair down his forehead. Some got stuck in his eyelashes while some formed droplets in his long curling eyelashes. His smile revealed his sparkling white even teeth. He was obviously naked because no colorful band of bathing suit showed on his lean butt above tile flooring. Luckily one big super sized foot hid his package effectively from the camera.

Pettie looked down on Marc. His look said, 'Tonight, you are so dead.' Marc backed out of range to add other smaller shots of the other guys with the big posters. Dylan had pushed other athletes behind the table for an autograph session. Doug just giggled and signed but Buck and Evan were not quite as complacent or accepting and glared at Marc to agree with Pettie's opinion of the photographer's fate.

Evan and Buck actually looked like twins in their photos, paternal to be sure just like they did when the gang first met Evan in Ft. Lauderdale. Both looked younger than they actually were and attracted the younger prepubescent girls to collect pictures, posters and their autographs. Medi also drew the girl's attention because he was exotic in appearance and was closely attended by two Japanese boys who surveyed the room constantly looking for who knew what. Although there were no posters or photos of Medi or Sean, when Dylan saw the interest by the younger girls he resolved to correct his lapse and whispered to Marc. A photo spread and a few words about Medi being an Arab crown prince with almost limitless wealth and Sean, the heir to an international pharmaceutical dynasty would certainly boost circulation among preteen girls.

Alex, the brand new guy, attached himself to Marc's side all during dinner and after for autographs while he frequently glanced at Doug. Before dinner, just after Alex took off his cap, Doug looked up and moaned, "Goddamn, a smoothie."

Alex frowned, unaware of the problem, Buck explained that Doug was referring to Alex's hair, that Doug was envious since his was most definitely not and wouldn't even stay combed for long even if he tried, which wasn't often while Alex never needed a comb. Buck then asked Alex where he was bunking.

Alex didn't get a chance to answer, Marc answered for him, "With me, but you can have seconds if he wants too." Alex grinned and nodded enthusiastically agreeing with the sleeping arrangements out of anyone's hearing.

Once in an empty suite, Alex watched with bug eyes as the three others stripped in the living area. He was amazed to see that they were all completely tanned. The three posed for him before they frowned, waiting for him to strip as well. He slowly complied and when he was naked they gawked.

"You're a swimmer," Doug declared as he stared at the sleek body with brief tan lines that declared that Alex wore a speed suit when in the sun

"Yeah," Alex answered with his eyes on the floor, "once upon a time. I kind of got a full boat scholarship. My roommate was a party animal, I wasn't but learned. I flunked out by the end of the first semester. My parents kind of disowned me; I needed a job and got this gig. Now you know the rest of the story."

"Did you fuck around with other guys much?" Marc asked as he began running his hands over Alex's amazing body that resembled his brother Paul's although smoother, leaner, much like an older Doug or Harm at the moment.

Alex shrugged, enjoying Marc's tactile inspection. He answered the critical question, almost purring, "A friend in high school, but just hand jobs and then in college with my roommate when he was blitzed. He thought he was getting head or fucking his girlfriend depending on what I wanted to try. The next morning he acted like nothing happened even though I was in his bed and he was spooned behind me."

Buck whispered to Doug and took off running, out the door and down the hall to pound on doors. He explained to the frowning occupants briefly and ran to the next door, avoiding the cluster of suites occupied by parents. Soon the rest of the guys appeared to surround Alex without touching him but all were very tempted. Marc dropped his hands. One weighed Alex's balls while the other stroked his four-inch dangling cock until it was nine inches, hard and horizontal to his sleek body.

"WOW!" Marc mumbled.

With that, Alex opened his eyes shaken from his reverie. He looked around, saw that he was surrounded, and that Marc had sunk to his knees preparing to take him in his mouth. He stepped back. "Hey guys, this is embarrassing." He declared with a head to toe blush staring down at very handsome Marc.

Marc looked up and grinned, "It shouldn't be, just really look around."

Alex did and saw that everyone was as hard as he was. "Holy shit! Would this be what might be called the start of an orgy?" he asked rhetorically as most of his cock disappeared into Marc's mouth and other couples resumed whatever they were doing before Buck interrupted them in their suites. Two Japanese boys mesmerized him as they sank to the carpet on their backs to be welcomed by a pair of Latin twins who were followed by another set of twins, who were younger. This pair eagerly spread the Latin brothers' taught ass cheeks and entered them. He wondered aloud what they were doing with six hands stacked between the two threesomes.

Doug answered with a giggle and without missing a stroke into Buck. "Hey, they just made sandwiches. The twins, both sets kind of control things and when they cum, all six will do it together." Doug saw disbelief in Alex's expression. "Really, we'll try it after they get done if you want to. Marc likes to bottom mostly but since you're new you can have any position you want."

Alex looked down at Marc and whispered, "Do you want to be on the bottom?" he asked, Then before Marc could respond he added, "If you do, I'd like to be in the middle with Doug on top of me." Marc nodded and redoubled his pace. Alex began responding by meeting Marc half way. Suddenly every muscle in his body showed through his tanned skin. His hands went to the back of Marc's head to pull him in tighter but Marc was ready and had a hand on each of Alex's hip bones to push him back so Alex could fill his mouth so he could really taste the nectar from the man who he hoped would be his first lover, and not have the load injected into his throat.

Alex woke in the morning amid a tangle of bodies; Spencer wore Tommy like a small blanket. Medi and Sean shared his body, half on and half off on either side while both grasped his cock passively and on the other side, Harm cuddled his lover Huss. He was stunned at first until he recalled that he'd shared his body with anyone in the Family who got to him in a vacant moment.

The phone rang and Alex struggled up over Spenser, Marc and Tommy's bodies, "Hello?"

A distinctive voice responded, "Breakfast is in the Presidential Suite. We'll be leaving for home in an hour so if you snooze you lose."

"Thank you Sir, we'll be there," Alex answered to a dead phone. He pushed and shoved the others to wakefulness while he climbed over Harm and Huss to look for his clothes; of course they were nowhere to be found.

"Shit, I left them in that other suite," Alex mumbled as he ran out the door naked but more concerned about finding his clothes than modesty. One door wasn't quite closed. He tried that. He found Buck and Doug spooned on the sofa and Doug in the middle of his wake up call into Buck. He found the floor littered with clothes and his own behind the sofa currently occupied by the busy couple. "Breakfast is being served in the Presidential Suite right now," he advised as he dressed, "and," he continued, "we're leaving in an hour."

"Who says?" Buck croaked.

"I think your father." Alex answered as he stuffed his bikini briefs into his shorts' pocket.

"Shit," Doug moaned and increased his pace dramatically. "I guess we should have answered the fucking phone earlier," he mumbled as he froze in place and pumped his morning load into Buck. He kissed Buck passionately. "We better hurry, I'll catch you on the plane," he promised and withdrew.

"Plane? How are you guys going to fuck around on a plane?" Alex asked forgetting that he'd been told of a 747.

Both Doug and Buck grinned as they realized that Alex was in for another case of culture shock. "You'll see when you get on the plane." Buck answered and looked around, "Hey where's your lover boy?"

Alex froze at the door. He turned and grinned before answering, "You know I really hope he is. He's a little flaky but then all of you are too and I guess I'm on my way to joining you. Later" he said while stuffing his weapon in the back of his pants and running back down the hall to find Marc and then the Presidential Suite and breakfast.

A pair of chartered busses took the Family to the airport Sunday morning that left exactly on time, Alex noted with a glance at his watch. "Didn't anyone do a head count?" he asked Marc as Marc handed him a messy sandwich made of scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage patties wrapped in a hotel napkin just as Evan and company walked by to find seats. The limos and trucks left for New Jersey the previous evening so they could meet some of the plane's passengers when it landed in Newark.

Evan stopped to frown down on them. "What?" Marc asked with his mouth full.

"Nothing except I'm serving a Champaign brunch on board and now you mothers will be full." Evan accused.

Marc laughed, "Just when was I ever full of food, and I like a taste of the bubbly now and then if its good stuff, not that sparkling shit you serve that's dated with the current month instead of a year."

Evan started to climb over Alex to get at Marc but was neatly intercepted by Hans and Herman with big hands, one under each armpit. They whisked him away like he was luggage. Alex looked confused. "If they're his bodyguards, how can they just haul him away instead of just killing you?"

Marc swallowed and answered, "Our bodyguards are also around to keep order if necessary. Like Noah, I fuck with him all the time because I like him but when I push him too far he has this martial arts thing and if I'm not fast enough he puts a hand on the back of my neck and I go to sleep. No one knows how he does it but he does it. As far as Evan is concerned, I was just fucking with his mind, the wine cellar he has on board his plane is almost second to none according to Toby and Terry. They own a premiere estate winery in California and if there's a bottle under a hundred bucks a bottle, they'd be surprised and half of that is theirs so they know."

"Wine cellar on a plane?" Alex asked, "Are you fucking with my brain?"

"A little, but Evan's plane is just something you have to see for the first time to really believe." Marc assured Alex as the two coaches drove through an access gate that led directly onto the tarmac alongside a huge hanger. The equally large plane had just been towed from the hanger and was ready for boarding. As the busses rounded the corner of the cavernous building they were shaded by the plane and the view of it was the belly and landing gear.

Bucky stood up quickly, turned to the rear and frowned slightly which ended what was to be a pushing and shoving mass exodus before it even got started. "Everyone stay seated. Evan, you and your group get off first. I imagine you may have some last minute details to take care of."

"Thanks Bucky." Evan smirked as he led his entourage off the bus directly to and up the waiting stairs. Bucky then allowed everyone else off starting with the front most seats and moving back until the bus was empty.

"Boy Dad you are one big party pooper. We had a bet going about who was going to be first out of the bus and you handed Evan the win," Buck complained once on the plane.

"You can close your mouth now." Marc advised Alex as they surveyed the main lounge decorated with museum quality antiques all bolted to the deck. He grabbed Alex's hand and tugged. "Come on dude the bedrooms are back further. They passed Harm and Becky in an appraisal mode. Both shook their heads despondently.

"What's with Harm and Mrs. Trenton they look like they're about to cry?" Alex asked,

"They're both into old junk, and this old shit was ruined somehow. Ask Harm later, he'll explain until you'll be sorry you asked."

Evan dashed into their path. "Oh know you don't," he said with outstretched arms. "The flight isn't long enough, you'll be missed and Bucky will be pissed. Wait until we get back to school and brunch awaits." He added, pointing to the open dinning room door.

Alex was cowed since he was an employee but Marc wasn't. "I'd rather eat him now and lunch at school," he said too loudly within his mother's hearing.

"MARCUS!" Elise screamed.

"Woops," Marc shrugged his shoulders at his mother. "Sorry mom." He turned toward Alex accusingly and said, "Save it you horn toad you! Let's get some brunch."

"Horn toad? Me?" Alex answered incredulously.

There were other meets, swimming, diving or gymnastics. The Family attended them all if a Family member was involved as a contestant. Then suddenly the long awaited Thanksgiving break arrived and it was time to begin a weeklong cruise on Sea Song. The boys and their bodyguards happily boarded Evan's plane. After they were airborne JC stood up to address them all.

"We, that is me, are sorry to deceive you," JC said, and continued, "but we are on our way to recover some wealth my father accrued before he died. There is the remotest possibly that there will be opposition to my recovery but danger exists, any of you who do not wish to help may remain on Dagger Cay until we return."

"I'm in," Marc boomed first with a grin, then asked, "how much wealth?" putting finger quotes around wealth.

JC blushed before answering Marc's blunt question. "Around ten billion dollars in cash I think, plus some gold, honestly, it is difficult to calculate but the danger is very real so consider carefully."

No one hesitated, they all cheered JC's good fortune, all except the bodyguards, they had already been apprised of the adventure and the possible difficulties just before leaving New Jersey. Unlike most of the boys, they knew of the entire plan and the safeguards as well as the dangers.

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