Castle Roland

Somerset Farm

by Jamie Haze

In Progress

Chapter 58

Published: 21 May 15


Jamie Haze

Pav held Sea Song in position, bow pointing about three hundred yards away from an extreme water color change using forward and reverse plus bow and stern thrusters ever so gently and effortlessly using the new pilot chair on the bridge. He again quickly scanned the many monitors and digital readouts. There was no mistake, Sea Song's course was correct, yet the entrance to and through the narrow, winding channel in the five mile river delta simply wasn't there where snoopy plotted it three days earlier.

Gregor and Meesha stood on the fly bridge staring forward at the delta's gray-brown expanse. The water under them was somewhat murky, while fifty yards to the stern it was crystal clear. "Well Pav?" Gregor shouted into his microphone. He wanted confirmation that the instrumentation was correct; the depth where Sea Song paused was a safe fifty feet while the depth where the grey-brown delta began was a mere five feet. There was no channel; they faced a wall of silt that continually expanded the delta into the ocean. Gregor and Meesha both knew what Pav would say.

Both frowned at each other as Pav answered, "I am most sorry Gregor, perhaps snoopy miscalculated somehow?" he ventured weakly.

"SNOOPY MISCALCULATED?" Evan roared from just behind Gregor. He stood on the cushioned box so he had a clear view of the expanse of the delta and the verdant green strip of jungle that concealed the mouth of the wide river.

Gregor and Meesha spun around to see that the entire gang, both boys and bodyguards were massed behind them. That is, all except the Geek who programmed snoopy to measure water depths accurately using temperature variations. Simply put, surface water was always the warmest while water at the bottom was the coldest using known constants such as the river for comparison. It was Meesha who noticed that John the Geek and his new partner JC were missing.

"JC AND JOHN, REPORT TO THE FLY BRIDGE INSTANTLY!" Meesha's voice boomed over the ship's PA system.

Gregor giggled as he slammed an elbow into Meesha's shoulder. "You call me ignorant dolt for shouting in preference to using the PA system and yet you do both. How is this fair? I think tonight I will pick five of our friends to fuck you most thoroughly. That should teach you!"

A mass of hands shot into the air as everyone volunteered to help Gregor impose his impromptu penalty on the happily grinning Meesha who was ready to suffer his punishment then and there. The thought of sex in the sunlight and open air briefly supplanted the enormous problem of getting through the vast delta just off Sea Song's bow.

As if by magic the laughing and cheering died and the crowd separated to create a wide path across the deck from the top of the spiral stairs to the helm where Gregor and Meesha stood, suddenly all business.

When JC and John reached the deck, they reattached themselves to each other when tall JC placed his arm over John's shoulders and John pulled JC tight with his arm around JC's waist. The two smiled and looked at each other in their own blissful world until the silence intruded on their solitude. They looked up together to see everyone staring at them.

Gregor frowned at John first. "Snoopy is broke or was not taught properly. We have followed his course with exactness but the channel entrance is not there." He pointed at the bow and the silt filled water they faced.

Gregor folded his arms across his chest and frowned down on poor John waiting for an explanation. John had become his own man after he exterminated the pimp who held fifty boys captive, controlled them with drugs and then rented them to other pedophiles. "That's bullshit!" John declared matching Gregor's frown. "Billie and I wrote that program, checked it and tested it. It took over twenty-four hours to plot that mass of shit out there, and the channel is where snoopy plotted it. I can't help it if you don't know how to steer this tub!"

"STEER? A TUB?" Gregor shouted and stepped toward John. "You dare call Sea Song a tub?" he asked. John nodded and stepped toward Gregor with his hands up vertical and flat as if he might know something about a martial art, which he didn't however the movement was an excellent bluff.

The contest was stopped before it got started when JC jumped between the two would be combatants. "Stop, wait," he stated, "I may have been responsible for this, not John. When was the channel plotted?"

John shrugged a Latin shrug, imitating JC and their twin bodyguards, Paulo and Pablo. "It was done over three days ago I guess," he answered, while still glaring at Gregor around JC's shoulder.

"Three days?" JC asked. "Well that explains it, the channel now could be anywhere, it moves constantly." He looked at John sorrowfully, "No problem Love, you'll just have to re-plot the course." It was JC's turn to shrug dismissing the problem.

John joined forces with Gregor as both exclaimed, "Another twenty-four hours?"

"We cannot afford to lose that much time. That destroyer will be here while we are loading. We will be boxed in," Gregor complained.

"Wait just a fucking minute," Buck interrupted the conversation. He looked at JC and asked, "Just how does that coastal freighter get in and out of there?"

JC rolled his eyes and blushed. "I am most sorry, I forgot about them." He looked up at big Gregor to explain simply. "All we have to do is toot our horn. The natives will come out and guide us in."

"Do the natives have a power boat?" Meesha asked JC.

"There are several, but in my haste to leave after father died, I forgot to grant permission for them to use them so they will paddle out." JC responded.

Gregor nodded. "We will send a boat. It is already three o'clock so we just may still have time to get in before darkness falls."

JC shook his head. "If you send a boat the natives will disappear and you will not find them. Also if they like your boat it too could disappear along with the pilot, never to be seen again." He continued amid growing frowns. "You must remember that they greeted the last yacht that called here and were made into slaves to build what are now my homes. That is a mistake that will not soon be repeated. Since this is obviously a yacht, if they come out at all they will be heavily armed and very cautiously."

"How heavily is heavily?" Doug asked as he claimed Buck's shoulder as his usual leaning post with his arm.

"AK-47's at least..." JC ducked his head as the silence was rent by a long blast from Sea Song's air horns, which the perpetrator managed twice more before he was caught at the console, grabbed and held over Gregor's head while he made like he was about to toss Tommy overboard.

Tommy started talking rapidly between silent giggles as he attempted to fend off Gregor's busy fingers tickling his sides. Doug interpreted for those who couldn't read lips. "The little prick," Doug began then stopped, nodded at Tommy and continued, "I stand corrected. The big prick advises that we won't know whether JC's troops will come out to help us unless we contact them, so he contacted them and says the horn is almost as much fun as the cannon except of course there's no smoke."

Suddenly, the lookout shouted and pointed toward the green jungle. "Excuse me," Pav interrupted, "I've put snoopy on the center screen for you, and meanwhile should we anchor?" Only the co-captains heard Pav.

Gregor turned to the real time view of the delta on the screen. As he watched Pav increased magnification until everyone who could get close enough saw two parallel lines of canoes, twenty in all, each paddled by a single native warrior.

Meesha ignored the screen and looked around at their position. He realized that Pav had been holding position manually for over an hour and needed relief. "Pav, take us out another two hundred yards. Anchor parallel to the shore line. We will want anchors fore and aft, set watches and advise them that any movement would not be a good thing. After you anchor, open the stern, shut down and join us."

The canoes, while still distant were drawing closer and could be seen approaching without resorting to snoopy but only as tiny spots. "Will they come aboard?" Gregor asked JC. "It's too late in the day to enter that sea of muck, if we ever ran aground..." he didn't need to finish his thought, he just shivered.

"They might if I invite them. Perhaps we could give them a feast? They do love to party. Could we have it on the boat deck? I doubt if they would venture any further into the ship. There could be evil spirits." JC rolled his eyes and used finger quotes around `evil spirits'.

"What will they eat?" Gregor asked as his mind turned to entertaining guests. "We could collect all the reed mats the crew uses to sun bathe and perhaps use rolled up bed comforters as seat cushions. Would that work?" He asked nervously.

"They eat pork, game, anything that flies or crawls, oh, and any kind of seafood. The mats and comforters would be perfect. There should be no weapons on the boat deck and when they see we are unarmed they'll leave theirs in the dugouts I hope. I speak their language but none of them know English except the chief's son but I think he went to a mission school. They also drink; anything mixed with fruit juice will be fine and also tell the kitchen that ice is a rare treat and will be appreciated."

Gregor and Meesha ran to give orders. Soon the boys were left to watch the canoes approach. They all marveled at the warrior's strength and stamina when they noticed that the canoes were actually hollowed out logs and must have weighed over five hundred pounds or more each.

Pavlov, the chief helmsman and new Commander appeared among the boys amid much back slapping and congratulations for having gotten the Sea Song this far and promised him that they would all conspire to keep Gregor away from the pilot's chair up to and including gunpoint if necessary.

The first day, after reaching the shipping lanes, Gregor and Meesha appeared on the bridge ready for Pavlov to teach them how to use the new pilot's chair. The chair looked like Evan bought it from a Star Wars prop auction but this chair was totally functional. It was in fact the ultimate in command and control stations and so far, Pav was the only one on board who knew how to use it. Pav used the simple expedient of actually reading the comprehensive instruction manual that came with the chair and his photographic memory did the rest.

Pav saw Gregor and Meesha coming and grinned. "Ready to give it a try?" he asked. Both nodded eagerly. Gregor was of course to be first. Pav surprised him by first stopping and shutting down the engines somehow, which caused all the other systems to close down. Everyone blinked when all the bridge screens and instrumentation went a forbidding black and Sea Song drifted. The co-captains noted that only one of the young officers had the presence of mind to order additional lookouts to key positions in the topmost areas of the ship. Gregor and Meesha glanced at each other and nodded, silently agreeing that the young man just entered the road to rapid advancement by taking the initiative. The problem of finding such officers had been ongoing since the old Master's passing. Before him no young officer in his right mind would risk a one way trip the boat deck by issuing such a prudent order without first being ordered by those of higher rank.

Gregor sat in the comfortable chair and waited for it to adjust to his height and reach as it did each time he watched Pav take the con. He frowned at Pav, "Why does it not work?" he asked.

Pav felt free to frown right back and answered, "I would wager your share of this beautiful big boy that you did not read the instruction manual did you." Meesha noted that Pav made his wager a statement or even an accusation, definitely not a question.

"There was no time." Gregor admitted sheepishly.

Pav sighed, "This is going to be a very long day. Very well, to begin you must first turn the chair on. The button is on the side of the right armrest. It is there and recessed so it cannot be deactivated by accident."

Gregor found the button and the chair came alive. It first adjusted itself to his body until he felt himself almost wrapped in a custom molded cocoon. The arm rests extended until his right hand could grasp the joystick that was festooned with buttons, while the left armrest moved out until his long fingers could reach all points on the touch screen. Gregor snuggled back and watched the ship's controls and instruments return to life all along the console. "Wow!" he exclaimed. "This must be how my magnificent cock feels when buried fully in one of your tight pussies!"

Meesha, Pav and three others on the bridge blushed furiously at Gregor's over loud comment. The next three hours, while Gregor had the con using the chair was a time of pure chaos. A simple slight turn to port or starboard mostly resulted in a `U' turn before he was able to recover and the tachometers were either red lined or read zero with Sea Song dead in the water. It seemed he was unable to adjust to the joystick's sensitivity because he was too used to the wheel and to using the video games' joystick to beat everyone who challenged him. He ended the exercise in futility when the chef called to ask in an enraged voice who had the con while he sharpened his largest meat cleaver.

Meesha did much better after he took a towel to wipe away Gregor's accumulated sweat from the seat's leather seat and back wearing a scowl directed at the previous occupant. In total, ten hours were expended while the destroyer moved closer.

Pav, with near encyclopedic knowledge of Sea Song, opened a tightly closed cabinet just to the right of the wheel to hand out three pair of powerful binoculars. Everyone on the fly bridge gawked "Does Gregor or Meesha know about these?" Evan asked as he lifted a pair to his eyes and focused on the approaching canoes. "Holy shit, would you look at those hard bodies, and most of them are our age, I think.

JC nodded in agreement. "Yes, all would be recently made adults. They are shock troops. The more experienced warriors are watching and if anything happens, Sea Song will never get into the river." He explained further, "Boys in the tribe become men at age fifteen if they have demonstrated skills with weapons, both traditional and modern or one other very unique natural ability, which so far I know of only one who has perhaps ever developed it over the centuries."

"You mean like telepathy?" Doug asked quietly. When JC's eyes widened in surprise, Doug continued, "There are two. One is experimenting, I think he's a boy about our age maybe younger and the other, well, I think it's a cat, a huge cat, bigger than a Tiger, not dangerous to us yet but certainly inquisitive. Are there Jaguars in this area or anywhere that big?" he asked.

JC nodded cautiously, "I've never seen one of the cats but I think I grew up with the boy from age five when my family first moved here and my father became the first Lord. I first thought my name in their language was Tara but it really means Lord. My father was the first Lord also named Tara because he had the balls to enter their village unarmed, accompanied by his woman and their son; it was never a name, but a title, although honorary. If I'm right, the boy you're chatting with is Bani, the current chief's son and my lifelong friend. I always thought he had the ability but he would never admit it because he didn't want to be found different from his friends."

Doug nodded, "Bani is sending pictures of his village, a stick ball game and rough soccer involving little natives and a white boy, also hunting scenes. The cat's mind is far stronger. Right now it is resting high in a huge ancient tree just to the right of the river mouth. The cat is watching us, not the Sea Song, but I think all of you from my eyes. I get the feeling that both want to meet me. I see me greeting them by touching foreheads and rubbing noses while making eye contact." He shuddered and blinked before adding, "Before I greet that big cat I think I need to grow some much bigger balls." Doug laughed suddenly, "I get the impression that the cat asked the boy his opinion of my balls." He looked down at himself as he became fully erect. He hesitated before grinning while adding, "Bani thinks my balls are more than adequate and well, everything else is too." He looked at JC again and asked, "Could you tell us about when you first came here?"

By then everyone was gathered around Doug and JC. The slow, ponderous canoes were an hour away and everyone wanted to hear JC's story. Also since they all knew and adjusted to Doug's ability to communicate with `his' dolphin, Rocket, so it was logical that he could encounter other intelligent beings with whom he might interact.

JC sat on the deck hugging his knees with John at his side as always. He began, "I was five years old when we first arrived here. We came by yacht but couldn't find a native to guide us through the delta, so a boat was lowered and we used that. There was just my mother, father and me plus two guards who wore side arms only. Father would not allow any rifles or automatic weapons at all; after all, we were a small family moving in, not an invading army. We had heard stories about the men who built the mansions using local slave labor and Father had no wish to end up like they did. We docked at the middle and largest home and climbed the steep walk up to the house.

"My mother carried her purse and a legal pad while my father was burdened with big fat books containing carpet, wallpaper and paint samples. My parents assumed the homes would have been vandalized after all the furnishings had been removed or trashed. All the doors were closed but not locked and no windows were broken so we entered through French doors on the cliff face side of the house. The room apparently was the grand salon and it was completely furnished just dusty and festooned with cobwebs. My parents were amazed and delighted. Now the problem arose about finding servants to clean the place up. We knew an Indian tribe lived close by but we saw no signs of anyone although there was no doubt that we were being watched, we felt their eyes.

"When my parents relaxed their guard and weren't watching me, I slipped away to explore. I wanted to see what the other side of the house looked like because I needed a place to play outdoors and knew without asking that the unfenced cliff side was out. I tried a French door on that side of the house and stepped out to look around the overgrown garden. The first thing I noticed out of the ordinary was a native boy twice my age or older standing rock still and painted to match the bushes, more or less. I guess he thought he was invisible, you know like little kids who cover their eyes with their hands? They think that if they can't see you that you can't see them.

"He looked scared shitless when I waved and ran toward him but he disappeared before my eyes. I started calling out for him to come back so we could play, which was a mistake because my father heard me and hauled my little ass kicking and screaming back inside. I may have been a bit spoiled and precocious at that age..."

"Just like a little crown prince and his drug lord buddy we know." Marc interjected with a giggle as the two accused jumped him and tried to pin him to the deck until Spencer grabbed both boys and held them close at Tommy's silent urging.

"Anyway," JC continued, "my father went around the first floor and opened every door and window to show that we had no ulterior motives, were defenseless and just wanted to be friendly.

"An hour later there was a noise at the front door. I got there first with my father in hot pursuit. We found baskets of fruit, vegetables and fresh meat, which turned out to be pork. My father snapped his fingers and called a guard. Before he could issue orders, I punched my father in the leg to get his attention and I pointed. There just outside the closed wrought iron double gate stood my friend. His naked body was completely painted in camouflage colors; browns, greens, grays and black. I giggled and waved while he just smiled, waved and pointed to the right of the high wall that blocked our view of where he was pointing and when I looked back my native buddy had once again disappeared.

"Since first contact had been made, my father shifted into high gear. He sent a guard back to the yacht to load up our gifts for the tribe as well as two more men, bodyguards, plus the yacht's engineer and the chef. One of the bodyguards lived among this tribe for a few years and could speak their language somewhat. The engineer was to see if he could get the generator running and we needed the chef to cook for us. My mother was from a very wealthy family and I doubt if she could boil water.

"Anyway, when the stuff got up to the house, my father loaded us all up with some of our gifts, including my mother. The interpreter, poor fellow was so loaded down, he could barely walk. I looked in the box I was to carry and grinned. I decided I would distribute my gifts myself. As we left, my father opened the big gates and they haven't been closed since. We were about two hundred yards along the narrow foot path when my new friend popped out of a bush right alongside the trail and right beside me. Of course I was ahead of the adults; I was an Indian scout in my mind and leading the new settlers along the trail.

"I was carrying my goodie box with both hands until my new buddy appeared, then I switched to carry it under my arm and with my free hand I took his hand so he couldn't disappear on me a third time. I kept trying to pull him along faster but he matched his pace to the adults with their heavy loads so pulling him did no good.

"I tried exchanging names, his was Carb and each time I slowly pronounced Juan Carlos he nodded and said Tara and thumped my chest so to the Cat People I am still Tara and Carb is still Carb. I found out later that he is the son of the Healer."

Doug looked startled. "Did you say Cat People?"

"Yes I did. These people pay lip service to the Christian faiths but they worship the big Cats. As I said, I have never seen one but I have seen their tracks, they are as big as a dinner plate if they are only the size of a normal Jaguar they would look like Tommy walking around with size twenty feet. Collectively the Cats are referred to as the Cat Clan. If Bani could always communicate with them that would explain why we never came to harm when we went on an adventure after we thought we ditched our guards. I know I always had the feeling of being watched."

"It seemed to me that we would never get to where we were going. We broke out of the jungle into vast open areas that were bordered by high windrows that the three swine Nazis were making into farms and plantations by just bulldozing the jungle into these long piles. Much of the area is slowly being reclaimed by the jungle, but the People still farm some close to the trail, of course their needs are far less. Many of the old fields are bordered with stone fences built using rock removed from the tunnel.

"We finally got to the People's village and all of the men and boys were gathered to meet us. I set my sights on a group of boys about my age who were playing with a battered soccer ball and had no real interest in me or my parents until I towed Carb toward them. One boy approached boldly and Carb introduced me to Bani and me to Bani as Tara.

"I counted heads and including Carb, there were twelve, the perfect number to give my gifts to. The kids and Carb gathered around to watch me open the box. I gave the first hunting knife to Carb because he was my first friend. The next went to Bani and then I handed out the rest of the knives to the other boys amid a babble of excited conversation. My father never bought cheap weapons and they were the best possible quality.

Bani and Carb walked toward the trees. Both had their blades out and flipped them into the air and caught them by their bone handles. Suddenly Bani pointed and Carb pointed at the same place. When I looked in that direction to see what they were pointing at, both their knives were quivering in same tree trunk less than three inches apart. They high fived as they walked to the tree to retrieve their weapons and then came to me to give me high fives as thank yous.

"Then they did a strange thing. The twelve lined up, Bani first and then Carb second and greeted me in their manner. Bani placed a hand behind my neck and pulled my head forward until our foreheads touched and we stared into each other's eyes for a few seconds before we pulled away a bit and batted noses together. This is their formal greeting and very important. They believe that looking into one's eyes closely is a way of looking into each other's soul where evil can never be hidden."

Doug moaned when he realized that he might eventually be greeted by his big Cat friend in this manner while he was there.

"Then Bani and Carb did what I didn't want to happen; they took me by the hand to where my parents were greeting and bestowing gifts to the chief and the healer. I laughed when Bani boldly punched the chief in his thigh exactly the way I got my father's attention. I heard my new name mentioned and when the chief bent down; I pulled his head down and greeted him just like I had been taught by my twelve friends. He was surprised but very pleased at my boldness and at that point I was adopted into the tribe, although informally.

"I stayed by the adults a bit longer because I wanted to see what was in the hard gun case my father carried and in the big heavy box the interpreter struggled with during the long hike to the village. By then all the smaller gifts, the other knives, hatchets and machetes had been given. My father unsnapped the gun case and presented it to Tonga, the chief. Tonga's eyes lit up when he saw the customized AK-47 nestled in the foam. The stock had been ornately checked and the metal parts intricately engraved with South American birds, animals and leafy vines. While it was a presentation piece it was fully functional. My father told Tonga that he had ammunition for the weapon at the house but it was too heavy to carry along with everything else. He also advised that he would bring more such weapons, one for each warrior when the freighter next brought in supplies along with men to train the warriors if desired. Of course Tonga accepted instantly.

"My mother then requested the presence of Tonga's wife while she worked on opening the big box. This request raised some eyebrows among the men. I then realized that there were no women or girls present. Soon a beautiful woman appeared and walked proudly to Tonga first and then greeted my mother in their usual manner. I laughed behind my hand because my mother wanted to buy bolts of colorful cloth as gifts for the women, which would have been less than useful in a nudist society. Lucky for us that my father won that argument. The box contained nothing more than a nest of restaurant size pots but you would have thought from Marta's reaction that she just won the lottery. Again she was told that there more kitchen supplies at the house. Marta spoke to two of the closest warriors and while they both rolled their eyes they quickly hefted the box of pots and followed Marta who had my mother's arm. I giggled at my mother's expression and my father was openly laughing his ass off and when he explained to Tonga that my mother couldn't cook, all the men howled with laughter. I later found out that they wondered why anyone would wed such a useless woman.

"When I saw that the gift giving was done it was time to play. I pointed to the soccer ball one boy held and then kicked the air, everyone nodded and we ran back to the playing field. By the time I got there I was as naked as everyone else. I wanted to be picked on Carb's team but he was too big and along with five other warriors they were going to be the referees. Bani picked me without knowing that I had never played a team sport before but I watched many matches on TV and I knew the rules so I was planning on doing my best. Of course the first thing we had to do was to be marked. We were the Cats and the other team was the Eagles.

"We lined up for Carb to paint a rough figure of a cat head on our backs and chests. I thought it was funny that all our cats had huge long incisors; much like a Saber Tooth Tiger is normally drawn. When the match started I discovered they didn't play by conventional rules. The only real rules were that intentionally broken bones were discouraged as well as tackling an opponent using his cock and balls to bring him down. I quickly discovered why so many referees were needed. The game was interrupted when I was called to go home because I didn't want to go. However Carb and his gang carried me so I didn't have a choice.

"On the way home I discovered that Carb and his crew had been assigned to me and Bani as our personal bodyguards and wherever we went, they went. This is because the area was plagued by herds of hogs which bred when huge domestic breeds escaped the Nazis and then bred with native herds. The result is huge, smart and very nasty. I was told that even a single brute would consider a boy my size as a tasty treat. This all came from our very tired interpreter as we hiked along.

"I forgot to mention that my mother went into her screech mode when she first saw me naked, painted and filthy. I just looked down at myself and then up at her and started laughing because she looked like she fell into the new stew pot, which I loudly pointed out to Father. My father and mother discovered that they also had their own compliment of bodyguards and when we got home, they were loaded up with all the gifts we couldn't carry. I made sure Carb got another box of knives to carry and pantomimed that he should give them out to his squad first and anyone else he wanted to afterward. He winked indicating that he understood.

"By the time we got home the generator was running so we had electric, water and hot water, so there went my major reason for not taking a bath. I also indicated to Carb that I planned to return to the village the next morning by pointing at the sun and then moving it to the East. I didn't bother to tell my parents of my plans. Since we already had gas for cooking, the chef outdid himself in preparing an excellent meal. I went to bed before bedtime I was so tired, that would be after I found a newly made up bed with my luggage in the otherwise dirty room.

"I woke at daylight the next morning to the squawking and screeching of birds and monkeys. The first thing I did was find my gun case. I had recently graduated from a .22 caliber semi-auto to a .25 caliber piece but of course still had the .22 so I would give that one to Bani; I felt that since he was the chief's son he should like it. I put his in my back pack along with its holster and a wide belt of mine. I strapped my new .25 around my waist and I was ready to go. Almost, I added enough ammunition for both guns to my pack to wipe out the entire pig population. There was no thought of clothes since no one else in the village wore any.

"I detoured into the kitchen for coffee and discovered that I beat the chef, so I made my own pot. After it started to drip I wondered if Carb and his crew were waiting for me, so I went to the open front door and whistled. A guard taught me how and my mother taught me not to do it the house. Carb stuck his head out around the stone gate post and waved. I motioned him to come in and motioned drinking. There was some conferencing before they hesitantly walked toward me. At the door I took his hand and dragged him in and the others followed reluctantly. In the kitchen I pointed to an open cabinet door and the mugs that were too high for me to reach. While Carb poured I got out the milk and found a bag of sugar and spoons. It was then that Carb noticed my weapon.

"He pointed at it and aimed his finger at a window. I thought he was asking if I knew how to use it. I nodded and pointed down where I thought the trail would be and I thought he understood. I decided then that I needed to learn their language because they could never all learn English or Spanish and I was already tired of Father's surly interpreter, he seemed mad that he was asked to do anything but run his mouth. I wondered if he thought about who made up his bed while he was in the village; it was one of father's guards and that guy certainly wouldn't so much as frown. I may have been only five but I knew what my father did, at least in general terms plus I'd seen him lose his temper.

"A mile down the trail I decided that a weapons demonstration was in order. If you recall I told you guys that I got real weapons for presents not water guns. That was true. I stopped the boys and looked around to find a suitable target and saw a tree branch stump. It looked like the branch was too low and so it was cut off. The stump was about six inches in diameter and we were standing about thirty feet away. Carb's eyes widened when he saw me flip off the safety so I knew he knew something about guns because I was taught to always keep one in the chamber so with a full clip you have an extra bullet if you need it.

Doug and Buck both looked at David and Noah wearing grins. David ended the old argument, "Look you two, we allowed you two to pack after we found out you already were but that didn't mean you knew how to handle those weapons at first. Didn't I catch you with one in the chamber AND the safety off?" he asked Doug.

Doug shrugged and answered, "Okay, I guess we might have been a little gung ho at first," he grinned, "but I still don't have my safety removed or MY piece altered into a hair trigger!" He giggled as David reddened.

"Fuck you Doug, just fuck you." David mumbled.

"Well all righty then! How about tonight?"

"Will you guys cut the shit? I want to hear the rest of JC's story. We're going to meet these studs shortly and we need to know all about them so we don't fuck up." Marc, off all people, argued and his partner, Alex, of course agreed, while his brother Paul looked on with amazement.

JC nodded his thanks to Marc and continued, "As I was saying, I aimed and fired three quick shots. My pattern was within about three inches. Carb and his warriors looked down on me with new respect. They wanted me to do it again but I didn't want to stop and reload the clip. Actually I was kind of hoping to see one of those giant pigs, I'd teach his fat ass to look at me like a morning snack. Then as we passed one of the farms they pointed out one of the cross bred boars. The thing actually charged the stone fence in front of us. After that I wasn't so confident about my chances of killing one with my little pea shooter.

"When we got to the village, Bani was waiting for me. He hugged me, giggled and took me to his home. You'll find that offering something to eat is a major thing to do to welcome a guest or even a friend daily. I just about fainted when Marta grabbed me and really hugged me so I had my face buried in her bosom. She served us something that tasted good but I don't yet know what we ate. While we ate I saw him glancing at my sidearm kind of enviously.

"After we finished I dug into my pack and gave him my .22, the belt and holster. He was speechless at first, and then he knocked me flat with a bear hug and a big sloppy kiss. He started shouting for his mother I think showed her my gift and then she sent us off to the meeting hall where several men were sitting, chatting and having coffee while they handled the chief's new weapon like it was a toy. I saw at once that the breech was closed and there was a clip in place. I was horrified. I realized that these people really knew nothing of firearms, modern or even antique. Tonga greeted me and offered coffee while I watched a warrior hold the AK-47's stock with his feet while he tried to peer down the muzzle. I couldn't imagine what would have happened to us if one of them shot someone or themselves accidentally. They would blame the weapon first and then my father.

"I fought free of Tonga's arms and put my hands out asking for the weapon. Suddenly there was silence and much frowning. Tonga spoke to the warrior who had been trying to shoot himself in the head and he reluctantly relinquished the weapon. I had never fired one of these because I knew I was too small, but many of our outside guards carried them and I'd watched them at the gun range and off duty, cleaning them and even stripping them down. I quickly opened the breech and popped the clip. The weapon hadn't been loaded only because none of them had yet figured out those basic functions although there was a large wooden bowl full of loose rounds. I put the AK-47 aside and asked Bani for his new .22. He clutched it to his chest and backed away until Carb quickly explained my little demonstration on the trail. Then like magic, all the warriors and boys in the village surrounded me, watching intently. I was kneeling on a mat with the AK-47 in front of me but only a few could really see. When Tonga saw the problem he spoke and suddenly I found myself being lifted and carried to a raised dais still clutching the assault rifle and the .22. I discovered that I was then kneeling in Tonga's place of honor behind a low mat covered table. Tonga knelt on one side of me and Bani knelt on the other. Carb stood behind me looking over my shoulder and explained what I was doing as best he could.

"I laid out the AK-47 in front of Tonga and then did the same with Bani's .22. Last I drew my own sweet Berretta .25, ejected the clip and last I pulled the slide. There were ooh's and ah's as the round in the chamber flew up and I barely caught it. I held it up and then moved it to my forehead, screamed bang and fell over into Bani's arms. The laughter and Bani's giggle's died when Carb explained with words and motions about the three holes in the stump. I reinforced this by pointing out the fellow who had been looking down the AK's muzzle by holding up one of the much bigger rounds, touched the weapon's muzzle and again touched my forehead. This time I fell backward. The dude got the message and looked pale. This time there was no laughter.

"I was saved from further demonstration when my father burst on the scene with four guards, all armed with side arms and AK-47's. I quickly explained that these people knew nothing about firearms and that they needed to really, really fast. My father took over. I grabbed the .22, my weapon, my pack and pushed Bani out of the meeting place. We found a grassy spot under a tree and I continued his lessons myself. Soon our weapons were loaded but without one in the chamber. We holstered them and strapped on our belts, looked at each other and grinned. We were warriors! We were warriors with just as much bite as the real ones.

"I started looking around for a safe place to shoot. Bani seemed to understand the problem. He took my hand and off we went at a run along a path. We popped out in a really long narrow clearing that ended suddenly at a cliff face and targets were already set up in front of the cliff. It was their range for shooting with their bows and arrows and soon I was to discover what a blowgun could do.

"After five minutes of range safety, I had Bani chamber a round. We were aiming at a big green leaf Bani tied to a post with rawhide. We were only about twenty-five feet away to start with and I was amazed by his accuracy from the start. We kept replacing leaves and moving back until we got to fifty feet. I had him refill the same clip and load his weapon until we were almost out of ammo. I continually looked at Bani in awe because he was every bit as good as I was.

"He giggled and pulled out a tube that was intricately wrapped in colored string most of its length and beaded at one end that turned out to be a hand hold. He pointed at the leaf target that was already full of holes, raised the thing to his lips and blew so quickly, I was sure he missed until we got close to the target and I saw the tiny dart was neatly embedded in the leaf stem. He carefully retrieved his dart and reloaded it in his gun then we went back to our line and he fired again. And again the dart was in the stem very near the spot it was in the first time.

"At that point we were interrupted by all the men and boys from the village with my father walking by Tonga. I did a double take when I saw that he too was naked except for a web gun belt. Tonga and four others including a very proud Carb each carried an AK-47. I learned that these four were Tonga's cadre and later after everyone was armed, his lieutenants."

David stood up to look over the rail. "They're here! We better get down to the boat deck to greet them. Remember no weapons," he reminded the gang.

Of course the trip to the boat deck became a foot race so the boys arrived before the canoes. "Is there anything else we should know about?" Evan asked as he, Buck and Tommy pushed through the mob as usual so they could see.

JC shrugged, "Just that as you will soon see that these people as far as I can find out have been totally isolated by choice since time began and none of them look like the typical Central or South American Indian; short, stocky, with straight black hair and kind of squashed flat faces. These people are thinner with great looking bodies, a bit taller, soft hair, have lighter skin and their facial features remind me of them being South East Asian or Eurasian. In short, I think they are a beautiful people completely out of the ordinary from the rest of the continent and possibly the world, though I have not traveled extensively."

Meanwhile the twenty canoes had arrived and were circling a hundred feet off the stern in a tight circle. Harm and Spencer realized at the same time that JC was standing in the back of the group by them. "What the fuck are you doing back here? Get out there and welcome them." Harm demanded. "We'll see how friendly they are." Spencer nodded as he goosed JC hard and accurately.

JC looked like he was rocket propelled and fortunately managed to stop just before he shot overboard. The native's stern expressions changed to smiles and paddling stopped as they began to wave. The mob's mouths dropped open as JC began a babble of language that involved impossible guttural sounds and tongue clicking.

Whatever he said, it worked because the canoes sorted themselves out to form a line that moved toward the stern. The first was the chief, Tonga, his rank was clearly denoted by a gold pendant in the shape of a cat head with extra-long incisors and two huge finely cut drop-shaped emeralds for eyes. Harm grabbed Spencer's arm to hold him back.

Tommy punched Spencer's thigh hard and when Spencer looked down, Tommy mouthed, "Stop drooling. You need to swallow."

"But you guys don't understand, it's absolutely impossible for them to cut stones like that. They can't have the technology." Spencer insisted.

Harm shrugged. "Apparently they do. JC did say they were unlike any other natives he's ever met and I have to agree that they are one beautiful bunch of studs."

The second warrior to board hugged JC off the deck even though he was a head shorter than JC. They assumed that the guy must have been Carb because he appeared older. The other eighteen warriors were all younger but most greeted JC like Carb did. All the warriors wore their AK-47's strapped diagonally across their backs with a belt of six magazines strapped on the other way. The boys formed a rough receiving line and were careful to greet each guest exactly like JC did and the warriors responded in kind although they didn't lift anyone off the deck as most who knew him best did to JC.

When Tonga got to Doug he held Doug's head longer while they touched foreheads far longer with their eyes locked together. Doug felt like he was being x-rayed, and when Tonga stepped back he touched his heavy gold cat amulet and then Doug's bare chest before turning to his warriors to make a statement. After that the warriors treated Doug differentially.

Doug managed to talk to JC before they all sat down. "What did he say to the others?" Doug asked.

"He said, `This is the one.', and before you ask I don't know what that means." JC answered.

JC sat opposite Tonga so they were in the middle of the long impromptu table so JC could translate most easily for everyone. Everyone else, the warriors and the boys alternated when seated so there were no concentrated groups.

Just before drinks were served Tonga spoke and then removed his prize AK-47 and bandoleer of ammo clips and handed them to Carb. Carb stood and walked to the stern where he pulled in the first canoe in, in the string of tethered boats and removed a rolled up straw mat. He placed the mat in the corner just inside the hatch and placed his and Tong's weapons on the mat. The other warriors followed and the tension in the group disappeared.

The drinks or cocktails were served by four stewards, each carrying large sweating glass pitchers. They poured into goblets normally used for iced tea and the warriors all stared openly at the stewards and commented among themselves. JC giggled.

"What amuses them about the stewards?" Gregor wanted to know.

"They wonder what the stewards could have done to anger their chief so much that they are forced to do women's work before guests." JC giggled more as the stewards turned red and waited for Gregor to explain

"You must understand honored guest that this boat has no women so we choose warriors to serve us. There is no shame," he raised an eyebrow "unless they fail to keep all glasses full of ice and drink." The stewards took the hint and fell over themselves to get more of the potent drink and they brought ice separately in a stainless kitchen pail, which saved trips.

"What do so many young warriors do for pleasure?" One guest asked wearing a huge grin.

When Gregor understood the question he declared, "Tell them most fuck each other and those who don't marry their fists."

Carb fell over backward from laughing and translated from his back. The warriors all grinned and nodded and began more frank appraisals of their white seatmates. "You speak English?" JC asked in wonder.

Carb nodded, "Some, a little. Bani teach after you teach him over a long time. Does Tara marry fist or fuck friends?"

JC turned scarlet, shocked. He leaned down to look at John around his seatmate and pointed. "He is my friend."

"And me!" Marc shouted and raised his hand. That started a chain reaction until everyone in the group had raised his hand.

"FUCKING YES!" Gregor boomed.

The task of translating became easier with two working at it and the party became merrier as the drinks flowed faster. Everyone relaxed. Dessert was ice cream, all that was in the freezer. It was then that Gregor thought about business.

"My lord chief, we must compensate you for your time and trouble in guiding us in to Tara's home. Would that boat be sufficient?" Gregor pointed at the twenty-two foot hardtop that sat on chocks just behind Tonga. Tonga twisted his body to look at the boat. He frowned slightly, not because he didn't want such worthy payment but because he didn't know how to operate many white man's machines. Gregor misunderstood. "Or any other boat you might like," he added quickly with a wave of his hand.

JC understood. He whispered across the `table', "I will assist you."

Tonga nodded and held forth with his thank you speech for several minutes. Gregor finally cut him off by bellowing for the boat launch crew. That effectively ended the party as the stewards cleared the deck and everyone had to move out of the way. Tonga and his warriors were impressed with the speed and efficiency the crew demonstrated in using the chain hoist to lift and transport the boat to the stern and launch it so easily. The warriors were even more impressed with seeing even more of the naked white warriors.

Gregor then invited the warriors on a tour of Sea Song. Tonga knew he couldn't refuse so he accepted but he also didn't want to leave their valuable weapons and canoes unprotected so he gave his warriors the option of staying behind except for Carb who would continue to translate. All declined claiming to be tired. Two of the youngest warriors hid their grins behind their hands at seeing Tonga's consternation until Tonga noticed.

"You two will accompany us since you are mighty warriors as well as the most delectable. You will lead us and when the first evil spirits set upon us you will be proud to offer your cocks and balls to appease them. Your sacrifice will be spoken of forever in our histories." Tonga added the equivalent of, "Laugh now motherfuckers," in a whisper as the two moved to take up their lead positions in front of Tonga and Carb but behind Gregor and Meesha.

JC hung back with the rest of the gang since they knew the ship. While Tonga remained polite and interested he couldn't begin to understand the white man's technology because the subject was too vast. Conversely Carb was intensely interested although almost equally ignorant. He'd been in Tara's home many times and knew that the Clan's survival depended on adapting to and embracing the white man's world and Bani, the future chief agreed. Tonga also agreed as long as progress was carefully considered and most importantly the safety and preservation of the Cat Clan took first priority.

When the tour reached the fly bridge and the mini gun and Gatling gun covers were removed, Tonga found some technology he could appreciate. It was plain to see that he didn't believe that any weapon could fire rounds so fast. When Gregor asked if he would like a demonstration and perhaps shoot one of the guns himself, he agreed enthusiastically. Gregor called Pettie to come forward.

All the native warriors were entranced with Pettie from the time he patiently bent down to greet each one, always wearing his silly grin. It was when he stood straight again that they got a close up view of his magnificent cock and balls that seemed to be in direct proportion to the size of his six foot-six inch tall swimmer's body.

Pettie balked. "Sorry Gregor, I ain't wastin' ammo makin' splashes. Put a target out there for me to aim at and I'll give it a try."

Meesha ordered that empty five gallon water bottles be readied and delivered to the stern deck immediately. JC suggested that it would be a good time for Tonga to test drive his new boat. Tonga thanked JC with his eyes and moved gratefully to the stairs with a hand JC's shoulder. He stopped suddenly and the two young warriors he'd dragooned to guard him while they toured Sea Song crashed into his back

"You two fools stay here!" He ordered, "Since you have succeeded so well at defeating evil spirits and driven them before us into the sky, watch to be sure they do not return if the wind drops. I will return and when we again reach land I promise special duties as a reward." He told them in their own tongue. The two blanched as they imagined themselves working in the cook hut and serving their brother warriors.

In the short time it took JC and Tonga to reach the stern deck, Tong's new boat had been pulled in and crewmen were loading newly emptied green plastic jerry cans hurriedly retrieved from emergency stores, along with a spool of light nylon line and one pound sinkers normally used for bottom fishing in very deep water. Two crewmen jumped aboard after JC and Tonga.

Tonga looked askance until he realized that they couldn't speak the Tongue. JC guided him slowly and quietly until they were underway. The remaining warriors relaxed and sipped more of the potent fruit punch and happily crunched ice cubes after Tonga assured them that no evil spirits were found anywhere and that they would be staying overnight. He forgot to tell them that there would be target practice after they returned. They ran out to about five hundred yards before JC signaled the crew to toss the first target of three cans lashed together.

Meesha frowned when he saw the green jerry cans. "I think those responsible for raiding the emergency stores will get very thirsty very fast if the water converter fails."

Gregor giggled and said, "You did say water bottles, but not which ones." Meesha shrugged in agreement. Both Gregor and Meesha touched their ear buds at the same time. "The Doog just arrived and is in position," he announced.

Everyone already knew that a stowaway had been discovered the evening of the first day after Doog rendezvoused with the shrimp boat. No one dreamed that he would be hiding aboard although they knew that Charlie was missing.

As promised, Curt guided the shrimp boat to more shallow waters where shrimp were most likely to be found and shallow enough to be fished. The Doog was surfaced two hundred yards from the fisherman charging batteries and scanning with snoopy both to port and starboard. Each pass scanned Doog's hull and suddenly Curt noticed a small heat bloom where none should be. He zoomed in closer before he called the others to see what he found. Charlie was clearly lounging in a hanging locker and reading a book!

Curt sent Pablo and Paulo to retrieve the boy before he continued the scan for shrimp, spotted a huge school of really big ones and radioed the position and current depth to the shrimp boat's captain. He then phoned Hans.

Hans was beyond angry at first but calmed down before asking to speak with Charlie. Charlie was so scared, he could barely say `hello'. "Little fool, you place yourself in great danger. You are too far away to be retrieved and this mission cannot be canceled. Do you know what would happen if just one of those limpet mines detonates if you are depth charged?"

"What's a limpet mine?" Charlie squeaked.

"Didn't you see those six rectangular lumps attached to Doog's stern deck? They may be used to sink a destroyer that follows Sea Song."

"Is that what they are? Holy shit! Where'd a destroyer come from?"

"The destroyer carries depth charges and if they detect Doog you all would be dead. Doog is a pleasure craft and has no defenses except if David and Saul can attach one or more to the destroyer's bottom. It is very dangerous work."

"Well Hans if that's what they have to do I'll help them in any way I can. I'm not just a pretty face and tight ass you know." Charlie risked a joke. Hans laughed and disconnected. Charlie returned Curt's phone and looked around at the others, who were laughing too hard to stand up. "Okay you lameo's, Hans put me in charge of physical fitness on this boat and you guys are getting flabby for want of proper exercise. Will all the twins in this crew please step forward; I think I'll start with you first."

The Doog was rafted with the squat broad beamed shrimp boat, one of fifty in JC's shrimp fishing fleet. The only physical difference in this one was it had a four foot round ball shaped housing mounted on the cabin roof that could contain any type of electronic communication antenna and that is exactly what it was. There were similar balls on Sea Song and wherever else there was a need to receive and send signals from and to the snoopy system. The signals from and to the shrimp boat went directly to and from the Doog even when he was submerged. The boats were anchored in a small cove nearly twenty miles west of the river mouth and Doog could be there in just over two hours while remaining submerged.

Paulo, Pablo, the two Israeli seals, Curt and his two crewmen had quickly become fast friends the first night they spent on Sea Song and Charlie continued to be the physical fitness director but also took it on himself to be the boat's `recreation' director as well.

They'd departed several days earlier than even Sea Song's early unscheduled departure and surprised the shrimp boat crew the first time by simply bobbing to the surface alongside the waiting vessel unannounced. At first the captain and crew were leery of the Doog's crew, even though each had been paid ten times what they would normally be paid for a single fishing trip where they had packed the boat's freezer with the largest headless shrimp, of course in cold hard cash in advance.

The shrimper's five man crew was concerned because they feared that they would ultimately be transporting a huge cargo of white power since they knew who they worked for. Everyone in the fleet knew the name, Escobar, and only whispered it even at sea. The Doog was to be refueled during the first meeting, which necessitated tying up together in calm water and explained why the shrimper carried ten extra-large soft bumpers and two thousand gallon collapsible fuel containers.

While the crews worked to attach the hose to the Doog and man the electric pump, Curt, the Israelis and the twins talked with the shrimper's captain on the open stern deck. During the day Snoopy would be submerged directly under the shrimper and might direct the course to avoid other surface vessels' radar and avoid detection from the air. During darkness however Doog would surface to recharge his batteries and Curt casually mentioned that the shrimper could actually fish and that Doog could help by directing the fisherman to schools of the largest shrimp. The captain assumed that those on the sub could see the shrimp somehow. Exactly how in the very dark night-time waters while surfaced, he couldn't imagine and didn't care as long as he saw piles of shrimp on the deck where they stood.

The young crew of five aboard the `Anna' was no accident. The captain was twenty-eight and brought his teenage lover aboard and he selected the other four because they were two couples so there was no need among the three couples to rush to shore to satisfy normal male urges. The Anna rarely returned to the dock with less than a packed freezer. At sea the first time, the young captain decreed that clothing was unnecessary and soon it became a game to see which of them waited the longest to don a pair of shorts as they approached the dock. Of course the Doog's crew and passengers never had that problem since they left from Dagger Cay where nudity was the norm rather than an exception.

Saul and David, the Israeli Seals arrived in Nassau dressed as tourists; wearing cargo shorts and loud flower imprinted shirts. They had resigned their commissions out of shear frustration and boredom. They'd spent their entire time in the service training for missions that just never occurred, or if they did occur, more experienced men were sent. They knew they had no hope of advancement or of employing their specialized skills unless an open conflict broke out, so they began looking for work elsewhere. They responded to an employment ad in an international magazine geared toward mercenaries.

They applied because the advertisement sought trained men capable and eager to go on `security' missions of any kind, at any moment and anywhere in the world. They were interviewed and hired by Rodney and Jonathon who were in charge of Falconburg security briefly. They didn't react in anyway when Hans and Herman greeted them in Nassau and reintroduced themselves. The younger men had met Hans and Herman briefly when the Dobermans arrived at the Falconburg air hub where they were stationed to resolve a security breach. When the dust settled all those responsible had disappeared, even the man responsible.

They drove to another part of the airport, to a private hanger where they would meet the other two men on the team. A Lear Jet taxied into the hanger ten minutes later. Saul and David reacted with frowns at the sight of teenage twins as they pushed, shoved and laughed together as they approached the four men.

Hans grinned and said, "We thought the same at first. They have both experience and many languages, while you two have neither. You will learn English from them and perhaps other valuable things of interest while at sea in submarine."

Saul and David perked up at the mention of a submarine and at whatever else they might learn of interest from the two very handsome teens. They were further intrigued by the twins' appraising glances and smiles that promised things of erotic nature once in the confines of a sub.

The six boarded a gleaming helicopter that wore a strange rainbow and dagger crest on a door. Saul looked around. "What of customs?" He asked with a glance at the twins.

Herman shrugged before answering. "You flew commercial and were cleared. These two were never here," he stated.

Paulo spoke up when they were in the air, "This is a joint mission but it is to benefit our employer," he began in accented but easily understandable Hebrew. "At the moment our part will be in a reserve capacity but whether we see action or not the sum of five million dollars each has been deposited in your two accounts plus we always have fun on any mission. Will this amount be satisfactory?"

Saul and David agreed and looked forward to the `fun' benefit once aboard the sub. Both agreed that it was already fun to be a gay couple openly without being ostracized or ridiculed by anyone in the Falconburg organization. As the chopper approached the expanded Dagger Cay heliport, the two new guys looked around frantically.

"Is this place secure?" David asked. "We are unarmed," he admitted apologetically.

"Oh yes, very safe here," Hans answered. He was pleased that the new guys were so instantly concerned for everyone's safety.

Saul and David were the first out of the chopper, armed or not and stopped in their tracks as they gawked at little Charlie dancing impatiently beside an elegant roofed twelve passenger utility cart. When Charlie saw Hans and Herman he raced around the new guys whom he assumed were just two more teachers. He jumped into Herman's arms and hugged him, while Hans laughed and rubbed his back affectionately.

When Saul and David looked back to see where the little boy ran off to they were surprised the see that Hans, Herman and the beautiful twins were naked and Herman held the boy with one arm under his ass and the boy was busy humping Herman's side while he jabbered.

"Hey guys! Man its sure good to see you. Check out my new ride, it just came in along with some other new gas powered carts for us commanders only of course, oh, and Doug, Evan, JC and the rest of the mob when they come to visit. Say do you want to run out to the airfield to see the two new choppers, man are they tough. You should see the cargo jet they came in on. The big bitch's ass opens up like an old whore's pussy too. A bunch of guys popped out and then they rolled out the two choppers and now they're screwing them together. Those things don't look like they carry passengers though. Some of us think that all they carry is weapons. Is something big going down? Can I help?"

"Charlie!" Hans shouted. "You need to pause for breath."

Just then Charlie noticed the naked twins. "Holy shit! Look at you two! Are you new students? If you are I get first dibs since I saw you first, that is if you want to."

"Want to?" A twin asked.

"Yea, I'm a hustler or I was. Now I'm retired from the profession but I still like to mess around."

"What is a hustler?"

Hans answered, "A rent boy. This was one of the old Master's homes and he endowed it as the Dagger Cay Marine Academy. It is a refuge for rent boys such as Charlie here."

"I, we see. I believe we contributed about fifty boys to the population recently."

Charlie's eyes bugged out in surprise. "Twins, you're the ones! Those guys are still talking about how one of you sliced open a dead dude just to find a bullet that John Boy put into him."

Pablo nodded. "It was necessary. The slime was to be the victim of a gas explosion. If a bullet was found in the body, the authorities would suspect foul play." He explained simply as Paulo translated for the Seals

Pablo smiled at Charlie. "We were told that if we were approached, we were to say we were Family. So, now you know, regretfully, we are Family."

Charlie looked at David and Saul with a frown. "I'll just bet you guys aren't teachers and you're too old to be students, but we can all be friends anyway can't we?" He asked and looked around. Everyone grinned and nodded.

Charlie parked near the two deadly helicopters. He stayed seated behind the wheel looking like a beaten puppy as the others moved toward the choppers and ground crew. Herman stopped and whispered to Hans. Hans nodded and returned to Charlie.

"You may accompany us if you wish, but what you see and hear is big secret. If you tell friends I will hear of it and all trust between us will disappear forever. If a Family member visits you will be confined to quarters, none will wish to see you because they will know that you talk too much. Do you promise to keep lips sealed?"

Charlie eyed the twins' long, lean and graceful bodies and grinned. "What if someone wanted me to suck them?"

Hans roared with laughter, something rarely heard. "I meant regarding secrets heard, not sucking but if twins succumb to your charms, well that is another secret we share."

Charlie spent an hour wandering around the deadly choppers while the guys talked. One of the pilots even helped him climb into his seat where he could see the dials, switches and the other instrumentation. Nothing could be explained because the pilot was also an Israeli.

Their next stop was the Doog. This time Charlie hovered near the guys because Captain Curt spoke only English and he quickly learned that the Sea Song, the Doog and the two Black Hawks were all going to the same place; somewhere in South America where JC had a home. He also discovered that the two Israelis were Seals and that they and the twins where traveling there in the Doog.

He'd already seen the two sleds strapped to brackets newly welded to the Doog's foredeck so he casually wandered Doog's interior while the guys talked on the salon deck and he could hear most of what was said. He found that one of the tiny staterooms had been jammed full of additional supplies so it couldn't be used for its intended purpose. He opened the small hanging locker and found that it contained little but wetsuits, all new and unneeded in warm tropical waters. He decided that the locker would be the perfect place to hide and stay hidden until the Doog was too far away to turn about or it became impossible to send a boat to pick him up to be returned to Dagger Key in total disgrace.

He left the guys at the dock when they took a launch out to the Sea Song where they would spend the night. To his surprise he saw that Curt and his two crewmen also planned to spend the night out there since the crewmen were once members of the Sea Song's crew. He already knew that the Doog was planned to depart at ten o'clock the next morning so he had plenty of time for preparations.

He parked the new passenger cart under the old hotel's portico and ran to his cottage. Classes were still in session so few people would be about and the cottage would be empty. He pondered what supplies he would need. It was imperative that he not be caught for the first several days and decided that he could manage by eating crackers and drinking water. There were already a dozen cases of bottled water in the stateroom and he would get crackers from the commissary without any questions because all the boys loved snacks before dinner and Charlie always took the trouble to keep his cottage well stocked. He decided he would read to pass the time and he still had two unread Harry Potter books plus the one he was reading so he needed light. He packed his small LED flashlight, the three fat books, one pair of shorts and a tee shirt in his old backpack, left it in his room and ran to his new gas powered cart that all student officers were entitled to and headed for the big commissary building.

There Miss Hattie the proprietor greeted him warmly with a hug that caused his head to disappear nestled between the kind lady's huge bosoms. He explained that he needed a few boxes of crackers for his boys to eat that evening as well as new batteries for his flashlight. He'd learned soon after he first arrived that asking in general terms rather than for a specific quantity resulted in more of an item than needed, and also a brief playful suck on one or both nipples by a smart, handsome and well hung young student yielded even greater rewards.

He loaded his cart with two cases of crackers, batteries for his flashlight and a new larger flashlight as well as extra batteries for that. He boldly drove out along the dock to the Doog's boarding ramp and loaded one case of crackers and the new flashlight and batteries. He left the crackers with the other supplies and hid the flashlight in the locker. He was prepared with a story if anyone asked what he was doing but no one did or even cared. He was back in his cottage just before classes ended and reported that while he drove Hans and Herman and other new guys to the new runway, and saw the two helicopters and the huge aircraft, he wasn't allowed closer than one hundred yards and didn't know what was going on. He also reminded everyone that it was unwise to guess or spread rumors concerning any of the Family members in general and the Godfather in particular since surely he was involved in some way. So that was the rumor that spread like wildfire through the student population first and the rest of the island and Black's Cay by sundown.

Charlie gigged Kyle with his elbow at three o'clock in the morning. "Roll over motherfucker and stop snoring," he hissed so he could get free of Kyle's embrace.

Kyle mumbled, "Fuck you," as he dutifully rolled over to face away from Charlie. Once free, Charlie left the cottage behind and hiked to the deserted dock. He left his pack alongside a piling and ran to the beach to launch a small sailing pram to row out to the Sea Song. He tethered that to the yacht's stern deck and silently slipped into the dark water to swim back to the dock.

Charlie knew he would be missed eventually, but perhaps not for a day or more since he was the new passenger cart's driver and then when he wasn't found on the island, the pram would be found still tethered to Sea Song. Gregor and Meesha would assume that he was shacked up with one or more of the ship's crew laugh and perhaps even report that back to the island. It would be nothing more than a harmless prank by a perpetually horny teenager. Charlie hoped that he would be forgotten until Sea Song put to sea for trials and testing the new weapons and electronics and by then he fervently prayed it would be too late, the Doog would be too far away.

When JC and Tonga returned they again failed to mention that there would be target practice shortly. Tonga saw that his warriors were more than mellow as they unrolled their sleeping mats out on the stern deck. One explained that there was the smell of death inside the metal cave and they were happy to sleep under the stars. Tonga agreed and asked if a place could be found for his sleeping mat as well even though it was an hour before sun down.

Once Tonga and JC reached the fly bridge again Tonga rushed forward to view the targets. He cringed inwardly, five hundred yards was an impossible shot with an AK-47 assault rifle, all that used them knew they were inaccurate at as little as two hundred yards.

Pettie broke the spell by actually slapping Tonga on the back before saying, "Come on little buddy I'll show ya' how it's done usin' the left target and then you can bang away at the other two."

JC nearly fainted trying to explain that Pettie's friendly back slap was done among white warriors as a sign of friendship and camaraderie and was not an insult. Tonga slapped Pettie back and nodded with a toothy grin. Pettie bent almost double to aim before he fired quickly. The left hand cluster of three jerry cans disappeared in a shower of water, when he stopped everyone could see that two of the cans had been shredded and were held up and together by the third.

Pettie grinned down on Tonga. "Now that's how we do it in Texas, but here's how the rest of these goobers do it." He bent over again and began `walking' the slugs toward the remaining can, evidenced by the perfectly straight line of splashes that marched out to the target. "Now little buddy you take a turn."

When the first sound of gunfire was heard on the stern deck, the sixteen warriors became electrified. They jumped to their feet as one body and ran to their weapons. The heavy bandoleers of magazines went over their backs first. They left their bows and arrows behind as all knew that they were useless in a gunfight. They did strap on their belts and made sure the darts in their blowguns were properly seated and the killing kind. Last, they checked their rifles before they began to run single file according to rank toward the hatch that would lead them up to their chief somewhere in the top of the ship. Their movements were so efficient, becoming armed and deadly took only seconds.

Fortunately the off duty crew were gathered on the main deck on the ships' bow to watch the target practice. The lead warrior carried his rifle in one hand and his blowgun in the other. Any white warrior they encountered on the way up would have died silently within two seconds. They found the broad center stairway and headed up. The sound of rapid gunfire was incessant. They marveled at how long Tonga, Carb, Sidi and Kad were able to resist before being murdered by white warrior treachery.

They reached the sun deck during a pause in firing and heard much laughter from further above. The leader found the tight spiral first and ran up to expose his head as the firing resumed. The white warriors were tightly bunched and all looked forward so he knew that they were surrounding Tonga and his three warrior guards. He ducked as the firing resumed and quickly described what he saw and issued orders with sign language. Four were to climb the superstructure and find the best firing positions. When they were in place the rest would form a line across the open stern rail. The killing would begin with his signal.

The shooting paused again while Carb yielded the gun to Sidi for his turn. While Sidi was nervous, he still did far better than Tonga or Carb. Kad, the second young warrior kept his hand on Sidi's back to tap out a message of encouragement until he saw a movement in the superstructure and his message changed in an instant to one warning of extreme danger. Sidi and Kad turned quickly and pushed through the white warriors to confront the danger. Carb and Tonga were only a step behind. All realized that the white warriors were defenseless and regretfully, that they all might die.

Sidi and Kad moved to block Tonga with their bodies as they each chose a target from among their friends arrayed against them with rifles raised and ready. Tonga lowered his blowgun and roared out something and the sixteen lowered their weapons. The four in the superstructure scampered down to join their fellows on the deck. Then the sixteen sank to their knees as one and began to blubber. The most senior warrior stammered out an explanation through his tears.

Tonga smiled, "As you can clearly see, the news of my demise is somewhat premature. Come friends and watch while Sidi continues with his target practice. Kad will be next to try."

Sidi and Kad looked at each other. Both were shocked that Tonga knew their names. Previously they were `Hey You' collectively.

Tonga further rewarded the two boys by stating so all could hear his words, "From this moment you are now my personal guards, and as a further reward I will supply your bride prices, whatever the amounts since you are orphans."

The two boys looked at each other and bowed. Sidi answered with some hesitation while all the other warriors smiled behind their hands. "Ah, you see great chief we knew that we had no hope a attaining a bride price, ever, so we mated with each other and have been since puberty."

Tonga nodded; such arrangements were common in their closed society. "Well then I will gift you with ten cows and one bull as well as twenty sows and one boar plus since you are mated you should move from the bachelor's quarters into a fine home of your own. Will this be satisfactory?"

"It is too much, and why such bounty? We did nothing that any other warrior brother wouldn't have done in our places." Sidi protested although both boys were thrilled.

"Had two of them blocked me with their bodies, I would have rewarded them. You should know however that you blocked my shot and saved your life." Tonga looked at the warrior who had led the war party.

Kad and Sidi giggled. Kad answered, "No you didn't my dear Chief, only your shout saved that one's life."

"Enough, the incident is forgotten, you all acted properly under the circumstances and I am proud to call you brothers. Now let us watch Sidi finish his turn and then Kad before we lose the light." Sidi managed to kill one jerry can while Kad managed two. Then Pettie stepped up and quickly sent all the debris adrift just as the amazing weapon clicked on empty.

Pettie congratulated both pleasantly surprised boys by hugging them into his body and then held them there. Sidi and Kad looked at Tonga hopefully. He nodded and advised his other warriors, "Any of you who wish to, may make better friends of these white warriors if any of them are willing. We will meet up here at sunrise and if any of you are not here you will swim back." He glanced at Sidi and Kad, "You too, there will be no exceptions and," he eyed the length and girth of Pettie's cock, "you will also be expected to walk without assistance." He laughed at his own joke before he saw Doug vacantly staring at the disappearing shore.

Tonga touched Doug's arm tentatively. Doug blinked and looked down at Tonga. "The big cat watched and approves of us as worthy warriors. I get the feeling that he has been waiting for someone like us to help you in some way." Carb relayed Doug's words.

Doug and Tonga began walking toward the stairs, Buck and Carb followed. Buck and Carb talked between Carb's efforts to interpret. The foursome ended their walk in Buck and Doug's stateroom. JC and John joined them and gradually, others. By false dawn the stateroom was packed with sleeping bodies. But the key players continued to talk quietly. Evan took those interested to show them snoopy and its potential.

Of course he started with the usual trick of having Carb and Tonga wave at the ceiling. Even Carb was flabbergasted by this technology and more so when Evan promised to have a system installed in JC's home and some of the People trained in its use. Evan motioned John into his chair to show them the Doog rafted with the bigger trawler and then the super tanker with the two deadly Black Hawk helicopters sitting on its fore deck. Lastly he showed them the destroyer and the three small patrol boats in convoy. JC explained the danger they presented to Sea Song and could be sunk only as a last resort using special weapons the Doog or Sea Song carried. Evan explained that snoopy could be used to maintain the security of their lands by patrolling their borders constantly and sounding an alarm if there was an intrusion.

Tonga and Carb laughed. Carb explained after a nod of permission from Tonga. "Over many centuries there have been others. Our history tells of other tribes that coveted our lands. At first our lands were much smaller. As these people were defeated we took their lands and made them ours. Later men wearing metal suits came from the sea to explore for riches stored in God places. For some the Gods were angered and killed them with heat, bad water and no food animals. What slaves they had that survived fled back to their home lands. A few of these parties ventured into our lands. These were easily defeated at night. Our ancestors freed their slaves and warned them never to return. Then they removed all traces of their presence; their metal suits, their long knives, their fire weapons that fired only one shot, any treasures they stole, and everything else that would tell of their existence. There is a secret place where everything has been stored. Later, there were white men, poorly armed who brought useless trade goods to barter for the locations of our God places so they could be plundered. Those men were treated the same, and they also disappeared. Now there are still white men who trespass to hunt the Great Cats that are rumored to exist on our lands." He giggled while Tonga laughed after JC translated.

"Imagine the hunters' surprise when they became the hunted. After the Great Cats were through we collected everything, even bones and moved them so they would be easily found by search parties far away from our lands." Carb concluded tiredly.

Harm and Spencer had perked up when Carb mentioned `men in metal suits' and stayed enthralled with the history lesson. Harm asked, "Do you still have the metal suits and other artifacts? If you do, they could be worth a great fortune to your People."

Tonga answered, "You may visit our secret place to see everything but selling anything would expose us to the outside world."

"Not necessarily," Evan interjected. "We would sell the stuff just like I buy something that came from a questionable source. I just say I acquired whatever from the estate of a wealthy reclusive collector. How do think Buck's mother got her hands on his fucking bed?" Buck tried to look innocent but failed in a gale of laughter.

Tonga dropped a bombshell into the conversation, "If the suits and ancient weapons could benefit the People, what of the plundered treasures robbed from other's God places. None could be returned without betraying the People so it all resides in our secret place."

"Are all the weapons the Nazi's possessed in your secret place? I always wondered," JC asked.

"Yes they are. Our grandparents decided at the time, that they were evil so they were hidden away, but now that you mention them perhaps they could be used with fresh ammunition."

Gregor's voice echoed throughout to ship, "Breakfast! Show our friends the way!"

Tonga smiled at his warriors when he reached the fly bridge early and all of them were waiting for him. Even Kad and Sidi looked eager for the days' adventures and appeared none the worse for wear and had even enjoyed their experience with the giant blond white warrior as they continued to hang on Pettie and his lover Scott.

Tonga thought he would reward them further. "You two will stay here. Go to the metal cave and pull in your boats along with mine and Carb's. He and I will lead this Sea Song boat to the river." He turned to JC. "Please tell the Chief of this Sea Song that finding the river from this way is more difficult and will take unknown time. We should go now," he said as the Sea Song's engines roared to life. He laughed, "Now we must hurry; Sidi and Kad will be hiding somewhere after hearing that noise."

Tonga and Carb were both pleasantly surprised to find that the boys weren't hiding but seemed to be in charge of their warrior friends as they pushed off from the stern deck. Both were fully armed and Carb noticed that they even wore side arms.

"Where did you get those?" Tonga asked and pointed. He tried not to look envious.

"Marksman Pettie, he has one for each of you as well." Cad answered. Both boys looked up at the towering Pettie before they moved aside so the young men could see a web belted holster with black butts of semi-autos showing palmed in each hand.

"Actually, these are gifts from Gregor and Meesha." Pettie explained. He then pointed, "Your new ride is ready when you are. We need to close the stern hatch before we can get underway." He added with a laugh, "That would be a hint for you guys to get the hell out o' Dodge!"

While the two didn't know about Dodge, they did understand that it was time to get busy. They jumped into Tonga's boat that was already gurgling and held by two crewmen. Tonga gunned the engine after they had drifted away and when they looked back, what was the stern deck had become the blank wall of the stern.

Pettie and Scott quickly guided the two remaining warriors back to the fly bridge where they knew everyone would be congregated watching Gregor or Meesha put Sea Song through his paces before they had to relinquish control to Pav and the infernal chair while he guided the giant yacht through the delta as soon as the channel was found. Sidi and Kad were both fully and proudly armed. They each even clutched their bows and three arrows in one hand.

They were delighted to put their bows aside when JC suggested that they would be useless until they reached land again and most likely even then since their adversaries would be using modern weapons. When Sidi and Kad stood by JC again he looked them over and pronounced them to be the new modern warriors of the People.

After the anchors were up and secured, Gregor put the `peddle to the metal' just as everyone on board expected except Kad and Sidi. Pettie and Scott were ready behind them and kept them upright as Sea Song accelerated to cruising speed and headed out to sea if only until Carb advised that the channel had been located.

"Holy shit!" Kad pronounced clearly.

"Fuck yes!" Sidi agreed.

The whole mob broke up with laughter. Gregor grinned and shrugged, "So they were ordered to learn English. I gave them first lesson early this morning. They speak very well already, do they not?"

"FUCK YES!" The mob agreed in unison.

JC glanced back to see the sixteen canoes racing each other to reach land first. They had been given a mission. They were to travel about twenty-five miles overland to a cove where they would find a fishing boat that had a half sunken other boat attached. There they would retrieve a boy, a young warrior and bring him back to the village.

When Charlie found out that he was to be escorted to Sea Song to face Hans and Herman he protested and refused to go. Not because of any penalty he faced, but because he had finally become a part of the Family if only temporarily and he hoped to remain on Doog and in the Family until they returned to Dagger Cay.

His refusal ended when Curt returned from the temporary storeroom carrying a machine pistol, extra loaded magazines, and a holstered sidearm and belt. Curt then advised him that until his escort had arrived that he and the rest of the very happy crew were at his command.

"Do you really mean it?" Charlie asked as he flopped on to one of the sleeping bags that carpeted the salon deck. He spread his legs and beckoned to Saul with his finger. "You're first," he declared. The rest gathered around on their knees to offer advice, encouragement and to wander the two joined bodies with their hands.

When there was a loud tapping on the squat conning tower Charlie was just giving a final deep throat head job to Pablo, having just finished with Paulo and the twins were making out with each other with abandon. After he finished he looked up to see a very handsome young native warrior bent over them and watching intently wearing nothing but a proud five inch erection and a heavy weapons belt.

"Wow," Charlie panted, "are there any more of you topside?" he asked with a grin.

"Fifteen, I think," Curt moaned, "so much for our shrimp boat security guy."

"He is blameless," David advised, "we expected trouble from the sea, not trained commandos dropping on us from the cliffs." Pablo and Paulo agreed as they took Charlie's weapons and put them in his knapsack. When Charlie started to argue, Pablo pointed to eight native warriors who were slowly and silently making their way to the cliff face through very deep water. Each warrior held virtually everything they carried lashed into a bundle and held above water with one hand while they paddled with the other. The second eight waited for Charlie. They were each burdened additionally with a fifty pound sack of giant shrimp lashed to their backs.

"Can you do that Grasshopper?" Curt asked. After Charlie frowned and shook his head he watched David and Saul slip into the water. David held up his pack while Saul held up two more advanced assault rifles. Just after Charlie shook his head, he found himself airborne.

Charlie dove cleanly and came up grinning, "See you back at school!" he called to Curt and began swimming strongly for the cliff.

David and Saul climbed below Charlie in case he slipped, but while the cliff looked difficult there were actually plenty of handholds, cracks and small trees struggling to grow from those crevices. The native warriors waited patiently at the top and nodded their approval as Charlie strapped on his sidearm and made sure his squirt gun was armed and the safety was on. The native warriors watched every move he made until they were sure no one was likely to be shot accidentally. They became friendly when he slung his deadly little weapon across his back over his knapsack, exactly as they carried their AK-47's.

Charlie was pooped by the time they reached a village of new modern single story homes and he started looking for someone he knew from Sea Song but he saw no one and apparently none of the natives spoke English although they were very friendly before they disappeared elsewhere. He stripped off his weapon and then his back pack and placed his beautiful new gun on the canvas pack to keep it clean. He sat down under the huge old tree next to his things, leaned back and closed his eyes. "Shit, shit, shit," he mumbled and sighed.

Charlie sensed a slight movement close to where he sat. He opened his eyes to stare into the laughing brown marbles of a boy who looked to be only slightly older. The boy was sitting Indian-fashion with his knee only inches from his thigh. Charlie imagined that he could feel the boy's body heat radiating from his knee. "Wow! Where'd you come from beautiful boy? I just love your body and your cock looks like it would taste great. If you didn't know how to fuck, I'd teach you and I think instead of just fucking, we'd actually make love to each other both ways. You know, you on top first and then me, kind of like share and share alike." The native boy grinned and tilted his head. "Good thing you don't speak English, with my luck you'd probably kill me for saying what I just said but I mean it, I think that you are one hot dude."

The boy laughed and nodded exposing a mouth full of perfect white teeth. "I came from up there," he pointed up into the tree, "and I think you are very hot as well. Would you care to come into my home for a cold drink while we discuss this further?" Charlie was speechless for the first time in his life if his mouth wasn't otherwise occupied. The boy rose to his feet and offered his hand to Charlie, but Charlie's eyes were locked on the boy's growing cock.

When Charlie blinked again he was standing in a room lined with shelves that were half full of books. He faced the beautiful boy. "You, you speak English," he stuttered stupidly.

"Yes, thank you I know, also Spanish, Tara taught me over many years. Now we must greet each other in the People's way. I am Bani, and you are?"

"Charlie, I'm Charlie."

Bani pulled Charlie's head forward so their heads bumped. They stared into each other's eyes without blinking, and then they rubbed noses before their lips met for a soul searching kiss. Their two hard cocks were mashed together. Bani was the first to pull away slightly. "Would you care for a cold drink now?" he asked.

Charlie smiled, "No thank you, nothing cold right now," he whispered as he sank to his knees and gobbled Bani in slowly as if his mouth was virgin.

Sea Song charged North at full speed, their course was somewhat erratic since Sidi replaced Kad at the wheel on the fly bridge. John had snoopy watching Tonga's boat turn sharply and stop dead, its bow pointed south. "He's got it. I'll have snoopy start scanning and send you a profile that will change every five hundred feet." John advised Pavlov.

"I will have Sidi come about and then you Pav have the con." Gregor interjected. "HOLD ON!" he shouted for the benefit of the cleaver wielding chef.

Meesha made a motion to Sidi and he spun the wheel to port. Sea Song answered the helm by spinning about one hundred-eighty degrees. Meesha yanked Sidi's hands away from the wheel while he shouted, "You have the con Pav, NOW!"

Sidi blinked in surprise as he watched the big wheel spin back so Sea Song raced back on a reverse course. "FUCK YES!" Sidi sang to the sky.

"Oh no, Gregor Junior," Buck announced with a laugh.

"Fuck yes!" Gregor agreed "And just as tireless!" he added while thrusting his hips several times to make his meaning crystal clear.

As Sea Song hurtled South and Tonga's waiting boat grew Pav made an announcement. "All hands to their normal stations. Stay alert for any hazards. Maintain radio silence from now on except to report an emergency. This could be our longest day and if Sea Song runs aground he is dead."

The last chilling warning caused the ship to go silent. Even crewman working in the engine room, galley and all other interior posts whispered together. Crewmen with topside posts watched everywhere constantly. There was no usual laughter. Those with available monitors switched to the view of what Pav saw from snoopy.

That view was chilling. As Sea Song approached at dead slow, the channel, a red line appeared on a white grid in profile. Then more chilling Sea Song's hull appeared in green with his draft shown at his deepest point. Pav's margin of error varied from zero to a fantastic fifty feet. The channel swept gently to starboard for a mile before it veered sharply to port. The reason was clear. All could see the root stumps of a massive tree trunk above the silt filled water. The bend was too sharp for Sea Song's length, so Pav approached the inside curve until the bow touched the silt bank. He engaged the opposite bow thruster to hold them in place and then gradually increased the opposite thruster's force until the force of the boiling water began to chew away at the curve. Sea Song moved forward ever so slowly. An hour later and he was through with the loss of some bottom paint.

And so it went as the day wore on before they faced one last obstruction. This one was less obvious but no less real. Gregor heard Pav ask for a drink of water. He didn't hesitate to break radio silence. "Hugo! Attend Pav in all things. Stand close and observe closely. You will learn the use of that fucking chair and be second helmsman." Hugo was the junior officer who took the initiative in ordering lookouts aloft unasked when Gregor was attempting to use the `fucking chair' as he called it after it defeated him in learning how to use it.

Pav attempted to use the same blasting tactic as before but this time the swift unseen current seemed to swirl around the obstruction dividing the channel so neither side was passable without considerable blasting by the thrusters.

John advised everyone listening, "Hold on Pav, I just had snoopy scan that thing and look what he came up with. The screen changed to show a boat shaped mass roughly eighty feet long and perhaps forty feet wide at its widest. Everyone who could see a screen began making suggestions concerning the thing's identity and Harm suggested that it was an ancient shipwreck. Gregor called Tonga to ask if the People's history mentioned a marooned wooden white man's boat and explained why he was asking. Tonga replied that none were mentioned but he would have Carb investigate.

With that he turned his boat and just before he reached the mass and Sea Song's jutting bow, Carb dove into the mucky water, surfaced and drifted with the current then dove again while he was over the blob. He resurfaced almost immediately and waved for Tonga to pick him up downstream. When Carb was safely back on Tonga's boat he reported that he had a fistful of gold coins. Gregor ordered a buoy tossed overboard to mark the spot and then asked Pav to proceed with plan `B'; blasting the longer bank.

After that the way into the river was clear and the water became crystal clear as Sea Song entered the river. Pav boosted power and relaxed the watch to normal and took it upon himself to advise everyone that they would reach their destination to starboard (right) within one hour. Everyone cheered and moved to the starboard rails.

The first thing that everyone noticed was the gigantic tree that squatted majestically on a low bluff. The lowest branches ended just far enough back from the bank to miss the superstructure. Doug looked up, he couldn't see the big Cat but he felt a warm tingle of welcome so he knew the Cat was up there somewhere.

Further along they saw a wide cleared area where the warriors kept their canoes. All had been pulled out and were well above the high flood water marks. There were over fifty of the heavy wooden craft and many wondered how long it took to make so many without realizing that the hardwood used lasted forever or that most had been handed down from father to son for centuries.

Finally, less than a mile upstream the first Mediterranean style mansion came into view. It sat on a flowering vine covered low bluff and while unremarkable, it was a well maintained large handsome house, but it didn't appear to be lived in. It was a question that JC confirmed.

JC explained, "Within a week of moving in, the women Tonga's wife sent to clean showed us the tunnel that ran behind the cliff and connected all three houses together. The tunnel was an excellent security feature that my father insisted we would use nightly. We began sleeping in any of the houses randomly. We did this for months until Father realized that the People, by then armed, were guarding us around the clock and that no competitor would dare approach the area and live to tell about it."

While Gregor listened to JC, his eyes traveled everywhere. He was pleased to see that the dock was built of heavy pilings and planked with finished timbers. The only problem in docking Sea Song there was that it was far too short. He looked forward as the cliff face began to rise. The snoopy screen clearly showed that there was a gentle bend in the river and then surprisingly it straightened out for a mile once it passed JC's main home, the central and largest house. The straight part ended in a lake that was essential if ships Sea Song's size were to travel this far up the river. Very simply, any vessel that large had to turn around before returning to the sea and the lake was used as a turning basin. When Sea Song finally docked, his dagger shaped bow would be pointing toward the sea.

Meesha whispered to Gregor who agreed with a nod. They pulled JC aside to talk to him. "We go to bridge for turning and docking. Use PA system to explain when we do not dock. Tell others not to follow. This is no time for fucking around."

On the way down to the bridge, Meesha asked with a giggle, "Do you think Pav will do it?"

"Wouldn't you?" Gregor laughed.

The co-captains entered the bridge unannounced. They saw Pav laughing and talking with Hugo the future alternate helmsman. "You would be so bold?" they heard Hugo ask with wonder in his voice.

"Oh yes, it requires only skill and brass balls." Pav saw Gregor and Meesha enter from the starboard bridge wing from the corner of his eye. He continued facing forward splitting his attention between the forward view and the many screens. "Of course to fail, to scratch Sea Song would be to incur the wrath of our most illustrious captains. While they can't steer themselves and envy those of us who can read, follow directions and then actually steer under the hardest working conditions, they await our failure eagerly and have planned our demise after days of being fucked and sucked repeatedly with only fine Russian vodka to drink for sustenance."

Hugo's mouth hung open not sure of what Pav said was true but he thought he could endure and perhaps even enjoy the ultimate penalty. Pav saw him deep in thought while he still kept watching Pav's every move. "And," Pav continued with a sigh, "most painful, they would fail to reward such a careless helmsman with a huge bonus and a vast raise in payment for sitting in this fucking chair for so many hours with only one piss break!"

"YOU DARED TO TAKE A PISS BREAK?" Gregor roared in his deepest voice. Hugo snapped to ramrod straight attention and was rewarded with a hearty back slap that drove him into the chair and over Pav's body.

Just then the dock came into view. The monstrous house could not be seen from the forward bridge windows because it sat on the cliffs' highest point. Meesha and Gregor ran to the starboard bridge wing and looked up. They had time for a quick glance before Pav accelerated to forty knots as anticipated. Sea Song's stern sank as the turbines screamed in protest and the twin rooster tails rose. Those onboard had time to offer a brief wave to the mass of natives assembled on the four hundred foot long dock as Sea Song raced away toward the lake.

Pav waited until Sea Song's entire length had entered the lake before reversing the jets. Sea Song rocked violently before he stopped dead. Pav then reversed the starboard jet to forward and red lined both engines as he switched on the starboard bow thruster. Sea Song performed a perfect pirouette and his bow aimed back downriver. Once again Pav accelerated and the giant yacht raced back on a reciprocal course.

Sidi and Kad continued to look starboard until Pettie grabbed them and moved them to the portside rail. As Pav again stopped Sea Song a bit above the dock the two new bodyguards realized that they had responsibilities and rushed to rearm themselves as befitted their new elevated rank.

Pav waited until Sea Song's following wake slapped his ass before he engaged both starboard side thrusters until the port side nudged the dock gently. The docking crews were ready with heavy lines and bumpers. Several warriors stood ready to receive the dock lines and slipped the eye splices over the steel bollards.

Pav's fingers flew over the touch screen and Sea Song responded by shutting down the idling engines and simultaneously starting the generators so the bridge electronics barely blinked. "MAGNIFICENT! MAGNIFICENT PAVLOV!" Gregor's voice boomed over the ship and the dock. When the crew cheered, the People cheered louder in response.

Charlie and Bani heard the distant babble of excited voices, knew that Sea Song had arrived and couldn't care less. Bani was mounted on Charlie for the third time and the round couldn't be completed until Charlie had completed his turn. When Charlie finally finished he collapsed on Bani's hard body.

Charlie's body stiffened when he realized that the time to face Hans and Herman had arrived. He'd already explained his problem to Bani who laughed and thought it an excellent prank. He even promised to help in extending the prank as long as possible but didn't say how.

Charlie finally looked at his surroundings for the first time as he and Bani showered together. "You have a really beautiful, comfortable home here but it doesn't look like it belongs somehow."

"You are correct. This is my father's home, one of many built by Tara and his father. This new village was planned to house all the People but my father and all the other elders prefer the old village so these homes are left for our use. Before Tara left us he spent more nights here with me than he did sleeping in his own house near here. That is why there are so many books; they still arrive with every shipment of supplies and I fear now I have much reading to do before I catch up. I have been away at a mission school for boys and have just returned. I will enjoy seeing Tara again."

"Were you and Tara, ah, Juan Carlos like us, ah, I mean like lovers?" Charlie stammered hesitantly.

"No, unfortunately we always masturbated together from the time when we first could, but nothing more. I think perhaps that he wasn't ready so I sought other friends." It was Bani's turn to hesitate before he asked in a whisper, "Are we lovers?"

Charlie melted into Bani's arms. "I think so, I want us to be. I know I've never felt like this with any other guy before. But you should know that I was homeless and had sex with men just to survive. I just spent a year as a sex slave and had sex with men who liked to torture us."

Bani looked at Charlie strangely before he nodded. "I had a similar experience at the mission school. At first there were only two brothers. They never bothered me because they knew I was a chief's son and I was older, but they regularly punished the others with forced sex. They didn't know that I could speak Spanish and English and the other students could not so they openly discussed which boy they would pick for their evening's pleasures while they looked at me with longing. Three weeks ago a third brother arrived. This one didn't care who I was. He thought to take me his first night.

"These brothers know nothing of our tribal cultures and they thought our blow guns were toys so they only confiscated our knives and locked them in our classroom. I quickly demonstrated the use of a blowgun. I only paralyzed the fool much like we do with game animals to keep them fresh until we return to the village after a hunt. I retrieved my knife. I wished we were far away from the white man's town. This brother's screams would have been most pleasurable as I removed his private parts and explained in Spanish and English what I was doing as I filled his mouth before he bled out.

"Before I left I promised the other boys, all younger than me that I would send emissaries to their villages so that they could be rescued and meanwhile they should appear to be ignorant of what occurred for their own safety."

"Holy shit, Bani, my lover boy, you are one bad ass motherfucker!" Charlie declared enviously. "If you tell JC and John about this brotherhood, they'll put the whole operation out of business in ways just like you did if they find that they all like boys and their mission schools are scams."

"Who is John?" Bani asked as the two boys dried each other.

"Woops, well since I opened my big mouth, if I understand Family relationships correctly. Maybe JC wasn't ready to be your lover when he left here but when he started school the other guys go to, he first met Doug and his partner Buck. Well, by then he was ready. Then on the island where I go to school he met John and now they're partners. You have to understand about the Family, I guess they all have partners but that doesn't stop any of them from having great sex with anyone else in the Family. I think kind of just like how you guys do it here." Charlie attempted to explain the open Family relationships he accurately surmised and wanted to be a part of.

They talked as Charlie followed Bani on a path that only Bani could see. The path paralleled the cliff top and at first they could see Sea Song and the throngs of people that crowded the dock. Bani suddenly stopped and turned to look at Charlie. "You can talk with other species?"

Charlie looked uncomfortable. "Ah, where did that question come from? Man what a thing to ask. I only talk with other humans but, well; I do get images, kind of pictures from a dolphin. Does that count? I mean I'm not a nut case or anything and I'm not the only one that can do it."

"Is there anyone on that ship in addition to Doug?" Bani pressed.

"How do you know about Doug?" Charlie wondered before he had a revelation. "Wait a damn minute, you can do it too! But you can talk to humans, man that is so choice. What kind of animal can you talk to?"

"I can talk to the Cats, and maybe you and some others can too. We must try but not now. My father will be looking for me."

The invisible path they followed opened into a garden that fronted a very large Spanish style home. Inside, Bani led the way to a staircase that went down into darkness until he flipped a switch and the size of the tunnel was revealed. They began to run side by side. Charlie was about to ask where they were going until Bani stopped suddenly at what appeared to be more solid stone wall. He slipped his hand into a low crevice close to the floor and a six foot wide door swung in silently.

"The Nazi builders called this a bunker, but the first Tara; Juan Carlos' father called it a safe room. Whatever, it is a good place to hide." Bani explained as he led Charlie inside. He pointed to a large button close to the doorway to show Charlie that it both opened and closed the door quickly.

Charlie lost interest in Bani's explanation of the bunker's many amenities as he stared at the large rooms' actual contents. "Holy shit, you could buy a whole country with just part of what's in here."

Bani shrugged his indifference, "Soon after the first Tara moved here he began buying artifacts, gems and gold from people of other tribes. The People allow small parties to trespass. Tara always paid far more than asked for these goods and word spread gradually throughout the continent that there was a crazed European who bought anything of value made by the ancients or ancestors or dug from the ground and did so using American currency. They still come and Angus, Tara's comprador still buys. Now I must run before Father begins calling me names. There is food and drink through there," he pointed at a normal size doorway. "I'll be back for you tomorrow morning in time for you to join the celebration." He shouted cryptically over his shoulder as he scooted across the wide tunnel, pressed a clearly marked button and modern elevator doors whooshed open. He disappeared with a wave and a giggle as the doors closed.

After Charlie closed the door, he stripped and placed everything on an end table next to a sofa before he began to explore his hideout. He found bedrooms, a bathroom, two fully stocked storerooms, a large wine closet and a modern galley- style kitchen complete with a working refrigerator and freezer that included an icemaker. He grabbed a bottle of wine, a corkscrew and a finely cut crystal goblet before returning to the sofa in the great room. After his second glass of wine he drifted off into never land dreaming of Bani, the Family and the enormous treasure just one of them; JC owned. By then he understood what cargo Sea Song came down there to retrieve and why those on the destroyer were out there to stop them after it was loaded. To Charlie, greed was a terrible thing while all he wanted out of this fantastic adventure was to be a part of the Family, to belong, that is, until he met Bani.

The elevator doors opened on a fifty foot long tunnel that led to the dock. This short tunnel was necessary because the cliff wasn't vertical. It only appeared to be when viewed from the river. If it was vertical, no foot trail to the top would have been possible. When viewed from the top the trail, while smooth it was dotted with regularly spaced switchbacks.

The dock was a mob scene. It was packed with all the People and everyone's attention was fixed on the newly rigged boarding steps from the dock to the main deck. Bani saw at once that Tonga, his father, was surrounded by Carb, Sidi, Kad and Tara while it seemed the other white warriors ranged to their right and left and mostly by height with the shortest in the forefront while the tallest stood comfortably in the rear and further away. Bani admired all the white warriors of any height but was surprised by the broad variation in genital size until his attention was fixed on Doug as he leaned his arm on the top of his partner's shoulder but was actually looking down on Bani wearing a broad conspiratorial grin.

Bani sent a tentative mental greeting to Doug to see if he could hear and respond, "Welcome friend Doug!"

While Bani was pleased with Doug's prompt reply of: "Welcome! Hurry aboard, your father has been looking for you," he was more surprised when several other heads in the group turned to look at him and sent greetings of their own. He was shocked by a delayed special greeting from Tara.

"Yes, hurry you disobedient, disrespectful boy! Your father threatens to withhold your rifle tomorrow and may soon label you a monkey." To the Cat People to call a child a monkey was usually just that but to call a newly minted warrior a monkey was the ultimate insult since it labeled the young man as immature and still a child.

"Tara, how is this possible? We couldn't speak this way together when you left and now you can." Bani sent while he ran toward the bow and the fat braided dock line.

"I believe I could hear whispers between you and a Cat, the Cat that always looked after our safety no matter how far we ranged from the village if we managed to sneak away from our minders. I think we could have talked back then if we had tried." JC stretched his neck to watch Bani scramble hand over hand along the dock line until he disappeared from view too close to the ship's side.

A new powerful voice entered Bani's mind, "Ask directions through the ship. All the warriors you meet speak English. They will direct you. Come up behind us and blame us for blocking the way to your father's side."

"Who are you?" Bani beamed.

"His name is Tommy," Doug interjected. He sent an image of Tommy laughing at his surprised expression. "This is what he looks like now but by the time you join us he will be covered in his own blood!" Doug frowned down on Tommy, "You little prick! All this time I thought I was reading your lips."

Tommy ducked to Spencer's other side and peeked around his body. "You silly doofus, I always thought you'd figure it out. Think about it. How many times did you talk for me before I had a chance to mouth my words?" Doug suddenly made a move to get around Spencer to grab Tommy. "Don't even think about it," Tommy warned, "if you do I'll just have Spencer bloody YOUR face."

"You think so do you?" Spencer asked aloud as he hoisted Tommy over his head. "Remember the great big pot the Cat ladies got from JC's mom? Carb told me that they only use it for special occasions like stewing up little pricks like you."

When poor Carb heard his name mentioned and saw little Tommy being manhandled, he quickly understood that the white warriors were once again busy playing a joke on their smallest member and he quickly explained the situation to Tonga to keep Kad and Sidi from interfering in any way. Tonga nodded and seamlessly stopped his over long, flowery speech of welcome to call angrily for his tardy son.

The diversion worked and was reinforced when Bani just inside the lounge began some pitiful pleading from behind the concentration of white warriors but he made the mistake of speaking English. "Father, I'm here but these huge white warriors will not let me through!"

The mob turned in surprise and separated leaving Bani exposed to his father's glare. Tonga spun on his heel and pulled Bani back, further into the lounge by his arm. "You little fool! Tomorrow you may become a man and a warrior and if you do then in some uncertain time in the future you will lead the People into a new era, but you will need much help. These white warriors are the help you require to complete the circle and yet you just insulted their Chiefs. You held them responsible for your tardiness. If they take offence, they will think us unworthy of their real assistance. They will load Tara's treasure, leave us and think of us as fun loving ignorant savages in need of little more than hand weapons, food, and housing."

Tonga sighed, pulled Bani down to sit on a sofa and began the whisper so that the others couldn't hear his words. The very few who could began listening through Bani with their minds; "You my son were born with the gift of communicating with the Cats, while I was born with only the ability to read the glyphs in the Cat Place. The glyphs tell of travelers from a distant place that stopped here for unexplained reasons; they are what we call The Ancients. Perhaps they were explorers or scientists or even vacationers. Their motives are unclear, but what is clear is that each Ancient brought a Cat who was both a friend and a repository of their knowledge. It is also clear that the Ancients possessed abilities undreamed of today even among these whites. You have been in the Cat Place although forbidden to enter there. Have you ever wondered how it was built? There are no machines left there and the glyphs don't picture any and yet somehow it was carved from solid living rock. The walls, floors and ceilings are glassy smooth and the statues of Cats and People are almost alive. There is no visible light source and yet there is no need of torches or electric lights. The air is always fresh, dry and of a comfortable temperature."

Tonga grinned at seeing Bani's expression of wonder. "When I first went there although it was forbidden to me as well, and discovered that I could read the glyphs, I always thought I was in a temple built to honor and worship the Cats but as I deciphered one in particular, I found I was looking at the map of a city and what I thought of as a temple is really merely an entrance hall. The doors into the city are clearly depicted but the actual doors in the blank back wall cannot be seen, nor was I able to discover a latch or other devise to reveal them much less open them. That is until I reached manhood and became a warrior.

"That evening I was irresistibly drawn to the Cat Place and there I met my Cat friend. He was waiting for me. I felt no fear, only warmth and pleasure at meeting him and when we greeted each other in our way he was able to gift me with the means of opening the doors and unfortunately nothing else. My Cat friend is your Cat friend's sire and at this moment he is watching us from the cliff top."

Bani nodded, "Yes, I sense his presence. I think he is pleased that we had this conversation, but now what must I do father? I feel I must do it right the first time or the People and the Cats will sink into oblivion and perish."

"I cannot answer that but I believe your Cat friend will advise you and perhaps even begin to impart some of the Ancient's knowledge. Meanwhile you must cut much of your bullshit, as the white warriors are fond of saying." Tonga paused as he heard snickers from beyond the lounge door.

Bani giggled, "I think we have much to learn about telepathy and which languages to think in." He stopped to listen before he continued. "Doug says that the closer the better and touching is unbelievable. The twins out there promise to teach me how to block and they volunteer to show me what touching is all about."

Tonga looked down at Bani's proud erection and shook his head. "I see from the redness that you have used that many times today but now you must be a host. I will be busy with Tara and the other white warrior leaders here. Tara has granted permission for any of the others to view his treasures if they wish to, so you will take them up to the tunnel. Show them the currency and the treasures in the vault. Two among them are experts in these artifacts and if Tara's have value, then you may show them what we have in our cave. They seem to think that even the ancient metal suits are of great value but I can't imagine why. I think we will soon need our own white man's wealth as we enter their world."

"And then what Father?" Bani asked wearing a grin as he looked down at his erection. It was clear that the boy was not thinking of wealth or politics.

"And then return here for evening food. They actually have a whole chamber in this Sea Song boat devoted for that purpose and since you have eaten food in Tara's home we will follow your lead in proper eating according to their ways."

"And then what Father?" Bani asked again.

"Take Sidi and Kad with you. I think they should be your personal guards henceforth. Will these two be acceptable to you? There was an incident on this Sea Song boat where they proved themselves as fearless warriors and they have already joined with many of these white warrior chiefs and are learning English rapidly. After evening food you are free to pursue any joinings you wish to, just remember that you represent the People as well as the Cat Clan. Now let us delay no longer."

Once back on deck, father and son found that the mob had already sorted themselves out into two groups. The largest was to accompany Bani. Bani took the time to greet JC, or Tara in the traditional way except each placed his hands on the other's shoulders and their fingers tapped each other rapidly. Hans and Herman's' eyebrows shot up as they realized that the two boys were communicating.

"Greetings naked savage..."

"Greeting limp dick..."


"Oh yes, many times..."

"In your dreams..."

When Herman asked about the tapping, JC offered one of his classic shrugs and explained that the warriors never verbalized during a hunt. They all read lips, signed, tapped, blinked or used a combination of the four forms of nonverbal communication. JC scooted out of reach before he turned to ask, "Can't you oh noble white warriors?" John laughingly moved to block Herman's advance and succeeded in being carried to Evan's suite while being tickled all the way.

Bani decided to tell his new friends about Charlie hiding out in the vault because he was fearful of Hans' and Herman's wrath if they got their hands on him, but they all laughed and complimented Charlie for having the huge brass balls to stowaway and it was nothing that any of them wouldn't have done if their positions were reversed and one of them had thought of it.

Meesha chose to accompany the group because it was essential that he and Gregor know about the volume and estimated weight of the treasure Sea Song was supposed to transport and moaned when Bani snapped on the lights in the storeroom where all the currency was concentrated. At first glance the room looked like any warehouse where some manufactured product had been boxed and then the boxes were neatly stacked on pallets and then shrink wrapped. The full pallets were then stacked two high and massed together. The result was uninspiring until one realized that there were no boxes and that each four foot high full pallet was made up of tightly packed uniform bricks of currency shrink wrapped together.

"Okay, enough of this shit," Harm protested dismissing the horde of currency, "JC told us about artifacts. Can we see those?"

"And uncut gem stones?" Spencer added to his brother's plea.

Bani grinned and nodded. "Ah yes, I am interested in that stuff too." Bani enjoyed using American slang words whenever possible. "I know about currency but I don't understand about gold and gems. This way to the vault please." He didn't have to ask twice.

Bani stepped back as the massive bank vault door swung open to avoid being trampled by the mob with Harm and Spencer in the lead. They all skidded to a stop just inside the doorway, but for different reasons. Most sucked in their breaths as they stared at the visible treasure. The room looked like a Hollywood movie set to film scenes from Disney's, The Jungle Book' orPirates of the Caribbean'. The difference was that this treasure was real. Once again wooden pallets were used, placed end to end and neatly spaced about four feet apart to form aisles. One pallet aisle was devoted to gold ingots and bars in assorted sizes interspersed with well-constructed wooden boxes nearly overflowing with gold and silver coins. Four pallets on the end of the next row held large tightly woven cloth bags. All except two were closed with the material bunched and tied securely with heavy twine.

"What's in these?" David asked.

"Dip your hand in and see." Bani dared. David scooped out a handful of gold dust that trickled through his fingers. "The other bag is for nuggets. Neither bag is quite full yet."

Spencer was squatted down alongside a pallet that held standing altar crosses conveniently arranged by size. He was examining the largest and most ornate that was studded with enough crudely cut emeralds to be considered ostentatious even in Spain, Portugal or other Catholic countries who competed against each other to plunder the New World and annihilate entire advanced cultures, all in the guise of advancing Christianity. Spencer hadn't been able to find a jeweler's loupe but Meesha did find a six inch round magnifying glass among Anton's desk things, so he was happy using that.

Tommy was playing Dr. Watson to Spencer's Sherlock Holms and had his head pasted to the side of Spencer's, playfully trying to look through the glass at the same time and Spencer kept pushing him away when Tommy noticed Charlie sitting stretched out on an old sofa that along with other furnishings had been pushed aside. There was a wine bottle and a goblet sitting on a table within Charlie's reach so it was easy to see why he was sound asleep and able to ignore the quiet comments and conversations going on around the stone room.

Bani had joined Charlie by then and was combing his hair with his fingers with one hand and gently stroking Charlie's very grown up erect sleeping cock with the other. Charlie woke up thrusting his hips up into Bani's hand. "What?" His eyes flashed open in a brief panic until he saw Bani's smiling face so close to his. He relaxed again. "Man, I needed that snooze and as you can see and feel, I'm ready for another round." That was when he saw movement around the room and saw that he was surrounded by too many Family members to even think about escaping. "Shit, okay you got me. Say where're Hans and Herman? They're gonna kill me somehow but it was worth it and I'd do it again too. I do have one final request though: Could I stick around here for the action? I know all about the destroyer and the bad guys who are after all this junk and I just want to help you and Bani and his People."

David grinned with the others and raised an eyebrow. "You better stop that Bani, we have a rule; no waste and..." he voice trailed off as Bani bent down and Charlie's cock disappeared in his mouth. The mob watched Charlie arch his body and saw Bani's throat muscles move as he swallowed.

Bani sat up when he was completely finished, licked his lips and replied, "We have a similar rule as you can see."

"Well that settles it I guess." David tried to frown down on Charlie, "Since Hans ordered Curt to provide you with weapons that you're qualified to use, you used your intelligence and your balls to join this mission, and therefore you are officially charged with the responsibility of representing the Family in all matters involving the Prince of the Cat People.

Charlie ended the impromptu back slapping celebration when he suspiciously asked, "And just who might this Prince of the Cat People be?"

"That would be me I think, although I'm just the son of the Chief and I wouldn't call him a king within dart range." Bani advised.

"You mean a blowgun dart with a range of what, ten feet?" Charlie asked. He hadn't heard JC explain about blowguns.

Bani nodded and looked around the room. He saw a small moth fluttering at a light fixture across the room. He drew his blowgun from his belt, raised it and fired, apparently without aiming. Everyone watched as the moth and a bit of red feathery fluff dropped to the floor. Bani leaped high from the standing position, landed in the next aisle, and the next two aisles until he picked up the neatly skewered unfortunate moth to retrieve his precious red feathered dart and reloaded it in his weapon.

"We never waste our darts either," Bani advised the speechless mob.

"Man, I am sure happy that I'm on your team." Charlie exclaimed before he became all business. "Now someone tell me why you guys are in here."

Bani explained, "We want to know if this stuff has value."

"Shit, I can answer that. It all has value, it's all fucking priceless, but that's the problem. Trying to sell just one piece would be like me working the street and a trick gave me a hundred dollar bill. If I tried to change it into small bills I'd get change for ten dollars and then the cops would be called asking where I got the bill."

David nodded, "Remember when we first met Evan on the street? He said the same thing."

Harman agreed when he saw Bani look very disappointed. "There is a market for this stuff, private collectors but how do you find one? Those dudes are usually secretive and don't answer ads on EBay."

"This news is most depressing. The People have even more. Plus the metal suits and their useless weapons." By then Spencer had found more of the cloth sacks that were filled with uncut gem stones or `colored gravel' as JC described the stones. "Now there is a big worldwide market for these, that is, after they're cut and polished which unfortunately takes time."

Bani brightened, "I know where there is a large quantity of cut gems in shapes like this and many others and in sizes from very small to very large." While Bani explained he carefully rooted his way down into the hard sided pouch he and all the other native warriors wore on their belts, much like a fanny pack. He pulled out a gold chain with a large emerald pendant attached and placed it around his neck. The gem was an elongated tear drop and its setting was made of what appeared to be hair-sized gold filigree. When he put it around his neck all could see that it hung suspended horizontally and very much resembled a sparkling green eye.

Spencer all but bowled Bani over as he attacked the pendant with his over-size looking glass. "This one is just like the two in your father's cat's head medallion! This appears to be flawless! Harm! Get your ass over here and check this out. Just look at the workmanship in the setting."

Harm knelt by his brother and shared the glass as they compared notes. This was the first time Bani had been so close to the two white warrior brothers. He was held in place by Spence's hand holding his pendant. "By all the Cat Gods," he thought, "I pray that I can enjoy these two, they have magnificent bodies."

"You've got that right," Tommy sent in mental agreement. "I'll see to it. Spencer is my partner and Harm belongs to Huss here." He tipped his head at Huss by way of silent introduction.

Huss blushed and sent a timid, "Hi," and then was shocked when he realized that not only could he `hear' Bani and Tommy's exchange, but also that he answered in the same manner.

Tommy continued, "We both love to watch them in action so we breed them with whomever we want. Check this out Bani." He casually reached for and held out Spencer's cock, which grew quickly in his hand to its full eight plus inch length and surprising thickness. Bani couldn't help responding.

Spencer pushed Tommy away. "Tommy! Sometimes you embarrass me so much. Why do I always have to do everything you say?" Spencer protested verbally as he winked at Bani.

"Because you my dear chap are delightfully and thoroughly pussy whipped." Medi announced. "Now, back to business, I have a suggestion. I believe we should allow JC to worry about disposing of his own junk since he's inconvenienced us quite enough already. What we should do is work to sell all of Bani's stuff. I have potential markets in my region, including my father, Buck has North American contacts and dear Evan has the entire world at his fingertips. We can establish a factory somewhere safe to process the gems. Perhaps Mr. Golden could design and manufacture some stunning modern jewelry just like he's doing with Evan's hoard. Now let us be off to view dear Bani's collection." With that said, Medi headed for the vault entrance.

"Wait!" Bani called out, "I need to ask permission to even show you where the cut stones are." He closed his eyes and clutched his amulet unconsciously. Those watching couldn't see it glow suddenly. Bani flinched. "I am sorry Great Cat, I didn't know." He thought and sent.

"Now you know it is a communicator, not just a symbol of your position. You will wear it in the future as you indeed have become as man and leader of the People. You may take these white warriors to these Cat's home place after tomorrow's festivities. The baubles were placed there for the People to use but could not be used until one was born with the power. Give each warrior you find who has the ability to speak without speaking one of these amulets so these Cats can converse with them as easily as you do."

The trip to the cave where the People stored or hid their collection of treasures was located in the same cliff face they used as a backstop for their targets. The horde could actually be considered evidence of horrific crimes like massacres of assorted parties who had trespassed into the closely held lands of the Cat People. Harm was in his element as he studied the carefully arranged assortments. There were even individual stacks of native weapons, some quite extensive with hundreds of bows, piles of arrows and blowguns.

Bani explained that each separate collection was the result of an individual event such as an invasion by once neighboring tribes who sought Cat lands to expand their territories. Others were evidence of massacres of pack trains of booty being transported to the nearest coast to be shipped to Europe or just the booty as it was abandoned by dying conquistadors who guarded those trains. Smaller piles included modern hunting rifles and all the hunter's accouterments. Those hapless souls dared to trespass for sport and suddenly found themselves hunted by the Cats, their intended prey.

Harm was most interested in the conquistador's trappings and weapons; the complete suits of armor and matching helmets, their all but useless matchlock rifles that required two solders to carry and fire and of course their iron knives and swords. Harm picked up a gold worked breast plate and looked around wearing a malicious grin.

He decided that Charlie was the perfect size. "Oh Charlie," he called playfully and wagged a come hither finger.

Charlie at once saw what Harm intended and backed away. "No way, I ain't puttin' none of that stuff on. Some old dead guy wore that shit and it didn't save his ass."

Charlie was laughing too hard to resist as he was carried to Harm. Most of the leather straps, while cracked with age, were still pliable enough so pieces could be buckled together and amid much laughter and outrageous comments, Charlie soon wore a complete set of armor including a helmet along with a sword belt, sword and matching dagger.

"Okay Charlie," Harm instructed, "now run for the cave entrance."

"RUN?" Charlie exclaimed through his giggles, "Fuck run, I can barely take a step. The dumb mother fucker who wore this getup wasn't just dumb he was strong." Charlie loved the attention he was receiving just like all the rest of the Family members he'd seen on Dagger Cay. He was finally accepted.

Bani was correct when he said that the People owned a far larger volume of artifacts than JC and the total volume of the combined hoards far exceeded Sea Song's ability to transport it all in one trip. Meesha shrugged as he looked around one last time before he looked at his watch. "We should get back," he announced, "dinner time in two hours and if we don't hurry there won't be time for snacks."

The mention of food started the exodus for the cave entrance although everyone was snickering and looking back. "Hey mother fuckers! What about MEEE...?" Charlie called after them loud enough to make his words echo in the cavern. He'd managed to take a few baby steps before he lost his balance and toppled over backwards.

The boys howled with laughter as they ran back to help Charlie stand. "Did you hurt anything? Are there any scratches?" Harman asked.

"No, I think I'm alright." Charlie felt his body all over.

"He didn't mean you dope, he meant the armor." Marc advised while holding himself up using Alex as a crutch.

"All day? Everyone? We can't take the time, that fucking destroyer is too close. At the current rate of speed their ETA is just under forty-eight hours." Gregor protested to JC after he found out that the entire ship was invited to a daylong celebration of Bani's elevation to warrior.

"I am most sorry, but the rite of passage from a boy into manhood has always been a daylong celebration in which everyone partakes. Tomorrow Bani the chef's son becomes a man and everyone including the entire crew is invited since we're here. So far as the People are concerned they are invincible within their own lands because they always have been. They have never simply repelled an incursion into their lands; their policy is to exterminate it to maintain the secret of the Cats as well as the purity of the People and as Meesha saw they carefully erase all evidence from the scene of battle and weapons and other artifacts become trophies to mark each event." JC patiently explained.

Gregor sighed, "Very well. On consideration I doubt that the destroyer captain could be persuaded to open fire on us with his four inch guns just as we cannot possibly sink the fucking thing although we could easily. The international repercussions either way would be unthinkable. I think all we will have to deal with are those three fucking patrol boats and they will come to us."

"Can we monitor all their radio transmissions Love?" JC asked John who as usual was sitting in front of Evan's big monitor watching the destroyer's progress in infrared.

"We already are scanning all channels but so far there's been only silence except for local chatter between the patrol boats and the destroyer and that's all in Spanish but what I hear from the control room is that the troops on those little boats are thoroughly pissed off."

JC grinned and picked up the satellite phone. "Perhaps it is time to reintroduce the fat slug to my stealth helicopter. Can you zoom down please and locate `it'?" he asked John. He refused to call Jorge by his given name.

The big screen soon pictured the destroyer's bridge deck. Six green blobs were normal man-sized while the seventh, Jorge, was huge in comparison. "As you can see, your friend is on the bridge, where he spends most of his time. He sleeps in the big cabin just behind the bridge. I think he took over the captain's cabin and the captain is bunking in with the first mate across the companionway. Also, the first mate must be the political officer because of all the electronics stuffed in there." John hesitated briefly, blushed, and ended his report with; "For what it's worth, the captain and the political officer are very, very good friends."

Gregor playfully sneaked up behind John and gave him a very sloppy kiss. "Of course, I forgot that there would still be a political officer on any Cuban naval vessel. Those bastards can always countermand any of the captain's orders if they feel it is in the best interest of the Party and the State. Let us know when the slug leaves the bridge so we can contact him. Very well JC, please now scare the shit out of them with your phantom helicopter."

Those watching knew when Jorge's phone began to ring because there was movement suddenly. Two men standing back out of the way rushed forward. The guys couldn't see the frantic efforts Jorge's men went through in finding his phone in a pants pocket before it stopped ringing. Jorge's arms had too far to reach around his bulging waist line.

"Si?" Jorge snapped.

"SPEAK ENGLISH YOU MOTHERLESS FUCKER OF GARDEN SNAKES!" JC shouted. "Since my helicopter is newly arrived I thought I would pay you a visit. Your Cuban friends are rejoicing over your purchase of that antique destroyer. I was not aware that you collected naval antiquities. Did you realize that it has no air conditioning before you set out on your useless quest?"

Jorge regretted that his phone was on speaker. He was unsure if the captain and first mate spoke English but their frowns confirmed that they did as they ran to a bridge wing to stare up at the night sky. Juan Carlos was unwise to joke about the age of their fine ship. Jorge decided to go on the offensive. "My discomfort will be short indeed because I plan to capture your yacht and enjoy its comforts during the return trip." He responded smugly.

JC laughed, "Oh and how did you plan to do that?"

"Your home here is built on a great river; it is clearly marked on all maps. We will cruise up the river and you will surrender eagerly when the muzzles of these great guns are pointed at you at point blank range."

"Maps?" JC asked with a giggle. "You stupid sire of swine and asses, you should have looked at a nautical chart. Ask the captain of your oh so dangerous destroyer, he is standing at your elbow. He will tell you why there is no city built at the mouth of my river. I am late for a party and must be off. I look forward to meeting the seventy-five mercenaries suffering in those three little patrol boats and I know they would be most happy to meet YOU." JC disconnected with a click.

The bridge officers all glared at their fat guest. "You actually leased my boat intending to invade a Sovereign Country? That man is correct, you are a fool!" Captain Vicente declared. "My boat will anchor briefly just outside the twelve mile limit and no closer."

With that, heated negotiations began. After an hour of shouting Captain Vicente agreed to anchor five miles from where the delta began for emergency boiler repairs as an excuse, for not more than twenty-four hours merely as a show of intimidation. In return each officer on the bridge would be paid the sum of one million dollars in cash as soon as Jorge and his men took possession of the enemy yacht.

Jorge agreed to the deal because he planned to cut four officer throats, while the Captain agreed because he planned that Jorge and his entire crew would sadly be lost at sea and then take over the mysterious yacht and its valuable mystery cargo as salvage. The three patrol boats and those onboard them, the scum of Cuban prisons, if any survived, would be left to their own devices.

Later, JC, John, Gregor and Meesha discovered that the mob had congregated in Doug and Buck's room. Curiously there was no orgy in progress as they expected, rather everyone was talking quietly. Doug, the twins, Tommy and Charlie sat Indian-fashion on the king-size bed as they seemed to be the strongest mind talkers or telepaths in the Family. Bani would not be separated from Charlie so they were all holding hands and smiled at each other with occasional nods. JC joined them at once sitting on Bani's other side and when all again held hands to close the circle, there were looks of surprise and pleasure.

Doug explained to the others watching. "You know how we could always call the dolphin from Dagger when we all held hands? Our joint signal was stronger, so we decided to try it here only instead of calling dolphin, we're kind testing our strength in contacting you guys individually. Who knows, maybe everyone has the ability but they just don't know it. Maybe once a guy knows he can, he can get stronger just by practicing. Okay, Gregor my big friend, you're first."

Gregor nodded and joined the circle between JC and Tommy. JC and some of the others nearly fell off the bed laughing. Doug was the first to calm down enough to speak. "No Gregor, you need to think in English please. You could probably teach us Russian, but there isn't time now."

Gregor nodded, apologized and looked at Bani. In seconds Bani's eyes widened and he broke into a huge smile. He explained for onlookers, "Gregor just explained that all of the People's treasure will be transported on Sea Song along with most of Tara's currency but none of his treasure as there won't be room. My problem will be to move it from the cave to the dock. Could we please try to contact my father? He must be told at once." He hesitated and broke the circle of hands to touch the pendant he still wore. "This is a gift from the Great Cats. It was made by the Ancients. It is a communicator. Perhaps I can talk to my father through the larger one he wears if we all link again." The others nodded as Bani took Charlie's hand again. Bani closed his eyes.

Everyone's attention was riveted to Bani as the eye shaped emerald began to glow brightly while the surrounding setting sparkled.

Tonga and Marta had taken a sleeping mat out to a special place very close to the top of the cliff. Their view was spectacular; nothing but stars and a quarter-moon. They had just made love for the third time as was their usual practice when the emerald eyes set in Tonga's amulet began to glow greenly enough to brighten the tiny glade where they still lay joined together. Marta blinked in surprise when she `heard' her son's extremely powerful sending and reinforced it with her own long hidden ability while she and her mate were still joined intimately.

Tonga's response was brief, "It will be done," he whispered aloud. He and Marta were already running toward the old village, their sleeping mat forgotten.

The center of the village had already been prepared for the next day's celebration. Marta left Tonga at the communal cooking area where several women were already hard at work preparing food. She explained the need with a few words and signing gestures and they all joined together and waited for Tonga to begin the call.

Tonga stood near the center unlit largest bonfire and cupped his hands around his mouth. The sound he made was the roar of a Great Cat. A sound so intense, it seemed beyond the ability of human vocal cords and heard previously only by the eldest of all the elders when the People were called to defeat the Nazi tyrants. The women instantly began making the raucous calls of native macaws and parrots. The calls were so realistic that the many roosting birds joined in until the sound reached the new village where all the youths and young unmarried warriors still frolicked together with their usual sexual abandon since the time was only an hour after sun down. All of the People responded with animal and bird calls of their own until the jungle became alive with sound and all the People moved toward the center of the village.

Bani carefully pulled away from JC without waking his sleeping friend and then employed all of his warrior skills to leave the crowded bed without disturbing anyone there or those couples scattered over the floor. He nudged Kad and Charlie with a tendril of thought. Those two were the only ones awake and actively mated with Charlie on top. Both acknowledged Bani but didn't miss a stroke until Charlie sighed and Kad pulled in him further with a silent moan of pleasure. Sidi entered the open doorway and grinned.

"As you ordered, it is done Chief Bani. Look to the dock." Sidi signed.

"I am not a chief, and we will look after we bathe and find the special food place. I have a great hunger, while these white warriors still need more rest."

Sidi shook his head in mock pity. "These white warriors do not have our stamina," he observed. He also enjoyed observing a forest of white warrior morning wood but didn't mention it to the others. None of the foursome realized that they were mind speaking and could be understood by the others.

"Stamina," Charlie protested, "you guys are fucking animals when it comes to sex." He thought for a moment and added, "You know I really didn't get much sleep last night either but I'm not really tired now. Maybe if you inject enough cum into us, we won't need as much sleep as we do now. It would be great if that was catching."

"Perhaps it is the paste we use as lubricant while the others use oils." Bani suggested.

The four boys snickered together as they climbed to the sun deck. When they reached the edge of the shimmering pool, Charlie realized that probably no one explained to Sidi or Kad the difference between a swimming pool and a bath tub as the two dove in cleanly, swam to the nearest edge and began soaping each other using the same paste from a small wide mouth jar that all three natives carried with them. "Is that stuff the same as the stuff we showered with yesterday?" he asked Bani aloud.

Bani gave Charlie a push in and then followed before he answered. "Yes, it is very good stuff."

"Fuck yes!" Kad and Sidi sang loudly in unison.

By then a sea of white suds began to form over the entire surface. "It is made by grinding the leaves and berries of a vine. The smell is very nice and it makes the skin feel very soft and smooth. It also can be eaten." Bani explained in English.

Kad pulled Sidi's unresisting body back against his and added, "Fucking very slippery too!" He moved Kad to the pool's rim and began fucking him in earnest, generating even more suds.

Charlie looked at Bani in amazement, "Did he just speak English?" he asked and backed against Bani for a similar internal cleansing. Bani obliged at once and then walked Charlie to Sidi's side.

"Here they are!" Buck announced with a giggle a few minutes later. "Man just wait until Gregor sees this pool..." He began.

Charlie cut him off with, "Shut up and get in here. This soap stuff is so unbelievable. We fucked all night and right now I've got such a hardon, I feel like I could punch a hole in this fiberglass and fuck Sea Song."

"That is yet another favorable attribute," Bani moaned as he exploded in Charlie. When he finished, he and Charlie quickly switched places. "There is one negative," he added, "It is most difficult to talk while fucking."

Gregor shouted something from below them, but by then the rest of the mob had joined them and had paired off to join the foursome around the edge of the pool after passing the paste jar. A few minutes later Bani, Sidi, Kad and Charlie were satiated for the moment and were content to sit on the side with their feet in the water and kicking to generate even more suds.

"I wonder what Gregor was hollering about?" Charlie asked no one in particular.

Bani shrugged, "I think he discovered our treasure on the dock."

Charlie and Kad raced to the rail while Bani and Sidi walked sedately enjoying Charlie's surprised reaction. While Charlie had seen the treasure in the cave he had difficulty in accepting that so many tons of gold and artifacts could possibly transported from the cave through the jungle to the dock in just a few hours, and not only relocated, it was all as neatly stacked and grouped as it was in the cave. Charlie noted that they also even brought all the weapons confiscated from tribes who coveted the People's lands over many centuries although any modern weapons were left behind.

Gregor and Meesha found them looking down on the dock over the rail. "Bani, we cannot attend the feast now, it will take all day to get all that safely stored aboard." Gregor informed although loading all the treasure was a good excuse to also load JC's pallets of currency, thereby saving a day. But that was not to be.

Bani shrugged, imitating JC perfectly. "You will not have to load it; the People will if you will show us where it should go. You can then load Tara's currency and be finished sooner."

Gregor gave up. "Okay good. When does your holiday begin?"

I think in two hours there will be coffee and small food before the contests begin."

"Contests?" Meesha asked.

"Oh yes, contests are good to hone our warrior skills. All on this Sea Song boat may participate or you can devise some for your warriors unless you feel confident in using some of our weapons." Bani's bold grin said he wouldn't advise trying.

Charlie agreed. "Your weapons, yeah right. Like one of us could knock out a moving bug from over fifty feet with a pea shooter! No way! But I will try you out on the gun range."

Meesha clicked on the PA system to announce a crew holiday onshore, a feast and many games. After the cheering died, he reminded everyone that they were guests and that there would be some very grueling work the following day so everyone should drink accordingly.

"Let the games begin!" Buck rumbled in his gravelly voice and ran off with Doug to clean their weapons. It seemed that everyone else had the same idea because Bani, Charlie, Sidi and Kad found themselves alone. When they passed the pool on the way down to the dock, Charlie was surprised to see that it was once again clear and sparkling as if a bunch of horny studs hadn't used it to bathe and fuck each other's brains out minutes earlier and the surface had been covered with a thick layer of suds.

Charlie remarked on the phenomena. Bani shrugged once again and answered, "The sun makes the foam go away but not the effects of the paste." He explained simply.

"Does it do anything else?" Charlie asked as he took Bani's hand bashfully.

"It will keep bugs from biting and the sun will not burn your skin even fishing out in the water. Why do you ask these things?" Bani wanted to know.

"Well I was just thinking that this stuff could be more valuable than all your treasure put together. I suppose this vine is very scarce." Charlie was sure that it was. Something so remarkable just had to be

"No, not now, I was told it used to climb the tallest trees in its struggle to reach the sun, but after the Nazis, seeds that fell in the newly cleared areas sprouted and now it is a pest." Bani looked back at Kad and Sidi following while holding hands. "Could we each hold Sidi or Kad's hand so they may learn more English words as we talk with our minds?"

Charlie blushed as he took Sidi's hand. "Won't we be called names?"

The three native boys laughed. Bani explained that the ratio of men to women was always about three to one and some of the girls, at least to the Cat warriors resembled the homeliest of sows plus it was always those unfortunate girl's fathers' who demanded the highest bride prices, so boys sought other boys and mating's such as Sidi and Kad's were very common and even expected.

While Bani sent these thoughts to Charlie, Sidi began sending him cartoon-like images of girls with porcine faces until Charlie laughingly pushed him away. "Stop, enough already, I get the picture." He giggled and added, "Although Sidi I think you should really consider that last one, she's a real oinker."

Sidi pounced before Charlie could get away and soon held him on his back helpless while Kad and Bani tickled him until he begged for mercy.

As they reached Bani's home, Charlie blinked his eyes coyly as he studied each of his two new friends and Bani, his lover. "You know we should all wrestle together sometime."

Sidi looked up at the sun and smiled, "Like now a good time, yes?" He suggested. The four boys disappeared into Bani's home with the speed of light.

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