Castle Roland

The Dragons of Keanna

by Jandar Tyr


Chapter 2

Published: 9 Jul 15

The Dragons of Keanna

Copyright © By Jandar Tyr

A Brothers Distress

Terek and Gird pushed their horses hard to make their meeting with Polan. Terek didn't want Polan waiting too long for him. There were so many horrible things Polan could do to them. Demons and dead things were at his command and all kinds of evil things. Terek wanted nothing more to do with this mad mage. He wanted to give him the Dragon spirit and be done with him. He also decided to give him the onyx as a gift. Riding in, they made it to the meeting place, Polan's horse was waiting for them. Terek jumped down and handed his reins to his brother.

"Listen." Terek handed Gird the rest of the jewels. "I want you to wait here and hide. I don't trust Polan. I'll give him what he asked for and we'll be gone."

"No!" Gird said. "We go together."

"For once you listen and do what I say." Terek said angrily. "He's dangerous and crazy. If he's got something else on his mind, I want you and our loot safe. Go over to the bushes and watch. If all is OK ,I'll meet you. If not, get out of here fast. Now go hide."

Gird took the horses and hid in the brush. Terek walked out to meet Polan, scared but trying not to let it show. Polan saw him coming and his face showed his anger. His hand swung out and Terek fell back on the ground. A welt appearing on his face.

"I WAIT FOR NO ONE !!!" Polan yelled. As he walked up on him laying there on the ground. Terek's face showed fear and Polan fed on the emotion. It made him stronger. Terek backed away from him looking around for a way out and away.

"I brought what you wanted." Terek opened the flaps on his saddle bag to show Polan the Dragon Spirit. Polan's eyes lit up when he saw the spirit. For years he tried every way he could to get at it. Now here it is. This fool brought it right to him. The power he would derive from this object. Dragon magic, strongest magic there is. He snatched it from his hands and held it up to look at it. Yes, now all he needed was the eggs to complete his plan.

"Now give me the eggs." Polan demanded.

"What eggs?" Terek had no idea what he meant. They found no eggs in the cave. And if he wanted eggs why didn't he tell him before?

"I know you have them." Polan reached out with his magic and lifted Terek off the ground and shook him.

"I want them, now!!" The onyx fell from out of his shirt and rolled to Polan's feet. He picked it up and smiled his evil grin. The fear pouring off Terek made him stronger and stronger.

"One?" he squeezed Terek and he screamed. "You only brought me one? Do I have to do everything my damn self?"

Terek screamed louder as the life was being squeezed from him. Terek's eyes bulged and blood ran from his nose and mouth He struggled against the magic holding him, he kicked and kicked. But the magic was too strong for him, he felt the life slipping from him. All he could do was hang there and die.

"Good bye, brother." He thought. "Please don't give him what he wants."

Polan tossed Terek's body aside and laughed. He had the black egg now he had to find the others. Polan climbed on his his horse and took off to the east. Gird ran out from his hiding place to his brother's bleeding body. He sat down and cradled him in his arm and cried.

"Gird, it's all up to you, now." Terek croaked blood running down his face. "Don't let him get the eggs, promise me you'll destroy them or hide them where he can't find them."

"I promise, Terek" Gird said. "Please don't die."

Gird held his brother as his last breath left him. He cried into Terek's chest. He would do as his brother asked. Somehow he would be rid of theses blasted eggs. Gird gathered his brother's body and tried to clean him up. He cried as he dug his grave and buried him with all the gold. It was Terek's gold now, Gird wanted no part of it. He thought about just tossing the eggs in to, but decided Polan might come back here. His power over the dead might bring it back up for him.

"I promise, Terek, Polan will never get these eggs."

And he won't. With that Gird climbed on his horse and rode away.

With so much pain in his heart, Gird rode on. Memories of his brother's death filled his head and he couldn't escape them. He knew revenge was not something he could accomplish alone, and who would help him? No one that was who. All he could do was follow Terek's wishes and get rid of the damned eggs. Gird was so sorry they had agreed to help that necromancer. What a monster Polan was. In the beginning, they knew Polan was evil, but Terek thought he could trust him, or he thought Polan needed them so he would keep his word. Terek was wrong. Now he's paid for it with his life. Now Terek was dead and buried. And Gird had a job to do. Before he started out, he checked on the eggs. They started out with Six. Terek was going to give one to Polan, That should leave Five, But he only counted Four. One was missing. The hell with it! One less problem to deal with. Gird decided he couldn't leave them in one place. He would hide them in Four different sites. Traveling through a forest, he decided this would be a good place to get rid of some of them. But where? He rode slowly through the forest looking for a suitable place. He saw huge trees. Beautiful large trees. These were not just big trees, they were large enough to build in. This was an Elven forest. Their homes were built up in the branches and in the boles of the trees. He didn't see anything, but he knew they could build whole cities up there. Gird stopped and jumped off his horse. He walked up to a tree to inspect it. The tree had holes in the sides. This seemed like a good place to hide them. Gird looked into the hole. It looked deep. Polan would never look here so gird got two eggs out.The Topaz and the Amethyst. He wrapped them in a cloth he had and dropped them in. Two down, two to go. Gird remounted and ride away. For two days Gird rode, desperate to find the right place to put the eggs. Just tossing them in a lake or river wouldn't do. They had to be hidden carefully. He knew Polan would search for them, and he had no idea what resources he had to search with. Maybe he could locate them by magical means. Gird hoped not. He just didn't know. In the distance Gird saw something tall shining in the sky. A tower. There was a city near. He rode for it thinking it would be good to have a hot meal and a bed tonight. Gird passed many people on his way into the city, some out to sell their wares, some dressed in fine clothing and riding in coaches drawn by horses or slaves. Gird was stopped at the gate by guards.

"Good day, sir," The guard said.

"Good day to you." Gird answered. "What city is this?"

"This is the city of Winterhaven." The guard said. "Ruled by The Council of Twelve."

"I've not heard of your city, or your council." Gird slid down from his horse.

"We were founded by a group of wizards as a place to learn magic." He explained. "We've many mystical schools here if that's what you seek. You'll find none better in a month's ride."

"No." Gird said. "I'm not seeking magic, just rest."

"Then come on in and be welcome." Said the guard. "Follow the laws and you will have no problems."

"Thank you." Gird walked his horse in and looked around. He saw many shops and stalls selling all kinds of goods. From food to weapons, magical items and household items. Gird saw magicians doing many magical spells and tricks. He could smell many different foods cooking, in the air. Things that made his mouth water. Gird hadn't had a hot meal in weeks. Quickly he found an inn and got a room and something to eat. Beer and a huge steak with potato's and bread. Music filled the room, young people and old ones sharing stories. Gird was comfortable for the first time in weeks. He could feel sleep coming on fast. He finished his dinner and went to his room to sleep. The next morning he rose and cleaned up. He had bath in hot water. He had forgotten how good it felt to bathe. Well rested and clean, Gird paid his bill with some of the gold he kept and went out to explore the city. This was a large city, he saw many amazing things here and picked up new boots and clothing. As he walked, he saw a woman dump a bucket of refuse in an opening in the street. Gird asked someone what it was. The man called it a sewer. He said all trash goes in never to be seen again. the man explained the the city magicians were supposed to burn or destroy anything that was put down the sewer. This was perfect for the next egg. Polan would never go there to find it. He walked till he was on a street by himself. Then he unwrapped the diamond like egg and pushed it into the sewer. He saw it sink into the mire then walked off. Only one left. All the magic in this city would hide the egg, and hopefully they could destroy it. He smiled and mounted up and rode out of the city. All he had to do now was get rid of the emerald egg. Three days later with only one egg left to hide, Gird found himself in some barren mountains looking for the last hiding place. There didn't seem to be anywhere to hide it up here. Burying wasn't going to work, all was rock here. So what now? He looked around and found nothing, so he kept riding. Soon he found he was thirsty, he looked around for water and saw a waterfall off to his right. At least he could fill his water bottles. Climbing down off his horse he stooped and filled the bottles, then got himself a good drink. As he got up gird noticed the cave beside the falls. Maybe this would work. Out of his saddlebag he took the emerald egg and a lantern. He lit the lantern and walked in. It was cold in here, It must be deep. Gird walked further in, till he found a crevasse. There he pushed the emerald as deep as he could and filled it in with loose dirt and rocks. That's it, the last one was hidden. Gird was so happy to be finished with this egg business. Now he could go home to his family. With high spirits he turned to leave the cave and slipped and hit his head on the wall. Darkness took him as he passed out. Later that day he woke. Where was he? Who was he? He didn't know. It hurt to think. Why was he in this cave? He got up and brushed himself off and walked out of the cave. There he found a horse. It must be his. He looked through the bags and found nothing that looked familiar. Which way to go? It didn't matter, he guessed. With no memory he slowly rode off. With nowhere to go.

Running full out, Jandar and Ono sped through the thick forest. They were on the scent of three missing children from the city state of Azia. Not really missing, kidnapped. Kidnapped by a cult as sacrifices to their mad god. A god of madness, power, deception and death. The more death his followers fed him ,the more he would promise them. Though Jandar knew it was all a lie. Cressca would give his follower a small taste of power , but never much. Never what they wanted. That was his way. In other cultures he was called Cressca the False, or the deceiver. For Cressca would never share his power for long. Once his disciples caught on to his lie, Cressca would take the power from them and their lives, for they would belong to him by then. The Three children had been missing for only twelve hours, so Jandar knew he had time. The sacrifices would begin at full moon. At that time, Jandar, too, would be at his most powerful. He and Ono ran on as Jayce flew overhead for Cressca's pyramid. This time Jandar would take it down and be done with Cressca forever he hoped. Though destroying a god was not in Jandar's power. As long as people believed, Cressca would exist. They reached a crossroad and a new scent came to Jandar and Ono. Shifting from wolf to man Jandar and Ono stopped and searched for the new scent.

"What is that, Brother?" Ono asked.

"I think I know." Jandar said. He pointed over to the right. "It's coming from over there."

Two men came walking out of the forest . One dressed in crimson leather, the other Dressed the same only wearing a gold shirt under his coat. They stopped as they saw each other. One was obviously the leader. He was tall and very handsome. His leather was form fitting and showed all his attributes. Jandar couldn't take his eyes off him. For he could feel the power and charisma that just rippled out from him. Jandar knew there was something about him and had to get to know him. They walked closer and met in the middle of the path. Jayce came down and landed behind Ono.

"I am Jandar Tyr, High mage of the Dark Wolf Clan. This is my brother Ono and our friend, Jayce St. James." Jandar held out his hand. as Rage took it.

"I'm Rage and this is Blaze." He said. "We are travelers."

Jandar looked deep into Rage's eyes and smiled. Then shook his hand.

"It's not every day we meet two dragons." Jandar smiled, still holding his hand. Rage had a strong grip on his hand. Jandar liked that.

"You know?" Rage looked at him a little surprised.

"Yes." He said. "I might even know why you're here. Are you missing an egg?"

"I'm missing several eggs." Rage didn't want to let go of this man's hands. The smell of wolf was all over him. The smell of the wild was on all of them. It had been years since he had felt this way about another. He missed that closeness to someone else. He already knew his secret. Just maybe this can work.

"Can you help us find the eggs"? Rage asked letting go of his hand.

"Right now we're trying to save some village children. Jandar said. "If you help, we can get after your problem right off."

"Missing children?" Rage said. "That's almost the same problem I have. Yes we'll help you get them back."

"Have you a way to track them?" Blaze asked.

"There's only one place they can be." Ono said. "The pyramid."

Jayce stepped up to Rage. "I have something that belongs to you." He said opening his coat. "A large blue sapphire."

"Thank you, my friend." Rage smiled. "Has it talked to you?"

"Talked to me?" He looked at the Dragon King puzzled. "No."

"Then you take care of it for now." Rage said. "And don't forget to sing."

Together now the wolves and the dragons, and the angel made their way swiftly to the pyramid. Three sentries walked the grounds around the pyramid. Jayce tapped his pin and became invisible. He then swooped down and grabbed one, covering his mouth. He flew him up high and dropped him in a nearby lake so far away that there was no way he could make it back in less than a day. Blaze, as a dragon, crept slowly up to the next and startled him. Holding him in place, he sent out his noxious breath and gassed him to knock him out. One left. Jandar summoned his staff and slowly walked toward the sentry. He thought about putting him out with a sleep spell, but instead, he cracked him in the head with his staff. From afar, they saw the pyramid. It wasn't that tall, and they could see that it was flat at the top. A large statue stood at one end. It was a huge man gripping the structure. Its head, A bats head reached the top. The statue was of a black stone with glowing eyes and an open mouth. That was where the sacrifices were made. You could also see the pyramid was painted blood red. And from the smell, you could tell it was painted with real blood, the blood of the sacrifices and anyone caught trespassing. The closer they got, the worse it smelled the flies and insects were terrible. Rage and Blaze flamed them as needed. There were many floors in the structure, Torches glowed in the windows to mark each floor. There were few animal noises about, they must fear this place and the death within. All together, they moved to the tree line next to the building. There Jandar told them the plan.

"Jayce, I want you to become invisible and find the children." He said. "Stay with them until I tell you to bring them. I'll make your pin stronger so Ono can go with you. Stay close, it will only work within six to eight feet."

Jayce tapped his pin and disappeared, then he wrapped his arms around Ono and took off. The sound of his huge wings flapping and the wind it made pushed them back a bit.

"Rage." Jandar asked. "What do your senses tell you?"

"I can tell you this." Rage said quietly. "There's no more than twenty five people in there. I can smell them all. And something very evil. Something hungry."

"That would be Cressca." Jandar told them. "Waiting to be fed."

"Then we have to fight a God?" Blaze asked. "To save the eggs." Rage looked at Blaze.

"Yes. So how can we do less for these children. I'd fight a whole world to save Tomar's children." Blaze felt Tomar's love for his children. Their children now. He knew he had to get these little ones safely home.

"So how do you want to do it?" Rage asked.

"We go in the front with a lot of noise to bring them all out." Jandar explained. "Then Jayce and my brother can get the children free."

Rage smiled. He still had a lot of anger in him. It was time to let it out, time for him to rage.

"Are you ready?" He asked the dragons.

"Ready." They said together.

In the middle of the pyramid, a hooded man knelt at a morbid altar. It was to Cressca the Mad. The altar was made of the bones of Cressca's sacrifices. Femurs, arm bones, ribs and all. The top was a ring of skulls. On the altar now were several small animals. A small something to hold him until the real sacrifices began. Cressca liked young life, innocent life. Children pleased him most. Around the top of the altar sat a ring of skulls which glowed when he communicated with his followers.


"Yes my lord." Joric the hooded one said.


"I will do as you say." Joric stayed on his knees out of respect for his god.

'I WARN YOU. BEWARE THE WOLVES AND THE RED. THEY WILL TRY AND STOP YOU.' "Give me your power my lord, to do your bidding." Joric pleaded.


Landing on the top of the pyramid, Jayce and Ono looked around. Everything was covered in blood. Dried and horrid smelling it was. It was hard to keep from throwing up. There were bones lying about everywhere. At the end of the pyramid was the head of Cressca, a fearsome bat's head. With large fangs and the tongue for the altar. Many had died here and it was still dripping blood. Jayce turned away, he knew what died on this table. He wanted to go and destroy it. Knock off that disgusting head, but the noise would bring attention to them and destroy their chances of success. Over in the corner, they saw the steps leading down into the structure. Slowly they started down and into the pyramid.

"Ono." Jayce said, "Can you pick up the scent of the children over this stench?"

Ono took a few sniffs of the air. With Jayce close, he walked around until he picked something up. He found the scent, they were there one more floor down.

"I got them." The young wolf said. "Stay close, it's one more floor down."

"I'll follow you." Jayce said as they started down. Thank God there was no blood on the steps and it wasn't slippery. Down they walked. On the next floor they saw two men in robes talking.

"Once we sacrifice these animals Cressca will give us the power we need to take the kingdom." One said.

"Yes." The other nodded."Then we move on to the next. For Cressca, we'll kill thousands of the animals."

After hearing that, Ono began to shift to man wolf form. Together, they crept closer to the two men. Ono reached out with his clawed hand and ripped one man's throat out. The other man turned to see what happened and Jayce ran him through with his sword and quietly lowered him down.

"Where are the children?" Jayce asked. Back in human form Ono went over to the door and looked in. Inside were the three children they were looking for, crying in a corner. Ono went to open the door when Jayce stopped him.

"Not yet." He said. "Wait until we get the signal. Someone else might come up here. Send to Jandar we found them and we're ready." Ono sent the message to his brother and stood close to Jayce to stay invisible and waited. Out front, Jandar and the Dragons got ready, Rage and Blaze took their dragon forms and roared. They started forward. Three men came running from the left, each shooting arrows. Blaze shot out a torrent of flame and incinerated the arrows in the air, then swung his tail around and knocked one man off his feet and smashed him. Jandar pointed his staff at the other two and shouted sounds the others couldn't understand, and the men froze in their places solid. The trio kept walking until they came to a room with stairs to the left and right and a corridor forward. Men streamed down both sets of stairs. Dragon hide is strong, so strong that swords and arrows were useless.

'Tell Ono and Jayce to get them out now.' Rage sent to Jandar. 'We'll take care of these cretins. Go find their leader.'

The dragons roared and waded into the fray. Jandar sent his message and ran forward and up another set of steps, sending out lightning from his staff at anyone coming close. He stopped for a second and set up a shield spell to stop any arrows sent at his back. A haze could be seen around him as his spell took effect. Up the stairs he ran looking forward to finishing this horror of a God and getting to know the handsome red dragon.

'Now, brothers, Get them out!!'

Ono and Jayce heard in their head startling them. Jayce ran to the door and pulled hard. Any man with a twelve foot wing span, able to fly over mountains would have unbelievable strength. Nails and hinges ripped out of the wall, Jayce tossed it to the side and went in. In the far corner three children huddling together, crying, scared out of there minds from the sound of battle below. They were terrified of what might be coming for them at any second. But what did they see? An angel stood in the doorway. Tall, blond and handsome Jayce stood there, the children were in awe.

"Come, little ones, I've come to take you home." Jayce held out his arms. All three kids ran to him and jumped into his arms.

"Shhhhhhhhhh!!" He said."Don't cry, everything's alright,"

"Are you taking us us to heaven?" One little girl asked.

"No, I'm taking you home." Jayce answered. Ono stuck his head in the cell.

"Someone's coming." He said. "We have to go now!"

Jayce pulled all the children close and motioned Ono to come, too. Ono picked up a little boy and held him. Jayce wrapped his wings around everyone then tapped his pin.

"Everyone must be quiet." Ono told them. "Nobody can see us. It's the angels magic. But if you make noise they'll know were here. So shhhhhhhhh OK?"

They nodded their heads quietly. Then two men in robes came running in. "What happened here?" One said.

"The door is down. Quickly. We must find them."

Backing out the door they ran to search the halls. Without the children, Cressca would be very mad. They knew he would take them instead. The men knew it was time to get out if they could. " Let's go."

They quietly ushered the children out past the men running in the hall, and went up the stairs. On the top, Jayce gathered the children to him. He could carry all three but not Ono. He'd have to wait. Jayce looked up at the altar. How he wanted to destroy that terrible thing. But no time. He gathered the children in his arms.

"Will you be alright until I get back?" He asked Ono. Ono shifted to man wolf and waved him off. Jayce vanished and took to the air. On the third level Jandar went from room to room looking for Cressca's High Priest. This was a barren place. Not many chairs or beds in the pyramid. The disciples were not expected to have any comfort here. Only pain and misery were their do. What they didn't know was that sooner or later they would all be sacrificed to Cressca. No one survived long in his service. Cressca wanted blood and death not worship. Everyone here was expendable, even unknown to Joric, the High Priest. Smelling fresh blood, Jandar walked into the last room on the far end of the hall. There he found Joric waiting for him.

"Would you be the Red or the wolf?" Joric asked.

"I would be the wolf." Jandar said folding his arms. "I would also be the downfall of your disgusting God."

"How dare you talk of mighty Cressca in that way!!!" Joric's anger rose. "BOW AT HIS TEMPLE!!" A strange resonance was added to his voice. Jandar made to start moving as Joric smiled. Then Jandar stopped.

"You're going to have to do much better than that." And Jandar laughed at him.

"Then how about this!!" Joric spoke out." Teru hu ra!!" A blue bolt shot out at Jandar, He held out his staff and sent it away. Then turned the staff toward Joric. The same energy flew back at him. He ducked aside just in time to avoid the blast. Turning his hands in a circular motion, Joric sent a ball of power toward Jandar. It hit his out stretched hands and dissipated. "Seems your God's not living up to his promises." Jandar said.

"MY GOD IS ALL MIGHTY!!!" Joric screamed. With that he reached over to the altar and grabbed two skulls and threw them at Jandar. Swinging his staff around , Jandar hit the two skulls back at the altar. They exploded and blew apart the altar completely. A loud scream was heard through the whole pyramid.


The building began to shake and rumble, Stones fell and rooms began to collapse. The floor beneath Joric crumbled and he fell screaming into a dark pit in the floor. Jandar stumbled from the room as the floor fell out from under him. A rock smashed into his head before he could cast a spell to save himself. Everything began to go dark. A sudden rush of air brought him back. Something grabbed him out of the air. With wings spread, Rage caught him and flew him out of the falling pyramid ducking and dodging falling debris. Carrying Jandar carefully, Rage made his way out to their meeting place. The howling of Cressca could be heard for miles around. Gently, Rage landed putting Jandar down and taking his human form again.

"What's wrong with him?" Ono said rushing to his brother's side.

"He's OK." Said Rage. "I think he hit his head. He defeated Cressca and brought down the pyramid. Such bravery I've seldom seen in a human."

"We're not human." Ono said. "We, too, have been hunted by humans."

"But still you help them." Said Rage.

"Yes." Ono told Rage and Blaze. "They're not all bad, And there's some human in us . And they sometimes need our help. You helped too. Why?"

"We've human in us, too." Rage said." My people try and stay away from humans. Except at certain times we need them."

"I see." Said Ono. "Thank you for saving his life. I owe you."

"You owe us nothing except friendship." Rage put his hand on Ono's shoulder. "That you will always have, I promise." Ono placed his hand over Rage's.

'They are worthy of eggs.' Blaze sent to his King,

'Yes they are.' Rage sent back. 'All three of them.'

Somewhere in the cold mountains of Marcora, stood a dead city, Napia. In Napia no shops open to sell their wares. No horses pulled carts laden with the farmers harvest to be sold. No one lived here but Polan Dressak and the dead he used in his necromancy. How the dead hated him but had no choice but to follow his commands or feel the pain his magic afflicted on them. Yes the dead felt pain, everlasting pain if Polan desired it. Terrible pain there spirits felt, like bones being broken, and skin ripping. even on the dead with no bones or flesh to hurt. From those without bodies, he stole ideas and secrets and made spies of their spirits. Those with fresh bodies, strong bodies he made work on his evil ideas.

"Those idiots," Polan said to himself as he rode into the gates of Napia, guarded by dead guards. He ignored them as they shut the gates behind him. Polan stopped at his manor and handed his reins to the dead man waiting there. His ire was up and he knew he would torture a corpse tonight. Slamming the door he walked through the house to his study and tossed his bags on the table and sat down. How was he going to find the eggs? He knew no spell that would help and he couldn't go to the cave. The King would be up now, maybe out looking for the spirit. He didn't want a confrontation at this time, the King was powerful and not to be messed with. But now that he had the Dragon Spirit, things would change. He could extract power from it. He got up from his chair when he heard a voice in his head.

'We are both dark.' Polan looked around. They was no one here but him and his dead. What is this? Is someone bold or mad enough to sneak into his city? Someone will die and be in horrible pain for years. Polan looked around daring someone to show themselves.

"Who are you and where are you?" Polan said looking around finding no one. He didn't understand how someone could get in with all his magical wards set around the city. Still he looked for an intruder.

'We are meant to be dark.' The voice said, 'We are meant to be together.'

"Show yourself." Polan said, "If we are meant to be together, show yourself to me."

On the table Polan's bag began to shake. He walked over and opened the bag and took out the onyx. It vibrated in his hand.

'I am Shadoe.' He heard in his head. 'We will be one.'

With that the egg broke open and fell to the floor leaving a baby dragonet in Polan's arms. He looked at it and felt the power in his hand. Yes he would have this dragon.

'Then we will merge now.' The dragonet told him. Shadoe clawed at Polan's chest causing great pain. Polan screamed as the dragonet settled in and the change started. Polan ran for the door. He didn't know what was happening and his chest and limbs burned as they began to stretch and become dragon like. He fell to the ground as his clothes ripped and fell off. Talons grew and his face lengthened and teeth grew long. Wings opened on his back and he flexed them. His eyes became glowing yellow orbs. Scales covered him now and his tail grew out. Then he turned black as night and roared.

'WE ARE ONE!!!!'

Shadoe reared up on his hind legs and roared again. He looked at his talons then got back on all fours and walked to the lake to look at his reflection. He was now a large black dragon with a dark gray almost black chest. He had huge wings. Down his back stood plates two feet high. On his head he had two horns bending back three feet long.

'Beautiful!!' He thought. 'And what power!!'

As a dragon he knew he could rip his way through walls and knock down trees. And he was most powerful at night or in the dark. No man or animal accept a dragon would stand against him. The poison in his claws could kill in hours and his breath could age anything it touched until it crumbled and fell. Shadoe walked to a shadow on the side of his house and merged with it. He stepped out ten miles from his house. He could move through shadows sensing where he was as he moved. He stepped back in the shadow and came out back at the house.

'Yes.' He said. This is the power he sought. Now to try out the breath. Shadoe walked through his city until he found a two story building. He inhaled and then sent out a black flame. It covered the whole building to the roof. There was no heat from the blast, just a foul stench. When he was done, he looked at the building. It had turned brown and it creaked with age. Then it fell, as the foundation crumbled in on itself. Shadoe smiled and went back to his house. There he concentrated and took on the form of Polan dressed in black leather pants a gray shirt and a black jacket with boots. Looking again at his hands, he realized his nails were black, they were still poisonous. But he still wanted more eggs. If he merged with them to he would be the greatest being on the planet. But how to find them? As a dragon , he knew he had to be close to them to sense them. Only The king could sense them from afar. Maybe if he killed the king he could take his place. Dragon knowledge, He needed more. He knew what every dragon knew but there had to be more. The king would have the knowledge he needed, or maybe the Spirit. He had to absorb its power. But how to drain it? He had to find all the dragon lore he could. Search his books and scrolls. Torture any corpse he could find with dragon knowledge. What he needed was a spy. Someone he could use to find the king. He had to be up and out by now looking for the Dragon Spirit. Polan walked out to his cemetery to find an old grave. One that the dead inside would be dust. He found one that was over two hundred years old. This one will do. Polan held out his hands as they began to glow. He concentrated on his spell and began.


From the ground a glowing began to surround the grave. A spirit rose. It glared it Polan then spoke.

'How dare you wake me from my rest!!' It said. 'You have no right to do this!!'

Polan reached out and ran his black claw across its hand. It howled in pain and tried to get away. But it couldn't move. Polan held it in his power.

"You are now my creature to command," He said.

'No!' It said. 'Never!!'

Polan reached out and clawed it again across its face. He smiled as the spirit screamed out.

"You will do as I say or you will feel this pain forever." Polan told him. "Are you ready to cooperate?"

'Yes .' It said. 'I'll do as you say. Please stop!!'

"Now I have a job for you and if you complete it right and in good time." Polan said. "I'll free you to rest without any more pain. But if you disappoint me. I'll play with you for years and years."

'I will do what you want.' The Spirit said. 'What must I do?'

"Find the the Dragon King." Polan commanded. "I'll cast a spell on you so you will be able to tell him apart from others. There was a problem at Cressca's temple. That might be him, look there first."

'I will find him.' Said the spirit.

"Master.' Polan smiled as he touched the spirit again and caused him agony. "Call me master."

'Yes, master.' He whimpered.

"Now Go!!" Polan said. "Find him."

Off the spirit flew to find his quarry. He was glad to be away from that damn necromancer. The pain his touch caused was beyond belief. In life he had never felt such pain. As he flew he tried to remember who he was. It had been two hundred years since he had a name. His name was Magnes, friends called him Mags. He remembered. And he too knew something of magic. Most of which he knew would be useless to him, now. But to locate the Dragon King, that might be possible. He'd known dragons in his life, maybe he had known this one. Mags let himself drift and concentrated on his mission. Dragons give off a certain type of energy, that Mags knew. He cast out his senses to locate the energy. He didn't feel it anywhere near , so he sent his mind out further. Then he felt something out near a village a day or two away. This had to be the one he searched for. So off he flew to find the Dragon king and get his freedom.

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