Castle Roland

The Dragons of Keanna

by Jandar Tyr


Chapter 5

Published: 30 Jul 15

The Dragons of Keanna

Copyright © By Jandar Tyr

Dragon Fight

Out of the shadows Polan walked, It was midnight and his power was at its max. He was intent on taking Rage and killing him and ripping the secrets from his dead body. Once Polan had all the power of the dragons, no one could stop him from ruling over all the lands on this continent. No magician could stand up to him then, no government or army could withstand him. He made his way through the forest toward Rage's camp, his deadly nails dripping poison. Every sound was amplified in his ears, every twig that snapped was like thunder. Over his head something flashed. It was bright and shining and small.


Lightning flashed and struck the ground near Polan's feet. He jumped back and looked up to see what was attacking him. Polan saw a small golden dragon in the trees over his head.

"You must be joking." Polan said. "Is that the best you can do?"

From the trees, Shine roared and a lightning bolt struck Polan, He screamed in pain and sent a bolt of energy back at Shine. Leaping into the air, Shine took off weaving through the tree branches. He sent another bolt and missed Polan.


Shine roared another bolt, making Polan move into the shadow. He came out facing Ono's back and reached for him. Ono sensed someone behind him and tried to jump clear but too late. Polan caught him in the back with a small cut on his shoulder. Falling to the ground, Ono rolled over and tried to move away as Polan reached down to grab him.

"No!!!" Dreik yelled. He pointed to the ground and thick roots came up and wrapped around Polan's leg. Dreik swung his arm out and the roots tossed Polan into the air. He fell into a shadow and disappeared.

"Ono." Dreik reached down and pulled him up. "Come on."

High in the sky Shadoe emerged and swooped for them. Suddenly another lightning bolt hit him in the chest and knocked him back. Shadoe looked up to see a fully grown Shine coming at him. He ducked and pushed himself higher up into the night sky to make room to battle. Shine moved up to meet him and sent a lightning bolt at him.

'DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?' Shine asked.



Shine said. From the sky, clouds formed and started to rain lightning, hitting Shadoe multiple times. Shadoe tried to weave between the bolts but kept getting hit. He screamed his rage and sent bolt after bolt of his dark energy at Shine.


Diving down into the shadows , Shadoe came out in the trees behind Shine. He sent a bolt at Shine that hit him in the back.


Shine fell and Shadoe swooped on him. Gathering himself. Shine spread out his wings and sent out a bright pulse of light that blinded Shadoe and caused him to miss and crash into the trees. Falling through the trees, Shine began to revert to his smaller size. The blast Shadoe had hit him with had weakened him severely, and he was falling. Quickly Blaze ran out and caught him. He looked up to see Shadoe move toward the camp. Tomar leaped into the sky and took his red dragon form. Bellowing flame, Blaze stopped Shadoe's advance toward his king and the rest. From the skies they flew at each other with claws raised to strike and slash out. At the last second, Blaze turned and blasted Shadoe with his flame. The fierce blinding flame caught him and burned his side. Shadoe screamed and flew into a shadow to stop the pain and the burning. The cool darkness soothed the pain away from him. He was in a rage now. He knew he was more powerful than any of them, but he kept being defeated. He needed help. Polan had an idea, something that just might work. Back to his city. What he needed was there.

Appearing back at his city Shadoe flew on. He knew of a place. A special place where he knew he would find what he needed. It was another graveyard. But not just any graveyard. This was a dragon graveyard. With his necromancy he would make help, powerful help. He found the graveyard and landed. All around him were bones of dead dragons. This was a bleak place, no trees grew here, no animals lived or hunted here. Death resided here. In his Polan form he picked up three horns from three dragons.

"My turn." he said. "HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! "

Polan walked into a shadow and came out at home. He walked up on to a hill top and placed the horns down.


Up from the ground the three horns rose. And a glow began to emanate from them. Bone started to spread out from them and skeletons formed, each the same. They were long and snake like, They coiled around on the ground as gray scales and feathers grew on them. Short legs came next. This one had red feathered bird wings. It roared as steam whiffed from its nose and it stomped around. The next was the same only blue feathers, and the last had green. The three dragons moved to Polan and stood before him.

"Bow to me." Polan said to them. All three dragons lowered their heads to him. "You are my creatures." He said. "Mine to command. Together we will take what I need from this world. And make it mine. MINE!!!!!!

"Are you hurt?" Dreik asked Ono as he put him down. "Did he touch you?"

"Just a scratch." Ono said. "I'm alright."

Blaze ran up to them carrying Shine passed out in his arms. Dreik and Ono looked on worried.

"He's ok." He said. "Just out."

"Polan scratched Ono." Dreik said. He turned Ono around and showed him the cut on his back. "Oh no!"

Blaze looked at him with fear.

"It's just a scratch. I'm ok." Ono walked a few feet then began to feel a little hot and dizzy. He wavered on his feet then looked up at his two friends.

"I feel funny." He said, then he fainted. Blaze caught him before he hit the ground. Ono's face was beginning to become red with fever.

"He's hot." Blaze felt his forehead. "Here, take Shine."

He handed Shine over to Dreik

"Polan's poisoned him. We have to get him back to camp fast. I'll take him, you carry Shine. I'm gonna fly, it will be quicker."

Blaze shifted to dragon form.

"Let me get on your back." Dreik said. " I can hold them both."

'HURRY.' Blaze sent as he lowered his head so Dreik could climb up.

"Go!!" Dreik said. He held Ono in front of him and cradled Shine between them. Blaze spread his great wings and launched himself into the sky. The cool air roused Ono And he looked around. He realized he was on dragon back and knew he was safe with his friend.

"How do you feel?" Dreik asked. He pulled him tighter to him.

"Not good." Ono told him. "What happened to me?"

"You've been poisoned by Polan." Dreik said. "That scratch. He's poisonous. His claws and breath. It won't hurt us dragon, but you are not a dragon."

"Get me to Jandar." Ono said weakly. "He'll know what to do."

"Rest." Dreik said. With his merge he understood what Polan could do. Being evil Polan did not have access to the dragon knowledge the rest of them received at their merge, Polan didn't know the extent of their powers, though they knew what his dragon could do. But not his magic, They had no idea what Polan himself could do, though Jandar and Shine had a pretty good idea it was necromancy. Up ahead Blaze spotted the camp and dropped down to land.

'SIRE!! ONO HAS BEEN HURT. WE NEED YOU AND JANDER.' Rage and Jandar had talked on the shore when Blaze landed. He jumped up and grabbed Jandar.

"There's trouble." He told Jandar. "It's your brother, He's been hurt. Come on."

Rage and Jandar ran at full speed to where Blaze landed. Still holding Ono, Dreik waited for them to help.

"What happened?" Jandar asked running up to them. Ono's face was almost as red as Blaze. Jandar summoned his staff and pointed at Ono. He rose into the air and floated down to his brother.

"We were attacked by Polan." Dreik said sliding down off Blaze. He handed Shine to Rage.

"Shine is alright, but Ono was scratched by Polan."

Rage took the little dragon and closed his eyes probed his mind.

"He's sleeping." He said. "He was too young, just hatched. Not ready for that fight. He'll be OK. But Ono's hurt bad. Polan's the black dragon, he's very toxic."

Jandar held his staff over Ono and began his spell. In a lotus position Jandar sat as his power grew. a bright glow began to surround them both.


The glow around them brightened until all the others had to shield their eyes. Brighter and brighter it grew as they felt the magic build all around them until there was a flash and Jandar and Ono slowly settled back down to the ground. In exhaustion Jandar fell back into Rages arms. His staff vanished and he relaxed as Rage held him.

"I can't cure him." Jandar cried. "I can only stop the poison from getting any worse and stop his pain. There's nothing else I can do. He's going to die if we don't find a cure."

He looked up into Rages eyes, Rage could see the fear there for Ono.

"Don't worry." Rage told him. "There is a way."

"How?" Jandar asked.

"The diamond." Rage told him. "My egg. The dragon that hatches from that egg can cure the poison from the black dragon. When we find it, Ono can be cured. We'll find it. Don't worry."

Rage hugged Jandar close to him.

"Yeah." Dreik said. " Polan won't stop us. Nothing will."

"He's our brother too, now." Blaze told him.

Jayce and Nautica returned and heard what had happened while they were away. Jayce was upset with himself. He felt it was his job to protect Ono and he had failed. He walked off to be alone. He didn't want to face Jandar. Ono was hurt because he wasn't there. Sarah in her blue gown followed him.

"Wait, Jayce." She ran to catch up with him, Jayce waited.

"What do you want?" He asked with his head down.

"You blame yourself don't you?" She said.

"Of course I do." He said looking away. "Ono is like my little brother. And I wasn't there to protect him."

"He's our little brother, too." She looked into his eyes. "He had three dragons with him. He was well protected. But we can't be everywhere can we? We're going to suffer losses in this. You can't protect everyone."

"I only had to protect him!!" Jayce shouted. "And I wasn't there!! How do I face Jandar?"

"Your Jandar's brother, too. I know he won't blame you. He's not that kind of man."

"No I'm not." Jandar walked out from the shadows. "This was not your fault. I know you try to protect us, and I'm glad to have your protection. But Ono is a big boy. And he's going to be fine with our help." Jandar hugged Jayce. Tears rolled down Jayce's face as he sobbed

"You're not to blame here." He said. "Polan is, and we're going to do something about that. Now we have to move out. So let's get ready to go."

Together the three of them walked back to camp. Everyone was gathered around Ono, watching him sleep. Sad faces all around.

"We can't take him with us." Jandar said.

"I'll stay with him." Jayce volunteered.

"No." Rage said. "I know what to do."

'GIRD!!!' He sent out his call.

Deep in the dragon cave Gird heard his king calling him. He knew he had to answer him. Gird walked to the entrance and spread his wing. He took to the skies.


With that, Jandar's spell took him to his king. He reappeared hovering over the camp, his wings working to hold him in place. Below he saw Rage and the rest, so Gird came down to land.

"I'm here." Gird bowed to Rage, His head down.

"I have a job for you." Rags told him. "I want you to take Ono back to the cave and care for him with the others."

"I will, Sire." He said as he stood. "Sire, Polan paid a visit to the cave. He did not get in. I'm sorry to say, I can't defeat him in a fight."

Rage patted Gird on his back. He knew Gird couldn't beat Polan. His job was to warn him should he get in.

"Just call me, and I'll come." he said." Now you take Ono and watch over our little brother."

"I will." Gird moved to pick him up.

"No." Jandar said. "Just hold his hand and think about where you're going. I'll do the rest."

Gird did as he was told, gripping Ono's hand. Jandar gestured and spoke.


Gird and Ono vanished and reappeared in the cave

'WE'RE SAFE SIRE' Rage heard in his mind.

"They're safe. Let's get moving." Rage said to them all.

Jake Eventide was having a terrible day. So far his father had yelled at him for losing his bow during the hunt. He had dropped it chasing a stag that got away, thank the gods. Jake hated hunting. He didn't eat meat and never would. He was a vegetarian. But his father insisted he join the hunt like a good prince. Losing the stag had upset his father so Jake just went home. His younger brother Ryel had left the gate open and all his friends, the birds and animals he cared for had been scared away. Another reason his parents were upset with him. They wanted him and his sister Seven to settle down. His parents were royalty among the elven people here. They were the king and queen of Eventide and he was one of eight children. Seven and Jake had responsibilities to tend to. Jake was to train for a life in the military. Not something he looked forward to. Fighting was not a problem. He was from a warrior people. Their soldiers were second to none. Seven and Jake were trained in warfare. As children they were both trained to protect themselves and others. Weapons were not strangers to either of them. But Jake loved life and animals not war. And Seven liked to make things. Things that moved, things that worked. She made for the people a mill that produced grain at a much higher quantity. Also a way to pump water to trees they couldn't reach or harvest before. Unfortunately that was considered men's work, something no elf maiden should ever do. But it's what she likes doing. So father gave all credit to their older brother Zaoir. Other than the family, no one knew Seven had built those devices. And it was forbidden to speak of it to anyone. She didn't really mind, it was being treated like she was just a pretty thing to be made some lord's wife that bothered her. She would have no part of that. Her job as the oldest daughter was to bind alliances between her kingdom and another of her father's allies. So far five princes had come to court her. Rich over indulgent boys, with no sense of purpose, but to lord over others as they thought was there right. Seven wouldn't stand for that life. She wanted to be more than an ornament on someone's arm

Jake stepped into the palace entry tree which only members of the royal family could use. He rode the winds up and then walked out and looked up. There he saw his sister Seven on a balcony looking down at him. He waved at her to come down and talk to him. Jake walked over and leaned on a railing and waited. Seven walked out to meet him. They were twins. Both 6'3" in height, long white blond hair. identical strong elven features. Seven wore a beautiful pale green gown and that matched her eyes. Jake wore brown leathers. She leaned on the rail next to him.

"Father sent a hawk telling Mother what happened." She said. "He's disappointed."

"What else is new?" Jake answered. "I can't do anything to please him."

"He found another one for me." She touched her brothers' hand. He looked at her. Into her beautiful green eyes. She looked sad and Jake wanted to ease her sorrow.

"He only wants what's best for us." Seven looked up into the trees.

"He only wants what's best for Eventide." Jake said. "What we want doesn't really matter."

"You're right." She said.

"Hey go change your clothes." He told her. "Help me get my friends back."

Seven smiled at him. She would do anything for her twin.

"I'll be right back." She walked back into the palace to change her gown for leathers of her own. Soon she was back. Hair tied back and ready to go.

"What happened to them this time?" She asked as they rode the current down to the ground.

"Ryel of course." Jake said. "He just won't leave them alone. The minute I'm gone, he's in the kennels."

Seven whistled and two white stallions galloped to them. Jake took the reins from her and climbed on his horse as did Seven.

"Let's go."

Together they rode off into the forest to find his pets. Jake knew right where they would go.

As Rage, Jandar and the others walked through the forest they came upon a shimmering field of light. Jandar knew what it was. So did Rage and Dreik.

"Do you feel that?" Dreik asked Sarah.

"What?" She answered. "I don't feel anything."

"The trees." Dreik said. "There's magic everywhere. Strong magic. Watch."

Dreik raised his hand and a boulder rose off the ground and floated over to him. He jumped on and sat down laughing.

"See!!" He said. "I do this with no effort at all. Come on."

Dreik reached down and helped Sarah up.

"Here we go!!" He said smiling. "Hold on!!"

Holding on to Sarah, Dreik sent the boulder streaking skyward. They did twists and turns laughing all the time. Dreik felt so much power here. Higher and higher they soared, Sarah's hair whipping around in the wind. Off to his right Dreik looked and saw Jayce flying beside them.

"Rage wants to know if you're having fun." He called.

Still laughing Dreik raised his hand to wave at his friends on the ground.

"Without wings, this is how I fly." He said.

"Well he wants you to come down." Jayce said.

"Tell him we'll be down shortly." Dreik said. "We're having too much fun."

Jayce waved and veered off. He knew how Dreik felt. He loved flying and would rather die than lose his wings. Swooping down he landed and told Rage what they said.

"Let them have their fun." Rage walked in front of the others." We go that way."

"That's an Elven barrier." Jandar said. "If we pass through, they will know."

"Can you hide us? Rage asked.

"Not for long." Jandar answered. "A few hours maybe. This whole forest is filled with their magic. Maybe Dreik can help me once he's back, but i doubt it will last long."

"Don't bother." Rage told him. "I don't think we will be here long."

It didn't take Jake and Seven long to round up most of the animals. Only two wolves were left. They walked through the forest looking for any sign of them when Jake heard a noise.

"Did you hear that?" Jake asked his sister. "I thought I heard someone call my name."

"So did I." Seven said. They both looked around to see if any other Elves were there. They saw no one. Then they heard it again.



They looked at each other. What could it be? Something was there and calling each of them. Jake walked forward eager to see what it was.

"Wait Jake." She called after him. "You don't know what that is."

"Are you afraid?" He asked.

"No." She said. "I should be, but I'm not. Wait for me."

Together they walked deeper into the trees. Neither sure of what was there, but both curious as to what they would find. Ahead they saw a tree with a large hole in the trunk.


"Something's in that tree." Seven pointed. "I hear it in my mind. It feels friendly."

"I know. Hold on, I'll see what it is."

Jake walked to the tree and looked in. Something shining was in there. Suddenly out of the sky flew a winged creature. A weird dragon. It roared and flew right for them. Jake reached into the tree opening and grabbed the two large gems. Something in him told him he had to protect them. As the dragon struck, Jake jumped clear clutching the two gems. The horses went wild, bucking and running for home. The smell of the dragon was overpowering. It was the smell of death all around them. This was an unusual dragon. Its feathers mottling and falling out. This dragon was a dead thing. Jake drew his sword to protect his sister. Seven picked up the crossbow and aimed it at the beast. Again it roared, and rearing up. Its blue feathers flaring out, steam pouring from its mouth.

"What do we do?" Seven asked her brother.

"We fight." He said taking a fighting stance.

From out of the sky appeared a huge boulder with two people riding on top of it. As the stone dropped to the ground they jumped off and shouted to them.

"Get behind the tree!!" The woman called. Jake and Seven did as they were told. From behind the tree they looked out at the battle. The two people suddenly changed and where they once stood were two more dragons. But these were different, they seemed alive. There was no foul smell coming from them.

"My God!!!" Jake said.

Both dragons roared at the dead thing. The blue one shot a torrent of water at the feathered dragon that made it fall back. It tried to get up as the green one stomped his foot. Large roots came out of the ground and wound around the legs and neck of the blue feathered dragon. It struggled to get free. Pulling and biting at the roots. But the roots held keeping the dragon in place. Over to the side four people, one with wings came running toward them.

"Hold it Gaia." A man in red said. "So Jandar can examine it."

A man in brown leather came over and a staff appeared in his hand. A mage. The feathered dragon roared again as the mage waved his staff over it. It glowed blue and fell and stopped moving.

"Just as I thought." He said. "It's not alive. It's necromancy. Polan is a necromancer."

"A necromancer combined with a shadow dragon." The red dressed man said, and looked a little afraid. "What power he must have!!"

"It's not quite dead, yet." Jandar said. "Let me try something."

Jandar held his staff over the dead thing and summoned more power for his spell.


The dragon's body began to wither and dissolve into the ground. Then one last roar came from the body and it was gone.

"It said thank you." Rage said. "It's free, now."

"Look over there." Jayce said pointing to Jake and Seven. They walked out from behind the trees into the open.

"Come over here." Rage said. Jake and Seven walked over to the group with the eggs.

"Are these yours?" Seven asked.

"Maybe." Rage said. "Do you know what they are?"

"They say they're ours." Jake said." Are they?'

"If they talked to you, yes." he said. "Each of you take one. Jake took the topaz like gem and Seven the amethyst. Cracks started to appear in both eggs as they began to hatch, Pieces fell as the dragons appeared


"They're dragons." Blaze said. "We're all dragons."

"Except these two." Jandar and Jayce raised their hands.

"Yes." They said. "We will."

The dragonet moved onto their chest and started the change. Wings, talons, tails grew. The became identical dragons. But of different colors. One purple the other had an iridescent color shifting from tan through the colors to an easy blue. They roared out there happiness.




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