Castle Roland

The Dragons of Keanna

by Jandar Tyr


Chapter 6

Published: 6 Aug 15

The Dragons of Keanna

Copyright © By Jandar Tyr

Shadoe's Conquest

Deep in thought, Polan sat in his study pondering his next move. Conquest was on his mind. Forget the dragons; he had power enough to begin his campaign. His mountain was his, now it was time to branch out and make his kingdom. Polan rose up and walked out of the house. He looked around and watched his dead men carrying out his orders. He would need more, many more dead men to fulfill his plans. Then he had an idea. He could create a plague to infect men's minds so he can control them, wipe out free will and make them his servants. Yes, lot's of grave dust and a spell. He and the Dragons could fly over the nearest kingdom and spread it over the city, infecting everyone. Then just walk in and take over. That would be the beginning of his army. Then he would move from city to city, taking what he wanted.

"All of you. Come to me."

He said to a group of dead men walking by. They walked over and bowed.

"I want you to get barrows of dirt from the graveyard and bring it to me here."

They all backed off to do as they were told. Polan walked toward the back of his manor to find his dragons waiting there for him.

"My pets." He said. "We have work to do. This world will soon be ours. Stay here and wait for me to come for you."

The two dead dragons roared. The blue feathered one was no longer there. He had sent it after Rage and it had been destroyed. Doesn't matter, he could make more if he needed. Polan walked back to the manor to mix the things that he would need for his spell. Soon he was done and six barrows were ready. Polan walked out and started his spell.


Smoke began to rise from each barrow. The dirt became black as night and it gave off a noxious smell. Polan smiled and spit into the foul earth then he called his two pets. He pointed to the barrows and shifted to Shadoe.


Shadoe grabbed a barrow and took to the sky, as his pets followed him. The first great kingdom they came to was Maveta. Shadoe cracked open his container and let the dirt drift on the winds. Maveta was a very big kingdom with a mighty army to support it. In a few days it would be his army, all begging for a cure and a way to ease their pain. He would ease the pain, as long as they followed his commands. But not the royal family, they had to die. No one must be alive to get in his way. No rallying the unaffected peasants would be happening. He knew there would be some that got away or somehow were unaffected, he would round them up and dispose of them. The skies turned gray as the poisoned earth began to fall. Any birds that were caught in the cloud fell dead to the ground. On the ground small animals died, cats and dogs. horses and cattle lived. One good thing did happen, there will be no more rodents in Maveta. Making sure it spread all over the city Shadoe was satisfied with the job he had done . The poison cloud would fall all over the city and surrounding area. With a final look, he turned back to his mountain. In two days he would go claim his city. Too bad he couldn't take the whole world like this, but magic just didn't work like that. No spell could be used twice. It's a good thing he saved three barrows. Just in case he ran into a difficult region he'd be prepared.

Two days later at sundown Polan flew off as Shadoe to claim his city. From high up he didn't see any movement in the city, all was still. He landed in the field outside the gate. It was wide open and no one manned it. He smiled his wicked smile and walked on. Inside the city he saw people laying everywhere. Crawling around and retching their guts out. His poisons had worked like he planned. All these people were now his to with as he pleased. He kept walking until he came to the palace. There he threw open the doors and made his challenge.

"I am Polan Dressak." He said. "Master Necromancer and your new king. Where is the old king?"

Two guards tried to get up and defend their King. Polan pointed at them and blasted them with his shadow power. They crumpled to the ground withered old corpses. On he walked to the throne room, where he found the king slumped on the throne. He opened his eyes and looked at Polan. He had never met this man before him, but he knew he was responsible for what was plaguing his lands. He didn't have the strength to rise or do anything else.

"You're the one that did this." He said. "Why? What have we done to you?"

Polan laughed and pushed him off the throne then climbed on it himself. He looked down on the king.

"You had something I wanted." He said. "You don't anymore. Now lay there and die, please, while I take your kingdom."

Reaching into his pocket Polan pulled out a large vial. He opened it and threw it into the air. A mist started to roam through the castle. As the people breathed it they began to feel better. Everyone in the throne room began to move. Polan reached down and scratched the king.

"You are all my people, now." He said. "As long as you serve me the pain and sickness will stay away. But anyone that displeases me will die from the sickness I placed in you all. Look at your king, how he ages and dies before you. I now go and kill the royal family. Let it be known. If you try and leave, you will die running away. I won't have to chase you, you're already mine. So just accept me as your King or you can all die. Pretty soon you'll realize you can't resist my command. I will control all of you, like it or not."

Polan made his way through the palace, from the Queen's suite to the three prince's rooms. Killing those he found. Prince Shayn's room was empty. He must be somewhere on the grounds suffering. No matter, if he's here anywhere, he would find him. Soon all his belongings would be here and he would be ready to move his army out. Polan would call the generals to him give them his orders. By morning, his poison would have bent them to his will. Then he can send men out to discover which land to take next.

In the front of the column of warriors Polan rode on one of his dragons. His men had returned and Polan decided Pennora would be next. So far they had taken two other city states after Maveta. One an Elf city and the other a large human community. From each, he took what he wanted and set up a governor to rule while he was away. So far, nothing could stand in his way. Shadoe and the dragons could take down any walls. No Weapon could hurt them. Those that refused to accept him received the poison and fell under Polan's influence. Three men came riding up to Polan. Two were generals from Maveta, one was an elf from Trindell. All dressed in bloody armor from fighting. Polan stopped his dragon for them.

"Any news on Prince Shayn?" Polan asked.

"Yes, Sire." The elven warrior said. "He is in school in Winterhaven."

"The sorcerer city." Polan got down from the dragon. "We'll have to visit there soon."

"Have a care, Sire." The elf said. "They are very powerful. The council controls the whole city and the surrounding area. There are dark wizards, too."

"Perhaps they will join me. I can persuade them." Polan reached out to touch the elf. He drew back from him. Polan reached out and grabbed him by his neck.

"You are mine to do as I please." He screamed at him. "If I want you dead, that's what you shall be. So die, fool!"

He racked his face and threw him down. The elf screamed and withered in pain on the ground. His face began to swell as the poison took effect. His mouth opened as his tongue swelled filling it until he couldn't breathe. The elf died there and Polan kicked him out of the way as he walked past.

"Now." he said. "Leave him there. What's the reason we have stopped? Is there a problem here?"

"There's a magical barrier around the city." One of the generals said. "We can't get through it."

"Get out of my way." Polan said. He pushed past and walked toward the city. Polan held out his hand probing for the barrier. There it is. As he touched it, it shimmered but stood firm. He needed a spell to get through. Polan sat down and concentrated and the sky grew darker, his power grew around him.

"When I bring down this barrier, I want everybody in. Take no prisoners, not even women or children."


Lightning began to fall time and time again striking the barrier. With great thunderous noise and flashes of light the barrier exploded apart and fell. Polan waved his army in. Every man charged in to do as his master commanded. Polan folded his arms and laughed as his men took down the gates and began to slaughter the people. Screams filled the night, and blood ran everywhere. Polan loved it. This world would be his, all of it. And Rage and the rest won't be able to defeat me now.

"HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!......"

Shayn Whitehall sat in class at the Andrake Academy and listened closely to Maduso the instructor talk about gesture magic. The fact that sometimes spells could not be spoken and all you had were your hands. Certain movements of your hands could bring on very elaborate magic and complex spells. The twist of the wrist, the movement of a finger, the turning of the hand could cause magic just as powerful as any spell. To demonstrate the instructor raised his hand and simply twisted his wrist and a glowing disc appeared. The class all exclaimed a sigh in wonder. This was great Shayn thought. He was glad Drobi had suggested he learn this magic. Ever since the young blond boy had came to Winterhaven and he had met Drobi his mentor, his fascination with magic grew more every day. Drobi had seen the potential for magic in him and shown him the possibilities of what he could do. He had explained spells and incantations, potions and hexes. All the different kinds of magic that he knew. He told him of the evil things, too. Demonology, necromancy, certain types of sorcery, how it changed you once you started using it. He called it the Path to Destruction. Once on this path, it was almost impossible to get off. Shayn swore never to use any of these practices. Shayn was very good at magic. It seems there was no spell or incantation he couldn't master. Some spells like a simple fire or light or healing spell could be used again and again. Elaborate spells could only be used once. Shayn had finished spell making courses and Drobi had taken him on as his apprentice. His master was the one that sent him to learn gesture magic. He had said it was one of the most important things he will ever learn. For years he had been taking random classes and this was the day he graduated, if he passed his test. So he sat going over all his lessons in his mind waiting to be called. He watched student after student take his test. Some passed and some failed miserably. He spotted all the mistakes the failed ones made. Too nervous, not concentrating, wrong hand movement for what they wanted to do. The ones that failed would have to study and wait a year before taking the test again. He was so glad his father had insisted he come to Winterhaven for schooling. He expected him to learn all the things a king would be expected to learn. Strategy, diplomacy, law making. All these thing Drobi made sure he learned before his magic studies. And he did, Shayn was a medium sized boy with blond curly locks and twinkling blue grey eyes. He was an excellent student all his teachers praised him and he had many friends here. What a surprise it will be when he returned home and they learn of his abilities, how well he had done here.

"Shayn Whitehall."

It was his turn. He pushed back his chair and suddenly a note appeared on his desk. It was from Drobi. As he stood and started forward he opened it and read it.


The note disappeared in a puff of smoke. Shayn looked at Maduso and shrugged.

"I have to go." He said.

"You know you won't be able to retest again for a year?" Maduso said.

"Yes." Shayn nodded sadly. "But my master says to come now."

"Then you must go. He knows how important this is. It must be urgent. If I can work something out for you, Shayn. I will."

Shayn walked up and clasped hands with him. He had really enjoyed his class. Then with a few quick hand movements, Shayn produced a golden dove which landed on Maduso's shoulder. The dove was the last part of the test, the hardest part.

"I will consider that a pass." He said smiling applauding his approval. "Now go."

Shayn grabbed his bag off the desk and ran out of the room. What could cause Drobi to call him now? He almost didn't pass. Thank the gods Maduso had seen how well he did all year and passed him. Shayn ran down the hall and into the exit booth. He disappeared and reappeared outside the building. Quickly he ran through the city until he reached Drobi's cottage. He stopped at the door. It was open. This door never opened. It was one of Drobi's rules. Magic in, magic out, never use the door. It helped Shayn learn to transport himself. He heard a noise inside. Shayn crept closer and listened.

"He's not here." He heard, "What do we do?"

"We get rid of this old man before someone finds us." Another voice said. "Then we come back and wait for him. The Prince will come back sooner or later. Come on get his feet."

Shayn had no offensive spells ready for fighting. But there was always gesture magic. He raised his hands and waited for them to come out. Two men walked out carrying Drobi. Shayn pointed his hands at the men and flicked his wrist. Both men froze as if someone was holding them in giant hands. They dropped Drobi's bloody body.

"What is this?" One said.

"Magic stupid." Shayn said walking out to confront them. "You won't move until I let you go."

He rushed to Drobi's side and knelt down at his side. He propped him up and wiped the blood from his face.

"Master." Shayn cried. "You're hurt."

"Get rid of them." He said. "I have much to tell you."

"How master?" He asked.

"Use a spell." Drobi told him coughing up blood and wheezing.


With that the two men shimmered and vanished from sight. Shayn bent down and held Drobi. The master was in bad shape. Blood ran from his cut and bruised face and mouth. All his fingers were broken. Shayn tried a healing spell but to no avail, his injuries were too bad. Drobi had lost too much blood. He was dying.

"Master." Shayn cried tearfully. "I'll get someone that can help you."

"No." He said as he reached up and took his hand. "Listen, your home has been invaded. Your family is dead. I'm sorry to have to tell you all this but they're after you now and I don't have time to go explain. You must get away from here."

Shayn listened to him in shock. His mother and father. His brothers dead. Who was behind this?

"How?" he asked as Drobi choked on the blood in his throat. Shayn wiped his mouth.

"Maveta was taken by a necromancer." Drobi said. "He's sweeping through the lands conquering every city and state he falls on. Soon they will be here. I don't think the Council will be able to stop him."

"Then what do I do?" Shayn asked through tears. "Run?"

"No." He said. "You must go down to the sewers. What you need is there. Find it."

"What is it master?" Shayn asked him confused.

"I don't know." His eyes began to close. Drobi was fading. "Take my ring. It will help you. I saw dragons Shayn. You and dragons. Be safe little one. Find the dragons......"

Drobi died there in his arms. Shayn held him and cried. He took the ring off his finger and put it on. The ring changed size to fit him.

A beautiful city loomed in front of them, as they walked out of the forest. Rage and Jandar stood and gazed it at. It sparkled and gleamed with magic. Rage had never seen buildings like these, neither had some of the others. Jandar and Jayce had. They had been in Winterhaven before long ago in their youth.

"What a fantastic place." Dreik said. "I've never seen a city so big."

"It's easy to get lost here so all of you stay close." Jandar told them. "Your all sensitive to magic, so don't be drawn to anything you see. This city is much bigger than it looks, and there are people here you can't trust."

"Polan's people are here." Rage said.

"What?" Blaze asked. "We should be far ahead of him."

"Things have changed." Rage said with a frown. "Something's not right about him."

"He's the one that sent the dead dragons?" Cutter asked as he and his sister walked out and joined them.

"Yes." Rage told them. "Polan made them."

"Well you're right." Ariel said. "Something's not right with him."

"There's something else." Cutter told them. "I can feel all the fear that's being sent out. It's like I'm being bombarded with fear. It's coming from everywhere, and it's getting stronger every day."

"What do you mean?" Jandar asked. "There's always going to be fear out there."

"Yes." Cutter said. "I felt the fear around me as soon as I merged. But this is different. In the last few days it's become so strong that I know there must be a war going on close to us. And I feel it's coming from the north and it's getting closer and stronger."

"How do you know it's Polan?" Jayce asked him. "You've never met him."

"No I didn't. But I was around the dragon." Cutter told them. "That dragon has the same feel. My powers stem from emotions. My magic can trace the fear, and it leads back to a man in black, shadowed by a BLACK DRAGON."

"And that's Polan." Dreik said. "So what do we do.?"

"We get on with what we are doing, we find that last egg. Ono's counting on us." Rage told them. "Come on everybody let's go."

They all started walking toward the city with hope in mind. This was the last egg, the one they needed to save Ono. Jayce would do anything to save him. He was almost as important to him as JP, his love at home. Then a thought hit him. What if JP was in trouble. Fear hit him hard. He felt his stomach turn as they walked. Cutter walked up next to him and touched his shoulder. Jayce looked back at him.

"Jayce, I feel your fears." Cutter said. "If you want, I can check."

"Check what?" Jayce asked.

"I felt the fear hit you. You're worried about someone." He said. "I can check on him with your help."

"Really?" Jayce smiled. "Please, after what you said I'm worried about him and his family."

"Take my hand and think about him." Cutter reached out and took Jayce's hand. He closed his eyes and felt Jayce's fear. That took him to JP's home in Dorlanth. He found him helping his brother with his school work. They looked happy.

"They're all fine." Cutter told him.

"Can we contact him?" Jayce asked feeling his distant love, almost close enough to touch.

"No I can't, maybe Jandar can." Cutter smiled.

"Thank you." Jayce said to him shaking his hand.

"I'm glad I could help." He said.

Jayce ran up to catch up with Jandar and Rage. They were planning their movements once they reached the city.

"We may have to search the whole city." Jandar said. "This is not going to be easy"

"No." Rage said. "I'm going to have to do the searching. You forget, I feel the egg when I get near it. It's my egg, I feel it already. It's here."

"Can I ask a question?" Jayce asked.

"Of course." Jandar smiled.

"My wings?" Jayce flexed them out to full wingspan. "Shouldn't I be hiding them? We don't want to bring too much attention to ourselves."

"You can if you want." Jandar told him. "But you're traveling with seven dragons and a werewolf. You think anyone's going to notice your wings?"

"Good point." Jayce said. "What are we going to do? They're not going to just let us walk in. Seven dragons can't just walk into a city. Can you hide them?"

"Not a chance." Jandar said. Rage stopped and turned to Jandar. He had a look of annoyance on his face.

"Then what do you plan to do?" He asked. "I thought you would be able to do it. Hide us I mean. I need to search."

"Relax." Jandar said. "There's no possible magic in the world that could hide us from them. This is the most magical place I know of in the world. With more mages, warlocks, witches, sorcerers and other magical folk together in one place. Someone's going to see us as what we are."


"Then how?" Rage asked.

"You're a King. I'm a Prince." He said. "And dragons aren't wild animals. The Council will recognize us as intelligent beings. We're going to have to ask permission to enter. They'll let us in, don't worry."

'YES THEY WILL.' He sent as he jumped over to Rage's shoulder. 'THEY WILL CONSIDER YOUR RANK. ROYALTY GETS THEIR ATTENTION.'

"There's one more problem." Cutter said.

"What?" Rage asked out of frustration.

"They're here, too." He said. "I can feel the fear they carry with them."

"Oh great!!" Dreik said. "We're gonna have to worry about Polan, too?"

"No." Cutter said. "He has people here, but he's not here."

"That's a relief. Dreik said with a shrug

After placing Drobi in the cottage in his bed, Shayn put a concealment spell on himself and set off for the sewers to find whatever it was Drobi wanted him to find. He looked like an old noble man to the untrained eye. Only a more trained wizard could see through his disguise. Shayn felt safe walking around. He doubted they had any wizards with them searching for him. There were many entrances to the underground. For rain, trash, waste or for people, Shayn had to find one with the least amount of people around it. He didn't want anyone to see what he was doing or be followed. He'd seen the soldiers looking for him. Dressed in their black armor they stood out here among all the people dressed in robes. Not even the city guard here wore armor, with magic there was no need for it. Ahead of him were three black armored men watching him move down the street. Out of the corner of his eye he saw them start to follow behind him. Shayn quickened his pace, he wasn't sure if they somehow had pierced his disguise and he didn't want to take that chance. He hurried around the corner and noticed he was on a street lined with taverns. Young girls in the pleasure business were out on the street. Sipping water from cups as they smiled at all the sailors and other men visiting the bars and taverns. He whispered a new concealment spell, this time he became a young woman dressed as a strumpet. She wore bells and silk, in different shades of blue and red. Bangles of gold and silver around her wrist, waist, and ankles. He moved to mix with the rest of the girls on the street. Standing at a table he watched the armored men come around the corner looking for him. Shayn moved slowly away from them, he wasn't sure how they saw through his spell and he didn't want them to get to close in case they could see though his magic. They checked every man there but ignored the woman. He had an idea. He walked up to a sailor drunk and alone. He wrapped his arms around him and whispered a simple spell that hypnotized him. Then laughing he led him off down the street leaving the armored men searching the taverns.

"My God!!" Jayce said as they walked up to the gates. "It really looks like heaven!!"

And it did. Everything was pearly white and perfect. No debris or weeds. Not a thing out of place. You could even almost hear soft music on the wind. Everyone stared at the beauty of it all. Up on the top of the wall stood men dressed in white robes. No arms or armor could be seen none would be needed here in this magical city.

"GREETINGS!!!" Jandar called. "We would enter the city."

The massive gate opened and a gray haired man walked out. He carried a staff and was dressed all in black. He walked up to them and stopped. He bowed to them.

"Greetings to you all." He said. "What can we do for you?"

"I am Prince Jandar Tyr, of The Dark Wolf Clan." He said. "This is Rage, King of the Keanna Dragons. We wish to enter your city and enjoy its hospitality."

"Dragons and a werewolf." The man said. Then he saw Jayce, his eyes widened. "I will send in your request."

He hurried back in. They all looked at each other.

"What just happened?" Asked Sarah. Jandar and Rage looked at Jayce.

"Seems he was more interested in Jayce." Rage said.

"Told you I should hide the wings." Jayce said.


"You think we will still get in?" Ariel asked. "After that?"

'I'M SURE OF IT.' Shine curled his tail around Rage's neck. At that moment the gates swung wide open, The gray haired man stood there to greet them as they came in.

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