Castle Roland

The Dragons of Keanna

by Jandar Tyr


Chapter 7

Published: 13 Aug 15

The Dragons of Keanna

Copyright © By Jandar Tyr

Diamond Rules.

"I bid you all Welcome to our city!!" The gray haired man said to them with a smile. "I am Pelic Spicer. I'm a member of the council of twelve."

Jandar and Rage stepped up to Pelic and extended their hands to him.

"We thank you for allowing us into the city." Jandar shook his hand.

"I have a few questions I have to ask before you enter." Pelic said.

"Of course." Jandar said as Pelic shook hands and bowed to Rage.

"What is the purpose of your visit?" He asked.

"We are in search of one of my children." Rage told him.

"Really?" Pelic looked at him in a curious way. "There are no dragons here. Well none being held against their will. We have a council member named Insa. He represents all the non-humans in our city. He wishes to meet with you."

"We will be honored." Rage said to him. "But my mission? Can we proceed?"

"You will have to take that up with Insa." Pelic said staring at Jayce. "Perhaps he can help you."

"Where can we find him? Jandar asked.

"He comes now." Pelic stepped up to Jayce. "You are most welcome here."

Jayce was a little hesitant to shake his hand. There was something in the way he looked at him that scared him. But to be courteous, Jayce shook his hand and bowed. A dark shadow passed over their heads and an older gray dragon landed. In a huge cloud of smoke he shifted to human form and came over to greet them.

"Welcome, my Lord." Insa bowed to Rage. He held his head down until Rage asked him to stand.

"Rise, Grand sire." Rage said. "I should be bowing to you, Elder."

"Nonsense, young king." Insa held out his hand for Rage. "You and your clan are welcome in my home."

"We thank you for you hospitality." Rage said shaking his hand. As he touched Insa, Insa sent him a message.


'Thank you,' Rage sent back to him. 'But please, be careful. Your mind speak is powerful. They are young but they are getting use to speaking with their minds.'

'I will remember, my king.'

"Young man." Pelic said to Jayce. "Will you accept my invitation to visit my home?"

"I'm sorry." Rage said as he stepped between them. "But Jayce won't be staying."

Jayce started to say something but was stopped by a look from Rage. Jayce knew Rage must have a reason he wanted him out of the city, and he trusted Rage with his life.

"Yes." Jayce said. "There's something I have to do."

Jandar pulled Jayce aside to talk to him away from the others.

"You can hear me when I call you right?" Jandar said.

"Yeah I can." He said.

"Rage wants you away from here." Jandar said. "It has to do with that man. Go back to the campsite on the shore, and take Shine and Blaze with you. I don't want you alone for a second. I won't lose another brother."

"You won't." Jayce hugged him. "I'll wait for you to call. Hurry and find that egg."

"We will." Jandar said letting him go. "Blaze!!"

"Yes?" He answered.

"Please take Shine and go with Jayce." He told him. "I don't want him here, it's not safe. And I don't want him alone either."

"As you wish."

He held out his hand and Shine came to him. They all said their goodbyes and they were off for the campsite. Jayce spread his wings and took off as Blaze shifted to dragon and launched himself into the skies with Shine following. Jandar watched them fly away. If something happens to Jayce, the world had better watch out.

' He'll be safe with them?' Jandar sent.

' Yes, love.' Rage sent back.

After getting rid of the sailor, Shayn made his way to the residential section of the city. His strumpet guise was all wrong for this area. A beautiful girl in silks would be noticed in a blink, so he switched back to the nobleman. Up and down different streets he went looking for an entrance he could use. Here there were beautiful homes of the rich. Palaces almost. Shayn knew what it was like living among these people, As a prince he'd been sheltered all his life, kept away from what his father called lower class people. His father was a bit of a snob, but he took care of all his people. There were no homeless in Maveta. His father made sure no one went hungry. Shayn was really proud of the way his father ruled. He was just and fair. Rich or poor, His people loved their king and fought for their king and way of life. So what happened? Why was his family dead? The pain hit him at that moment. Tears streamed down his face as he saw the faces of his parents and his brothers in his mind. But he had to keep going for them, for all of them. Shayn had to find out what happened and who was responsible for all this. There was only one way to do that. He had to live. And now he had to get to the sewer and find whatever it was Drobi was talking about. Up ahead, he saw an entrance hidden behind a stand of trees. He made for it. Suddenly he heard shouting behind him. He turned and saw the black armored men running toward him from down the lane. Shayn took off running for the entrance. He didn't really know if they were after him, but standing there to wait was not what he planned. Shayn reached the entrance way. There was a ramp that ran down and underground, blocked by a locked gate. Shayn looked back to see the armored men getting closer. With the twist of his finger the lock fell apart, Shayn threw open the gate and ran down the ramp, his legs pumping fast. As he reached the bottom he looked back. The men were coming in, they were after him. Somehow no matter what disguise he used, they saw through it. How? There had to be some magic being used here. Shayn took off splashing through the water. He had to lose them to search these sewers. OK, he thought. Disguises don't work, so invisibility probably won't work either. What's next? An idea popped into his head. As he ran he pulled out a dagger from his bag. With a swift motion Shayn cut his palm until he was bleeding. Then a quick spell.



Three versions of Shayn appeared. He smeared all three of them with his blood giving them his scent. He then gave all three of them something of his. Then all four Shayn's moved out to where the men could see them and they split up running in different directions. Shayn stepped back into the shadows and with magic covering himself to hide. Staying quiet, he listened as they came closer.

"Our master wants the prince dead, and he wants proof." The leader said. "You to the left and you take the right. I'm going down the middle. Remember. He wants proof. Now both of you get moving."

The three men took off after Shayn's doppelgangers with sword in hand. Their lives depended on this mission; they knew it. Polan, their master, wouldn't abide failure. Shayn watched as they ran off following him, He let out his breath and relaxed for a second. It worked, now he had some time to search without those men chasing him. He felt a warm feeling coming from his finger. It was Drobi's ring. It was showing him where to go. He moved to the left and to became colder, so he turned and moved the other way. The ring warmed up. So that's how it works. Shayn moved off following the ring's directions With some luck, his replacements would keep them busy until he was finished.

"My egg is here in this city." Rage told Insa. "You haven't felt anything?"

"Weeks ago." He said. "I thought I felt a dragon nearby, but sometimes others interfere with my senses. I'm afraid to say, my king, I'm getting old."

"That's alright, Insa." He said. "You have a very high position here. Without you, I doubt I could have gotten in the city. We are in your debt."

"My pleasure, majesty." Insa smiled. "I will escort you through the city."

"Thank you my friend." Rage smiled at him.

As they walked through the city, Rage could feel the egg getting closer with every step. He knew he would find it today.

"Insa." Jandar asked. "What's with Pelic? What does he want with Jayce?"

"Pelic is a dark mage." He said. "Do you know what's going on? There's a war on its way."

Jandar turned and looked at Cutter. Cutter nodded to him.

"I've felt it." Cutter said. "The fear."

"A fear dragon?" Insa's eyes widened. "Impressive! I fear Pelic is in league with this dark man. I know he's been searching for a man with wings. Why, I don't know. But he means to turn him over to his new master. We're not sure who this dark man is, but we won't side with him. But there are those that crave power and will help him.

"Insa." Rage said. " He's a Shadow Dragon."

Insa stopped right there with a look of horror on his face. He knew what that meant. The only dragon that could become evil. He knew things were about to get real bad.

"One of yours? He asked.

"Yes." Rage told him. "Seven eggs were stolen. One was an onyx. The one we're looking for is a diamond"

"And I'm guessing it was stolen by a powerful evil mage." he said.

"A necromancer." Jandar told him. "Polan Dressak."

"I have to tell the council." Insa said. "This is serious. Of all the magic users that could have merged with that egg a necromancer would be the most dangerous. We have work to do to get ready. You find your egg. A white dragon will be needed. Go find it."

Insa moved away then shifted into his smoke dragon form and flew off.

"We have to go underground." Rage told everybody.

"Rage." Ariel said. "Glance slowly to your left."

Rage turned as she said. He saw five men in black armor coming out of a shop there arms loaded with food.

"Those are Polan's men." Cutter said. "I can feel his touch in them."

"In them?" Nautica asked. "What do you mean?"

"I don't know." Cutter shook his head. "He guides them somehow."

"We can stop them." Ariel said. "I could send a few lightning bolts."

"No." Rage said. "The egg is more important. We have to find a way underground now. Come on, let's go."

It didn't take very long for them to find an entrance to the sewers or for them to get in. Rage had a real connection now to his egg. Being this close to the egg he knew which way to go so they ran.

"We are not alone down here." Cutter said as they ran.

"Don't tell me." Dreik said. "Polan's men."

"Yes, and another." Cutter shouted.

The ring in Shayn's hand was very hot now. He could hardly hold it. He turned a corner and heard someone call his name.


He stopped, not sure what he heard. Then he started moving again.


"Who's there?" he called.


Shayn looked around. Over in the corner trapped under some debris he saw something shining. What was it? He walked over and looked down. A diamond? Was this a diamond?


Shayn bent down to pick it up when he heard another voice.


He looked up and saw ten men coming after him. Shayn grabbed the diamond and sent a fireball into the crowd. Then he took off running away from them.

"AFTER HIM!!" The soldier with the red crest on his helmet shouted. "DON'T LET HIM GET AWAY!"

Shayn ran as fast as he could trying to outrun them. He knew he could stop and fight, but he didn't have a chance against ten men with swords and bows. He also knew he couldn't outrun them, but he had to try. So he ran on. Turning the corner he ran into somebody. Shayn fell to the ground clutching the diamond. Expecting more armed men he readied another more powerful fireball. He looked up and saw six people staring at the egg. Who were they? The people that owned the diamond? He had to warn them about the armored men.


"Get behind us and protect the egg." The man dressed in red said.

Just then the soldiers came around the corner and saw them. They stopped.

"Give him to us!!" The leader pushed his way out front. He wore the red crest. He must be in command.

"Who are you? Rage demanded.

"Someone you don't want trouble with." He said.

"I don't know" Dreik said. "We're always in trouble."

"If you hand over the boy. We'll let you go. And we won't hurt any of you." The man smiled and folded his arms, still holding his sword.

"If you leave we won't hurt you." Rage said. "I think that's fair."

All the men began to laugh. they felt no threat from these people.

"Guess we're going to have to take him from you." He said." I don't see any weapons. I tire of this. Take him."

Three men came forward and went to push past them. One man raised his sword at Rage. Ariel quickly raised her hand and sent a blast of wind that pushed them all back off their feet.

"One last chance to leave alive," Rage said.

"Get him!!"

They all charged at them. Jandar summoned his staff and waved it in front of them, again sending them all flying down the sewer to the other end. As they tried to get up, Nautica called up the water in the sewer into a wave that washed most of them away. Three men remained, Ariel called on a storm. Lightning flashed as bolts flew at them. Standing in water the last three men were electrocuted. Their bodies flew through the air and landed burned at the other end. Shayn watched in amazement as they took care of the men that chased him all day. What magic he thought.


Shayn looked at the diamond. What kind of magic is this? Rage walked over and stood with him. He's going to be the youngest and he's going to have his egg. He could see his magic glow. This boy is very powerful.

"I'm Rage." He said. "I'm honored to meet you." He held out his hand to Shayn.

Shayn looked up at him.

"I'm Prince Shayn Whitlock of Maveta." Shayn took his hand and shook it.

"What is this?" He looked down at the great stone in his hand.

"Your future." Rage told him.

"My future's so unsure." Shayn said sadly. He looked down at the diamond. It felt warm to him and it was shaking a little.

"If you want he can make you future brighter."

Rage put his hand on the young man's shoulder.

"How?" He asked. "I'm a prince without a kingdom. My family's been killed, My master murdered. I have no one left."


Shayn stared down at the egg. Then up at Rage in wonder.

"Yes." He told him. "I heard him too."

"You said it's my future. What do you mean?" Shayn asked.

"What did you mean about your family? Rage asked.

"My home's been invaded. Maveta." Shayn looked away. The man that did it killed my family. He sent those men after me to make sure I'm dead. Now I'm alone and I have no way to help my people."


"Thank you." Shayn said. Then he laughed. "I must be going crazy. I'm talking to a giant gem. Here."

He tried to hand it to Rage.

"Shayn if you can avenge your family." Rage asked. " Would you?"

"Yes." He said.

"Will you help you people, even if you have to give up your crown?" Rage looked him in the eyes.

"Yes." He said. "Being king doesn't matter. The people do."

"Ariel!!" Rage called.

"Yes Sire?" She said.

"Show him."

Ariel backed up and shifted to dragon form. She became the beautiful purple shaded weather dragon. She flexed her wings and moved her head close to Shayn and Rage. Rage stood and rubbed her snout.

"Don't be afraid Shayn, We're all dragons." He said.

Ariel shifted back to human form.

"As you will be to." She said. "If you want. And we will be family. And you can be sure we will help you free your people."

"Will it hurt?" He asked.


"That is my egg you hold." Rage said.

"But you're a man? Shayn said. "How?"

Rage laughed a deep laugh, As did the others.

"All dragons lay eggs Shayn." He said. "It doesn't matter if you're male or female."

"You mean I will too?"

"Not for many years." Rage told him. "Do you accept?"

"You promise to help free my people? He asked.

"Yes I do." Rage answered.

"Then yes, I accept." Shayn said. "What must I do?"


The diamond began to break apart and a head poked out. It moved into Shayn's chest and merged with him. A look of pure joy overcame him as he felt the love that Gabriel filled him with. Shayn felt himself beginning to grow, his clothes started to shred. His skin turned totally white as his limbs became scaled. His hands and feet became claws and talons. A long tail grew with a spade at the end. Along his spine short ridges grew as did his wings. Last to change was his head. His maw extended and teeth grew. His eyes began to glow gold. Two horns now stood on his head. Gabriel roared his pleasure.

"Rise, Gabriel, the White Dragon of Spirit!!!" Rage smiled. "Welcome, brother!!!"

They all shouted. Jandar stepped forward. Rage looked at him and knew what he wanted. Ono must be cured as soon as possible.

"Don't worry, Love." He said. "That's where we're going next."

The moon was out and the sky was clear as Jayce, Shine and Tomar set up camp. They had no idea how long they were going to be staying. Jandar said he would send for them when it was safe. Jayce was totally lost as to what was on that strange man's mind, but he was sure he wanted nothing to do with him.

"I'm hungry." Tomar said as he blew a jet of flame on a pile of wood to start a fire.


"So am I." Jayce rubbed his stomach. "Why don't you two go hunting?"

"I don't know. " Tomar said. "We're to stay with you."

"But you can get food faster than I can." Jayce said. "Besides, I'm tired from the long flight. I just want to rest. And no one's here but us. It's safe"

"That's not going to happen." Tomar said. "There's no way I'm leaving you alone for a second. We're here to protect you, and I'd never forgive myself if something happened while we were hunting. Then there's Jandar and Rage. What do I tell them? We were hungry?"

Jayce gave Tomar a look of annoyance. He was hungry and needed food.

"You see these wings?" He spread out his wings. "It takes a lot of energy for me to fly. That means I eat a lot. If I don't eat, I get weak. And I can protect myself you know. I was a captain in my king's guard for years before I started traveling with Jandar and Ono."

"And how will you protect yourself?" Tomar asked.

Jayce patted his sword at his side. "With this." He said smiling. He pulled the sword out.

"With that?" Tomar laughed." Against magic?"

Jayce pointed at three boulders on the cliff. "Watch this."

He pointed at the boulders with this blade. The sword began to glow. Suddenly a bolt of energy shot out and struck one of the boulders. It exploded into rubble and showered them with pebbles and dirt. Jayce smiled and put his weapon back into the scabbard.

"That's some sword!!!" Tomar said brushing off the dust.

Thanks. Jandar enchanted it." He said. "So you don't have to watch me."

"Yes I do." Tomar told him. "That's what I promised, that's what I I'll do."

Jayce threw up his hands in exasperation. "Then how do we eat?" He asked.

'I CAN HUNT.' Shine sent to them. They both looked up at him. Jayce laughed.

"What rabbits, mice?" He said through his mirth.


Shine leaped into the air winging his way higher. As he rose he grew to his full height and length. He flew around then landed on the cliff.


"I'm impressed." Jayce said. "That settles it. Shine can hunt, and you can protect me."


Leaping off the cliff, Shine flew out over the bay then turned back into the forest.

Deep in the forest a large group of men in black armor sat in trees and watched Jayce and Tomar as Shine flew off. Denner Ralson lead the group. He had been a captain in the house of Whitlock. His family had protected the Whitlock royal family for generations. He hated what he was doing now. This Polan was evil and Denner had little choice but to do as he was ordered. No matter how hard he fought he was being controlled by the poison, the pain, and Polan's will. With him, he kept men of Maveta. Loyal men. They were determined to find a way to break away from Polan and fight him. Denner climbed down and walked to the tent he used for his command post. He was a very tall handsome man with short blond hair. He walked tall like a soldier should. All his men respected him. Standing in front of his tent was his most trusted aid, Corrin Ajakk. Corrin was waiting on Denner to find out what their orders were. Denner walked up to Corrin and handed him the glasses that he had been using.

"Well?" Corrin asked. "Do we grab him?"

"Quiet!!" Denner pointed at Pelic. "We can't let him know we're not gonna do what that black hearted bastard wants."

He ushered Corrin into the tent. They sat at the table to talk.

"But you have to know the pain will be back." Denner said. "We're gonna have to take the pain and stay away from Polan. If we get near him, he'll be able to control us again."

"I watched him kill the king and the royal family." Corrin said. "It was the worst day of my life. I was in the throne room and there was nothing I could do. I was on the floor writhing in pain when that bastard came in."

"Stop!!" Denner said. "Don't relive it. We're going to have enough pain soon enough."

"I can't help it." Corrin got up and walked around. "That's what I see when I close my eyes."

"That's why we have to fight this." Denner told his friend. He got up and stopped Corrin's pacing.

"Prince Shayn is in Winterhaven, we have to get to him, protect him and see if there's anyone in that city that can cure us."

"But first we have to get rid of..."

Just then the tent flaps opened and Pelic walked in. He looked at Denner and Corrin then smiled.

"I trust everything is going as planned?" He said.

Pelic came over and sat in Denners seat.

"Polan wants the winged man in his camp as soon as possible. When do we move?"

"As soon as you get out of my tent and let me get ready."

Denner folded his arms and waited. Corrin looked at him with such contempt.

"Have a care, Captain." Pelic said. "I have Polan's trust. Do you?"

"I follow my lord's orders to the letter." Denner said. "But I see you and he are on a first name basis. I'm sure he will enjoy that you think him your equal."

The madness in Pelic's eyes blazed bright. He was so mad a spell was on his lips. He wanted to send fire burning through both of the soldiers in front of him. But Polan wouldn't like that.

"Be ready to move in half an hour." Pelic pushed his way past them and out of the tent.

"He must be taken care of tonight. Or all is lost." Denner said.

"What do you want to do?" Corrin moved closer.

"Here's what we will do." Denner said.

Shine had come back with a buck to eat. Tomar butchered it cut out steaks. Jayce had found some wild vegetables to go with it. The smell of the food cooking was mouthwatering. They talked as they ate. Shine was back to his small form.

"So, Shine." Jayce asked. "How come you never take your human form?"


"You don't miss being human?" He asked.


"You were powerful?" Tomar asked as he finished off his meal.


"Is there any magic left?" Tomar asked.


Shine turned and twisted his claws. Rocks rose up and flew through the air. With a flick of his claw the rocks turned into butterflies.

"Do you smell that Shine?" Tomar got up and looked around.


Shine flew off into the trees. He wanted height in case he had to grow. Jayce pulled his sword to be ready if something happened. Four men walked out of the trees dressed in black armor, all four armed. Then Jayce turned his head and saw Pelic walk out.

"My winged friend, we meet again," Pelic smiled as he walked toward him.

"What do you want?" Jayce asked, holding his sword out.

"A friend of mine wants to meet you." Pelic said. "I'm going to bring you to meet him."

Shine swooped down and roared. Tomar shifted to Blaze. Jayce stood between them.

"You know what?" Pelic said. "I have a spell that can incapacitate any dragon. They will be dead and you will be our prisoner. Say goodbye to your friends."

Pelic raised his hands to cast his spell. Jayce's sword began to glow, when suddenly they heard a smack sound. A surprised look came over Pelic's face. He fell forward flat on his face out cold. Behind him stood a soldier with a mace.

"I've wanted to do that since I first met him." He said smiling.

"What the hell?" Jayce yelled. Two men in black armor walked out. Jayce, Blaze and Shine stood ready to battle them. The two men dropped their weapons and held up their hands. Jayce , Blaze and Shine looked at each other puzzled as to what was going on. One man walked forward to face Jayce. Both Blaze and Shine could reach out and make a meal of him if they wanted. This man was brave.

"My name is Captain Denner Ralson." He said.

"This is Lt Corrin Ajakk. We were members of the Maveta Royal guard. We need your help."

"With what?" Jayce asked.

"To save our prince and our home." Corrin said.

Blaze shifted back to human form. Shine reduced in size.

"How can we help?" Jayce asked resheathing his sword and holding out his hand. Denner took his hand and shook it. Tomar held out his hand for Corrin. He hesitated for a second then reached out and grasped his hand.

"We need to get to Prince Shayn." He said. "But we can't enter the city. There are others there that will know us. They will know we betrayed Polan."

"POLAN!!!!!" Jayce and Blaze shouted.

"You know him?" Denner asked.

"Yeah we know him. He poisoned our brother. He's been chasing us for a long time." Jayce told him. "I have to talk to the others. I need to know what's going on in Winterhaven."

Jayce turned to Tomar. "Call Rage please. See what's happening there."

Denner and Corrin looked at each other. What did he mean call Rage?

"Who's Rage?" Denner asked.

"He's our King." Tomar said. "And he's coming here to meet you."

"Then they found the last one?" Jayce asked.

"And its merged. Rage says Gabriel glows." Blaze smiled

"Why is he coming here? Denner asked.

"You asked for our help just a minute ago." Jayce told him. "He and Jandar are the ones to ask. Have a seat, they won't be long."

"They are in Winterhaven?" Corrin asked.

"Yes." Jayce said as he sat down.


"Winterhaven is two days away." He said. "How can they be here anytime soon?"

Jayce looked at Blaze, then they both burst out in laughter. He spread his wings and started to flap. He rose into the air and hovered there. Denner and Corrin watched in amazement as Jayce moved around. The wind from his wings blew back there hair and swept the leaves and debris all around.

"Did you think my wings were just for show?" He called out as he landed and walked up to the pair of soldiers. "You saw my friends there. They're dragons with wings and everything. He breathes fire. It won't take them long to fly here. So rest for the time being."

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