Castle Roland

The Dragons of Keanna

by Jandar Tyr


Chapter 8

Published: 20 Aug 15

The Dragons of Keanna

Copyright © By Jandar Tyr

The Healing

After leaving Winterhaven, Rage winged his way toward the Golden Cliffs. Jandar rode on his back. Gabriel flew next to him, his magical glow was very powerful. Rage could never have found a better person to merge with his egg. He could tell this boy was brave. Gabriel wouldn't have chosen him if he wasn't. On the other side of him flew the twins carrying Dreik and Sarah. Rage knew Jandar was in a hurry to get to Ono in the cave. They would; he promised go there next. But he had to talk to these men. Something had to be done about Polan. Here was where plans could be made.

The sun was just beginning to rise as the cliffs came into view. Rage began to drop down and the rest followed. Shine sat clutching the edge waiting for them. He roared a welcome as they came in.

Gabriel, being the smallest, landed first. He folded his wings and walked in, then shifted to human form. Gabriel was dressed in gray leather and boots. Rage followed him in to land, then all the others.

"We have visitors, I hear." Rage said as he and Jandar walked toward Jayce. "Introduce us, please."

"Denner Rolson and Corrin Ajakk, this is Rage, King of the Keanna Dragon Clan and Prince Jandar Tyr of the Dark Wolf Clan."

Both Jandar and Rage held out there hands for the two solders to shake. They both stepped up and bowed to them.

"We are honored to meet you, and beg for your help."

A look of pain was on both their faces as they bowed.

"How can we help you?" Rage asked them.

"Our country has been invaded by a dark evil man. He killed our royal family, took out people and infected them with his sickness. There's hardly food in Maveta now. Our children are kept strong enough to work to raise food for his army. The men were all sent to fight for him. This sickness makes us do what he commands. If he were near, I couldn't make this request of you."

"We will do what we can for you." Rage said. "You said something about your prince?"

"Yes Prince Shayn." Denner continued. "He's somewhere in Winterhaven. He was in school. Now he's being hunted by others in black armor. We have to get him out and make sure he's safe."

"Denner." Rage said. "I want to introduce you to someone. Gabriel, please come over here."

A young boy dressed in gray looked up. He had been talking to Shine. Showing him finger movements for magic use.

"Coming." He called. He ran over and stopped in front of them.

"These men are looking for their Prince." Jandar smiled." You might know them."

"DENNER, CORRIN!!!!" He jumped into their arms. "I'M SO GLAD TO SEE YOU BOTH!!"


Together they hugged, all three of them. Tears rolled down his young face as he held his friends. At that moment, Shayn felt the sickness in them. It was a black horrid pain that ran all through their bodies.

"You're both sick!" He said. "What happened? No I know. It's Polan. I can feel it just like the others."

"Yes, He did this to us." Corrin said. "And everybody else at home."

"I can heal this." Shayn said. "I can make you both better."

"How?" Denner asked.

"I'm one of them, now." He told his friends. "A dragon. Let me heal you."

Shayn loved them both. They had protected him and his family all his life. There was nothing he wouldn't do to help them. Shayn took a deep breath, then sent it at their faces. Both men inhaled his breath. Their eyes rolled back and there knees buckled, then they fell to the ground. Jayce ran to the two men, worried.

"Are they alright?"

"They're going to be fine. I cured them." Shayn said. "The poison won't ever hurt them again."

Then something caught his attention. A smell.

"What is that I smell?" He said. He looked around. There was a man on the ground.

"What?" Jandar asked.

"Him." Shayn pointed.

"Pelic?" Rage said. "I knew he would try something." Rage fumed.

He had tried to grab Jayce. He would roast him. He grabbed him and lifted him with one arm.

"He burns, now!!" Rage inhaled.

"NOO!!" Shayn said. "He's been poisoned, too. He's not responsible he's being controlled. I can help him. Lower him."

Rage did as Shayn asked. He held Pelic out for Shayn. He breathed in his face. Pelic coughed and fell asleep as Rage dropped him.

"Rage." Jandar said. He took his hand. "I have to take him to Ono now."

"I know, love. I'll call Gird. He can lead you to the cave." Rage kissed him. "Hurry back."

Rage called out to Gird and he came immediately. Rage told him to take them to the cave.

"Of course," Gird bowed. "Shayn take our hands."

He held out his hand for him. All three linked hands.


They vanished and reappeared in the cave next to Ono. There he slept all red faced. His breathing was labored. Jandar knelt down and wiped his face.

"Polan did this." He said. "Can you help him?"

"Yes I can." Shayn said. "Hold him up."

Jandar took his brother in his arms and held him.

"I can heal most with my breath." Shayn said. "But he needs more. I can feel how sick he is. I'm going to give him my blood."

He put his finger in his mouth and bit himself until he began to bleed.

"Open his mouth." Shayn held out his finger. Jandar opened his mouth and Shayn dropped a few drops in his mouth. Ono's face lost the red color and his breathing cleared almost instantly. Ono let out a sigh. The fever was gone. Jandar knew at that moment that he would be fine. He hugged him and rocked back and forth.

"Jandar." Shayn said. "There's dragon in him now. Open your mouth."

"What?" Jandar asked.

"Rage wants me to do this for you and Jayce, too." Shayn said. "It will make you immune to Polan's poison, for one thing."

Without another word, Jandar opened his mouth and Shayn dropped the blood into his mouth. A warm feeling began to spread through him. Jandar began to feel stronger. He looked down as Ono's eyes opened.

"Anything to eat?" He said looking around and saw Jandar then the handsome blond boy in grey leather. "I'm hungry. Jandar? Who's he? He's cute."

Jandar laughed and Shayn joined in.

"What's so funny?" Ono asked sitting up.

"Nothing. We're just glad you're OK." Jandar told his brother. "This is Shayn, one of our new Dragons."

"Aiya Shayn."

"Shayn, My brother Onacio."

"Ono, please." Ono gave Jandar that look as he and Shayn shook hands. "I hate that name."

"Wow this place is amazing." Shayn said. "Look at all the dragons!!!"

"Uncles and aunts." Jandar told him.

"This isn't Polan's work. At least I don't sense his poison." Shayn held out his hand to feel the magic in the room. He didn't feel Polan anywhere. But he did feel something. All the dragons were missing something that was vital to their survival."

"It's the Dragon Spirit. And it is Polan's work. Just not his hand." Gird said. "We stole it. That's what started this whole thing. That's why I'm here protecting this place. My brother and I were selfish, looking to get rich. Now he's dead, the dragons can't wake up and Polan is free and destroying everything he touches."

"It seems like a lonely place." Shayn said.

"It is." Gird looked down. "It's my prison."

"That's not true." Jandar stopped him. "Rage didn't mean for it to be a prison, Gird. He chose you because he saw a bit of the dragon spirit in you. But if you feel alone, maybe I can help."

"How?" Gird asked.

"Well I can't wake their bodies, but maybe I can wake their minds so you're not alone." Jandar summoned his staff and settled down next to Ono.

"I would be so grateful for the company." Gird smiled. Jandar rose up off the ground and held out his staff. The level of magic in the room began to rise. Gold began to float around the room. Deep in concentration, Jandar formulated his spell.


All around him Gird began to feel minds stir and waken. One by one they began to greet him. Gird smiled and thanked them telling each of them how glad he was to make their acquaintance.


"I hear them!!!" Gird said. "Thank you so much. i will always be in your debt."

"Thank you for caring for my brother." He said. " Come, you two. We have to get back to Rage."

"Good bye, Gird." Shayn said." Thank you."

Ono shook his hand then walked over to join Jandar.

"Call if you need me." Gird said.

With a sweeping of his staff they were gone.

Jandar, Shayn and Ono reappeared at the campsite. There were many people here now. All Denner's troops laying around suffering from Polan's sickness. Jandar looked at Shayn.

"I think Gabriel will be needed here." Jandar said.

"Looks like I have some more healing to do."

Shayn shifted to Gabriel and roared. He walked through the crowd using his breath on the solders, healing them all as he went. Rage ran up to them and hugged Ono.

"I'm so glad to see you up." Rage said. He ruffled his hair and laughed. "We all missed you."

"Oh, stop it." Ono smiled. "I'm hungry. Where's the food?"

"Go see Tomar. He'll feed you and you can meet the others."

"Alright." Ono ran off to find Tomar and eat. Rage took Jandar in his arms and kissed him deeply. There arms wrapped around each other with passion. Everyone looked at them and smiled

"I guess you missed me." Jandar said.

"Yes, I did." Rage still held him. "That and to thank you for what you did for my brothers and sisters in the cave. They're aware again so thank you." They kissed again.

"So what's going on here?" Jandar asked.

"Gabriel is healing the rest of the solders. We were waiting for the two of you to get back before we started. There are many things to talk about."

Rage and Jandar walked through the camp. Blaze cooked on a large fire. Someone had hunted and caught more then enough food to feed everybody. The soldiers that were awake ate as best they could. Polan's sickness made it hard for them to eat. But Gabriel's cure was going to fix that. None of these men would suffer from this sickness again. Ono was busy eating with Dreik and Jayce hovering around him. I doubt you could get Jayce away from him now with a sword. Denner had had his whole camp moved here. They had begun clearing away trees. Rage explained that they were going to build a compound here. This was to become their headquarters. Nautica was swimming in the bay while she waited. The twins were resting. Jandar looked up and saw Insa flying in, leaving a trail of smoke as he moved. Denner and Corrin came walking toward them, behind them walked Pelic, looking very confused and sorry for what he had tried to do.

"Rage, we have men patrolling the woods all around the camp. Shine is with them. He'll contact you if there's any problems. The compound will be up in a few days." Corrin told them. "We're going to try and keep a few men here all the time to protect this settlement."

"Greetings Jandar." Denner said." How's your brother?"

"He's there eating by Jayce. His new bodyguard." Jandar pointed.

In his gray robes Insa walked over to them. He nodded greeting them all.

"I have news from Winterhaven." He said.

"Call everybody together." Rage told Denner." It's time to plan."

"As you wish." Denner and Corrin ran off to carry out Rage's orders. They sent someone person to person, to tell them all of the meeting. Soon the whole camp was assembled. Rage looked out at all the people he now had to command. This was new to him. Commanding dragons was totally different. That, he could do with a thought.

'Jandar, I'm really going to need your help doing this.' He sent. 'I'm not used to commanding so many.'

'I'll be at your side, always.' He heard back.

"Gentleman And Ladies, To anyone here that doesn't know who I am or my family here. I am Rage. King of the Keanna's dragon's. These are my children. In red beside me is Blaze. In green Gaia, in blue Nautica, in purple Ariel, in tan Cutter, and in white, Gabriel. The little golden one is Shine. We are dragons. To my right, Princes Jandar and Ono Tyr. We are all here because of a menace that plagues our homes. A very evil man who has destroyed your homes and families. Polan Dressek, The necromancer. He is very powerful, and he is also a dragon."

Everyone looked at each other not sure what that meant.

"What does that mean? It means that it's going to take us all to defeat him. You won't be able to do this yourself no matter how big an army you can get. And we can't do it without your help. It will take all of us to bring him down. There's one thing I'm going to need from all of you here. That's trust. Doubt at the wrong time can give him what he needs to win. None of you are suffering from his sickness anymore. That's a good thing. Most of you men are from Maveta. I promise you now, we will free your home and your people and cure any that need it. Why you ask? Gabriel stand with me please."

Shayn walked over and stood with Rage. There was a lot of commotion as the men recognized him. His name was called out many times, some men went to their knee.

"You recognize him? This is Prince Shayn of Maveta. He is one of us, and I will protect him with my life. So will the rest of them and I hope all of you will, too." Rage pointed to the other dragons. "So now it's up to you all. Will you fight with us as we all fight for you? What say you?"

The men looked around, some talking to each other. Voices getting louder. Then a man stepped out of the crowd. He reached back and unbuckled his black armor, then threw it on the fire as black flames burst into the air. Then he took out his sword and stepped up to Rage and Shayn and laid it at their feet and bowed to them.

"I will fight for you." He said. "For my king and homeland."

Cheers went up from the crowd. One man after another came up and swore their allegiance to Rage and Shayn and tore off Polan's armor. Shayn looked up to Rage. A tear rolled down from his eye.

'I meant what I said to you and to them.' He sent to Shayn. 'We will free your home and destroy Polan. That, I swear to everyone.'

'Thank you.' Shayn smiled at him in relief.

After the meeting broke up, Rage had Denner and Corrin, Pelic, and Insa stay. They all sat around a fire to plan.

"We need to know exactly what's going on. Where Polan is and where are his armies. We need to know where he's going next. How big his army is. And we need to get the Dragon Spirit from him. It's a source of power for him. And our brothers need it back."

"What is this Dragon Spirit." Denner asked.

"It's the magical spirit of any dragon clan." Insa said. "All clans have one. It's composed of a bit of every dragon in that clan. Without it?"

Every dragon at the table knew the answer to that question. The humans didn't need that information.

"The clan is destroyed." Insa said looking from dragon to dragon.

"So, any ideas?" Rage asked.

"Yes." Jandar said. "Jayce, I want you to go have a look at the battle lines. You have the best vision here, you can map it for us. You still have the clasp I gave you?

Jayce pushed back the fold of his cloak to reveal the gold clasp on his arm. He tapped it two times and became invisible. Two more and he was visible again.

"Good. That will keep you hidden." Rage said as he paced along the circle." How do we find Polan?"

"You won't find him during the day." Corrin said." He hates sunlight. We're not sure. It might kill him."

"He's weaker in sunlight." Cutter said. "But it won't kill him. As a dragon or a man. He just prefers the night."

"Then how do we find him?" Rage said.

"I can locate him." Cutter said.

"How?" Asked Jandar.

"He's the center of all this fear. It's like a fog with him in the center" He said. "To me, he's going to shine like the sun."

"How close will you have to get?" Jandar asked.

"Well, I can tell you right now, he's southwest. At least a week away by horse. Three days if you fly." Cutter said. "But I can make an exact position within a half mile."

"Cutter, He might be able to detect you." Jandar told him. "His necromantic abilities might be able to close in on your fear abilities."

"That's possible. Cutter said.

'I CAN GO RIGHT TO HIM.' Shine sent.

"What do you mean?" Rage asked.

'IN MY GHOST FORM, I'M ATTUNED TO HIM.' Shine jumped onto Rage's shoulder.

"Will he detect you?" Jandar asked.


"YOU CAN'T!!" Rage said to his father with force. "SO EVEN IF YOU SEE THE PERFECT CHANCE. DON'T TRY IT!! THAT'S AN ORDER!!"


"There's one more thing I was thinking." Rage told them. "And only one of us can do it. That's you, Pelic."

Pelic looked up. He had been sitting quietly through the council meeting still ashamed of himself.

"What can I do for you?" He said.

"Can you get close to him and watch him?" Rage stood in front of him.

"Won't he notice I've been cured?" Pelic asked He was scared. What the poison did to him he didn't like. Pelic was known to be dark, but Polan scared him. He knew that even if he was on Polan's side. sooner or later, Polan would dispose of him. Painfully.

"No." Gabriel said. "I took the poison from you. I can change it so you won't feel pain or be at his command, and give it back to you."

Pelic turned white at the thought of having that in him again. But he knew he had to help them.

"Don't worry, Pelic." Gabriel said to him. "It won't be able to hurt you. It's just going to be enough so he feels it in you."

"I'll do it. Pelic said.

"Shine will be there with you. He can advise us. If you feel threatened. Get clear and get away." Rage said kneeling in front of him. "Understand?"

"Yes." He said. "Rage, I'm sorry for what I tried to do. I can't blame Polan for all my action. But I can promise I'll never do anything against any of you again."

"Your forgiven, Pelic." He shook his hand. "This is a second chance for you. But you'll have to earn our trust."

"I will." Pelic assured him. "I promise."

"Then learn all you can from him, and about his necromancy." Jandar said. "I need to know all I can, to fight him. If you can get into his library, check out his books carefully. Both of you look for the spirit."

"Now, any news?" Rage asked.

"Yes." Insa stood up. "Winterhaven has been overrun with Polan's soldiers. It's not an invasion force, but the city is in peril, and the council is being neutral in this war."

"Damn!!" Ariel said. "I knew we should have done something."

"If you had," Insa said. "The council would have objected. Now I have their permission to act. But you understand, if we get caught, the council will do nothing, they might even have to raise an objection. They can't be seen as taking a side in this."

"Guess we just became vigilantes." Blaze said. "I'll gather a few groups to patrol the city."

"Fine." Rage said. "But I want our men out of the black armor. Denner, you and Corrin are in on this. No major battles in the streets."

"What do you want us to do with the men once we stomp them?" Denner asked.

"We cure them." Gabriel said. "Bring them back here. We need the men. Remember, it's Polan's disease that's making them do these things. Once they're cured, we'll see. Any that want to join us can."

"Yes." Rage said. "We're building barracks and a place for us to gather. That's it for now. Any questions?"

No one spoke up.

"Let's get to it."

They all get up to leave. Denner walked up to Jandar.

"Can I talk to you?" He said.

"Yes you can." Jandar told him.

"I want to ask a favor of you." Denner said. "It's not an easy one."

"What is it?" They sat down by the fire.

"I'm not important here. I feel like there's nothing I can really do." Denner said. "Being a dragon, Prince Shayn won't be needing my protection any more. And I'll help in any way to fight for Maveta, believe me."

"Denner, What are you asking me?" Jandar asked him.

"Corrin and I want to join you and Rage." He said.

"You have joined." Jandar assured him. "There's going to be plenty for you. You're our General. You will command the troops, both of you."

"That's not what I mean." He said. "I want to be a dragon like you and the rest. I want that power to help others."

"I'm not a dragon." Jandar told him smiling.

"But King Rage said you were." Denner was puzzled. Rage had said they were all dragons. How can Jandar deny it now?

"He said they were dragons. Jayce, my brother and I are different. "


"Watch." Jandar stepped back and threw back his head and howled.

"AWRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" He shifted to man-wolf form. His fur glistened black, his teeth grew to canines. A tail and claws grew. Denner stepped back a little shocked and afraid. A werewolf!!! Jandar bowed to him and Denner realized he's not a wild animal. The legends were not true. Jandar shifted back.

"Understand?" He said.

"Yes, I do." He sat back down.

"How did you become a werewolf?"

"Ono and I were born wolfen." Jandar told him. "Our father is King of one of the largest wolfen clans, a long way from here."

"And Jayce and the wings?" Denner asked.

"The wings were a gift." He told him.

"From who?" Denner looked at him, he didn't understand.

"Denner, I'm a werewolf and a master mage." Jandar said. "There are things I don't know or want to know. Jayce is my brother, not by blood, but by an even stronger bond. Friendship. I'm not investigating what happened to him unless it's necessary. As for becoming a dragon?"

He threw his arm around Denner's shoulder.

"You never know, You might even grow wings." They walked off laughing.

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