Castle Roland

The Dragons of Keanna

by Jandar Tyr


Chapter 11

Published: 10 Sept 15

The Dragons of Keanna

Copyright © By Jandar Tyr

The Chameleon Ring

Ardia is a very hostile place. Filled with wild animals of a like no one's seen before, very magical and dangerous. And Orcs, many tribes, and always fighting each other. Fighting over land and food and females and anything that one could take from another. Wars were fought here over a buck or some other animal that some hunting Orcs were after. It's not that there's not enough to eat, they just loved to fight and kill. The strongest Orc ruled each tribe and could be challenged at any time, even in his sleep. This is the place Rage and Jandar sent Blaze, Cutter and Denner after the first of the Dragon Talismans. Insa had explained that the Chameleon Ring would be found in Ardia. The smoke dragon had said it would be in a tomb. The tomb of an ancient king of Ardia by the name of Navar Ren in an old abandoned human city.

They arrived in Ardia early in the morning. Denner rode on Blaze's back as they flew in with Cutter beside him.

"Do you see a city?" Denner asked.

[No, not yet.] Blaze sent as they landed in a clearing in the dense forest.

Denner climbed down then the dragons made the shift to human form.

"Do you sense anything Cutter?" Blaze asked.

"Oh yes." He said. "These Orcs may be fierce, but it seems they live in a constant state of fear of each other."

"What about the city?" Denner asked. "How far away is it?"

Cutter sent out a probe to find it. A small part of his consciousness sped out and Cutter could feel the surrounding area. The forest was dense and he sensed many Orcs and strange animals around them. There were Orc villages out there, he could feel them. There it was. Many miles to the east of where they were now.

"I found it!" Cutter said. "It's east of us. And we can't fly there. That will bring every Orc in Ardia after us."

"Then we walk." Blaze said as he pushed his way into the thick bush..

Together they started walking east. It was hot in this forest and strange insects and birds flew about. Denner spotted a bird with four wings and pointed it out to the others.

"I wonder why the animals are so weird here." Denner asked.

"I think it's the Ring." Cutter said. "I can feel it even now. Its magic is very powerful."

"Wait!" Blaze stopped. "We're immune to strong magic. But you're not." He said to Denner.

"I doubt if it will affect him in any way." Cutter told them. "He'll have to be in contact with it for a long period of time. These animals have lived here for all their lives and that's why theyre affected."

"I don't really care." Denner said. "We need to do this and quick. If Polan finds it I can't imagine what he will do."

"Then let's go." They started walking again with Cutter in the lead. Pushing through bushes and climbing hills, it was hard work. Cutter stopped as he heard something.

"What is it?" Blaze asked. He moved up to Cutter.

"There's something over there." Cutter pointed to a wall of bushes.

They backed up a bit for room to fight. But Cutter didn't move. His senses told him what was there. Then they heard a roar and something lunged out. Blaze inhaled, ready to use his flame on whatever it was.


Cutter held up his hand to stop Blaze. Before them stood a large cat, but not like any cat any of them had ever seen before. It was like a tiger, only it didn't have fur. It had scales and a forked tongue. A reptilian cat. It roared again and slowly advanced toward them hissing.

"Let me kill it Cutter." Blaze called to him. "Get out of the way."

"Quiet!!" Cutter stepped forward holding out his hand for the beast to smell. Denner tried to push forward with his sword drawn and the beast roared again.

[Peace brothers.] Cutter sent. [It won't harm me and you're scaring it.]

The beast walked forward and sniffed Cutters hand, and then it purred as it pushed its muzzle against his hand to be petted. Its tongue wrapped around his hand. Cutter hugged the beast and rubbed its neck and laughed.

"I'll call it Cheshire, it's very intelligent." Cutter told them.

"It's scary too" Denner said. Cheshire walked over to Blaze and Denner and sniffed them both then he rubbed against their legs.

"See." Cutter smiled. "He likes you both."

"What do we do with him?" Blaze asked.

"Well, He knows this forest. He can lead us to the city."

Cheshire roared.

"He says there are Orcs near. They hunt him. And there are others here too. I think they're Polan's men."

"Where?" Denner asked. Cheshire roared.

"To the south and moving toward the city." Cutter told them.

"You understand him?" Denner said.

"Yeah, I've always had a way with animals. Now, I can understand them completely." Cutter ran his hand along Cheshire's back. Cheshire started to move off to the east then looked back and growled.

"He wants us to follow him. Let's go."

Cheshire and Cutter dashed off into the forest followed by Blaze and Denner.

After flying in and landing on the coast of Ardia they got ready to move inland. Terror was a huge jet black horse. So black it seemed to swallow light. Its eyes were like flames in the night, it was tall with sharp cloven hooves. His tail was that of a whip, a cat o nine tails able to peel the skin off any living creature. Terror's hide was as tough as armor and just as strong, and he flew with two massive demon bat wings. One look from the eyes of this creature could freeze one in place as it devoured them. Taren and Terror were bonded by blood. Polan controlled it with magic, but in Taren, Terror found a soul that was close to its own heart. They would be together from this day until their last days of life.

[Terror, We walk from here on.] Taren sent to his steed. [This is a dangerous place.]

[NOT FOR US.] Terror said to his bonded one. [THERES NOTHING HERE THAT CAN HARM US.]

[I know.] Taren took off the bridle and saddle and put them aside.

[But we want to come in quiet. If we fly, all will see us coming. You hunt while I'm away. I'll call when I need you.]

[I WILL STAY CLOSE.] Terror took off into the forest to hunt. [I WILL BE NEAR BROTHER.]

Together they walked into the forest. There were strange noises all around them, Taren could feel eyes on them. He could sense that there were others watching them. Then things came out and attacked. Orcs were everywhere. With clubs and heavy swords and spears. The Four Shadows battled the Orcs. Graym flexed his arm and sent his deadly feathers flying at a group of advancing Orcs, they fell to the ground bleeding. His feathers had a paralyzing effect on them. Taren slashed his way through them and Velusia burned them as an acid cloud. Opening his cloak, Pelic commanded Shadow beasts to attack. Six came running out and tore into the Orcs. Unable to fight the magic of the Four, the Orcs turned and ran into the forest. They would be back later with more.

"Ok, " Graym said. "We have a break. Let's find this talisman. Which way Taren?"

Taren opened up the map and studied it.

It seemed they were to the south of the place they needed to be.

"We go north." Taren told them.

"Then let's go." Velusia took off into the air.

"Come back here." Pelic yelled.

She rose above the trees and suddenly she was attacked by large insects. She screamed and tried to bat them away but there were too many. They were trying to sting her. Quickly she became smoke that burned their wings but still that came. Velusia made her way back down to the others and the insects flew off. It seemed they attack anything in the air.

"That's the last time you will disobey." Pelic told her. "You do as we say, when we say. Understand?"

"Or?" She stood there with her hands on her hip. "You can't hurt me. I'll just become smoke and take off and do this alone."

"Will you?" Pelic held out his hands and clapped them together. Velusia froze in place solid. She couldn't move, or dissolve to smoke. Her eyes widened as she realized the state she was in. Pelic walked over to her and whispered in her ear.

"I could put you down right here and now. And I don't have a problem with that." Pelic said. "It's up to you."

Pelic released her and she relaxed.

"I will do as you say." She said.

"Can we get moving? "Graym turned to Taren.

"Which way?"

Taren's hunting abilities gave him the knowledge of where he was at all times. Once he oriented on something or someone, he couldn't lose them. He pointed in a northern direction and they moved on.

After speeding through the forest, the dragons came out following Cheshire. The dead city was huge and old. There were crumbling towers and a long wall surrounding the city. The walls had big gaping holes where the Orcs used battering rams to get in. The people that lived here must have been overrun by Orcs and taken. That means they were eaten. Orcs don't take prisoners, they take meat.

"Here it is." Denner said. He started to walk out and Cheshire grabbed his arm.

"What?" he said. Cutter grabbed him and covered his mouth.

"Orcs." Cutter pointed out movement in the distance.. There was a group of Orcs out by the city gates. Cutter wondered if the city was full of them.

"Before we go in I want to see how many are in there." Cutter told them.

"How?" Denner asked.

"Their fear." He said. "It shines like a beacon."

Cutter sat down and cast out his mind to feel the fear in the city. Spreading through the city he located every Orc in every corner awake or asleep. There were many. This was going to be tough. Using his abilities Cutter searched for the tomb. Being a king's tomb, he figured it would be one of the biggest in the cemetery. He found two that fit the description.

"I think I found it." Cutter rose up and told his comrades.

"How do we get in?" Blaze asked.

"We fight." Denner said pulling his sword.

"No." Cutter said. "There are too many. We couldn't do it."

"Then how?" Denner re sheathed his sword.

"I'll scare them out." Cutter said.

"You think it will work?" Blaze asked.

"I've seen their fear." Cutter said. "Orcs are bold in numbers, but I'll put something in their minds that will make them run and hide. Don't worry I'll keep broadcasting as we move. But we better hurry."

Cutter closed his eyes and concentrated. Blaze and Denner watched the Orcs in the distance. Suddenly they started screaming and running into the forest. A few seconds later many more came out. They ran over each other trying to get away. Many were trampled to death in their panic.

"Let's go." Cutter called out as he and Cheshire began to run toward the gates. All together they ran in. They saw other Orcs, but none paid them any attention. The closer Cutter came to them the worse their fear. Some died of fright when they came too close to them.

"What are they seeing?" Blaze asked as they ran.

"Cheshire." Cutter said. "Five times bigger than Rage in dragon form ripping through them. This way."

Vegetation over grew the city and the smell of the Orcs was horrible. Bones litter the ground they ran over and no other animals could be seen. Soon, Cutter found the cemetery he was looking for.

"There, the two tombs." He said. "Denner check them out. ”The kings name was Naver Ran."

Denner ran over and checked the one on the left. It was Navar's queen, Lessa.

"It's the other one." He said. Blaze went to the other tomb. It read Naver Ran and had a golden crown on the door. He tried the door. It was rusted stuck, it wouldn't budge. Blaze shifted to dragon form an butted the door with his head. The door crashed in. Cutter sat down exhausted from the effort of projecting fear. But he had to keep it up or the Orcs hiding in the city would come out.

"Cutter you stay here." Blaze told him. "Denner and I will get it."

Quickly the pair ran in. The tomb consisted of four rooms. The furthest one in would hold the body. The rooms were filled with all kinds of treasure. They ignored it and kept going. They weren't there for that. The last room was the largest of them all. There they found the sarcophagus of Navar Ran. It was beautiful, made of gold and silver with many large ruby's and diamonds on it. On the cover, Navar Ran's image was carved. Denner tried to push it open. It was too heavy for him.

"It's a good thing this room is so large." Blaze said. "Stand back."

Again Blaze took his dragon form. He walked up to the coffin and gripped it with his claws. Then with a hard pull he lifted the cover.

[Get it.] He sent to Denner.

Denner looked into the coffin and saw the dead king. On his finger was a glowing ring.

"Forgive us my lord." Denner said. "But we have need of this."


Denner's eyes opened wide as the hand thrust out to him. He took the ring from the finger.


"Thank you your highness." Denner said to the dead king "I will do as you say."

"Let's go." They ran out and back to Cutter.

"Blaze." Denner said as they emerged and met up with Cutter. "Did you hear that?"

"What?" He asked.

"The King talked to you." Cutter said as he stood. "I heard him. We should hurry."

"Yes." Denner said. "He told me to protect the land."

"We know you will." Cutter told him. "But we need to go. Polan's people are coming."

"I think we should fight them." Denner told them.

"Denner. I know you're eager to fight Polan. But this is not the time or the place." Cutter said. "To fight them, I'll have to drop the fear I'm projecting. then we'll have to fight them and the Orcs. We won't win. We need to go now."

Cutter tried to get up and fell back. Blaze rushed to his side to help him.

"We need to go now." Cutter tried to shift to dragon, but he was to weak. "Polan's men are close."

"CUTTER!" Blaze said. He shifted to dragon and put Cutter on his back.

[Climb on. Hurry!] Blaze sent.

"Can you fly with us both on your back?" Denner asked. Then he looked at Cheshire. "And what about Cheshire?"

[I don't know. We'll find out.] Blaze told him. [And we'll have to leave him. He'll be fine.]


Denner looked at the ring he held in his hand. This ring is supposed to give him the ability to change his form at will. Quickly he put the ring on. He needed to fly now like a dragon. Suddenly his body felt all tingly. It was like electricity ran through his body. He was changing! In seconds he was the twin of Blaze. He grabbed up Cheshire and took off into the air. Blaze looked at him in surprise and took off after him. Cutter relaxed as they flew into the clouds and were hidden. He dropped his fear projection releasing the Orcs.

[WHOA!!] Denner sent to them both. [This is what it's like! I love it!!]

Entering the city, the Four Shadows looked around. They knew what they were looking for. Polan had told them about Navar Ran and his tomb. All they had to do was find it and retrieve the object. So they searched the cemeteries for his tomb. As they searched Taren felt eyes on them. He knew something was about to happen. Slowly he drew his blades and made ready to fight. Navar's tomb was ahead. It was open. This is bad. Someone had been here.

"Taren." Pelic said. "Go check out the tomb."

He walked to the tomb door and noticed there was no dust around the edges of the door.

"This is recent." He said. "Someone's been in here recently."

"Go check it." Pelic told him. Mags sped into the tomb and found Navar's sarcophagus. It was open and the ring was gone. Mags sensed the dragons had been here. That was good. They got the ring. Mags went back and told Pelic. Minutes later Taren came back and told him the same news. Then Taren heard a noise, something moved in the building behind them. Then over to the left and the right. There were noises coming from all around them. And the smell of Orcs filled the air. They were surrounded.

"We have a problem." Taren said pulling his swords. "Orcs everywhere."

[Terror come!!] He sent out.


Graym looked around. He didn't see or hear the Orcs, but he knew Taren was right.

"The ring is gone. It's time to go." He said.

Suddenly an Orc came running at them. Before anyone could move, Terror flew over the wall and grabbed it by the shoulder. It screamed as Terror tore into it, and then tossed it aside. The demon horse quickly trotted over to Taren and he climbed on. Then they charged. Hundreds of Orcs came running toward them. All armed and ready to tear them apart. Velusia began to laugh as she became a cloud, her smoke began to cover them as she spread out and the Orcs ran into to her cloud.

[Go!] She said. [I'll hide you all.]

Terror took off and Graym spread his wings and launched himself skyward. Pelic became a shadow and floated up. Velusia's laugh could still be heard as they climbed higher.

[By the way.] They heard. [May I feed?]

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