Castle Roland

The Dragons of Keanna

by Jandar Tyr


Chapter 13

Published: 24 Sept 15

The Dragons of Keanna

Copyright © By Jandar Tyr

The Stormcatcher's Dagger

Of all the places in the world, this was the last place Jandar expected to find a dragon talisman. Tir Na, home of the Dark Wolf Clan and the place where Jandar was expelled from. Tir Na was a beautiful land, with great forests and lakes and his family. During the flight to Tir Na, Jandar explained to Rage why he had been banished. For loving a forbidden one. Rejek the vampire. He told him about his hatred for his father Drake, the man that ordered his love's death. Yes, Jandar knew about the hatred his people had for vampires. But Rejek had been a lone vampire meaning them no harm. He had been sent here as a punishment. His people wanted the werewolves to do just what his father had done. And what was his crime? Tolerance. Rejek wanted to end the hatred between the werewolves and the vampires. And he was right. No one even knew why they hated each other anymore. But Rejek died trying to bring peace to both their people. And Jandar was banished for helping and loving him.

"So now you know my sin." Jandar told Rage as they flew. "I just gave up and left. I swore to help anyone being oppressed, and we have. My brothers and I have done all we could to free people and help in any way we could."

[I know, love.] Rage sent to him. [I've seen what you will let me in your mind. Rejek was a good man. And he had the right ideas. Peace is the only way. Hate never works for anyone. But you said brothers? What happened to your other brother?]

"Tof?" He said. "He'll be there. He went home to help our sister Sharone. With all her brothers gone, she had no real protection. No one to fight for her honor and to keep suitors she denied from taking her against her will."

[Your father would stand for that?] Rage asked.

[It was my job to protect her. As I was banished, it fell to my younger brothers. Since they were with me. I had to send Christof back to protect her.]

[Have you heard anything from them?] Rage understood protecting your family, since that's how this all started.

"No.' Jandar told him. "But if there was anything Tof couldn't handle, he would have let me know. All I know is that they're safe, and Sharone will soon marry. It seems she has made her choice and Tof accepts whoever he is. Since I trust Tof, I won't interfere.]

"There it is!!" Ono called from Shayn's back." Tir Na!!"

Up ahead, Rage saw the most beautiful forest ever. It was even more amazing than the elf forest. High trees that spread out and reached for the sky. Below he could see a lake sparkling blue in the sun. From up here, Rage could see animals running through fields and in the forest. Jandar must miss this place. That's why he came. Banishment or not, he had to protect Tir Na. .Rage and Shayn came down and landed in a clearing by the lake. It was early afternoon and the Sun was high. Shayn looked around amazed at the beauty here.

"This is beautiful!!" Shayn said.

"It's home." Ono smiled.

"You miss it don't you?" He asked.

"Yeah, a little." Ono told him. "But I've seen wonderful places with Jandar, and met people I really like. People I hope like me, too."

Shayn blushed and smiled back it Ono. How does he say how much he likes Ono? Maybe I'll just tell him and get it over with.

"How do you want to do this?" Rage asked Jandar. "This one, you lead."

"Thanks." Jandar said. "I'll talk to Tof from here. I want Ono to take you and Shayn to talk to my father. He has the dagger. I've seen it."

"So have I." Ono said. "Why don't I go in first. I'll talk to father and Tof. I don't know how he will feel about dragons around. You know father."

"Stubborn." Jandar said.

"Just like you." Rage kissed Jandar and smiled.

"We'll wait for your call." Ono looked at Shayn. Shayn motioned him aside. They walked over beyond a near stand of trees.

"I want to go with you." He said.

"Why?" Ono asked.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Shayn said. "I don't want you alone here."

"You're worried?" Ono said smiling. "About me? This is my family I'm going to see. What could happen?"

"I don't know. That's what bothers me." Shayn told him.

"I'll be safe." Ono said as he reached over and touched Shayn's face. He turned to go.


Ono turned back to see what Shayn wanted. Shayn reached over and took his hand. He looked into Ono's brown eyes.

"You said before you hope people liked you. I do. I like you very much. There I said it."

Shayn turned away from Ono. He was afraid of what he might say next. He wanted to run right now and hide. Ono put his hand on Shayn's shoulder. He turned him back to face him. Then he pulled Shayn into his arms and kissed him. Shayn's eyes flew open, and then he settled into Ono's arms and the kiss. Rage and Jandar watched and smiled at them.

"They're growing up so fast. Rage said.


Jandar made a noise in his throat, then laughed as Rage nudged his arm. Shayn and Ono pulled apart smiling at each other.

"We'll finish this later." Ono kissed him again. "I'll be back."

Before Shayn could object, Ono shifted to wolf and was gone into the forest. Shayn sat and watched as he vanished from sight.

"You think he'll be OK?" He asked Jandar.

Jandar sat next to Shayn and hugged him.

"My Mother would never let anything happen to him." He said. "Nor I hope would father."

"I hope your right." Shayn watched the spot where Ono disappeared.

Asleep in the family manor, Tof dreamed of his brothers. They were running through a field chasing a pair of bucks. All three were running full speed as Tof suddenly felt something. A familiar feeling came over him. He knew this feeling. He sat up awake.

"They're back!!" He whispered.

Tof jumped out of bed and pulled on his pants and boots. He raced out of his room and ran to his parents' room. His Mother sat at the window staring out.

"Mother!!" He called to her. "Jandar and Ono are back!!"

She looked up in surprise. Could it be? Is he going to be the answer to her prayers? Tof hurried to her side as she got up.

"Go to him." She told him. "We have to warn them not to come here. Hurry!!"

Tof ran out of the house and through Tir Na. He knew Ono was close; he wanted to catch him before he came into town. Tof shifted to his grey wolf form and ran.

[Ono, go back!!] He sent to his brother, [Don't come into town!!!]

Too late. Ono had made it to the middle of town. He stopped and turned back to the forest.

"You, stop!!" He heard. He turned around and three guards were standing there.

[Tof what's going on?] He sent. [Why are they stopping me?]

"I'm here." He said running up to him.

"What's the problem here?"

"This is your brother?" One of the guards stepped forward. "He's under arrest."

"For what?" Ono asked confused.

The three guards moved in to surround him. Tof's eyes flashed with anger. He stepped up to free Ono from their grasp.

"No!!" Ono said. "Don't fight them. It will only make it worse. I'll go with them. Tell Jandar what happened."

The guards made to take him away and Tof stopped them.

"He is a Prince of the House of Tyr." Tof warned them. His eyes flashing yellow "Treat him as such or suffer the wrath of our family. We'll come for you as soon as we can."

"You better." Ono called as they led him away. Watching Ono being led away angered Tof. His body shook and he howled.


Running off into the forest, Tof sent his Mother a message telling her what happened. Then he went to find Jandar.

Back in the clearing Jandar and Rage talked about how things were turning out when he heard Tof's howl. Jandar jumped to his feet and clutched Rage's arm.

"There's something wrong!!" He said. "That was Tof calling. He's coming now."

Shayn heard them talking and knew something was wrong. It had to be Ono. He went over to them.

"What's happened to him?" Shayn demanded. Jandar and Rage looked at each other than at Shayn.

"How do you know anything's happened to Ono?" Rage asked.

"He's in trouble. I know it!! Shayn told them. "I can feel his fear."

"Can you talk to him?" Jandar asked.

"I don't know." Shayn answered.

"Try." Shayn concentrated on Ono. He could feel where he was. In a dungeon. He called out to him.

[Ono?] He sent.

[Shayn? Where are you?]

[With Jandar and Rage, Back at the clearing.]

[Shayn, tell them they have to get me out. They want to kill us all. We need to get Mother and Sharone to safety]

Shayn relayed what Ono told them as Tof came into the clearing.

"Christof!!" Jandar hugged him. "What the hell is going on here? What has Father done now?"

"It's not Father." He said. "Its Uncle, I think."

Rage walked up beside Jandar. Tof looked at him close.

"A dragon?" Tof said. He looked at Shayn talking to himself on the side. "Two dragons?"

"Actually, its seven dragons." Jandar said. "They're very noble and I'm a part of their family now. This is King Rage and Prince Shayn. Rage, this is my brother Christof."

"I'm honored to meet you Prince Christof." Rage held out his hand and Tof shook it.

"These are bad times, King Rage." Tof said. "Fighting in family, Brother fighting brother over a throne. We are sorry to drag you into this."

"Nonsense." Rage said. "We will fight for Jandar and Ono with our lives. They have fought for mine. So we will fight for your family."

"This is what's happened." Tof said. "My uncle, Tyken Ro has been envious of my father being in line before him for years. This is well known. There have been a few attempts, but we could never prove he was behind them. Now my father is missing and I know my uncle is behind it."

"There's more." Shayn said as he walked up to them. "Ono says they going to arrest all your family for heresy. And that includes your mother and sister. He says we have to get him out and the women away and safe."

"HERESY?" Tof said. "That's a lie!"

"We need to get to Mother and Sharone." Jandar said. "Tof, take Shayn and take Mother and Sharone to someplace safe. Rage and I will free Ono."

"No!!" Shayn said. "I want to go to him."

"SHAYN!!" Rage stopped him. "We will save him and bring him to you. Do as Jandar says and help his family. Protect them, my son"

"I will do as you say, Sire." Shayn looked down.

"Go now." Jandar told them. "We have work to do."

Rage and Jandar walked calmly out of the forest. There were people coming to and fro all over the village. Going about their business. Not many really knew what was going on in their village politics. But Jandar understood it all. Right now his family was being hunted and Jandar wouldn't have that. Not for one second. He walked proudly down the center of town with Rage following. In his hand he held his staff. On his face was a scowl that not many had seen before. Certainly not Rage. In his mind, Rage knew how mad he could get when his family was threatened. Now he would see Jandar's rage. He was afraid for his love. In front of them three wolf men came running toward them. Jandar swept his staff in front of them and changed them back to men. His hand swung up and the three men were tossed aside. They kept moving.

"Don't hurt any of them too bad." Jandar said as he walked.

"Me? I'll try not to." Rage said.

All around them people pointed. Everyone here knew Jandar. They knew what happened. Not all of them agreed with his father. Most were tired of the fighting and wanted a chance at peace with the Vampires. So Jandar and Rage walked on. Two wolf men tried to come up behind them. But it's not easy to sneak up on a dragon. Rage turned and blasted them with his flame. Rage had total control of his flame. He singed all the fur off them, then he roared, They took off smoking, leaving a trail of smoke as they ran. Ahead was the council building, their destination. This is where Ono was being held.

[Ono?] he called.

[Jandar?] They heard in their heads.

[Rage and I will be there in a moment to free you.]

Jandar started up the stairs. Behind him many wolf men officers began to gather. They all had spears and swords. Not a threat to Rage or Jandar.

"Do you want me to come in or keep everyone out?" Rage asked.

"Come in." Jandar said as they passed through the entrance. He clapped his hands and gestured to the door. A bright light flashed and surrounded the door.

"No one else will come in or leave this building until I say so. Come on"

"There are still a lot of people in here." Rage said.

"Your point?"" Jandar asked him with almost a growl. Rage nodded as they moved on. A large group of wolf men came around the corner. They spotted them and charged. Rage exhaled a large burst of flame, and then he used his fingers and made a circle. The flame began to circle the wolf men trapping them.

"If you move, these flames will burn you to dust." Rage told them. "So don't move."

They moved on down the stairs to the cell rooms. There they found two guards. Quickly Jandar held up his hands and shook them, the guards froze in place.

"Ono!" Jandar yelled running into the room. He found him two cells down.

"I'm here!!' Ono got up and came to the door. "How's Shayn?"

"No Jandar, I'm glad you're here? Or get me out? " Jandar said. He motioned Rage to the door.

"I am glad you're here." He said. He backed away as Rage ripped the door off the hinges.

"He's with your family, protecting them." Rage told him. Ono hugged them both.

"Did you see Uncle?" Jandar asked.

"Yeah, He was here." Ono said. "He wanted to know where you were."

"You should have told him." Jandar put his arm around his brother as they walked back out.

"I thought about it." Ono told them. "But he wouldn't shut up and let me. I swear that man loves to hear his own voice."

"Now we have to find father." Jandar said.

"I know where he is." Ono told them. Jandar and Rage stopped and looked at Ono. Drake had been missing for two months. Ono's back a few hours and he knows where he is already?

"Where?" Jandar asked.

"Where's the one place he hated most?" Ono asked. He looked at Jandar and smiled.

"The old Baron's Castle!!" Jandar laughed. "HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!"

High above the town sat a lone castle. It was the castle of Baron Valkar, the vampire. Long ago Baron Valkar and his vampire clan ruled all these lands. The werewolves were nothing more than their underlings. Back then werewolves weren't supposed to use or know magic, only the vampire by their laws could. They treated them like dogs. Werewolves were created by vampire magic to do their bidding. But one day things changed, and it was a single spell that changed it all, and the death of an innocent. Hundreds of years ago a werewolf named Azeal Tyr was leader of all of Valkar's wolf pack. He was the most trusted of all his werewolves. So high a place he held that the Baron gave him rooms in the castle. He had access to all the rooms and libraries where the Baron kept his magic lore. Werewolves couldn't use magic they thought. But they were wrong. Some could, they just didn't know it. Azeal read his books. He tried many times to cast spells but was unable. Baron Valkar Zlenka was a mean master. Who loved to punish others. He treated most werewolves like they were beneath him and Azeal saw this. His hatred grew over time for the Baron and the rest of the vampires. A cruel lot they were.

Then one day Azeal's son Danik was playing in the courtyard. He saw his father coming and smiled. Azeal walked to his son, planning to pick him up and take him to his mother. Before he reached Danik, the Baron came out of the castle. Not watching where he was going he tripped and fell over the little one. Valkar looked down at the young werewolf and in his anger, he cast a spell that killed the boy. Azeal had just seen his youngest son murdered for being in the Baron's way. He screamed and words came to him. Azeal spoke those words and cast his first spell. The Baron was burned by the fireball Azeal had cast. That was the beginning of the Vampire Werewolf war. Eventually the werewolves drove the vampires far away from this land with Azeal leading them. Baron Valkar died by Azeal's hand. Beheaded and staked out then burned. No one ever lived again in the castle. Secretly all the Were children played there. But if they were caught in the castle, their parents punished them severely. This was the place Jandar hid Rejek. The courtyard was where Rejek died. Now Jandar must go back there to rescue the man that ordered his lover's death, with his new love, a dragon. Father's going to love this.

Back at the clearing Tof and Shayn guarded Tof's Mother and sister. Jandar had sent them a message telling them Ono was free and they were on there way. Shayn was in constant contact with Ono, relieved that he was free. Sharone and mother were out of contact with both of them. Neither one having had contact with either in over a year." Where are they? Sharone asked. She paced back and forth. Sharone missed her brothers. She and Jandar were a year apart. Tof and Ono were much younger but Ono was like hers. The little brother she couldn't get rid of no matter what she did or where she went.

"They will be here soon, Sweetheart." Tresandra told her daughter. "Sit, your making me nervous."

"Nervous?!!" Sharone said. "Mother, Father's been missing for months. Jandar just busted Ono from the dungeon. And you're nervous? "

"Jandar did what?" He asked as he walked out of the woods. Rage followed him and a grey wolf shot past Jandar and launched itself at Sharone. Ono changed back to himself and hugged her.

"Puppy!!" She laughed holding him in her arms. "I've missed you!! I've missed you both."

"So who is he?" Ono asked. "This Aggar?"

"He's a wonderful man." She said smiling. "You'll like him."

"Mother." Jandar walked over and hugged her.

"We've missed you so much." She cried as she hugged him.

"Just you or father too?" Jandar asked.

"He loves you, Jandar." She said.

"I don't care anymore." He said. "I'll help him. Then I never want to see him again."

"Jandar." She said. "I know you think his crime is great."

Everyone looked at her in surprise as to what she had just said.

"Do you understand what you just said?" Sharone asked. "Do you even really understand what father did? He had someone kill out of prejudice for an old hate that our people have for another. He killed someone because of what he was, not anything he had done. He killed someone his son loved!!!"

"Forget it Sharone." Jandar told her. "All this is more important to them. I'll finish my business here then I'll be gone. And they can have their precious kingdom."

"But we're your family?" Tresandra said. She had tears in her eyes. "You can't just walk away!!"

"This is my family." Jandar told her. "Sharone and Tof. Ono, Rage, Shayn and the rest of the Dragons. They love me and stand with me and I'll stand with them. We didn't come here to save father from uncle Tyken. I'd sooner let him suffer and deal with it himself. But the people of Tir Na deserve better then what Tyken Ro will give them, and I guess that's father. But be warned. They won't take it forever. They will see through all this, and then it will be you both facing them. I'm going for father now. I need someone to stay with mother. "

"Aggar will be here soon." Sharone told them. "Can I talk to you a minute?"

Sharone and Jandar walked off to the side for a private talk.

"I'm sorry about all this." She said.

"It's not your fault." He said.

"Let me finish." She put a finger to Jandar's lips. "Once Aggar and I are married, we're leaving here. We've discussed this. We had planned to come and find you and Ono. If these dragon's matter to you, then I'll love them like brothers."

"Thank you." He said. "They are my family. They're Good people. You're going to like them."

"I see Ono's happy." They looked over and saw Ono and Shayn sitting together and laughing.

"I think they've bonded like Rage and I. They can hear each other over long distances. You know what that means."

"What father did was absolutely wrong, and unforgivable. And I won't make excuses for him." She said. "But after you three left. I want you to know that nothing mattered to him but knowing you were safe. He sent familiars after you to watch out for you."

"How do you know this?" He asked. "How do you know he wasn't making sure I wasn't coming back for revenge?"

"Because he made peace with the vampires." She said. "And Rejek now rests in a shrine he created with his own hands. He didn't have it made, he worked for months on it alone, then put a spell on it. The flame will burn forever and his tears created the fountain."

"Father did this?" Jandar's eyes teared up.

"That's why Uncle's trying to take the country. He thinks father's become weak because of the peace he made." She said. "There's something else you need to know."

"What?" He asked.

"Rejek's only family was two younger brothers." She said. "Father adopted the youngest, Ranjer. He loves that boy so much. I haven't seen him so happy since Ono was born. Jandar he was taken with father. We have to find them."

At that moment a silver timber wolf came into the clearing. He looked around and saw Sharone.

"AGGAR!!!" She ran to him as he shifted to a handsome grey haired man. He held out his arms and she ran into them and they kissed.

"Aggar. This is Jandar. my eldest brother." Sharone introduced them. "He leads the guards in the city."

"We finally meet." He said holding out his hand. "I'm glad you're here."

"I'm glad to meet you too." Jandar shook his hand. "And I'm sorry for what we did at the Council building. I had to get Ono out."

"I'm glad you did." He said. "It saves me from having to do it. I was upstairs arguing to free him all morning. But Tyken Ro would have none of it. Now there's an arrest order out for me too."

"We have to go for father, now." Jandar said.

"Go where?" Tof said." I've searched everywhere."

"Have you searched the castle grounds?" Ono asked.

Tof looked at him with his mouth open. The one place he never even thought to look. The perfect place to hide him because no one would think to go there to look.

"I haven't been in there since we were pups." Tof said. "I never thought to check there."

"We need to go now." Jandar said. "Aggar, I'll feel safer if you stay out of this and with Sharone and mother."

"I will protect them." He said. "Don't worry."

"I want Shayn to stay, too." Ono said.

"If you go, I go." Shayn told him. "Will you stay here?"

"I have to go, it's my father." Ono said holding his hand. "But I want you safe. You're important. Think of your people."

"I am." He said. "I'm thinking of you and Rage and Jandar. You're going need me. I'm the best healer here, someone may get hurt."

"He's right." Rage said. "A dragon knows his duty."

"Let's go." Jandar said. "The five of us. We meet at the castle."

With that Jandar shifted and took off into the forest.

[Rage, Are you coming?]

[Yes love. I'll be flying right behind you.]

Rage jumped into the sky and shifted then flew toward the castle with Shayn right behind him. Tof and Ono ran after Jandar.

The moon was full and the castle dark as they all arrived at the castle. No sound could be heard around the castle and that was strange. The forest was usually very busy with animal life. Now it was quiet.

"Tof, Ono." Jandar said. "You take Shayn and find the young vampire. I want him safe, or I want to know where his body is. Rage and I will get father. Don't wait for us. Take him to the clearing and stay there."

Ono started to say something and Jandar stopped him.

"I'll get him." He said. "What's the boy's name?

"His name is Ranjer." Tof told them." We'll find him. I know his scent."

"OK, You three go now." Jandar hugged them all.

"Be careful." Shayn hugged Rage and left with Ono and Tof. Jandar stepped up to Rage.

"I'm not going to ask you to go easy." He said. " They're going to try and kill us. We do what we have to."

Rage took Jandar in his arms and kissed him deeply.

"I love you." Rage said "Since the day we met."

"I love you, too." Jandar said. "Forever."

Tof, Ono and Shayn slowly walked into the castle. The boys hadn't been in there in years. But they knew every inch of the place from the dungeons below to all the apartments above. After going in, Tof sniffed around trying to pick up Ranjer's scent. At the door he caught something so he knew he was here. He walked in and over to the stairs. Father was downstairs, that was Jandar's mission. Ranjer was upstairs, his scent led up.

"Come on. He's upstairs." Tof told them.

"Hold on." Shayn said. "I want to know what else is up there."

"What are you going to do?" Tof asked.

" Shhhh" Ono said. "Watch."

Shayn whispered a few words and a firefly appeared. Shayn waved it upstairs. On it flew, up the stairs and around through the castle. It passed strange men, men in Black armor. Polan's men. On it flew, into every apartment. At last it flew into a room with werewolves and a young boy. It had found him. The firefly went out the window and winked out. Back downstairs Shayn opened his eyes.

"We have a problem." He said. "There are Black armors up there."

"Damn!!" Ono said. "We can't get away from them."

"Are they a problem?" Tof asked.

"Yes." Ono explained the war and some of the things that led up to this point.

"Look, There are six Black armors and four more werewolves." Shayn told them. "What do you want to do? Rip and tear or magic?"

"Magic?" Tof said. "How talented is he?"

"I can put most of them to sleep." Shayn said."Or paralyze them."

"Cast you spell." Ono said.





"Now we wait a minute." Shayn said. "It will work on the Black armors but they're not really evil. We'll have to fight them.

"Not a problem." Tof smiled. Seconds later he had shifted to his wolf man form. Ono stayed in human form.

"Let's go." Together they crept up the stairs. At the floor where Ranjer was being held they came on two Black armors laying on the floor. They stepped over them and kept going.

[That way.] Shayn pointed. Down the corridor they moved silently. A were in human form stepped out of a room, Ono punched him in the jaw and dropped him. Shayn caught him and laid him down. Tof took the lead as they moved.

"Duck!!" Ono whispered.

Quickly they ducked into a room as another Were walked out of the room Ranjer was being kept in. He saw the men on the floor and rushed to see what happened. As he reached the room they were in, he saw Tof and slashed at him. Tof raised his arm and was cut with the knife he held. Shayn reached out and grabbed him. He swung the man against the wall and cracked his head. Two down.

"Tof is hurt." Ono said quietly.

"I want to try something." Shayn said to them. He shifted to his white dragon form. Being the size of a horse Shayn was the smallest of all the dragons.

[Back up.] He told them. [I'm going to use my breath.]

After taking a deep breath he exhaled toward the room where the last two werewolves were holding Ranjer. Then Shayn licked Tof's wound and healed him. Shifting back to Shayn he checked Tof's arm. Nothing but a scar remained.

"Come on." He said.

"What was that?" Tof asked.

"My dragon breath has many effects." Shayn said walking down the hall. "It can flame like Rage or poison like Polan."

They walked into the room and found the two Lycans and Ranger asleep.

"Or send you to dreamland like Cutter." Shayn smiled. "Go get him and let's get out of here."

Together they walked to the castle entrance. Jandar summoned his staff, it appeared and he reached out and took it. Before them was the courtyard where Rejek had died. His shrine stood on the spot where he died. The shrine was a beautiful fountain. The base was a marble pool with a centerpiece that stood up in the middle. On top was fixed another bowl. water spread out and ran over into the lower base. In the middle of the bowl stood Jandar and Rejek. A flame burned over their heads.

"It's beautiful." Rage whisper to Jandar.

"Father did this all himself by hand." A tear appeared in Jandar's eyes. "Let's go get him."

Snapping his fingers an orb of light appeared before them . It moved in front of them as they walked. The doors to the castle were open. They moved into the foyer, from there Jandar sent a probe to search the castle.

"Don't bother." Rage said. "They're in the dungeon. I can hear them talking. Someone's talking about how the people have been betrayed, and that the abomination has no place here."

Jandar took off to the right and down some stairs. Two flights down they saw light on the bottom floor. Rage stopped Jandar.

[There's more than ten people down here.] He sent. [We go slowly.]

"I won't hate anymore." Jandar heard. "It's cost me all of my children. I banished my son. My Jandar! Do you have any idea how proud I am of him? The things he's done since he left. My son helped bring down a God!! A God Tyken!! How could I be so stupid?"

Drake Tyr was tied to a rack on the far wall. Tyken Ro walked up to him and smacked him.

"He deserves to have been executed for loving a vampire!!!" He screamed in his face. "They are our born enemies!! How dare he heal one!"

"No." Drake said. "They were right. That war ended hundreds of years ago. Let it go."


Jandar stepped out. He'd seen and heard enough.

"Hit him again and I swear I'll make you burn for hundreds of years!!! He said calmly.

"JANDAR!!!" Drake called to his son.

Tyken turned and saw his nephew and the man in red standing there.

"Kill them!!" He ordered.

Wolf men came running from all directions. Rage shifted to dragon and waded in. Slashing and biting, ripping werewolves apart. Some were armed, but it didn't matter. He flamed them and fought on. Jandar walked to the rack and freed his father. Tyken had run for a dais and grabbed something.

"Jandar." Drake said as he fell into his son's arms. "I'm sorry. I know you'll never forgive me for what I've done, but I am so sorry.

"I love you father." He said. "It's alright."

"He has the Dagger." Drake told him. "Be careful!"

"I will." Jandar waved his staff over his father and sent him to a safer place out of the way of the fighting. Then he turned to his uncle. His anger was murderous.

"Well if the traitor hasn't returned to us." Tyken Ro said walking in front of the torture table. "Why have you come back?"

"I'm back for that dagger you're holding." Jandar walked out to the middle of the floor. Rage tossed the last of the wolf men aside and came over to Jandar.

"Take my father to safety." He told him.

[Are you sure?] Rage said. He flexed his wings then smoke escaped from his nose.

"Yes, I can handle him." Jandar reached out and ran his hand along his snout. "Go."

[I will wait outside with your father.] Rage turned and walked over to where Drake was lying. He picked him up and put him on his back and carried him upstairs.

"A dragon?" Tyken said. "This time it's a dragon? Have you no shame?"

"None, Rage is a better man then you will ever be." He said. "And who I love is none of your affair."

"I always wanted to slay a dragon. I'll take care of him and your father after I kill you." Tyken said with an evil grin. The dagger glowing in his hand.

"Do your worst." Jandar's staff began to glow as he centered his power. Tyken swung the dagger around and lightning flashed and shot out at Jandar. He held out his staff and it took the strike. Jandar pointed at Tyken and showered him with magic darts. Circling the dagger over his head, the darts were deflected. Holding out his palm, Tyken caused the wind to roar through the dungeon, battering at Jandar. He stood straight up against the winds.

"You'd better do a lot better than that if you want to kill me." Jandar told him. "I'll show you power."

Jandar spun his staff and began to rise into the air. He folded his legs in a lotus position and sent fire blasting out at his uncle. He tried to dodge but was hit a few times. He slapped at the burning places then looked up to see Jandar pointing at him.

"Give up." Jandar told him. "You have a very powerful item there. But you're no magic user. You have no idea how to use it."

"I'LL KILL YOU WITH IT!!" Tyken swirled the dagger around until a vortex appeared. He sent it at Jandar. Jandar held out his hand and the vortex stopped in place. He held it there while he floated.

"Last chance." Jandar told him." Give me the dagger. Leave Tir Na forever and I won't kill you. You're family, I owe you that."


"But I can control it from here! " Jandar touched his temple and the dagger glowed brighter. Lightning flashed out of the dagger, burning his hand. He dropped the dagger. Jandar held out his open hand and it flew to him. The vortex began to move again. This time toward Tyken Ro. His eyes opened wider knowing what was about to happen. He tried to run but he was caught in its suction.

"NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He screamed as he was pulled in and torn apart. Jandar settled back down to the ground as the vortex dissipated. He looked around at all the dead or wounded men lying around. Then walked up to the stairs and began to make his way out of the castle.

[Mother, Sharone. I'm bringing Father home. It's over. Come home.]

Back at the manor everyone gathered around. Father was safe and Ranger was in his own bed. Jandar sat at his side and looked at him. He looked so much like Rejek. Rage walked in and stood next to him.

"He's a handsome lad" He said.

"That he is." Jandar looked up and smiled at Rage."Can I ask you something?"

"Anything." Rage bent over and kissed the side of his face.

"What happens when this is all over?" He asked. "You go back to your cave?"

"Not without you." He sat down next to Jandar and put his hand over Jandar's.

"I can't live in a cave." Jandar said. "I have to be in the open. We werewolves need open space."

"Then no cave for us." Rage said. "I don't have to go back and stay. I have to get the spirit back, Yes. but we can start somewhere else. Here if you want."

"No not here." Jandar said. "I love my parents, and I forgive my father. He's made a lot of changes for me. But I can't live here; too many memories."

"Then you better tell him." Rage said. "Come on. he's awake now."

Together they left Ranjer's room. Jandar looked back to see the boy sleeping.

"I'll be back, little one." As they left the room, Tresandra came out of their room. She stopped and looked at her eldest son.

"I owe you an apology, Mother." He said. "There's so much I didn't know."

She smiled to him and touched his face.

"Rage, do you mind if we talk for a minute?" She asked him.

"Not at all M'lady." He bowed and winked at Jandar.

"Come with me." She walked back into Ranjer's room and shut the door.

"Look at him." She smiled. "He's our hope for the future. He's here because of you."

"Tell me what happened," They sat on a couch by the window.

"After you left, your Father was angry. He was mad at the world and nothing I or anyone else said mattered. All because of the Vampires. He walked around in a daze. He loves you so much. One day he made his way to the castle without even knowing where he was going. Then it hit him. What had he done? He killed someone you loved. What if someone had killed you? That thought was almost more than he could bare. You were gone and it was his fault. And he might never see you again. All because of a stupid prejudice. Rejek was only trying to end the hate between our two people. That's when he made the decision to do what Rejek was trying to do. He came home and told me he was going to the Vampires. I begged him not to. I was afraid they were as stupid as we were. But you know your father, He's not afraid of anything. And once he's made up his mind, there's no turning back. He went. When he came home, he was beaten and carrying Ranjer. The second most beautiful little boy I've ever seen. No babies are cuter than Ono."

They both laughed.

"Did he tell you what happened there?" Jandar asked.

"Not only did he tell me." She said. "He took me there with him when he went back. When he arrived in Yadessa, he was taken captive. Think about it, a lone werewolf appears in a vampire city,holding the ring from a family crest of one of their leading clans. Some thought him mad. He was beaten then brought before their king, Valkar. Your father laid down his life before Valkar. He told him everything. He said his son had fallen in love with this vampire and took a chance on being put to death to save him. Now here he was begging for their forgiveness for killing him. Somehow Valkar saw the truth in him. What a wise man he is. We owe him your father's life. I thanked him with tears in my eyes. He promised that the vampires would never raid or come into our lands without coming to us first. We promised friendship as long as we ruled. Then he asked your father to raise Ranjer. That way we would remember Rejek always. When we came home, he built Rejek's shrine. He brought Ranjer before the council and told them what he had done. Some were angry. Your uncle, his own brother was furious. That's when this all started."

"Mother?" A voice came from the bed.

Tresandra got up and went to the bed. She smiled when she saw him awake.

"Here's my little one." She hugged him. "How do you feel?"

"Hungry." He said.

"I'll get you something in a minute. I want you to meet your big brother Jandar. Say hello."

She waved Jandar over.

"Aiya little brother!!" Jandar smiled at him. "I'm glad to meet you."

"Hello" He said. "You know what happened? Some bad men took me and father away. I was scared. But father kept telling me you were gonna come get us. Is father ok?"

"Yes, little one; he's gonna come in to see you soon." Jandar told him. "You get some rest and something to eat. I'll be back before I go."

"Ok." He said. Jandar went to the door and opened it. "Jandar?"

"Yes?" Jandar stopped and looked back.

"Thank you for helping father and me." "Ranjer smiled.

"That's what big brothers do." He went back to the bed. "Ranjer. You remember when father was talking to you in your head?"


"If you ever need me, or you want to talk. If you're ever in trouble and you need help. I want you to call me, just like when you talked to father. Ok?"

A tear rolled down Jandar's face.

"Ok." He said. "I will."

Tresandra smiled as her son left the room. Outside the room Rage waited. One look at Jandar and he knew things would be alright here.

"Go see your father." He told him. "I'll be downstairs."

Jandar nodded and went into his parents' room. Father was in bed, Sharone was talking to him. She smiled as he came in.

"Give us a few minutes Princess." Drake said.

As she left she hugged Jandar and whispered "Thank you." Then she ran out.

"It's been a long day Huh?" Jandar sat at his side. Drake held out his hand."Help me up."

Jandar took his hand and helped him to sit up. Drake put his arms around his son and started to cry.

"No father, don't cry." He said as his tears began. They both sat there holding each other crying.

"I knew you would come." Drake told him. "Rejek kept telling me you were coming to save us."

"What?" Jandar asked.

"Over and over I kept hearing Rejek say, He's coming for you. He's coming for you both. "

Drake laid back on his pillow.

"Rejek is out there at the shrine."

"Ok, father. I believe you." Jandar said. "That's the kind of man he was."

"I'm sorry I didn't see him for what he was. I was blinded by hate." Drake said. "Can you forgive me?"

"I already have." Jandar said. "I heard what you told Uncle, and I saw the shrine. And I've seen Ranjer. I'm proud of you, Father. And I love you very much."

"I had to make amends for my stupidity." He said. "Even Valkar agrees, that war is in the past. We have to move on. It wasn't him that Rejek was running from. It was his grandfather. And he's been taken care of by Valkar."

"It's ok father. All that is over now." Jandar took his father's hand.

"So King Rage huh?" Drake smiled. " And this Shayn is a King too?"

"You don't miss much, do you?" Jandar smiled.

"It's good to be the king." They both laughed.

"Father." Jandar said. "You have to get back on your feet fast. I'm sending Shayn in here to heal you. There's a war coming and Polan's men were helping Uncle. They wanted the dagger."

"You have it?" He asked.

"Yes, and I need it to destroy the enemy." Jandar showed it to him.

"Take it." He said. "We don't need it. Just come back after it's over. We'll miss you."

"I will, I promise." He bent and kissed his father's forehead. "I need to get going."

"Take good care of Ono." Drake called to his son as he turned to leave."

"Don't worry." Jandar said. "Shayn will. You take care of my littlest brother. He's our future."

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