Castle Roland

The Dragons of Keanna

by Jandar Tyr


Chapter 15

Published: 8 Oct 15

The Dragons of Keanna

Copyright © By Jandar Tyr

The Brace of Terra

Back at the settlement, Jandar inspected the talismans so far collected. They had brought back the Chameleon Ring, The Fireshaper's Staff, and The Stormcatcher's Dagger. That's three out of five talismans. Denner had been wearing the Chameleon Ring so long that it had infused him with its power. Denner was now a changeling. He had gotten his wish for power. Jandar's mystic vision could see the magic glow around him. What a change it had made in him. He was much stronger now. So confident. Jandar decided that he was going to have to test Denner's limits soon. How big a creature could he become? He had been told about his Phoenix form. That was an accomplishment. No changeling he had ever heard of could take that form.

The Shadows had the Frost Belt, only one. Polan must be furious with his Shadows. This worried Jandar. He had a feeling something bad was on its way. He had no idea what, but the feeling was there. Everybody had returned from their missions and were in Winterhaven or in camp, relaxing. Shayn and Ono were laughing in front of the manor house built for the Dragons. It was a huge house with many floors. From the outside it looked like it had three floors, But it had been built with magic. The Dragons had unlimited room in their house. Shayn and Ono loved the new house. Those two were definitely now a couple. You could see the love in both of their eyes. This pleased both Jandar and Rage. Both Shayn and Ono needed someone to love. And with the loss of his family, Shayn now only had them and the Dragons. Jandar was certain there was a bright future in store for them. He made a mental note to have Rage talk to them about mating and the things they will need to know.

Nautica and Denner were off in the bay swimming. There, too, Jandar saw something growing. They spent most of their time together swimming, or shopping in Winterhaven. The twins were now happy with their new life with the Dragons. They had their freedom to live as they pleased now. No one could tell them who to marry or how there life was meant to be. And Gaia, no more mining for him. Now, being the earth dragon, jewels and precious metals were so easy for him to find. He filled the treasury of settlement and made it a real city now with money for trade for whatever they could need. Blaze had gone and brought his family back to Settlement.

Rage saw no reason they should be apart. So many things were changing these days. He still wasn't sure what to do about the cave and his brothers and sisters there. I guess they will make the choice to stay hidden or come out into the world. Rage and the new hatchlings had made the decision to live here. These were all new dragons, merged. None of them would live out their lives hidden away. The future would tell soon enough.

Corrin, what of him? Lately he seemed distracted. Jandar could see he wasn't happy. Maybe he needed to be more active. Jandar would be sure to include him in the next mission, get him more involved. Jandar had a feeling it was Denner being a changeling that bothered Corrin so much. Corrin resented him not getting the power he wanted. He was going to have see what could be done.

Under the Dragon's' protection, Winterhaven was doing a lot better. All the Black Armors had been expelled from the city, and the council now had made a choice. They saw what Polan was doing to the countries he conquered. The death and devastation he caused was there for all to see. There were so many homeless people on the run from the war. Winterhaven took in what they could, but they still kept coming. Settlement was growing every day. Shops were built, schools and everything a new city needed. Being the city founders, the Dragons ruled here. Rage had formed a small force to patrol the city streets. Cutter, being the best telepath headed the force with Blaze. Criminal activity was pretty low, but not unknown. Petty things so far, things easy to take care of. Anyone caught stealing was put to work. Harsher crimes would be dealt with more severely by Blaze. The city was turning out faster than anyone expected.

Back in Winterhaven a hooded man walked into a cafe on the docks. This was a place where you could find people to do any job you may need done. Rogues and pirates frequented this cafe. Unknown to the council some very dark deeds were planned here, and a certain person had an agent placed here. As the man walked in he nodded to the owner behind the bar and walked to a tapestry on the back wall. When no one was watching, the barkeep pressed a button that opened a door behind the hanging. The man walked through and down the steps to the lowest landing. There he found an open door and went in. In the dark room a candle suddenly sprang to life, revealing a table with a large black crystal shard on it. The shard was a piece of Shadoe's egg. Polan used this piece to communicate with certain people. He sat down and put his hand on the shard. It began to glow as it came to life. Polan's face appeared over the table.

"So, you wanted to talk to me?" Polan said.

"Yes," the hooded man answered. "I think I can give you what you want."

"And that is?" Polan said with a frown on his face.

"The items you're missing." He said. "Maybe even all your enemies."

Polan's face grew bigger as he seemed to get closer.

"And what do you want?" He asked.

"Power!!" The man said. "The power to never fear or be betrayed again."

"I can give you that." Polan smiled. "Of course you know what happens if you fail."

"I won't fail." The man said.

"Break off a piece of the shard on the table." Polan told him. "You keep it with you. Use it to reach me."

"What about my power?" .

"You think I'm going to give you power before you give me anything?" Polan laughed.

"You need to prove your worth to me. Can you do that now?"

"No." He said. "I have nothing yet."

"Then wait till you give me something." Polan said. "I'll give you what you deserve."

Rage and Insa found Jandar coming back from checking the items. The look on Rages face told him something was wrong.

"We need to talk to you." Rage said.

"What's wrong?" Jandar asked worried. "Are you alright? Are Ono and Shayn alright?"

"I'm fine." Rage said to relieve his mate's concerns. "So are the others."

"Then what's wrong?" Jandar asked.

"It's about the next item." Insa said.

He led them over to a set of benches and sat down.

"We know where it is." Insa said. "More like who has it."

Jandar looked at them a bit confused. What could be wrong? Who could have the item?

"It's called the Brace of Terra." Insa told them. "It once belonged to Terra. He was an earth dragon with great power. His clan was wiped out during the Dragon wars and as the king, he gave his Brace to someone for safe keeping."

"As did Stormcatcher and the Ice king." Jandar said. "He gave his dagger to my great great grandfather. My family held on to it until I took it from my uncle."

Jandar looked from one to the other for answers.

"Who has it? He asked. "Fairies? Centaurs? Gnomes?"

"Vampires." Rage said.

Jandar looked at them. He knew what they would say next. But really wasn't sure he wanted to hear it.

"Rejek's people have the Brace." Rage told him. "We have to go get it from them before Polan does."

"Love." Rage sat next to him. "I won't ask you to come. I know how much you hate vampires. But I need you."

"Ono and Shayn stay here." Jandar says to them. "I don't want them in danger. I don't want them near the vampires."

"That's fine with me." Rage told him. "Who do we take?"

"Well, I wish Shine was here. He would be a lot of help." Jandar said. "His knowledge of vampire lore might be better than mine."

"I doubt that." Insa said. "Your people know more about Vampires than anyone. How to fight them, their weaknesses."

"We take just the three of us." Jandar told them.

"No one else?" Insa asked.

"I have one more person I want to come. He's going to meet us on the way," Jandar said.

"Then the mission is set." Rage got up from the bench. " Let's get moving"

Yadessa is the homeland of the Vampires. There are many legends about the Vampire. Some are true, some pure fiction. Day light will not kill normal vampires, though it can kill Nightwalkers and turned vampires. Born Vampires don't fear the sun. It just makes them weak. They're more powerful at night. They do not sleep in coffins or crypts. Only turned vampires are undead. Most Vampires don't drink human blood. It's too addictive and turns them evil and into Nightwalkers. They can drink human blood, but most won't chance it. Instead they live on cattle. The blood is just as good and keeps them safe from the old curse. There are other advantages too. Vampires don't go around biting people to make more vampires. Only power mad rejects do that. Those that feel the need to rule over others. And when someone gets to that point, the Vampire Lords hunt them down because they become a threat to Vampire survival. Winging their way toward Yadessa, no one talked. Jandar rode on Rage's back with Insa beside them. Yadessa is a beautiful place with lush fields and great herds of cattle. Farming was almost a lost art here, since everyone is carnivorous. Vegetables were eaten, but blood is life here.

[How do you want to do this?] Rage asked his mate.

[We have to meet someone.] Jandar sent to him.


[My father.] Jandar patted his neck. [I think we may need him.]


Someone called out in his head. He turned to look around. Behind them he saw something flying toward them. It could only be one person.


His wings and blond hair glowing in the sunlight Jayce flew up to them.

"You think I'm gonna let you go into Vampire territory without me?" He called to them.

"I thought you would watch Shayn and Ono for us." Jandar said. "But you're welcome to join us."

"Ono's a big boy now. He doesn't need me around." Jayce said. "Besides, I needed to get in the air. Send me a message when you're ready to land."

With that he took off into the clouds. Jayce loved to fly high. The sun energized him and made him stronger. He loved the freedom of the skies.

[Does he know yet?] Insa sent to Jandar.

[No.] Jandar answered.

[What?] Rage asked.

[What he's becoming.]Jandar explained to Rage.

[What?] Rage asked more demanding.

[Look at him with your Mage sight, Love. You'll see.]

Rage flew a little higher and switched to his magic sight. He looked over to Jayce and saw what they were talking about. Jayce looked so heavenly. There was a glow about him and something around his head. A halo?

[Is that what I think?] He asked Jandar. [Is he becoming what I think?]

[Yes, love. Jayce is an angel.] Jandar told him.[ Haven't you noticed how good you feel around him? Or how people act when he's around?]

[I thought it was just how they perceive him.] Rage sent. [What does this mean?]

[It means we have an angel on our side. He's been picked for one of the highest callings.] Insa sent flying close. [He may have a mission one day, and you, his family must be his strength and help him all you can.]

[You're right.] Jandar told Insa. [Since we were young, even when it was forbidden. Jayce was family to Tof, Ono and me. He is one of us, right Rage?]

[Yes love, he's got Dragon blood in him.] Rage said. [We die for him, like he would for us.]

[You talk about me?] Jayce dropped down next to them.

[Tell him, love.]

[Jayce, ride with me.]

Jayce flew above Rage and settled on his back.

"What's going on?" He asked.

"It's time to tell you something, brother." Jandar said. "Rage we need to land there. There's father."

Everyone flew down to the lone man standing under a tree and landed. Drake Tyr stood under the tree and smiled at his son and his friends as they landed. He was dressed in black leather pants and long coat with a silver shirt. His hair was long with a silver streak running through it. He wore high black boots and a silver moon on his shoulder.

"Father, I'm glad you came." Jandar hugged his father and gripped his arm in greeting.

"Of course I came when you called."

Drake looked over at Jayce. His eyes widened.

"Why does everyone keep doing that when I'm around?" Jayce grouced, a bit angry.

The Dragons all shifted to human forms. Rage came over to Jayce and Jandar.

"Tell him." he said.

"Walk with me Jayce." Jandar put his hand on his shoulder and guided him away.

"What is it?" Jayce asked. "Is it good or bad?"

"I think it's great!" Jandar said.

"What is it?" He stopped.

"You know you've been changing." Jandar said. "Do you know what you're becoming?"

"Please just tell me what's happening, brother."

Jayce was very anxious and a little afraid. He'd been feeling things from people lately. Emotions were colors. Sadness had a blue hue, anger red. Lies were like a buzzing in his ears. He had to know what was happening to him.

"You've been gifted, Jayce." Jandar said. "You're becoming an Angel."

Jayce looked at him in shock. How was that even possible?

"Me?" He said. Rage walked over. "Why me?"

"Jayce, I felt something about you when we met." Rage said. "I so wanted the sapphire egg to be yours. For you to be a part of my Dragon family. But even though the egg wasn't yours, we still wanted you as family. We felt your goodness. Your angelic heart. We, all of us, are proud of you, brother. If you've been given this gift, you deserve it."

"I've known you most of your life." Jandar said. "I felt it the day we met. That's why I saved you and JP. I couldn't allow anything to happen to you then, and we'll be at your side, now."

"What does this mean?" Jayce asked. "Why me?"

"I don't know." Jandar said. "But we'll be there when you find out. I promise you that."

Overwhelmed by all that just happened, Jayce reached out and hugged both Jandar and Rage.

"Thank you." He said. "Brothers."

Drake and Insa walked over to join them. Hands were held out and congratulations were given to Jayce.

Earlier that day, three strange men were escorted into Vasagi by a beautiful grey eyed woman. All the people knew her. She was the daughter of Baron Radu Cuza. She had escaped before her father was caught and executed for what they had done to her eldest son, Rejek, and the plot they were trying to pull off on Valkar. Velusia and her father had failed to overthrow Valkar. Coming back here was not a good move on her part. She was under a death warrant here. She and her friends would be turned over to King Valkar for sure.,

"This is not very smart." Velusia said to Pelic as they walked through town." I hate these people as much as they hate me."

"And you wonder why?" Pelic said. "You tried to kill your sons and your king. You and Polan were made for each other."

"You think so?" She smiled and blushed.

Pelic ignored her comment and keep walking. Velusia was sadistic, just as bad as Polan. He thought her death would be welcome.

"So what's the plan?" She asked.

"To get the Brace any way we can." Graym said.

"Valkar's not going to just hand it over to us." She told them. "Maybe bringing me wasn't a good idea."

"What's he like?" Graym asked.

"He's a bleeding heart." Velusia spat. "He's forgotten that you rule with strength, fear and intimidation. He thinks compassion will make everyone love him. What a joke!! You make them so scared of you that they're afraid to move against you. My father and I would have turned this country in the right direction. Made it strong again."

"What you and your father would have done was cause your people so much grief." Graym said. "You would have gone to war for no reason but conquest. Biting and infecting people till either you won, or everybody turned on you"

"Whatever." she waved him off.

"Why are you bothering?" Pelic asked Graym. "She doesn't care about her people. She wants blood, that's all."

"You're right." She said. "I'd kill them all and start over if I could."

"Isn't there anyone here you care about?" Graym asked.

"Just one." She said.

"Who?" Taren asked.

"None of your business." She said.

Just then a large group of Vampires dressed in the Kingsguard armor came toward them. All were baring weapons.

"We kill them." Velusia said, Her eyes glowing yellow." Please?"

"No!" Pelic said. "We go with them. And make sure you stay solid. I don't want them knowing you've changed in anyway."

Together Jandar, his father and the dragons walked on toward Vasagi. Drake kept looking back at Jayce. This worried him. Why was he looking? Insa walked up to catch up with Jayce.

"Have you noticed Drake's staring at you." He said.

"Yeah, and I'm getting nervous about it." Jayce said.

Drake turned again.

[Jandar.] Jayce sent. [Your father keeps staring at me. Is something wrong?]

[I don't know,] Jandar answered. [But I'll find out.]

[Father, Is there something wrong?] He sent to Drake. [You're staring at him.]

Drake stopped and looked at the rest of the group. He walked up to Jayce and put his hand on his shoulder.

"You can't come into Vasagi." He said.

Jayce looked to Jandar in puzzlement. He wasn't leaving his brothers, No way.

"Son." Drake said. "These are Vampires. You're no danger to them, but Vampire history won't die. They hate Werewolves but Angels they fear."

"I don't understand." Jayce said scratching his head.

"Let me see if I can explain." Drake told them. "The Vampires and Werewolves are magical and steeped in traditions. Some we're changing. Neither race is evil like people think. But there are ways that we have that are hard to break. Silver doesn't bother us like people think and pure goodness, like angels can't hurt them unless they've been corrupted by human blood. See that's the change that switching to cattle blood caused. It freed them from the blood curse. But some vampires are so steeped in the old ways that they still fear your kind."

"Have you ever met another like me?" Jayce asked.

"Yes I have." He said. "Years ago. an Angel saved your life Jandar."

"What?" Jandar asked his father. "I didn't know. What happened?"

"When you were small you contracted Heines disease. I'm sure you don't remember. Feel your right temple."

Jandar reached up and felt the side of his face. There he found a scar. It was a small diamond shaped thing.

"Heine's disease is a very rare thing only powerfully magical people get. There is no cure except magic, and not many mages, warlocks, witches, or sorcerers can heal it. You were burning to death from your own magic out of control. We tried everything and everybody we could to save you but nothing worked. Your mother and I were out of our minds. We had reached the end when a blinding light appeared outside our door. I opened the door and there was this handsome man with wings. An Angel. He looked like you Jayce. That's why I've been staring at you. He walked in and told us we had a very special child and that he was here to make sure he grew up. He placed his hands on the sides of your face and you both begin to glow a golden light. It took him hours to heal you, but he did it. Your fever was gone and you were sleeping soundly. We rushed to your bed and hugged you and wept. When I turned to thank the Angel he was gone, but his words echoed in our minds. Forgive him he said. I didn't think about that day again until after you were banished. That's why I changed my views on Vampires. My love for you changed my world twice."

Jandar stood there with his mouth open. He had never known any of this before. Rage walked up to him and took his hand.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

"Yes. I'm fine." He told him.


"All of my children are important." He said. He turned to Jayce.

"I don't know if that was you, but I feel it was, somehow. You gave me his life. The best gift I could wish for. A thank you won't do. If you walk into Vasagi, all's lost."

"I'll heed your warning and stay clear." Jayce said. "But you have to stay in touch with me at all times. I'll stay invisible and near."

Valkar supped early today. Fresh vegetables and a flagon of fresh cattle blood. He had a lot on his mind today. Velusia was back with strangers. That couldn't be good. Last time he had seen her was the day they were to be married and the day she and her father tried to kill him. They had managed to kill his brother, the heir, in case something happened to him. Valkar hated her. The things she had done to her own family. Cast her eldest son out. She and her father sent him to be killed by the Werewolves. Unwittingly they did what she wanted. For siding with his brother, they imprisoned her middle son Azeal. They beat him and marked his face with a brand for all to see. A burning hand was branded on his cheek. Azeal was saved by Valkar as he seized Radu's estate and took him prisoner. Valkar took him in as his ward. Velusia escaped leaving her youngest, Ranjer behind and went into hiding. Now she's back with strange men.

His guards had taken her and her friends into custody and put them in the dungeon. A death sentence was on her head. He had no choice but to carry it out. Azeal stormed into Valkar's royal suites. He wore black pants and boots. His shirt was white with billowing sleeves. He was a handsome dour young man with his hair tied back. Valkar stood as he came to him.

"Is it true?" He asked red faced. "Is she here?"

"Yes, Azeal." Valkar said. "She's in the dungeon."

"I want to see her."

The hate was so obvious on his face.

"What will that accomplish?" The king asked. "She's going to pay for what she did. That I promise you."

"That's not enough!! Azeal yelled. "My mother must answer to me!!"

Just then one of Valkar's footmen came running in

"Sire we have another visitor." He said bowing. " He gave me this to give you."

"Who is it?" He asked.

Valkar walked to the man and took what he held out. It was the royal ring of the Tyr family. Valkar frowned. He looked at Azeal.

"King Drake of the Werewolves is here to see me."

"Is Ranjer with him." Azeal asked.

" Let's find out." He said. "Have him brought to me in the study."

Drake and Jandar were shown into Valkar's study. He was sitting at a desk with a handsome young man at his side. Drake looked at him and thought he looked familiar.

"Greeting my friend." Valkar stood and walked to him and took his hand. Drake smiled.

"King Valkar, May I introduce my son Jandar."

Jandar bowed before the king of the vampires.

"It's my pleasure, Majesty." Jandar said as he rose.

"How's Ranjer?" Azeal asked.

"He's a hand full, but happy." Drake answered.

"Forgive me." Valkar said to his guests. "This is Azeal. He's Ranjer's brother."

"Brother?" Jandar said. "Then Rejek was your brother too. You look like him, only younger."

"You're Jandar?" Azeal said. "The one that tried to help him? Valkar told me what happened to my brother. I thank you for what you did for him. And I forgive you, King Drake. I'm glad all this hate has stopped."

"My deepest apologies, young Azeal." Drake told him. "Never again will I judge anyone because of their race. We all have things in our past. Today and tomorrow is what's important."

"I agree." Valkar said to his guests. "So tell me my friends. What brings you here to my house?"

"Polan Dressak." Jandar said.

Valkar looked at Azeal, Then back at Drake and Jandar.

"I don't know the name." He said. "What's this have to do with us?"

"There's a war on, Valkar. All of the northern countries are in a shambles." Drake told him. "And it's coming closer and closer to our two kingdoms."

Valkar jumped from his chair and pushed it back.

"We have nothing to do with these outside matters. Why would they come here?" He asked.

"The Dragon Talismans for one, and Polan wants it all. No country is safe from him." Jandar said. "You know of them?"

"Of course I do." Valkar said. "I have one."

"Majesty. I have a tale for you."

With that, Jandar told him of Rage and the Dragons. He told him all he knew of the war and all he knew about Polan and his Shadows and their mission to retrieve all the talismans and the power they would grant Polan. Last, he told of the strange woman with the Shadows.

"Velusia!!" Valkar said. "Damn that bitch!!!"

With rage, he kicked his chair across the room to smash into the wall.

"Mother is here." Azeal said.

"Mother?" Drake said. "She's your mother?"

"Yes." Valkar said. "Rejek, Azeal and Ranjer are her sons. She's the one that sent Rejek to you to die. Curse that woman. I almost married her."

"She's here? Jandar said. "In the castle?"

"In the dungeon with her friends." Azeal told them.

"Where's the Brace?" Jandar asked. He knew what they could do. The Brace wasn't safe here anymore.

"It's in my vault." Valkar said. "It's safe from her and her friends."

"No it's not, your Majesty." Jandar said.

"Stop calling me that." Valkar said grimly. "We're allies. Why isn't it safe?"

"We have to get to the Brace fast." Jandar said." They're called Shadows for a reason. Show us where it is."

Deep in the dungeons of Castle Shadowvyn, the Shadows were finally alone. It was time to make their move. Pelic knew Valkar would never just give them the Brace so they would have to take it. They couldn't afford to go back without it, Polan would be so angry; many would suffer. They had to move before the dragons came and took it for their own. That wasn't a bad idea, since he planned to give them all the talismans they had anyway. But he had to do this so no suspicion fell on them. Pelic, Graym and Velusia could easily get out of this cell. Taren would have to wait here until they came back for him. But he did have a job for Terror. He didn't like the idea of tricking the Dragons, but he couldn't fail this time. Polan was getting suspicious of them and Graym's people were his hostages still. Until he and Graym found a way to free them, he had no choice. Maybe the Dragons could help there. Maybe there was a chance.

[Mags.] He sent

[I'm here.] He heard.

[I have a job for you.] Pelic paced back and forth as he talked to the mage.

[Go to Rage and Jandar. Tell them they have to free Maveta now if we are to have a chance.]

[They're here.]Mags told him.

[What!!] Pelic stopped. [ Go now!]

"Taren." He said. "I want you to have Terror attack the castle. Velusia, where's the brace kept?"

"In the vault. Not far from here." She said.

"Then have Terror attack the north side of the castle." He said. "You two come on."

"Where are we going" Velusia asked.

"You're going to help keep the guards and Valkar busy. Graym and I are going in to the vault to get the Brace."

"And me?" Taren asked.

"When I give the word, have Terror get you out."

Pelic walked through the cell bars. Graym followed and Velusia dissolved into her smoke form and drifted out.

"Behind this wall is outside. He can break it down. One more thing. The Dragons are here.

Jandar, Drake Azeal and Valkar ran into the inner court chamber and met Rage, and the others waiting.

"We have to get to the Brace." He told them. "The Shadows are here. Follow us."

As they ran Rage passed on Mags message from Pelic.

"We can deal with that after were done here." Rage said. "Look smoke!!"

"It's her!" Insa said." Let's see how she fares against a real Smoke Dragon."

He spread his arms and smoke bellowed out thickly. Darker smoke than Velusia's. It forced her up to the ceiling. She switched to a gas and tried to flow back at them.

[Jandar.] Insa sent. [Go on after the Brace.]

Coughing and choking everybody ran on down the hall. As a lighter gas, Velusia tried to burn Insa, but he had more experience at this. He became oxygen and surrounded her then solidified a claw and scratched the stone on the floor causing a spark. Velusia burst into flames screaming. Quickly she became a moist cloud and flowed out of the window. Insa went out after her but she was gone out of sight. Switching to his dragon form Insa roared. It was good to fight again. He felt so alive.

Down in the vault room, Pelic and Graym passed through the vault door and into the vault. The room was filled with treasure. The riches of the Vampire kingdom. But they had no interest in any of that. Over in the corner on a pedestal sat the Brace. A set of upper arm braces that one put on to protect their arms from sword strokes and arrows. Graym picked it up as the vault door opened. A gout of flame rushed into the room as they passed through the wall, Jandar and Valkar rushed in. Jandar's staff raised and a spell on his lips, he was ready. Valkar, too, was versed in magic and held himself ready to cast or fight.

"They're gone!!" Valkar said lowering his hands.

"I told you they're Polan's shadows." Jandar said. "Walking through walls is an easy task for Pelic and Graym. As for Velusia, the tiniest crack and she's through."

Valkar looked around for Azeal. All the Dragons were there but not Azeal. What happened to him?

"Where's Azeal?" He asked. They all looked at one to another.

"I haven't seen him since we passed through the smoke battle." Drake said.

"Oh no!!" Valkar had a frightening look on his face. "He's gone after his mother!!"

"We have to hurry. She'll kill him."

"Wait!" Jandar said. "There's someone else in our group. We didn't bring him in because we didn't want to offend you."

"What do you mean?" Valkar asked.

"He's my closest and oldest friend." Jandar told him. "He's an angel. I can send him to help Azeal. Please let him help."

It didn't take Valkar long to come to his decision. He loved Azeal like his own son. He'd do anything to save him. Angel or not, Azeal needed help.

"Help him, please!!" He said.

[Jayce, we need your help.] Jandar sent.

[I'm on my way.] He replied. [What can I do?]

[Find this boy. He's Rejek's brother] Jandar sent him Azeal's image. [Help him. Hurry!!]

In the smoke filled room Azeal took the form of a raven and flew up and out the window. He wanted revenge on his mother for what she did to Rejek and him. He would carry the brand on his face for the rest of his life. Below, he saw her come out the window as a cloud. He knew it was her, the dragon would have been much bigger. She flowed away to the back of the castle as the smoke dragon emerged. Azeal shifted to a raven and took off after her. He would have his revenge. She drifted down to the back courtyard and re-formed.

[Damn, she's still so beautiful.] He thought.

Azeal circled around and landed on the fence to spy on her. Velusia looked around, something caught her attention. It was a guard. He was coming up to investigate. The castle was in an uproar by now. Azeal knew things were crazy in there. He came closer to her, holding his sword out. Velusia smiled as Azeal launched himself off the fence and took his vampire form. This was his chance to kill her.

"Stop!!" He yelled.

The guard turned and saw him. Velusia's eyes glowed as she took a gas form and enveloped the guard. He grabbed his throat and began to choke as she moved into his lungs. Azeal watched as his eyes opened wide. Velusia was feeding. She must have allowed some air in because he screamed as he was dying. Azeal had seen vampires take humans, but this was the most horrid sight he'd ever seen. She must become some kind of acid. Whatever she was, she burned his skin while he died. Azeal backed away.

"MOTHER!!!" He screamed. "What have you become?"

"The ultimate vampire, my son." He heard through her fog. "No more biting. No more sneaking around. I can just seep into a room and kill everyone."

Azeal looked around for help. There was no one out here but him and his mother, the monster.

"Come to me Azeal." He heard. "I've missed you and your brothers so much."

Azeal backed up from her fog form as it advanced on him.

"Don't be afraid." He heard." I can make this feel wonderful. Come to mother."

Azeal took his last step back and felt a wall behind him. There was nowhere else to go. In his mind he screamed for Valkar.

"He can't help you." She said. " Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

"BUT I CAN!!!"

Out of nowhere a streak of light came burning towards them. Azeal saw an Angel land in front of him, pumping his wings and swinging a blazing sword. The gas dissipated blowing Velusia out into the winds screaming.

" NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!"

She reformed and looked at them.

"You're no match for me." She said. She hissed and held up her claws and bared her fangs.

"Oh no?" Jayce said.

He flexed his wings and sent out a blinding light that burned her and knocked her back. Velusia sat up and held a burned hand in front of her face.

"Say good bye, Bitch."

Jayce raised his sword to strike her down. Velusia dissolved into gas and took off.

"Damn!!" Jayce said. He turned to Azeal to see that he was alright.

"You alright?" He asked.

"Who are you?" Azeal asked.

"Valkar sent me." Jayce held out his hand. "Don't worry, I won't ever hurt you."

Azeal took his hand and got up. This must be a first. An Angel saving a Vampire.

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